The Middletons

April 18, 2017
By BradyBt04, MELBOURNE, Florida
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BradyBt04, MELBOURNE, Florida
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It’s Tuesday, 5 days from my birthday, it is also the 11th year anniversary of me getting into this place. I'm turning 15 but unfortunately we don't celebrate birthdays here at Long Johns adoption center. When I'm 16,not the other girls though, I have to leave the orphanage. Since I was the oldest person to ever get into this hell hole, being 4 when most kids were 2 or under, I have special “rules.” Like I have the most chores or I have to leave at 16 years old instead of 18. Another special rule is that everyone has to pick on me because I’m small and weak. Well, it’s not a rule but since everyone does it I consider it to be one.We all hear Miss Stevens yell at us to get ready that a couple is coming to adopt.
I hear screams all around me but I know i'm not getting picked so I put on my favorite outfit , a TDM hoodie, Jacksepticeye hat and blue jeans, and walked down stairs. That is until the bully and her friends pushed me down the rest of the stairs; they started laughing immediately. After that I brush myself off and line up where all the other girls were standing with my head down so I don't show the blackeye I got yesterday. Then I heard the doorbell ring. The couple walked in and started to talk to Miss Stevens. I know it sounds crazy but one of their voices sounds familiar, but I still keep my head down. After they were done talking, Miss Stevens walks over to me and slaps the back of my head saying “look up and be respectful.” After Miss Stevens slapped me I looked up and saw DAN TDM COMING TO ME. I can’t believe it I start freaking out inside then all the sudden I see black.  I fainted, this is so embarrassing I thought to myself. I woke up what felt like seconds later to see Dan talking to Miss Stevens and he keeps looking at me. I'm so preoccupied with Dan I don't even notice Jemma standing at the door. All the sudden I hear Miss Stevens say, “Kathy! I don't know how in gods name you did it, but you got adopted. Go pack your stuff and get out.” I ran up stairs and screamed in my pillow then took my laptop and charger and put it under my pillow then stuffed animals and picture of me with my real parents on top. I go down stairs and hear Dan and Jemma telling Miss Stevens to treat the kids better. I interrupted by bringing my suitcase down the stairs. They gave me a big hug and said “Welcome to family Kathy.”
We get to the car and I ask Dan if I could play some videos and he said sure so I opened my laptop, put in my ear buds, turned it on full blast and turned on the recent TDM videos. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dan and Jemma's eye widen, so I just keep watching like nothing happened but all the sudden Dan starts asking questions. “So Kathy when is your birthday?” Actually it's in a few days,” I say back. “Wow, what do you want for your birthday?” Dan and Jemma say at the same time. “Jinx!” I laugh then, “no but seriously what do you want,” Dan said. “Wait, so you aren't kidding” I ask. " No. why," Jemma said. “You see we don't celebrate birthdays at Long Johns but will you?” I asked. "Awe, definitely only if you want to sweetie," Jemma said reaching back to give me a hug. I hugged her and wiped away my tears. We were getting close to the house so we sat in silence but Jemma fell asleep. As we got to the house I said, “hey Dan should we wake her up beca-,” he interrupts me and said, “call us Mum and Dad.”
Today is Thursday and I went on this cool new site called Wattpad. I found this Fanfiction how Dan was herobrine.It's really cool but the best part was that when I read it I started talking to the creator and we became quick friends. His name is Evan we've been talking for days on text. “What’s up?” I text. “ Nothing much, how about you,” he replied. We talked for a little bit longer until he said, “ok gtg mum wants me.” I responded,“wait I never knew your parent’s names,” I  ask before he left. “Oh my dad is Sean but everybody calls him Jack and my moms name is Wiishu.” “OMG Jack is like one of my fav Youtubers!”He says, “that's awesome but I really have to go, my mom says it's important.” “Kk bye,” and with that the conversation was over.
It’s been a few days since me and Evan have talked and he also hasn't posted stories either. So I decided to text him to make sure he’s ok. “Hey why aren’t you posting,” I ask but he doesn’t respond so i tried again. “Hello are you there.” Still no answer. I try one last time, “HELLO.”  “ MY DAD IS DEAD OK DOES THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY” he writes “What? That can't be true.” I say “hello” trying to get him to talk but it’s useless, he already left.
I start to cry. I sat there crying for like 5 minutes before Jemma came in and asked what happened so I told her. I could tell she was upset too so I guess she also knew Jack. After she left I cried more but eventually fell asleep.
I wake up and see a text from Evan he says it's important. “OMG what’s the problem,” I text back. “My mum went insane and was taken away so I have to live with my uncle in England,” he texts back. “That's great we can meet finally.” “No not great.My uncle is insane I'm running away,” he says.  “Wait what, no you can't.Where are you going?”I ask. “You're going to tell my uncle, I can't tell you” he texts back. “What no, I just want to help I know how hard this week has been for you.” After that, the screen went out of the chat and displayed, EVAN HAS LEFT THE CHAT.
It’s 12:00 and I’m getting ready to go to bed then I hear, RING RING RING. I hear dan talking on the phone I don't know why but he has it on speaker phone. “Hello,” I hear. “Hey look outside,” I hear them say. “Who are you?”Dan asks. “I'm the guy who’s nephew ran away because of your daughter. Now look outside!” Then I hear day say,“dang he hung up.” Then all of the sudden I heard a loud BANG BANG BANG, I knew they were gun shots so I called the police. “Hello what’s your emergency.” “My dad has been shot!We live on White Delves, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8.” I cried. “We are on our way.” When the gunshots stop me and Jemma go help Dan. Around 5 minutes later I hear the sirens. The cops bust in. They patch up Dans leg and take me and mum in the ambulance.

Me and mom are in the waiting room when a fan came up to me, “Hey.” I say. “oh my gosh Kathy,”  she says back. “Ya who are you,’ I asked. “I'm your sister Alexa. I live in the orphanage down the street I snuck out cause I saw you in the ambulance coming down the street,” When she said this, I was in total shock but I managed to answer, “this doesn't make sense I thought you died.” “I'll explain later, just come to the orphanage I have to go,” with that she ran away. I try to check on Dan but the doctor said that he is on meds and is a little loopy so I should leave him alone until tomorrow.
When me and mum walk outside I decide to ask her about Alexa. “Hey mom,” I say. “What's up,” she replies. “On my paperwork for adoption did it say I had a sister?” I ask. “Ya it said she died, why.” “ I think I just met her.” Wide eyes, Jemma says,“What that's impossible.” “She said she'll explain just go to the orphanage,”I say. “Which one?” “She said the one down the street. She snuck out 'cause she saw me,” I say. “How would she know you?”she asks. “I don't know... wait probably from Dan.” Jemma says, “wait what was her name?Say it on three, 1...2...3.” “Alexa,” we say at the same time. “Just because we said the same name, doesn’t mean you’re her sister.” Jemma says. “ I know but i still want to go just to make sure,” I say. I could tell she was skeptic and I have to admit I was too. But this might be the only family I have left. “I'll tell Dan,” she said. I just nodded my head.
She's been in there for awhile. Then I hear the doctor apologizing and a flat line. I walk in hoping that I was paranoid and that he didn’t just flatline. “I'm so sorry. He had an infection, we couldn't heal it,” the doctor says. “Dan please wake up!” I practically scream, “he's go-”Jemma is interrupted by a huge breath and the flat line starts beeping again. “DAN YOU'RE AWAKE” I scream. “Ya, my soul heard the sobs and pleads of you and Jem. It pulled me back into consciousness.” I was shocked, “really that's awesome, we're just glad you're back.” He laughs, “no I've been awake for almost 20 minutes. I asked the doctor to help me prank you guys.” I sobbed, “Why would do that!” I yelled at him. “Because in times of distress it’s good to laugh, that's what my channel is all about.” “He should get some rest,” the doctor pipes in. “Ok,” I say still angry at him. Doesn’t he know not everything is about Youtube. We get outside and mum says, “We should get your sister.” With that we left to go to the orphanage. When we got there we went straight to the headmaster.
“Hello, we would like to speak to Alexa in private,” mum says.Then we hear someone yell, “ALEXA GET DOWN HERE. PEOPLE WANT TO TALK TO YOU.” When she runs down her eyes widen. “Hi Alexa,” Jemma says. “Hi,” Alexa says. “So I hear you and Kathy are twins”Jemma starts. “Yes we are but not identical twins as you can you see but we were born on the same day.” she says surprisingly fast. “Ok, can you tell us about yourself like your birthday?”Jemma quizzes. “First thing is me and kathy are twins, I like DanTDM, minecraft, iballisticsquid, I got abused by the headmaster and the bullies, and my birthday is in a few days.” Alexa debated. “Wow you and kathy are almost exactly alike,”Jemma agrees. “Ya” I say. “Hey Alexa can you stay here?” mum says pointing to this spot. Jemma and I walk outside, “ do you want your sister, Kathy?” Jemma asks me. “For real? I thought Dan wanted only one child.” She’s your sister, he'll understand,” Jemma says. “You’re right,  and frick yes,” I explained. “we want to adopt Alexa,” mom says to the headmaster. Mom fills out paperwork and I go outside and say, “Hey Alexa,” I pause for effect, “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.” Dan was discharged a few days later and he was told he had to go to  monthly check ups for his leg.
“Hey Kathy guess what?” Alexa says. “What,” I say back. “IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY TOMORROW SILLY.” “Oh my gosh I totally forgot. Let's go tell Dan.” We run down stairs screaming, “DAN, DAN IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!” “Really I completely forgot due to all of this craziness going on, I’ll go tell Jem,”  with that he ran up stairs to tell mum. They come down stairs and we start to plan. “So,what do you want for a cake?” he asks before mum even catches her breath. “Chocolate with strawberry icing,” I say. “Vanilla with chocolate icing,” Alexa says. “You guys have to pick one,” Dan says. “Ok fine, chocolate and vanilla marble cake with strawberry icing,” we laughed together. “Ok, what about decorations on the cake,” mum asks. “Definetly minecraft.” I say. “Ok we’ll go get the stuff.”Dan says. He motioned for Jemma and they left I'm guessing to get the party supplies. That left us alone so we decide just to play would you rather to pass the time. “You go first” Alexa says. “Ok, would you rather die by drowning or die by falling,” I say. “Falling definitely,” I replied. “Really,” I ask. “Ya it's quick and painless.My turn. Would you rather eat a handful of bees or eat poison ivy?” I asked. “Bees, I'm allergic to poison ivy,” I answer.
We played for like an hour, then Dan and Jemma get home with hands filled with bags. We ask for help but they said that we can't look so we just sat there as they brought in bags. When they finished they said they hid them, we just said ok and went to play minecraft.We played for a bit and Dan comes in and says “Hey guys I was wondering if you wanted to have a Youtube channel kinda like Smosh.” We yelled, “really that's great thanks Dad,” we say in unison. We set it up, then Dan goes into his recording room. Five minutes later and my phone dings. I see it's a video from Dan. I open it, “hey everyone Dan here from the Diamond Minecart and I am giving a shoutout to my daughter's channel. It’s called Minecraft Crackers and the link is in the description below.” Then he just talks about the channel for about 10 minutes goooood byeeeee. Me and Alexa look at eachother and scream, “oh my gosh we are going to be famous!” “I know right,” Alexa says. Dan comes running in “what happened!” We burst out laughing “we were just excited!” Dan Laughs.
I wake up to see a trail of paper diamonds leading somewhere so I wake up Alexa and follow it to the living room.We see a group of presents, a giant DanTDM cake, Minecraft decorations and we see Dan and Jemma standing smiling. We run over there and hug them. All of the sudden we hear knocks on the door. Dan opens it and it's one mine and Alexa's favorite Youtubers, Syndicate. We run over to meet him,”Hi Mister Syndicate. We are your  biggest fans.”He laughs. “Ha thanks, by the way call me Tom.” “Hey Tom, why did you come,” I ask. “Your dad called me and I was just helping another legend of the gaming channel.” Dan says, “Come on let's do presents. Hey Tom, do you want to stay for cake?” Dan says and Tom nods. We walk to the presents and Tom takes two cards out of his pocket and hands it to me and Alexa. We open them and see that there are coupons for free signed Syndicate hoodies, “sorry I couldn't get the hoodies to my house on time so you just type the code in and it gives you a free hoodie and free shipping.” “It's ok it's still really amazing” we tell him.
“Ok our turn,” Dan and Jemma say. We just smile. We open a bunch of presents like an Xbox one and 4 controllers, phones and there is one last box.It’s huge. Me and Alexa thought it would be like a robot or something. We open it and there is another box. We keep opening the boxes.There was like 7 and we opened the last layer together to find 4 Minecon tickets. At that moment, I look at Alexa and I can see and hear what is going on in her head. I try to communicate by thought because if I can see in her head she can see into mine in return.  I say Hi she says hi back and in unison we say wow. We snap out of the trance and run and give Dan and Jemma a big hug.We all hear Tom scream, “CAKE TIME!” We all laugh including Tom then  Dan pulls out his phone and says something about bringing stuff in. Dan opens the door and we see a giant Minecraft and DanTDM cake that looks about 2 feet tall and a big poster of the Minecrafting Crackers, out Youtube account. Dan says it's a vanilla with strawberry and chocolate cake just like we said. I look at Alexa and she looks at me and we gasp. Later that night I forgot what day Minecon was. “Hey Alexa,” I say. “Ya,”she mutters.  “What day did the Minecon tickets say we were going?” I ask. “I think it said on Friday.” she replies. “Ok “I'll go check.” I went to go check the tickets but it wasn't on Friday it was on Wednesday. I hear Alexa say “really, I thought it was on Friday” so I go down stairs to see who she was talking to but it was just her sitting there. “Who were you talking to,” I ask. “You, you said it was on Wednesday.” She replies confused. “I  didn't say anything.” “Yes you did,” she says. “No I didn't, the only way you could hear me is if you could read my mind,” I say. “I swear I heard you.” “Ok fine, what am I thinking about exactly,” I say. “You are thinking if we have some kind of twin telepathy and you want toast,” Alexa says. “You are spot on,” I say surprised. “So do you want to try out talking?” I add. Then I hear ya sure in my head and awesome. We have a conversation in our heads then Dan comes in and kisses us goodnight and we fall asleep. We wake up to Dan yelling at us to start packing for Minecon. We pack our TDM and Minecrafting Crackers  gear, colored pens for signing, our phones and laptops for live play with Dan, we bring note cards of answers for Q/A stuff and finally we grab Minecraft stuff such as,  heads of our skin, Minecraft diamond swords and clothes. I check the Channel we have over 1 million subscriptions and we only posted 1 video of us playing Block Hunt with Dan. I won once and he won twice.When we are done, me and Alexa decide to make a video to explain ourselves. “It's Kathy, I have brown hair with purple highlights, I have blueish green eyes, I like dogs, The Diamond Minecart, Jacksepticeye, my favorite show is Cutthroat Kitchen and my favorite movie is The breakfast club,” I say. “ It's Alexa and I have brown hair with blue highlights, my eyes are blueish green too,my favorite tv show is Gilligan's Island, my favorite movie is Paper Towns and my favorite Youtuber is The Diamond Minecart also. Me and Kathy are twins... that's all for today gooood byeeeee,” We end out our video and edit it. By the time we post it, it's almost ten thirty so we run down stairs to see beans on toast and orange juice. We ate our breakfast and I head to the couch to see Dan and Jemma asleep watching CSI Miami. I take a picture and call Alexa over. I can't believe they fell asleep so quickly I say to Alexa in my head so we don't wake them up. Ya I know do you think we should prank them?she says. Ten minutes later the prank was set up. “They are all wrapped up lets wake 'em up, I say with a big grin on my face. We woke them up and we hear them talking accompanied by an ow! And ooh,.We laugh and undo them.They yell at us while laughing.
I wake up at 5 am because I had a dream that Stampy was a psycho and killed Jemma and then I realized today was Minecon.I used telepathy and scream until Alexa wakes up and looks around and asks what happened. I say it's Minecon so we get up and jump on Dan and Jemma's bed chanting “Let's go to Minecon, let's go to Minecon.” “Ok, ok we leave in 1 hour,” they say. With that, we run down stairs make breakfast,grab our bags and then watch tv. Dan and Jem get down stairs with their bags. 
We get to Minecon and I'm shocked at how big it is. It's like quadruple the size I expected. We get to our signing booth. This girl walks up to me and Alexa and says that she is our biggest fan so we take a picture and sign her t-shirt. We sign for literally 2 hours; my favorite part is making people happy not the attention and I explained this to Dan. He said that is what keeps him motivated to make videos.I smile and head off to do a live custom mod adventure where Dan has to save Grim from ME using the secret agent mod. I play along and everyone laughs and smiles which makes my day. We thank everyone and do a Q and A.
We decide to get Sbarro pizza afterwards which is just across the hall in the food court. “Omg Dad I left my purse back in the hall.” “Ok go get it then, but hurry we need to order,” he says with a smile.I walk back to see a man handing my bag to a cop. I run, grab my purse, thank the man and leave to go back when I see black all over, all of the sudden.. I wake up and I'm tied to a chair in a dark room when two figures walk in, “Hey Kathy, long time no see.”

“Mum?”I  say. “Yes dear, I've been looking for so long, I missed you,”she says with a half fake tone. “What, how is this possible, what do you want?” I pleaded. “We want you back.” “We, what, who are you” I was in shock. “It's us, your real mum and dad. We already said this.” “If you are my mum and dad what are your names?” “Tracy and Michael,”they replied. “Can you unti-” I get cut off with the sound of Alexa in my head. Where are you! I scream silently, i don't know i'm gonna find out. Who took you she says. I frantically say you're not gonna believe this bbuuttt my real mum and dad" with that the trance broke.
“FOR GOD SAKE UNTIE ME MOTHER!” I scream. “Shut your mouth,” dad says. “UUUGGGHHH can I atleast get some food?” “Tracy grab her a granola bar,”dad says. I grab the granola bar and quickly eat it. “Soon I'll be out of here,” I say under my breath.
“Kathy we need to talk,” dad and mom say in unison. “You are... Uhh Michael how do I put put this,” mom says. “Different,” he says as walking closer. “Ya I know. I live with DAN TDM.”  I say in a sarcastic tone. “Not that kind of different..” mom cuts him off. “Have you noticed anything weird about you and your sister?” I yell for Alexa, they know. Should I tell them I know too? I hear her say in my head, ya, it'll make them feel like you trust them.  I start to say, “ya I was just talking to Al-” when mom interrupts, “wait you were talking to Alexa, how?” mom says. “Telepathy, thought you knew” “Did she say anything about coming to get you,” she asks. “Yes! Now can you let me go, you know everything,” I say while rolling my eyes. “No not everything, and I want you to tell your new family that you're okay and happy with us.” I stand, rubbing my wrists, “Hey mom why did you cut the ropes with a katana?” I ask. “To prove to you that I'm awesome and your stupid adopted family is lame.” “Real mature Tracy,”  dad says while rolling his eyes. I walk to the window on my left and look out. ‘Are you missing your old family” mom says in a mocking tone. Right then I pass out. I can see again but I’m not with mom and dad, I’'m at...No No No I'm on the street next to the orphanage. But I'm not alone this time. I walk over to the sobbing 3 year old child then it hits me. It’s myself, I’m in a flash back the night of the crash… my 4th birthday.
Miss Stevens walks out and to younger me she looks so sweet and nice but when the cops leave, her real personality will show. I fall to my knees in horror, no one sees or hears me and I know it’s just a flashback but it seems so real, I can’t handle it that I start to sob. As I sit there sobbing, everything starts to fade. A few hours later I wake up in a bed. I start to feel relieved when dad, my real dad, barges in grabs me and rushes me to the back door. We are running now and I still don’t know what’s going on.We make it to a car. Mom is in the passenger seat yelling at dad to hurry up when we start to drive I ask what’s going on. “They found us” mom said in a frantic voice it must be Alexa and the cops I imagine. “So where are we going now,” I ask. “Wherever they can’t find us,” dad says. “Michael focus on driving please we need to get out of here,” moms say in a worried tone. As she said that I got chills running down my spine remembering those exact words from the night of the crash.
We get to a spot near the woods and get out, I can still hear the now faint sound of sirens as we walk into to the woods. Mom is leading the way with a flashlight, me next, then dad in the back. I have no idea where we are but I don’t like it. “Tracy how much longer till we get there” dad asks. “Just a few more feet-” just then she trips and dad runs over to help her. Now’s my chance!  I take off running. I don’t know where I’m running to all I know is I’m running away I can’t take it any longer, I have to get away from them. I start to see a faint light and I know I’m getting close to the edge of the forest. I made it! I really made it, there is no time to celebrate though mom and dad are probably right behind me.I start to run again.
Alexa, Alexa!  I scream in my mind. I’m still running. I don’t know where I’m going or when I’m going to stop, all I know is I need to get away. I turn a corner and almost get run over by a car. I think it is mom and dad because they are chasing me now. Next thing I know they cut me off and roll down the window “DAD!” I yell when I see Dan. When I get into the car I start to cry. I hug dad and Alexa but I’m not sad anymore. I’m happy, happy to have my family, my REAL family. When dad starts to drive, Alexa keeps apologizing and asking questions but I just say it’s ok or ya because I’m too happy to even think right now, eventually I fall asleep. We were driving for at least an hour, wow mom and dad really wanted to kidnap me, I can’t help but smile, they wouldn’t even tell me they were alive for so many years and now they went through all the trouble to kidnap me, I think to Alexa. We walk inside and mom, Jemma, runs over and hugs me obviously relieved I’m ok. Dad and Alexa come over too and we just stand there happy… happy to be together.
Dad goes to call the police to them I'm ok and they can ask questions tomorrow. I'm so glad this whole thing is almost over and I can get back to having a normal life, well as normal as it can get while living with Dan TDM. We go sit down so Mum, Dad and Alexa can ask me questions like, “How did they treat you,  and where did you go?” I tried to answer them the best I could without sounding annoyed. I sat there for what felt like hours answering their questions before asking to go to bed. I walk upstairs to go to bed. I sat there for about an hour just staring, I tried talking to Alexa but she was already asleep so I just sat there staring. I just kept wondering what would've happened if I wasn't lucky enough to have such clumsy parents. Well I'm not lucky to have those psychopaths for parents, but still, lucky. Then I started to wonder if I was the reason this poor family had to suffer, but I quickly erased those thoughts out of my head because I love them and I know they love me, no matter what. After that, I dozed off into an anything but peaceful sleep. Dreaming of the horrible experiences in the orphanage and with mum and dad. I woke up to the sound of Alexa yelling at me, because apparently I was screaming telepathically and it woke her up. So I decide not to go back to sleep and go get some breakfast. I got a plate of beans on toast, sat down at the table and put on one of JackSepticEye’s old reading comments videos and just sat there eating until the phone rings. I picked it up “hello.” I hear the other person say “Hello who is this?” I say. “This is the police, is this Kathy?” “Oh… yea it’s me, are you calling to question me,” I ask. “Yes, can you put your Father on the phone,” they say. “Ok I’ll go get him.” I put the phone on hold and ran upstairs to get him. I walked in and said “Dad the cops are on the phone they want to talk to you.” Then I go to get Alexa up.
“Hello.” I can hear dad say, “yup… ok 2:00 is good...ok...bye.” “Kathy,” dad yells “What’s up,” I say. “The police want to talk to you around 2 o’clock is that ok?” he asks. “Yea, that’s fine,” I say. Who is dad talking to I hear Alexa say in my head the police I say back. Do they want to question you? Yeah. Do they want to question me too? I don’t think so. ok… i’m going back to bed. I rolled my eyes.
Until 2:00pm,  I just sat around watching tv so it came up pretty quick. It’s 2:00 and I’m about to go to the police station when Alexa runs downstairs “Kathy,” she says. “What.” “You can’t tell them about our telepathy!” “Wait why not” I said. “I’ve been thinking… why would our parents, out of nowhere want to kidnap you after years of you thinking they were dead?”I was shocked. “Oh my god you're right!” She says,“they must have know somehow.” “Right...I won’t say anything,” I replied. “Ok I’ll see you later, bye Kathy.” “Bye,” I say back. We didn’t have to drive far, the police station is just down the street. When we get out everyone looks at us. I’m assuming because of Dad. We go inside and they take me to a room to ask me questions. “Do you remember what they look like,”a chubby policeman asks. “Yeah mum is about 5’2 with blonde hair brown eyes and has glasses. Dad is 6’0 with white hair and blue eyes.” He mutters through sips of coffee,“thank you we’ll have our sketch artist make portraits and you can pick which one looks the most like them. Where was the last place they took you?”  “Um… not exactly but the last place I remember was in the forest.They said there was a hideout, I think it was near Marigold St.” I say.“We will check it out,”he says.  It continued like this for about an hour until it was time for me to go. Dad picked me up and we didn’t talk the whole ride home but when we did get home Alexa started asking me questions like, “did they use a lie detector” or “what type of questions did they ask.” I really didn’t feel like answering so I just gave a bs answer to most of her questions. I guess she can hear my thoughts because out of nowhere I hear her say “oh if didn’t want me to ask you questions you should’ve just told me.” “Sorry I didn’t know you could hear me.” “Ya I can, I don’t know how but I can,” she said. “First I wake you up because of my dreams now you can hear my thoughts,” I said. “Should we tell dad,”she asks. “No because he’ll just tell someone else.” “ Good point,” I agree.

Today is the first day at my new school although I'm scared yet also I'm also super excited. After I get dressed I go get Alexa.Surprisingly she was wearing almost the exact same thing but instead of black jeans she is wearing a black skirt. “Are you trying to copy me” I say jokingly. “No you are trying to copy me,” she says in a mocking tone. “Yeah right, I’m going downstairs to eat breakfast before we leave.” “Ok I’ll be right down,” I say. I go downstairs and get a bowl of rice krispies. Alexa comes down several minutes later and got a pop tart, we talked for a little bit longer before we had  to go. Dad and mum came down a little bit later to say goodbye. The bus stop is kinda far away, it’s at the end of the street but luckily we have those cool rolling bookbags so it wasn’t that much of a hassle. There were two kids there when we got there I guess one of them recognized us because their eye’s widened and a smile formed on their face. “Hello what’s your guys’ names?”I said,“Your Kathy and Alexa, and I’m Eve and this is my brother Max.” “Yup that's us and nice to meet you, have you seen our videos?”I asked. “Eve has I have never really cared for Minecraft or your Dad and his videos. “So what grades are you guys in,” I said changing the subject. “We are both going into 9th grade.” “Cool I’m going into 8th and Max is going into 9th.” “What classes do you have max,” I asked. “ 1st period I have Language Arts, 2nd Tv production, 3rd Math, 4th lunch, 5th science, and I forgot my 6th and 7th.” he trails off. “No way. I have almost the exact same schedule except for 3rd period I have science not math.” “Cool,” he said. The bus came a few minutes later, When we got on, the driver greeted us and told us where to sit. Apparently there are assigned seats I don’t mind though it gives us a chance to make friends. I got to sit next to max and Alexa got to sit next to Eve. I could tell Alexa was starting to get a crush on Eve. When we got off the bus Max took me to language arts class I took my seat and waited for the bell to ring. When it did, the teacher stood up and introduced me to the class. I just sat there quietly and waited for the lesson to start. This is so much more different then the orphanage school and much harder too. I took notes the whole time although we didn’t need to. I felt like I had to because I came into the school later than everyone else. When that class was over I went to TV production with Max.When I got there the teacher explained the assignment to me and I got to work. I was in charge of editing due to my experience on youtube and Dan. They already have a lot of filming done so I have to work twice as hard.The whole class period all I did was talk to max and work on editing. After the bell rang I went to science class and met a guy named Kai. I kinda have a crush on him but I won’t admit it. We learned about the different types of rocks, everyone was really fascinated with them but they were just rocks to me. The rest of class was really boring besides the time I was talking with Kai. After science I went to lunch. I sat with Max and apparently he knew Kai and they were friends. I talked to Max for awhile before turning my attention to Kai, “so Kai, do you have any siblings,”I asked. “Nope just me my mom and my step dad.” “Oh ok.” I said. “Do you,”he asks. “Ya one speaking of which where is she?”I asked. “She is hanging out with Eve, I heard eve has a crush on her.” “Really”I asked. Alexa I say in my head.Eve has a crush on you. She is clearly ignoring me. “Kia do you have a girlfriend,”I ask. “No, why do you ask,” he says. “No reason,”I blush. “Ok...”he trails off.
When lunch ended I went to math class. The teacher is really nice but kinda crazy. After he introduced me I just sat there quietly and took notes, then went to french class. French class was the same as all the others and same thing with Civics. I got on the bus and started talking to Max about Kai. He kept making fun of me saying stuff like “you looooove him” or “why do you like him.”I changed the subject. “Why don’t you watch Dan or Minecraft videos?” “I don't know I never really showed any interest but my brother on the other hand loves your dads videos and he recently started watching you and your sister” he said. “How did you get adopted if you don't mind me asking.” I shuffled my feet,“I don't mind actually I don't know how I did. I guess it had to do with me being a fan of his and out of pity?” “Out of pity,” he repeated “Ya the headmaster and kids always picked on me because I was the oldest kid to ever get into that place and I was the smallest.” “ I’m sorry that must’ve been awful,” he said. “Don't feel bad it's over now and I have Dan,”I smiled when I heard myself say that out loud. “What about the time you got kidnapped,”he asked. “How do you know about that and sorry but I don't feel comfortable talking about it,”I shuffled my feet again. “Oh sorry and it was all over the news,” he admits.
We got off the bus and I go home with Alexa.When we got home, dad and mum started asking us lots of questions but we told them we had homework and we would tell them about it later. I finished my language arts, civics, and science but I fell asleep when doing my math homework. Mum soon came up and gave me a blanket but I kicked it off in a couple of minutes. I was having a bad dream again, this time it was much more real. This time I did not escape from the forest.We ended up living there for a few months. Every night I would try to escape but no matter how hard I try I just keep ending up back there. It was awful and I woke up to Alexa yelling at me. “You did it again!” “I’m sorry I can't control my dreams,” I cried. “It’s ok I know,” she said understandingly. “Thanks for understanding”I said. “What was this one about,”she asked. “I couldn’t leave the forest when mum and dad kidnapped me, every time I would try to escape I would just keep ending up back there.” I said. “Wow that's awful,” she yawned. “Ya, let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again.”
I went downstairs to get the same breakfast as yesterday but today Alexa didn't sit at the table today she sat on the the couch and started watching. We watch for a few more minutes before we have to leave for the bus. Surprisingly mum and dad didn't come down to say goodbye. We left anyway. I’m sure they didn’t mean anything by it. I guess they just slept in. We get to the bus stop and only Max was there. “What happened to Eve,” I ask.“He's sick,” he said, he should be back in school soon.”The bus came a little bit latter. When we got to school I went to my first period class and sat down. I took notes again but this time I wasn’t the only one apparently. Midterms are coming up and everyone is super worried. I don't know why they are worried, sure it’s to hard to me but that's because I came to this school later in the year. This class should be easy to them. Oh well either way, I need to study a lot.After language arts I went to TV production but I didn't edit that much. I just talked to Max most of the time.At lunch, I sat down next to Max and waited for Kai to show up. “You know he likes you,”Max said. “Really,”choking on my Izze drink. “Yeah, why do you think he hangs out with you?” he asked.  “I always thought it was because I hung out with you.” I said. “Nope he actually likes you, he is just not sure you like him,”  he said. After that Kai showed up and sat down next to me instead of Max. I guess Max was right. I decided I needed to tell him. “So Kai,  someone told me you had a crush on someone,” I quized. “Who told you that?” “I can’t say but I know who it is.” I said. “Do you know if that person likes me back?” he quizzed now. “As a matter of fact I do,”I teased. “Is that person you,”he teased back. I looked away. He said looking away too, “well if it is do you want to go out sometime?” I nodded.
Not much longer after that lunch was over, I went to math class and took notes like yesterday but this time I couldn’t stop smiling. I finished the rest of the day and then got on the bus to go home. I sat down next to Max, ”So how are you and your boyfriend,”he teased. “Good, someone looks jealous,”I teased back. “What no i'm not jealous!” he laughed.The rest of the ride home went by quickly. Me and Alexa talked the whole time we walked home. “Hey guys how was school,” Jemma asked. “Amazing,”I smiled. “For you maybe,” Alexa frowned. “What happened to you that was so amazing,” Jemma asked.  “I got a boyfriend!” “WHAT!” Jemma smiled. “Yup,”I nodded. “Good for you what homework do you have,” Jemma said.“math and science,” I answered. “Ok go get your homework done and when Dan gets home you can tell him the good news,” Jemma grinned.
The math homework was hard but I got it done.When Dan got home, we told him all about what happened today, he seemed really excited. After that Alexa and I went upstairs to do our homework but math was really hard so I just gave up and started working on my science. I finished it in about 10 minutes. Afterwards I thought it was time to make videos again, so I went to my office and started to record a Minecraft mini games video. I asked Dan if he wanted to record with me but he said he already had his videos up, but he said he would tomorrow. I called Alexa in to start recording but she said she had more homework to do, so I had to make it alone. It was kinda boring but it felt good to start recording again.It felt like it has been forever since I last posted. I recorded for about 1 to 2 hours and then started to edit. It wasn’t as boring as I remember but it was still kinda boring, it took me 45 minutes to finish the editing. When the video started uploading I heard mum say supper was done so I went down stairs and sat down at the table.“So how did it feel to start recording again,” dad asked. “It was boring, it would've been better if Alexa would've recorded with me” I said. “I had a lot of homework,” Alexa says back to which I protested “so did I but I still found time!” “I can’t work as fast as you,”  she said. “Fine, but you have to record with me tomorrow because dad is going to,”I told her. “Ok fine,” she said reluctantly. When I was done eating I thanked mum and went upstairs to go to bed.
“No, no you can't take her take me instead,” I screamed at the shadowy figures running out of Alexa’s room.It’s fine, I’ll find my way out, just like you did!  I heard Alexa say in my head “this isn’t like last time, this might not be mum and dad and if it is they know what to do now,” I said back. I know, go get Dan and call the cops. “Ok i will.” I ran downstairs yelling to get Dan up but he didn't wake up, so I shook him and that's when I noticed the rope burn around his neck. I backed away slowly, terrified of what I saw. I reached for the phone and dialed 911, “hello. what's your emergency,” they said. “My sister has been kidnapped and my dad was murdered.” “Is there anyone else in the house,” the responder said. “No, except for my mum but she didn’t wake up to the screams so I'm guessing she is also dead,” I say trying to hold back the tears streaming down my face. “What is your address,” not even seeming the last bit frantic.  “We are on our way,” the responder assured me. After they said that I ran into dad's office and locked the door. I started to cry. I balled my eyes out until the police knocked on the door. Knock knock knock. “Kathy.” I could hear them yell. Knock knock knock. “Kathy!” they yelled again. After the second time they yelled, I woke up.
“Kathy,” I hear Alexa say knocking on my door. “I’m up,” I said. “You did it again,” she said angrily. “I’m sorry, they are getting worse,” I said actually feeling bad. “It's fine, you probably don't need to go back asleep, you woke 1 hour before we have to leave.” she said.“That's good I'll be down in a second.” When I said that she left and started going downstairs. I got dressed for school and went downstairs to get breakfast.When I get my cereal I sit down next to Alexa and watch Fairytail. We watched a few episodes and when it was time to leave we said bye to mum and dad, and went to the bus stop. Max was there waiting. I don't know why he gets there so early everyday, he has to wait over 20 minutes.I guessed Eve is still sick.
In school, I went to science and met a girl named Julia. She is really nice. We talked all class period up until lunch. I offered her to sit with me but she said no. Max wasn’t in fourth period which was weird, Kai later told me he had to go to counseling. I asked him why but all he would say was “you need to ask him not me.” Max was back by 7th period but he didn’t talk. Every time I would try to talk to him he would just ignore me. I’m guessing it has something to do with what happened in counseling but since he won’t even talk to me I have no idea. Alexa, I say into my head what she replies irritated, I can’t really talk right now i’m taking a test. I ask can you help me out then. She says, what problem are you stuck on? number 7, I say. She can explain the problem  quickly, then I’ll ask about Max and Eve. No sorry, I haven’t talked to Eve so I don’t know much but I’ll ask him about it when he gets back. I said  Max and Kai both refuse to talk to me about it , so I thought since you talk to Eve so much you might know something about it. I finished my work and turned it in. It didn't take long. We aren’t allowed our phones in this class so I tried talking to Alexa again but she tuned me out. Ever since I’ve been having the weird dreams we have been growing farther and farther apart. I just want this whole thing to be over. For the rest of class I just thought about those dreams.Every night it's something different that has happened to me. But it is never something good, I think whenI run out of bad experiences the dreams will stop. That could take forever, most of my memories are bad ones. From the orphanage to when I got kidnapped.The only good memory between those is when I got adopted by Dan. I can’t help tearing up to all the bad things that have happened to me and my family, and it was all my fault.
7th period ended and my head was clouded by bad memories. I couldn’t think about anything except for how everyone’s pain was caused by me. I can’t bare it any more.As I’m walking down the hallway I start talking to Alexa, Alexa… I’m leaving. Ya I know it’s the end of the day, she replies sarcastically, like usual. No, I mean leaving everybody, my voice calmer than expected. What, Why? You can’t do that, think of everyone you are leaving, she says in a panic. I am thinking of everyone that's why I'm leaving. I have caused everyone nothing but pain, dad with his legs, the emotional stress on mum, you with my dreams, and sooner or later something will happen to Kai or Max, I cried out in my head. Just because bad stuff has happened to us doesn’t mean we all don’t love you.Bad things happen to everyone, it’s a part of life. Think about me, I got into a car crash when I was little then had to live with our psychopathic parents then went to an orphanage where I was also mistreated, she cried out too. I guess there is no persuading you but if you do leave that will make everyone even more upset and they will try looking for you, she said. I know, that's why you have to tell them I am ok and they don’t need to come looking for me. That was the end of our conversation, she tuned me out. I go to my locker and grabbed my stuff. After that I go say bye to Max and Kai and head out to the bus stop. Not the school bus stop but the city one. I’m going to try to get as far away as possible from my family. I did this, this is my fault, they got hurt because of me, is what Ikeep telling myself as I get on the bus. Some people look at me funny. Probably because I have a bookbag on and I'm not taking the school bus. It's fine, I'm used to being looked at. I rode the bus for at least an hour and I know mum and dad are worried because Alexa keeps trying to ask me where I’m going. The only thing I say to her is, far away, enough so that you guys won’t have to worry about anything.
By the time I got off the bus I had at least a thousand messages on my phone from Alexa, Kai, and Max. I ignore them all.I said my goodbyes and that is final.I am done ruining everyone’s lives. I walk down the road to an orphanage. It brings back terrible memories. When I walk in,I stop.I can hear sirens in the background and I am completely terrified. I am completely frozen in place and I am shaking like I'm having a seizure. The receptionist comes over to me and I finally snap out of it. I turn and run I can’t go to an orphanage I tell myself as I stop at a bench in some random park. A few people on bikes are yelling out someone’s name. I think they are saying Bree.I thought about helping them but this is their business not mine so I let them be. I can’t stay here for long because it is night time.I can’t believe it is night now, it seems like I had left only a minute ago. I heard the other person yell back so I’m guessing they are alright. Those people and Bree make me wonder if my family is looking for me too. I know Alexa is, but what about mum and dad? Part of me wants them to stay away but the other part wants to go back to them. I push those thoughts out of my head as I start to walk… again. I see the shouting people hugging someone.I’m glad they found Bree. At least one family gets to be happy. I don’t know why bad things follow me and my family. All I know is that it is my fault.  I get to another park but this time instead of sitting down on a bench I lay down behind some playground equipment so no one will be able to see me from the road. I try to get comfortable but it is almost impossible. I manage to fall asleep about 30 minutes later.
Waking up was the worst part. There were bugs  everywhere and my back was hurting from laying on the hard ground. I turn over to see two people looking at me. I quickly get up and brush myself off. Embarrassed by sleeping in a park, I run away towards the woods a yards behind where I slept. It’s not a quiet as I thought it would be. I always thought that everything goes away and becomes quiet at night. But it doesn’t, cars are still driving by, animals are still out and people are not asleep. I guess when you get older you don’t have time to rest as much. I’m sure everyone but me knows about this but I think they were supposed to teach us this when everyone is little. If so that makes sense because the orphanage never taught me anything. Only now do I realize that Alexa is trying to talk to me. What? I say to her. You did it AGAIN!  she says almost screaming. I yell back, you know i can’t control my dreams, I say annoyed that she is still blaming me for this. She says, right, and that is exactly why I am happy and mad she says sounding like she is really proud of something.  And how does that work, I say.Sure you woke me up do to your horrible dream but lately I’ve been having the same dreams as you, she says. Quietly, I’m  still confused. You had a dream of you running away and it was exactly where you were! She said. How do you know? I cried. Because you talk in your sleep, she says obviously gloating, and since you don’t seem to be bothered by your dreams you do wake up until like 3 hours after me, she finished. Then that means…, she cuts me off. We are almost to where you are, she explained. Why would you guys want me back I’m the one who ruined your whole life, I cried. You didn’t ruin our lives Kathy.Bad things happen all the time and that’s just how life is.The only hard thing about it is figuring out how to deal with it, she said. I don’t know how but her words almost convinced me to go back to them. I’m still not going back! I say upset.She says, you don’t have to want to come back but we are already here. Just then I see mum, dad, and Alexa running towards the park. If I stay in here they won’t find me and they will assume I left, I say to myself. But I think Alexa hears me and motions towards the woods. No matter what I say to try to get them to stay away from me, they keep trying to find me, and that thought made me freeze. They do not care if I cause them pain, they just want me back. I guess I was so blinded by a hatred for myself I never really considered the effects it might have on them. Yes I caused them pain, yes I caused dad to get shot and yes I got kidnapped but they stuck with me the whole time. I realize now that I can’t change what they think of me. They do not hate me for all the bad things that have happened. I hate myself for letting them happened.
They get to me in the woods but I’m still lost in thought. Once I snap out of it, a few seconds later I start to cry and give mum, dad, and Alexa a hug. As we walk to the car they all start to yell at me saying, “Why would you leave us” and “do you know what you did.” When we got to the car they stopped and we just enjoyed each other’s company. Dad starts to drive and when he gets to the highway he and mum turn around to talk to me about what happened but then all the sudden  BAM!
We get hit from the side. I see mum and dad hit their heads on the dashboard and Alexa fly out of the window because she wasn’t wearing a seat belt. When we finally stop sliding down the side of the hill next to the highway I unbuckle my seatbelt and try to get mum and dad out but they are unconscious and won’t move. The smoke around the car is starting to thicken and I can’t breath so I run away from the car to get Alexa but she is already dead. I try to go back to the car but it caught on fire and there was nothing I could do so I just sat at the side of the road broken on the inside and outside. I can’t believe this happened twice, I say to myself why can’t I be happy and have a family? Someone pulls over to the crash talking to 911 saying “There is only one survivor!”... “ok”... “ok thank you.” Then he turns to me and states something about taking me to the police office, but I’m not listening. All I hear in my head is you still have a chance to save them. I actually believed it so I ran towards the car and the man is yelling at me to get back but I don’t listen. I get to the car and then all of the sudden… it explodes. I can’t feel anything except for the emptiness around me, is this what death is? I ask myself. It feels wonderful and tortuous. I guess everyone was wrong about it but who could blame them they had no way of knowing. All of the sudden, the world materializes before me, showing Dan, Jemma and Miss Stevens. Why would I be here? I died. I should be back in that wonderful bliss of non- existence. If there is an  afterlife why would I be here? I think to myself. “You’re awake,” Dan says with a smile. “No, I’m dead,” I say shaking. “No you’re not, you’re very much alive,” he tilts his head peering at me.  “But how? I died in the explosion?” I asked tearfully. “There was no explosion, you passed out and dreamed it,” Dan reassured me gently. So you, Jemma and Alexa don’t remember anything,”I ask. “Who’s Alexa,” Dan says. “You know what,” Dan decided with a gentle smile, “explain it to us while we drive home, you’re adoption is official.” “Let’s go home,” Jemma says with a smile.

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