Worlds Collide: Volume 1

May 18, 2017
By PebblesHome BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
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PebblesHome BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
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Author's note:

My name is Felicity  and this was my genius hour project for Pre-AP english.

Chapter 1. BLAH

I raced down the hall that became covered in blobs of black smoke. The floor turned to dust and it was soon a white space devoid of life except for me that is. A small figure came into view, as I raised an eyebrow I could make out the shape of a lightning bolt shaped haircut. “ Of course, he’s come back to save me again, what a dweeb.” I muttered letting myself float through the air. Then I yelled, “ I can save myself ya’ know!” “Right… I’m not floating but you are so I’m helping anyways.” The 12 year old paranormal investigator spoke sternly. “ I hate you when you’re like that, all ‘Oh don’t worry I’m your hero’ kinda’ deal.” I replied bitterly. “ ANYWAY you cannot stop me from floating!”
“Oh really?” He smirked and crossed his arms. “ Prove it.”
I soared into the air and began to spin. “ See? I can! Beat that Dib!”
  “WATCH OUT!” Dib called pointing at another blob of smoke.
“Oh crap.” I whispered before being engulfed in the misty blackness.

Chapter 2. Making a deal

The wind bustled through the flower patches in the garden on the backside of the school. I hung onto the wall in terror, afraid to fly off considering my small size. “ I DO NOT FIND THIS FUNNY, EMMA!” I screamed angrily as my words echoed through the wind.
Emma Bloom was sweet but had a thing for air, a thing meaning a peculiarity. Which means she is a peculiar. One of the very few ones left, sadly. A few had stayed behind in a loop but Bronwyn came along with Fiona and Claire. She grinned. “Okay! I’ll stop, under one condition.”
“What would that be?” I asked.
“You come to the dinner party me, Eggs and Winnie put together for tonight.” She politely answered. “Deal?” I shook her hand in agreement. “ See you there!” She smiled once again walking away.
“So what are YOU bringing to the dinner, Zim?” I questioned the alien jokingly.
“ I WILL NOT EAT FILTHY HUMAN FOOD!” He ranted.” Unless you have waffles by any chance.” He trailed off.
“Uh I guess I could make that work...somehow.” I assured him.
“Well I better go...SEE YA’!” I bolted out of the dorm room and back into the hallway which was still a white void of terror, but no black smoke, weird.
Some of the magic that Kubo’s aunts had, had stayed and roamed around the school passing through them making them believe they were eaten. Terrifying, I know.
I looked at the clock that was literally glued to the turquoise wall. It read 5:37. Dinner was in 15 minutes. I shrugged and slung my bag over my shoulder and proceeded to my room. I knocked on the door and shouted, “Open up! I brought spell books!”
I heard all 5 locks on the door open and it creaked revealing no light in the room except from the hallway. “Are we sure you’re the right person? Confession time.” Mandy murmured from the other side of the door. “ Ok I still carry around Sparkles the cat and I have multiple crushes.” I admitted quietly. “You’re in.” Mandy grasped my sleeve and pulled me into the room.
“What’s going on..?”I wondered aloud then glanced at Carolyn who was sitting on the purple beanbag looking at a magazine titled, ‘Why you should hate people’ by Werewolf steps productions. Such a shame she thought this way.“Someone tracked us, AGAIN!” Mandy uttered.
“Who is it this time?” I kept questioning a bit upset that they bothered me on my break.“It’s tracking a...shape.” She studied it for at least five minutes before turning back to me and speaking once more. “A triangle.”

Chapter 3. The Meeting

“OH MY GOSH, I’M LATE, THEY’RE GOING TO KILL ME!!!!” I screamed as I sprinted through the halls and slid down the stair railing.
I zoomed right into the cafeteria and unknowingly I was heading straight towards the wall and I hit my face smack dab in the oddly shaped triangle target displayed on it. My vision blurred then came back into focus to where I could spot Sunny Baudelaire munching on a piece of wood.
I helped myself up thanks to a bunch of dorks who did nothing. I think they were trying to interpret that they were worried in a very interesting way.
Emma was the first to speak up.” So the reason I brought you here was to discuss the um- Hollowgasts.”
“Oh no, what happened?” Greg fretted putting his hands to his face.
Bronwyn let a tear form in her eye, she began to sob. “ They took-” She sniffled. “Fiona…”
I froze. “Why? SHE’S ONLY A CHILD!”
“All of us are. They want all of us?” Steven clutched his mother’s gem that was placed over his belly button.
“They don’t want us Steven.” Connie reassured him putting a hand on his shoulder. “You’ll be okay, I won’t let Rose leave you.”
“Well heroes don’t just SIT HERE!” Dib leaped onto the table. “ Let’s go beat them!”
“YEAH!” Dipper stood up and joined.”Oh sorry...too loud?”
I raised an eyebrow suspecting some tension with the both of them, including Zim. I found it hilarious.
“Well, Dib is right. We should do this for Dobby and um… Sweeney.” The softest voice spoke. Luna Lovegood.
“YAY LUNA!!!!” I shouted happily raising fists.
“Well,what are we waiting for?” Winnie asked, pondering why we were just sitting there in an awkward silence.
“Gather your ammo folks, it’s gonna’ get weird.” I instructed slinging a bag over my shoulder and placing a circular saw in it.

Chapter 4. The Battle

“Let her down!” I aimed a crossbow at the tall slender man-like figure. “ You, need to stop this immediately.”
The Hollowgast turned to us and began to lick its lips. Its voice shook me to my core. “Who said I had to?” It growled.
  I gulped and my hands began to shake which caused me to drop the bow in a panic. Everyone except for Bronwyn ran out of weaponry “ Bronwyn do something!” Mabel whisper- yelled. “The rock, over there!”
Bronwyn directed her attention to the boulder and thought about the weight and hesitated.
“For Fiona?” She murmured to herself, then her voice became louder. “ FOR FIONA!!!”
Everyone battle- cried as loud as they could, their voices in synch. All except for Wednesday, Mandy, Carolyn and Gaz of course. Thus began the war between neutral and purely evil.

Chapter 5. Mabel knows best

Wednesday Dance at 5:45 pm be there! Ends 10:00 pm, don’t stay out too late!, a poster on a large window. “Haha, right like I’m going to a dance.” I snickered.
     * LE TIME SKIP*

“Are you kidding me? Why are you making me go?” I griped.
“Because I want you to.” Mabel smiled and held up a hot pink dress. “This would look great on you!”

“I’d rather eat potatoes without molasses, and besides that color doesn’t bring out my eyes.” I remarked looking through the rest of the closet.
“Why do people love to bring out their eyes I don’t understand.” She sighed and put the dress down. “ But my brother’s been checking you out lately.”

“Already taken.” I grumbled.

She groaned. “Why won’t you let anyone love- wait, you’re taken?”

“Yup.” I grinned in an evil way. “By crazy boy.”

“AWWW! That’s so cute!” She gushed and dragged me into a tight hug which by the way, it almost squeezed the everlasting life out of me. “ You guys have pet names! EEEE! I ship it!”
I showed her a black and blue dress after she put me down, she nodded and I slipped it over my outfit. Perfect fit.
“Okay I’m gonna’ head out Mabel, who are you going with?” I opened the rainbow colored door.
“Neil!” She squealed happily as she fell into a pile of stuffed animals. “ He’s so kind and sweet and-”
“An idiot.” I laughed then shut the door behind me. I could hear her going on about how smart he was, which was a bit farfetched.
Sooner or later I was standing in a dim corridor in a black and blue dress being followed by one of the youngest inhabitants of the school, Greg. “Let the night begin.”

Chapter 6. The Dance I Regret

There I was sitting in the lounge right next to the dance floor at a table with Greg, Kubo, Luna and Dib. Then again I can’t dance. “So what’s the plan and where’s Norman?” Kubo commented.

“Well we could go get some snacks. Do they cost much?” Luna replied pointing to the table with a glorious amount of donuts and dr pepper.
“No they don’t cost a penny, and besides I want a donut.” I added, spitting out the peppermint gum that was in my mouth. “ Let’s go.”
I examined the table closely. Chocolate fountain, donuts, potatoes, and food that eating too much of would kill you. Classic.
“I’ll find the junior mints.” Dib kindly offered. “ Hearts or regular?”
“Uh, hearts. I haven’t tried them yet.” I replied.
He handed me the box and I teared into it aggressively. “ What are you doing?!” He grabbed my wrist in a panicked manner.
“That stupid freaking- GAH!” I grunted and dropped the box which made the chocolates fly and slide across the floor.
All of the kid’s eyes were on me. I looked towards the door and in a rush, I bolted out and kept up my speed. I was headed to the only place I could get some time to think. The observatory. Unfortunately these thoughts would become corrupted by one single isosceles jerk.

Chapter 7. A dorito

“I don’t trust you, come back when you find Asriel.” I told the axolotl that had one eye. “ I do not take orders from a reincarnated triangle.”
“Aw come on sweetie.” Bill grinned and wrapped his arm around me.
I pushed him off in disgust. “ GROSS!”
“Well, you should love THIS deal.” He  says while slowly looking down projected a picture of a couple of insignificant beings I hated being chased by fangirls.
“Ooh that IS nice.” I agreed. “ What’s in it for you?”
“Frisk.” He grinned once again.
“Uhhh I don’t know.” I backed away.
He turned to his human form. “ I’ll only need her for a little bit, I have a bargain for her.”
“You have a ‘bargain’ for everyone.” I crossed my arms.
“If you don’t make the deal I might have to take someone…” He muttered.
“Just go away please, and quit flirting with me, freaking creep!” I yelled.
“Okay, but you’ll regret it.” He vanished into thin air.
I shuddered and opened the door to find the one the only Dipper Pines standing behind it. He made one of those nervous noises when he sees someone that he likes or he’s afraid of. In this case he was afraid.
“Who were you talking to?” He asked skeptically.
“Oh just- myself.” I stood there awkwardly. “WELL BYE!”
I slammed the door in his face and I heard him walk down the stairs then come back up with someone else. “Felicity, can you open the door?” A british voice kindly questioned.
“Luna! Uh- just a second.” I replied hiding the Bill Cipher page I ripped from Dipper’s journal.
“Those seconds better not be hours before we go to the library.” Klaus frowned.
“Klaus, be sweet.” Luna cooed putting a hand on his shoulder.
He pushed her hand off gently, he hadn’t been in the best mood since Violet and Sunny were kidnapped and sent to Peru by a Wight. I opened the door. “Okay, you can come in now.”
“Quite the set up in here, I like the turtles.” Luna pointed to the terrarium that had miniature turtles.
“CHARGE!!!!” Bronwyn shouted and tumbled into the room with Claire and Millard. They carried wooden swords and sailor hats. “Greg, catch up!”
Greg came bounding in with a large spoon saying for Narnia.
“WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!” I yelled which made everyone stop.
“Funny you should ask, it’s mission time.” Alice waltzed in.
“How did SHE get in?” I wondered aloud.
“ I let her in, she’s very kind.” Emma floated up to the window sil.
“Guys, what have I told you about letting random strangers in?” I face palmed.
“They could be a Wight, demon, hollow and or a loon.” Everyone except Alice chanted.
“Anyway, why are you here?” I turned to her.
“ As I said we’re going on a mission, get everything that you need.” She explained.
“Wait where’s the mission taking place?” I questioned.
“At sea. We’re sailing.” She responded.
My jaw hung open. “But I can’t swim.”
“I’ll teach you.” She smiled warmly.

Chapter 8. Sailing with caution

I slowly walked up the ladder to the boat’s deck with Greg at my left and Bronwyn at my right. Millard, Dib and Claire were behind me as I nervously stepped onto the deck, ready to catch me if I fell. When I finally made it to the stable wooden floor I went to the ‘captain’s room’ and laid down in a hammock.
The door creaked open to reveal a green gem, Peridot. She crawled into the hammock above mine and told me, “ I’m scared for Lapis.”
I gave her a piece of hope from my many pounds of it and prayed she would use it. She thanked me.
My eyes became heavy and I fell into a deep sleep.


As soon as they shut they fluttered open, I felt my arm wrapped around something small and soft. Greg. I did hear thunder that night so it was possible he got scared and ran to me since I was his only resort against his ugly son of a dingle brother. The boat dipped over a wave and I heard a small whimper from the room over, coming from the back of Claire’s head. I carefully got up and passed through the corridor. I walked up to Claire, who was swinging lightly in her bed. I pet the back of her head and kissed her forehead in a motherly way.
I tiptoed over the many toys of Enoch’s collection when I stopped to see Dib silently snoring with his arm hanging over the side of the bed. I knelt down and poked his pointy hair, I always wondered how it was like that. I pecked his face. Lastly I went back to my hammock to finish my sleep.

I was jolted awake into a state of panic, nightmares flooded my brain along with every dream I had. I put my hand over my heart and reclaimed my peace. I let my eyes focus on the door that was wide open, I placed both of my feet onto the floor. My senses became aware of my surroundings.
“Good morning miss.” Millard tipped his hat in a gentleman's manner.
“Please, just call me Felicity.” I replied giving him a sweet smile.
“ Alright Felicity.” He probably smiled. “ Would you like me to wake the others?”
“Waking Dib would be nice.” I offered.
He nodded and ran through to the other room and woke him up.
“Gah! What time is it?” Dib grunted straightening his glasses.
“Oh just eight thirty.” I giggled.
He glared at me while I just laughed. We walked out to the deck and looked at a baggy- eyed Alice sailing the ship.
“You got sleep, right Alice?” I asked worriedly.
“A little, we almost went straight into a storm and other things…” She mumbled.
“Yikes.” Dib remarked. “Let’s have Enoch take over.”
Millard guided Alice to a room and let her sleep.
A couple minutes later Enoch was deemed captain. Little did we know he was in one of his moods, again. I just hoped that Klaus wouldn’t turn out like him. I watched him sail, it was delicate. Then he became rough with the wheel. Aggression and pain rushed through his veins until he grew angrier.
The side of the boat crashed into a large rock and chips of it fell into the ocean. I bolted to the back where everyone was and threw them life jackets. I buckled mine on and connected Greg’s to mine quickly. “Everyone pair into groups of three!”
Norman grabbed Luna and Klaus meanwhile Wednesday took Lydia and Mandy. Claire, Bronwyn and Emma joined each other Jake and Millard as well.
My heart was beating out of my chest. “Hold your breath!” I told everyone.
Little did I know that this was the last time I would ever see Connie Maheswaran. Steven had no clue either.
I jumped and held Greg tightly while Dib did the same with me.
Truth is I didn’t see this coming but I wish Garnet had told me so I could’ve changed it.

Chapter 9. Alone with Jake

My face was buried in the soft moist sand. I wiggled my toes and pushed myself up with my hands. Where was I? Peru? Where were the others? Why did this happen? It wasn’t long until I realized Greg and Dib were nowhere in sight. My eyes welled up with tears, I imagined the worst of all happening to them. Sharks, drowning, hit by another ship or worse, Count Olaf found them.
All I wanted was someone to rest my head on, my best friend. But she was safe, with the Animaniacs and all. I noticed a huge bruise followed by a cut on my right arm. “No it can’t be… did I?” I shuddered in utter terror. “Fight them?”
I got up off of my knees and walked to the one palm tree on the island. I leaned myself against it and curled up in a ball. I wallowed in pity until I felt a hand on my shoulder. “You’re okay. Felicity, it’s me Jake I’m here to help.”
I looked up, his eyes were normal and blue as the sky. I could trust this.
I let him help me up and take me to another palm tree that bared coconuts. “I’ll set up a fire, we might be able to attract someone’s attention.” He explained. “We’ll be fine.”
I felt like my body was there but my mind wasn’t, it was all over the place. I specifically remember the fish we ate. I can’t recall what the name of it was though, as I said I wasn’t entirely there.
It all came in a quick flash. Jake battling a group of hollows, me staying behind due to my injury and Steven showing up to look for Connie. I blacked out because of my confusion. I saw a group of figures, all different sizes and shapes. Especially their heads.

The author's comments:

I cried writing this.

Chapter 10. How do I explain this

“So I passed out and I slept for a week?” I repeated, shocked that I, the earliest bird had done that. “ Dang.”
“Yes, you slept like the dead. Lucky.” Wednesday replied in her monotone voice. “If you do this again I’ll kill you.”
I gulped and sat up. “For real?”
“Take a joke.” She replied once again.
“Okay.” I laughed hesitantly.
The door swung open to reveal a tall man with a unibrow. “I’m looking for....all of you.”
Once again, everything went black.


I opened my eyes and focused on the dim lit room I was sitting in. I tried to move my arm, but it was chained to the wall along with the other. I saw the silhouette of Violet. I cried out in surprise, “Violet! You’re alive! Klaus and I have been worried sick-!” I paused, realizing she hadn’t moved.
“Oh crap.” I muttered, my eyes widening.
“Well I’m glad you’re awake, brat.” A familiar voice spoke in a formal way. “Esme`?” I turned to see an average, thin woman sitting on a fancy couch. Her hair was as black as oil and curled up in a 50’s hairstyle. “I thought you died.”
“I didn’t, but the sword fighter did.” She responded in a menacing grin.
“Wha- I don’t believe you.” I growled and narrowed my eyes at the girlfriend of Count Olaf.
“See for yourself.” She insisted, her hand directed my eyes to a small blue box. It looked to be made of ice.
“Oh. My. Gosh. YOU DIDN’T!” I screamed.  But it was too late she had already opened the box revealing a frozen Connie. “ Steven is going to kill you.”
“ I’m not scared.” She confidently smirked getting up from the sofa and strutting around her high heels. “ You know, you aren’t in this room all alone right?”
I inspected my left side to see Bronwyn, Greg, Millard, Klaus, Claire,Luna and Dib. They were all chained to the wall as well. “ You touch them, you’re dead.” I barked angrily. She poked Dib’s nose, “He’s a cute one. He’s your’s, isn’t he?”
She chuckled. “ A little anesthesia is all.”
“Where are the others?” I protested. “I want- no, I NEED to know, NOW.”
“Oh, I can’t tell you that would ruin the surprise.” She shot me a look. A Wednesday look.
“Oh no no no she’s useless.” She denied me.
“Wha-?” I shook my head in disbelief. “ But she knows things I don’t even know.”
  “Like what?” She cackled.
“I can’t tell you because I don’t know.” I spoke in a sarcastic tone.
“Smart girl.” She nodded in approval. “Count Olaf would like you.”
I cringed at the thought of him. He was disgusting.
She walked towards Klaus and asked me, “He’s another one of your’s, isn’t he?”
“You leave him alone!” I squealed, feeling a sharp pain in my back. I turned my head to see a sharp set of teeth clawing their way through the rope that held me. “Sunny.” I whispered.
One of the orphan’s teeth chipped my arm. “Gah.” Sunny apologized.
“I KNEW THAT BRAT SNUCK IN!” Esme` yelled. 
I slowly got up and stared at Esme` in the eyes and spoke up, “ I won’t let you take anyone who I love, truth is I don’t even know if the Baudelaire parents are dead or even the Quagmires. But I know that the kids are alive, and they’re my friends and you won’t take that away from me.”
“So?” The woman sassed. “That stupid inspirational speech won’t stop me.”
Memories came rushing back, all of those kids at school rejecting me because I had those speeches. They didn’t understand. I would make sure they would even after they’d been so awful to me, I never gave up.
“Well if you don’t care, that’s your choice.” I reminded her.
She paused and her face showed me how she felt. Scared, confused and sorrowful. I’d been there before, a pessimist. I walked towards her and offered her to be good for once.
A few tears fell down her face. “ Olaf would kill me.”
“If he does, just tell him before you go, what I told you.” I handed her a small heart shaped box.
“Why are you giving me a chance? I’m a monster!” She weeped.
“Open it.” I nudged her. She tore off the lid and looked at a picture of her family. “ How did you..” She sniffled.
“Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do.” I admitted. “The Baudelaires found it in the apartments you used to live in.”
“I’m sorry. For everything. I’ll let you go now.” She croaked.
All of the children were standing behind me as she said this. “One more thing,” I stopped and hugged her. “I love you, even after all of those terrible things you did to us.”
The other kids came bustled down the stairs to witness everything. Everyone group hugged, Violet woke up and picked Sunny up and embraced her along with Klaus. Dib wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.
“Where’s Connie?” Steven chimed in.
“Um should ask Esme`.” I put my hand on his shoulder.
“Miss Squalor, where is she?” He questioned enthusiastic to see the girl.
“I’m sorry, I’m afraid she’s gone.” Esme` cried. “ You can blame me. That ice box over there has her decoy. She’s somewhere else in Peru.”
Steven’s eyes filled up with tears as he realized she might’ve been dead. I placed a hand on his shoulder and he pulled away. “My Connie. I have to find her.”

Chapter 11. Heading back

I trotted on the new boat Esme` had provided us with and watched Alice amble to the wheel. I glanced back at Steven who was looking through his pictures of Connie. I sighed and approached the back of the ship. I opened one of the doors and watched Dib experiment with chemicals. He noticed me standing in the doorway and his face turned a tomato red. I smiled and sat down next to him. “What does this light blue potion do?” I flirted.
“Well that one actually is a peace potion.” He explained, straightening out his glasses. “It brings tranquility to a building or a group of people, anything really.”
“If so, can we throw it at the White House?” I grinned. “ Trump specifically.”
“Sure.” He agreed.
“I’m going to make breakfast, what do you two want?” Wednesday appeared in the doorway.
“AHHH!” He screamed and threw the bottle up in the air.
“Pancakes.” I replied handing her a frying pan.
She gazed at the pan and probably imagined death to Wirt and she moseyed along to the kitchen.
“How are you two so close?” He shivered and raised an eyebrow.
“I don’t really know, she just has a soft spot for me I guess.” I shrugged. “We’re kind of like opposite sisters.”
He was astonished at our relationship for some reason. With that I left his room and sat down at the large table in the kitchen. “So, ya’ almost done? My stomach’s making the rumblies.” I joked.
“Don’t talk about Carl in my presence.” Wednesday growled.
“Who’s that?” Luna skipped into the room and sat down.
“A llama, a hideous, disgusting, llama.” Wednesday remarked.
“Oh.” Luna awkwardly responded, hiding her face in her green scarf.
Wednesday placed two trays with two dozen pancakes displayed on them. We began to eat with the other children and laugh about certain things.
Before we knew it we were there.

Part two


   Chapter 12. Cold goes with recruits

“ HEAD’S UP!” I chucked a snowball at Luna. “ Not on my watch.” She pulled out her wand casting a spell on the ball and hurdling it back towards me.
Fiona jumped in front of me and took it. Claire joined in on the game with Bronwyn.
“ OOF!” I muttered getting one to the face. I fell over and landed on my back. “ Are you alright?” Alice helped me up and dusted the snow off of my poofy jacket. “ Yeah, you helpful potato.” I stuck my tongue out jokingly.
I felt a snowflake hit the end of my nose. I looked at it and I smiled warmly and murmured, “ Thanks Edward.”
“Who’s that?” Alice questioned.
“ A wonderful man, he was, Edward Scissorhands.” I replied picking up a small piece of snow.
“ Indeed, Sweeney too.” Olive nodded.
“ Uh yeah, who are they?” A new voice emerged from the side of the school building.
We all quickly turned around to see a petite twelve year old girl who wore a beanie and big coat. Her brown hair landed delicately over her head. She held a small crossbow.
“ Little rock!” I shouted in surprise. “ You defeated the zombies?”
“ Sort of, Tallahassee and the others are going to take care of the rest.” She spit a toothpick out of her mouth. “ There are about 67 of em’ left.”
“ Wow you guys really did do some damage.” I insisted.
“ And while I was dimension hopping I found this little genius.” She guided our eyes to a girl about the same size, similar hair and an attitude. “I’m not little, I’m fifteen.”

Chapter 13. Sneak through the Tavern

“Guys, there it is!” Little rock exclaimed. “The village of utter terror.”
“A-Are w-we s-s-sure we should go there?” Dipper stammered and rubbed his arm. I smacked his hat off, “Of course,stupid.”
“Let’s think of a way to get in there without getting caught.” Klaus added and pulled a book titled How to sneak into places successfully.
“Klaus, how many books do you carry on you?” Luna wondered aloud.
“Only the ones I know we’ll need.” He replied. “Why?”
“Because we are going to need one for the moving train without a conductor.” She responded, pointing at the vehicle that was bustling down the tracks.
“Use your magic or something.” Enoch asserted annoyingly.
“Be nice!” Claire pushed on his arm.
“We’re going to hop on the train.” Klaus instructed. “ Now.”
He took everyone’s hands, including mine and we all landed on the 8th cart. “Oh my gosh. WHOO! That gave me a heart attack.” I held my hand to my chest.
“Next stop is the village.” Klaus gulped. “We need disguises.”
“If so, can I be twenty five? I want to head to the tavern for a drink.” Enoch smirked.
“You’re only sixteen.” I glared at him.
He raised an eyebrow and shrugged it off.

There we were walking into a town in ridiculous but clever disguises. Claire wearing a wig to hide her hair and the unique mouth beneath it and Millard covered in coats to make people believe someone was actually there.
I dressed up as a VERY different person, I wore a red lace dress and my hair in a curly bun. Around my neck was a locket that had a picture of my friends and Grandpa. I remembered that I was doing this for them.
Dib’s voice was muffled as the lower half of his face was covered by a thick scarf. A beanie held his hair down. Little rock dressed regularly, considering nobody would recognize her since she wasn’t notorious for taking down villains. Enoch needed nothing, he looked normal and he didn’t usually go on missions.
An officer that was short and plump began to run at us. He asked me for an I.D. I gave him the fake one Sweeney provided me with and he returned it to us as we walked farther into the small town. The snow was littered everywhere in huge splotches. I grabbed Greg’s hand and we walked faster until we reached the Tavern.
A wanted sign was posted on the door that was rotting away. It had our names on it and my picture. I poked the door and made sure everyone was behind me in case anything were to jump out. The door made that creaking noise you would hear in a horror movie. Behind it was nothing. A few worn down tables and barstools were placed in front of the bar. I noticed an out of place bottle on one of the racks. I pulled it. A small door in the floor boards became known. There were steps going down, I put myself first so the others would be safe. I tiptoed as soon as I heard a raspy voice say, “ Who’s there?” I crossed my heart and tiptoed quicker. Klaus stayed behind me with Dib behind him. I hummed the song Story of Tonight quietly to sooth my anxiety.
I heard the click-clack of high heels grow near. Claire tried to cry but Enoch shushed her and locked his hand onto her arm. Bronwyn slapped his hand off of her arm. The sound of the hit echoed off the walls of the dark bunker. “ THEY’RE NEAR THE ENTRANCE! GET THEM!” A woman yelled from a hall. I felt grungy fingers wrap around my ankle and I screamed, dropping my lantern in panic. Dib caught it and shined a light on where the hand was coming from, the floor. He smacked it off of me and I tripped but he caught me. “Thanks.” I told him. “ That was close, don’t you think so Claire?” Bronwyn turned to see there was no peculiar. A chorus of whispers began. My heart was pounding out of my chest. “ C-Claire? Where are you?”
“HELP!!!” Claire cried from a corner. We bolted to her and Bronwyn picked her up.
“Time’s up kids. Especially you sweetheart.” Bill appeared and chuckled in his human form.

Chapter 14. She’s your’s

“Who are you, Bill?” I asked. “Bill Cipher of course, who else?” He charmed. “I mean, what were you before?” I continued.
“I don’t exactly know.” He put his gloved hand to his chin.
I didn’t understand the reason why he wanted me. What was I good for? Possession? Or something greater?
“B-Bill.”I spoke. “Yeah?” He replied and crossed his arms. “ Are you in any secret society with Count Olaf?” I questioned.
“No, he’s an idiot and I don’t want to hurt you. I just want Frisk.” He explained. “Frisk and I were close once…”
“Alright, you can have her and you don’t wanna’ hurt us?” My eyes widened.
“No. I never did, I only would’ve done it for a good reason. I’m not one of those stupid bad guys.” He sighed. “ Okay so Frisk is mine and I’m going to let you and your friends go.”
“I never thought I’d say this but thanks Bill.” I credited him as I ran up the stairs.
“No problem kid. If you only knew.” I heard him say.

Chapter 15. Dancing with Doom

Luna and I plodded into the gorgeously decorated room. Both of us dolled up, me in a flowing blue long-sleeved dress and Luna in a medium length sun dress. She had a small bow placed in her hair that had a picture of a lion on it. Our dates, of course, her’s was Klaus and mine was Dib.
“Luna, I need you to disarm the bomb that’s in the boiler room.” I repeated over our walkie talkies. 
“ Got it.” She took the secret entrance down.
“Dib, you stick with me.” I told the paranoid preteen.
“As always.” He responded sarcastically.
“Klaus, you’ll follow Luna and protect her.” I instructed.
He saluted me, which was a surprise especially since lots of people had brought him down in a pursuit to destroy his mental health. I kind of just stared at him for a while, he still was handsome.
“What’re you staring at?” Dib chimed in with suspicion. “ Why were you looking at him like that?”
“Uh oh nothing.” I shook my head. “ Let’s just dance.”
We began to waltz to the music, it was awkward sure, but it would bring us closer to the other thing we needed. A villain’s trust.
“Any sign of him?” I whispered.
“Someone just drew an eye on that table cloth, probably the hook handed man or something.” He examined the room.
“Okay.. look for a possible disguise.” I whispered again.
“There, look!” He pointed to a table in the far corner where a man with a unibrow was seated. “ Got em’!”
He swiped something over his glasses that I could only describe as something that can look at the person beneath heaps of clothing. Sort of like ex- ray vision goggles. “ It’s him alright, we should keep moving so he doesn’t- he noticed.”
“Crap.” I squeaked and jumped out of my skin. “ Great now he’s gonna’ walk over here.”
“Just be quiet and he won’t- h-hello sir.” Dib’s voice cracked in terror.
“Why hello fellow associates, I’m looking for a few misplacements in height..” Count olaf started.
“I swear to Aslan if you talk crap about my height I’ll kill you.” I mumbled under my breath.
“O-kay! That’s enough.” Dib held me back by my shoulders. “So uh height? Yeah um our heights are normal for middle schoolers.”
“Middle schoolers? How sweet, I’ve actually been looking for one that has glasses and brunette hair, have you seen him?” Count Olaf laughed a little bit.
“Nope.” Me and Dib replied in unison.
The man raised his brow and walked away. I wiped the sweat off of my forehead and I told Dib to keep a look out.
I felt a greasy hand take hold of my arm, and another cover my mouth. My screamed were muffled as I was thrown into a small and narrow closet.
“Hello child.” A raspy british voice growled. “ I’m back.”
“MMMMMHMMMPPHHH!” I screamed under his palm.
He released me and I attempted to punch his muffin top. “ Snatcher I swear if you touch one of them you’re dead.”
“Esme`’s dead.” He chuckled which made his belly bounce.
“W-What…” I fell to my knees. “ H-How?”
“Fire.” He chuckled again.
“You son of a-” I started but I was soon cut off by Dib’s voice calling for me.
The door to the small room opened and at the entrance was Dib. No mask over his glasses. “Do not make one more move on her, she’s our’s.”
The two other recruits appeared behind him, Klaus with crossed arms and Luna holding her wand out for a fight. Along with the tom boy Little Rock. I ran to Dib’s side and looked at Snatcher dead in the face. “Run.” I told him.
We, the five main mystery kids, bolted away. “Out the window, now!” I smashed the window and threw a rope over it. “Dib hold the rope.” He took hold of the rope and tied it around a nail in the floor.
“You first Luna.” Klaus offered.
“We’ll go together.” Luna smiled and grabbed his hand.
They held on to the rope and went together, like they always would’ve. Little Rock went next then me and Dib. I untied the rope from the ground and it hit me in the face with force. “OW!”
Luna took an ice pack out of his bag and placed it over my cheekbone. “ I always carry things like this.” I nodded thanking her.
“What do we do now?” Klaus looked at me, which made everyone do the same.
“Let’s go home.” I grinned, locking arms with Dib.

Chapter 16. Proof
“So, are all of the evil people defeated?” Greg simpered.
“Yeah.” I replied pulling a book off of the library shelf, titled The End. “ Isn’t that a book about me, Violet and Sunny?” Klaus peered over my shoulder.
I nodded. “It was before you got here. Do you guys know Lemony?”
“Of course not.” He objected. “ But apparently he was in love with our mother!” I shrugged and placed the book back on the shelf.
“Have any suggestions of books?” I asked putting my hand on my hip.
“The Chronicles of Narnia.” He responded. “ It’s fantastic.”
“Of course it is, since it’s obviously real.” Greg linked himself onto my arm.
“That’s impossible, it cannot be real!” Klaus shouted.
“Not unless you’re in this dimension.” I winked at both of them.“Star!!!!”
“Hey there Felic’, what’s the job today?” Star burst through the ceiling with a teleportation spell.
“I am trying to prove to Klaus that Narnia is a real place.” I told her.
“No problem! TELEPORTATION MAGNIFICATION!” She grinned wide.
A white flash appeared and took all four of us to the grand kingdom of Narnia. “Wow. This is amazing!” Klaus gazed at the textures of the castle and sand.
“Boom.” Me and Star spoke in unison, giving each other a fist bump.
“Uh why is that lion walking towards us?” Greg shuddered.
We turned to see what the fuss was all about, to my shock, the lion was Aslan. “Oh. My. Gosh.” I squealed.
“Hello children, what brings you here?” His voice sent a shiver up each one of our spines.
“We were just proving to Klaus that this place is real.” I explained.
“Well if you’re visiting, you must stay for dinner and dessert. Today the special is lemon meringue and mashed potatoes with fruit cups!” Aslan insisted.
Sooner or later we were all at a table together.

Chapter 17. The Dinner

“So.. how has it been here?” I asked Aslan who was watching Klaus slowly.
“Amazing, now it’s even better since you’re here.” He replied cheerily.
“Thanks.” I grinned and picked up a piece of food, silently chewing it.
We continued to eat the glorious food and before we knew it we were leaving. Aslan had guided us through the waves and back home through a portal. We said our blessings and thanked him. I embraced him and fluffed his fur. “He would’ve liked you.”
“I know.” He backed away and disappeared into the castle. Just like that we were home.

Chapter 18. Music

I stood on the boat with my hands tightly grasping the railing. I gazed at the waves that crashed against the vehicle. “Felicity..are you..ok?” Winnie stood beside me. I snapped out of my mind and faced her, “Everything’s just fine, I was just uh- thinking.”
“About what?” She sighed. “ Please don’t let it be school.”
“No, it’s not that it’s just the fact that Olaf is still out there.” I corrected her.
“Well stop worrying, we’re on vacation!” She rushed me to the center of the boat. “ And during this vacation we should dance.”
“But I-I can’t dance.” I stammered.
“I got an unwired stereo and it works at sea!” She turned the knob on the stereo to the musical station. The song playing was For Now.
“Everyone’s a little bit unsatisfied.” Star began to sing.
“Everyone goes ‘round a little, empty inside.” Dipper and Mabel sang along.“Nothing lasts, live goes on, full of surprises.” Dib also tuned in.
“You’ll be faced with problems of all shapes and sizes!” Zim turned to Dib.“ You’re going to have to make a few compromises..for now.” I tuned in.“For now!” Greg yelled.
“But only for now!” We all sang happily. “For now!”
“For now we’re healthy, for now we’re employed.” Jake laughed.
“For now we’re happy.” Bronwyn smiled.
“If not overjoyed.” Millard held her hand.
“There will be things you cannot avoid, for now!” I smirked.
“But only for now! For now!” Everyone joined in.
“For now there’s friendship, For now, discomfort.” Marco crossed his arms.
“For now.. Donald Trump!” We giggled.
“Everything in life is only for now..” I sighed.
“Each time you smile, it’ll only last a while.” Klaus put his book down at sat next to me.
I hummed the tune along with the others.
We all laid down on the deck of the boat in a circle and I grinned, I think I had found my purpose. “Thank you.” I whispered as a small snowflake fell on the tip of my nose.

Chapter 19: What Can I do for you?

I held my legs to my chest and laid my head down on my knees, still thinking about all that just happened. The ships, Count Olaf, and Bill. I was confused about why Bill didn’t want to hurt me..he was different now. I glanced at the door which was wide open for any friend to pop in for advice. Oddly enough, someone did. It was all three of the Baudelaires along with Luna and Wednesday. “ Yes? Can I help you?” I perked my head up.
“We came in to speak with you about your..emotional state.” Violet sat next to me. “Ya’.” Sunny nodded.
“Well, everything’s fine, thanks for asking though.” I thanked them.
“No problem.” Luna hugged me and put her head on my shoulder.
Then I heard a scream come from down stairs, Dib’s scream.

Chapter 20: How do I explain this? Part 2

“OH MY GOSH!” I shouted at the sight of Esme`’s lifeless body lying on the carpet in the lobby. “NO NO NO!”
“How-she-” Klaus choked out. “Surely- he wouldn’t have.”
“I’m so sorry.” Luna placed her arm around my shoulders.
“Look a note!” Millard pointed to a small slip of paper peeking out from beneath Esme`’s little hat.
“ Read it, P-Please.” I sniffled.
“I Esme` Squalor, take this death under the order of Count Olaf, due to my speaking with the leader of the Mystery Kids and failed killing of Connie Maheswaran. I am terribly sorry children, I didn’t have time to tell you what was in the sugar bowl. I now have to serve my penalty of blunt force trauma.” He read aloud to everyone. “Thank you for showing me the way of the good, but now it’s too late and I must go. I hope I get to see you again soon, if I’m even going to Heaven. Count Olaf is on his way to capture you I insist you run, find a new home. I love all of you.”
My eyes welled up with tears and I bawled, embracing Dib. Dib stroked my hair and told everyone to form into a group hug as Millard placed the note in his coat pocket.
“Will you be okay?” Dib asked and looked me in the eyes.
“I-I don’t know.” I coughed. “But we need to move, now. Pack your bags, everyone.” I wiped the tears from my face.
I traveled up to my room with Greg and we packed our precious memories away into a large bag, when Star showed up in the doorway.
“ Uh, I have to tell you something.” She looked down to her feet.
“ What is it?” Greg questioned for me.
“ I have to leave for Mewni.” She cried. “ Toffee’s back and I think I’m going to confess my crush on Marco.”
“ Wha-why?” I spoke up. “ Okay, it’s best for your family’s safety.”
In a flash she was down the stairs, and so was I. “Marco!” She yelled from the top of the stairs. “Huh?” Marco looked up. “Yeah?”
“ I do have a crush on you and I’m not coming back, for a very long time.” She teared up. “I have to go,bye,bye everyone!”
“WAIT!” He yelled and followed her up the stairs, but it was too late again. Her magic that displayed her dorm faded out and he was speechless.”No..”

Chapter 21: Hello to a new home
I knocked on the door to a small home and hoped for an answer. “What is it?” A grumpy old man appeared in the doorway. “Oh, it’s the children! Honey, come in here.” The man with the scruffy beard and squinted eyes guided his wife to our current destination.
“Thanks, Mr. Johnson.” I nodded. “Are there enough rooms for us?”
“Sadly, no. But we do have two rooms with bunk beds and a guest room.” He looked down.
“We’ll be fine with that.” I walked inside the house and took the other kids into the other rooms so they could choose. Of course I ended up staying in the first room with Greg and Claire, I was the protector after all.

I laid awake that night still thinking about..everything and everyone. I checked my phone, no cell service. All I wanted was a conversation with my best friend. I had given Greg the blanket he had torn pajamas because of the ship crash, he was snoring. A storm was rolling in and I had the strangest feeling about it. Soon I fell asleep.

I woke in a flash to the picture perfect scream from a horror movie you would hear before someone would die. I frantically looked around for the source only to glance at the window that had a tornado coming right towards it.
My mind showed me photos of Mississippi tornadoes, I was so young. I ran to each room in hope of shaking everyone awake when I noticed the window in the second room was wide open. I could hear crying, almost like..Dib’s. I hadn’t heard him like that since his mom passed away. I bolted to the window and looked down, Dib was lying there covered in dirt and blood. My eyes focused on the figure next to him, it looked like his mom but with button eyes that looked straight to mine. The woman held up a needle and thread along with a button. “HEY WITCH!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “LET GO OF MY PARANORMAL DORK!”
She grinned maliciously and took her spider form. She began to crawl towards the house. In a panic I took two pots from the kitchen and banged them together to wake everyone up. The storm was rolling closer.

Chapter 22: She'll be back

The Other Mother jumped out from behind a bush and got a hold of Bronwyn who was standing behind me. Klaus reached out for her but he couldn’t reach. “You do anything to her, I’ve got a dagger.” Emma narrowed her eyes. “What’s a little peculiar gonna’ do about it? You’re weak.” The Other Mother clasped her hand over Bronwyn’s mouth. “Even though I’m not a Wight, I’ll still get a kick out of eating her eyes.”
“You wouldn’t dare!” I tried to leap out at her but Dib held me back. I stared at him, his face was drenched with tears and rain and his hair drooped. “What’re you doing?”
“I..uh..need to uh tell you something later.” He whispered.
I nodded and looked at the Beldam in disgust and then smirked, “Ya’ know there’s a storm coming right?” “Big deal is?” She crossed her metallic arms. “The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout and down came the rain and washed the spider out.” I pushed her into the lake and grabbed Bronwyn. I held the peculiar close to me. “We need to go now!”

          “About what you wanted to tell me earlier…” I reminded Dib now that we were safe and in another dimension.
          “Right, we should probably go somewhere quiet.” He straightened his glasses in a cute way.
“I-I saw my real one.”He told me.
“Where?”My eyes shimmered.
“In the clouds before the storm rolled in and I knew that you would believe me because I trust you the most and..”He began to cry.
“It’s okay, I’ll always believe you.” I put my hands on his shoulders and pulled him into a hug.
“We’ll go back to the regular dimension when the storm passes.” I explained. “It’s going to take a few hours, for now we’ll stay in this house that has enough rooms for all of us to share.”
He nodded and wiped off his glasses;taking the tears with it. We set up our rooms and chose the ones we desired. I gazed out the window at the moon, it shined brighter than the glistening I had in my eyes when I had a creative spark. It was a sign for something I didn’t know was coming.
  I took a picture of my best friends from my pocket and simpered. They were the reason I was taking out these bad guys. Them and Grandsocks;my grandpa.I returned it to its rightful place and crawled into bed. I pulled the sheets over my head and turned my phone on; no cell service, battery percentage was 28. I placed it next to me and fell asleep.


     2 weeks later

Chapter 23: The Actual New Home

There we were, all thirty eight of us. Peculiars, Baudelaires, a witch, a few humans, gems,a half human half gem hybrid and an alien. “How much longer till’ we get there?I WANT WAFFLES!” Zim complained and rubbed his eyes in a sleepy manner.
“Just a minute ZIM.” Dib growled through gritted teeth. “We’ll get there when we get there.”
I guided everyone to a huge mansion that was somewhat broken down. It still had stable walls and windows; Luna could replace the doors and chipped wallpaper.
The home was right next to a waterfall and shined in the light of the sun. On the way there Violet had built a wagon for Sunny,Bronwyn and Claire. They were out like lights. Luna cast a spell which fixed everything in the way. Soon there was cell service and I got a flood of text messages. They were in all caps, words like OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU OKAy and I heard about the storms, what happened? They were from my friends, in our group chat I had set up months before. I responded with an everything’s fine.

Chapter 24: Settling in

“Soooo..what’s for dinner?” Sally jumped up and sat on the counter. “We’re all starving.”
“Well I hope you don’t mind having donuts and tacos.” I held up a tray that I had found in one of the compartments next to the fridge.
“That’s really nice but..” She held her hands behind her back. “Watch has an allergy.”
“To what?”I slowly put the tray down. “Is this a joke?”
“No it’s not, he really is allergic to lettuce.” She muttered.
“Alright I’ll make sure Zim doesn’t hijack it or I don’t accidently put it there.” I walked out of the kitchen leaving her a few words of hope.
“Felicity Felicity!”Millard tugged my sleeve. “There’s been a security breach at the school! I got the signal from the technology that Violet and Watch set up! Come quick!”
He pulled me to the room where Violet and Watch were standing, tampering with their gadgets. “It seems to be coming from the boiler room and I found a red dot that symbolizes a person.”
“I’ll check the cameras I installed.” Violet clicked on a button that turned the surveillance on. “It’s hard to make out.” She zoomed in.
“Olaf.” I squeaked in utter terror.
Violet immediately slammed the device shut and shuddered. “Does he know we’re here?” I knelt down beside her and reassured her that we were going to be fine.
“Millard spread the news, I’m here Violet!” Klaus called from the doorway with Sunny in his arms. “Luna, get Dib in here, fast!”
“What happened that was so important- oh my gosh.” Dib paused and spoke back up. “I’m going back, and I’m going to help.”
Tears filled his eyes, matching mine. “We’ll go together.”
“Little Rock, Luna, Wednesday, Klaus, Millard, Bronwyn, Sally, Watch, Kubo and Dib, gear up, we have a battle to fight.” I rubbed the tears off my face in confidence.

Chapter 25: Let’s do this

I slung the circular saw over my shoulder meanwhile Little rock did the same with an axe. Bronwyn and Wednesday brought themselves, Luna took her wand, Klaus a dagger, Kubo his shamisen, Millard himself, Sally and Watch brought axes as well and finally Dib brought a baseball bat. For whom the bell tolls was playing in the background in my head as it felt like we walked in slow motion.
Luna knocked on the front door to the building and the door was cracked open. “Excuse me but, can you reveal yourself to me?” The door opened wider to show Duncan, Isadora and Quigley Quagmire standing behind it.
“ISADORA!” Klaus dropped his dagger and embraced the poet.
“Okay, big deal?” Sally rolled her eyes. “Let’s go hunt us some monsters.”
“” Snatcher came up from behind the triplets, putting a hand over Quigley’s mouth and throwing him to a dark figure.
“NO!” A voice yelled that came from a hidden Violet.
“Try and stop me with your stupid inventions, Baude-LIAR!” Snatcher taunted.
“Anapneo!” Luna targeted her wand at Snatcher making him drop Quigley. Quigley fell into Violet’s arms and we ran.
Bronwyn grabbed a large rock and threw it at the cafeteria door where we heard Count Olaf’s voice say, “Go get the children, they’re by the waterfall in their back up home.”
I gasped at what he was wearing, those were Sweeney’s former barber clothes. “You dare wear those, I WILL AVENGE HIM!” I screamed angrily. The evil man heard my shouting and began to look around. “How are we gonna’ get outta’ here?” Dib whispered. Little Rock pointed up, “Air vents.”
“Bronwyn can throw us up there and then she can jump up with her strength.” I whispered back. “Come on!”
One by one we all were thrown upwards into the shaft. “Crawl, quietly!” I whisper-yelled. Bronwyn shut the vent and began to crawl behind us. Sally felt a palm of a hand touch her knee and she squealed. “Silence!” I turned to her then to Watch to see that he was messing around with a walkie talkie.
“Watch, what the heck are you doing?” Sally murmured.
“Trying to get a signal from the back-up house, I gave another walkie talkie to Emma.” He responded.
  “She’s from the nineteen forties, do you think she’ll know how to use that?” Sally snapped.
“Keep moving!” I grumbled.
Emma’s voice came over the device in a screech of panic, “THEY’RE HERE!”
“GET GREG AND THE OTHERS, LAPIS CAN FLY! I HAVE A BUS IN THE BACK, DRIVE THEM TO SAFETY!” I yelled into the device. The signal cut off. “GO GO GO!”
I felt part of the shaft open below me and my knee fell through. “AHA!” Olaf laughed and pulled me down. “DIB!! KLAUS!!! WATCH!!! LUNA!!” I screamed. Olaf shoved a gag in my mouth to muffle my screams. The last thing I saw was Dib jumping down from the air vent.

Chapter 26: Once and for now

The baseball bat knocked the man with the unibrow unconscious. I watched it all go down when Dib woke me up and re-told the story. “I might’ve hit him a few more times after that, I know it’s not really your style but..I just felt it was the right thing to do.” He shrugged.
“Do what’s best for you.” I hugged him. “Are you ready to find a new place?”
“Yeah I guess, how bout’ you?” He placed his hand on my shoulder.
“Absolutely.” I answered and I spun around. “Winnie, start the music.”
“I thought we needed to disarm the bomb first.” Millard stated.
“ I already did when Dib ran out and you guys became delirious.” Bronwyn giggled.
“So, now the music will start.” Winnie piped up and pressed the play button on the radio; grabbing Eggs’ arm.
The song, oddly enough was Shooting Star  by Owl City. I grasped Dib’s arm and I began to dance with him when Greg joined in.
The whole thing reminded me of movie credits, then we went back to sea.

Chapter 27: Assigning Roles

“Okay,’ll be Lydia’s look-out partner.” I stood in front of the pointy brown haired kid with a clipboard.
“I can make that work.” He laughed a little bit.
I moved along to the boy with scythe shaped haircut and thick glasses. “ assistant.”
He widened his eyes at this, “Are you sure, I don’t really feel like the assistant type of guy-” I shushed him. “You’re perfect.” A blush grew across his face. “T-Thanks.”
“That should be everyone, did I miss anyone?” I looked around before hearing Millard call me to his location. “Oh, sorry Millard!”
“Happens all the time miss, no harm in it.” He tipped his hat.
“You will be spy, how about that?” I smiled.
“Can do miss.” He (probably) smiled back.
“Now that’s everyone.” I checked Millard off the list. “You can continue to your activities.”
I watched everyone walk and run back to what they were doing. I noticed a hand grabbing my arm softly. “Dib-” “About my mom..” He dragged on. “I think Watch found her.”
“I also found new recruits.” Watch appeared in the doorway on the ship. “They sent a message through Winnie’s radio when I was tampering with it.”
“Why were you tampering with-” I was cut off by Watch.
“They said something about ‘the upside down’ and the Demogorgon attacking their city.”
“Wait..what were their names?” I perked up.
“Mike,Will,Lucas,Dustin and Eleven.” He told me.
“We have to go save them.” I stated.
“But we could get killed! The possibilities of us winning are one out of ten!” He shouted.
“Then let’s make it ten outta’ ten.” I narrowed my eyes.

Chapter 28: Hawkins, Indiana

Author’s note: YAY IT’s FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE’S POINT OF VIEW! I’m boring aren’t I?

     Will’s Point of View

“Okay long will it take them to get here? We are LITERALLY stuck in a bunker with your sister, your brother and Steve.” Dustin pointed out in a dramatic tone.
“Hey! Why did you put an emphasis on my name?” Steve yelled. “Am I bad or something?”
“Okay guys, don’t forget about me!” Max shouted from the opposite corner from Steve.
“S-Sorry..M-Max.” Dustin stammered then regained his words. “I called the best of the best for a rescue.”
“Sheriff Hopper?” I asked, lifting my head from my knees.
“Sweetie, Hopper’s out finding Eleven.” My mother told me.
I began to cough, it felt like something was crawling around my throat. “M-Mom..” I choked.
“Sweetie?” She held me in a hug as my face flushed. Then I coughed up a slug; in terror, I passed out.






     My Point of View

“Can you hear me? Will? Wi---ll?” Luna held the traumatized boy in her arms. Soon the boy’s eyes fluttered open. “Wh-Who are you?” He retched.
“I am Luna Lovegood, proud healer of Mystery Kids headquarters.” She introduced herself in her soft-spoken voice.
“Are you guys the helpers Dustin was talking about?” He questioned.
“Yeah!” Greg enthused,throwing his arms in the air.
“First of all, where’s the monster?” I helped Little Rock pick out weapons for all of us while speaking.
“Down the street..I feel it.” Will retched again;drops of black slime left his mouth.
I reached for the light switch before Mike stopped me, “The monster’s attracted to light, we removed the lights and electricity.” In panic I turned my phone off.
“Who’s going out there? All in favor, raise your hand.” I trembled.
“Me.” Mike shot his hand up in the air. “For Eleven.” His tone switched to a morbid growl.
“Okay dude, wish you luck.” Lucas gave him a fist punch. The boys transitioned into a group hug. “Come on.” I beckoned. “Let’s go kill this thing.”

“If I were an energy-absorbing monster, where would I be?” Little Rock aimed her gun around the perimeter.
“Think...UP THERE!” Violet directed our attention to the watch tower which was ran by energy. Violet tied her hair up with her signature ribbon and let the train of ideas run through her head. “Okay we need to get coat hangers from the laundromat and create a zip line.”
“The laundromat is down the 5th avenue by the supermarket- wait why a zip line?” Mike started.
“It’s down the street I presume.” Violet told him.
“Yes..” He nodded in a sarcastic fashion. “That’s what I said..”
“You don’t need to be snappy because of Eleven’s disappearance.” Violet mumbled under her breath.
“Okay Miss rich orphan who’s been passed around to awful people, go with what you want.” He snapped.
It was a miracle, I had been silenced by a kid who was a year younger than me. But I decided to speak up, “Guys! Stop fighting!”
“I have but I’m not sure that Romeo has yet.” Violet squinted at Mike in anger. In an even more expressive way of frustration, Mike tackled her to the ground and hit her in the nose. Blood dripped from her nostrils and she pushed him off. “Uh..Mike..” Little Rock raised her index finger behind everyone. “Monster at two o'clock.”  She aimed her gun at the creature and fired. The bullet bounced right off. “WHAT?!” I screamed.
“That thing looks way more different than before.” He dropped his backpack and stepped back.
“You can’t bail, Mike!” I yelled as fear and anger rushed through my veins. “You HAVE to help us!” A scream was heard from the bunker, it sent tingles through my core. That scream belonged to Greg.

“YOU DON’T TOUCH HIM, HE’S NOT YOUR NEW ENERGY SOURCE!” I demanded and pointed the gun at the creature.
“NO,YOU!” Sally jabbed him in the arm. “IT’S WORKING, FELICITY KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING!” 
“PLEASE!” Greg cried out.
“I’M TRYING!” I screamed through tears.
“COME ON, YOU CAN DO THIS!” Dib motivated me to pull the trigger. I turned to look at him and spoke softly, “I can’t.”
“What do you mean?” Dib asked, lowering his voice.
“I exchanged myself for him.” I muttered. “Goodbye Dib.”
Then, I disappeared.

Chapter 29: Retrieve
     Dib’s Point of view

She’s been missing for a week, I’ve been crying for a week and so has Coraline. I never really knew what was the deal between them, they just despised each other. But I knew that Felicity wasn’t one to fully hate someone. She loves everyone. Oddly enough I wasn’t second in charge..Klaus and Norman were. I was baffled, all that could come out of my mouth was, “What?”
I don’t really know why she chose them. Maybe when she comes back, she’ll tell me. I wonder where she went.









      My Point of view

I cautiously stepped over the slime that covered the ground. I didn’t want to wake or hatch any other monsters. I was following someone, a girl with a buzz cut and an 011 tattoo. She wore a pink dress, the color had faded, she carried an eggo box and over her dress was a heavy blue jacket. “Wait! ELEVEN, WAIT!” I clamored to her. She stopped in her tracks and faced me, “No.”
“What?” I paused. “Why won’t you?”
“Mike, danger.” She held up her hand in the form of a gun. “More bad men.”
“Can you tell me where the entrance is? I’ll take you with me and Mike will take you to the snowball.” I assured her, holding my hand out for a shake.
“Friends don’t lie.” She nodded.
“Thank you.” I cheered.







    Dustin’s Point of view

“Let me get this straight, Felicity is WITH Eleven?!” Mike exclaimed. “We have to get them back!”
“Dude, chill out we can just hitch a ride to the portal at the energy place.” I explained, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“Yeah everything will be fine.” Lucas came up behind me and assured Mike.
“Speak for yourself, that’s my girl-FRIEND I mean friend, in there.” Dib mumbled sadly and swiped through pictures on his phone.
“Wait- you two” I perked up. “Well you’ve scored a good one my friend.
“Guys, no time for talking about your ‘true loves’, let’s get this show on the road.” Klaus demanded angrily.
“Calm down Klaus!” Eggs shouted. “She took all of us in, it’s nobody’s specific job to look for her, we should vote for people in a search party.”
“I call for Dib,Luna, Little Rock, Klaus, Sally and Norman.” I added.
“You’re going too, Dustin.” Eggs stated.
“What about Kubo?” Norman suggested.
“Him too.” Eggs stated once again.






     Dib’s Point of view

I looked around the disgusting wasteland with the name of the upside down. Luna handed me a hazmat suit and we all put them on over our clothing. I had a little trouble with the helmet though, maybe my head is big. But that’s besides the point, I was TERRIFIED. I would do this for her anyway even if it meant risking my own life.
“This place is-EWW is that a skeleton?!” Sally squeaked and fell backwards into Little Rock’s arms.
“Dude..I can’t imagine what Will felt like in here.” Dustin whispered to me. “All slimy and gooey.”
Sally shuddered. “Guys..this reminds me too much of those fear eaters.”
“Felicity..” Luna called out softly. “Follow the sound of my voice.”
I noticed the gun at Little Rock’s side and I gave her a puzzled look. “What’s it for? The bullets won’t work.” “They’re special bullets, Watch created them to my advantage, they kill anything in their path.” She grinned.
“You and Wednesday get along?” I suggested, giving her a small smile. She punched me in the arm. “Duh you dork.”
Dustin’s flashlight flickered which made him jump. “It’s close, hide.” “Look there’s the school!” I pointed over the hills. “Come on’!”
Therefore, we ran to the middle school.






       My Point of view

“Hurry, into the locker, it’s coming!” I grabbed Eleven by the sleeve and shoved her into the locker with me. “Danger.” She whispered. Suddenly a screech emerged from the room behind us. I shushed her when I heard footsteps as well. “Felicity..we’re here just hold on a second.”
Screams of a man could be heard in the distance near the entrance of the world. “We aren’t alone.” Luna murmured. “Yeah, no kidding!” Little Rock snapped. Another holler came from the locker next to us. The language of French was being used, english as well.
“I WISH I HAD MY FATHER’S JOURNAL!” The boy voice cried out.
“HELP!!” The girl voice wailed.
“Is that you, Hugo?” I choked out through the toxic air.
“Who’s there?” He asked back.
“American pen pal.” I coughed.
“Felicity?” He questioned me.
“Yeah?” I replied.
“Did you come to save me and Isabelle?” He whimpered.
“I didn’t even know you were gone.” I admitted and glanced at Eleven. “I’m sorry.” I all could hear at that point was the fighting going on outside. Dib’s scream was cut off which made my heart pound. The locker opened to reveal Luna who dragged both of us out of the locker.
The sight was horrific, one boy, one monster, one dead monster. The part that frightened me the most was the fact that Dib was lying on the ground in a puddle of slime. He was battered and bruised, his face looked like Will’s when he was taken to the hospital. “Oh my god, what happened?” I viewed Little Rock’s expression. “You didn’t, did you?”
“No, it’s not dead but Dib might-” She tried to explain but I cut her off. “DON’T EVEN SAY ANYTHING, IT’S YOUR FAULT IF HE’S HURT! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO HELP!” I ranted at her. “I DID SO MUCH FOR YOU AND THIS IS WHAT I GET IN RETURN?! I CAN’T BELIEVE I EVEN TRUSTED YOU!”
I sobbed and buried my face into Luna’s shirt. “Shhh..calm down.” Luna comforted me. “We can go get some pudding, right Dustin?” Dustin nodded and I let go of Luna. But when we looked up, Little Rock was gone.

“We need to get Hugo,Isabelle and Dib to a hospital.” Luna stated and carried Hugo in her arms. “That’s the first thing, also, we are still on the run so we need to-”
“What are a bunch of teenagers doing in my lab?” A man with grey hair stood over us. “Oh it’s my sweet child Eleven.”
“Bad men.” Eleven looked at the man who was named Dr. Brenner.


“Let me make this clear for you, Miss Bentley, where exactly were you when Will Byers went missing?” Dr. Brenner interrogated me.
“I keep telling you! I WAS AT HOME!” I exclaimed. “I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!”
“I’m going to bring some people in here, they will obviously get you to talk.” He tied me to the chair. “I have taken your walkie talkie, and your other devices.”
“That’s my property, give them back!” I squinted at him.
“Enough of that.” He plodded away and through the open door. “I think you’ll recognize them.” I sat there and began to curse him under my breath when a shadow of a man appeared in the door. “Hello..” His voice was distinct.
“Hi Olaf.” I mumbled and glared at him.










    Dib’s Point of view

“You aren’t going to get a word out of me you pitiful monster.” I spat at the Wight. “You won’t hurt anyone.” “How can you make that so sure?” Mr. Barron grinned in a creepy way. “You don’t even have your sweet girlfriend.”
“What do you have to do with her?” I snapped.
“Hehehe..her eyes would be great, wouldn’t they?” He chuckled.
“What- oh my gosh, is she a peculiar?” I looked up at him in shock.
“Ding ding ding.” He cackled.
“” I questioned him. “She never mentioned peculiar in her bloodline.” “Perhaps she never figured it out.” He growled and lowered his voice. “Soon nobody will know and nobody will hear you scream.”
“What are you going to do to me?!” I yelled. “Torture?!”
“Oh no no no, you seemed to forget that YOU have a bit of it too.” He took my glasses and smashed them on the ground. “You see?”
I blinked and my eyes began to focus. “H-How?” “All of you normals being around them has changed your DNA to peculiar.” He explained. “In the case of love as well.”
I was stunned, I didn’t know what to say except, “Where have you hidden her?”






    Dustin’s Point of view

“Why are you here,” I struggled, tied to a chair by ropes. “and where are my friends?”
The woman with black hair glared at me and I glared back. “Ya’ gonna’ answer?” “I was thinking young man.” She growled. “Toothless.” “RUDE!” I yelled at her.
“I’m just speaking the truth.” She grinned. “After your friends are done they might be toothless too.”
“You do realize you aren’t alone in this room, right?” She chuckled and spun my chair around to face another chair that was occupied by Little Rock.
“OH MY GOSH! IS SHE OKAY?” I sat up with widened eyes. At the very moment I asked this she ripped the duct tape from Little Rock’s mouth. “STOP YOU’RE HURTING HER!” I shouted through the gap in my teeth. “Not unless you fess up.” The woman cackled. “This might hurt a bit.” She threw a hot coal at my arm. “GAH!” I screamed in pain as it burned my skin through the t-shirt I was wearing.
“Fess up, pretty boy.” The woman smiled and held up a knife.






     My Point of view

“Please, I won’t tell anyone!” I screamed through tears. “You already know too much.” Dr. Brenner told me. “I’ll have to eliminate you.” “I can be a good asset to your company, I won’t tell anyone, I promise!” I begged, but he was already sharpening something in the corner. “Some flames need to go out little girl, and you’re one of em’. Your whole group is.”
I began to pray that Dib and the others would find me in the nick of time but nothing came. Until the smell of smoke could be identified, Olive. The scraping of a rock became even more noticeable, Sunny. I knew what they were doing, Sunny was drawing the shape of a circle on the floor of the upstairs room and Olive was going to burn through it. Olaf was at Brenner’s side, helping him choose a weapon. Then I remember the pocket knife that Hugo gave me. I reached into my coat pocket and slipped it into my hand. I began to cut at the ropes. Suddenly, the circle piece of the ceiling fell down next to my chair. Violet swung down on a grappling hook.
“WHAT?!” Olaf turned around to look at Violet straight in the face. “Hey, marriage is no picnic.” She responded and helped me cut the ropes. “YEAH TAKE THAT!” Greg stuck his tongue out at the two men from the upstairs room. “Hey wait- who’s that?” Me and Violet quickly climbed back up to see what he was talking about. Witchita was walked into the room. “Let’s move, no talking.” She commanded.






    Dib’s Point of view

I’ve got this, I told myself, you’ll find her. I heard a scratching noise at the door. Someone was picking the lock, then someone body slammed it. This made the door go off the hinges to divulge who did the work. It was a man with a cowboy hat, a necklace of shark teeth and a leather jacket. “Let’s go big head.” “My head’s not-!” I started. “Not you, prep, him.”
“Ah! Tallahassee, zombie killer of one of the alternate dimensions.” Barron chuckled. “Long time no see, huh?”
“Heads up.” Tallahassee smacked the Wight with the bat, knocking it unconscious. “Let’s get outta’ this dump.”
I was dumbfounded at how brilliant his fighting skills were then he snapped me out of my daze with a, “Come on prep.” “I-uh okay.” I stammered.
“We gotta’ find that inventor kid and his book girl.” He stated. “I’m gonna’ get you back to your friends, don’t worry about your big head.” I sighed at his statement, my head isn’t big!
“HEY! TALLAHASSEE! I’ve got the kids!” Wichita sauntered into the room. “Where’s Columbus?” “Hey guys.” Columbus walked in and waved awkwardly. Behind him were Hugo and the others.
“How in the world did you manage to get all of those- oh Hopper and Joyce.” Tallahassee shook his head. “I knew you needed help.”
“Enough with the chattering, we need to get these kids somewhere safe.” Hopper spoke up in a harsh tone. “Will is sick. Wouldn’t you help the kid, Tallahassee?” That silenced the zombie slayer and made him stop in his tracks. “My son.” He shed one tear. “My daughter.” Hopper looked down at his hands. “Come on let’s go.”
“WAIT! OH MY GOSH, DIB!” I saw Felicity run up to me and tackle me. “Yeah it’s me and really we should go.” I laughed a little bit. Then the noise of stomping could be heard. Two pairs of feet, coming straight towards us.
We decided to run out and the last thing we heard from that building was an explosion.




     My Point of View

I held Dib’s hand on the way out and walked close to him. Watch had Violet’s hand intertwined with his and Sally was trotting along Watch’s side. Enoch tromped with Carolyn, meanwhile the small group of Mike, Dustin, Eleven and Lucas walked together, silently watching Hopper hold Will in his arms. The other peculiars tromped in a group and Klaus and Luna held on to each other. As well as Hugo and Isabelle. Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock stuck like glue. As for Wednesday, she trotted normally beside me with Norman. Coraline was behind everyone else. Nancy and Jonathan held hands as well. I guess Steve was left back in town.
“So what are we gonna’ ride out on?” I asked Hopper.
“Well, I found a bus, we might have to share seats, I’ll drive.” He replied in his low voice. “You may sit with whoever you like but no kissing.” Wichita and Columbus glanced at each other when he said this. In fact, all the couples did.
We loaded on the bus, Joyce held Will in her arms in the seat nearest to Hopper. Everyone sat next to their closest friends, mine being Dib and Luna. Dustin sat in the seat in front of us With Lucas and Norman. I knew where everyone else would be, the bosses in the back, the peculiars in the middle and a witch, an alien and humans in the front. I put my head on Dib’s shoulder and asked him if we were gonna’ be okay. “Of course we are, we have you,” He responded. “ and you have us. We are  a part of you.”
I shed a tear at this then laughed, “Shut up dork! Go look through you paranormal nerd book or something.”
But just like that our moments of peace were ruined by a loud bang coming from the back of the vehicle. The other half had been torn off.

Chapter 30: How do I explain this Part 3

Bronwyn couldn’t get a hold of the other half of the bus, it had already gone over the railing. I paused and looked to my side to find that nobody was sitting there. The bus skidded over the railing and into the river, but I wasn’t panicking, I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. “Violet, on the count of three, I want you to tie a piece of this rope around everyone’s waists.” I tried pushing myself to the surface.
“On it.” She stated and plunged into the water with the rope, tying it around me. I could tell she saw something underneath the water. Her mouth opened in the form of a scream and she pulled me to the surface with her. “What?” I croaked out. “Dib!” She cried and plunged back into the river after tying the other piece of rope to bring me and Hugo together. In a second, Violet was holding Dib up by his armpits. His glasses were gone and the current grew faster, sweeping Dib away from us along with the floating unconscious adults. I managed to get ahold of Will and Greg when I noticed Lucas disappear under the water. What was I gonna’ tell them, that Lucas was dead? No I couldn’t, Mike would go into a deep depression.
Suddenly, Mike’s voice caught my attention, he was screaming for his best friends. I didn’t know how close he was until I felt a backpack ram into my side, and there he was. I grasped his hand and told him to hold on as the current sped up.
All of the waves of anxiety flowed through me, my nerves went haywire and my eyes felt heavy. Then, it was dark. I could still hear but my eyes did not focus, they didn’t even open.
“Mike?!” I gurgled. “MIKE!”
“ELEVEN?!” He called out through the rough waters. “EL!” “MIKE!” A familiar voice screamed, Dustin. “DUDE, I’M GOING TO HELP!”
Then everything really did go black.



My eyes began to focus on the faces around me. Noticing who they were, I wrapped my arms around one of the figures. “Greg, you’re okay!” I managed to cough out. Greg squirmed for a minute when Wednesday spoke up, “He’s injured, take it easy.” Instantly, I felt a sharp pang in my side and yelped.
“You hit a rock and went unconscious so I pulled you up to the surface.” Dustin explained. “Bronwyn and Violet ended up getting a hold of some people but not Lucas.”
“Does she have Dib?” I perked up. “Well, he uh..” Dustin looked down.
“He, what?” I raised an eyebrow.
“He’s in a coma.” Dustin stammered. “I-I’m sorry, judging by our studies, he’ll be like this for three years.”
“At least he’s still alive.” I felt tears stream down my face. Sniffling, I sat behind a tree and began to pray. But, little did I know someone was on the other side of the tree. “Please Please let Lucas be okay.” The voice cried, Mike. “He’s my best friend, just please.”
I got up and sat right next to Mike and began to talk to him. “Hey, I’m sorry about that fight between you and Violet.” “It wasn’t your fault.” “Partially it kind of was, considering I brought both of you with me.” “I don’t have anything against you Felicity, I just want everything to be normal.” I decided to change the subject. “Dib’s in a coma.” “I’m sorry.” “It’s okay.” “You sure?” “Yeah.” I started bawling my eyes out. “I want everything to be normal too, but..we lost people and I don’t know what to do.”
“Well don’t give up yet, I think I found a way to cure Dib.” Watch appeared, peering from the other side of the tree.

“72 drops.” Violet continued counting. “73, all right, FIRE UP THOSE MACHINEs!”
“Millard, take this and wrap it around that tree.” Fiona handed Millard the rope, who wrapped it around the tree as she had demanded. “NOW WRAP THE OTHER SIDE!”
  “Keep up the good work.” I monitored them. “I’m going to talk to the people who aren’t doing anything.”
“‘kay.” Bronwyn winked at me. The person I had in mind was Mike. He was alone in his little world, so I decided to join him.
“Hey, again.” I knelt beside him.
“Hi, I wanted to ask you a question.” He scooted closer to me.
“Yeah?” I replied.
“What do you do when you’re confused about love?” His face was almost inches from mine.
“Um..” I backed up. “Hold on, I’ll be back in a second.” With that, I ran, I ran straight into Klaus. I knocked him over, as well as myself. He began to stutter. I quickly got up and ran to Sally.
“Sally, I need your help.” I dragged her to a spot where everyone wouldn’t hear us. “Guys keep implying that they wanna’ date me.”
“That’s good, you’re getting more attention than me.” Sally giggled.
“But I’m in love with Dib, not them.” I told her.
A scream emitted from the contraption that Dib was apart of, he was back. I bolted to him and embraced him to only see that Mike was standing behind him. Mike was holding something in his hand, it looked sharp. Like a shot. My eyes widened at the sight of his physical state. His jacket was gone, exposing his scar on his arm and his hair was matted and dry. He was twitching like a psycho.
“I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED, ELEVEN IS ALWAYS MINE, EVERYONE IS!” He bellowed and pounced onto the both of us. I pushed Dib out of the fight, Klaus and Norman picked him up. Dustin tried to pull Mike off of me, but Mike sent him toppling over with a kick to the stomach.
“Stop it.” Wednesday demanded and attempted to pry him away from me. But she tumbled away too. “WEDNESDAY!” Little Rock screamed. “OH MY GOD!”
“If I can’t have you, no one ever will!” Mike jabbed the the needle into my side. In a breath of a miracle I pushed him off of me and stood up. I rapidly released the needle and read the label, real world return. I threw it at Dib so he could come with me but it didn’t work. He wasn’t.. I rushed to him and hugged him one last time before fading away.
In their eyes, I was gone and in mine, they were gone. Greg, Dib, Luna.. everyone. Now, it was time to go home. Dib’s words rang through my head as he was the last face I saw. We are apart of you.
“Take care of them for me.” I tossed my journal to Dib and finally disappeared.
Then, I was home. The scent of moonlight path ran past my nostrils and I opened my eyes to the sound of my alarm on my phone. It was a Monday so I got dressed and did my usual routine. Was it a dream? I hope it wasn’t, I really did love them. I suddenly had the urge to look out my window. I found a box. I told my Dad that I was gonna’ play in the yard as an excuse. He accepted. I picked up the box and took it inside. I tore it open with my school scissors and what I found proved the existence of all of them.
The peculiar children’s favorite items, the Hawkins kids’ dungeons and dragons board, a replica of Luna’s wand, an eggo, Little Rock’s circular saw, a button key, zombie slippers, a cased butterfly, Sally’s flashlight and the journal I gave Dib. At the bottom of the box there was a note written in Dustin’s handwriting. It read,


Dear Felicity,
We miss you and we hope you can join us again. Mike’s getting some treatment and Luna says hi. We are nothing without you. Anyway, we’ll be there to pick you up on the last day of school.. Love ya’!
   Sincerely,     PS. Dib misses you.
  Dustin Henderson

I smiled to myself and as the days past I never forgot that they were coming. Sooner or later it was the last day.

Chapter 31: Together

“Well, I’m off.” I told my best friend. “You can come with me if you’d like, we’ll meet Wakko and Dot. It’s your choice.”
“I’ll go when I make up my mind.” She replied and gave me a hug. “Just, don’t be a dork.
“Okay.” I laughed. “See ya’ later you potato.”
I had already bid my farewells to Skylar and the others. I was ready to go. “Promise to be safe peasant?” She asked me.
“Promise.” I waved goodbye and hopped in the van. I thought to myself before running back to hug her a second time. “Bye.”
“So where are we going?” I asked Tallahassee.
“Let’s hit the amusement park first, then we’ll go to the- well what do you kids wanna’ do?” He stated.
“I think we should go raid people’s kitchens for twinkies.” Little Rock began to mess with Tallahassee. I giggled and then laid eyes on the back seat to find Dib. A confused Dib, the one I didn’t like seeing. I moved to the back seat. “Hey what’s wrong?” I held his arm.
“We had team members that left, Felicity. Star, Marco, Dipper, Mabel and Steven.” He cried. “They were the center, the whole reason you found me.”
“Well, if that’s their choice to leave then they can. But I will never forget you or compare you to anyone.” I responded. “Hold on a sec’.”
I hopped back out of the van and told Aurora, my best friend, that she could come with us. She accepted my offer and told her parents to bring her stuff by Wonderland. Then she jumped into the car. “Adventure?” I smiled.
“Adventure.” Aurora grinned in that evil way that she does. 
At that moment I remembered what the Baudelaire parents said, as long as you have each other, you have your family and you are home. I was home.



       Author’s Note: Hi, I just wanted to say.. Thank you for reading this and it means a lot to me. You mean a lot to me as well and I really do care about everyone.
If you are reading this, you are very important. I know people think I’m just the weird quiet kid who’s obsessed with fandoms. But those people are simply just grazing the surface. I don’t classify as any stereotype, nor do I hate the Earth. I’m just here to fulfill my purpose and love people.
I really hope after all that I’ve said, well, written in this case, that you have the best time living your life. No, that’s not sarcastic.
Stay weird and peace out.
----Felicity Bentley

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