The Turning

June 5, 2017
By Anonymous

Author's note:

Dan is the main character.

The Turning
Dan Smith was hiding behind the old brick building ready to tackle another day at the office. It was a dark rainy night that was just like Dan’s normal friday night out. There were no breaks at this job. Every Night Dan would do the same thing, wait for a mistake or evidence to prove that they were doing something wrong. Dan did this during the day and night but he liked to to it during the day better. It was warmer and easier to see the suspects. The problem was Dan was scared of doing it at night. He was scared because he didn’t like not being able to see who’s around him. Dan was normally a one man crew unless he had help which he normally didn’t. The people at the station where the ones that told Dan where to go and handled all the legal terms. Their famous line that they would always tell Dan when he questioned whether his job was safe or not was “If you're not daring you’re not living.”
Dan was a tall skinny man, with dark brown hair that helped him blend in at night. He was 27 years old and has been working at the station for 5 years. He orginal got this job because he was recommended by a friend by didn’t think he would still be working there for the rest of his career. He had a personality that wasn’t very friendly and always complained about this job. He didn’t get payed enough and always had a dream about having a lot of money. He had dreamed of winning the lottery and quitting his job. Until that time he would continue to work his hard, labor intense job with not a lot of money to show for it. That didn’t stop Dan from going out there night after night, and getting the work done. He always had an uneasy feeling when the next day would come knowing that he could be facing different people that he hadn’t scouted before. He would sweat and nerve up before every day at work.
The people at the station would always ask him, “Why are working at a job that you don’t like, and are scared to do?
Dans answer he didn’t know.
    Chapter 2
  Dan would hide behind the old brick building on 21st street and peer around the corner until it was his time to ponse. He would wait until know one else was around, and go up to the suspects asking to buy drugs. If he was able to catch the guys trying to sell him their product he would have the right to arrest them.
This was Dan’s daily routine, but before he leaves the station he talks with the other workers to get the scoop on the suspects.
The station workers said,”You’re dealing with a couple of tough guys today and we needed you to be carefully out there.
“Ok how many should I expect?” Dan replied
“Probably 4 to 5 not counting the customers.”
“Ok I can handle that.” Dan said
Really Dan was thinking to himself,” What am I going to do? Will I be able to handle this by myself?”
Chapter 3
Dan was about half a block away when he heard a loud noise coming from the direction he was headed. He got a rush running through his body as the thought of having to go break up the scene. As a FBI agent has the authority to break up anything suspicious or weird. Whether it's from fights to small little problems Dan can do it all. Out of the corner of his eye he saw one of the suspects he was tracking cross right in front of him. Dan decided to follow him in his car. It was go time for Dan. He called into the station to tell them that he was coming up on the 21st street and was following a suspect.
“Hey I might need assistance at the case on 21st street?” Dan called in
“We can’t get you any right now, just hold on and don’t confront them.” The station said.
“Ok I will hold off for now.” Dan replied
Dan knew in his mind that if he didn’t go confront the dealers he might never have the chance to catch them again. His plan was to go up to them, try to see if they will sell him anything and arrest them. His options were stay and wait for help or go out there by himself. At this moment Dan was ready to make a bad decision. Dan was watching for the evidence he needs and waiting for the perfect timing. Now's the time, Dan jumps out of the car, races after the guys.
“Hey you stop!” Dan yells
Dan reaches for the closest guy to grab onto, but at that moment he is whacked with baseball bat right over the head.
“You're coming with us.” The suspect replies
Dan halfway knocked out reaches for his tracking device that fell out of his pocket.
“Not so fast,” the suspect yells
“You see this.”
As he yells that he throws it into the field. Now the station can’t track where Dan is and can’t help save him.
“Get in the truck.” the suspect demands
The suspects friend ties Dan’s hands up and throws him in the van. The  tracker that Dan was wearing will be saying that he is at 21st street for a long time. There weren’t any witness around to help save Dan. Just the two suspects that took him in.
“Grab the keys were heading to the warehouse.” the suspect says to his friend.
“What are we going to do with him?” The friend asks
“I don’t know, but they might not be to good for our friend in the back.” The suspect chuckles.
Chapter 4
Dan who is trapped in the back of the van is trying to find a way to get out. His goal is to try and breakout the back of the van. The van was an old, dark van with little to know light coming in. The van not know windows in the back making almost impossible to break out. Dan was sweating and having a nervous breakdown. He had to keep it together in order to come out alive. He still wants to catch the thieves but staying alive is the most important thing. Dan knew that if he was going to get out of there alive, it was going to be easy.
As the guys talk in the front of the van, Dan listens to hear where they are going and what they are going to do with him.
“When we get to our spot, take him out of the van and lock him in the back room.” The suspect says.
“Ok I will take him through the back way.” The suspects friend says
As the suspects friends takes Dan to the back room, he whispers something into Dan’s ear.
“Hey I am going to get you out of here, don’t worry.” The suspect says
Dan can’t believe what he is hearing. One of the guys that just kidnapped him is trying to get him out of there. The suspect was a tall man, with a long beard. Dan wasn’t sure if he should believe him, but it was better than nothing. All these thoughts came into Dan’s head. He didn’t have anytime to decide. So Dan decided to go with it.
“How are we going to get out? I thought you where his friend?” Dan replies
“After I take you to the room, I am going to go back to him and tell him that you are locked away. I am just in it for the money.” The suspect explains
“What money?” Dan replies
“I will explain it all later. I am going to come back and let you out, and we are going to knock him out.” The suspect answers.
“How are you going to knock him out?” Dan replies
Hes got a baseball bat up front. I will have you make noise in the room and he will come after you. I will come right behind him and knock him out.”
“Ok I will follow your lead.” Dan whispers
As the suspect goes to knock the other guy out, Dan thinks to himself, “Am I making the right decision? If it saves my life than I will try anything.”
“He has a bunch of money in the van. We can split it and become rich.” He says
“Ok I am not sure about this, but I will go along with it.” Dan says
“Whatever, let's go do this thing.” They quietly yell
As the suspects friend goes to knock the suspect out, Dan thinks is this really a good idea. All the money was stolen anyway and I will become rich! I could end up in jail if I get caught but the reward is to high! All of the work and time Dan has put in all comes down to one decision that can change his life.
“He's out cold. Let's move.” The friend says
“Okay I will follow you.” Dan answers
They run through the old house, heading for the van. The suspects friend opens the door of the van and grabs all the money. Thousands of dollars just sitting in a old van ready for someone to take the chance and take the money.
Thoughts run through Dan's head, “what do I do about the people at the station. What's the next step?” Whatever it was Dan was ready to try it.
“Jump in where taking this too.”  The suspect says
“Ok let's get out of here.” Dan yells
The money was theirs. Dan’s goal in life was to have a lot of money and now he does. All of Dan's problems should become solved. Thousands of dollars in Dan’s hands. All of Dan’s live he had lived for the chance to have lots of money and not have to work for that company ever again.
What Dan thought was just a regular day at the office turned into a life changing moment for him. 
“I guess the people at the station were right.” Dan says
“If you're not daring you’re not living.”

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