Lilith Welheim: A Board of Greater Proportions

May 23, 2016
By Kimmie-The-Writer, LEXINGTON, Kentucky
Kimmie-The-Writer, LEXINGTON, Kentucky
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Lilith Welhiem is a mad woman who has worked with the Queen's Guard Dog, Ciel Phantomhive, for many years. On Ciel's 18th birthday, Lily gives the noble a recollection of her journey in this latest of memories. After her death, he writes these memories. Slowly realizing the hidden clues within her retellings. A story of a young mad genius’ struggle in 18th century Europe.

She recalls going undercover as a merchant's daughter from Japan when an old friend rears his head. Lilith knows this meant nothing but trouble and followed him for a walk. After making dinner preparations and leaving Lilith with his escorts, he drops off a special package for a Doctor Michaelis.

Though she wins a battle she expects a war soon enough...

Kimberly S.

Lilith Welheim: A Board of Greater Proportions

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