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Avenge for Love

Author's note: I actually am not exactly sure what sparked the idea. Originally, I wrote it for my best friend...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I actually am not exactly sure what sparked the idea. Originally, I wrote it for my best friend as a good-bye present. She immediately fell in-love with it and told people at school. So, the word got around and people started to urge me to do something with it...well, here is what I did with it,along with adding parts.  « Hide author's note

Once Upon a Time in LA

Some people have iron logic, will as hard as iron and others are just made from iron or they have bits of iron in them. That is technically my case, yeah try have super-powers that you don`t even want. It is the most horrible thing that could ever happen to you-personal experience. I would gladly give up the ability to fly, make objects defy gravity and make things randomly catch on fire- I would give those skills away for free and I like my money. This morning, the sky over Point Dume was awfully
I used some lines from the original. Some credit goes to the original Iron-Man creators, just saying. I mean, I remixed it...
unhappy, it was raining cats and dogs.

"What`s going on in here?!" I say and slam the door to a mahogany office. Dad is fixing his Iron-Man suit

"Let`s face it that`s not the worst thing you have caught me doing." Tony turned around and a wave of Hermes cologne came like a hurricane.

"Are those bullet holes?" I say eyeing him with one eyebrow up like Dwayne Johnson.

"Yeah whatever, I have a press conference today, I need you to be my Stark Industries Vice President and hint my notes cards." He starts to wave his hands around as he is speaking but starts to head to the floor ceiling window, he is looking at the green garden, the glass garden and the cliffs that look over the ocean.

"Yes, Mr. Stark I would be delighted to assist you in the help of selecting your words and I will fulfill my duties as Peterson. Is that good?" I start to talk in an English accent. Joanna Peterson is my press-name, they should not find out I am Tony Stark`s daughter so I changed my name for them. My real name for my dad, the name I am born with is Alaia, Alaia Anthony Stark.

" OK, you are getting the hand of this now go get dressed, do your hair, you know what to do." He waves his hand and shows me to leave. I got dressed and I drove dad over to his workplace-the grand Stark Industries(the big glass building that I was so familiar with). We arrived at the meeting half an hour later and we were late. As soon as we got in the glass doors of Stark Industries journalists, paparazzi and fans surrounded us and started to flash their cameras, and everybody started pushing to get closer to us as they could, people were yelling questions at us and my dad and I were trying our very best to smile the best as we can and answer questions by saying that at the conference people will have enough time to ask their questions, one by one. Press conferences were usually a drag since people were very eager to find out all they could about my dad and I was there to answer the more financial questions, even though I had a few personal and offending questions for example, have I ever slept with him? Yeah, he is my dad and so yeah(not)! I had to stay in character, so I said"Maybe!" and pushed some journalists out my way. I walked through the mass of people to the stage with the tribune. Once we stood up and my dad asked"Any questions?" everybody`s hand went up. After fifty minutes the last journalists stood up to ask questions, a blond girl from Vanity Fair doing an article on Tony Stark.

"Mr. Stark! Christine Everhart, Vanity Fair magazine. Can I ask you a couple of questions?" she calls out standing up.

"She's cute." I say innocently.

"She's alright." He says ignorantly and turns around.

"Hi!" he says annoyed

"Hi." She flashes a pure pearly smile.

"Yeah. Okay, go." My dad is keeping up with the same attitude.

"You've been called the Da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that?"

"Absolutely ridiculous. I don't paint." He glares a mixed look at her as if asking her what kind of a question is that.

"I think she meant you are genius." I say to him and wink at him.

"And what do you say to your other nickname, the Merchant of Death?" she states looking at her notebook.

"That's not bad. Let me guess... Berkeley?" He says thoughtfully.

"Brown, actually." I hint to him

"Well, Ms. Brown. It's an imperfect world, but it's the only one we got. I guarantee you the day weapons are no longer needed to keep the peace, I'll start making bricks and beams for baby hospitals."

"Rehearse that much?" I say to him from behind.

"Every night in front of the mirror before bedtime." Raising him shoulders.

"I can see that!" she says strictly.

"I'd like to show you firsthand." He says laughing at rolling his eyes in my direction, I chuckle covering my mouth with a perfectly manicured hand.

The girl says exasperated "All I'm looking for is a straight answer."

"OK, here's a straight answer. My old man had a philosophy: peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy."

"That's a great line, coming from a guy selling the sticks."

"My father helped defeat Nazis. He worked on the Manhattan Project. A lot of people, including your professors at Brown, would call that being a hero."he says very inspiring.

"And a lot of people would also call that war-profiteering." She said raising her eyebrows and tilted her head to aside.

"Tell me, do you plan to report on the millions we've saved by advancing medical technology or kept from starvation with our intelli-crops? All those breakthroughs, military funding, honey."

"Have you ever lost an hour of sleep in your life?" Christine said almost laughing.

"I'm be prepared to lose a few with you." My dad says very dramatically.
"Call me. Here is my number." Christine smiles and hands over a small piece of paper.

When we got home we fell on the couch in the marble living room, the one over-looking the ocean. Dad turned on the big HD TV and we waited for the news that would reveal his interview, and my side-marks. In his usual fashion, he put on foot over the other and leaned all the way back. In 5 minutes CNN started their news with nobody else but Mr. Stark. And what did we see, everything all my weird answers to people stalker-like answers and his defending of the company, and they said that he was flirting with Christine, OK maybe he was, basically he was inviting her to bed but so what, he lived all alone with me and his robot in a huge house, he could use a little company.

Next morning, worse was to come, the tabloids and the gossip. My favorite! I was presented as a slut and a gold-digger or a prostitute, isn`t that great. All my old friends were reading this s*** about me and my dad, so I was terrified to go back to school. I was eating some fruit salad when dad came down scratching my head. He was in a white shirt and jeans with Supra sneakers. He went to the window and was thinking very deeply.

" Well, good morning." I said casually with a sarcastic tone.

"Good evening, gah, no, good morning Alaia!" he said kind of dreamy.

"What`s wrong?"

"No, nothing. I mean, OK, Christine Everhart knows my whereabouts." I said in a high-pitched voice teasing him.

"Mr. Stark, this is Alaia Stark from Vanity Fair! Can I ask you a few questions?"

"What has Christine got to do with the fact that I will soon be kidnapped and possibly murdered?"

"Well, you are in love, want advice on how to rehearse before you go loose a few hours of sleep?"

"Did you hear what I said?!"

"Not exactly, I`m upgrading my power of burning things, I got how to upgrade powers and how to control flying."

"Stop upgrading, listen to me carefully!" Tony cried pushing me against the wall.

"I am watching the news!" I yelled.

"Well, listen to me!" he yelled.

"OK, fine. What is so important!?" I yelled back.

"Finally, you`ll listen! Listen, soon a helicopter will come and there will be masked men that will take me away, I don`t know how long they will keep me under ransom, they might kill me and send you tapes. I don`t want you to panic or commit suicide, go anorexic or start drugs, or anything of the sort. Just calm down! I have a few instructions for you."

"Dad, why are they going to take you? Where can I find you?" I said panicking.

"It`s because of the suit and the money. So, I need you to hide it when they come, they will search the house, you will definitely be involved. It`s good you are upgrading, I need you to really concentrate of showing them what you got and who you are(meaning your super-powers). They will possibly take you to bait me, they might threat you with a knife. But listen, your hatred tabloids might be a big key factor on saving me."

"What, how?"

"I need you to video-tape my kidnapping and get it public, everything since the time you hear the helicopter to my getting on it. Also, I need you to be very slow, talk to the kidnappers, just anything to slow them down. In the meantime, I will get a GPS and portable radio to contact you."

Everything went just as dad planned and sure enough three months later I picked him up at the airport. His white Calvin Klein t-shirt was stained with blood and his jeans were ripped but he was home and that was what mattered. Since, in the meantime I had gotten my drivers license and he had left me keys to my new car, I drove over with it. Red Tesla Roadstar parked right in front, with a few admirers. As soon as he came out he looked very hungry and freaked out.

"Tony, you have to go to the hospital. The doctor has to look at you!"

"I don't have to do anything. I've been in captivity for three months. There are two things I want to do. One, I want an American cheeseburger, and the other..." he started counted on his fingers and before he said his second wish...

"That's enough of that!"

"It's not what you think. I want you to call for a press conference!" I see he got the picture. I mean, I am sick of seeing Maxim girls around the house.

"Call for a press conference? What on earth for?" I started up the car, I had not realized I was standing in the middle of the parking lot and I was pissing some people off so I started driving.

"Alaia, drive. Cheeseburger first!" he cried and started to rush me over to Wendy`s.

"So how was it?" I say and pass my parking ticket, the barrier opens and I go out the VIP Los Angeles airport

" Hmmm. Your eyes are red. Tears for your long lost boss?"Well, he is my boss but no...

"Tears of joy. I hate job hunting!" I said loudly searching for words.

"Yeah, well, vacation's over." He clapped his hands and smiled.

As soon as we got to Wendy`s, he stared at the menu hungrily.

" You are on a diet( I turned to the person behind the order desk) one diet coke, and one cheeseburger ."

"Screw the diet, a fitness is what I need and a meal more that bread with salt, I am not a poor man, see this..."

"Here is your menu!" The person exclaimed.

We found a table and I handed him the diet coke, and I hurled over the chesseburger.

"Is this fair?" he asked sipping on the diet Coke.

"Very! You are on a diet and I bailed you out of captivity. I deserve the calories, not you!" I started to unwrap it, very slowly. He was looking at me as if he was going to punch me in the face, I pretended to take no notice of that and continued opening it. It was unwrapped and both of us were staring at just like that, who will grab that Wendy cheeseburger. We both sighed and he reached over and grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth before I can say " cheeseburger". He was munching on it like a hamster. I don`t blame him, I would grab it but I felt bad for him. As if it was not by fail luck, one of his employees came by and the view he saw was not pretty. My dad looking like a veteran from the civil war, with a cheeseburger(whole) in his mouth and me, hair and make-up done, Ralph Lauren jeans and Chloe shirt ironed to perfection and Dior black high heels staring at him. The man entered Wendy`s because of the car I owned"it had to be from the Stark garage" well no Sherlock, that is why it says Stark on the car label. The man came over and sat next to my dad and pat him on the back, well, I have the feeling this man is kind of an idiot, when somebody is eating(your boss) you do not pat him on the back, it causes him to choke. That is exactly what happen! Some people are so smart! When we got home, dad sat on his couch. He put the TV on.

"Get me a scotch, I`m starving!" Tony ordered and snapped his fingers.

"That`s called craving, not hunger!" I pointed out taking my shirt off. I was standing there in a white bra and jeans and high-heels pointing out stuff to my dad, what am I doing! I ran and changed in a crop shirt and sweat-pants by Victoria`s Secret.

"Where is my scotch?" he said and turned around spinning on his office chair.

"I had to change, here(I hand him over a Dimple scotch) he heads over to his garage, the place where his suit is, waiting for him.

"Alaia, come for a second...I have a surprise for you!" he calls back before going down the marble stairs to open the mahogany wood door that leads to his garage. I run over barefoot and catch-up to him. He pushes the door over and reveals his high-tech lab, he has over a pair of glasses.

"I can see perfectly thanks though very thoughtful but that`s more your type of design!" I say. I hope I had not offended me. He splashes me with scotch

"What for, the waste of good scotch is never a good event!" I say looking at him very surprised with eyebrows raised and a piercing look.

"You are right, it`s not however it is quite useful if one is too thick-headed to know that their dad(he lengthens the word) has lived with his daughter for 7 years and knows all about her!" he points out seriously. He hands over the glasses and puts them on my face, it is actually only one size, the other is simply gone. He goes to the computer and activates them. My eye is starting to see in a co-ordinate grid I can see his face pixelized and the scanner scans dad`s face and sends me a message of who he is.

"Tell it to locate Christine Everhart!" dad is telling me.

"Locate Christine Everhart." I say as clearly as I can. It shows me a map of...our house...the dad`s bedroom and places her right on the bed. What?!

"Tony, dad, it says she is on your bed!" I eye him suspiciously.

"Ah, the thing is wrong, right the map is wrong!"

"OK then, I will prepare for tonight`s club." I say as I leave.

"Actually, I am sick, I can`t , can you bail me out of this one." He pretend coughs but it sounds quite realistic.

"OK, then.I get the Bugati!(He throws the car keys).Thank you!" I close the door. In one hour I got to give him his pills, I hear voices in his room, he sometimes talks to himself when he is stressed out but as far as I know, he is not a woman. I eavesdrop leaving the cup with water and pills as quiet as I can.

"I see you were awaiting for me!" he says, quite healthy. What was he playing at?

"I have..."

"I did promise to loose a few hours of sleep with you Ms. Everhart." Excuse me, so the map was not wrong.

"Dad, it is very embarrassing that you are such a player! You met her once and now you will sleep with her!What a great idea!" I said that out loud! Sure enough he came outside in a tee-shirt and boxers and pushed me against the door. Holding me by the dress straps.

"What are you doing?"

"I didn`t know that you are...hum-hum...excuse me having a play- date! God dad, how old are you for these stuff!" I shout in his face.

"Just go to your conference, you are late!"

I see you are also..late!" I and push him inside.

One hour later I was in the conference room , at an awards ceremony in a short golden dress with silver straps and silver high heels with a silver clutch. I had my hair in a braid with small golden flowers. As soon as I came out the golden Bugati, I was absolutely flashed by photographers and journalists like every time. I walked straight on, I knew that I looked gorgeous, in the dress with golden eye-shadow and clear gloss and Prada`s Candy after me. I reached the room. I waited until the grand-award was said:

" As liaison to Stark Industries, I have a unique privilege of serving with a real patriot. He is my friend, and he is my great mentor. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present this year's Apogee Award to Mr. Tony Stark!" People broke out into applause.

"Tony?" the announcer Liamon says into the microphone, people are starting to look is now my share of glory, I have to impress people, all of dad`s speeches come to mind, what did he impress those people with, what made him Tony Stark-Iron Man? Well, he made things amusing and scandalous. I am not funny but I could try express some sarcasm and sharp, wittiness. OK, this has got to be good even though I am going to pee from excitement.

"Thank you, Colonel. This is beautiful. Thank you all very much. This is wonderful. Well, I'm not Tony Stark." I say, I got people to laugh...now the crowd is mine. I control it...I could say anything..."But if I were Tony, I would tell you how honored I feel, and what a joy it is to receive this very prestigious award. Tony, you know, the best thing about Tony is also the worst thing - he's always working."I added I know where he is... he is in a casino, alone playing craps(I located him with the smart-glasses in the car). Christine has left. That was my speech and by the looks of it, I sure captured people with my humor. I got in my Buggati after the cocktail party. As soon as I got home, dad was home. He saw me open the door and questioned:

"Where'd you get that dress?" he throws a Budweiser can over.

"It was a birthday present... from you, actually." I say as I am locking the front door

"I got great taste, don't I?" he smiles and I open the can.

"Very! How did it go with Christine?" I ask probably too directly.

"Good, I took her to the casino, we played roulette, jackpot, pretty fun. Other than that, well you know that part." He says as I sit on the

other couch to watch TV.

"Don`t lie to me, you were alone in the casino! And I do not want to think about the other part of the visit!" I say accusingly.

"OK, I see you are angry at me I will leave you to watch your performance, I watched it. You are pretty good it needed to be longer though.

Oh, and more dramatic." He stood up carrying his Budweiser with him leaving the TV on.

"OK , learn how to roll the dice better." I smile.

The next morning I woke up to find dad in the kitchen trying to make something, pancakes? Oh, it was my birthday! I am dressed in a long sweater and jeans with a white shirt and I was wearing grey boots.

"Dad do you want me to do that? It looks like you are having trouble, also I need you to go buy Diesel, not Petrol, not Fossil, Diesel, groceries, and I need you to upgrade me with some metal gravitation, OK?" I smile innocently.

"What are you trying to get rid of me for? You got plans?" He lets go of the pan and looks at me questioning where I am going.

"As a matter of fact, I do." I say sharply.

"I don't like it when you have plans!" he frowns, OK some of them resulted in me breaking his car but other than that, OK and kind of embarrassing him at times, and killing his wife with my super-powers, but as far as I know he has found a new playmate, did I mention my dad was a Playboy? Quite nice living in a house with him, no really but at times I wish he would not be a famous Playboy, superhero, machine gun industry owner just be a normal dad.

"I'm allowed to have plans on my birthday?!"

"It's your birthday?"


"I knew that! Already?" he said with this really hot look of his, I can`t describe it.

"Yeah, isn't that strange? It's the same day as last year." I look very sarcastically and as if I just can`t comprehend it.

"Well, get yourself something nice for me."

"I already did!"

"Yeah? And?"

"Oh, it's very nice... very tasteful. Thank you,Tony!"

"You're welcome,Alaia." Then we hug like father and daughter ignoring the fact that we are just two people in a big world that live, a messed up, yet perfect life. But somehow we are both craving for something. He craves for his girls and his drinks and I crave for him, and for becoming somebody awesome and to fulfill something that is still unknown in this world.

Well, many people don`t exactly get a Porsche in dark blue on their birthday and they don`t get a robotized suit, an exact copy of my dad`s Iron Man one except it`s in black and turquoise blue, I also managed to get whole bag of spy gadgets for their 18th birthday but that`s what dad managed to get me. I also got a few clothes from him. Most dad`s don`t have a great taste in fashion for girls but dad knows exactly what I like. As he is digging up my presents in the garage I look through all the designer bags. Louis Vuitton bags, Chloe sweaters and tons of my style of dresses pour of on the floor. I felt bag that I was trying to get rid of him in the morning because I was in heaven. I told him that I will go get myself changed into a surprised, when he was not looking I slipped into the garage where my and his suit were. I had seen him put it on like 1000 times so I knew how to put it on. When I put mine on, I managed to climb the stairs and appeared in front of him.

"OK, I will go get mine on, and I will teach you how to use this." He said nodding his head admiring how much I looked like him now.

"Dad, I have seen you do this. Here I started as he always did, press the center button, turn it on, his is blue, mine is pink. I managed to fly a bit and then I face planted on the roof of my new car, right in front of dad. I saw he had face-palmed and was shaking his head. He took off the same way I did and managed to keep in the air and smoothly come down. It was my turn. He went to the house and got a thing that looked like a machine gun.

"I thought you said you were done making weapons?"

"It isn't and who said I am. This is a flight stabilizer. It's completely harmless. Here I will demonstrate(Tony blasted back by the force of the machine)I didn't expect that!" He got up from the turf that would soon be completely destroyed. Tony handed the flight stabilizer to me. I dropped it to the ground and started to move my hands in my suit, I started to fire something like blue fire. OK, I am sorry to say that I slightly hit dad`s golden Bugati, I also kind of hit the engine, OK, I think I did because if somebody does not go in there and do something that car will explode. A second later the garage sounded like a nuclear war, BBBBOOOOMMMM! The whole garage went up into smoke! Dad was looking like me like he will just blast my head off. He is raging on me, I would also if someone blasted my car up. I saw he was looking at my Tesla Roadstar and smiling devilishly.

"Dad, no, no, no,no,no! The Bugati was an accident, just slightly got a little bit on fire, nothing bad right!"

"Soon, we will be tied soon Miss Stark, very soon!" he is still smiling very Joker-like. This can`t possibly be good. He takes me by the hand and grabs the flight stabilizer, he leads me to the cliff that is over-looking the ocean. He is moving my hand and he is controlling the car then he makes me dig my feet that are wearing blue All-Stars make it rumble faster the car reaches the end of the cliff, he pulls me back and moves my hand jerking blue-fire...the same fate occurring to my beloved Tesla.

"Oh, by the way...I signed up for high school yeah it`s private and elite." He says casually.

"Excuse me, you know that this is my worst nightmare!" I say raging.

"First school day is tomorrow and I gotta go with you, it`s Bring your Parent to School Day, I don`t know what I will say but this is a chance to

get clients..." he says inspiring himself.

"...or it is a way to ruin my social life with the people I don`t even know and end up like you; lonely and famous! Is not it!?" I say arrogantly taking my helmet off and looking at him in a really snobby way. I my head, I am thinking how could I possibly say that-so mean.

"Watch it! I have bad things to say about you too...you are an absolute klutz, you are a gold-digger you care only about money and you are an in compassionate,lying B****! And YOU are FIRED!" he yells at me throwing the flight stabilizer and the golden mask to the ground. He takes his suit off and I do to, and stomps over to the house.

"DDDDDAAAAADDDD!" I yell after him, he turns his hand over his shoulder and shows me the middle finger. I was so mean wasn`t I?

The next morning I got up early, one hour early to get ready for school. It was early summer and I picked out a sweet lilac dress and a brown leather jacket and pair it with brown All-Stars. I grab a brown leather bag and head to wake dad up, he usually sleeps in. I wake him up and get him in a shirt, jeans and a red tie. I sit behind the wheel of my Porsche driving madly, I am in rage mode that I have to do this. I reach the school and what do I see? People coming out of a yellow school bus all wearing clothes from Justice, Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch! This is a nightmare, high school once again. There is a whole bunch of parents looking their best, but in my eyes they look pathetic. I walk with my held head high my glossy hair waving back and a pearl white smile is present. My dress is waving and my leather jacket is blown back like in a commercial. I see dad on his phone behind me. He is trying to catch-up. I look around and people are started to ask"Who is she?"

" I think she might be the new girl. OMG, I have see her somewhere!"

"Is she famous?" three girls in sweatpants ask.

"Yeah, how did she get here?"

I am walking over to first period and see an empty classroom. I wait with my dad

"You are not fired, I didn`t mean those things I told you." Tony says and holds my hand.

"Got everything prepared?"I said changing the topic.

"Yeah. I managed to kind off escape the truth let`s say out word it if you can say that." The next moment kids were piling in with a bunch of parents after them. All the moms looked like office workers. And there were some in their PJs with bathroom slippers. There was one mom though that looked different. A red-head with green eyes and she was pulling a copy of her in the classroom. I put the gadget glasses on, I captured her face and the glass gave me and article about her. A FBI agent and she is a super-hero. OK then, but why would she be in Malibu. I knew the location of the whole previous Avenger club, was she not in it? Everybody stood in their seats, only me and dad remained seated. The red-head girl, the kid pulled me up by my arm-pits.

"That is physical abuse, only Chanel deodorants get access there!" I snarled.

"You need to learn school principals, meaning rules. I am Aeryn Romanov, I will be happy to help you learn them and you are?"

"For now in your eyes I am A.T.S. is that good for you, because I could call myself TS453 but that is the model of my suit, oh you would not understand!"I say up in the red-head`s face.

"OK just stand up, you can tell me later. We are revealing who we are today and you are doing a presentation about you, since nobody knows you. Try not to be a snob, we have a few of those."

"If snob is sophisticated and not going home and eating popcorn like mad, count me snobby till I drop. Which will be hard since, well I do not give up easily on things."

The teacher called me up to the board to introduce myself. Everybody was starring at me in wonder, who am I? Gorgeous, sexy, single, arrogant, snobby, rich and with a hot dad, and disrespecting the teacher.

"OK, for now in your eyes I will be A.T.S..."

"Can you tell me your name so I could record it in the register?" the teacher says.

"My name is Alaia T. `s OK if I don`t say my middle name right?!"

"OK thank you, can you please come up tell us your name and a little bit about your job..." the teacher said kindly. Dad stood up, a few moms sighed and started talking about how hot and perfect he was, I rolled my eyes in their direction.

"My name is Tony Stark, I work in Stark Industries(a mom looks this up on her iPhone)...

" !"she calls.


"It says that Stark Industries manufactures weapons are you sure this is save for our children to hear?"

"In my defense I would like to say that once the world gets rid of war I am willing to personally start making baby bottles and hospitals but for now that is what we need and so this is keeping us save."

After school I had a party to go to, dad had gotten home using my car and I needed a ride home. There was one guy willing to drive me, a jock, your typical Mr. Perfect player. We were in the car, an old Volkswagen without a roof and we were blasting music and singing along, I do not have a crush on him, I just think he is a potential friend. He left me over at my house and I was about to close the door:

"See you tonight!" he called.

"Why tonight?"

"That party, I might manage to come!"

"No, it`s for dad`s business please you might get in trouble...he was trying to be brief. See for now I can`t be honest with you!"

"You can trust me, my name is Luke but the way."

"My name is Alaia, funny we have been driving for 20 minutes and we don`t know our names."

"Yeah, well you are absolutely gorgeous and I hope your dad steals your car more often so that I can drive you more!"

"Huh? Good idea, hey if it gives you delight you can drive me everyday back and forth."

"What`s your number?"

"Are not you kind of going over things too fast..."

"I need to know when to pick you up!"

"Oh, OK so 869-574-372"

"OK, I will call you tomorrow morning!"

We say bye and I walk inside. I jump with joy, I have a date! I am so happy, yes, yes, YES! Now, I am not single. I go pick out what to wear, it is a ball so it has to be fancy, definitely. I pick out Jimmy Choo navy blue high heels and bare back long dark blue dress that has a second tulle coating of black with that sparkles. It looks like the night sky. I take my phone and call Luke to pick me up, he didn`t answer so I had to drive dad. I was hurrying to see if Luke had kept his promise. I was really distracted so, I was about car-crash into a taxi. The cops immediately pulled me over, I had done some pretty damage on the taxi and dad had hit his nose on the front-seat so he had a nose bleed. Awesome! I came out in my prom dress and I was so mad that I caught some documents in the car on fire. Well, journalists immediately came over and started to take pictures and started asking me stuff. Yeah, I was getting arrested for destroying evidence and car-crashing. I rode in the police car, dad tried to bribe the police secretly, we were super late. Before I got in the police car, he threw me a wallet. I put it in my bag and go in the police car. I saw this as a perfect moment to shine, I middle fingered the cameras and the police drove away. In the arrest I was locked up in this jail-cell thing and got some bread and water. I just sat there and secretly opened the wallet, it was more than 300$, to bribe the guys to let me go of this one. I got a light-bulb right there.

"Mr. Mr., I need to go to the bathroom,( he indicated a metal toilet) no, sir see it`s the girl problem, I got it. He unlocked me and told me where it is. I ran over there, formal dress dragging after me. I got in the bathroom, it had a window perfect. I called dad first.

"Dad, OK listen I fooled the guard and so I need you to pick me up from jail, OK thanks I will be at the back exit." I climbed the window and went outside in the rain. My hair will be ruined. Sure enough, ten minutes later the Porsche lights were shining in my face. I got in the back seat and dad drove like mad to the ball place.

"What bailed you out?"

"Um, a girl problem!"

Later we were in the dance, and dad and I were dancing, that`s really awkward for some people I was used to it, it is called role-play I am in my Joanna me.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"Oh, no, I always forget to wear deodorant and dance with my boss in a room full of people I work with in a dress with no back."

"Well, you look great, you smell great. But I could fire you if that would take the edge off."

"I don't think you could tie your shoes without me!"

"I'd make it a week."

"A week, really? What's your social security number?"

"[he pauses]Five..."

"Five?(I am laughing) You're missing just a couple of digits!"

"Right, the other eight. Well, I have you for the other eight."

I was looking up at the marble staircases and the diamond chandelier when my eye caught a boy in a domino and a suit with a bow-tie. I turned when I felt somebody else catch up, I looked up and my eyes met with Luke`s blue eyes, I took his mask off. His looked in my green eyes. We started to dance, it was a song by Kanye West"All of The Lights" We were dancing. I think we were the only couple that looked professional. I ran off and took the long veil off the dress, the original long dress was now short in the front and long in the back. I had taken dance classes and I am happy that he was paying attention in dance because I think this dance looked really good from the sides. I was trying my best to keep emotionless, like in poker. With every step closer to him, every curve and twirl I did, I was playing at his heart. Playing a dangerous game that I did not know would have serious consequences. I looked around as I was dancing. My eyes scanned the sea of people. Dad was not there, the song was over. I ran over to the bar and saw him there with a blond girl, he was leaning at the bar and drinking a martini.

"So, what are you discussing?"

"Remember Lina Berry?"

"Yeah, very closely." Of course I didn`t, I am guessing she is one of the many dad has spent the night with.

"Well, we were remembering the good old times!" she snapped.

I returned to Luke with whisky in my hand. We sat on some leather couches.

"Is that your dad?"

"Yeah, I am sure you recognized him! Tony Stark, sound familiar?"

"Very, my dad`s name is Loki."

"Funny, I have heard it?"


There are people that very double-sided, they pretend to be your closest, they make you play at their heart and then they blow it. This is what happened just right now. Luke and I were sitting when we hear this scream that stopped, people shut up but I got worried and stood up.

"I need to leave!"

"We haven`t had fun yet!" he starts pulling me, I pull my hand back and run away from him leaving the veil of the dress. I run out in the rain.He chases after me, I get in the car, it does not want to start. He is coming closer and closer. I find a Swiss knife in my bag. He comes toward me, takes the knife from my hand and puts it to my neck, he leads me inside covering my mouth with his hand. So, he lied to me the whole time. He lead me through some hidden corridors. We get to a cold room. I see my dad, so he was the one that screamed. They stand me in-front of him.

"Is this her?" a man in a suit asks Luke.

"That is the girl, Alaia T. Stark."

"OK then, Mr. Stark and his little naive daughter. It is finally time to get you too together. I want your company and you want your daughter don`t you. Easy right, you sign me the company over and you get your daughter. No, actually she will still work with me but, she is pretty she might be helpful for a play-mate." A middle aged man with black hair says clutching me under his arm.

"Loki, what does this have to do with her?"

"Tony, did I make myself clear? You sign over the company and your daughter might be safe home."

"Or else?"

"We will hunt you down, both of you. Or I need you to watch this(he goes over to Luke and whispers something in his ear).

"Mr. Stark this is for you(he slit my throat with the metal blade)!

"ALAIA! What have you done Loki?You crazy mother f****ing son of Bulls***!" Tony yelled outraged.

"This is not the only thing we will do! You will be next, you know Stark when I ordered the hit on you killing your daughter , I was worried that I was killing the golden goose, your daughter. But, you see, it was just fate that you survived it, I can imagine the shock having your daughter killed in front of you,well that is leaving one last golden egg to give, you. You really think that just because you have an idea, it belongs to you? Your father, he helped give us the atomic bomb. Now what kind of world would it be today if he was as selfish as you?"

"It would be a very good one if your were not on it`s surface taking up space!"

"Tony, this is no joking matter, I would get that stack of dollar bills to pay for her funeral."

"Listen Loki, if you want victims you might as well just kill me now, it is a good opportunity."

"No, Stark you will take the victims and I will pay for the funerals."

"What is this leading to?"

"Your daughter is not dead for now, you will finish her off!" he hands the knife over. I could feel tension in the air, dad is breathing hard. I am lying on the cold marble floor. I can feel Luke watching me. I am waiting in about five minutes I feel somebody open the door with a slam. High-heels walk down the staircase lit with candles. They are covered with blood, I feel the co-ordinates 1st step, 5m from the ground she is decreasing. I hear Loki laugh with a very evil laugh.

"Is she your savior Stark? A woman? Perhaps your...fionce?" Loki says teasingly."

"She has nothing to do with this!"

As if in an action movie, I hear a body fall down. Then a second, then a third. The woman comes to me and picks me up.

"Are you the fiance...?" I ask. Man, I sound as if I had like 10 shots.

"There is time for that later, for now I need you not to panic, not to scream. Just to keep silent. I need to call the police and let them know about a possible murder."

"Murder? Why who died?!"

"It`s not the people that I wanted to."

"I am sorry, that is not very helpful. Wait what? My dad was killed by some ass-hole?"

"That leaves you and me and a mystery to solve."

"Excuse me?!I am not solving anything. I am going home to do something very important, I am not standing in a room full of dead or dying people." I stand up and head to the exit. I exit the ball-room and run and start my car. The woman is coming after me. Her red-hair is waving and her emerald dress is waving back.

"I forgot to ask what your name is!" she calls.

"Alaia T. Stark. I was, I am not sure who I am anymore, it is a confusing story."

"Well, I am Virginia Potts, well Pepper, that is what your dad used to call me. I can use a ride..."

"Find somebody else, I am not heading to Malibu downtown strip-club."

"What makes you say that?" she calls as I am heading outside the gates of the party palace. I middle-finger her back. I drive in rage-mode home. I got home, it feels very empty as if a part of it is missing. I change into a Pokemon sweater and jeans with destroyed All-Stars. I run over to the garage, where dad`s computer is. I manage to get the password and I hack into it. I put the Google-glasses. I start to access his email. I read through a lot of emails until I found what I wanted. An email from Loki. It is marked as private and as to be read once, I click on it. Access denied! I start the car up and return to the party palace. I grab a small fold-able rifle and bullets, some documents I found , money,a rope with a laser window-opener and my phone and put them in a small military style of bag. I get the car started and drive as fast as I can back to the party palace. I manage to gain access to the same hidden room using the rope and break into the room. I see Loki and Luke drinking champagne on velvet couches in front of a TV, dad is not present. I revere myself down and see Pepper and dad kiss. I am standing mid-air without the laser holding me. I fall 2 stories down and fall on some turf. The music is playing from inside. I manage to stand-up. I head over in dad`s direction.

"I see you are over the random habit of the girl visitors, you have settled on one!" I say loudly.

"Alaia?" dad turns around and runs in my direction I run in his and we hug, he is spinning with me like when I was a little kid.

"See I told you he was fine." Pepper says.

"You are the one who said he was dead!"

"We were planning to get back on Loki, we need you." Pepper says.

"Are you in or are you out?" Tony says.

"I am IN, I want to kick some ass! Do you need a ride?"

"OK, tomorrow we are going to the Grand Canyon Loki said he will be there to escape." Dad says.

The next morning I grab a Louis Vuitton suitcase and we get on the private plane parked on the roof, Pepper is sitting there reading newspapers. Dad is still not present he is getting something from his office and his toy-store(the garage). He appears in a suit and sunglasses dragging a huge suit-case and his Iron man suit. He climbed the metal stairs.

"That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!" Pepper exclaimed, she ran over to help.

"That should not be touched unless it is by a professional!" he dropped the suit-case and hugged it as if it is his teddy-bear. Pepper grabbed the suit-case. I went outside and lifted my Porsche up using my defying gravity power. I got it on the roof and got my keys out my hand. I got in it and drove it in the car section of the plane. I got out and ran back up.

"Car is in the car section and I think we are...ready to go!" I called the pilot over. He sat behind his seat. Dad was talking to Pepper in the back of the plane, they were fighting...

"Tony, you know that I would help you with anything, but I cannot help you if you're going to start all this again."

"There is nothing except this. There's no art opening, no charity, nothing to sign. There's this mission, and nothing else."

"Is that so? Well, then I quit!" she started to leave.

"You stood by my side all these years while I reaped the benefits of destruction. Now that I'm trying to protect the people I've put in harm's way, you're going to walk out?"

"You're going to kill yourself, Tony. I'm not going to be a part of it." She starts to head out.

" I shouldn't be alive... unless it was for a reason. I'm not crazy, Pepper! I just finally know what I have to do. And I know in my heart that it's right." Tony puts a hand over his heart as if he is giving a vow.

" What do you know what to do, smoke pot?(they stared at me as if they were telling me to shut the hell up) I am sorry to interfere." I said. Pepper passed by me and walked out the plane. In a few hours we arrived in Arizona, more specifically the Grand Canyon. Pepper had decided to come back after a long thought outside. It was a beautiful sunny day. I walked around with dad and Pepper took the car to the hotel.

"If I were Iron Man, I'd have this girlfriend who knew my true identity. She'd be a wreck. She'd always be worrying I was going to die, yet so proud of the man I've become. She'd be wildly conflicted, which would only make her more crazy about me..."

"Don`t you have one like that, I mean Pepper..."

"Who did you think I was talking about?"

Suddenly a blond girl comes up to dad`s face and screams:

"Tony!Remember me?"

"Sure don`t!" dad walks by her.

"Anyways, yeah I was talking about Pepper."

"Shame you had to bring Pepper into this. I would have preferred she live..."

"Why you don`t think she will make it out alive?" he says concerned removing his sunglasses.

"Not exactly, I think she was right in the plane. Tony, this is a suicide mission! I don`t know if you realize this, but it is. I am not talking about you only, me and Pepper it is for all of us!"I explain loudly almost screaming.

"I don`t know what this is called but I call it being a super-hero."

"Since when are you the super-hero type? I know you as the hero of Playboy, hero of craps and the hero of wasting money other than that..."

"How do I tell Pepper my true identity?"

"Are you asking me that?"

We pass by the hotel after a long walk, we see Pepper hanging out with two girls, they are laughing and then Pepper points in dad`s direction, the other two gasp. The all start to get edgy at each other.

"See what happens when you hang out with my ex-girlfriends?"dad calls from the other side of the street, he is walking with me, I look at the other two girls, one is blond and the other is a brunette. My mom was a dark-drown with dark green eyes, one of the girls looked slightly like her...

"You are such a jerk!" Pepper calls

"If jerk is to state facts then yes, if jerk is to be searching for the perfect girl than this is man nature." He says as he is walking towards them.

"I think it is called being a player!" I say sarcastically.

Pepper rolled her eyes and went somewhere with the girls. That left me and dad to go to the hotel room. We went to the reception. A blond girl was there, she was wearing sun-glasses. As soon as my dad came over, she pulled him by the tie and gave him a full-on kiss. I felt so awkward just standing there.

"Lina?! What are doing here?" Dad says awkwardly.

"Well, Stark I needed a job away from the press they found out about our night and started calling me a prostitute.I started work here, it`s pretty calm. I saw you and I couldn`t hold my lips away from you."

"Now you know how I feel!" I say.

"Well, it was nice to see you can I have the key?"

"...to the room, not to the other place!" I say from behind his back.


Lina hands the key over and we wave good-bye. Pepper is back and asks Lina she looks at dad and sighs. I ran down and leave dad talking on and on about Christine. Pepper looks horrified. She saw Lina and dad and heard the whole story.

"They spent a night...in the same bed!?" she says stuttering.

"Honestly, yes that is why Lina is here instead of in Malibu."

"Your dad is a very interesting person, he wants to get married and yet goes around sleeping with other people, and who is Lina?"

"As far as I know, Lina is a prostitute." I start to nod my head. Pepper and I walk silent to the elevator and get to the penthouse of the hotel. Pepper rings the bell and soon dad walked out and let us in.

" I know that it's confusing. It is one thing to question the official story, and another thing entirely to make wild accusations, or insinuate that I'm a would be outlandish and, uh, fantastic. I'm just not the hero type. Clearly. With this laundry list of character defects, all the mistakes I've made, largely public..."

"Tony, what are you talking about?" I say as I walk in the door in the expensive rancho style apartment. There is a lot of cactus plants, cow skins and leather.

" I am trying to think of how to tell Lina the fact why we are here."

"You don`t know how to talk to people, let me go instead of you." I suggest.

"Alaia, you are a girl and second I do know how to talk to people!" he starts to sit in a chair spilling water over himself.

"Listen Tony, I can tie my hair up and I doubt she will recognize she is too obsessed with you, I can get a shirt of yours, put some All-Stars on

and some baggier jeans. I can erase the lipstick and yeah."

"Stark, I would listen to the kid." Pepper says in his face.

In the mean-time I am changed with a big shirt and baggy jeans with All-Stars. I tied my hair and made it short and put some hair gel, with an eye-liner I drew a mustache and a small beard on. I walked out the bathroom, I did slightly look like him. I went back in and drew the little mole on his side.

"This is ridiculous!" I say with my hands on my hips.

"You offered, this is just like business(he laughs) this is going to be fun!"

I close the door and walk around the hallway, like my dad. I get in the elevator and walk down to the reception desk. I see Lina, she is reading something. I walk over to her leaning on the desk like he does, I ring the bell.

"TONY!" she screamed hysterically.

" Hi, yeah I came to tell you something. Look, I came to say good-bye." I say in a manly voice, it actually sounds kind of like Tony.

"Oh, Tony(she kisses me full on the lips, this is SO stressful) you can never say good-bye to this(she gives me one more)!"

"You can it is not exactly easy I need to go, my daughter is upstairs so I will see you later, hey maybe tonight we can repeat our night." What am I thinking, my last drink was 5 hours ago, I doubt whisky is that strong.

"I guess, anytime!" she says flirty.

I walk up the stairs, poor dad what did I get him into. Well, poor me! I had to make-out with a girl that is like double my age! I get to our floor panting. I ring on the door-bell and Pepper opens the door. Dad is reading a newspaper, he looks up and sees me.

"I see you had fun down-stairs." He looks at me, he is laughing his head off.

"What is so funny?(I run to the bathroom my face is covered in red lipstick) OH HOLY S***!"

"How did it go?" Pepper asks.

"Full on! Anyways, I got dad a...play-date!"

"You what?!" dad drops the newspaper and stomps over to me.

"I...screwed up and totally embarrassed myself. Dad, I had to make-out with a woman double my age."

"Who cares, we are going out tonight, Pepper and I are going for steak."

"Are you leaving me alone, no, wait tonight Lina is coming over!"

Dad just winks at me and goes over to Pepper and kisses her. They head-out.

"Tomorrow we are heading over back to Malibu."

"Well, awesome!"

They head out the door as soon as they leave, I get a light-bulb. I head to get changed I get into a small black dress and my black Manolo Blahniks. I grab a green hand-bag and stuff money, money and more money in it. I reach the lobby and enter the night of Arizona. I get in the navy-blue Porsche. I head over to the exclusive casino, the most expensive in town. I am ready to rob Arizona. I show my ID card to the guard and he lets me in. Music is blasting and people are either laughing or gambling. I head over to the bar and get myself a Bloody Mary. I am all set, I go to the craps table. I sit in a seat. I am the only girl, some dude pushed me. Well, nobody gets to push me like that! I stand up and wait for his turn. I pour martini on him. He looks very surprised at me. I push him away from the table. I take his stop. I start playing, OK so I lost the 1st few rounds. I gambled away a lot of money. A lot of people were starting to wonder how I had so much money.

"Shame you had to loose so much money!" A strong looking man says to me, he is standing to my right, he is a beige and blue suit.

"Worse things have happened.I mean what is worse loosing the money or not caring about it?" I say casually.

"How old are you?"

"I am 18, illegal to be here and yet the guard let me in."

"What is your name?" he yells over the music.

"Joanna Peterson." I yell back.

In the mean-time he had bet, he put the card he was betting. He bet on me, alright then. In the end of the night, I had basically robbed the casino. I had gotten 5 million dollars from everybody. I played every game and turned out the winner. At five in the morning, I got in my car, I was sent away like a champ, with applause. I was not even tired, I drove over to the hotel and got up in my room. Dad was sleeping with Pepper, they looked so cute together. I had forgotten my phone, 10 missed calls from dad and 5 from Pepper. I fell asleep the minute I threw myself on the bed. At about ten o`clock Pepper woke me up.

"Where were you?"

"Money, money everywhere!" I mumble in my sleep, I start to laugh my head off. Pepper rushes over to dad and wakes him up. He is standing in a t-shirt and shorts.

"Your daughter is drunk as hell!" Pepper says concerned. I am still laughing my head off and talking non-sense. This is the fifth time I have gotten drunk but it is the first time I have got myself drunk on cocktails and not some harder alcohol. Dad looks at me and chuckles, I am still talking non-sense. He sees a rugged suit-case by the door. He opens it and sees the 5 million dollars. In a few hours after that we were on the plane heading home, as soon as the plane landed paparazzi, journalists and camera-men surrounded us.

"It`s good to be back!" dad said as he was climbing down the metal stairs. I opened the car section and drove the car out, I put all the suit-cases in. I drove us all home and as soon as we got back we all fell asleep on the couch. That is not very interesting. Next morning we all got ready to go to my night in the casino I was ready to begin fresh, giving jobs, signing documents,dad was at a go-cart race and I was the boss, I got his office. I drove myself to work and got in his office, glass and metal. The glass window was over-looking Los Angeles and I stood by the window. I turned the TV and put the channel that was airing the race. I sat at the computer and read through my email. In something like ten minutes the announcer called"Tony Stark, boss at Stark Industries".

"Go get`em boss!" I called at the TV. I stopped reading the emails and watched at the TV, OK dad was really good he was right about to finish the race, tension rised. He was at a turn when suddenly, something terrible happened. His car flipped over and broke into bits. I put my hand over my mouth, this was not happening! It can`t be true. I stopped the TV, paused it. I looked at the image of the car flipping and slidding across the asphalt. I looked carefully at the people. I spotted a very familiar Rhodey?! This was no accident, this was planned very carefully, somebody knew his agenda and somebody knew that he was going to participate. This was a planned murder, or at least an attempt.

"Pepper?" I called into the phone.

"Yeah, Alaia?" she replied.

"Listen Pepper, were you watching the go-cart race the one dad was participating in?"

"No, why?"

"Listen, I am sending you some footage, watch it...now!"

"OK, I got it and I am watching it now..."

"Right, I can hear it, watch carefully...now" I hear the car crash and flip and then slide on the asphalt. Pepper was silent.

"I don`t know what to say Alaia. I really don`t. Who do you think did such a thing. Loki?"

"Not exactly, the somebody is in this building. He is related to me, I think it might be uncle Rhodey?"


"He wants to get promoted, get the money and the house. He wants us all dead."

"Wait, I think I can see dad`s face, I am watching CNN. He is giving an interview, he looks beat-up but I think he is fine."

"I am watching..."

" I have a lot of apologies to make... Nothing's been the same since New York. You experience things, and then they're over. I can't sleep, and when I do I have nightmares. Honestly, there's a hundred people who want to kill me. I hope I can protect the one thing I can't live without..." Tony says from the TV. If we wait until we are ready, we might as well wait until infinity.

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