The Transformice Tournament

April 18, 2013
By bj44890 BRONZE, willard, Ohio
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Author's note: OKAY I know I have a lot of stories now, but ever since I joined this forum I've been getting all these ideas for 100 different stories (don't worry I'm not abandoning the others) this story I'm switching things up: instead of you having to take one of the characters I've previously made....EVERYONE CAN MAKE THERE OWN CHARACTER : D

Chapter 1:
The guards dragged me into a large room filled with weird looking people "now now everyone, be sure to become friends while you can!" that girl with the blue dress said. I looked around and saw a bunch of weird people, some of them didn't even look human...

"That girl that greeted you when you first entered, her names Adiline Illumfie" one of the contestants whispered to me, I decided it was probably best not to try and get to wrapped up in conversation with the other contestants, I continued to look around so I could see what I was getting myself into, then the lights went on and we saw Adiline Illumfie's face on this huge screen "contestants! prepare for your first arena challenge! the challenge will end after a certain amount of time. then you may be able to brush off and get ready for the next tournament tomorrow!" she said with that huge smile on her face, we then noticed we were in an elevator "I guess this is it...the first challenge..." I thought to myself. "Aw don't worry man! everything's gonna be fine!" said a mouse with a yellow hat on, the elevator then split into different parts and I was stuck here with that mouse with the yellow hat on "you take the left, I'll take the right!" he said, and then we landed at the was all high tech looking, we then saw robots and holograms in the crowd cheering...

I grabbed my duel guns and prepared to fight, I looked all around me and saw all of the contestants in groups, I saw this one half eagle girl with this guy with blue hair...and then I saw this girl with long brown hair as well as this girl with curly hair...I then looked to my right and saw that yellow hatted mouse, he looked WAY to enthusiastic about this, I then saw this girl all on her own, I had a feeling everyone was going to charge for her first since she's the only one without a partner....
It was then time to fight, I looked up at the huge screen and saw that we only had 1 minute to kill each other before this round of the tournament was over, I then saw that mouse with the yellow hat on grab a HUGE gun and start firing it in every direction, I charged towards the mouse with blue hair until for some reason I couldn't hear a thing, he then grabbed me and threw me into a wall, I then regained hearing "hey new kid! you might wanna be careful around that guy, his specialty is silence if you hadn't already known" I then looked around and noticed he wasn't there "what the..." I said, I shook my head and proceeded to try and kill someone.

I then saw a huge pair if black wings swoop me up and drop me on top of that girl with the curly blonde hair "get the hell off of me!" she yelled and shoved me off, she then grabbed a bow and arrow and pointed it at me, I raised my guns and we both shot each other at the same time, I then saw a brown blurr go right around me and then I saw that girl with the curly hair was gone, I then looked up at the clock and saw that the time was up.

We then all noticed the arena was disappearing, we quickly jumped onto those parts of the elevator that we came on and landed in a lobby-ish place "that was some nice fighting!" that yellow hatted mouse said while smiling "did you managed to get any hits in?" I asked while sitting on the couch "yeah, managed to hit that eagle girl while she was flying about" he said while smiling "oh yeah, since you probably don't know who all of us are, they call me The Engie, that girl with the brown hair is called Evasive, then that blue haired dude is called Silence...if you hadn't already figured that out, that eagle girl is called Daydreamer and that girl with the curly hair is called Archer...then that girl who didn't have a partner is called Jewel" Engie said while smiling "so you should know what to expect at the next tournament tomorrow" he said while smiling, "well, I'll see you tomorrow!" we both shook hands and he went off to go polish his machines, I sat on the couch at stared at the ceiling, thinking of all the chaos that happened in the arena before going off to rest for tomorrow.

Chapter 2:
I walked into the lobby and saw a few of the contestants talking to each other, well, besides Silence, he looked like he was either planning something, or attempting to have a conversation with the wall in front of him...I shook my head and walked over to The Engie "Heyo Monsie! how you been?" He said with a polite hand shake, I shook his hand "pretty good".

"Hey! I should show you the training rooms!" He said, I nodded and we both went towards a wall with a computer panel by it. I then saw him type something on it and the wall opened up "pretty cool huh?" he said, I didn't respond and instead continued to follow him.

"Now, we got 3 robots that you can train with for melee attacks, and then we got the targets for all of those gun wielders. and then there's the robot running system for if you're good at speed, and over there is the matching machines, and last but not least, the illusion system" He then led me to the targets and I got out my guns, it seemed like I wasn't the only one there "Oh, guess it's training time for the others too, I'll see you after the training, See ya!" He said before running off, I then took a deep breath and prepared to start the training, since it looked very stressful.

I was mainly paying attention to what the other contestants were doing, mainly so I could find out what I'm up against, I mainly ended up not shooting the targets and shooting the walls instead due to watching the others, but I thought I had a pretty good idea of what was up ahead.

After a few minutes, training time was over "Hey Monsie! I learned some pretty cool new stuff! did you learn anything?" The Engie asked "Yeah" I lied, I knew me and him would have to go up against each other at some point, so I didn't want him finding out what I actually DID learn.

We then left the training room and began to wait for our next tournament, I again looked around at the other contestants, for some reason Silence looked like he had some weird mastermind plan or something, I constantly saw him looking through the digital book shelves for something, I shook the thought out of my head and continued waiting.

We then saw Adiline Illumfie appear on the huge TV screen that we had in the lobby "Hello my darling contestants! the next round will be starting in a few minutes, so make sure you're all ready!" She said before disappearing from off the the tv screen.

"Egh, that girl freaks me out!" The Engie said in an almost disturbed tone, I slightly chuckled at him before we were all called to the arena "I wonder if they'll put us in teams again" The Engie said "Doubt it" I mumbled, we all then walked into the huge elevator and prepared for our next battle.

Chapter 3:
We all were in the elevator leading to our next challenge, once we got there, we noticed we were in a completely different arena.

We were all in these weird tubes, and we all had to fight against just one of the contestants, I waited for my contestant to arrive...but it was the person who I was desperately hopping WASN'T my opponent....Silence.

After saying a few swear words in my head, I slowly grabbed my gun, my hands were way to shaky to pull the trigger...and just as I managed to, he blocked his face with his hand so his hand got shot instead, he then put his hand down almost like it was nothing...and then he started charging towards me.

Before I could dodge I noticed he was right there, pinning my arm down with one arm and stabbing me with the other.

I ended up screaming a few times before nearly passing out, but I managed to get up...only for my vision to be all messed up.

The last thing I saw before completely passing out was Silence punching me in the face...

I then woke up and saw myself on the couch in the lobby, I shook my head and saw that the place was empty.

I looked at the tv and saw that the tournament was still going on...this time Silence was beating up that poor Jewel girl, he seemed to have knocked her weapon out of her hand, since she was only kicking him and doing more physical attacks.

She didn't look like she wanted to, but she did anyways (Side note: Chescamae hasn't given me what she wants her character to look like so I'm not gonna be able to put it down :/)

She then kicked Silence in the face after knocking him into a wall, I was slightly happy to have seen him in such bad condition.

I got up off the couch and noticed all my wounds were gone, I then decided to just sit back on the couch and watch the tournament.

After a few minutes, the other contestants got back "Ah, I see your in better condition!" The Engie said, he seemed quite happy after seeing this news "and I see you took a beating" I said, noticing that his shirt was all ripped and bloody "eh, yeah, they partnered me up with that crazy eagle chick" he said.

I then noticed Silence staring at me creepily, I tried my best to ignore him, but it wasn't working...

"Oh yeah, I should probably show you our digital library!" he said, I got off the couch and followed him into the digital library, it was huge, it seemed rather easy to get lost in here.

Chapter 4:
The Engie continued to show me around the library until I heard a weird noise, I looked towards the bookshelf the noise was coming from but nothing seemed to have been there "Yo Monsie! You okay?" The Engie asked me "Huh?" I said startled, I shook my head "Y-yeah I'm fine..." I said, still glancing sideways at where that noise was coming from.

The Engie proceeded to talk about everything that was in the library...until suddenly I couldn't hear anything, I stopped and looked around and noticed The Engie wasn't there "What the..." I mumbled, I carefully moved forward to try and find the exit of the library until something grabbed my arm, I jumped and looked behind me. I then saw Silence just standing there creepily, he moved his head to the side, almost like he was inspecting me or something.

I tried to move my arm out of his grip but he only held on tighter, after a while he handed me a note, I took it and read it "If you want to get out of here I know how - Relix" I looked up and noticed he wasn't there anymore, I was still in a state of shock from just being grabbed out of no where.

"Hey...hey Monsie! Yoohoo! Mooonsie! It's me! The Engie!" I shook my head and saw The Engie waving his hand in front of my face, I yet again jumped and took a step back "Hey you okay? you were standing there staring for like...17 minutes!" I shook my head "Yeah, I'm fine..." I said, I wanted to run out of this place as soon as I could "Well, lets get out of here then" he said.

We got out of the library after getting a little on the lost side, I sat on the couch, still slightly out of it from what had happened in the library.

I continued to just sit there, trying my best to ignore Silence's very existence, until I finally decided to just leave the room all together.

I decided to go to the training room so I could get some early practice in, hoping that would get Silence scaring the daylight out of me out of my head.

I then saw all the other contestants come in "Yo Monsie! training early I see?" The Engie said, I couldn't quite hear what he said because of all the noise everyone was making while training, but I just nodded anyways.

We all went back to the lobby and then it was time for the next tournament.

I then noticed that we were in what looked like a digital version of a sewer...and we were all split up.
I kept a firm hand on my guns so that way I'd be prepared if anyone was to jump out at me.

I continued wandering until I suddenly saw a gigantic hand punch me through various walls, I then saw I was about to fall into the digital sewer water (It has electric shots coming out of it so if you touch it you get electrocuted) I managed to grab onto the nearest object and pull myself up...

I then ran away as fast as I could, not really caring who I bumped into or what I broke by accident.

I stopped running after a while to catch my breath, until I suddenly felt this sharp pain go through my arm, I clinched onto my arm until I noticed it was bleeding...I looked behind me and saw a contestant I didn't recognize.

"Guess no one told you about me eh? well prepare to die anyways" he said

Chapter 5:

I stood there, staring at the new opponent I've just met, he obviously doesn't look like showing any mercy...
I back up into a wall and look from side to side, wondering which way I should escape to "Hahaha, thinking of running away are you?" he says in this sort of maniacal voice, I continue trying to decide which way to run even though I knew it was probably useless.

That crazed guy starts slowly walking forward and, knowing I had no time to decide, I just ran anywhere.

I looked behind me to see if he was following me, which he was "Damn he's fast..." I continue running despite me slowly losing my breath, occasionally looking behind me to see if he hasn't given up yet, until suddenly I see him throw his weapon at me, I managed to dodge even though the weapon was inches from my face, I then ducked under it and continued running.

I continued running until I found a little passageway that no one seemed to have been in, I stopped to catch my breath there until I saw his weapon, yet again, inches from my face. I looked behind me and see he's still following me "well, looks like there's no where to run now" he says with this weird twisted grin on his face, I slowly backed up before reaching for my guns.

I grabbed my guns and pointed them at him, I then closed my eyes and pulled the trigger, and once I opened them again, he wasn't there. I sighed in relief until I saw the round was over and the arena was starting to dissolve, I quickly ran and, after getting lost, managed to find the starting area and exit the arena JUST in time.

We all got back to the lobby and I ended up collapsing on the couch due to that stupid wound that unfamiliar contestant gave me.

After a few minutes I managed to pry myself off the couch, my arm was still hurting like hell. I then looked around and saw no one else was in the room "That's odd..." I thought as I wondered if I should go look for them or not. "Oh I see your awake" I heard someone say, I quickly looked behind me and saw Evasive just standing there with her hands behind her back "where're the others?" I asked "Oh, they were all called to a meeting with Adiline Illumfie, something about changing the rules. They didn't tell me anything other then that".

"Changing the rules?" I asked with a confused expression on. "Yeah, something about making one of the contestants go out with a bang...they didn't say who though" she said with a slight worried expression on her face, I could tell why though, it could've been any of us.

I walked over to her and pat her on the shoulder "don't worry, I'm sure their not talking about you" I said while smiling. I then decided to go to the training room in case if another tournament was coming up.
Sorry if the end of the chapter isn't the best, my mind decided that now was the best time to go blank - _ -
Well, hope you enjoyed the chapter anyway : D

Chapter 6:
Two days had past since we went into the simulator, for some reason The Engie and Monster seemed to be pretty tense about something, I could never hear their conversations because they always spoke rather quietly but I could tell it was about that meeting that Adiline Illumfie had all of the members besides me and Monster go to.

I went out of the lobby and decided to look around the arena in which the tournaments took place. the arena looked rather basic when no one was fighting in it, especially because the arena is always changing to make it harder for the contestants to kill each other. I could see various robots cleaning all the blood that was spilled in the last tournament.

I continued roaming around the huge building until I overheard two robots talking about the same thing over and over again "Must be weird having to say whatever The Program tells you too..." I thought to myself, The Program always forced people to say things until the tournaments were created, the tournaments were originally used as punishment for those who didn't follow the rules, but now it's just become a tradition of sorts.

After wandering around the building I went back to the lobby and heard lots of clashing and banging coming from the training room "Guess it's time for another tournament..." I thought to myself before going into the training room.

A few minutes had past and we were ready to step into that arena that the simulator that Adiline Illumfie had created showed us.

I always hated the feeling before going into a tournament, stepping into the elevators and just praying that you don't get was awful, to think that The Program would put people through this is just horrible, whether their supposed to have a brain controlled by an A.I or not.

The elevators had all separated and I braced myself for what lies ahead, nothing but death.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was in the arena. I slowly walked forward and tried to recognize everything that I managed to find in the simulator, unfortunately I didn't remember everything that happened when we entered the arena due to Hunter testing out if one of us could die in a simulator.

I slowly walked over to the robot parts until I swore I heard footsteps, I quickly dashed off at the speed of light, I was going so fast everything was just a blur. I stopped running after making sure no one was following me...until I heard footsteps come from behind me.

I didn't move and slowly looked behind me...and there Hunter was, standing there with that evil grin of his "Well, guess I have no choice but to fight..." I quietly thought to myself....and then I charged at him.

A good majority of the battle was just us both blocking and dodging attacks until somehow he managed to grab my leg and swing me into the nearest object....which was a pile of robot bits.

Just as he threw me I grabbed his arm and we both ended up falling into the robot bits, the entire fight was so long and blurry I didn't really remember all that much of it until we both ended up being too wounded to use our abilities at their full strength.

I slowly got up after being thrown into various walls and ended up clutching onto my side, I looked up and saw Hunter wiping the blood off his mouth and looking at all the wounds we've both obtained.

I was to exhausted and dizzy to fight, but obviously Hunter was nowhere near done. I managed to somehow get back into my battle position until I felt something hit me....something rather painful hit me, I couldn't quite see what was going on because my vision was blurry and slowly getting darker...until everything went black.
Hope you enjoyed the chapter C:
By the way...I think you all know what I mean by "blacked out" right? C:<
Oh, and just for clarifications sake, The Program is basically like the ruler of the city It's an AI that has human like capabilities because it's that advanced C:

Chapter 7:
I continued walking through the arena, my arms were all bloody due to being almost clawed to death by Daydreamer.

I had no idea where I was going, or where any of the other contestants were, all I had was the strange feeling I was being followed...

I continued slowly walking (He's walking slowly cause he's injured) until hearing a very high pitched scream up ahead.
I didn't know if I should run towards it or run away, I somewhat just froze up not knowing what to do.

"Jesus....did Daydreamer really have to mess up my head..?" I thought, knowing her ability was making daydreams become reality, my brain was all messed up not knowing what to do.

I then finally managed to decide to go find out what the sound was...
But when I got there it felt like something was blocking me...I didn't know what, but no one said daydreams had to make sense...

I turned around and saw a very blurry figure run up to me, I didn't know if I was supposed to grab my weapons or not, but my arms wouldn't let me.

Before I could perfectly see the person running towards me, my vision decided now is the greatest time to freak out...
I put a hand on my head "What's going on?" I kept repeating in my head, it felt like I was slowly going insane, if this was Daydreamers way of killing people then it's pretty effective...

I then looked at the figure who was running towards me again, I knew he said something but I couldn't hear what...
I felt like I was making no progress by just standing here, but there was nothing else I could do. My vision was freaking out, I'm coated in blood, my arms are in freaking pain, and I'm stuck in some weird alternate dimension.

I decided maybe it's best if I wait here for someone to snap me back to reality...

I waited and waited until suddenly I couldn't see anything.

I continued searching for Monster but I couldn't find him, not only that but I just escaped Hunter trying to kill me...
I looked over at Evasive who I managed to kidnap and hide here, I didn't know if she was dead or not but I'd rather be safe then sorry. Tournament or not you gotta protect your friends right?

I continued running and running, dodging flying spears as I go, it was pretty freaking hard to have to dodge something that's coming from behind you every 5 seconds. "Hey, you can quit throwing those spears ya know that?" I shouted, all I could hear behind me was a little "hehehe" as Hunter continued throwing spears.

"I didn't want it to have to come to this..." I thought, I grabbed my huge gun and blew Hunter straight into a wall.
"This should take care of him for now..." I said, I then ran back and picked Evasive up again before returning to searching for Monster.

I continued running until I saw Daydreamer standing there in a daze "She must be having some pleasant daydreams..." I said, I continued walking forward till I saw blood on the floor "What the..." I thought, I decided to run in the direction the blood was in until I eventually saw something...a very familiar looking person slumped against a wall.

"Monster?!" I thought, I put Evasive down and ran up to him, he looked like some insane dude who just got caught by the security robots, I didn't know what happened but now I have TWO unconscious people to look after.

"Well, I'd better get these two to safety before I even think about battling any of the other contestants".

I walked around the arena until finally I found a place that seemed empty, I was already wounded from attempting to dodge flying spears AND I'm carrying two OTHER wounded people so...

I put Monster and Evasive down next to each other and waited, seeing if one of them would wake up. A few minutes passed and there was still no sign of Monster or Evasive waking up, by this point I pretty much figured out that Evasive was dead...but I didn't know about Monsters condition.

I decided to go patrol the area in case if there were any contestants waiting in stealth or nearby. It was creepily quiet in here, and if you talked loud enough your voice would echo around the room; just shows ya how empty this place is.

I turned around and went back to the place where I hid Evasive and Monster until I could hear strange noises...
I stopped walking for a second, thinking of the possible things that could've made that sound "It's probably my imagination" I thought, until I heard the noise again "Or maybe it actually isn't" I thought again.

I managed to pry myself to the place where I hid Monster and Evasive after a long race with the creature that is called paranoia, and still they both didn't move.

I had no idea what to do, I couldn't just sit here and hide them forever, because one of the contestants might find us. But I couldn't just leave them here to die on there own, for the exact same reason.

I paced back and forth, wondering what I should do until I saw Monsters hand twitch, I stopped pacing and waited to see if he would wake up...he opened his eyes slightly for a few seconds...before blacking out yet again.

"Well, who knows how long the round is going to last" I said, I then sat down by the wall and continued waiting.

A few moments later I came up with a brilliant idea. I set out two automatic firing turrets and programmed them to fire at any contestant besides myself, Evasive, and Monster. I then left to get this stupid round over with.

The author's comments:
thx for reading

Chapter 9:
I woke up, vision slightly blurry. I looked around, trying to remember my surroundings since I seemed to be unfamiliar with them. I looked to my right and saw Evasive sleeping next to me...or at least, it looked like she was sleeping, something told me she was dead.

I got up, noticing two turrets stationed by us, the first thing that came to mind when I saw these was Artakha. I decided to take a little stroll around the arena, until I saw a mouse go flying past me....

It was Hunter, I saw a huge crack in the wall and through it I could see Artakha attempting to blast Hunter to bits. "Artakha!? What're you doing?" I said confused, he didn't look at me but I could tell he saw me "Oh, I see you're awake! Well I'm just 'repaying' Hunter for trying to throw his spears at me" He said while grinning, he had two turrets at the sides of him AND a huge about over-kill.

However, the problem was, was that Hunter was pretty agile, he managed to dodge quite a few of Artakha's bullets and only got shot 4 times...

I wondered if I should help Artakha out....but that thought was soon erased by how amusing this was to watch, it was so hard for me not to laugh at Artakha chasing Hunter around with his huge gun.

"Hey! You wanna help me out here?!" Artakha shouted "I thought YOU were repaying the favor!" I said while chuckling.

Hunter managed to run out of the area and Artakha high-tailed it after him, and I decided to follow him in case if he needed back up.

"Well this should be fun" I said while still chuckling.

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