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I Ruined a Perfect Thing // mainlyatl, om&m, and ptv

Author's note: I was sitting on my couch reading, and I thought, "this would make a fantastic...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I was sitting on my couch reading, and I thought, "this would make a fantastic plot," and started writing.

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Jack Skellington: Forgive me, Mr. Claus. I'm afraid I've made a terrible mess of your holiday.

Santa: Bumpy *sleigh*-ride... Jack. Next time you get the urge to take over someone else's holiday, I'd listen to *her*.

[points to Sally]

Santa: She's the only one who makes any sense around this insane asylum!

[walks away, muttering]

Santa: Skeletons, boogie men...

Jack Skellington: I hope

This story is orginally from my wattpad soo...

there's still time.

Santa: To fix Christmas? Of course there is! I'm Santa Claus!

[flies out chimney]  was heard faintly coming from the television in the background. It was Christmas Eve, the snow falling, just another regular day in Atlanta, Georgia. " Cornelia, come on! My mom said your parents will be here soon, then we are going to see Santa! Like, in real life!" Hollered by bestfriend, Cimber. I smiled widely. "Coming!" I replied. I ran to the living room waiting for my parents. Hours past, and they never showed up. I tugged on Cimber's moms shirt. "Mrs. Stella? Where's mommy and daddy?" I asked her. She knelt down to my height, softly stroking her thumb over my cheek. "Honey, remember when your mammy was sick, and she went into a really long sleep? One she'll never wake up from?" I nodded, but held a confused look. What does this have to do with my mommy and daddy? "Well, now mommy and daddy are in a never ending sleep now. Except, they fell asleep a different way." She pulled me into a hug, as i slowly started crying. It was only a month later, the day I turned 9, that I realized that they weren't in a never ending sleep, even though they were. But, I realized they died.

-Flashback over-   

I sat at Cimber's house. It's been 6 years since my parents pasted away. Since then, Cimber has become this extremely famous actress. Unlike most actresses, she didn't become a snooty b**** and drop me. We still listened to music together. We still did out Movie Saturdays. And, most importantly, she still held me while I cried every Christmas Even about my parents passing. Tonight, she's taking me to some party that "someone I admire dearly" invited her to, and said that she could bring a friend. Tonight, also happens to be my 24th birthday. "Cor? You in here?" She yelled out. I smiled at my best friend. "Right here!" She ran over to me, hugging my tightly. "Happy Birthday, Babe! Here, take this!" She yelled, practically shoving a black piece of cloth in my face. I laughed. "Ha-alright, calm your tits." I unfolded the cloth, to see it was a home-made t-shirt, with an iron on picture of me with the only and one, Pierce the Veil. "No way!!! How did you do this?! Ahh, iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou!!" I hugged her tightly. "Go put it on! Get ready!" I groaned. "Cimber, you know that no-one will even notice me, right?" She sighed. "Cornelia Celestia Pandora, you will be just fine!" She told me. I sighed. Suree...

-At the Party; Cornelia's POV-

I was walking right behind Cimber when I noticed-wait, Jaime Preciado? No, I'm seeing things. I poked her shoulder. She turned around, smirking at me. "Yes, my dear Cornelia?" She asked. "What kind of party did you bring me to?" I asked her. She giggled at me. "A band party!!" She replied. "Cimber Amaya Stella, what the hell did you just get me into?!"     She laughed at me. "Only the best birthdays of all birthdays!" She replied, pulling into what looked like a kitchen. Yeah, right.

-Later that Night; Every from the party is in a circle; playing If I had; Cornelia's POV-

I sat next to Cimber and some other person that I believe was invited by a band member. We were playing If I had, which didn't make since. Once it got to Cimber, who started, she said, "I-if I h-had a b-brother, I-I'd be s-sober!" She said, with sent all the drunk band members into histarics. If I had a car, I'd leave. I thought. Well, next would've been me, but even my "best friend" didn't realize I was sitting right there. The girl next to me, who's name I learned was Emma, said, "If I had t-the power to be invisible, I'd stalk hot guys." I was surprised by what I actually worked up to say. "You don't need powers to be invisible." I piped out. Everyone looked at me, like they didn't even notice I was sitting there. And four of their faces are ironed onto my shirt. I stood up, "Cimber, I'm leaving. Bye." I said, turning around, feeling the tears threatening to leave my eyes. I walked away, before turning back around. I kneeled down next to her. "I need your keys, Cim. You wouldn't let me bring my money, so I'm taking your car." She drunkenly handed me her keys, and I returned to walking to her car. Before I got to the car, I heard someone walk up to me. Without looking to see who it was, I said, "I don't know what you want, but please, leave me alone." I looked up to see that person I was talking to, more like people I was talking to was Alex Gaskarth, and Vic Fuentes. "We just wanted to check on you before we let you leave. We saw Cim bring you, and I saw her just slowly forget about you while she got drunk. Ya'know, we are the dd's for our bands, so we haven't drank." Alex said. I gave them a confused look. "Then how come no-one said anything to me?" I choked out, this time tears rolling down my cheeks. "This was supposed to be Cimber's present to me. It's my 24th birthday." I told them. Sitting down in the drivers seat, putting the keys in the ignition. "No, don't leave yet!" Vic said. "Why should I stay?" I whispered. They both just looked at me before, at the same time, saying, "Because we noticed you." I looked up at them, surprised. Someone actually noticed me. For once, I wasn't invisible.

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