A Twist in Time

August 12, 2013
By spacelover17, Solon, Ohio
spacelover17, Solon, Ohio
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Sophia is a Muggle who, like many people in today's world, is very familiar with the Harry Potter books and world. After one bad day, she finds herself sympathizing with Tom Riddle, wishing that she could be there for him. The next day, she's in an unfamiliar place - and is younger, having gone from age 14 to age 6!

She is at Tom Riddle's orphanage, where he grew up, and she manages to talk to him and befriend him. Together, they combat the bullies who trouble Tom, and grow up in each other's company. The mysterious force that sent Sophia back in time gave her magic too, and she is able to go to Hogwarts with Tom!

But from here, things get complicated. The duo makes new friends, but a turn of events threatens to take Tom down the same path that he had been previously destined for, and this time Sophia is caught in the middle! What can - or will - she do to try to save him?

Sara A.

A Twist in Time

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