Monkey D. Luffy x OC

June 21, 2017
By luffyspiratequeen SILVER, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania
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luffyspiratequeen SILVER, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania
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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Author's note:

Inspired by my love for Luffy, my love for the show, and my dreams.

I'm free. I'm finally free. I ran away. It may be snowing and I may be freezing, exhausted, and in lots of pain, but I can't stop running. I can't go back. A strong gust of wind blows my long brown hair in my face, blocking my vision. In return, I trip on a tree root. I try to get up, but I can't. I don't have enough strength left. I welcome the darkness as it envelops me.

When I wake up, I'm no longer outside. Instead, I'm in a bed inside of a room. As I sit up, I remember what happened. I ran away, then fell and passed out. Looking around the room, I realize that I must've been found and taken back. But, if I was found I wouldn't be in a bed or even in a room. I'd be back in my dirty cell.


My head is pounding it's hard for me to think. I was about to get up and try to figure out where I was, when the door opened and a woman with orange hair walked in. She looked nice, but because of my background I assumed the worst and went on the defensive. She slowly walked over to me. "You're awake."

When she was right beside the bed she reached towards me. This triggered sensitive memories and I instinctively backed away as far as I could screaming, "Please, don't hurt me!"

She gasped and retracted her hand a little. She continued to reach for me and wrapped her arms around me in a hug. She said, "I would never hurt you. You're safe here." Aching for some type of affection for so long, I wrapped my arms around her without a second thought. After staying like that for awhile, I felt myself losing consciousness again. My grip slowly loosened. She pulled back a little and yelled, "Chopper!" As she waited, she laid me down.

I heard the door open and someone ran in. "Can you hear me? Can you open your eyes?" It was a boy's voice. He didn't sound very old. I tried to open my eyes and manage to do so. I see a reindeer looking at me. However, this is quite normal in the Grand Line. "Good. I'm Chopper. I'm a doctor. This is Nami. You've already met her. You're in a very bad condition. Will you let me take care of you?"

I don't know why, maybe it was Nami, but I trust these people, so I nod. I feel a needle prick my arm and Chopper sighs with relief. "Okay, all done. You need to rest." I hum and let myself fall asleep.

Next time I wake up, my head is no longer pounding and I am alone. I decide to get up and walk out of the room. My legs are covered in bruises and scratches. My muscles and bones are aching. I can barely walk. Even though it hurts, I use the wall to walk over to the door and I open it.

I'm on a ship! These guys are pirates and not just any pirates. These guys are the Strawhats. I only know who their captain is, so I didn't recognize anyone else.

No longer having the wall to support me, I fall down. All eyes are on me. Chopper runs towards me as I sit up against the door frame. Everyone else walks over to me as Chopper starts to examine me. They stand around me in a circle. I look at their captain, standing in front of me right in the middle of the circle. I can already tell that his crew has respect for him.

"Monkey D. Luffy. Captain of the Strawhat Pirates. You don't seem as scary as everyone makes you out to be."

"Shishishi, nope. Call me Luffy. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." However, my body betrays me when I try to get up, unsuccessfully.

"You don't look fine to me."

Instead of replying, I roll up my pants while wincing from the pain. Looking at my legs, covered in bruises, scratches, and scars, Nami gasps, "Oh my God," and Chopper runs off.

I look at Nami. "I didn't think you were a pirate."

"Yeah, I'm the navigator." 

"I'm Captain Usopp!! I have 8000 followers!!"

"I'm Zoro. I'm a swordsman. He's lying, he's a sniper." 

"I'm Robin. I'm an archaeologist."

"I'm Franky, the shipwright."

"I'm Brook, the musician."

Chopper comes back with a blue bag and smiles. "I'm the ship's doctor."

"I'm Sanji, the cook. What's your name, beautiful maiden???"

Looking at all of them, I can see that, if needed, I would not be able to take them in a fight. I'm easily shorter than all of them, except Chopper, with my 5'3" height. They're lean and muscled, while I'm so skinny that I'm very weak. I have no muscle, not to mention my bodies in terrible condition and I don't actually know how to fight.

Realizing all of this, I become a little more timid. "I-I'm Hannah."

Chopper plops down beside me, now finished examining  my legs. "You shouldn't walk for a while."

I close my eyes and lean my head against the doorframe. Thinking about my past, I start to cry and a tear slips out from my closed eyes. I feel a soft thumb across my cheek, wiping off the tear. It was Sanji. He wraps his arm around me to pick me up, but once his hand touched my back, I winced. Sanji immediately pulls back. "Are you okay?"

I avoid his worried eyes and whisper, "My-my back."

He looks at everyone behind him with an almost scared look, as if afraid of what he would see. He looks me in the eyes, obviously asking for permission and I slightly nod. I turn around so my back is facing him and I move my hair to one shoulder, out of the way. He takes the hem of my shirt and slowly lifts it up.

I hear multiple gasps, a couple of curses, and an animalistic growl from Sanji. My back is covered in scars from a whip. Some old, others very recent and still sensitive and red. I feel his hand slowly and gently touch the scars. Once his fingers run over the newest once, I flinch.

"Does it hurt?"

I nodded, brand new tears coming at the reminder of the pain. He lowers my shirt back down and I turn back around. After looking in my eyes, he lightly sets his hand on the top of my head and ruffles my hair slightly. He picks me up, now careful of my back, and starts walking, everyone following behind. He sets me down on a bench and everyone sits around me.

I silently thought, 'Story time.'

Confirming my thoughts, Luffy asks, "What happened to you? Why were you on the ground passed out? Who did that to you?"

I sigh. "I'm a slave. A while back, someone came into the town where I lived. Using force, he took over. Made everyone slaves. His lackeys work us all day, beat us when they feel like, and even make us fight each other for food. They killed my parents. Right in front of me. My best friend, my only friend, was sold. I don't even know if he's alive. I couldn't take it anymore, so I ran away. Freezing and exhausted, I tripped and passed out. I woke up here." I force myself to contain my tears.

Franky asks, "How old are you?"

I reply, "I'm seventeen."

Robin asks, "How long ago was your town enslaved?"


"A-About seven years."

Luffy's eyes narrowed. "You were enslaved when you were ten?"

I nod and Luffy's eyes narrow further, his eyebrows furrowed. He turns and walks away, sitting on the lion head. Sanji sighs, gets up, and smiles. "I'll make something for you to eat. You're probably hungry."

Nami, seeing I needed time alone, makes everyone leave and she leaves as well.

After that, I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall behind me, thinking about what to do next. What seems like seconds later, I hear Sanji call my name. He hands me a plate of food and sits down.

At first, I just stare at it, thinking about all the slaves back home starving. Sanji looks over at me and sighs. "Hannah, it's okay. Eat."

I look at him, then to the food. Deciding I didn't want to be mean, I took a bite. I look at Sanji with my eyes wide in shock. "It's amazing. Th-Thank you." He smiles and gets up, leaving me alone to eat.

As I eat, I watch the others. They all walked over to Luffy and he came down off the lion head. They looked like they were having a meeting.

Third POV

The Strawhat Pirates form a small circle to discuss the runaway slave sitting on the bench, slowly eating.

Chopper rests his hooves on his chin, deep in thought. "She's in bad condition. She probably won't be able to walk for a few days. Not to mention the metal affect all of this has had on her."

Sanji looks like he's about to cry or destroy something. "I can't believe what they did to her."

Nami nods. "Yeah, I want to help."

Luffy giggles. "I was already planning on it."

Zoro smirks. "I knew it. Let's help the poor thing."

First POV

As I'm watching the others, they suddenly look over to the island.
I follow their gaze and see people walking towards the ship. I hear Luffy say, "Who are they?" As they get closer, I realize those are the people the master sent to find me. Scared, I dropped the empty plate and it landed on the ground. Everyone looks towards me, wondering what happened.

It only takes me a second to realize what I have to do.

They will hurt Luffy and the others. I can't let that happen.

Luffy walks closer to me. "Hannah, are they-"

Trying to hide my fear, I interrupt, "Yes. Thanks for all that you've done for me, but I don't want to cause you any trouble. I'll just go back."

I slowly stand up. However, when I take my first step, I fall. I try to get back up, but just fall again. Luffy clenches his fists and looks at me, anger and sadness all over his face. "Hannah, stop. I can see how scared you are. You're not going anywhere. Sanji, will you take her back to Chopper's room?"

He nods and starts walking towards me. My fear takes over and large, uncontrollable sobs take over my body.  Sanji picks me up and starts walking, still careful of my back. I grip his arm and he pushes my face into his shirt, trying to muffle my pain-filled cries so they don't hear me.

Sanji opens the door and walks in, closing the door behind him, and sits down on the bed. Sitting me in his lap, he hugs me and starts rocking me, repeating, "Shhh," over and over again with his smooth voice.

I calm down just enough to hear the master's lackeys walk onto the ship and ask, "Have you seen a girl with brown hair and brown eyes?"

Nami replies, using her acting skills.  "No, why?"

"She ran off and we can't find her."

No one says anything for awhile. They're probably snooping around the ship.

"Okay, we'll be leaving then. However, if we find out she is here, you'll wish you gave her up."

Frightened, I grip Sanji tighter.

"Hannah, look at me."

I lean back just enough to look at him.

"I didn't realize you had brown eyes. They're beautiful."

I smile, somehow forgetting about the people searching for me, and yawn. Sanji laughs. "Hannah, get some sleep. You've been through a lot." He lays me down, covering me with a blanket, and leaves.

When I wake up, it's dark out. Remembering what the man said, I decided it would be best to leave. No matter how scared I was or what Luffy had said. I couldn't cause these guys trouble.

Even though my legs are still in bad condition, I force them to work and walk towards the door. I quietly open the door and look around to see if anyone's outside. The coast is clear, so I walk out, quietly closing the door behind me. Looking around one more time, I head to the ladder.

Once I reached the ladder, I started to climb down. However, I spotted Zoro up at the lookout. I froze. If he saw me, it would all be over. He would come down and stop me. However, at closer inspection, he was asleep. Shaking my head, I continued climbing down the ladder. When I hit the ground, I began running, ignoring the pain in my legs. Once my town comes into view, I slow down and I feel my fear growing. However, I keep walking.

Third POV

Nami wakes up and decides to check on Hannah. When she opens the door, she is not there. Scared, she wakes everyone up, telling them Hannah is gone. They all get ready and start heading towards the town. However, it's too late.

First POV

Once I reached the gate the guards restrained me and lead me to the master's house. They push me into a room and the master enters.

Third POV

The Strawhats are now running when lights start to come into view.


Zoro says, "That must be her town."

Robin nods.

Nami's face is flushed with anger and worry as she yells, "Zoro, she wouldn't have gotten away if you wouldn't have fallen asleep on the job! You were supposed to make sure she didn't leave!"

First POV

The master walks towards me with a very angry look on his face. "Did you think you could get away?! No one escapes me! You're a slave and you belong to me!" He slaps me as hard as he can. The force knocking me onto the ground. He uses my new position against me, kicking me repeatedly.

Third POV

Reaching the gates, Nami, Brook, and Chopper fend of the guards, letting the rest continue. Another group comes, trying to take out the intruders. This time Franky, Usopp, and Robin keep them busy. Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro continue.

First POV

Now against the wall, the master stops kicking me. Instead, he grabs my hair slamming me against the wall. I can feel myself losing consciousness. However, I try to fight it off, determined to fight.

Third POV

They finally reach the master's house. However, there are guards at the door. Zoro and Sanji start fighting and tell Luffy to continue.

First POV

After slamming me against the wall again, the master grabs the whip from his belt getting ready to hit me. "Have you had enough yet? What are you? Are you my slave?!"


"Yes? Yes what?"

"Yes, I'm your s-slave."

The master laughs again. He pulls his arm back and I realize he's going to hit me anyway. I close my eyes, knowing this will hurt more than anything else.

It doesn't come.

I open my eyes and see Luffy. He grabbed the master's wrist preventing him from hitting me. Luffy looks at me, anger and worry in his eyes and growls, "No, Hannah. You're not a slave. You're my friend!"

He attacks the master, completely overpowering him. I sit up a little, watching Luffy.

The others walk through the door.

Having lost a lot of blood, I fall over, closing my eyes. I feel Chopper put his hoof on my forehead. "Luffy! Hannah needs treatment immediately! She's burning up too. We need to get her to a bed."

I feel arms go under me and pick me up. I wince, it hurts so bad. The pain I felt before was nothing compared to this. I open my eyes just enough to see that the person carrying me is Luffy. I close my eyes again. "L-Luffy. I-I'm sorry."

Luffy sounds worried. "Everything's fine. You're going to be fine, but you have to stay awake! You have to be strong."

Strong. I want to be strong. Strong like Luffy. Strong enough to protect everyone I love.

I hear a door open and Luffy lays me down on something. It's soft. It must be a bed. He walks out, Chopper's order. Chopper starts to treat my wounds.

I can't help it and I begin to cry. I caused them so much trouble.

Chopper lays a hoof on my hand. "You know, Hannah, everyone agreed to help you. We all wanted to. Especially Luffy."

I must have said that last part out loud.


Curious, I ask why.

"Luffy's like that. Once he finds someone he likes, he has to help them. Everyone else likes you too."

I sigh. "But all I did was cause trouble."

Luffy walks in and walks over to the bed. "Hannah, like I said earlier, you're my friend. In fact, we're all your friends. That's why."

Finally running out of energy, I pass out.

When I wake up, I'm covered in bandages. I can barely move, but I manage to sit up. Luffy walks in. He smiles at me. "Hey! You're awake. It's been a couple of days. You were out of it."

I move my am to a more comfortable position, moaning in the process. "Woah, are you okay?"

"No, it hurts like hell."


Luffy laughs, then becomes very serious. "Hannah, your town is free. You're free. However, what are you gonna do now? Will you join my crew?"


My mouth opens in shock.

"Your crew!?" Luffy laughs at my schock, a huge grin on his face.

"Yeah. Why not? What do ya say?"

I think it over for a minute. What he said is true. My parents are gone. My best friend is gone. I don't have anyone to care for me. I have nothing to do here. Plus, I've always wanted to travel.

"Yes, I'll join your crew."

It's been an entire month since I've joined Luffy's crew, the Strawhat Pirates, but I still don't feel like I belong here.

Every time we run into an enemy, I get beat up. I get in everyone else's way and they have to protect me. However, over this month, I've seen how much faith everyone has for Luffy. I've also seen how much Luffy treasures his hat. He got it from someone very special to him and promised to protect it. He'd do anything to protect it.

When we're not fighting enemies or exploring islands, we're sailing on the ocean. During these times, I sit on a bench at the edge of the ship, thinking. I think about my past, my parents, and my best friend, but mostly, I think about how useless I am. I don't really talk to anyone. Some try to talk to me, but I never answer. They're in another league.

Nami tried to talk to me today. She asked how I was doing since our last battle. I didn't answer. She walked away.

Third POV


"Yeah, Nami. What's up?"

Nami looks at Hannah over at the bench and Luffy follows her gaze.

"It's Hannah. This is the longest she hasn't talked. This has gone on too long. She needs help. You're the only one who can get her to talk."

Luffy nods. "Yeah."

First POV

Looking at the ocean deep in thought, I didn't notice Luffy walking up. He sat down next to me.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

I still said nothing. Luffy sighed, his usual smile nowhere to be seen.

"Hannah, what's wrong? Why will you only talk to me? Why not the others?"

At first, I don't answer, but look at Luffy and say, "You're my captain. I can't bare not answering you. But, all the others, they're so amazing. They're all so strong. You are to."

"Then why won't you talk to them?"

"Well, I've not really talked to anyone in so long. I haven't had friends for so long. I still don't quite know how to act. But, for the most part, it's because I'm not. I'm not strong. I don't have any skills or abilities. I'm weak."

I start to tear up. It hurts so much more to say it, like it makes it more real. However, Luffy smiled. He took his hat and put it on my head. He wiped the tears off my face and looked me in the eyes, allowing me to see is own expression. Despite the smile on his face, his eyes are filled with sadness.

"Hannah, you are strong. You went through so much, but you made it out alive. You're special, I can feel it."

His statement made the tears I was trying desperately to keep in, fall from my eyes. I wrapped my arms around Luffy, practically screaming into his shirt. In return, he wrapped his arms around me, holding me tightly.

Once my screams subsided into sniffles, he got up and walked away. I continued to sit on the bench and watched him walk away. He started fishing with Usopp and chopper on the railing. And when he asked me if I would fish with them, I hesitated. However, one look in his eyes and a slight nod from him and I walked over.

I fished with them, even catching a couple of small fish. Every once in a while Chopper or Usopp would say something. I had just listened. But when Usopp asked me if I had fished before, I decided to answer.

"Yeah, m-my dad taught me."

Thoughts of my dad, brought me back to the past. Specifically, when he and my mother were killed in front of him. I looked down, stuck in my thoughts once again.

Suddenly, Luffy set his hand on my shoulder, that goofy smile on his face. "Well, he must have been amazing at this. You've caught a lot of fish!!!!!"

I smiled at him, now thinking of the good times I had with my parents. "Yeah, he was."

We continued fishing and Luffy managed to catch a huge fish. It was almost ten times the size I was. I'd never seen a fish that big!!!!

I was so excited that I momentarily forgot about everything and I found myself smiling and laughing with Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper. Once I had realized this I thought, 'If I could be like this now, why not all of the time? I-I need to put more effort into this. If Luffy believes I'm strong, then maybe everyone else does too.'

"Hannah? Are you okay?"

I hadn't realized that I had stopped laughing and was looking at the ground. I looked up to see them staring at me, no longer laughing either.

I looked at Chopper and realized he had been the one to ask if I was okay. I giggled, happy that they all seemed concerned. "Yeah, I'm okay."

When it came time for dinner, everyone sat down at the table. Sanji was putting the last plate of food on the table and I called his name.

He looked surprised, but said, "Yeah?"

He never goes crazy around me like he does to Nami and Robin. He's become sort of like a big brother to me.

"Uh, thank you."

He smiled, extremely happy that I had thanked him or even talked to him at all. "You're welcome."

I looked over at Luffy and he was smiling at me. I looked down and smiled to myself. For the rest of dinner, I listened to the others talk about the tournament we were entering. I chimed in every once in awhile. Every time I did, I could see everyone's smiles get just a little bit bigger.

When it got dark out, everyone went to bed except for Luffy and I. Luffy was sitting on the lion head and I wanted to look at the stars for a little. I realized that I still had Luffy's hat.

I walked over to the lion head and called Luffy down. I can't get up there myself. He looked at me and jumped down. He looked like he wanted to say something, so I waited.

"You know, Hannah, you look cute in my hat." I blushed and looked down trying to hide it. I took his hat off and handed it to him. He thanked and put it on.

I smiled. "Luffy, I don't know what you see in me, but thanks for what you said earlier. I don't know why I didn't see it before, but the others, they want me here. They may have to keep protecting me, but they don't care. I'm one of them. I-I belong here."


He didn't say anything else, so I walked back to the side of the ship. Luffy followed me.

"In answer to your question, it is beautiful, the ocean. However, I like it better at night. I'm kind of a night person. I love the glow of the moon and the stars twinkling. It just captivates me. Oh, sorry, I'm rambling. I kinda have a thing for stars."

Luffy grabbed my hand and led me back to the lion head saying, "In that case, I want to show you something."

He picked me up and jumped onto the lion head. He sat me down sat down to me. The view was incredible. Somehow, the sky seemed more clean and the stars were brighter. The stars and moon reflected off of the ocean. The ocean itself went on for miles and miles, there was nothing else in view. There was a slight breeze and it made everything seem prettier.

"Luffy, this is incredible."

"I thought you would like it." I knew there was a huge smile on his face. I could hear it in his voice.

I started feeling tired and yawned. Today had been a long day. The ship jerked and my head landed on Luffy's shoulders. I tried to sit back up, but Luffy put his arm around me, keeping me there. He was so warm and I could feel his muscles underneath his shirt. The warmth was too much and I found my eyes closing on their own.

"Goodnight, Hannah."

When I woke up, I was in my bed covered up. It must've been Luffy.

Today was the day of the tournament. There was an unlimited number of teams with 12 members each. The rules were simply knock all other teams out and your team wins. The prize was money. A lot of it. We really needed it. Since we only had 10 members, we were teaming up with Trafalgar Law and a mystery person. The only one who knew who it was, was Luffy.

When the tournament started, we split up into teams. I went with Law and Luffy. I hadn't met Law before, but I heard stories of him helping defeat Doflamingo. Chopper, Zoro, and the mystery person were in a team, but the mystery person hadn't shown up yet and would meet them later. Nami, Robin, and Sanji were in a team and Usopp, Brook, and Franky made up the last team.

The tournament was inside of a building with lots of hallways. It was almost like a maze. The walls were a dark shade of blue and the floors were white tile. Along with all of the hallways, there was a second floor, filled with hallways as well.

When we were ready, we set off in our teams, all going in different directions. Luffy, Law, and I walked around for about five minutes before our first fight. There were two pirates, so Luffy took one and Law took the other. I stood back and watched. They won quickly, not even having to use their devil fruits, and we continued walking.

Seven minutes later, we ran into a group of 3 pirates. Luffy and Law each took one. That left one more. He had short blond hair with brown highlights. He was taller and more muscled than I was. He carried a sword that looked like it had been stolen from a marine. He ran towards me, sword outstretched in front of him. He swiped his sword at me and I barely managed to dodge it.

A week after I had joined, the crew realized that I would needed training. I couldn't fight or even dodge. I would wind up dead if I ever ended up alone. So, they decided to teach me how to fight, but first they had to teach me how to dodge. Sanji declared that none of the men were delicate enough to teach a lady and he didn't want to bother Nami or Robin. So, Sanji taught me how to dodge attacks. One of the reasons he is like a brother to me.

I managed to dodge the next few swipes of his sword, though they came way too close for comfort. However, I failed to dodge the next attack. I felt the stinging pain of the blade slicing my arm. I spared a moment to look at my arm. It now had a long gash and was dripping with dark red blood.

That was a mistake.

He saw I was distracted and pushed me down to the ground. I struggled to get out from under his heavy body. He used his full body weight to hold me down as his hands went towards my neck. Once there, he squeezed, taking away my ability to breathe. I struggled and tried to pry his hands away from my neck, but it was no use. I was too weak. I saw dark spots clouding my vision when he was suddenly knocked off of me.

I gasped for breath, grabbing my neck and coughing painfully. I looked over to him just in time to see Luffy knock him out with a punch to the jaw.

Law took a few moments to look at my neck and bandage my still bleeding arm. He deemed I was fine and, after a small break to catch our breath, we continued.

We had just rounded a corner when we saw two pirates. They were obviously the strongest so far. They looked no different, but they emitted a much stronger aura than the others we had fought.

The two pirates ran towards us and I stepped back trying to stay out of the way. Luffy and Law ran forward to meet them and prepared their attacks. Law's opponent took him off guard, by hitting the ceiling, making rubble fall down on top of him. Law was trapped.

I tried to take cover but the pirate knocked me onto the floor with a shove. I quickly shot up, before he could attack and ran towards the pile of rubble. Maybe I could get Law out.

I started digging, managing to move a few blocks, before I was pulled back by my hair and pushed to the ground again.

I was about to be stabbed, when I found myself no longer underneath the pirate, but instead underneath the pile of rubble. I realized this was Law's doing and tried to free myself, but I was completely stuck. I had to wait for help, as usual.

I listened to the grunts and curses of the fight before I heard the rubble being moved. Only once the rubble was completely removed from around me, did I open my eyes.


I blinked several times, but he was still there. It was Mason. Mason's alive. My best friend's alive.

I picked me up, out of the rest of the rubble, and leaned me against the wall.

"'re alive."

"Alive and kicking."

I smiled and took this time to look at him.

The first thing I noticed was that his eyes seemed even more blue than when we were kids. His black hair was now cut right above his ears and he was obviously taller. He was still skinny, but his muscles peaked out from under his shirt. He had obviously worked out. He was as handsome as always.

Without my consent, my hand moved to his cheek and rested there. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his waist, setting my forehead on his shoulder and clung to him.

When I finally pulled back, Luffy and Law had finished fighting, Zoro and Chopper had joined the group, and everyone was staring at Mason and I.

"Everyone, this is Mason, my best friend. Mason, this is Luffy, my captain, and this is Law, captain of the Heart Pirates. You already met Zoro and Chopper."

After resting for a while, we split up and searched for our next enemy. We couldn't find anyone on the first level, so we found a set of stairs and went to the second level.

We reached the top and were ambushed by a group of two. They were extremely strong. I could see it just by looking at them. Luffy did too and he turned around to me, looked me in the eyes, and put his hat on my head. He put his hands on my shoulders, worry written into his features.

"Hannah, run. Go find the others. Protect my hat."

Scared, I nodded and ran down the stairs. However, once I reached the bottom someone jumped in front of me, blocking my path. He must've been hiding incase someone tried to run.

I could tell he was very strong. And fast. I stood no chance.

He ran towards me and jumped, charging a move that would surely kill me. I froze, there was nothing I could do but put my arms in front of me, praying that I would be okay.

The blow never came.

I opened my eyes and he was just floating there, in mid-air.

Shocked, I lowered my hands and he fell back to the ground. Curious, I raised my hands again and he froze.

I left one hand up and pulled my other back staring at it. The man stayed frozen. I moved my other hand to a box sitting in the hallway and it started floating. I moved my hand up, down, left, and right and it followed.

Wondering what the heck was happening, I recalled a story my mother had told me when I was little.


"Hannah, time for bed!!"

"Mommy, will you tell me a story? Please??"

"Sure, honey. Go lay down and I'll come in and tell you a story."

I ran to my bed and layed down. I love stories!!!

Mommy walked in my room to find me ready and waiting. She laughed before sitting down on the stool next to my bed.



"Once, a long time ago a man had become a pirate. He had no special skills or abilities. However, he had many friends who would protect him in battle. One day his life was in danger and he put his hands in front of him. His enemy stopped moving. He had developed the power to freeze and move any object or person he wanted. This man continued to live his life as a pirate, using his newfound abilities to fight. He became very popular. However, he grew tired of the pirate life and settled down. He met a girl, eventually married her, and had a son. When he grew up, his parents discovered that he had the power too. His son eventually settled down as well, having a daughter. She to had the powers. Those powers kept being passed down from generation to generation. Some say that these powers are still being passed down."


It was real.

The legend was real and I had the powers.

I was shocked, but I had no time to dwell on it.

I decided to use these powers to my advantage. I used the box still floating in the air and threw it against the man's head. He was still conscious, so I picked up another box and threw it.

This time his head fell.

I actually knocked him out.

For someone who was supposed to be so strong, he sure fell unconscious quickly.

I released him and his head fell onto the tile floor with a loud 'thud'.

I fell to my knees and sat up against the wall, breathing heavily.

A minute later, Luffy and Law came over to me. Luffy sat on his knees in front of me and Law stood off to the side.

"Hannah! Are you okay!?"

"Yeah, I think so. I just got really tired all of the sudden."

Law stepped forward and interrupted. "I saw what happened, Hannah-ya. Your powers must use a lot of energy, like mine. You'll have to get used to it."

Then, it really hit me.

I have powers.

I used them to beat someone up. I really am special, just like Luffy said.

Just as I thought this, I saw movement. Someone was trying a sneak attack. Luffy and Law couldn't see it, so I quickly stood up, surprising Luffy and Law.

I froze him with my powers, so he couldn't attack. Luffy turned around and saw him standing there, frozen. He ran toward the guy and punched the guy with so much force, that I lost control and he went flying.

The speaker crackled and the announcer started talking.

"The last team has been taken down! The winner is... the Strawhat Pirates!"

Luffy jumped in triumph. I smiled, but losing my powers again took a lot out of me. I started falling, darkness clouding my vision.

"Oi! Hannah-ya!"

I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me, keeping me from falling, face first, onto the floor.

Then, it went completely dark.

I woke up in my bed on the ship. I sat there for awhile, weighing my injuries. I had a couple of scratches, a lot of bruises, a huge gash down my right arm, and I felt exhausted. Not bad compared to other battles.

As I was getting up, I saw something on my night stand. It was Luffy's hat. I picked it up and put it back on, wanting to keep it a little longer. Feeling a lot better, I walked out of my room to see what everyone was doing. It was dark and they were partying.

Everyone saw me and Chopper ran over to me.

"Hannah, you're awake!"

Luffy chimed in saying, "Come join us, Hannah!"

I smiled and sat down next to Mason. He was still here. Law was still here too. I grabbed some food and ate laughing and talking with everyone. Having my powers, I felt a lot closer to everyone, so I found myself talking freely. Everyone was drinking, so it wasn't long before everyone fell asleep.

I don't drink, so I was the only awake. I used this opportunity to go up to the lookout to look at the stars. I sat on the bench and laid down, setting Luffy's hat on my stomach and looking and the stars.

Before I realized it, I was falling asleep.

"I thought I'd find you up here."

Startled, I sat up. It was Luffy.

"I woke up and you weren't there, so I thought I'd look for you."

I smiled. "Yeah, I come up here when I can't sleep."

Luffy looked at me, curiosity in his eyes. "Why can't you sleep?"

I looked to the floor. I knew Luffy would get mad at me for not telling him.

"Um, I-I get nightmares pretty often."

I quickly asked him a question to change the subject.

"How'd you know to look up here?"
"I remembered what you said about the stars, so I looked in the highest place."

Good, he got distracted.

I stood up and walked to the edge, looking at Mason sleeping.

"Luffy, how did you find Mason?"

He walked over to me and smiled. "I asked Robin to find him. She's really good at that type of thing."

"How'd you know who he was? I've never told anyone his name."

He laughed and scratched the back of his neck, a slight blush on his face.

"Well, remember how we used to watch you to make sure you didn't leave?"

I nodded.

The first few days after I joined the crew, some of the gang thought I might try to leave, so they took turns staying in my room to make sure I didn't. They stopped eventually, realizing that even though I felt like I didn't belong there, I wouldn't leave.

"You kinda talk in your sleep. When it was my turn, you said his name. I told the others and they came to the conclusion that it was your best friend's name."

I looked away, embarrassed and Luffy sat back down.

"You said you have nightmares, right? Come lay down." He patted his lap.

I hesitated, but Luffy looked at me seriously, so I walked over and laid down, laying my head on his lap. He brushed the hair out of my face, leaned down, and kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight, sleep well."

I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When I woke up, Luffy was still there with his hand across my waist. It was still dark. I must've only been asleep for a little while. When he noticed I was awake, he looked down.

"Hey." He had a small smile on his face, one that immediately made me smile as well. I sat up and turned to him. Not knowing what to say, I just looked at him. He looked really tired.

"Hey, Luffy. You look really tired. Go to bed. I'll go to sleep eventually."

Luffy yawned, but didn't move. I raised my voice a little.

"Luffy. I'm fine. Go to bed."

Yawning again, he reached beside him and grabbed his hat. I remembered that I set it down next to me when Luffy came up here. He turned to me and put it on my head.

"I want you to have it. Keep it safe, you know it means a lot to me. Like I said, you look cute in it."

He stood up, reaching his hand out to me.

At first I didn't take it, because I was still shocked that he gave me his hat.

"Come on." I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up and started walking. He led me to my room, opened the door, and walked in, dragging me with him. He took his hat-my hat- off of me and set it on my nightstand. He crawled into the bed, still dragging me with him. He covered us and we both closed our eyes.

I tried, but I couldn't sleep, so I sat up, holding my head in my hands. Luffy sat up and grabbed my hand. I looked at him and he looked at me straight in the eye, letting me know I wasn't alone. Tears welled up in my eyes and one slipped out. Luffy wiped it away with his other hand. I'm tired of crying. I want to be strong. Thinking this made the tears rush out of my eyes. Luffy threw his arms around me, pushing me into his chest. He laid down and covered us again.

That night I fell asleep in Luffy's chest, sad and crying, but strangely, peaceful.

It's been two months since I discovered my powers and I've been training non-stop everyday. I now have a bounty of 300 million and people are recognizing me as a Strawhat Pirate. They call me "Dark Priestess Hannah." I've fought in many battles, holding my own against our enemies. However, I've never had to use my full powers. None of the others have even seen exactly what I can do. I'm not sure why, but I've decided to show them just how much I can control them.

When everyone wasn't doing anything important, I called them to the deck. When they all gathered around, I noticed they all had curious looks on their faces. Some of them looked a little worried too. Nervously, I started explaining.

"You're all aware that I've been training really hard with my new powers. I've become a lot stronger, not only with my powers, but mentally too. I wanted to thank you for that. I would've never been able to come this far without you, all of you. I wouldn't be the person I am now. I wouldn't be on this amazing adventure that I've always wanted to be on. So, thank you."

I looked around and everyone had huge smiles on their faces. I could tell that they were proud of me.

I continued, "I've been trying to figure out a way to truly show you my gratitude, but I haven't been able to come up with something worthy. I know it doesn't come anywhere near what you deserve, but everyone looked bored. So I thought we could have some fun. Show you just how far I've come."

'In fact, I still can't believe I'm talking so freely, when I used to completely ignore everyone.' I thought to myself.

If possible, their smiles grew wider.

With nothing more to say, I started going through with my idea. I picked up a crate, with my powers, and moved it in front of Nami. I continued, setting a crate in front of everyone. I used the smallest amount of power that I could. Only raising the crates an inch off of the ground and only moved one at a time. I wanted to create a little bit of suspense and surprise them.

When they all had a crate in front of them, I asked them to stand on it. They gave me weird looks, but trusted me, so they climbed on. I raised my hands, getting ready.

"Are you ready?" Everyone nodded.

I slowly raised each crate until all nine were floating in the air. I smiled and laughed. They didn't know what I was about to do.

"Hold on!"

Without much of a warning, as fast as I could, I shot the crates into the sky. I couldn't help but laugh at their shocked expressions.

"How's the view?!"

No one answered, they were all speechless.

Once again, without warning, I started moving the crates around. They looked like they were flying. I felt like picking on them, since they can't seem to leave me alone.

I get it, to most of these guys, I'm like a little sister. However, that doesn't mean they get to pick on me as much as they want! Except for Nami and Robin, they didn't pick on me very often. The only time that they do is about Luffy and I.

While everyone else seemed clueless, Nami and Robin have noticed how close Luffy and I are. Far more than nakama. I left them out of my revenge.

I started taking all of the guys' crates and slamming them against each other. I made sure to smash Sanji and Zoro together. They immediately started arguing, their foreheads pressed together and a dark aura around them. I couldn't stop laughing.

They were still arguing, so I pulled their crates away and slammed them together again. Zoro suddenly glared at me.

"Hannah! Stop that!!!"

Usopp joined in yelling, "How come you aren't doing it to Nami and Robin?!"

"That's what you guys get for constantly picking on me!!!!!"

I hit Luffy against Sanji, and Luffy lost his balance. He didn't recover and fell off the crate.

He was falling towards the water. I moved his crate as fast as I could, catching him right before he hit the water.

After I caught Luffy, I sat everyone back down onto the deck

I sat down against the ship's railing, breathing heavily. After jumping off their crates, everyone walked over to me with huge smiles on their faces.

When they reached me, they saw how tired I was. Luffy bent down in front of me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"You okay, Hannah?" I smiled, happy that everyone had fun and that Luffy was concerned.

"Yeah. It still takes a lot of energy to control."

Sanji stepped forward as he lit a cigaret. "Hannah, why don't you go get some rest. You look really tired."

I nodded and stood up. I swayed to the side and lost my balance, but I felt Luffy's arms wrap around me, keeping me upright.

"I must've used more energy than I thought." Luffy put my arm around his shoulders and helped me get to my bed. Once I was settled, he left me to sleep, saying goodnight as he closed the door.

Third POV

As Luffy walked back out of Hannah's room, everyone was staring at the door, thinking about her.

Once Luffy walked back to the group, Zoro spoke up.

"She's definitely come a long way."

Sanji nodded, agreeing with Zoro for once. "Yeah. From being a lonely, depressed slave..."

"To being a shy crew member..." Nami continued.

"To being our one and only strong and courageous, little sister," Robin finished.

Luffy chimed in, wearing his usual goofy smile. "Except for me."

Zoro started walking back to the look out saying, "Yeah, yeah, Luffy. We know."

First POV

When I woke up, it was dark out and we had docked at an island.

'Yeah, I used way too much energy,' I thought. I tried to go back to sleep, but I grew restless. I decided to talk a walk.

I grabbed my hat, Luffy's strawhat he he passed on to me, and walked out onto the deck. I grabbed a pencil and paper, deciding to leave a note in case they were to wake up. I reread the note out loud.

"Hey! I decided to take a walk in the town. I left when it was dark, so if I'm not back by morning, come look for me. -Hannah."

Satisfied, I left the note where everyone could see it and left. I walked all around the town near the harbor. It was beautiful. There were bright colored flowers and trees covered in dark green leaves everywhere I looked. The buildings were tall and brightly colored as well. I walked down the main street and looked at the shops, still closed for the night. Many of the shops were full of clothing. Nami would be doing a lot of shopping.

Before I realized it, the sun was already peaking out and lighting up the sky. I'd been gone longer than I thought. I decided to walk back, the rest of the crew would be up soon.

I walked along the harbor, taking my time.

I heard a noise behind me and I turned around, already in a fighting stance. There was a small group of pirates behind me. I studied them, judging their strength.

Before I realized it, I was surrounded by a much larger group.

Once they were sure I could not escape, they attacked. They attacked.

I fought back, combining the martial arts Sanji has taught me and my powers. I took out a lot of people, but they just kept coming.

I was starting to get tired because of the energy my powers use and I was using them too much.

I was losing.

Hating to give up, but knowing it was the best way, I decided to flee.

I looked around and found a box. I could use it to fly back to the ship.

I raised my hand to lift the box, but it didn't budge.

I tried again, no use.

I was out of energy, I could barely stand.

My opponents realized this, moving in to end it.

My life.

They were inches away from me when they suddenly fell.

Every single one of them.

Only one thing could take out this many people at once.

Conqueror's Haki.

It had to be Luffy.

I looked at all of the people on the ground, then saw Luffy. He was walking towards me and he was pissed.

When he reached me and fully saw my banged up body, his face softened. He put his hand on my cheek, moving the hair out of my face. I leaned into his touch.

"Hannah. Are you okay?"

I sighed. "Yeah. I can't take out a large group like you can."

Luffy turns his back to me and slightly bends down. "Come on, let's go back to the Sunny."

He wants me to get on his back. "I can walk on my own."

I can't actually walk on my own, but I didn't want to look too weak in front of Luffy.

"Just get on," he demanded.

I do as told and hop on his back, his arms going under my thighs, supporting me. He stands up and starts walking. I lay my chin on his shoulder, leaning my head against his. I grip his shoulder with all of the strength I have. Nothing at all to Luffy, just enough to get his attention. He looks at me from the corner of his eyes and then returns his gaze to the path in front of us.

"What's wrong?"

"After all of that training... I'm still not strong enough."

Luffy smiled, rubbing his cheek against mine.

"Hey, that's perfectly fine. It means I get to protect you."

I blushed and closed my eyes, enjoying Luffy's presence. "Thanks, Luffy."

When we get back to the ship, Luffy set me down on a bench. Chopper ran out, checking my wounds frantically. "Chopper, I'm fine. Just a little tired and banged up."

When I convinced him I was fine, I asked for a little time alone. With a nod from Luffy, I went up to the look out, lucky that Zoro wasn't up there.

I don't know how long I was up there, staring at the ocean, blocking all of my thoughts.

Eventually, Luffy came up.

He asked how I was. Ignoring my actual feelings, I told him I was fine, giving him a fake smile. I expected him to leave, but he started talking.

"Hannah, everyone's getting worried. They think you're feeling like you did before you got your powers. You've been up here all day."

That statement from Luffy woke me up from my daze. I noticed it was almost dark. I really was up here all day.

"What do you think Luffy?"

He walked over and sat next to me. "I know you're scared. You thought that the best place to be if they attacked again would be in the crow's nest. In order to get up here, enemies would have to go through us first or fly."

"Luffy, you're so much smarter than you let people believe. I'm sorry for making everyone worried."

"It's fine. Anyway, it's time for dinner." He ruffled my brown hair, before grabbing my hand and leading me to the kitchen.

When we got to the table, Luffy sat down, but I stayed standing. Everyone stared at me, wondering what was wrong. "I-I'm sorry I made you worry!!!! I'm fine, really."

Sanji smiled as he walked over to me. "Hey, it's fine. Sit down and eat."

I nodded and sat down.

Sanji continued, "However, Luffy told us what happened. We have to strike back. They hurt one of us. They can't get away with that. Did either of you see who they were?"

I nodded. "I saw their tattoo. They were..."

I dragged of, not finishing my sentence. I tried to continue, but, Luffy spoke before I could continue.

His hands were balled into fists, a look of pure anger on his face. "It was the Silver Serpent Pirates."

At the news, some were shocked. The others had the same look as Luffy.

I was scared.

The Silver Serpent Pirates.

They were the pirates who enslaved my town. They killed my parents and sold my best friend.

Of course, it was only a specific branch, but the whole group was still responsible.

"Hey, you guys. It's fine. Just let it go."

Everyone argued. They said all kinds of things, but I didn't really hear it.

The rest of dinner went by in a haze for me. I was to consumed by fear to actually hear. Everything was kind of blurry. I couldn't see straight.

When I finished eating, I quickly stood up. Everyone went silent, their arguing stopped. They stared at me, my vision blurring even more by the tears now filling my eyes.

"I'm going to bed."

A tear slipped out.

I walked out and closed the door, however, I didn't move. They were silent for a little, then, Sanji spoke up.

"She-She looked so scared. That's why she stayed up there so long."

I didn't listen any further and went to my room. I layed down and fell asleep instantly, not realizing how tired I really was.

When I woke up, I was no longer in my room. I was in a cell. One look around told me I was in the cell I stayed in as a slave. I had no idea how I got there, but when the lackey's came to get me, I went with them. No arguing or fighting. They put me to work, I obeyed. Every once in awhile, they would hit me with a whip, out of boredom. As I was working, Luffy and the others barged into town, beating everyone up and saving me. We went back to the ship and set sail. Suddenly, I was back at the town where I was ambushed. I searched the town, looking for Luffy, but I didn't see a sign of him anywhere. I decided to look for the ship. I was ambushed again, just like last time. I fought, but I was losing. Again. I expected Luffy to come, but... he didn't. When I was about to die, I heard Luffy's voice call my name.

"Hannah!!! Wake up!"

I shot up. I was still on my bed, in the Sunny. Luffy's hands were on my shoulder, rising up and down with my heavy breathing.

I was dreaming.


I was having a nightmare.

I wrapped my arms around Luffy, burying my face in his chest, crying. Luffy hugged me back tightly, using one of his hands to gently smooth my hair.

"It's alright, Hannah. It was just a nightmare."

I tightened my grip on him. "Luffy. Help me. I-I'm so scared."

Luffy in turned held me tighter. "Of course."

After I calmed down, Luffy laid me down, telling me to go back to sleep. He started walking out, but I stopped him.

"Luffy, will you stay with me?"

Luffy turned around with a smile on his face. He walked back to the bed and crawled in, wrapping me in his arms again. I snuggled into Luffy, falling into a deep sleep.

I felt so safe in his arms. Like, nothing could harm me as long as he was there. As long as I had him, I could survive.

When I woke up Luffy was still asleep. The images from my nightmare came back and I wrapped my arms around Luffy, reminding myself that he was there. Luffy's arms tightened around me and I tried not to think about what was coming. Instead, focusing on Luffy.

I etched every single one of his features into my memory. How he looked so peaceful sleeping, the scar under his eye, his thin black eyebrows... I tried remembering what he looked like with his hat on. I thought he looked better in it than I did. But, every time I said it, Luffy would deny it until I thought the same thing.

"Hannah." Luffy said my name pulling me out of my thoughts.

I pulled back and looked at him. He was awake and looking straight at me. He put his hand on my cheek, stroking it with his thumb.

"It's time to end your suffering."
I closed my eyes and nodded.


Once everyone was at the table, they started to make a plan. We were going to destroy the Silver Serpent Pirates. Everyone wanted revenge for what they did to me.


I looked up.

Everyone was staring at me. I must've zoned out. I shook my head. "Yeah?"

Sanji spoke. "What do you think we should do?"

I thought about it for a minute, then spoke. "Well, I think that even if we came up with the perfect plan. Luffy would just barge in. No offense, Luffy."

Luffy stopped eating, just long enough to say, "None taken." He wasn't even listening.

I continued, "So, I think we should go with Plan T."

Zoro looked at me, curious. "Plan T?"

I nodded. "Plan T. Take'em by storm."

Everyone agreed and started getting ready. Zoro sharpened his swords, followed by Brook. Nami cleaned her Clima Takt. Chopper gathered medical supplies and grabbed a rumble ball. Usopp made more ammo for his slingshot. Franky checked to make sure all of his gadgets were working right. I didn't need to do anything, so I went to the bench I used to spend so much time at.

Looking at the ocean like this again, brought unwanted memories of my past. It still haunts me sometimes. A single tear slipped out. When it really came down to it, I wouldn't change a thing. I wouldn't be here if it hadn't happened.

Luffy put his hand on my shoulder and I quickly wiped the tear away. I honestly hated it when he saw me cry, but I did it so often. It really wasn't something I could control.

I stood up, ready to join the others. "Hannah, I think you should stay here. We'll be back before you know it."

He turned around, joined the others, and they started walking.
"Wait!" I will not sit here and wait.

"I'm going with you!"

I heard Sanji start to protest, but I interrupted him. Everyone looked shocked, this was out of my character. But, when I felt strongly about something, you would know.

"No. I'm not staying here. I'm a member of this crew too! You can't just leave me behind. I have just as much right as anyone else here. Besides, this is my problem. I'd rather take care of it myself, but I know you wouldn't allow it. So, the least you can do, is take me with you. I'm not who I used to be. I'll be fine!!!!"

Luffy nodded, one of the most serious faces I've ever seen him wear, on his face. "You're right. Let's go. All of us."

I ran to catch up and we headed to the Silver Serpent Pirates' base.

When we arrived, we busted right through the door and ambushed them. They should really have outside security.

Third POV

As the Strawhats burst through the door, they immediately attacked. At least a hundred small frys took up the large room behind the now busted door.

Suddenly, Robin, Nami, Franky, Usopp, and Hannah were surrounded by the remaining small frys. They told the others to continue on. They had a main goal after all.

So, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Chopper, and Brook ran into the only other exit in the door. It led into a hallway that branched into many more hallways. Doors lined those hallways. It would be nearly impossible to find the captain of the Silver Serpent Pirates.

When they rounded the first corner, Chopper heard a cry for help. As a doctor, Chopper couldn't ignore the call. With Luffy's permission, Chopper took off towards the voice. He turns around another corner, only to come face to face,well, face to legs with Hades.

He is the fifth strongest member of the Silver Serpent Pirates (SSP) who specializes in fire magic. That's where his name came from.

Hades laughs at Choppers shocked face when he realized it was a trap, then attacks.

Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Brook were still running through the hallways when Sanji looked back to discover that Zoro was gone! A few moments prior, he had taken off down a different hall.

Zoro opens a random door, trying to find the others. However, inside he finds Nash, the second strongest member of the SSP. He specializes in swordsmanship, just like Zoro. Zoro attacks first, not wanting to miss the chance of getting revenge for Hannah.

Sanji had convinced Luffy and Brook to keep running. Zoro would be able to take care of himself. They had running through the halls when an explosion blew a hole in the floor. Luffy and Sanji had managed to dodge it, but Brook got caught in it and fell to the lower level.

Like the others, Brook tells them to continue. Once Brook hears them continue running, he digs himself out of the rubble. Once out, he begins searching for stairs. Instead, he finds Lester, the fourth strongest member and explosives expert of the SSP. Brook draws his sword just when another explosive sets off. He dodges and makes his first attack.

Now just Luffy and Sanji, they continue searching when Sanji hears a voice. It belongs to a woman and she's crying. Sanji's weakness being women, he takes off towards the crying woman, not saying anything to Luffy. As Sanji gets closer, the voice changes into a males. He turns around the corner and sees Whitelaw, the third strongest member. He specializes in naginatajutsu. The japanese martial art of wielding the naginata. Whitebeard uses one as well.

Whitelaw smiles. "How's Hannah doing? I do miss her. You know, I'm the one who suggested making her village slaves. I have to admit, it was a good decision."

Sanji attacks out of pure white anger, ready for revenge.

Now alone, Luffy runs through the hallways, soon he finds himself standing in front of a huge metal door. He busts down the door, finding a huge room. It was completely empty except for a chair sitting in the very back.

In that chair sat Hunter, the leader of the Silver Serpent Pirates. The person who caused all of Hannah's problems. As soon as Luffy sees Hunter, he attacks.

He's closer to Hannah than anyone else in the entire crew.

He's pissed.

And he's not hiding it.

No one knows what powers Hunter possesses. People say he's so strong that he only has to use brute strength to win, never having to show his other abilities.

After fighting for quite a while, Luffy realizes he needs to take it one step farther. He goes into fourth gear. A technique he has only had to use once, against Doflamingo. Every time Luffy hits Hunter, he gets back up, like it was nothing. When Luffy deals a huge blow, finally knocking Hunter down for good, his time runs out. Luffy collapses on the ground.

First POV

"Is that... the last one?"


Finally beating all of the people we got surrounded by, I left to find Luffy.

Eventually, I found myself in a huge room and I see Luffy laying on the ground. Worried, I run over to him to see him breathing heavily. I let out the breath I was holding, he's alive.

"It's over, Hannah. He'll never bother you again." Luffy takes my hand and smiles as he says this.

"Think again."

It was Hunter.

He got up and started walking towards us.

Luffy looked at me.

"Hannah. I used fourth gear for too long. I won't be able to move for about 10 minutes."

Determined to help Luffy, I nod. Luffy won't like this.

"You need 10 minutes? I'll handle him till then."

I stand up and turn around, not letting Luffy reply. It wouldn't be pretty if I did. Besides, he could barely move. What could he do?

Using my powers, I freeze Hunter. As I try to figure out what to do, he starts to move again.

He broke out of my control.

The only person who has been able to do that is Luffy.

I kept throwing things at him, hoping to slow him down. Every once in awhile, I would freeze him. Only for him to break out again.

When he reached me, I started to dodge any attacks he made. He may be strong, but I was smaller, faster. Also, I do have lots of training experience from Sanji and Luffy taught me how to use Observation Haki.

Using all of the training I have received, I dodged as many attacks as I could. He didn't land a punch on me, and he was getting frustrated.

If he would try to attack Luffy, ignoring me, I would move Luffy out of his reach. He would have to go back to me.

It was getting close to the 10 minute marker.

Dodging one more of Hunter's attacks, I froze.

Not out of fear and not because Luffy had gotten up early.

I froze because I was made to.

Hunter froze me.

He has the same powers as I do.

Keeping me frozen, Hunter walked towards me. He started punching me and kicking me, with all of his strength.

Luffy still had a minute left, I had to hang on until then. Every punch, I could feel myself losing consciousness, but I fought it off, for Luffy's sake.

10 seconds to go.

Hunter charges up for a final attack.

5 seconds.

He hits me with all of his might, sending me flying across the room. I slam into the wall and land right beside Luffy. I grabbed his hand.

"Time's up."

He nods and slowly stands up. My part was done, still, I fought off the strong urge to sleep. I had to see this end.

Catching Hunter off guard, Luffy knocks him onto the ground with a gum-gum whip.

Using this chance, Luffy switched to third gear. He blew up both of his arms, covering them with haki. He attacked Hunter, using his move gum-gum grizzly magnum.

Hunter didn't get up.

We waited.

Still no movement.

He was out.

It's nice to know what I wasn't the only one who got weak using the powers, not to mention his fight with Luffy.

I got up from my spot stumbling, my vision blurry, as Luffy sat down. As I walked over to him, he laid down and went to sleep.


I sat down on my knees next to him and laid his head on my lap. Staring down at Luffy, I started crying.

It started as simple sniffles but quickly changed into huge sobs that bounced on the walls of the empty room.

I bent down and kissed his forehead, like he does to me. I smiled through my tears.

"Sleep well. You deserve it."

Luffy smiled in his sleep. "Yeah."

Eventually, everyone made to the room we were in, covered in bruises, scratches, and blood.

Not taking my eyes off of Luffy, I started speaking.

"Thank you. Thank you so much."

My tears flowed from my eyes freely, showing how thankful I really was.

Sanji walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Hannah, hold your head high. It's all over."

We all headed back to the Sunny. Sanji carried me and Zoro carried Luffy. About halfway there, the exhaustion finally got to me, making me pass out.

Per the usual, once Luffy and I woke up, we had a huge party, Strawhat style.

We drank, well, they drank. Sanji made a huge feast and Luffy wouldn't stop eating. Brook played music non-stop and we must have sung Bink's Sake at least twenty times and counting.

At one point, I couldn't tolerate Usopp and Chopper anymore. I wanted some quiet, so I walked towards the front of the ship. There, I could still hear everyone, but it wasn't as bad.

It was dark, so stars covered the sky and reflected off of the ocean's surface. The moon was full and it shed its light over all of us. It reminded me of the night Luffy first told me I looked cute in his hat.

Speaking of, Luffy walked up beside me. "What are you thinking about Hannah?"

"I was just thinking about the night you first told me you thought I was cute in your hat."

Luffy giggled and turned to face me. "I stand by what I said."

"Luffy, why do you like me wearing it so much?"

"Because, everyone knows that hat was mine. When they see you in my hat, they'll know that you're mine. They'll know not to mess with you."

I turned to him in shock. Now that I was facing him, his hands reached up to my cheeks and stayed there. He took a step forward and placed his lips on mine.

My eyes fluttered closed and I kissed back. The whole world faded away and the only thing I could register was Luffy. The way his lips felt soft and warm against mine. His lips tasted like chocolate, instead of the meat flavor I had considered. The way his left hand tangled into my hair, while his right slid down to my waist. He pulled me closer to him, as close as possible and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

When air became necessary, he pulled away and rested his forehead against mine. His lips were still close enough to mine that I could feel his breath. He lifted his head, only to bring it past my head do that his mouth was next to my ear. My eyes widened at what he whispered into my ear before walking away with a smile on his face.

"You're mine."
That night before I went to bed, I realized something.

The more time I spend on this ship, fighting the same battles, shedding the same tears, shouting the same angry threats to enemies, then shouting the same cheers once the battle's over, the more I feel like a full-fledged member of the Strawhat Pirates.

I truly belong here.

This is the place I was meant to be.

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