A Day in the Life

May 24, 2017
By Anonymous

Author's note:

I really love the Dolans and watch them all the time. This was a creative writing piece for my English class and I chose to write about my favorite people. 

My eyes fluttered open and the shade of my eyelashes came in handy against the beaming sunlight through the bay window next to my bed. I slowly sat up, my head spinning as if my brain had just been taken out of my head and put back in. I leaned against the bed frame and closed my eyes again only for them to shoot back open in realization.
My bed doesn’t have a bed frame and my room doesn’t have a bay window.
Where am I? I thought to myself. I looked around the room and tried to recognize the living quarters that I had occupied. The wall was painted green and the bed sheets were fluffy and white. There was a bay window next to the bed I was sitting in and it had four pillows. Two small ones leaning against two large ones on either side of the window, sitting on a long cushion along the bottom to make the seat more comfortable.
I slowly removed the covers from my body and slid out of the bed. I looked down and saw that I was wearing pink soft pajamas and there were slippers on the floor that I soon slid my feet into. I did a double take and looked back down to see that I was thinner than I last remembered. I walked across the room to a door and opened it up, revealing my own bathroom.
I walked into the bathroom and used it before standing up to wash my hands. While I rinsed off the soap I looked up to see how bad my eyes look, because I felt exhausted. I screamed at the sight of my own face, and not because I’m ugly, but because I was not looking at my own face.
In the mirror was a girl with straight blonde hair, hazel eyes and light brown eyebrows with a very pretty face. This was not me.
Soon enough, I heard a door go flying open outside the bathroom and I turned around and opened the bathroom door to see what was going on. An older woman was standing in the doorway of the bedroom, a horrified look on her face.
“Cam, it’s 8 o'clock in the morning, why are you screaming?” As she spoke I started to get the feeling I knew her from somewhere. I turned back around and looked at myself in the mirror. That’s when I began to recognize myself.
“I’m Cameron Dolan.”
“Well of course you are, you have been for 19 years.” Cameron’s mom answered. I tried to remember what last happened that I would be in this position. I thought back to the night before when I was sitting on the couch watching YouTube on the television.
It was a video of the Dolan Twins, and they were playing Never Have I Ever with their sister, Cameron Dolan.
Wow, she’s so lucky. She gets to see them every time she comes back from college. I thought to myself. I wish I could be her.
I stood in front of Lisa Dolan, shaking my head. “That couldn’t have done it.” I said aloud. “That’s ridiculous, this isn’t the Cheetah Girls.” She looked confused and genuinely scared. I walked over to her and hugged her.
“Sorry mom, I’m good now, just had a weird dream that messed with my head.” I lied. It was so weird hugging her and calling her mom when I had only ever seen her through a screen.
She nodded and took a deep breath in. “Okay, well, I’m gonna go make some breakfast. Why don’t you get ready? Your brothers are coming home today.”
I felt my heart drop as I slowly nodded to get her to leave the room. Once she closed the door, I walked over to the bed and flopped down on it, taking in a deep breath. I was going to be seeing my two favorite people in the world today, and I had to pretend that they were my brothers and that I wasn’t attracted to them. 
I decided to take this opportunity to jump in the shower and put on some fresh clothes. Her hair dried so fast and perfectly that it made me jealous of my own hair. Once I was done getting ready I walked out of the room and tried to navigate my way to where the smell of food was coming from. I found myself walking down a flight of stairs and turning to end up in the kitchen.
Cameron’s mother was standing on the far side of the beautiful kitchen cooking up something that looked like pancakes while I looked around the room and studied the artwork that clearly took a lot of time and money to get done.
It was all around white and gray marble with an island in the middle and a table in the corner for when the meals were prepared and ready to eat. Also sitting at the table, were two familiar faces. I swallowed and felt my knees get weak at the sight of them.
I stared at them for a couple of seconds, admiring their features and the way they looked at me. A smile formed on one of the brothers’ face and I felt myself get lost in his eyes as we made eye contact.
“Cam!” Grayson finally spoke and stood up to walk over to me. He opened his arms for a hug and I felt my feet move from underneath me. I was running away from him. I stopped when I got to the bottom of the stairs and turned back around slowly. When I looked back into the kitchen, everyone was staring at me. Ethan was sitting at the table, his mouth wide open while Cameron’s mother stood with her back toward the stove staring at me, a spatula in her hand that dripped pancake batter onto the floor.
My mind was racing and I didn’t know what to do. My favorite person was sitting at the table watching me with a horrified look on his face as my other favorite person stood in front of me with a horrified look on his face because I had just run away from him.
I felt like my lungs were about to collapse, but I took a deep breath and thought, What would Cameron do?
“Haha! Gotcha!” I tried to make an excuse for my awkward moment and I quickly embraced Grayson in a hug. “Good to see you little bro.” I cringed at the sound of my own words as Ethan slowly got up from his chair.
“Ha...ha.” He replied uncomfortably.
My heart fluttered as I pulled away from Grayson. Ethan was walking toward me with his arms open and I thought I was going to collapse. I held myself up and he wrapped his arms around me. I felt as if I were melting in his arms.
I let the moment last a little longer than it should have, but I was living my dream, so that was kind of an excuse. We pulled away and looked at each other and I smiled. “You look good.” I awkwardly spoke. He chuckled and opened his mouth to say something...
“Okay guys, I want you to take the next couple of minutes to share what you have with your partners.”
I snap back to reality and look at the notebook on the desk in front of me. If I could be anyone for a day it’d be Cameron Dolan because she’s sisters with two of the coolest guys in the world, the Dolan Twins. Their names are Grayson and Ethan, and Ethan is my favorite. I’d just love to spend a day with them, even if I had to pretend to be their sister.
I hold back a laugh and turn to listen to the two people sitting next to me. I smile at the thought of spending a day in the life of Cameron Dolan. Hey, I should write a story about that...

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