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The Transformice Tournament

Author's note: OKAY I know I have a lot of stories now, but ever since I joined this forum I've been getting all...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: OKAY I know I have a lot of stories now, but ever since I joined this forum I've been getting all these ideas for 100 different stories (don't worry I'm not abandoning the others)
Soo...in this story I'm switching things up: instead of you having to take one of the characters I've previously made....EVERYONE CAN MAKE THERE OWN CHARACTER : D  « Hide author's note
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ch 1

Chapter 1:
The guards dragged me into a large room filled with weird looking people "now now everyone, be sure to become friends while you can!" that girl with the blue dress said. I looked around and saw a bunch of weird people, some of them didn't even look human...

"That girl that greeted you when you first entered, her names Adiline Illumfie" one of the contestants whispered to me, I decided it was probably best not to try and get to wrapped up in conversation with the other contestants, I continued to look around so I could see what I was getting myself into, then the lights went on and we saw Adiline Illumfie's face on this huge screen "contestants! prepare for your first arena challenge! the challenge will end after a certain amount of time. then you may be able to brush off and get ready for the next tournament tomorrow!" she said with that huge smile on her face, we then noticed we were in an elevator "I guess this is it...the first challenge..." I thought to myself. "Aw don't worry man! everything's gonna be fine!" said a mouse with a yellow hat on, the elevator then split into different parts and I was stuck here with that mouse with the yellow hat on "you take the left, I'll take the right!" he said, and then we landed at the arena...it was all high tech looking, we then saw robots and holograms in the crowd cheering...

I grabbed my duel guns and prepared to fight, I looked all around me and saw all of the contestants in groups, I saw this one half eagle girl with this guy with blue hair...and then I saw this girl with long brown hair as well as this girl with curly hair...I then looked to my right and saw that yellow hatted mouse, he looked WAY to enthusiastic about this, I then saw this girl all on her own, I had a feeling everyone was going to charge for her first since she's the only one without a partner....
It was then time to fight, I looked up at the huge screen and saw that we only had 1 minute to kill each other before this round of the tournament was over, I then saw that mouse with the yellow hat on grab a HUGE gun and start firing it in every direction, I charged towards the mouse with blue hair until for some reason I couldn't hear a thing, he then grabbed me and threw me into a wall, I then regained hearing "hey new kid! you might wanna be careful around that guy, his specialty is silence if you hadn't already known" I then looked around and noticed he wasn't there "what the..." I said, I shook my head and proceeded to try and kill someone.

I then saw a huge pair if black wings swoop me up and drop me on top of that girl with the curly blonde hair "get the hell off of me!" she yelled and shoved me off, she then grabbed a bow and arrow and pointed it at me, I raised my guns and we both shot each other at the same time, I then saw a brown blurr go right around me and then I saw that girl with the curly hair was gone, I then looked up at the clock and saw that the time was up.

We then all noticed the arena was disappearing, we quickly jumped onto those parts of the elevator that we came on and landed in a lobby-ish place "that was some nice fighting!" that yellow hatted mouse said while smiling "did you managed to get any hits in?" I asked while sitting on the couch "yeah, managed to hit that eagle girl while she was flying about" he said while smiling "oh yeah, since you probably don't know who all of us are, they call me The Engie, that girl with the brown hair is called Evasive, then that blue haired dude is called Silence...if you hadn't already figured that out, that eagle girl is called Daydreamer and that girl with the curly hair is called Archer...then that girl who didn't have a partner is called Jewel" Engie said while smiling "so you should know what to expect at the next tournament tomorrow" he said while smiling, "well, I'll see you tomorrow!" we both shook hands and he went off to go polish his machines, I sat on the couch at stared at the ceiling, thinking of all the chaos that happened in the arena before going off to rest for tomorrow.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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