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The Girl Who Wished For the TARDIS

Author's note: I was bored one night and an idea for this fanfiction popped into my head. I started writing...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I was bored one night and an idea for this fanfiction popped into my head. I started writing it on my phone and I had no idea it would get this long.

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Chapter 2

First the TARDIS lands at Maggie’s house. Sherlock seems angry that we are wasting time. “It’s only gonna take a few minutes each.” I assure him. I run out and to the door of the small salmon colored house. I nock on the door once and then enter on my own.
“MAGGIE!” I shout.
“COMING!” I hear her shout back. She runs into the sun room where I am with a bag slung over her shoulder. She smiles. “This better not be a prank.”
I smile back. “I assure you, it’s
This is the second chapter. Again, feedback is much appreciated!
not.” She pulls her shoes on and we run outside. “This is crazy, the Doctor is gonna have a TARDIS full of teenage girls! We are going to pick up Mackenzie too!” I say opening the door to the TARDIS.
As we enter the Doctor looks at us expectedly. As Maggie looks around I tell him where we need to go to pick Mackenzie up. As he starts punching things a look of disappointment crosses his face.
“What’s the matter?” I ask.
“None of you say the thing!” He says. It almost sounds like he’s whining.
“Thing?” I ask not sure what he’s talking about.
“You know, the ‘it’s bigger on the inside’ thing.” He says. I can’t help but laugh a little. “What?” he says.
“Maggie, he wants you to say ‘it’s bigger on the inside.’” I say turning to her.
She looks at me. “But I already know it is.” We both look at the Doctor.
He lets loose a sigh. “Fine, be that way.” He says punching in the buttons.
A few minutes later we land in Mackenzie’s yard. Maggie and I run up to the door, Mackenzie is sitting there waiting for us. She hops up. She also has a bag packed. “I don’t think the Doctor has ever had such prepared companions.” I say smiling. I just can’t stop smiling.
We run back to the TARDIS, after telling Mackenzie’s dog Chloe to stay. Before entering Mackenzie says “Dude, she’s gonna flip when this thing fly’s away.” Maggie and I nod in agreement. I open the door and we walk in. Mackenzie’s face is priceless.
“Wow, it really is bigger on the inside.” She says knowingly. I look at the Doctor. He runs and hugs Mackenzie.

“Thank you!” He shouts setting her down.
“What was that about?” She asks confused.
“You said the thing.” I tell her. Maggie laughs, but Mackenzie just looks more confused.
“Nothing, nothing.” I tell her.
Then Sherlock walks out from one of the rooms of the TARDIS. I quickly turn to Maggie and Mackenzie. “This is not Benedict Cumberbatch, just Sherlock. We ship him with John, Ok?” I say. They nod.
“Have you asked him if he likes John?” Maggie asks. I open my mouth, close it.
“Ummmmm. No. Not yet. He seems kinda concerned about him though. You saw the video right?”
They nod. “Everyone has seen it at least 10 times even if they don’t want to.” Mackenzie says. “It’s EVERYWHERE.”
“That’s the point.” I point out. (Pun not intended)
“So Moffat is really going to kill John? That’s so mean!” Maggie says.
“We all know Moffat is mean.” Sherlock says. He had been standing over us and we hadn’t noticed. We look up at him and gulp. He then directs his gaze to Maggie. “You, you live in a large town and sign a lot. You have a cat, and a fish. You spend quite a bit of time at your house signing. You are also having a hard time believing that this is happening, and the realization has not quite hit you yet. You and Delaney have been friends for a long time.”
He then turns to Mackenzie. Maggie looks at me wide eyed. I nod at her whisper, “I didn’t tell him anything.” She looks astonished.
Then Sherlock starts on Mackenzie. “You also go to public school and are quite popular there. You have a lot of friends. You also enjoy spending time out side. You’re not an avid reader but you do read some books and enjoy them. You also have a large dog, and a cat. Judging by the look on your face, you do not know a ton about the Doctor, but enough, and quite a bit about me. Whereas Maggie knows more about the Doctor than you do but nothing about me.”

The Doctor interferes, “Alright now, you’ve had your fun now stop creeping them out.” He says.
“I wasn’t done yet though.” Sherlock complains. The Doctor looks pointedly at him and then Sherlock stalks of. “Lets, go to tomorrow already, no need to waist time.”
The Doctor then goes to the console to press buttons on the controller. “You girls can put your stuff by Delaney’s.” He says pointing to a corner of the TARDIS where my backpack sits. Together the three of us move around the TARDIS as if one, setting their backpacks down and then moving back to the center.
“At least we get this Doctor and this TARDIS.” I say to them quietly. “The TARDIS’s after this are so weird looking. This one is by far my favorite.” I say in a lower voice than usual, trying to not let the Doctor over hear the spoilers.
Maggie and Mackenzie agree and the Doctor looks up. “What was that?” He asks.
We shake our heads and speak in unison. “Nothing!” He shrugs.
“So in time lines, Sherlock is at 2 years after the fall. So he knows more than we do so we don’t have any spoilers for him. The Doctor on the other hand, we do. I’m not sure where he is at right now. All I know is that Rose is gone.” I say informing my best friends.
“Well, let’s find out then.” She walks confidently over to the Doctor. “So…um where are you at? In your time lines you know. It’s just we should know so that we don’t spoil anything without meaning to.”
“Fair point.” The Doctor says. He thinks a moment. The last companion I had was Martha. She…left. Does that help?”
Mackenzie nods. “Thanks!” and she turns back to us. “I’m not that far so I can’t spoil anything.” She tells us.
“Cool.” Maggie and I say.

A few moments later we are back in London. We pile outside and get strange looks from the people on the street. I don’t blame them, two adult men and three teenage girls all just walked out of a police box. Who knows what they are thinking. We are on a bridge by Buckingham Palace.
“We should get a cab to take us to BBC headquarters.” I say looking at the sun. “It almost looks around 12:00.”
“We could run?” The Doctor suggests. We look at him.
“That’s not going to work; we don’t even know where it is.” Sherlock says. A cab will do. We watch as Sherlock hails a cab and then we pile in. “To BBC Headquarters.” Sherlock tells him and we are on our way.
The drive involves Maggie, Mackenzie and I pestering Sherlock and the Doctor with questions. Mine are mostly for Sherlock though. I get him to tell me how he survived the fall. They did ask us a few questions as well though. Such as “So how long are the shows?” “What’s my theme song?” “Do the fangirls like me?” and things like that. We take pleasure in answering all their questions.
When we finally reach the headquarters we pile out and pay the cabbie. As we are about to walk away the cabbie reaches out with a piece of paper. Sherlock takes it. “What is this for?” Sherlock asks.
“I was wondering if you all could sign in for me. My daughter is a fan of your shows see, and she will be very excited to hear that I got to drive the actors of Sherlock, the Doctor and his companions. Sorry, I don’t know your all names, maybe they are new episodes that are not out yet.”
Sherlock signs, as well as the Doctor. He then passes the paper to me. I sign my name shakily. I then hand it to Maggie who gives to Mackenzie who gives it back to the cabbie. He thanks us profusely and drives away.
All at once us three girls jump up and down happily screaming.
“OH MY GOSH HE JUST ASKED FOR OUR AUTOGRAPHS!” I scream and Maggie and Mackenzie say something like that at the same time. As we scream happily Sherlock and the Doctor stare at something behind us.
We cool down as the keep looking behind us. “What are you looking at?” I say turning around. Then I see them, a mob of fans. They are brandishing signs. There are so many, probably around 1,000! Kids, teens and grownups. Maggie and Mackenzie turn around and I hear one of them whisper “Wow.”
“So, we have to get inside and talk to them?” The Doctor says.
“That should be easy enough.” Sherlock says. He starts to walk towards the crowd. I see how this is going to go bad imminently. I run towards Sherlock to stop him but it’s too late.
I hear someone shout: “Look there he is!” And suddenly millions of eyes turn towards Sherlock. I can also see that they are looking at the Doctor, and me. I was the one on the video so of course they know me.
But luckily they don’t know Maggie or Mackenzie yet. I turn to them. “Maggie, take the Doctor. Mackenzie get Sherlock! Meet back at the door of the building.” They nod. Mackenzie runs into the crowd for Sherlock and Maggie grabs the Doctor’s hand and leads him around the crowd. I go around the other side. I find a baseball hat on the ground and put it on. I work my way around the crowd and hope that Sherlock isn’t being attacked. All around I see people who are wearing Doctor Who shirts, and Sherlock shirts. It’s a really large turnout.
I finally reach the doors. Maggie and the Doctor are there the Doctor also has a hat on. Just then Mackenzie and Sherlock appear. “Only had to pull a few girls off of him!” Mackenzie says and I hope she’s joking. We quickly walk toward the door. There are guards outside the door.
The Doctor flashes his sidekick paper at the guard. “Heath and Safety.” He says. The guard gives us a strange look but lets us in. We all pile inside.
I run to a big des that looks promising. “We are here to see Moffat.” I say. “Or the BBC head man.” I add as an afterthought.
“Well the head is busy but Moffat has an opening… what’s the meeting about.” Says the lady. She looks up at me for the first time and sees how young I am. She gives me a funny look but shrugs as if this happens a lot.”
“Ummm, health and safety.” I say.
She shrugs again. “I’ll call you in at 12:15.”
I say thank you and walk away. I find a clock on the wall. Its 12:00. “We have an appointment in fifteen minutes.” I tell them. They nod. We find seats. We sit impatiently by a window that faces the crowd. A lot of them are taking pictures.
I take my phone out and look at the feed on instagram. Almost all the pictures of are Sherlock and Mackenzie are pushing through the mod and of us sitting here right now. I pass my phone to Mackenzie and then Maggie. They look out the window. I check the time again. A few more minutes.
It takes forever but finally the lady at desk stands up. “Health and safety, Moffat with have you now.” We stand up.
She looks at us funnily. “My crew.” I tell her. She leads us to the elevator and we pile in. We stand in the crowed spot and she presses a button from the outside. The door closes, the elevator lurches and we start to make our way up. There is no music playing in the elevator, so there is a strange silence. We go up and up.
“Dude, he must be like on the top floor or something.” Mackenzie remarks. As we go up I tell Maggie and Mackenzie about how there are all sorts of alternative universes with fictional lands. They are pretty excited about that, but they didn’t run around screaming like I did. I guess I’m just pretty emotional and show it.
Finally the door opens and we all scramble out so we don’t get stuck in the elevator. When I get out I look around. We are in a long hallway. The walls are grey, so is the ceiling and the floor is made of tile so every step we take makes a loud ringing sound. I don’t know what I expected, maybe a medieval castle with torture tools hanging from the wall and torches burning, but it seems a little too simple.
The walls are bare except for small lights that leave light patches on the ground. At the end of the hall way is a single door. There is a small sign on the door that says “Steven Moffat.”
“I guess that’s where we go.” Says the Doctor.
“Are you sure we shouldn’t have weapons or anything?” asks Maggie.
I shake my head. “We have no protection from him. We are not in danger, Sherlock and the Doctor are though. He can kill them with his words.” I say looking to the two men. Normally that would have been funny but under the circumstances it was not.
We make our way down the hall. I start to feel like Dorothy from ‘Wizard of Oz’ walking down the hallway to see the great and terrible wizard. I guess in some ways we are going to see a great and terrible wizard ourselves.
We reach the door. We all stare at it. I bet that no one else wants to be the one to open the door. I for one don’t. “Should we knock?” Sherlock suggests. I am about to ask him when he as ever been polite enough to knock but think better of it. Mackenzie knocks hard on the door.
“Health and safety.” I say loud enough for him to hear me though the door.
We hear a muffled reply. “Come in!” Again we all do nothing. “Come in!” Moffat says though the door, this time louder and more demanding. We are galvanized into action. All five hands reach for the door knob and turn it at once. The door swings open wide and we tumble in. It must look like a dog pile.
We hastily stand up and straiten our selves out.
I look at Moffat see that he is staring at us. “What’s going on?” he asks. “David? Benedict? What are you doing with these girls.”
I try to say something but Sherlock gets there first. With his arms raised he says: “Who on earth is this Benedict person! And why do people keep associating him with me?” He says loudly. Moffat makes a face that could be described in words as “What the hell is going on?”
Then the Doctor has to put in his words as well. “Yeah, who’s David?”
I turn to them. “I’ll explain latter guys!” Then I turn to Steven who still has the look on his face.
“You are certainly not health and safety.” He says standing up with one hand moving towards on his phone. He’s about to call security I realize. Behind me I hear the Doctor and Sherlock
“I would have hoped you figured that out.” Mackenzie says to him. “We don’t even have a mop!”
His hand is hovering over the phone now. I have to do something. “Mr. Moffat sir! Please don’t call security, we need to talk to you!”
He moves his hand away from the phone slowly. “About what?” He asks.
I take a deep breath before I start. “See, you know about alternative universes right?” He nods. Then I launch into a long description of the crazy events of the day. I tell the story and everyone adds in when I forget something or leave out a detail.
When we finish I look at Moffat. “How do I know you’re telling the truth?”
“They don’t know who David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch are.” Mackenzie says.
“We have American accents, and we are not jet lagged. How else would we have got here?” Maggie points out.
“I can show you to the TARDIS as proof.” The Doctor says. All at once the five of us start giving lots of proof. Moffat raises a hand to stop us and we quiet down.
Then Sherlock says, “If you still don’t believe us, look out the window or turn on the TV.” Moffat picks up a remote and I look around and find a TV. Sherlock really is observant.
A news channel turns on showing a women. “All over the world masses of people are joining together in a mob. After last night’s internet hack, fans all over are uniting to try to save John Watson life.” Then the screen shifts to the crowd outside of BBC headquarters, then a mall in America where people are branding signs. It shows many other world famous places, like the Eiffel Tower, and pyramids in Egypt. Then the women is shown again. “This truly is a rebellion, if only in signs. The girl who was seen on the internet videos has been seen in the BBC headquarters, here are some pictures taken by people outside. Then a slide of pictures is shown. First of me pushing through the crowd, then Sherlock and Mackenzie, and the Doctor and Sherlock. Then pictures of us inside the building.
Moffat turns the TV off. “We are in so much trouble.” I say laughing despite the worry that I’m feeling.
“Oh yeah…” Agree Maggie and Mackenzie. I bet that they are feeling the same way.
Then Moffat moves to the window, and moves aside the curtain. He peaks out. There is no way he can miss the huge crowd of people right outside. He closes the shade now and looks back at us. “It seems to me that you are telling the truth.” He says. We nod. He moves to sit down again and we are left standing awkwardly. “So you are really the characters that I have helped to write?” He says.
I assume he’s talking to the Doctor and Sherlock. “Yes. We are.” Confirms the Doctor.
“If I could summon up another world, then that means that the other writers must be able to as well.” He says thoughtfully.
“Yes, in other universes. This one here seems to be the creator of all the others. Most the writers come from here, and they conjure up other worlds.” The Doctor explains.
“But what if someone was writing this, as a story now? And there are universes within universes.” Moffat says.
The Doctor shrugs. “Seems logical.” Moffat doesn’t say anything for a long while. The silence stretches out. I look to Maggie and Mackenzie. They look like I feel, a little bit confused and wondering what Moffat’s doing. Sherlock looks bored. I’m surprised he hasn’t said anything rude yet. Maybe he’s trying to be polite to his writer so he doesn’t get thrown off a building again. The Doctor is patiently waiting.
Finally Moffat breaks the silence. “If you would be kind enough to leave me now, I need to think a few things over.” I bob my head down, not really sure what I’m doing. Maybe I’m bowing? It seems logical. We back out of the room. We make our way down the hall way to the elevator, quietly talking to each other. The Doctor and Sherlock are talking about possibilities about what could happen. Maggie, Mackenzie and I are quietly freaking out over the fact that we just meet Steven Moffat.
“So, do you guys think that someone could be writing all our actions right now?” Maggie asks. I look at her wide eyed. I don’t know what to think. What if someone has been writing my entire life? Or people reading about me, knowing everything about me. My thoughts and actions feel my own, but I don’t really know. Maybe I am just a minor character in someone else’s story. I don’t know.
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drwholock101 said...
Feb. 23, 2014 at 2:12 pm
When Sherlock met Benedict Cumberbatch I screemed! I sat there and fan girled for about five mineuts! Do you think you could write a fan fiction about the eleventh doctor?
Delaneyreaderandwriter replied...
Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:49 am
Thank you so much for the feedback on this and my poem. It means a lot. I'm glad you like it! I definitly hope to write something with 11 some point in the future. 
FierceBajanMomma said...
Dec. 15, 2013 at 4:08 pm
Delaney, what an imagination you have! Great read! I like how you reeled me in and I like the fast pace. Hurry and post more please! Cher
MaJohn said...
Dec. 6, 2013 at 10:38 am
This is a fun an imaginative story.  The writer does a great job building a character that you will like.  I am loking forward to future experts from this story.

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