Wolves: A Tokyo Ghoul Story

April 24, 2017
By GabrielJWarren, Winter Park, Florida
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GabrielJWarren, Winter Park, Florida
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CLANK! Their blades clashed loudly. “You know you can't win this.” One of them says. He was a tall, but skinny man with bright blue eyes. His hair was mostly slicked back, except for the front, which spiked up a bit. “Ooo, getting c***y? I'm SO scared!” The woman says with a smirk, pushing against his sword with her twin scythes. He is not amused by her comment, and pushes against her with all of his strength, breaking through the grip her scythes had on his sword. He steps forward, and turns his leg to the left as he allows his hips to rotate. She sees his spin attack coming, and sidesteps quickly to her right, narrowly dodging the blade that whizzed past her hips. He found himself turned around, facing away from the woman. She hooks her blade around his throat. “Yield.” She says. He takes a few sharp breaths. “I yield…” He says grudgingly. She smiles and takes her scythes away. “I beat you, I finally beat you!” She cries happily. “Good job, Emily.” The man says with a smile. She started to giggle like a small child. “I have finally defeated the great Connor Frey in a one on one match!” Her giggle turns into full blown laughter. “Yeah yeah, laugh it up, Emily.” Connor says, also a little amused. “I feel invincible, I bet I could even take on Jack!” She says. “Yeah, right. Have fun in the hospital.” Connor says. “Oh come on…” She says, “…he’s not THAT good.” Connor scoffs, “Trust me, you don’t stand a chance.” He says. “I think I do.” She says. “Well, take it up with him.” He says. “Maybe I will!” She shouts, turning around and marching out of the room.
Jack sits on his laptop, typing the time away, when his vision suddenly went black, someone was covering his eyes. He sighs and shuts his laptop, “Alright, who’s there?” He asks. “Your best friend.” Emily says. He smiles and moves his laptop blindly to his nightstand. “Can you get your hands off my face?” He asks with a smile. “Sure.” She says before uncovering his eyes. He turns around and scoots back on his bed, making some room for her. She sits down on his bed and smiles. “So how are you?” She asks. “I’m good, how’d you do against Connor?” Jack asks. “I won!!” Emily shouts happily. “You did?!” Jack shouts. “Yes!” She shouts again. Jack holds out open arms and Emily rushes into them, hugging him tightly. “I bet I could beat you.” She mumbles. “Haha, we have to spar some time and see.” Jack says. She pulls back from their hug. “For now, I want to go over our new mission…” She says. “…I’m a little confused.” She says. Jack nods, “Sure, give me a second.” He reaches over and grabs his laptop. “So check this out…” He opens his laptop and unlocks the password screen, revealing a large screen that reads “C.C.G”. “So what’s going on is that the C.C.G has been receiving reports of increased Ghoul activity here, which is why Senior Investigator Mado transferred Bravo Squad here.” Jack begins. “Increased Ghoul activity?” She asks. “Correct, namely LA’s two most wanted Ghouls.” Jack says, pulling up images of two masked men, dressed very differently. One of them had a mask that resembled the face of a spider, having two holes for eyes with a set of multiple other eyes under, making a total of eight eyes. The main paint of the mask was a bright green with the eyes being red, and hid the man’s face very well, considering his real eyes glowed red as well. It was well known to everyone by now, if anyone had red eyes, they were a Ghoul, and to run away from Ghouls. Ghouls are exactly like us, they look and speak like us, the problem is they don’t eat like us, they eat us. Ghouls have become a widespread problem all around the world, so humanity created something called the “Commission of Counter Ghoul”, or C.C.G for short. The job of the C.C.G is to hunt down and exterminate every Ghoul they can. Emily and Jack are a part of the C.C.G, and they have been transferred to a newly built headquarters in Los Angeles. “So that’s the Spider?” Emily says. “Yeah… Rank SS Ghoul… Terrible guy… He’s killed every Investigator who has decided to go toe to toe with him.” Jack says. “And the Wolf…” Emily mumbles quietly, looking to the other picture. “The Wolf… This guy is a real piece of work…” Jack says, smiling. “He seems very powerful, as he’s beaten every Investigator he’s fought as well. The difference between these two is one of them is a good guy in my opinion…” He says. “I know, it’s interesting…” Emily says. “Didn’t he save an old woman who got attacked by a Ghoul?” She asks. “Yeah, watch.” He pulls up a video saved on his hard drive. It opened up with basic security footage, scrolling to the left and right for a few seconds. An old woman walks across the sidewalk for a few seconds before a man wearing a ski mask walks up to her and headbutts her, knocking her to the sidewalk. The man in the ski mask cracks his knuckles, and a bright purple tail slides out of the bottom of his shirt, it forms a sharp blade that came out of his back. “I can’t watch…” Emily turns away. “No no, watch!” Jack says with a smile. Before his tail could impale the woman, a bright orange and purple flash darts across the screen, cutting off his tail as it dashed by. “Was that him?!” Emily shouts. “Uh huh!” Jack says with a chuckle. “He’s fast.” She says. The Ghoul who tried to kill and eat the woman screams as his tail sits on the floor and dissolves. The colored flash sprints across the screen again, this time stopping between the woman and the Ghoul. Emily paused the video to get a look at him, he had a pair of flaming wings with an orange glow in the center with purple on the outer parts of the wings. He was tall and wore all black, with a hood covering his head. His wings extend and sharpen into blades that swing forward and cut the Ghoul in half, leaving a horrifying mess of blood. “Oh my God…” Emily mumbles. The Wolf turns to the woman and kneels down. He spoke with a robotic and distorted voice, “Are you alright, ma’am?” He asks. She stares up at him in fear. “W-What?” She asks. He holds out his hand to her, “I'm not going to hurt you.” He says. She takes his hand and he helps her up. “There you go.” His voice echoed through the voice changer on his mask. “T-Thank you!” The old woman says before running out of camera view. The Wolf turns to look up at the camera. He leaps into the air and lands on the wall, his face now directly in the camera. His mask resembled that of a wolf and his eyes glowed a bright red. “Back off, C.C.G. I don't need an audience…” He pulls out a gun and shoots the camera, and the video ends abruptly. Emily and Jack stay silent for a little bit before Emily speaks up. “So we’re supposed to find them?” She asks. “I went over both cases with Mado, he said we need to Spider. He told me he wants Wolf, however, to lower his mask and join the C.C.G.” He says. Emily’s eyes go wide, “What?!” Jack nods. “He said that's the ideal scenario, he doesn't want to kill Wolf, just recruit him. He “sees something in him”, as he put it.” Jack says as he puts his computer back on his nightstand. “Oliver’s not gonna be happy with that…” Emily mumbles. “Well, he's below Mado in the chain of command. We follow Mado first, then Investigator Thompson.” He says. Emily was about to speak, but then the lights in the room turn blue and the intercom comes on. “Attention, attention: An H.V.T has been spotted within the vicinity, Bravo Squad is to report to the Special Class office for details.” Emily and Jack look at each other and nod in unison, taking off running.
They get to the highest floor of the building and run into the office. Jack stands in front of the desk in the center of the room and salutes. “Investigators Jackson Mercer and Emily Thompson, reporting Sir!” Emily salutes next to him, and Mado stands up from his chair. He was tall, towering above Emily as he walks to the monitor to the back of the room. “I guess until the rest of your squad gets here, I'll brief you two. We cannot wait for much longer, this is urgent.” He says, tapping the screen and bringing up a map of the city with a red dot to the left. “That red dot is a blockade the police have set up, they called for the C.C.G’s help after. They've located a powerful Ghoul, witnesses are saying that it's the Wolf.” Emily looks up. “The Wolf?” She asks. “Correct, his intentions are as of now unknown, but you have to find him. Your mission is to identify his objective, nothing else. If he attacks you, put him down.” Mado says. Jack nods. “Yessir.” He says. “Gear up and go!” Mado says, saluting. Jack and Emily turn around and run to the elevator when they see the doors open. Inside was Connor and another man. “Lieutenant Thompson!” Jack says, saluting. The man nods and salutes. “Investigator Mercer.” He says. “What's the situation?” Jack takes Emily into the elevator and presses the ground floor button. “We’ll explain on the way, let's gear up!” He says. They arrive on the ground floor and head into the locker rooms. Emily closes the door behind her as she heads into the girl’s locker room. “I'm finally gonna see the Wolf!" She cries excitedly as she strips down completely. She opens her locker and puts on the black battlesuit inside. She goes to the mirror and looks over her outfit, skintight black latex. “Looks terrible without the armor pieces.” She chuckles, walking back to the locker and slipping gray armor pieces over her battlesuit. Chest, shoulders, knees, forearms, and boots. She leaves her helmet in the locker, figuring she wouldn't need it. She heads back over to the mirror. “Much better.” She mumbles. On her back read “C.C.G” in big letters, and her last name was on the front on a small tag. “Thompson…” She mumbles. Though he never acted like it, Oliver Thompson, the leader of their squad, was her sister. She grabs a briefcase out of the bottom of her locker, her weapon. Each investigator was given a weapon unique to them, and it was disguised as a briefcase until the investigators are ready to strike. She takes her case and runs out into the hall. Oliver comes out of the men’s locker room, followed by Jack and Connor. Their armor matched, gray on top with black below. On their left shoulder, the letter “B” was printed on their armor and sleeve, signifying their squad name, “Bravo”. “Move out.” Oliver says before heading to the garage. They all follow him into the garage, a large empty room filled with nothing but things with wheels on them. If it had an engine, it was in this room. Oliver hopped into a two-man assault buggy. “Connor, you're with me. Jack, Emily, take something else. He’ll never see us coming if we come from two directions.” Oliver says, turning on the buggy. Connor hops in, resting his briefcase on his lap. Oliver slowly pulls up to the garage door, pulling out a plastic ID card and holding it up to a camera next to the door. A beep is heard and the door opens, letting them take off quickly. Emily was so focused on watching her brother leave, she hadn't noticed that Jack had already hopped in a small armored car. “Come on, Em!” He calls, honking the horn and laughing. She giggles and runs to the passenger door, swinging it open and hopping in. She closes the door and puts on her seatbelt, “Drive!” She says. Jack uses his ID card to open up the door and drives out. “Bravo Squad is en route.” Jack says into the radio.

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