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Love Me Always

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prologue: autumn

prologue: autumn;  word count: 985


Kyungsoo wiped down the counters, like he always did around this hour. This particular hour of his shift was slower than a tortoise. It was the last hour before closing time, so not many people usually came around. Kyungsoo stared out the window, longing to be outside in the beautiful autumn colors.
The leaves were blowing off the trees and falling to the ground like something out of a surrealist painting, while little kids ran around trying to catch them. A rainbow of autumn hues fell to the ground and Kyungsoo’s attention was drawn away from his work entirely. That was, of course, until he heard the familiar ringing of the bell over the door. The bell that always rings when someone comes in or goes out.
“Hello? Are you still open?” a voice asked him, causing him to turn his attention to the door and away from the beautiful autumn outside the window.
“Yeah” Kyungsoo said softly. “Only for another hour though. So you came at the right time.”
“Oh great! Hey, how’s about you close up early and you and I get some coffee to go, Kyungsoo?” The customer smiled brightly.
Kyungsoo froze. “How do you know my name?” he asked. He didn’t have a nametag on his apron, so he wasn’t sure how the stranger could’ve known his name. “And why would I go out for coffee with you? I don’t even know you.”
“Why don’t you come get coffee with me, and I’ll explain how I know your name.”
Kyungsoo stared at the stranger for a moment. Once he got a good look at him, he could tell he’d seen his face before. He just couldn’t put a finger on where he knew this stranger from. His beautiful caramel colored skin, cheerful smile, twinkling eyes and, dare Kyungsoo say it, absolutely adorable little dimple all seemed too familiar. So for whatever reason, Kyungsoo decided to close up early and get coffee with this very stranger who… might not have been a stranger at all.
“Alright, fine,” he said. “How do you like your coffee?”
“Hmm? Oh, right. Two spoonfuls of sugar, a little bit of milk and some whipped cream. I suppose I’m pretty simple.” The stranger laughed, and Kyungsoo knew he’d heard that laugh somewhere before.
“Alright, coming right up.” Kyungsoo brewed coffee for the stranger and for himself. He took out a Sharpie to write the stranger’s name on his cup and realized he’d never asked for it.
“It’s Jongin,” the stranger laughed softly, noticing the pen in Kyungsoo’s hand hovering over the white styrofoam cup. “My name’s Jongin.” There was that feeling of familiarity again. As soon as Jongin told Kyungsoo his name, Kyungsoo knew he’d heard it before.
“Thanks” he smiled softly, writing Jongin’s name on the cup and handing it to him. He saw Jongin begin to take money out of his pocket but stopped him. “No no, it’s on me” Kyungsoo smiled.
“You sure?”
“Yeah, it’s the least I can do for someone who’s being so nice to me, even though we just met.”
“Right,” Jongin laughed awkwardly. “We just met.” Kyungsoo handed Jongin his coffee and grabbed his own. He followed Jongin outside and locked the door.
“Follow me,” Jongin smiled, taking the shorter male’s hand and bringing him to the park that Kyungsoo had been looking at out the window earlier. They sat on a bench and Kyungsoo watched as autumn swirled around them.
“It’s so beautiful,” he smiled as he watched the beautiful colored leaves fall, and shuffled through a rainbow array of leaves that sat piled at his feet. “So tell me Jongin, how do you know my name?” A cool breeze blew through and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.
“Remind you of anything?” Jongin asked, pointing to a group of children jumping into a pile of leaves near the center of the park. Kyungsoo shook his head.
“Not really. Why?”
“We used to do that too, together. Remember? We were best friends when we were kids, and we used to hang out at your house all the time. Your mom used to rake us a big pile of leaves and we’d jump in it like we were professional Olympic divers.”
Kyungsoo shook his head.
“Best friends?” His eyebrows furrowed confusedly. “You and I? Surely I’d remember my best friend. Especially if we hung out all the time like you’re saying we used to. Are you sure you aren’t thinking of someone else?”
“No Kyungsoo, it was you.” Jongin said. His urgency only confused Kyungsoo even more. It was like Jongin was insistent that Kyungsoo remember all the time they had supposedly spent together. Although, it would explain why he knew Kyungsoo’s name. Maybe they were just young. Maybe that’s why Kyungsoo didn’t remember.
“Jongin, how old were we when we did all those things?” he asked.
“I dunno, we were really little when we met. I think I was around four, so you must’ve been five. But you and your family moved away the day after our birthday, about three years after we met.”
Our birthday?”
“Yeah. You remember don’t you? Your birthday’s January twelfth, mine’s the fourteenth. So the two of us would always celebrate together on the thirteenth. The day in between our birthdays.” Jongin explained.
“Is that why the thirteenth has always seemed to be such an important day?” Kyungsoo mumbled to himself.
“The thirteenth… Every year on the thirteenth I always get this feeling that it’s some sort of important day. But I can never figure out why. I’ve always wondered if maybe it was some holiday I never remembered or something.” It was true, he could remember the thirteenth being an important date, but other than that, nothing. He really couldn’t recall anything about Jongin either. In fact, he was almost positive he never knew him. Or… did he?

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