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The Potter Games

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Chapter One

The wind lightly blew through my braided hair as Gale and I dug up Katniss roots. About seven weeks ago, we used to come here to hunt so we wouldn’t starve, but that has all changed, at least for me. Ever since Peeta and I won the Games, I have had all of the necessities I needed to live, while Gale still lived in poverty.

I took a glance at him, only to see he already had his grey eyes fixed on me. His hands hung off his knees, covered in dirt, motionless. I continued to stare into his eyes, and saw that I could not tell the emotions he felt as I used to be able to.

He looked down and continued to dig, but only interrupted once more by a loud pop behind us. We both turned around, almost in sync, to see what had caused the noise.

Three people, one girl, two boys, were standing there, hand in hand. The girl, who was positioned in the middle, had very bushy brown hair. The two boys, one with red hair and a lot of freckles, and one with black, untidy hair and glasses, were positioned on either side of her. All three of them were wearing long, black cloaks, despite the extremely hot weather.

The three of them scattered around the treeline, saying obscure words while holding sticks out in front of them. The red haired boy glimpsed Gale and I, then hurried over the the other boy, whispering into his ear. The black haired boy glared over his shoulder to see us as well, and grabbed a long silvery cloth out of his cloak pocket. The girl, noticing the commotion, turned as well to see Gale and I standing there.

“Harry, put that away.” she said absentmindedly. The black haired boy, who I have assumed name is Harry, glanced over the the girl. He hesitated, and slowly replaced the cloth inside his cloak. The girl quickly, but cautiously, stepped towards Gale and I, her hand out, her stick in the other. Gale, who was still worried, backed away. But I, who was still traumatized by the Games, backed halfway into the river. The girl laughed. “I’m not going to bite.” she said.

Imagining what I must look like in the middle of a river, I quickly stood up, twisting the edge of my shirt to release the water. I walked over to the girl, her hand still outstretched, and shook it.

“I’m Hermione Granger,” she said a bit nervously, wiping her now damp hand on her cloak. “and this is Ron Weasley,” she pointed to the red-haired boy, then she paused, “and Harry Potter.” she finished, a bit reluctantly, pointing at the black-haired boy.

“I’m Katniss Everdeen.” I said, “and this is Gale.”


“You’re not from the Capitol, are you?” I asked, regretting every word I had just said. Hermione stared at me blankly.

“The what?” she asked.

“Finally, something Hermione doesn’t know.” Ron piped up from behind Hermione.

“Piss off, Ronald.” she retorted. “I’m sorry, what is the Capitol?” Hermione asked, fuming, Ron’s ear’s as red as his hair.

“Never mind.” I said.

“So,” a voice from behind me said, making me jump. “not from around here, huh?” It was Gale. I had almost forgotten he was there.

Hermione peered over my shoulder to look at Gale. “Erm... no. We’re not.”

You don’t say. I thought to myself. The British accents weren’t a dead giveaway.

“Hermione. Let’s go! We shouldn’t be here! What if they’re Muggles?” Harry pleaded.

“What if they’re Death Eaters?” Ron added.

Hermione rolled her eyes, then muttered what sounded like suspicions. She turned and walked back to Harry and Ron. A glint of gold flashed from around her neck.

“Wait, what are Death Eaters,?” Gale asked.

Ron replied. “Death Eaters are the followers of Lord Voldemort. We’re hiding from them.” Hermione hit him.

“Dammit, Ron! Why did you tell them? You’re even the one who advised us not to say his name!” she frantically looked at Gale and I. “We need to go. Now!” Hermione grasped both Harry and Ron’s hands, and spun on the spot. Nothing happened. She tried again. Still nothing. She looked at Gale and I once more, and said,

“We can’t Disapparate. We really can’t stay here. Do you know a place for us to hide?”

I looked at them, confused. What did they need to hide from?

“Erm.. yeah. You can hide out at my place. For whatever reason.” I added the last sentence under my breath.

“Thank you!” Hermione squealed, running forward to hug me. I patted her back, only to be squeezed tighter.

“Ok, c’mon. I’ll take you there. Gale, you coming?” I stated.

“No, I need to hunt.” he replied.

“Alright, I’ll be back soon. I promise.”

“Ok, see you later, Catnip.”

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and I walked up to the edge of the treeline, only pausing to place my bows and arrows in the hollowed out tree. I walked forward to the fence that separated District 12 from the rest of Panem, only to look back to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione still skirting the treeline.

“C’mon. What are you waiting for?” I yelled, waving them forward. They walked up, only to pause again after looking at the fence. “What now?” I said, hotly.

“Is that fence really electrified?” Harry stated, clearly noting the sign marking the fence as high-voltage.

“No. It only says that to keep us out of the forest.” I walked along the fence, finding the small dent I made in the dirt to pass through. I slipped under the fence, Harry, Ron, and Hermione following in suit.

We entered the Victor’s Village, in which only three of the many houses were inhabited, and walked up to mine. I opened the door, letting Harry, Ron, and Hermione enter, and then I heard feet pounding down the stairs. It was Prim.

“Katniss!” she squealed, hugging me tightly. I hugged her back. “What are they doing here?” she said, nodding her head in the direction of Harry, Ron,and Hermione.

“They need a place to-” I hesitated on saying hide. “stay. They need a place to stay.”

“Ok.” Prim said, shrugging. She turned towards Harry, and shook his hand. “Hi! I’m Prim!”

“Hi,” Harry said, returning introductions. “I’m Harry, and these are my friends Ron and Hermione!”

I said my goodbyes, and headed out the door. Walking towards the forest, I leaned my head close to the fence, listening for the familiar buzz, which meant the fence was on. I didn’t hear a buzz, but after a minute of making sure, I heard a scream come from deep inside the forest. It was Gale.

I ducked under the fence and grabbed my bow and arrows, running towards the direction the scream came from. I didn’t hear Gale scream again, and I feared to think the worst., but the thoughts flooded my mind, anyways.

Gale couldn’t be dead! He’s... Gale! Nothing is out there that could harm him. He was strong, and handy with his bow and arrows. The occasional bear would be a challenge, but it would just be bad luck that Gale decided to get mauled while I wasn’t there... These thoughts continued until I finally found Gale leaning against a tree, head down.

“Gale, are you alright? I heard you scream.” He didn’t answer. “Gale?” Still nothing. “Gale Hawthorne! Look at me right now!” At this, his head bolted up, looking deep into my eyes again. His grey eyes were cold. “Gale, are you ok?” I asked, worried.

“I’m fine, Katniss.” he responded slowly. His voice was cold, as well. Gale didn’t seem like Gale. I backed away slowly, loading my arrow.

“Gale? Are you sure? What happened?”

“Nothing happened, Katniss.”

I eyed him suspiciously, then looked at the sky. Five streaks of what looked like smoke darted down to the ground, landing around Gale and I. Each one of these streaks morphed into a hooded figure with a mask. Sticks pointing at us, each one of them shouted different abstract words. Flashes of green and red light flew towards me, and I ducked, each spell meeting each other.

I shot the arrow I loaded earlier at the nearest person. Shooting him in the chest, he fell over, hopefully dead. The person next to him knelt down, attempting to revive him. I loaded another arrow, and hit him in the head. The remaining three were closing in on me, and I shot an arrow into one of their knees. He fell in pain, his screams echoing throughout the forest, and I reached for one more arrow.

Before I could grab it, one of the people who were attacking me put me in a neck hold. The last one, who I realized was sporting a cane in his hand, knelt down to my eye level and began saying,

“Now, what are we to do with you? It would be a shame to kill such a skilled fighter. But I don’t believe you’re one of our kind, are you?” His voice was a low, boring drawl. He removed the silver mask covering his face to reveal a pointed nose, and once he removed his hood, I saw long, white-blonde hair. “We are the Death Eaters. We’re too powerful in numbers and skills. You’ll never defeat all of us.”

“I bet I could kick your sissy, little girl ass, anyday.” I scoffed, struggling to release myself from the strain around my neck. The man punched me in the mouth. I tasted the bitter taste of iron as blood filled my mouth from my bottom lip.

“You are in no position to make threats, Muggle.” he screeched in my face. Muggle? I spat the constant flow of blood from my mouth into the his face. Wiping it from his eyes, he snapped at the Death Eater holding me, “Kill her.”

I felt his arm release me, but it was only replaced with his oversized hand, about to break my neck. I struggled against him, attempting to free myself once more, and I realized Gale wasn’t helping. Why isn't he helping? I’m only about to die!

Gale’s face snapped up once again, observing the scene. He sprung forward, knocking the Death Eater down and rolling away from me several feet. Gale reached behind him to remove an arrow from his sheath, dangling the arrow over the Death Eater’s face. The Death Eater’s hand grasping Gale’s wrists, attempting to edge the arrow away from him.

“Lucius,” the man screamed. “Lucius, help!” The man I spat at, Lucius, ran forward after Gale, stick raised. I lunged at his shins and knocked him over. Placing myself on top of him, I ripped the stick from his hands.

“Not so tough without your little twig, now are you?” I panted between words. Lucius stared at me for a millisecond, then vanished, the other Death Eater gone, as well.

Brushing the dirt and pine needles from my tattered pants, I got up, extending a hand to Gale fo help him get to his feet.

“Why were you so vacant earlier?” I demanded.

Gale stared at me again, taking a minute to answer. “Those people-”

“-Death Eaters.” I interrupted.

“Erm... yeah. Them. They put a curse on me. It sounded something a bit like Imperio, if I remember correctly. But it made me different. I wasn’t myself. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry ‘bout it. You saved my life!” I spotted Lucius’s stick lying by my feet. Bending over, I picked it up. A silly silver handle shaped like a snake’s head was attached to the base of it. I pocketed it, then collected my arrows.

“C'mon.” I waved Gale forward. We walked to the edge of the forest, and I began to place my bows and arrows inside the hollowed out tree, when I remembered what Ron had said. Death Eaters are the followers of Lord Voldemort. We’re hiding from them. I slung my sheath of arrows back over my shoulder and ran as fast as I could to the fence, ducking again under the hole. Gale followed me the whole way, bemused.

“What’s wrong, Catnip?” He panted.

“Remember what Ron said? About the Death Eaters? “We’re hiding from them”?”


“What if the Death Eaters found them?”

We both ran toward the Victor's Village, located my house, and nearly threw the door off of it’s hinges bursting through it.

“Prim?” I shouted, getting no answer in return. I scanned the floor desperately, hoping to see some indicator that Prim and the others were there. Seeing nothing, I dashed up the stairs, scanning again.
There was no Harry. No Ron. No Hermione. No Mother. And no Prim.
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