April 19, 2016
By spaghettihead, amarillo, Texas
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spaghettihead, Amarillo, Texas
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June 1st 2032
today is my birthday! Iḿ so excited to eat cake have my friends come over and my mom said that this year we can have it at a hotel!!! jenny and rebeca are coming they are my best friends but of course my little brother jake has to come he ruins everything but he has to go to bed earlier and mom said he will stay in there room so at least i have that going for me.
6:00- were at the hotel now and jenny is jumping on the bed while eating pizza in a few mins we are going to the pool.8:00- jenny had to go home she fell off the bed and broke her arm so she went home so that sucks and i might have to go home because of jenny i'm so mad at her why do i have to get in trouble because she was being stupid uhh i mad at her.
9:00- ok i didn't have to leave but we are going to the pool and that's great.
10:00-ok i just got out of the pool and it was awesome the pool was heated
that was awesome and i went in the hot tub!

we woke up and we hung out for a while then took rebeca home at noon.
but when we got home something was wrong no one was outside like they where hiding or something. it was weird about an hour later my mom said go get in the car so i did i asked my mom why she said i'll explain later and she did but we went to the store and everyone was there it was chaos
my mom handed me a cart and she said go get every can of food i see so i did but i had no idea about what was going on but i did as i was told i grabbed canned water beef soup vegetables beans but i couldn't resist the candy so i got a bag of kit kats then i went to the dairy then the bread and meat and dry food and animal food so we could feed our dogs but i saw no need for that much and we stole it mean stole it my mom always says never steal but we stole! so we got home and she told my older brother to board up the doors so i said mom what is going on she said there was a disease outbreak and i said what does that mean she said walkers i said this is not happening she said it is and we will survive so put all this food in the pantry and clean the shed that's where we will have wood i got five wood stoves for the winter one in your room the kitchen and my room and your brothers room. she said now help me unload the food and then take what won't fit in the basement  so i did but i was scared really really scared

Ok so my mom said later we are going to get pizza and try to get a knife but as of right now i'm just chopping wood so i'm going to leave it at that

so i went in and my mom said to pick one so i saw a bowie knife so that's what i got we just pulled up to the store my mom told me to go get a knife and she will get gas i walked out and she said let's go to the pizza place to see if they have some left over pizza so we drove the and that's when i saw my first ever walker and it was crazy my mom told me to stab it in the head so i walked over kicked it to the ground and stabbed it in the head it was so gross my mom said she wants to teach me self defence so i will have a better chance out of nowhere like 50 walkers came up! it was crazy we ran to the car really fast and went home once we got home i took one of the wood stoves and my knife up stairs along with some wood to put in if it gets too cold and after all that we forgot to see if there was pizza!! for supper we had eggs and bacon because mom said to eat the refrigerated stuff first just in case the power goes out honestly i’m scared but wish me luck.

so it’s 5:00 am and the wood burned out so i added more but it is still cold so i’m going to get a pop tart i saved it in my room for safe keeping.
so as i was eating some one rang the doorbell?! so i went down stairs and looked through the peep hole it was my friend jenny! so of course i let her in but i told my mom and she said if her parents are dead to let her move in my room and we can be bunk buddies so i asked jenny and she said that her parents were killed in a car crash on the way to oklahoma i said oh my gosh i’m so so sorry so i set up jenny in my room and we share my bed because i have a fold out couch and honestly that's great so i have someone to talk to so awsome but i feel bad that she can't be with her mom or dad so i’m going to be really really nice to her i feel so bad but she likes my room and house and what can 1 more person hurt as far as i know she is family and always will be.

so i woke up this morning and jenny was downstairs eating cereal with my mom and brothers i made a bowl also and my mom asked what happened to jenny's parents she said when they were trying to go to oklahoma they had a car crash. my mom said i’m so sorry about that., i feel bad she can't be with her brother and sister anymore even though my brother is annoying i still love and can live without him he is my best friend and always will be. anyway after we finished eating me and jenny came up stairs to my room and we painted our nails i know that's a weird thing to do in the apocalypse but it calmed her down and that's what is important so tonight after they dry we are going to make survival kit for everyone in my family and we will put batteries water and food that will last for two days and we also added a fire starter in my moms after that we went to bed but what we had in store for the morning we could never had imagined.

the next morning i went down stairs and jenny was still asleep and i saw my dad downstairs he was supposed to be in mexico  dealing with an outbreak of the moci
i ran down and hugged him i told him about jenny and how we set up and it was great he was home my mom was happy for once in like a week it was a great day until my dad said that it would be best if went on the road i don't want to or i at least want to stay here a little longer and what's worst is that my mom agreed she said it would be better in washington since they had the whole thing start in california i said but that's like a three week walk to get there maybe even more!!! suddenly jenny came down and said what's going on and jenny said i don't want to go but i trust you i can't believe i want to stay here there's no reason to leave. the next day we started packing first we took all the food and loaded it in the camper then we each got to bring two bags of cloths and a few extra things to bring so jenny grabbed the stuff she had with her we have been sharing my cloths so we got four bags and we will sharev theme to be fair and we each brought a picture and stuffed animals and we all brought a blanket and we brought our emergency bags i really don't want to leave but i guess i have no choice but to go.

we got a pillow and left this morning along with the wood burners with a lot of wood and the boys share the couch we and jenny have the top bunk my mom and dad sleep on the bottom so at least i don't sleep on the floor and we have a toilet and shower so that's cool and i brought a bottle of hair wash  and body wash. we cook on the wood stove we put in the kitchen area since the stove only works on gas and we have a wood burning rv so we just have to add wood every hour or so and we live in this thing now so me and jenny put up a curtain on the bed so it fell´s like our own room so did my mom and dad the boys don´t care since they sleep on the fold out couch  i miss my home a lot but there's no turning back i guess.

ok so i woke up and my mom and dad and brothers were gone only me and jenny were there i found a note on the fridge by that i mean cooler but whatever so i read it and it said that they left to get wood and if they weren't back by 5 to lock the doors and be quiet and if we wake up and they're not home drive to grandmas and park there i got really scared so me and jenny made some food and it was ok but it was five and still no sign of mom or dad or my brothers so i did as mom said and locked the door we read some books and drawn so we went to bed and when we woke up they were still not there so i told jenny we had to go she didn't want to but i said my parents might meet us there that calmed her down but grandma lives in california that

ok so we just chopped down a lot of trees and put down some tree seed so they grow back then all of a suden 10 zombies came running at us i ran to the car started it jenny said go go go!!! so i did but i ran over something i was thinking please not be  a dog or a person please please i looked down and it was a deer i ran out put it in side and jenny drove  it was dead and jenny said what are you doing i said dinner so i chopped it up and boiled the meat and we cooked it on the grill jenny parked and locked the doors at a hotel type place and we ate some potatoes with it and it was actually really good and we put the leftovers in the cooler i said we should stop at the pnd and catch a lot f fish she said we went to the lake and we got a surprise I saw Rebecca and her mom there and we saw each other and we had a group hug but of course zombies had to come in the picture we grabbed the fish and we all ran to the rv and so I guess we have two more members to are team.

so rebecca insisted that we park for the night and tell them the plan so i told me  about my mom and dad and brothers and she said we will go ahead and do that plan since we already have it figured out and my grandma has a storm shelter with a lot of space and it has 4 beds so if my parents aren't there we can stay there and i already know my grandma has died because i saw her as awalker on my way to the rv so ya i told rebecca and jenny and i guess my temporary mom unless my family died but i think they'll be ok. so we ate deer and  rebecca's mom said we did a good job i thanked her and i said so we should get some shut eye and rm short for rebecca's mom said go ahead i'll keep driving i said ok.

ok so i woke up and we were already in new york and it was noon and we all got up and we had breakfast and i said how are we here already  and she said well i speed a lot and i stopped a few to add in wood i said thankyou and she said let's go in that donut place and raid it to make donuts and they actually had donut and they looked fresh so someone was there so we got a big bag took all the donuts and ran and went to the rv and drove about a mile and we stopped  and heated theme up and ate three each and still had some left someone had made like one hundred or so then i said i got chocolate milk in the fridge and grabbed theme and it was the best meal i have had in ages and i said on thanksgiving we should have a huge meal rm said that would be a great idea and she said we need to find a turkey if not that a duck or some type of bird at least and potatoes and lots of stuff so yeah i guess we can have it in my grandma's storm shelter and we can make pie and everything but i really miss my mom she was annoying but i love her and my brothers and dad i want theme back i miss theme so so much why did i have to be such a brat but anyway i need to get some sleep i'm just now writing this at midnight and i am going hunting tomorrow well bye.

ok so when we were hunting earlier we found two more kids and a aunt
And apparently they are also trying to find their dad because he was stationed in wisconsin the kids names are Maggie and  Dylan there aunt is sam shes a bit crazy but she seems harmless so i'm stickin with it they get to sleep on the floor i guess on top of pillows because i'm sleeping with my friends on the top bunk and sm is sleeping on the bottom so they will have to sleep on the floor or the couch so that's awesome but anyways they are really nice so i will give theme a chance but i don't really like the idea of total strangers in my rv it was different when it was just jenny and we can't just let random people live here it's weird what if they turn out to be total weirdo and there crazy. I just don't have a good feeling about these people at all oh and i forgot all about my candy so i stashed it in my pillow and on my birthday i'm going to to make some chocolate chip pancakes and muffins but i know it's going to be great i hope i can trust my friends and those new kids not to touch my stuff i'm putting a lot of faith into theme i just hope they follow through with it.

Ok so we are on the road right now and we are playing a board game and after this round i'll be driving i love monopoly and hate driving and iḿ not even old enough to drive that's what crazy but i guess i can't complain at least i'm alive others can't say that realy. ok so itś an hour later and i have been driving really fast and we don't have much wood left so iḿ going to park at this park that is supposed to be a few miles and we will all get out and chop some trees 30 mins later ok i just pulled up and we are going to chop some trees i took the small ones and got theme pretty when we got out and after a few trees i heard jenny scream and i didn't see her so i ran down the street to see jenny waking her mom and i ran over and said what are you doing she´s bit and she tried to bite me so i have to kill her but i don't want to then she dropped the shovel and ran i looked at her mom in despair she was like a mom to me and she was bit why didn't she tell me i couldvé helped her but i pulled out the knife my mom had gotten for me and i killed her i feel awful so we buried her in the park and put flowers in her arms jenny was crying which attracted more zombies of course but i was crying to and didn't realize it but when we loaded up those two kids and their aunt were gone! And i saw a note. I said: dear every one we had left we are where we need to be and we took some of the fish and wood nothing else we needed it to survive i hope you understand why. No i don't understand they are at least a dayś worth away from there house and they took all of our fish so i went outside and there were walkers everywhere! And why at this exact moment why but i ran over grabbed a branch and i stabbed walkers and hit theme to get to jenny and she was fighting theme off to then out of nowhere this girl named rachel came and started torching the zombies and i flipped one over and stabbed it and started talking to her then there's this other girl walking over and goes in the rv and walks out with my candy so i ran over and kicked her in the butt and said what are you doing she said i’m so so hungry i said help us and i’ll share but help me first she said ok and had a mini gun and started going after em i said well ok then and killed more when we were in the clear we all ran to the rv and i pulled out the candy and said every one i have candy for everyone so we drove and snacked on candy i felt so bad for jenny and i asked that girl what her name is she said christal i said that's a nice name she said what's yours i said my name is nala she said that's a really pretty name i said thanks she said well do you have nutella i've really wanting some nutella toast i said me too but i didn’t get any that i know of let's go look maybe brother got some so we looked in the fridge and sure enough he got the whole shelf so we got a jar and some bread and ate some toast and nutella we were so happy the i grabbed rachel and we talked and i told theme everything about since this whole thing started and they are good friends and after filling up i took over the driving. And we got all the way to dc by morning so then my brother pulled out his gun and i said what are you doing before we go in we got some rest but i’ll go in the morning.

So i woke everyone up and we knocked on the door five time finally i picked the lock everyone went in and we locked the door and we went in her kitchen to find a note it said dear nala if you're reading this i'm dead i went after your grandpa and i'm not coming back i hope you understand i love you nala if you are with your mom tell her i love her then i thought my mom! I went to grandmas room and the garage and then i went to the storm shelter i walked in and and i saw my dead mom in my brothers arms i ran over and started bawling my eyes out i wanted to see her so so bad i never got to say goodbye i miss her so much  then my brother pulled out a gun and he said why weren't you here she needed you i said you have no idea what i have been through these few months without her i missed her so much i cried myself to sleep some nights i don't care this is your fault if you were here you would've helped now you're going to die so she can see you again! Jenny: i walked downstairs to see what had happened but instead i saw my best friend die in front of me i ran to her i hugged her she bleed out but i sat with her and i helped her but she gone i turned to her brother and took his gun and said what's wrong with you i hate you and she would to you monster you killed her! then i shot him i didn't known what i was doing but it felt right i liked it he needed it. Day 113 of the apocalypse i am no longer writing for her i am going to put this in her grave but maybe someone will read it but until then rest in peace - jenny

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This was great!

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great job zoe

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your amazing the book roks

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aww thanks so so much your comment made me so so happy!

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@spaghettihead your book was AWEOME

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