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Chapter 1

Hailey just got out of her yoga club and is walking home .  While walking home she then hear a noise behind her but can’t tell who or what is causing it so she decided to hide behind a wall. All of a sudden the noise stop and she wait but doesn't see anything . Hailey suddenly feel something poking here on the shoulder she turn around to be frighten by her friend. This friend of Hailey’s is Jorden Cook, and has been friend with Hailey since their first year in middle school. Jordan has a body of an athletes even though he is not in any running club or sport. He is wearing some black jeans, a belt, a black sweater with a the words imprinted
“ were all the people?”,has a white t-shirt, and some white Jordans shoes.

Hailey say in annoyed voice “ damn jordan why is it that you always have to scare me to death every time you meet with me.”
   jordan says with some humor in  his voice “ It because you always freak out when your are not on your guard and it is hilarious how you scream.”
    Hailey “ Next time you think on scaring me I will grab you and kill you with my bare hand, do you understand me jordan.”
   jordan think about it “ alright I won't do it again I promise.”jordan says.
    Hailey and jordan walk and later stop at a fast food restaurant. they chat about school related stuff and start watching the news about some terrorist attack in Los Angeles a few hour ago. while they eat across the street. There is a huge department store and suddenly there is a huge bang. jordan and hailey can feel the big blast of air and get to the ground to cover their head.
Hailey with a confused expression
“ what was that was it an explosion!? A terrorist attack ,jordan are you okay.”

Jordan in pain “ aah! hailey help me with this concrete it crushing my chest!’’

Hailey and a cook from the fast food restaurant  lift the concrete rock but jordan left hand was badly hurt. They used the first aid kit to hold jordan hand in place. Everybody in the area was panicking the police was telling people to get away as far as possible. A distance away Hailey and jordan heard a couple more explosion. People started to loot the store and were fighting in a savage way.
Jordan with concern in his face “ Hailey let go to your house since it the closest to us . They ran the whole way until they got to Hailey house. Hailey father was a drug addict and got divorce with hailey mother. Her mother was at her office at work and won’t come home soon.                    Jordan look around the house for a house phone he could use. He ran through the living room head search everywhere except hailey room. He found it in Hailey room while waiting for his parent to answer. He could see Hailey room was clean he notice a world war two gun book magazine, cloth, Skateboard, poster of 21 jump street, some brand new model computer, and  book shelf. His parent answered and he  told  them what happen, were they were, and that they were okay. Hailey turn to the news and all are talking about the new explosion and that the explosion might have exposed some kind of of chemical toxic. Their saying people are be affected and the chemical could be warfare, If anybody around the area is affected they should get as far as possible or put on some gas mask. The news reporter are saying to stay in door to not go outside if possible, it’s affecting people in different way.
Hailey “ Jordan it look like you are going to have to stay for a while.”
They both listen to the news for more detail,
They  hear  cars beeping, people shouting, shooting ,police and helicopter.
Hailey and jordan were getting sleepy and it was already twelve pm . they both decided to go to sleep. hailey was going to the kitchen to grab a glass of water when people started to break the window, hitting the door or slamming into them, they were throwing thing at the windows.
Hailey whisper in a low afraid voice “  jordan let go through the back door”
Jordan ask “ But don’t you think there are going to be people in the backyard?”
Hailey “ Not unless they can jump 1 meter into the air.”
Both of them headed to the back door. Hailey unlock the door went to grab a ladder and used it to jump over the fence.They agree that they would head to the nearest police station. They use the ally way to avoid as many people as possible, and if they did encounter anyone they could hide behind garbage cans, trash bags, or even a wall. On their way to the police station they saw people that look normal and people that acted strange like animal.
When they saw the police station in front of them they could see a crowed of people demanding the police officer what was going on and why people were fighting, killing, attacking their family members, friend or even neighbor.

women “ officer why did my son attack his father and sister he never hurt them he love them both?”
   Officer “ Mam I can not tell you anything by the order of the police department  I’m instructed to do what I can to help those in need so”
  man “ I demand to know what going on you can’t just say it nothing we will take care of it  and tell us to go home”
   Another man “If you don’t let me in I will break open that door!”
  Hailey “we can’t get through if the big mob stay in front of the police station.”
Jordan “ I guess we’ll have to wait till it get under control”
  Hailey “ Then What will we do till then?”
  Jordan look around and he saw a public library. They headed toward the library but all of a sudden people started yelling
Women “ no Please someone help my husband he is getting hit by a bat.”
Cop“ Put your hand in the air you're under arrest.”
The women with the bat stop hitting the man and ran toward the cop.”
The cop used a taser and pull the trigger. The woman instead of falling to the ground she was more furious, she grab the cop and drop him to the ground with brutal force. five other people started violently hurting or killing people with their hand or anything that can be use as a weapon. Hailey and Jordan were assaulted by a white man he look like he was in his mid-twenties started punching Hailey then grab her by the neck. Jordan grab a rock on the side of the street and smack the guy in the head, but he kept choking hailey so jordan kick him in the stomach pushing the man off of Hailey and took her hand running to the public library. The library door open with people running in terror, or screaming like wild animal. Hailey look around and saw a shop with window that look like it was being close because there was wood on the door and windows.

Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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