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Hellos and Godbyes

June 26, 2013
By ClareTomlinson, Mattawan, Michigan
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ClareTomlinson, Mattawan, Michigan
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Beep beep beep!
I slammed my hand down on what I hoped was my alarm clock. Today was my first day of colleges was going to NYU and taking classes to become a therapist, but not just any type of therapist I wanted to help the mentally disabled kids. For example kids who hallucinated or had multiple personalities. I was always interested in those people I was always wondering what was going thought their minds and what made them that way.
I finally got out of bed and picked out an outfit for the day. I always had a hard time costing clothes for the first day. I wanted it to be cute, but I didn't want it to look like I was trying. I wanted it to be comfortable, but not too baggy. I wanted to look professional, but not over dressed. This life was to complicated.
After about twenty minutes of changing clothes I decided on a cute T-shirt that said I love British boys. It fit well and showed of my curves without looking to professional and leaning more towards the cute side. I know its more of a teenage thing to wear, but it looked good on me. I also wore nice dark jeans hat said cute, but they had no holes and looked brand new giving me a nice responsible touch to my cuteness. As for my shoes I went with black sandals, no one can ever go wrong with sandals.
When I finally finished my hair and had it styled in loose waves giving me am older look I ran down the hall to make sure Jamie was up. Jamie was my roommate. We had been friends forever and now shared an apartment. When I went to knock on her door she swung it open and smiled. She had a cute while tank top with a black leather jacket over top and dark jeans. She always looked good in the almost bad girl type of look. I on the other hand cold never pull it off. I just looked so young and the jacket just looked so out of place on me.
We both went downstairs and grabbed our backpacks so we could head to the school. We lived off campus, so we could have more privacy and quietness.
"So jam-Jam are you ready for the first day of college?"
"Not really, but it's here anyway so we better get going."
"Yeah let's just grab breakfast on the way there. How does that sound?"
"Great!" She answered grabbing the keys to our car. Yep we shared a car to save money.
When we finally got to a Starbucks we got some bagels and a nice cup of coffee each to eat on the way.
we got the school in record time about ten minutes before first hour. Mine was my class to learn about feelings and how to handle certain feelings. We would be learning what different actions mean and if any were important in different situations. I figured it would be boring, but kinda interesting at the same time. Lots of lectures, but interesting and important information.
On my way to the first class I heard some people yelling and one of those voices was my sisters.

"What do you mean we are done!? You cannot just dump me here!" My sister was yelling at Niall.
"I mean we are done, I'm sorry but I cant take it anymore you were always being so rude to my friends down. And for me friends come first." Niall said hugging his little group close while looking Jess straight in the eye.
"I can believe you are doing this and you will regret it later! I promise!"
Jess was my older sister and I'm not proud of it. I was a freshman in college and she was a junior. She always wanted to be popular and she finally got there by dating Niall Horan. How she got to dating him I have no clue. The only reason she is mad now is because her status was going to drop so very far. I was a nerd and just fine with it, you never had to keep up to date with all the gossip, the clothes, guys, etc. It was just easier.
"I HATE YOU NIALL HORAN AND ALL YOUR STUPID FRIENDS!" My sister said stomping her feet like a two year old would when they don't get the toy they want. I started laughing. Who wouldn't?
"Alex is that our sister?" Tay-Tay said coming up behind me.
"Yep that is Jess at her finest." Tay-Tay was my best friend. Her full name was Taylor but I all called her by her nick name. We had been best friends since first grade.
"Alright people shows over!" Mr. Parkinton just showed up he was our principal. There was a round of groans from the kids around us but the teachers started escorting them to class. It didn't take long for the whole school to find out what had happened, we only had about a hundred kids. We are a small school.

Biology class

"Hey Alex!"
"What's up Tay-Tay! long time no see!"
"I know we haven't seen each other since..what...a second ago in the hall! Anyway it will be hilarious when Jess has to sit at our table I can't wait to see her reaction when Harry's group rejects her!" Harry's group was the name we gave the popular crowd. We came up with strange names for things. For example the Ice cream shop down the street was called strawberries because the first time we got a cherry on top of our ice cream Tay-Tay called it a strawberry.
"I said it will be funny when Harry's group tells Jess she can't sit with them anymore."
"Oh yeah! Yeah this lunch will be a big show." Then our teacher came into the room and everyone got silent.
"Okay everyone pop quiz over genetics please all books on the floor!" I am so happy I studied last night! I had had trouble with the genetics unit.


"Ow!" Some one had run into me and I fell into a locker dropping my books.
"I'm so sorry! Oh hi Alex!"
"Hey what's up Harry!" Ever since Jess started dating Niall I had met most of Harry's group and we would say hi in the halls but we never really had a full conversation.
"Would you like to sit at our table today? The guys and I want to talk to you about some stuff." This was a change. I stared at him confused for a second.
"Me sit at your table wouldn't that look kinda bad for your reputation?" I asked him only half joking. This school took popularity and titles and all that VERY seriously.
"That doesn't matter. We don't really care what other people think of us, we just sorta became popular somehow but we don't change our lives for it. I am still going to talk to my friends." I never had really considered us friends but I'm just going to go with it.
"Sure I guess I could sit with you but I really wanted to see Jess's first day at the nerd table."
"That's kinda what we wanted to talk to you about. Also I'm sure today's reaction will be the same as tomorrow's she was really getting full of herself being seen walking around and hanging out with us, it got really annoying she kept acting like she was in charge of this school."

"Hey Alex!" All guys said at same time.
"Hey guys." I said quietly I was pretty shy.
"You can sit next to me!" Harry said smiling his great smile showing his dimples. I had had a crush on him since last year when he started looking more hot instead of weird like all guys do when they go through puberty.
"So Alex how have you been we haven't seen you in while?"
"Pretty good same as always. How have you guys been?"
"Okay I guess." Was Niall's answer, obviously not feeling so great since he dumped Jess he must feel bad she had made a huge deal out of it all.
"It's okay Niall she deserved to be humiliated in front of the whole school she really isn't a good person. She is mean and doesn't deserve you."
I told him.
"Yeah, yesterday she told Harry here that his hair was too curly! I just couldn't stand it anymore, know one can tell Curly that he doesn't look perfect." Louis said hugging Harry and messing with his hair, making it stick out all over. I couldn't help but giggle!
"You think this is funny? Harry is perfect and know one absolutely know one can say he isn't! Look at this face!" Louis said holding Harrys face and turning his head so harry was looking straight at me.
"Thanks Louis!" Harry managed to say while louis held his face pushing his cheeks in.
"Anytime! Anytime!"
"Back to our main topic , so how's Jess?"
"Im sure she's fine but we never talk so I wouldn't know."
"Oh okay." Niall said looking a little sad.
"Oh Niall forget about her she wasn't meant for you. You deserve someone much more special who actually loves you, she just wanted you for popularity. "
"Thanks Alex but its still makes me sad."
"It will but you shouldn't be to down on yourself."
"Hey guys!" Zayn said walking up to the table with his lunch.
"Hey!" All the guys said.
"What's up guys? How are you Niall, tough breakup. But I'm really happy I hated her she kept messing with my hair! I always had to fix it after lunch! How's everyone else?"

"We are all great except for this little leprechaun here!" I said jokingly I was starting to feel more comfortable around these guys. They weren't what I expected them to be like at all they weren't like normal popular guys instead they were more friendly and just wanted to make people feel welcome.
"So how are you? Alex right?" Zayn asked with a mouthful of food.
"Great how are you.....Zayn?"
"Correct and I'm doing great since that Jess left she was always talking about her hair and nails and doing her make up, it got pretty annoying always about her. I never new girls could talk so much!"
"Thanks a lot I feel so welcomed!" I told him sarcastically.
"No no! I didn't mean that at all!"
"I know." I said giggling watching a worried looking Zayn.
"So what are we doing in math today?" Louis pipped up.
"Oh the normal go over last nights homework of a thousand problems. Then ask questions while writing down tonight's problems." Harry said sounding annoyed, but I understood why, math always took hours to do even if you started during class! Its easy I was great at math it's just time consuming.
"Today was even more boring we have a substitute who knows nothing and shows no emotion just sits there staring at us."
"I know I hated her!" Me and Harry had the same math class first hour.
"Sounds like loads of fun as always!" Niall said groaning.
"How's history Louis? Homework?" Zayn asked.
"Absolutely we've got that huge test Friday, don't you remember Zayn he wrote it on the board yesterday on Tuesday!" Everyone groaned at that.
"I completely forgot about that test!" I yelled.
"Whoa calm down you still have....two nights to study." Harry said.
"Yeah but I have a C in that class I have got to bring it up!" I wailed looking up at him.
"What am I going to do?!" I asked Harry.
"Hey I could help you I've got an A in that class."
"How can you possibly have an A in that class I struggle to get a B?" Niall said in shock.
"What can I say I enjoy history class." He sad smirking at the five shocked faces of me and the other guys.
"It's so boring how could you like it?" Louis said.
"It's not that bad it can be interesting. If you bother to even listen." Liam said looking at Louis with a kind of half glare.
"I do listen!" Louis protested.
"Im in your class Louis in the first five minutes you are either asleep, making faces or doodling!"
Louis just glared at him. We all started laughing watching the two guys argue over who was a better listener!
"Anyway." Harry said suddenly turning to me.
"You shouldn't have to sit by that monster of a sister. You should sit with us."
"I don't know guys I have other friends and I think they like where they sit now but maybe sometimes." Then the bell rang.
"See you later guys!"
"Bye!" they all said.

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AH! Niall, it's okay, you don't need that meanie, Jess. She's too stuck up for you. Love you Nialler <3 Haha lol I like it.

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