Dear Connor murphy are you my cinderella?

August 3, 2017
By Anonymous

Author's note:

The musicall Dear evan Hanson inspired me greatly to write this story.

Dear Connor Murphy, Are You My Cinderella?
Once upon a time, there was a young man by the name Connor. You see Connor was the son of two beautiful parents. Sadly during his birth Connor's mother had passed away. His father, eventually, remarried a woman by the name of Cynthia.
Cynthia had two daughters by the names of Zoe and Alana. Cynthia, Zoe, and Alana presented the facade of liking Connor whenever Connor’s father was present. However the three had despised the boy and made him clean and do their chores while Connor’s father Larry went away on a business trips.
This particular week was especially hard for Connor because he was supposed to have the house spotless, in case the popular, handsome, kind man known as “Prince” Evan Hansen came home from the dance with either of his sisters. Or anyone, actually. There was no doubt that someone would come, since his sisters were so beautiful.
God, he hated them.
All three of them were invited to Evan’s party, but Connor would not be attending because of his “disgusting lifestyle.” He just sighed, and went back to work. Nobody would notice he wasn’t there, anyway. It’s not like he had any friends.
As his sisters and step-mother left the house, laughing like hyenas, Connor stopped cleaning. He raced to the window, and watched them leave, longing to be in an Uber too, dreaming that he could meet “Prince” Evan.
Connor slapped himself to get “those thoughts” out of his head. Step-mother said they were bad, that they weren’t natural.
Suddenly, Connor had an idea. How far away is the party? He could ride his Razor scooter. All he needed was an outfit.He walked over to his closet and slid open the door. A dress fell onto him, screeching, he threw the dress off to the side onto his bed. It was probably Zoe’s. He looked back into the closet and saw all of his old black sweatshirts and pants, most with holes in them.
“For the love of Freyr (the norse god of fertility) can’t I have some nice clothes?” He groaned to himself. Suddenly he felt a warm hand on his shoulder and a deep voice in his ear
“I can help you with that” A gruff unfamiliar voice said to him. Without a second to think Connor let his fist fly up next to his face, knocking the stranger out. Whilst the strange man was unconscious Connor took his chance to tie him up. After about 10 minutes the man woke up and looked around the room trying to figure where he was at the moment. Once his eyes landed on Connor he had tilted his head to the side.
“Well this isn’t how I was expecting to be greeted” Said the guy tied to the chair. He wore glasses,a big pink poofy dress, and had short brown hair. To top it all off, he had on a pair of those fake fairy wings you get at Walmart around halloween. In his hand was a small plastic fairy wand, most of the plastic gems were missing, leaving little black indents down the handle.
“Who are you? Why are you here?” Connor questioned the man, holding a frying pan.
“I’m your FAIRY GODJARED!” The fairy man said. “I’m here to get you some dope threads, and to get you to that party down at Hansen’s place.” At the mention of Evan Hansen, Connor’s face flushed brighter than a tomato.
“First of all, who says ‘dope threads?’ Second of all, what’s wrong with the clothes I’m already wearing?” Connor hissed.
“They suck.” Jared shrugged. He shook his wand vigorously, and the ropes disappeared. Connor was in shock, and accidently dropped the pan.
“Anyhow, we should fix you up, the party starts soon.” The fairy godjared said, shaking his wand around. Connor had no time to ask any more questions before fabric started zipping around the room. The fairy Godjared just started muttering to himself as Connor was wrapped in various types of cloth. Finally, Connor found himself in front of his sister Zoe’s mirror, staring at the beautiful suit he was wearing.
“Oh yeah, shoes.” The fairy Godjared sighed, shaking his wand around again. Connor smiled as a pair of pitch black converse, painted with a delicate forest of trees, appeared on his feet.
Walking outside, the fairy Godjared shook his wand so hard that the star on top fell off, and shattered on the ground. “Doesn’t matter.” He said, watching Connor’s Razor scooter turn into a moped. The fairy Godjared shrugged, and turned to Connor.
“Just make sure you get back home before the clock turns to midnight, or something.” He shrugged again, and watched as Connor took off towards the Hansen’s house.
Evan stood in his room, rubbing the cast on his left arm. Panic and distress washed over him. Why was he doing this? What if nobody came? He mentally slapped himself, there were already people outside. But they didn’t actually like him for him. They liked him because of last year, when he made a speech about how “nobody should be left behind no matter what.” It got put on the internet, and his popularity rose from there. He was just another “inspirational teen.”
Evan wiped his sweaty hands on his pants,and with a deep breath walked downstairs to greet his party guests. Evan opened his front door only to be swarmed with his classmates, wincing as someone bumped against the cast on his broken arm. Some of them went to the living room to ‘chill’ he guessed, and some went into the kitchen where he had laid out snacks. Two girls stopped in front of him one wearing a sunrise yellow sundress and the other wearing a lilac sundress. They introduced themselves as Alana and Zoe Murphy, and honestly, Zoe was quite pretty.
Evan stuttered, unable to get out a response.
“I’m E-Evan H-Hansen. Um. You probably, uh, already knew that.” Evan mentally slapped himself, and picked at the hem of his shirt. God, why was he so awkward?
“WellIbettergosee how mom's doing!” Evan blurted out, shuffling away to his mother in the kitchen. She was sitting on a stool, reading some book about law.
“H-hi mom.” Evan said, sitting next to her.
“Hey, honey.” Heidi smiled, putting her book down. “Is everybody here? For the party?”
“The Murphy’s just got here… So I think so?” Evan said like it was a question.
“Zoe, Alana, and… Connor I believe? Were those their names?” Heidi chuckled to herself.
“I d-didn’t see C-Connor.” Evan picked at his finger skin.
“That’s okay.” A voice said from behind him. “He wasn’t coming.” Evan turned around to see Zoe again. Oddly, Evan felt his heart slightly break.
“Oh, that’s… Disappointing.” Evan tried to continue the conversation.
“Not really.” Zoe scowled. Evan shuffled elsewhere in the room, scanning the people for Connor. For… some reason.
Evan felt his face flush as he looked at the opening door. Connor Murphy had arrived. Evan couldn’t help but let his mouth fall open at what the boy was wearing. The suit was way different than what Connor would wear on a daily basis. Evan immediately went up and greeted him.
“Hey Connor, Zoe said you weren’t coming. Did you change your mind?” Evan questioned.
“Oh um yeah I guess I wanted to come last minute” Connor nervously said while rubbing his upper arms.
The two stood there awkwardly, glancing around at anything but each other. Zoe noticed that her disgusting brother was too close to Evan Hansen, and she decided to do something about it.
“Alana,” Zoe whispered to her sister. “Kick Connor in the shin to I can get Evan away from him.” Alana nodded, and started walking over to them.
“Oh hey Ala- W-what are y-you DOING?” Evan asked as Alana kicked Connor in the ankle, but couldn’t ask anything else, as Zoe grabbed his arm and dashed away.
“H-Hey!” Evan ripped his arm away from her, rubbing it with his cast arm. Zoe gave him a relieved look.
“You don’t want to talk to Connor. You don’t want to be near him.” She snarled in the direction of her brother.
“Why not?” Evan asked, shrugging.
“He’s…” Zoe trailed off. “Not normal.”
“What do you mean by that?” Evan shook his head slightly.
“He’s gay.” Zoe snapped.
At that point, Evan had realized that the reason that he was acting so strange around Connor is the fact that he may actually like him.
“Well so what if he’s gay, maybe I am too!” Evan snarled. “Doesn’t mean I can’t talk to him” He retorted before walking back over to Connor and helping him up. Zoe’s eyes were cold.
Evan instantly regretted saying anything to Zoe, even if he meant every word, but it was too late now.
It was about eleven o’clock. Evan and Connor were dancing together, their bodies moving in sync. Much to Zoe, Alana, and Cynthia’s dismay and anger, both of them were enjoying the company of the other.
But soon, the clock struck twelve.
“I-I have to go!” Connor blurted out.
“Wh-what? Why?” Evan whispered.
“Long story. Can you put your number into my phone?” Connor pulled his phone out, and Evan took it, starting to put in his number.
Suddenly, Zoe and Alana were dragging Connor out of the house, both of them were fuming. Cynthia refused to look at him. The way they jerked his arms was painful. Why wouldn’t they let him be himself?
“Cynthia! Let me go!” Connor pleaded.
“Disgusting.” Zoe hissed under her breath.
They left Evan Hansen standing in the packed room, eyes wide and confused, with Connor’s phone still in his hand. He turned it back on, as it had timed out and turned off. Maybe he could call Zoe or Alana and get it back to him?
The phone had an eight character long password. Of course. Evan turned it back off, dashing out of the house to try and catch up to the Murphys, but they were already gone. Speed walking back into the house, Evan tried to catch his mother.
“Mom! Mom!” He called for her, and she turned around.
“Hey, sweety. What do you need?” She smiled lightly.
“I was dancing with somebody and they gave me their phone to give them my number but their family dragged them out before I could give it back what do I do?” Evan spoke at the speed of light.
“Oh, Evan.” She sighed. “Did you get her name?”
Suddenly Evan wondered if he should have said anything at all.
“M-Murphy.” He choked out.
“What was her first name, Evan.”
“Um.” The anxious boy couldn’t meet his mother’s eyes.
“His… Name was…. Connor Murphy.” Evan felt guilt and regret wash through his veins, dragging him under. He couldn’t breathe. His lungs were full of anxiety, suffocating him in his own house.
“Connor Murphy? I’ll see if I can call his mother. I think I know her number.” His mother smiled, pulling her own phone out. Evan could breathe again.
“You-You aren’t mad?” Evan cautiously asked, feeling himself going under again.
“Why would I be mad?” His mom laughed. He was fine.
“Connor’s a boy?” He said as if it were a question.
“So? That doesn’t change anything.”
“O-Okay mom. Th-thanks.”
“Oh, I don’t have Cynthia’s number.”
“I’ll just find him at school.” Evan sighed.

Somehow, the fact that Evan was looking for a person he danced with at his party spread like wildfire. Everyone insisted that it was them.
“Evan! Were you looking for someone? I think we danced last night!” Alana came to walk next to him. He looked down to her.
“Wh-where’s your b-brother?” Evan coughed. Zoe looked furious, but somebody sped past him on Heelys, drinking a milkshake. He stopped in front of Evan.
“Hey Jared. How are you?” The anxious boy asked the closest thing to a friend he had.
“Doing swell, Hansen.” Jared spun around backwards on his Heelys. Evan turned his attention away as a tall, dark-haired boy walked into the hall.
Jared caught Connor’s eye, and winked. He turned away, a trail of glitter followed Jared as he Heely’d down the hall.
Connor and Evan caught each other’s eyes. The world seemed to stop for just a moment. Nothing mattered right now. The only thing that seemed real to one was the other.
The taller boy walked towards Evan, face reddening and breath shortening. Who knows where Zoe or Alana was. Who cared? Evan was there now.
“H-Hey C-Connor.” Evan broke the silence, bringing Connor back to reality.
“H-Hey H-Hansen. I MEAN- Evan” Connor’s brain seemed to shut down for a moment. He didn’t know what to say.
“This is so cute it’s disgusting” Jared was back,circling around them in his Heelys and laughing.
“JARED!” Evan practically yelled.
“Jared.” Some random kid walking by added.
“Jared?” Connor questioned.
“GOTTA GO!” Jared Heely’d away.
The two were left alone once more. Connor felt his cheeks heat up and could feel his hands start to sweat.
“Hey, um, I was wondering if I possibly left my phone at your house, I couldn’t find it this morning.” Connor asked evan as he rubbed his sweaty hands on his pants
“OH! OF COURSE! IWASACTUALLYGOINGTOGIVEITTOYOUTODAY!” Evan’s voice wavered as he talked a mile a minute.
“Woah, Evan. Calm down.” Connor put his hands on Evan’s shoulders to help steady him. The anxious, sandy-haired boy frantically pulled Connor’s phone out of his pocket. Connor looked around and noticed that everyone was staring.
Evan noticed this, and started shaking uncontrollably and breathing erratically. So Connor took his phone and led Evan into the janitor’s closet. Everyone outside looked at each other, then just went on with their life.
“Evan. Evan? Ev!” Connor was trying to calm down the shorter boy. When he grabbed the shorter boys face and crashed Evan’s lips into his own. Connor finally pulled away when he couldn’t breathe.
“Wow” was all that evan could say with a star struck face, blush tinting his round cheeks. Evan then leaned in and pecked Connor on the cheek and hugged him. Connor wrapped his arms around evans waist and whispered in evans ear.
“My prince charming”
“My Cinderella” Evan whispered back.
And they lived happily ever after.

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Words Fail... There’s nothing I can say, except this is great!

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