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The Potter Games

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Chapter Two

I fell to my knees, shrieking for Prim. Knowing it was useless. Knowing she wasn’t there. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I did nothing to stop them descend down my cheeks. I heard Gale’s heavy footsteps approach my huddled figure, placing his hand on my shoulder. After letting it rest there for a moment, I shook it off, stepping up to the window, opening it to dry my tears. As I undid the latch, a silver otter flew into the room, landing on the floor. In Hermione’s voice, it said:

“Katniss. We’re all in the forest. Prim and your Mother are safe.”

A smile bigger than I could imagine spread across my face, and I darted down the staircase, flinging the door open. Running, once again to the fence, I slipped down the hole, and approached the trees, coming to an abrupt stop. Gale, who had finally caught up with me, rested on my shoulder.

“Come on, Catnip! You heard the flying otter. Prim’s fine! What are you waiting for?”

“How do we find them? They could be anywhere! This forest is massive!” Then it hit me. I fingered the pin that Madge had presented to me before the Games. Whistling the tune I had created to signal Rue that I was alright, the Mockingjays mimicked it.

“Do you think that those guys will know what the Mockingjays mean?” Gale asked.

“No. Just making sure they were around.” I said. “Hermione! Where are you?” I yelled in a singsong voice, the Mockingjays picking it up, repeating it throughout the forest. Then I heard it. Hermione’s screams and Ron’s yells were flooding the forest, drowning out the sound of the Mockingjays.

Dashing to where the sounds were coming from, I entered a clearing. Hermione was crouched in a corner, her arms shielding Prim and my Mother, her stick that I had seen earlier was sitting on the opposite end of the clearing. Death Eaters were everywhere, shooting bright lights at Harry, Ron, and Hermione. One of them was about to cast something on Hermione, but Ron raised his stick, and he shouted “Expelliarmus!” The Death Eaters stick flew out of his hand, and Ron caught it.

Several lights flew my way, and I dodged them. As I reached back for an arrow to load into my bow, a bright flame flew by me, grazing my arm. Glancing at my wound, I saw my shirt was singed, and I dropped my bow as the burn intensified. The Death Eater must have seen I was wounded, because as I looked up, I saw him prepared to cast another flash to take me down, when an arrow flew past my ear and lodged into his stomach. A memory of Rue flitted through my mind once it hit him.

I twisted around to see that Gale had flew the arrow, and that he was loading another arrow into his bow .

I ducked the oncoming spells, and snatched up Hermione’s stick. Skirting the trees, I finally found Hermione and handed it to her.

“Katniss. Get Prim and your mum out of here! It’s not safe. We exposed you!” she stuttered.

“I’ll get them out of here, but what did you expose me to?” I demanded.

“Harry, Ron, and I are wizards! Muggles aren’t supposed to know about us!” she paused when I blankly looked at her when she said “Muggles.” “Muggles are non-magic people.” she pushed my legs, urging me forward. “Thank you for returning my wand, but just go!”

I gripped Prim and my Mother’s hands and pulled them into the trees. I could feel Prim shaking. Just as we exited the trees, a Death Eater appeared in front of Prim, Mother, and I, making us back into the trees again. The Death Eater raised what I expected to be his wand, and shot a jet of scarlet light at Prim, hitting her in the chest. I tore an arrow from my sheath and shoved it through his heart. As he fell to the ground, I rushed over to Prim, who was lying on the ground.

I felt her wrist for a pulse. Feeling the small pump of blood that assured me she was alive, I looked up into my mother’s worried eyes.

“She’s alive.” I told her reassuringly. As her expression relaxed, she said, “We should get out of here. Should we go back to the house?”

“No.” I said firmly. “I don’t think it is safe enough right now. We should go to the Hob. I’ll leave you with Greasy Sae, and she can take care of you.”

“Ok.” she agreed. She attempted to lift Prim over her shoulder, but only toppled over under her weight. I lifted Prim’s unconscious form off of Mother, and gently threw her over my shoulder. “C’mon.” I told her.

We walked to the fence, and I slid Prim underneath, then went under myself, Mother following. We skirted the buildings, hoping no one would spot us. We entered the Hob, and found Greasy Sae's stand. I tapped her on the shoulder, and she spun around in surprise.

“Hello, Katniss! Are you trading, today? I didn’t think you were coming until tomorrow.” she chortled.

“No, Sae. Sorry. I really need your help.” I said, seriously. “Something very serious is going on right now, and I’m afraid to send these two,” I pointed at Mother, then at the limp form of Prim on my shoulder, “home. Can you look after them while I sort this out?”

“Of course, but what is going on?”

“I don’t think I can tell you. I’m sorry.” I dropped Prim lightly off my shoulder, and reluctantly hugged my mother. I waved at Sae, Mother, and even though she would never know I did, Prim, then retreated to the forest. Bow preloaded, I followed the sounds of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s shouts to the clearing.

Looking around at the scene before me, I saw that many of the Death Eaters were scattered along the forest floor, and I couldn’t see Gale, or any arrows being shot. I shot my arrow at one of the Death Eaters, and missed, then I glanced around quickly, and spotted Gale on the ground, eyes closed and arrows strewn around him. My heart sank, and I ran to him. Looking back over my shoulder, I saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione casting spells at the Death Eaters. I turned my head back to Gale, and stroked his hair. I didn’t know if he was alive or not. I grabbed an arrow and shot it into one of the three remaining Death Eaters.

Two to go. I thought to myself.

I felt Gale’s wrist for a pulse, but before I felt anything, I saw a flash of red in the corner of my eye, then everything went dark.
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