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December 18, 2014
By Elian ortega, San Diega, California
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Elian ortega, San Diega, California
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Chapter 1

Hailey just got out of her yoga club and is walking home .  While walking home she then hear a noise behind her but can’t tell who or what is causing it so she decided to hide behind a wall. All of a sudden the noise stop and she wait but doesn't see anything . Hailey suddenly feel something poking here on the shoulder she turn around to be frighten by her friend. This friend of Hailey’s is Jorden Cook, and has been friend with Hailey since their first year in middle school. Jordan has a body of an athletes even though he is not in any running club or sport. He is wearing some black jeans, a belt, a black sweater with a the words imprinted
“ were all the people?”,has a white t-shirt, and some white Jordans shoes.

Hailey say in annoyed voice “ damn jordan why is it that you always have to scare me to death every time you meet with me.”
   jordan says with some humor in  his voice “ It because you always freak out when your are not on your guard and it is hilarious how you scream.”
    Hailey “ Next time you think on scaring me I will grab you and kill you with my bare hand, do you understand me jordan.”
   jordan think about it “ alright I won't do it again I promise.”jordan says.
    Hailey and jordan walk and later stop at a fast food restaurant. they chat about school related stuff and start watching the news about some terrorist attack in Los Angeles a few hour ago. while they eat across the street. There is a huge department store and suddenly there is a huge bang. jordan and hailey can feel the big blast of air and get to the ground to cover their head.
Hailey with a confused expression
“ what was that was it an explosion!? A terrorist attack ,jordan are you okay.”

Jordan in pain “ aah! hailey help me with this concrete it crushing my chest!’’

Hailey and a cook from the fast food restaurant  lift the concrete rock but jordan left hand was badly hurt. They used the first aid kit to hold jordan hand in place. Everybody in the area was panicking the police was telling people to get away as far as possible. A distance away Hailey and jordan heard a couple more explosion. People started to loot the store and were fighting in a savage way.
Jordan with concern in his face “ Hailey let go to your house since it the closest to us . They ran the whole way until they got to Hailey house. Hailey father was a drug addict and got divorce with hailey mother. Her mother was at her office at work and won’t come home soon.                    Jordan look around the house for a house phone he could use. He ran through the living room head search everywhere except hailey room. He found it in Hailey room while waiting for his parent to answer. He could see Hailey room was clean he notice a world war two gun book magazine, cloth, Skateboard, poster of 21 jump street, some brand new model computer, and  book shelf. His parent answered and he  told  them what happen, were they were, and that they were okay. Hailey turn to the news and all are talking about the new explosion and that the explosion might have exposed some kind of of chemical toxic. Their saying people are be affected and the chemical could be warfare, If anybody around the area is affected they should get as far as possible or put on some gas mask. The news reporter are saying to stay in door to not go outside if possible, it’s affecting people in different way.
Hailey “ Jordan it look like you are going to have to stay for a while.”
They both listen to the news for more detail,
They  hear  cars beeping, people shouting, shooting ,police and helicopter.
Hailey and jordan were getting sleepy and it was already twelve pm . they both decided to go to sleep. hailey was going to the kitchen to grab a glass of water when people started to break the window, hitting the door or slamming into them, they were throwing thing at the windows.
Hailey whisper in a low afraid voice “  jordan let go through the back door”
Jordan ask “ But don’t you think there are going to be people in the backyard?”
Hailey “ Not unless they can jump 1 meter into the air.”
Both of them headed to the back door. Hailey unlock the door went to grab a ladder and used it to jump over the fence.They agree that they would head to the nearest police station. They use the ally way to avoid as many people as possible, and if they did encounter anyone they could hide behind garbage cans, trash bags, or even a wall. On their way to the police station they saw people that look normal and people that acted strange like animal.
When they saw the police station in front of them they could see a crowed of people demanding the police officer what was going on and why people were fighting, killing, attacking their family members, friend or even neighbor.

women “ officer why did my son attack his father and sister he never hurt them he love them both?”
   Officer “ Mam I can not tell you anything by the order of the police department  I’m instructed to do what I can to help those in need so”
  man “ I demand to know what going on you can’t just say it nothing we will take care of it  and tell us to go home”
   Another man “If you don’t let me in I will break open that door!”
  Hailey “we can’t get through if the big mob stay in front of the police station.”
Jordan “ I guess we’ll have to wait till it get under control”
  Hailey “ Then What will we do till then?”
  Jordan look around and he saw a public library. They headed toward the library but all of a sudden people started yelling
Women “ no Please someone help my husband he is getting hit by a bat.”
Cop“ Put your hand in the air you're under arrest.”
The women with the bat stop hitting the man and ran toward the cop.”
The cop used a taser and pull the trigger. The woman instead of falling to the ground she was more furious, she grab the cop and drop him to the ground with brutal force. five other people started violently hurting or killing people with their hand or anything that can be use as a weapon. Hailey and Jordan were assaulted by a white man he look like he was in his mid-twenties started punching Hailey then grab her by the neck. Jordan grab a rock on the side of the street and smack the guy in the head, but he kept choking hailey so jordan kick him in the stomach pushing the man off of Hailey and took her hand running to the public library. The library door open with people running in terror, or screaming like wild animal. Hailey look around and saw a shop with window that look like it was being close because there was wood on the door and windows.

Chapter 2

    They entered and closed the door behind them . while they were making sure that the door was seal right  someone approached them and ask what they were doing.
    Jordan “ we are closing the door because people are fighting and killing out their.”
The man look at Jordan and Hailey. he look like he was deciding whether he should let them stay or kick them out.
Finally the man expression soften and look the door with a key chain.
   Man “ alright both of you help me put some shelves against the window and then we can talk.”
Jordan and Hailey help the manager to put shelf against the window. When they finish the manager gave them some snack and drink he told them what he was doing and why he stayed in the store. He told jordan and Hailey that he has already taken care of the back entrance and that they could use it as an escape route if they needed to. Jordan ask if he could turn on the news. The manager said yes. when they turn on the news the reporter said that no one was able to get in or out of the city and that the military has surround San Diego and Isolated the city.
   News reporter “ authority say that  most people have gone crazy and have resorted to violence. Authority say to stay secluded and stay away from people on the street if possible, there are body littered all over the city and fire are spreading all over the city, Thank you for joining us we will inform you if there is any more information.”
Jordan turn of the t.v while Hailey was looking through the stuff that was hanging on the wall. the manager open a door and took out some pepper spray, a gun taser, bullet, and a python pistol. Hailey grab some water bottle and a couple of survival kit when she grab the survival kit she drop a glass vase. She apologize to the managers and started to clean it up . Jordan was keeping watch when someone started to bang on the glass and a few second later'd more people started to bang on window and door. They were throwing rock using stick to hit the glass and the glass started to crack. All three of them back of the window  all the people were making the windows crack and then the windows brook making a lot of noise that startle Hailey. The people started to push the shelf to get in side. The manager told Hailey and Jordan to head to the second floor. Jordan didn’t know that there was even a second floor, while they did the manager headed to the counter to grabs the second floor keys. Some of the people squeezed through the shelfs and were heading tower the manager. Jordan and Hailey were all ready at the top of the stair where  they stood ready to close the door the manager had two people right behind him,
    A few feet away he toss the key to Jordan and then a man throw a hammer at him. He fell to the ground in pain, the other two person started to smack him with tool . He took out the python and fire bringing down those two people who were hitting him on the back .
     More were coming in the store and heading to the manager he fired all the rounds he had.  He had to reload but didn’t enough time. When all of a sudden he was smack on the head . Jordan saw a women heading toward them and had no choice but to close the door. When he close the door he look for anything that was heavy to block the door from breaking down. Hailey and Jordan move some desk, sofas, table, and chair to block the door the people were banging the door constantly to get in.
Jordan “ that should hold them of if the get pass the door. Alright hailey let’s look around for any other exit or entry.”

While looking around jordan founded an emergency stair that lead to the aly and a door to the rooftop. Hailey found no exit or entry but did find some flash light, snack, watch, water, and some sport equipment.
Hailey “there is no other way in  unless you blow a hole through the door. I found some  stuff we can use and some sport equipment.”
  Jordan “ I found a  emergency exit and a door that lead to the roof.”
They both look through the second floor and found a T.V section, Cell phone section, sport section, weapon section,and a clothe section. Jordan pick up a phone from the Phone section
and dial his parent. The had said there is no service.he turn on the T.V and put on the News.
News man “ The President has confirmed that this will be handled by the military. The military has order that they will go in and investigate what has happen in the city and why their is no answer from any of the resident in the city.”
Reporter keisha “ now we are entering the Isolated zone with the permission of the military and the protection. We are heading to San Diego to Investigate why no one has try to contact their family or military.”
Newsman “ thank you keisha we hope you contact us when you enter San Diego City. The military ask if anybody in the city is watching that they should put some S.O.S signal within the next 24 hour that helicopter can see from the sky.
The news keeps talking about people that are worry about family member.
Jordan ask Hailey if there is any paint to use and signal any plane or helicopter. Hailey found some white paint and they both headed to the rooftop. when they got to the top thier was some stuff in the way and they move the stuff and started to paint “ Help Two alive inside S.O.S!”
Jordan “ alright that should be big enough to see from the sky now let get into something to sleep in.”
  Hailey “alright but will need flashlight just in case the light go of.”
Justin “ good idea and keep some bat or something to use to defend our self.”
They both headed to get the stuff the needed and got two adult size sleeping bag.Jordan and hailey had trouble sleeping hey bothe have been running on adrenaline which there bone and muscle hurt they felt as if there arm were made of jelly. They  eventually the fell asleep with some nightmare and sadness in their dream. A couple of hour later, early in the morning hailey woke up to some noise near the exit stair. She grab the flashlight and bat. She went to see what was the noise coming from.  When she look around the window stare she saw some stuff was knocked over there was a trail of stuff and a little blood. Hailey follow the trail to the cell phone section and could see a man standing looking for any phone that can work or had some service. Hailey accidental drop a phone and gave away her position. Hailey grab the bat tightly in her hand and stood up straight getting ready to defend herself. the man had a large botan  and swing it a hailey, she doge  and swung the bat at the man and hit him on the shoulder  the man was getting serious he swing two time. hailey doge the first one but was smack in the stomach with the second blow. The man kick hailey in the thigh and then throw a punch landing in her chest. hailey fell to the ground and couldn’t get up the man was going to smack her on the head when all of a sudden he heard a little girl scream. The man ran toward the way he came and founded Jordan with a little girl .
Man “ no leave sarah out of these you monster.”
Jordan “ wait what do you mean monster. All Of the people that We meet so far have attack us and tried to kill me and Hailey? Wait where is hailey where is she and why is she not in here sleeping bag . You better answer if you want here alive!?”
Hailey “ I’m here what going on and who is the girl.”
Jordan “ thank god you're safe I was worried. Now what are you doing in here”
Man “ I only came in here to protect my little sister from people like you out there who are killing people.”
Hailey “But we don’t want to kill anybody we are in here because people are killing some people that don’t want to kill so instead we hide.”
Man “ My name is Jake I've seen what going on out there some people are being affected by the gas that exploded from the terrorist bomb and are killing those who haven’t been affect by the gas. thy turn like savages or cannibal and me and my sister have been running and hiding from….. whatever those people are now.”
Jordan look through the window and sees if anybody is around . He closes the window let the girl go.Hailey get the first aid kit and lead  Jake and his sister to the resting area. Jake explain what he knows and what has happen to him.   Hailey was playing with jake sister and introduces himself to her.
  Hailey “ hello my name is Hailey what is your name if you want we can play together.”
Sarah “ hello I’m sarah I’m six year old.”
Hailey and sarah were playing
while Jake and Jordan Watch the news.
  Reporter “ hello we are here with the army before we enter we are putting on this gas. Ok now were are entering through the five freeway. We see someone the military is going to them.”

Chapter 3
Reporter  “ The army has sent two men. They are approaching about two….three...five….nine people . wait, they see the two soldier. Wait, what why are they  attacking them. The soldier are returning fire and the people are taking bullet and are still attacking, they don’t want to go down. Something is not right with these people. they are acting different wait what is that there more are coming a dozen … two dozen …. there are too many to count. the military is firing. that man yank the soldier mask. He shoot him on  the head. what the soldier is acting like these people. the air is making people act savege.”
News man “ what happen with the broad coast …Beeeeeeeeeeeeep………. ok sorry we been cut of by the authority. There have been  signal on roof that there are still people alive. here are one of them. Help two alive inside S.O.S.”
Jordan “they saw our signal yes!
  News man “ the military is preparing to evacuate people through the air, please remain calm they will start sending helicopter within thirteen  minute. Please prepare to evacuate thank you.”
  Jack “ alright let get ready to leave . Jordan where is the entrance to the rooftop.”
While Jake and Jordan Were preparing to leave Hailey and Sarah were taking some toy and money from the cash register.”
  Twenty eight  minutes later they heard some helicopter flying through the air. They headed to the rooftop and waved to the helicopter. One of the helicopter was lowering and was getting ready to land While two other were keeping watch but all of a sudden someone fire a rocket launcher the plain blow up into three pieces and then people started to fire more at the two other choppers. The helicopters fire back and retreated. Hailey and the other headed inside and  lock the roof door. Jake and Jordan watch from the sport store window what what going on outside. There were people outside dancing like if it was a cerimoniae. Jordan look at three stick that stand straight out side he loom in the middle  a little closer and saw three people tied to each stick.A man climb to one of the stick and used a butcher knife to cut of one of the pearson head. The people around cheer more as if it was new year. Jake had turn on the TVs and back on the news.
News man “ The military has rescued  people but have been attack by people like the one in the video. The military can not risk any more pilates life. They are making cheek point in every exit of San Diego and if you can make there will be soldier that will get you out of San Diego. There has been information that survived have given the military and they will leveling all of san diego so it urgent you get out of San Diego.”
  Jordan “ Damn! We have to get to one of san diego Exit If we want to get out of here alive.”
Hailey “ well we can’t do anything but plan if we want to survive and get bout of San Diego.”
Jake “ she is right if we want to survive we have to plan the fastest and safest way to get to the closest exit.”
Jordan “ all right then the closest exit is the 5th freeway.”
Jake,Jordan and Hailey separated there work in getting out the of San Diego. Jake study the street and look all around from the rooftop to see if he can find a safe passage. Hailey was in charge in getting the lightest equipment, tool and medicine  that they can use to defend themselves from any threat outside. Jordan was in charge in getting the food and water that would get some energy in there body.  They took their time to prepare to move on and the army has already station themseleve a while ago.
Hailey “alright I got everything ready how but you two.”
Jordan “ I just finish.”
Jake “ same here.” 
Hailey “ Alright Jake tell use what you came up with.”
Jake “ well I have two plan . The first is we can take the smelly sewer and have a safe passage or go through the street to the police station and get an armor vehicle.”
  Jordan and Hailey thought about it if they went through the sewer they can have a safe passage but if the get to the police station the can get an armor vehicle and get there quicker.
They decided to go the police station and get an armor vehicle in the end. The four of them went through the window and down the emergency fire stair case when they got down they made sure no one was around. they went down the alley and look into the street to see if the coast was clear. Hailey though it was and the cross the street and opening the door in the police station. They look around and it look deserted, there was drink and donates on the counter  and lots of paper. Hailey look for a map that  show them where they keep the vehicle, she founded a maps of the hole police station and it show to go to the left,down the stair, A right turn and another left turn. all four of them headed as it said on the map,  on the way hailey found the weapon armory. she told Jake, Jordan and sofia to wait a second and she headed into the armory which was so huge and there were rows of weapons like in the movies were a secret badass agent would have behind a wall and it would show only when he press a secret button. She grab herself four pistol and a few rounded. She headed back when she could've swear that she heard someone in there as well  she payed no attention and headed back to the other. When she got with them she handed them  each one of them a pistol and a couple round.
Hailey “ this is only for emergencies,  if there are too many of them than you can use this to defend yourself.”
They all had a worried expression but they thought it could be useful. they restarted to head to the vehicle room and when they got there they were amays what types of car there was there all types of cars li mustang , mustang GT, chevrolets, nascar, mercedes, and a tank! They look for a vehicle that would be use to transport money or something similar then they saw a sign saying heavily armed truck and pointing to a separate room. they all walk in and saw three different kind one was a the money transport truck, second is  a riot armed truck, and last was a kind a military police jeep with a fifth thee caliber gun on top the chose the riot truck since it was the best choice and they couldn’t use the fifth thee caliber gun.
    Jack knew how to drive so he got on  the truck and started the engine. Hailey then heard the same noise she heard while in the weapons armory and told everyone to get in and lock the doors. someone ran straight to the riot truck they could not see her because it was so fast but when it ran into the truck they could see it was a black lady that look in her late 60s she started to smack the front window of the car. the good thing was, it was reinforced  with metal. Jake wanted to get her of the truck so he slam on the petal and then he stop the brake when he was in the street. The woman flow onto the ground and hit her head. She then got on her feet and then started to make a screaming sound. They then heard more all around them and started to see shadows in the alley

Chapter 4
Jake “ she was calling for other in the area.”
Hailey “ then you better start steeping in the gas pedal unless you want to stay and chat.”
Jake sped the riot truck and was running over people many started to jump on the roof of the truck but Jake made turn to trip them of the truck roof. He then saw more truck driving in the same area and whan he look closer he saw that they were military truck. They stood close and got on the fifth freeway on the side that was pretty much empty. There he was stop and the military truck circle around to make a wall the soldier inside the truck step out and signal them to also get out the truck.
Jake “ what do you guys think should we trust them.”
Hailey “ well we did come here to find the army and get out of San Diego.”
Jordan “ Well I guess that me and hailey will go and if they start to shoot or you see them do anything suspicious you step on the pedal and get out of her with sarah ok Jake.”
Jake “ but what about you two?”
Hailey “ you wont have enough time to wait for use you. You can get out of here with sarah and inform police. Promise that you will get out and not wait for us if it come to that.”
Jake “ alright but you better put up a fight as well.”
With that Hailey and jordan step out and headed toward the soldier with their hand in the air slowly.
Jordan “ what is going, on why have we stop here?”
Soldier “ my name is Matthew and we stop you because we see you were not wearing a mask.”
Matthew “ are some of  the people that the gas does not affect you?”
Jordan “Yes, but what are soldiers doing here. We heard that the military can not risk anymore soldier life?”
Matthew “Yes, that true but some of us volunteer because we either got families member her or new that people aren't all going to risk their life to get to a safe point.”
Hailey “ alright since we got all that clear can you tell us where the safe point is exactly and what we got to do there to get out of here.”
Matthew “ alright we will escort you, and is there anyone else in there.”
Hailey “ just two other like.”
They all got back in their vehicle and started to drove of . on the way to the safe point Jake ask Question And Hailey answered him. It took ten minute to get there, and there were a lot more people than expected. Hailey then took a closer look  notes that they were people that were infected by the gas.
There was three barriere Most had sandbag, gate , wire on top, gun , soldier, tank, food , water, and cloth.
the first first barriere was to get into and keep all the infected away from the people. The second barrier was too get anything you needed like food, water, cloth or a showers, but all gun had to be taken away. The third barrie was to get into a transport and out of here . While in the first and second barrier they could hear gun shot and the scream of the infected people. There were  body of infected people in a pile and hailey got close to one to examine them she notice that there skin was a lot harder  and that the finger was decaying as well as the mouth. There was thing sprouting in it mouth, hand,leg, and in the shoulder, it look more of a mutation. she was startle when the corpse started to move and a soldier came and aim to the corpse and fire three time, and this time the corpse stayed a corpse.  They entered the third barrier when all of a sudden everyone in the safe zone  heard a loud screech just like the black lady that called all the other infected people in that area. Only that those screech was more of a furious, feared, and savage screech. It sunk into Hailey bone and couldn’t move until someone yeal that there was something charging toward the three gated. Everyone climbed trees, cars, and building to see what was going on and when they got high enough they could see a huge infected that was at least a story high. It was running toward the first barrier and it ran straight through it. It kept running toward the second and it did the same as the first barrier. It was getting fired by tank and losing big chunk of blood and meat but still ran over the third barrier. The hug infected was destroying tank building and was stopping on soldier. It was not close near the transport area so everyone was trying to get into a vehicles. Hailey and the other went where there were lease people. There were plane taking off and helicopter getting ready to do the same thing. Hailey told the other to head for that jet because the infected were getting past the soldier and biting people there were seven infected headed toward them. Two infected caught up with sarah, Jake stop and look for his pistol but remembered it was taken away . the infected were going to jump on sarah when Hailey took out the pistol she hiden before she entered the second barrier and fire two round hitting one effected in the head and the second on the leg. Jake grab sarah and ran with her on  his back. Jordan took out his bat that was not taken away and stayed with hailey behind Jake and Sarah. They protected them from any infected that got too close to them. They reach the jet and hailey pointed the gun  toward the driver to start the engine. Jordan was taking out two of the infected when he was smack on the back he fell to the ground and three infected were biting him and whacking him. Hailey and Jake were getting ready to help when Jordan  said “ No go it too late for me, i'm already infected get out of here I will hold them off long enough for you to escape.”
Hailey “ but what do I tell your parents If I find them.” 
Jordan “ tell them I love them so much and that to not be upset that I want them to live happy. I will always be in  there heart. Now go unless you want my death to be in vain.”
  With that Jordan  kick of the infected grab his bat and started to smack them on the head. Jake told the pilot to start taking of while Hailey close the jet door.
She watch from the window that Jordan wasn't’ the only one who  was fighting with the infected there are many more other out in the safe zone fighting whether it soldier or parent they all want to escape but they have duties to protect other or their love on.  Hailey started to cry not because Jordan was left to died but  because she didn’t Know how to explain all of this to Jordan parent if she found them both. The jet flew all the way to Alta Vista  were Jake and sarah were sent to a foster care. Hailey was sent to Jail for assaulting a pilot . She was released Since there were Infected involved. Bailey was taken care by the government and was sent back to school . She had not seen or heard of her parent for two month and she doesn't expect them to there is a slight chance that they have survive. She founded Jordan parent five month later and has been preparing for this moment it was still hard for them and Hailey to accept it but they later  Knew that not many other made it out alive and that  those families were going through same thing and had greater lost. Hailey was later adopted by Jordan parent and move in with them.
     Three year later …………………
Hailey “ get Those men out of that hospital sergeant!”
Sergeant Mayer “ yes mam, You heard the Captain men let move out Alpha team!”
Hailey “ Delta team you will cover Artillery fire on those three mutant giants!”
Delta “ Roger that Captain.”
Hailey “ Alright,  while alpha teams shoots their ways through the infected. Delta team will distract the three giant mutant In those those skyscraper. We will get this explosive on top of that 8 story skyscraper and blow them to fall on top of the mutants do you understand men!”

Chapter 5

Men “ Yes mam.”
       Hailey Graduated from High school, while in school those two year the infected spread all around the united state and even into other big country like russia, china, africa, mexico, canada, england, and even into north korea. Hailey knew that there were going to be lots of losses and she had already been into this one and has a better chance than most people. She join the marine to fight against the infected . She is now in New York on the east port side and her mission is to escort civilence to safely, get rid of three mutant .
Hailey and her men move across the streets of new york. There is way too many  infected in the city and this is just a squad of 36 marines . Hailey and her men keep pushing through with every men they lost they would kill more than 300 hundred infected it was a small amount of infected to kill for every man they lost. Every infected they see there would be 5 more they didn’t see.
Hailey “ This is lima-niner I am Captain Hailey my men are getting slaughter, there are way too many infected in this area, we need air support and armer support do you copy Papa.”
zzzzzzzz ……………
HQ Papa “ this is papa we copy you lima-niner  what you're states over.”
Hailey “ Were are approximately heading toward the three mutant but the street are full of infected, I already lost ten men and there is no way we can keep heading on without some tank support!”
Papa “ were sending a care packet just pop the smoke red and they will fire. We also got two tank and a fifty caliber jeep headed your way wait two minutes.”
Hailey “ Roger that Papa  we hold our ground.”
Hailey “ two minute for care packet to come men hold your ground, pop the smoke to target the area.”
Private Sickler“ Roger that mam.”
Sickler throw a smoke grenade about 80 yard in a street full of infected. Three infected came at him from the alleyway next to him and four in the front. Sickler grab his Scar-L and fired at the four infected in the front. They all fell to the ground he turn to the three in the alley way but his Scar-L was slap out of his hand by the closes infected. He took out a handgun and fire four rounds at that infected. It came down with  a bam. Sickler fire his last three rounded and throw the gun toward the two infected left. He took out a bowie knife and stab one in the arm, dodge a punch, cut through the infected leg half way and was smack to the ground by the second infected. They started to rip chunk of meat from his right leg and left arm.  Seven more infected showed up and also dig into his leg, thigh, shoulder, and right leg. Hailey saw him on the ground and knew she couldn’t do anything he was done.  Then sickler look into Hailey eyes and said.
   Sickler “ Hooray marines!”
With that he grab two frags with his right arm and blew up with about 14 or more infected. Hailey move on with the rest of the squad. The jet came and fire four round of rocket wiping out most of the infected in the street. They move on two block firing down any infected when they could see two tank and the fifty caliber jeep. They were just in time Hailey squad was getting tired. They let the armory hold of the infected while they to some time to rest and resupply . They saw the 8 story building ahead  and entered quietly. The artillery support hold of the infected and distracted them away from Hailey squad and the three mutant. Hailey told her squad were they were going to plant the bombs.
    Hailey “alright , listen up men we are going to plant six bomb three on the second floor and three in the third floor . After  we will head to the next building and do the same thing. Do you understand men.”
    Squad “Yes mam.”
Hailey and her men spread out to the second and third floor the plant the bomb. they reported to Hailey when they finish planting the bomb. Hailey and her men move to the bottom floor and exit the building through the back alley. They all went across the street and about four building away. Hailey and here men went to the second floor and watch the mutant giant get closer to their trap. The distraction team which is delta team was passing through and radio hailey team.
Delta team “ This is delta team do you copy me lima-niner!”
    Haliey “ This is lima-niner what your status over delta.”
    Delta “ We are ready and bringing the three mutant giant towered you, are you ready?”
    Hailey “ We are ready , just bring them in.”
    delta team has past the 8 story building and was outside the building of where Hailey and her men are station. the three mutant giant were making the ground shake every time one made a step.
    Hailey “ Get ready to press that trigger Drake.”
    Private Drake “ I got my hand on the trigger captain.”
  three giant were between the two building that when Drake press the trigger and the two building blowed the second and third floor. The buildings were falling on top of the three giant, when it completely fell to  the ground
there was a pile of concrete were the three giant ones stude . Everyone cheered so loud, hailey was happy and smiling when she was raido by alpha team.
  Captain Greg “ This is alpha team do you copy lima-niner!’
   Hailey “ This is lima-niner. What is all that racket in the background?!”
    Captain Greg “ We were making our way through the horde of infected to get to the men in the hospital, When when were ambush by some charger. we have the men but we are trap in the 5 floor. we can't go up it block and the charger are in the fourth floor and can’t get up here since we sealed the exit.”
     Hailey “ hold your position we are heading your way. Don’t let those civilian get hurt!”
     Hailey “ Listen up alpha team was ambush by some tanker and can’t get out without some casualty. So it’s up to us to make a safe passage way to get those civilence to a safe zone, Move it.”
  Hailey and her men made their way through horde of infected to get to the hospital. They could see that there were still hundred of infected all around the hospital. Hailey got here men to reload and stock up on bullets. Delta team move in shooting tank shell into the infected crowed.
     Hailey and her squad waited for the infected to attack back and that when they went in, firing with A.K.A, Scar-L, uzi, even tear gas. infected are taught to fight in big horde of more than thirty and hailey was trying to get into a crowd of infected. hailey toss a frag and blow up in a group of 9 infected. She smack a infected with the butt of her scar-L and knock him out with one blow. hailey squad was at the entrance of the hospital. they all entered and lock the door behind them to hold of the infected.
    While seven of  hailey men tried to closed the  door the rest of her men were covering fire and eliminating all the infected that were inside of the hospital and these were not ordinary looking infected it must be the infection or sickness that they had that made them look ugly. Once they finish eliminating all the infected they look all around the first floor they could see the light flickering in the hallway, personal items on the floor, medical tool on the counter, chairs flip over, water and blood spill all over the floor, kid toys, blood stain on the wall and the dead body that were just kill.Hailey could smell the odor of death and it was not pleasant.she reach down and pick up a toy maybe a from a little boy it was a green soldier man.
Hailey had fought infected since she joined the marine but has never seen infected people so disgusting like the one on that top pile of dead body had a open wound stretching all across it’s chest. Hailey is one the girl she just felt sorry for these people that they were attack while in a hospital. She want to make a difference in this world and to stop the infected destroying and killing other family like hers.

Hailey order all here men to move and scout the floors above. They all could see the same thing they saw in the first floor. when they got to the fifth floor they could hear a big.

Chapter 6

   They went up the stair to the fifth floor and when they got there they could see that this part of the building was more of a lab like floor. They saw dead body of infected people and some of the men that were with alpha team. They check for pulse In the bodys but they were all dead. Hailey squad could hear the
“ Thud!Thud!Thud!” getting louder and louder every time they get closer to the end of the hallway. Hailey turn to the right and could see the tankers they were trying to break through the door that separated them and the civilians. One turn around to see if there were anybody around, hailey signal to here men to stop and she duck down before the tanker could see her. The tanker turn around and started to bang on the door again. Hailey toss a frag grenade then they all started to fair at the three tanker . The tanker turned around and flow toward the door, they got back up and charge at Hailey, she shot another frag with her gun and brought down a tanker. One tanker came at her and she had no time to react when he swung a hand, smacking her whole upper body. the second tanker was fighting with hailey men they brought it down with some grenade. Meanwhile Hailey got up and brought out an uzi and aim it at the tanker. The tanker was hit with so many bullet but still stand, he then let out a loud scream. Hailey knew that she only made it mad she was going to die when all of a sudden a blast comes from out side killing the tanker and throwing hailey at the end of the hallway. There were more blast towered the hospital and she realized it was the artilerey fire . She raider there artilery support to tell them why they were shooting at there own men when she sow why. There was another mutant giant with the crowed of zombies out there.
      Hailey was frozen in place, it was tuff to all ready get through the crowed of infected and now they got to also fight another giant mutant. A first class privet told Hailey that they open the door and gotten out the civilians and alpha team out . Hailey look at the civilians for any bite mark. Captain greg and the rest of his squad that was left were keeping watch of the flore they were in. Most if the civilians where docters that look like they been trapped here for months. Hailey started thinking for a way to escape that wouldn't involve to go through  that crowd of infected .
     Hailey remember that they used a strike  package to mow down the infected while trying to get to the sky scraper.
    Hailey " this is captain Hailey I am requesting for a air strike in front of the hospital."
   Papa " this is papa captin we have been pushing towered the center of new york but the infected are in great number and not going down easily. We send artilary support but most of the artilery are in combat."
  Hailey " I just need an air strike in front of the hospital Frederick st."
   Papa " we can only send one jet will that de enough fire power."
   Hailey " yes."
    Papa " alright jet inbound in two minutes."
  Hailey told capten Greg that there will be an air stick in two minutes, they all reloded there weapons and got ready to move out. The air strike hit in front of the hospital as told they headed down stairs till they got to the bottom floor and open the hospital main door . They spilled to the street and made sure that the infected were dead . Hailey could see the big mutant was hurt because it's  leg were missing . Hailey threw some gernade towered its mouth and blowed ups it head. There artilery support stop in front of them to take them back towered there base . There transport were full because all the civilians and alpha team men filled up the seat. Hailey and here sqaud had to move on foot, they walk behind the tanks and saw that new marince were heading were they came from to take over the mission of her squad.
   They walk for twenty minutes there were no nore soldiers going or coming from the battlefield . They kept walking on and that when she got suspicious, a message came from HQ papa saying that they lost all contact with the soldiers in that area and that she got order ro investigat. She was really tired and was hopping for a nice relaxing place to sleep , so much for that idea . Hailey could see subway tunnal that lead to a subway station. Then out of no were infected started to come out of the subway tunnal and run towered them Hailey told the transportation buses and tank to speed up and head to bases at full speed . Thay dod as they were told, Hailey only had 25 men that were left from here squad they were very tired. The good news was that they were left with the fifty caliber machine gun jeep.
   Hailey told here men to get ready to fight they did as they were told. They fired off round  after round bringing down dozen of infected . She notice that there were soldiers infected and new then that was why they lost contact with them in this area . They ran out of ammo quickly since they they didn't get any refills they turn to pistol and knives to fend  the infected . Here mens were now in hand to hand combat with them . The jeep was filled with fifty cal. ammo which was helpful. Hailey didn't have no more ammo which she throw her gun down and grab two bowie knife she had three infected men running at full speed towered here. Hailey jab the first man in the head with one hit he goes down like a rock the other two come at her from the side.  A black man maybe in his early thirty come at hailey with a hammer he swing but Hailey dodges his hammer and kick him between his leg bringing him to the ground in pain she turn around and sliced the guys right arm and stabbing him in his chest a couple time and no longer moves or makes a sound. The last infected is stab by a marine with a Knife similar to Haileys. Hailey look around she could see that they weren't going to last long without bullet But she told her squad to keep fighting and none of them ran or disagree they fought till they could no more . Hailey has been fighting for about five minutes but felt like a hour she look around and only here and six marine were left . Her rest of the squad was either dead or turned into an infected . Hailey  was fighting with five infected that have surrounded her, when three came at here from the front she charge at them at full speed when she felt a jolt of pain on her head she slammed to the ground with some force she couldn’t feel her body and her vision was fading. She could see that the infected all were standing and looking at someone that was approaching her she could see a kid maybe 15 or 16 he had a long leg and tanned skin that last thing hailey so was a smile and an image came to her head of Jordan….

                               to be continued…….

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