February 8, 2018
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I don't even know... ENJOY MINNA!!

Lucy put hand to her face and squinted. A beautiful stone building soared over her head, and above into the sky. Black gates loomed at the entrance were now wide open and swinging a little in the wind. A red flag with an odd symbol on it waved majestically down at the pupils who either stood alone and awkwardly or energetically together in groups, greeting old friends. Lucy had a sudden urge to run back into her car and drive away - the butterflies in her stomach intensified, pushing for an exit for an opening which just might be her mouth if she wasn't careful. Overwhelmed but determined she had to argue with herself about the trouble she had gone through to get where she was now. She would be a star if it killed her.


Lucys pov

I  cannot believe I am starting fairytail academy! The school of stars, including the greats: Laxus and The Thunder Legion a band that succeeded holding top charts for months with a single song, Mira Jane Strauss singer, model, starring in 'Tells it like a Strauss', anime actress and world wide idol, Erza Scarlet prized awarded sweets chef, competed in fencing championships three times and brought back gold three times and vlogger, Elfman Strauss ten times winning heavy weight champion, going for Olympics, co-star of 'Tells it like a Strauss' and had a fitness brand named after his honor. Not to mention a bunch of other successful students. Yep, thats right their students! Can't believe it? Barely can I! Its always been my dream to be a musician. Sound cheesy? Well its not because my actual first dreams was to be a princess, then a vetinary nurse, then a actress, then a farmer, then a fashion designer, then a youtube animater, then a pilot, you get the drift. The school wasn't originally meant for stars but the amount of stars it produced increased and so it did it's reputation so soon enough it was considered the school for stars. Speaking of stars did I mention my unusual love of astronomy? I've actually written a song called 'Aquerius', yes I named my first peice after a zodiac which isn't neccessarily a star but still. It has written lyrics but due to my terrible voice they will probably go unsung. Unless I miraculously meet someone with an unnaturally sweet voice and partner with that person to perform the song which sounds unlikely. My piece was meant to be played by piano but I know many other instruments. I'm not neccessarily talented in the art of music but you don't really need talent to be a musician; just determination and persverance.  Anyway being in front of Fairytail Academy is enough for me. Forget walking into the actual school, I'm eternally happy just watching people file past the gates. Gulping down my doubts, insecurities and fears I walk through the gates to what would be heaven if I succeeded or a hell hole if I fail.

"Hi! My names Kinan, and I'm a school buddy!" I look at the purple short haired girl in confusion. The girl sighed and slapped her hand to her head and said apologetically again, "Sorry that came out wonky," she gave me a nervous laugh to which I smiled at encouragingly, "A school buddy basically looks out for those in need of assistance, understand?" I understood alright and nodded my head politely. I wondered if she could hear my heart thump, anything I did from now on would make either a positive or negative impact on my success.

"Yep I understo-and!" I feel like a stupid idiot grinning so confidently I probably look mentally ill. I cringe at myself as more random junk tumbles out of my mouth.

"I am in need of general assistance actually - just stuff in general," I say realising how stupid that sounds before I finish. 'Just stuff in general?' I am such a retard, such a baka, such a-

Kinana laughed, "Yeah I know what you mean! Being new can be so overwhelming!" I smile radiently and immediately my heart starts pacing itself out normally. I am not freaking her out. That or she's really could at faking it.

"I'm actually wondering where I should start," I reel of confidently.

"Well in the map provided to all students it will show you the reception desk, sign in there and if you are staying in fairy hills there will be another desk to your left with Fairy Hills written from a banner and check in over there; give in health certificates, blah, balh, blah. It says this all in a letter all students recieved." My confidence melts away. If I had read through all my stuff I would've known all this! Dufus! Now I look even more stupid.

"Okay thank you!"

"Stick to your schedule and map and you'll be fine! Also every new term, the first day is mainly spent celebrating cultural arts and such and breaks are longer for students to work out how things work." Kinana added. I grin gratefully as Kinana walks off to help another student. I let out a breathe I wasn't aware I was holding in. Glancing at my phone, 0823 pops up on my lock screen. I raced off to check in. Though I wasn't staying in Fairy Hills I wanted to be extra early. I moved in a week ago to an apartment surrounded by rivers and laskes with boats resting on the surface. It all joins up to form a large canal and is rather breath taking if I say so myself.

Turning a corner with my nose in a map a sudden thought crosses my mind. This is usually the time where senpai runs into me and we end up in love and stuff. Shaking my head of such ridiculous thoughts I puched on and collided straight into someone. Everything went slow motion as I was hurdled backwards. A flash of raven black locks and then a white shirt flying in the air was all I managed to see as senpai - I mean the guy pulled me up and continued running away with an apology lost in the wind. A ton of girls followed in his wake - knocking me over, again. Slightly dazed I gather my senses and stumble towards the queue in front of the reception desk. I brushed of the feeling of familarity and shook my head to rid myself of senpai - I mean the guy.

Fifteen solid minutes and not a step closer, I look over to the front of the desk where this smoking hot, pink haired guy is crouched over the desk. Pretty ticked and feeling unreasonable I yell, "HURRY THE HELL UP!" The guy jumped obviously suprised at my outburst.

"It's only our life and chance of stardom your wasting!" My voice shrieks dripping with sneering sarcasm. I feel sorta bad for ruining my connections with the hot pinky, however my temper is running short at the thought of making a negative impact on my stardom already so I glare as the pinky turns to me grinning devilishly at me,

"I know..." He muttered smirking and if possible writing slower. I shift my weight from side to side in my sheer aggravation. Theres no use crying over spilt milk however so lets skip the sarcastic comments made between me and pinky (mainly consisting of me - ok just me - ok he never said anything - he didn't even react!).

Eventually I managed to sign up after an agonizing wait. I was left with only 25 minutes till opening ceremony. There was still so much I wanted to see so 25 minutes were definitely cutting it fine. Fairytail originally was an ordinary looking school but after many updates (happening faster as fairytails rep did too) it managed to transform into a castle like build. It used to be located at the centre of Magnolia Crescent but now it sits on the Magnolia Coast Line and surrounded by Fairy Forest. Not far from here is Magnolia (roughly 30 minute drive) where I live. School buses can also take you there on Sunday. Fairy Hill (20 minute by bus) is on a hill (hah hah) overlooking the ocean. A forest climbs itself on the top part but the rocky part is um rocky.

After walking around the school campus and trying to memorise the entire map, I head back for opening ceremony. The sound of feet on gravel crackled louder as I approached the school. I can't help fear my first two encounters were a no-no so I pull out my phone and search; How to be a good mucian' google then askes if I meant 'How to be a good musician' which I ignore and I press the wikihow link.

'Cos God knows I'm gonna need help to survive highschool.

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