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Pokemon: The Friendly Disaster Pokemon

Author's note: This was inspired by the pokemon anime and video games, plus the pokemon episode,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

This was inspired by the pokemon anime and video games, plus the pokemon episode, "Absol-lute Disaster" my favorite episode with my favorite pokemon. Plus, my friend zach gave me this idea. 

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The Beginning of a Trainer

“The one thing I love about my life is that I really love my home. I live on Cinnabar Island and I have lived there for many years. I really want to tell you all about my time of living there, so strap in and listen close.”

Cinnabar Island was having a very important celebration. The leader of the people was having a big party for his son, who was 13 years old and was getting ready to go and start his journey to become a Pokemon Master. His name was Marcus Wilder. He was born in Cerulean City, but he moved to Cinnabar Island for most of his life, and what he was doing on his most important day of his life, was sleeping. Marcus was sleeping in his room, a big room with his own tv and game system, but he really loved his closet, which he used for his information books about Pokemon, and he always wanted to find a very rare Pokemon as his first ever, since that is the family tradition; instead of getting a starter Pokemon at the Poke’ Center, his family always went out to find Pokemon on their own. But he just was too lazy to get up today. From the doorway, a Meowth walked into the room, jumped on the bed and went to Marcus’ face. He meowed, but it didn’t do anything. Then it used his tail, but It just made him turn over. The Meowth didn’t know what else to do, but then it had an idea. It bit down on Marcus’ ear, then Marcus jumped up and landed on his bottom on the floor. He pulled the Pokemon off his ear and rubbed it, but then petted the cat Pokemon, making the cat purr. “You naughty little Meowth. Aw, but I can’t be mad at you. What is it?” The Meowth jumped out of Marcus’ lap and ran out the door. Marcus ran out the door with him, being caught in his father’s huge arms in a big bear hug. “How are you my boy?” Trying to speak though the big bear hug, Marcus wheezed. “Fine…..Dad. Can’t….breath.” “Oh, sorry. Ha ha.” Marcus’ dad let him go, and Marcus caught his breath. From the door, he saw his father’s friend and Pokemon healer, Matt, come in the door. Matt shook his father’s hand. “Mark, how are you doing? Big day huh?” Marcus’ face had nothing but confusion. The men looked at the young boy, and they both laughed. “What? What’s so funny?” Matt stopped laughing and wiped his tears. “Sorry, Mark Jr. But it’s a big day for you. It’s the day you get to go out and become a Pokemon trainer.” Marcus gasped. He totally forgot it was the big day. The day he could become a Pokemon Master. “I can’t believe it! I finally get to be a Pokemon trainer! This is the best day of my life!” Mark Sr. laughed at his son’s enthusiasm. “You should be. This is a big step in the family. Now, get out there and get some supplies for the road. Then come on back to wish me goodbye.” Marcus nods and ran out the door. The two men sighed at the boy going out. “Your son is just like his mother, enthusiastic and energetic. God rest her soul. Your really ok with this?” Marcus Sr. wiped the tears in his eyes and cleared his throat. “Yes, I am. He is so happy to be a trainer, and I ain’t going to stop him.” Marcus walked around his town and saw his friends and his father’s friends doing their chores and play with their Pokemon. He saw a Blastoise spray water into the air and the water came splashing down onto the kids. He saw a Syther chopping wood with the lumberjacks. And he saw an Electabuzz jump starting a boy’s golf cart. This was the normal life on Cinnabar Island, and he loved it. Marcus felt sad, because he was going to miss all of his friends and his father. But he knew they would be proud of him. He walked through the town, making his way to the Poke’ Center. He walked up to the counter and Nurse Joy came to the desk. “Hello, are you a current or upcoming trainer?” “Upcoming, ma’am. I came here for my first pokeballs and pokedex.” Joy nodded and called a Chancey to bring the pokeballs and pokedex. “This pokedex will be able to give you all of the information about any Pokemon you find. And for the leader’s son, you will also get a special ultra ball. Here you go.” Marcus took the balls and pokedex, thanked Nurse Joy and the Chancey and walked out the door. He went outside, but something in his head made him lose focus. He suddenly felt like going to the part of the forest where the end meets the mountains. He walked the special path he found to the mountain. After walking for a while, he found the mountain side. He shook his head, then looked around. “Why did I come here?” Suddenly, he heard a growl come from the bushes. He backed up against the mountain, afraid of the sound.

Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 24 Next »

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