Purple Murder

December 2, 2017
By VinnyAfton, Naples, Florida
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VinnyAfton, Naples, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"It's Me"

As you are walking to history class, you feel a cold hand lightly brush your cheek, making you shudder. 
"Ready for class Beautiful?"
Vinny asks sickly, making you want to puke.
"What the hell do you want?" 
You snap. She takes a step towards you, and grabs your hand. You look down at her light purple skin, then shake her off. 
"Heh, you scared?"
You roll your eyes, putting your hand on the doorknob 
"Bye, Dollface" 
She whispers in your ear. As she darts off, you notice the glint of a knife poking out of her backpack.

As you sit down at a lunch table, you feel like you are being watched. You nervously pick at your food. You look around at the other people.
"Any second..." 
Vinny was going to pop out of a trashcan, for all you knew. Then, suddenly, you see the dark shadow of a figure standing behind you. Not daring to turn around, you hunch over, pretending you don't exist anymore. You shiver, thinking about Vinny's face with her blank, white, eyes.
"Overreaction. Come on, -your name-, pull it together."
You scold yourself. Then, two cold hands wrap slowly around your neck. You whimper in fear and quickly turn around, but nobody was there. Vinny was nowhere to be seen. You stand up swiftly, and briskly walk outside.

Its your baby brother's birthday, so you have to go with your family to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. After all, your brother's only wish is to see some dumb singing fox. At least the pizza is decent. as you enter, the smell of fresh pizza wafts into your nose, and the sounds of screaming kids, beeping arcade machines, and cheesy music fills the air. You look over at the animatronics and roll your eyes. Even your mom could dance better then that. You sigh and grab your phone, leaning against a post. A gentle puff of wind rushes past your back, making you shiver. Suddenly something hard hits your head, making everything go black.

"Crap my head" 
You moan, dazed. Everything is dark, except you can faintly make out the outline of a person, as well as some shelves. 

"Morning, sweetheart"
you hear. The voice sounds familiar...
You ask.
"I'm surprised you remember me"
She replies fondly. Once your eyes adjust, you can make out Vinny's baseball cap and purple plaid shirt. You also realize, strangely, that you are laying down, and Vinny's lumpy backpack is supporting your neck. You move to get up, but a sharp pain quickly fills your body. You look down at your feet, and gasp in horror. Your legs are pinned to the table with 2 sharp knives, one in the foot and the other in your thigh. You also realise that your arms have met the same fate. You start to sweat, fear and nausea kicking in big-time. Vinny soon turns to you, four knifes in her hand. She smirks as she walks towards you, as if it was just a game. She sat on the end of the table, and laid out the blades. 
"So, how was your day today?"
She leered. Too scared to talk, you just stare at her wide-eyed. As if this angered her, Vinny lunged at you, gripping your neck. Air quickly leaves your lungs.
"I said, How. Was. Your. Day?"
You manage to let out a little squeak and a fine, and she lets go. You gasp for breath, and she grinned. 
"I see you have a brother. He's quite cute, you know. How sad that he is still watching that fox. He's so clueless. You know, that is why I love children. So baffled."
Vinny Rambled. 
You murmer.

"F-F-Foxy!" Parker exclaims. His loving parents laugh and hug him. He wondered where his sibling was, but it soon escapes his memory. Foxy suddenly stops moving, and Parker looks up. It was as if Foxy was looking straight at him. 

"I need a B-Birthday Boy!" 

Foxy stammered. Parker shouted in glee when Foxy called his name. As he got to the stage, he noticed somthing was... off. Foxy was laughing, but not in a cheerful way. 
"C-Come here, B-Birthday Boy!" 

Foxy said. 

"Come G-G-Give me a Hug!"
As Parker embraced Foxy, he felt thousands of spikes impale his head, and blood splattered everywhere. The last thing he heard was his parents screaming, then black.

You hear screaming outside, and you shiver. Vinny laughs hysterically, each laugh a high pitched giggle.
"Right on time! Things are going smoothly!"
She exclaims. 

You stammer. 
"Oh, Nothing, Sweetie"
She tells you.
"Well, now I can get on with this. Ready?"
She asks. Before you can answer, she picks up a knife. You whimper.
"Vinny, what did I do!"
You yelp. 

"Shh, sweetheart, just be still"
She brought the knife down on your hand, making you scream. Blood shoots everywhere, and an intense pain fills your right arm. 
You yell.
"Don't be so difficult"
Vinny sighs. She then goes to the shelf to get somthing. As you wait, waves of dizziness and pain come and go. you soon lose all feeling in your arm, making the experience more tolerable, until you glanced at your arm again, which made you nausea. Vinny comes back shortly after, with ducktape, which she proceeds to tape your mouth.
"There. Now, don't interrupt again."
She picks up the next knife, and laughs. You close your eyes, bracing yourself. Then you hear a door open.

The police storm in, grabbing Vinny. She manages to stab a police man in the eye, and another in the heart, and they crumple to the ground, probably dead from what you could see. One police man tazers Vinny, and she falls to the ground next to the bodies, laughing. She is carried away, and the police rushes over to you. They quickly take off the ducktape, and you sigh with relief. 

"Are you ok?"
They ask. You nod, too shocked for words. 
"You are going to be fine"
They say, smiling warmly. 

You smile at your brother in your hospital bed. He is sleeping peacefully in an adjacent bed, his poor head covered in bite marks. You look at your hands with anger. They are covered in scars, reminding you of 4 nights ago. You are thankful that both you and your brother are alive. Your parents feel the same. You look out the window and smile. Tomorrow is a new day.

The author's comments:
Hey! Did you like this story about Vinny? Tell me in the comments what you want Vinny to do next! See you in the next story <3 Vinny

You casually read the newspaper, when a headline catches your eye:

"Vinny Afton, Escapes Prison!"

Your heart skips a beat. You look down at your scars, dizzy with fear. You sigh and get up, walking outside. You suddenly hear eerie humming. You look up in a tree, and to your suprise, Vinny is sitting there.

"Hello, Sweetheart"

She giggles.

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