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Warriors-Sun and Moon-The Lost Crescent

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Get out of our camp ShadowClan flea-bag!” Sunkit, Moonkit’s brother, squealed as Moonkit felt him crash down on top of her thick silver pelt.
“Not without one of your kits!” Moonkit squirmed out from under Sunkit.
Quickly she darted for the twig behind him. She snached it in her teeth and raced for the nursery. Sunkit charged after her, and overtook her easily.
“Slow slug!” Sunkit stood triumphantly on

Most likely have some mistakes I overlooked, I will fix as many as possible for the full.

top of Moonkit.
Moonkit realized her chance and burst up and shoved him off. Sunkit went tumbling backwards into Grasstail’s kits who were playing with a leaf. The smallest one, Leafkit, squealed as Sunkit missed her my a mouse-length.
“Watch it, Moonkit! You almost threw Sunkit onto Leafkit and crushed her!” Grasstail’s eyes burned with an rage Moonkit had never seen before.
“Keep your sister in line, Sunkit. She’s a bad piece of prey,” Grasstail herded her kits into the nursery and cast one hard glare back at Moonkit. “And don’t come in here until tomorrow morning!” Moonkit flinched. She had been blamed for a lot of things, but this was just unreasonable.
“I’ll get your moss from the nursery and paw it out to you tonight,” Sunkit whispered. “Don’t worry about old Grasstail. She’ll forgive you.” Moonkit wasn’t so sure, but at least she would have comfortable bedding tonight.

“Greenstar, Shadowclan has moved the border!” Branchfur burst through the entrance to camp with his patrol right behind him. Moonkit watched as Birchleaf, Whitestripe, and Bloomtail swiveled their heads from where they were sharing tongues as Branchfur raced to the Highledge. Greenstar padded out of his den and jumped gracefully down to where Branchfur was waiting.
“Shadowclan’s scents are now extended past the pelt Twoleg dens!” Branchfur did a brief report on the border as Greenstar listened intently. “We also found multiple bits of prey past our border, and we haven’t sent out a hunting patrol all day!” Greenstar’s gaze intensified.
“Molefoot, Pebbleberry, and Watersplash, go to the Shadowclan border and make sure the scent line is where it should be. Oakclaw, take a patrol to the Windclan border and renew the scent lines. Cherryfall!” Greenstar’s deputy raced to his side. “Lead a hunting patrol to the Ancient Oak. We need as much prey as possible right now. Echosong, make sure your stores are full.
Moonkit was astonished. Cats started to fill the clearing as Greenstar’s instructions set in. Sunkit’s eyes were glowing.
“Can you believe how much authority he has over the clan? I want to be just like him  someday!” Sunkit beamed as Greenstar strode past. “I’m going to be just like him when I’m a warrior!” Moonkit purred. Sunkit could do anything if he put his mind to it.
“Sunkit, come and play with us!” Wormkit, Sparrowkit, and Deerkit called over to where Moonkit was standing. Sunkit padded towards the kits, Moonkit following.
“Does Moonkit have to play with us too? Grasstail said that she was evil.” Deerkit squeaked as Moonkit stopped at the young kit’s words. Somewhere deep down in her, a small seed of hurt started to sprout.
“Not if you don’t want her too,” Moonkit was shocked by Sunkit’s answer. The three kits shook their heads. “Sorry, Moonkit. Maybe later!” Moonkit’s tail drooped and she padded away. She hung her head as she heard the kits whisper to each other. She cast a look back at Sunkit and he suddenly found something very interesting on the ground. Moonkit raced away, her eyes stinging with tears. She didn’t know where she was going, but she was going somewhere, and fast. Thorns tore at her silver pelt still thick with kit fluff. She ran and didn’t turn back. Moonkit skidded to a halt as the soft earth of the forest changed to gritty sand. Moonkit gasped as the largest body of water she had ever seen stretched out before her. Small waves lapped at her paws, sucking her into the lake. She pulled back as she started to slide down into the lake. Moonkit was so mystified by it’s beauty that she didn’t notice that a cat padded up behind her.
“Beautiful, isn’t it.” Moonkit spun around to see Greenstar sitting calmly behind her. His eyes were filled with warmth as Moonkit crouched down, hanging her head in shame.
“I-I’m sorry, Greenstar. It won’t happen again.” Moonkit quivered as Greenstar loomed over her. But instead of a menacing growl from her leader, there was a kind purr.
“I received a prophecy long ago I have kept private with myself. At first I didn’t know what it meant, but now I think I do.” Moonkit sucked in a quick breath. Greenstar was going to share his private secret! Now the kits would always want to play with her.
“Although the Sun shines bright and true, it can’t stop the Moon,” Greenstar’s gaze sharpened. “You must not share this with anyone, not even Sunkit. This is our secret.” Moonkit’s eyes widened and nodded. Finally, she felt like she didn’t do something wrong and did something right for once!
Moonkit padded back into camp through the brambles at the edge of camp. She had left Greenstar at the lake.
“I need to think things over. Go ahead to camp without me. If anyone gets mad, say that Greenstar was with you.” Moonkit nodded and tracked her scent back to camp between the thick tree trunks. When she nosed her way into camp, she was shocked to see the camp wall was shredded. Sunkit was still playing with the smaller kits, Cherryfall was repairing the wall with some other warriors, and Grasstail started stalking towards her. Moonkit realised this a second too late.
“There you are, Moonkit,” Grasstail looked calm, but a raging fury filled her eyes. “Deerkit was sent to the medicine den because she had stepped in a pile of thorns, and they had your scent on them. Care to explain?”
“I didn’t place any thorns near Deerkit!” Moonkit promised.
“Then why are there thorns all over your pelt?” Grasstail growled.
“I-I went out of camp with Greenstar, I snagged my pelt on the camp walls,” Moonkit murmured. “Please, I didn’t do anything to hurt your kits!” Moonkit started to panic. Who knows what Grasstail would do if she found proof that Moonkit had laid that pile of thorns; even though she didn’t.
“We will discuss this later.” Grasstail shoved past Moonkit as she nosed her way through the bramble tunnel.
Sunkit padded up behind her. “Where were you Moonkit? I haven’t seen you all day.” Instead of the expected hurt, there was excitement in his eyes. “And you’ll never believe what happened! A fox attacked the camp and I helped fight it off when Branchfur got knocked out!”
Moonkit started at him, confused, “So you’re excited about Branchfur getting knocked out?”
“No Moonkit! I’m excited because Cherryfall said they might do my apprentice ceremony early!” He was so excited.
Moonkit’s eyes glowed, “Wow, that’s so great!” She started excitedly then she realized, “I guess then you’ll be too busy to play with me anymore.” Sadness flooded through Moonkit’s pelt.
Sunkit’s eyes suddenly filled with alarm, “No, Moonkit! We can still play!” Sunkit sounded desperate.
Moonkit started to pad away. For the second time that day, tears stung Moonkit’s eyes. She raced towards the nursery, where Grasstail stuck her head out and hissed.  Moonkit veered away and raced for the Highledge. Cherryfall looked at her questioningly. Moonkit ignored the eyes burning into her pelt and began leaping up the rocks to Highledge. When she was at the top she bunched her muscles and leaped from the rock grasping the brambles that acted as barrier to the camp. It dug into her soft pads, but she clawed up and thrust her way through the into the forest.
She heard Cherryfall screech, “Swallowtalon, Icepelt, Sweepingheart, Grasstail!” They’re the best trackers! Oh no, not Grasstail too!
She dashed as far away from Sunkit and the following patrol as fast as she could. She stopped when she reached the scent markers.
It’s the border! Do I really want to leave the forest? No, but that doesn’t stop me from hiding. It’s not like I’ll have a nest to sleep in at camp anyway.
She turned around and started to walk back into the territory. It surprised her when rain started to splatter onto her pelt.
At least my scent will be masked. She sniffed the air trying to see if the warriors were nearby but instead of the warm scent of ThunderClan a strange acrid scent stung her nose. Fear pricked her pelt.
Is it the fox Sunkit fought off? Maybe it’s my chance to be an early apprentice too!
Letting the scent hit her nose she slunk across the clearing into a bramble thicket. Moonkit stiffened as the brambles across from her rustled. A bloody fox limped into the clearing. Moonkit’s eyes widened in fear. How did Sunkit manage to fight this thing off?
I have to be brave!
The fox lifted its snout and sniffed the air, but Moonkit knew that it wouldn’t be able to scent her over the sheets of rain cascading down from the dark sky. The fox turned around and started to limp back to where it came from. Moonkit saw that she was about to miss her chance to become an apprentice.
With a screech of rage, she flung herself out of the bushes and onto the foxes back. It yelped in surprise and turned around, Moonkit holding on to it’s back. Fear coursed through her. She didn’t know how to fight like Sunkit! The fox bit into her shoulder and flung her off his back. Pain flared through her like nothing she had ever felt before. She couldn’t do this. Moonkit started to back away slowly, the fox snarling and showing it’s teeth. It barked and Moonkit turned around and raced to a hole under a tree.
I’ll be safe there!  She plunged into the tunnel the growling fox and the battle cry of a cat lost behind her as she dove into the tunnel.
Moonkit didn’t stop until she could smell air coming from up ahead. Her shoulder was screeching at her to stop and rest, but Moonkit kept going. When the air smelled strongest, she slowed down. But where she arrived wasn’t what she had expected to end up. A fast flowing river charged through the tunnel, water dripping through a small crack covered in thick brambles above her. There was no way she could get out that way, even if she did manage to climb up there. Moonkit’s shoulder pounded. With the roaring river next to her and rain thrumming on the roof above her, Moonkit fell onto the hard stone floor, quickly falling into a deep, uncomfortable sleep.

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