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The Middletons

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The Adoption

It’s Tuesday, 5 days from my birthday, it is also the 11th year anniversary of me getting into this place. I'm turning 15 but unfortunately we don't celebrate birthdays here at Long Johns adoption center. When I'm 16,not the other girls though, I have to leave the orphanage. Since I was the oldest person to ever get into this hell hole, being 4 when most kids were 2 or under, I have special “rules.” Like I have the most chores or I have to leave at 16 years old instead of 18. Another special rule is that everyone has to pick on me because I’m small and weak. Well, it’s not a rule but since everyone does it I consider it to be one.We all hear Miss Stevens yell at us to get ready that a couple is coming to adopt.
I hear screams all around me but I know i'm not getting picked so I put on my favorite outfit , a TDM hoodie, Jacksepticeye hat and blue jeans, and walked down stairs. That is until the bully and her friends pushed me down the rest of the stairs; they started laughing immediately. After that I brush myself off and line up where all the other girls were standing with my head down so I don't show the blackeye I got yesterday. Then I heard the doorbell ring. The couple walked in and started to talk to Miss Stevens. I know it sounds crazy but one of their voices sounds familiar, but I still keep my head down. After they were done talking, Miss Stevens walks over to me and slaps the back of my head saying “look up and be respectful.” After Miss Stevens slapped me I looked up and saw DAN TDM COMING TO ME. I can’t believe it I start freaking out inside then all the sudden I see black.  I fainted, this is so embarrassing I thought to myself. I woke up what felt like seconds later to see Dan talking to Miss Stevens and he keeps looking at me. I'm so preoccupied with Dan I don't even notice Jemma standing at the door. All the sudden I hear Miss Stevens say, “Kathy! I don't know how in gods name you did it, but you got adopted. Go pack your stuff and get out.” I ran up stairs and screamed in my pillow then took my laptop and charger and put it under my pillow then stuffed animals and picture of me with my real parents on top. I go down stairs and hear Dan and Jemma telling Miss Stevens to treat the kids better. I interrupted by bringing my suitcase down the stairs. They gave me a big hug and said “Welcome to family Kathy.”
We get to the car and I ask Dan if I could play some videos and he said sure so I opened my laptop, put in my ear buds, turned it on full blast and turned on the recent TDM videos. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dan and Jemma's eye widen, so I just keep watching like nothing happened but all the sudden Dan starts asking questions. “So Kathy when is your birthday?” Actually it's in a few days,” I say back. “Wow, what do you want for your birthday?” Dan and Jemma say at the same time. “Jinx!” I laugh then, “no but seriously what do you want,” Dan said. “Wait, so you aren't kidding” I ask. " No. why," Jemma said. “You see we don't celebrate birthdays at Long Johns but will you?” I asked. "Awe, definitely only if you want to sweetie," Jemma said reaching back to give me a hug. I hugged her and wiped away my tears. We were getting close to the house so we sat in silence but Jemma fell asleep. As we got to the house I said, “hey Dan should we wake her up beca-,” he interrupts me and said, “call us Mum and Dad.”
Today is Thursday and I went on this cool new site called Wattpad. I found this Fanfiction how Dan was herobrine.It's really cool but the best part was that when I read it I started talking to the creator and we became quick friends. His name is Evan we've been talking for days on text. “What’s up?” I text. “ Nothing much, how about you,” he replied. We talked for a little bit longer until he said, “ok gtg mum wants me.” I responded,“wait I never knew your parent’s names,” I  ask before he left. “Oh my dad is Sean but everybody calls him Jack and my moms name is Wiishu.” “OMG Jack is like one of my fav Youtubers!”He says, “that's awesome but I really have to go, my mom says it's important.” “Kk bye,” and with that the conversation was over.
It’s been a few days since me and Evan have talked and he also hasn't posted stories either. So I decided to text him to make sure he’s ok. “Hey why aren’t you posting,” I ask but he doesn’t respond so i tried again. “Hello are you there.” Still no answer. I try one last time, “HELLO.”  “ MY DAD IS DEAD OK DOES THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY” he writes “What? That can't be true.” I say “hello” trying to get him to talk but it’s useless, he already left.
I start to cry. I sat there crying for like 5 minutes before Jemma came in and asked what happened so I told her. I could tell she was upset too so I guess she also knew Jack. After she left I cried more but eventually fell asleep.
I wake up and see a text from Evan he says it's important. “OMG what’s the problem,” I text back. “My mum went insane and was taken away so I have to live with my uncle in England,” he texts back. “That's great we can meet finally.” “No not great.My uncle is insane I'm running away,” he says.  “Wait what, no you can't.Where are you going?”I ask. “You're going to tell my uncle, I can't tell you” he texts back. “What no, I just want to help I know how hard this week has been for you.” After that, the screen went out of the chat and displayed, EVAN HAS LEFT THE CHAT.
It’s 12:00 and I’m getting ready to go to bed then I hear, RING RING RING. I hear dan talking on the phone I don't know why but he has it on speaker phone. “Hello,” I hear. “Hey look outside,” I hear them say. “Who are you?”Dan asks. “I'm the guy who’s nephew ran away because of your daughter. Now look outside!” Then I hear day say,“dang he hung up.” Then all of the sudden I heard a loud BANG BANG BANG, I knew they were gun shots so I called the police. “Hello what’s your emergency.” “My dad has been shot!We live on White Delves, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8.” I cried. “We are on our way.” When the gunshots stop me and Jemma go help Dan. Around 5 minutes later I hear the sirens. The cops bust in. They patch up Dans leg and take me and mum in the ambulance.

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