February 14, 2013
By keelin99, central falls, Rhode Island
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keelin99, Central Falls, Rhode Island
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Author's note: i had this idea a year ago and i made it into a great story i hope you like it.

Once in a quiet town there were two brothers, one could fly and the other one could not. The brothers looked exactly alike but their personalities were different I, John, am a caring and exited person, while Jimmy is a levelheaded kid with a shy personality. We both have blue eyes, and were the tallest kids in classes, and they both were skinny. The two of us were born on the same day. I was born first, and then 3 hours later came Jimmy. When Jimmy was born he had small wings on his back. My mother knew they were wings and let them grow. It’s obvious because my father was able to teleport from place to place. He left us before we were born.

Sixteen years later
One day I was walking home from a game of football and I saw two cats stuck in the same tree, I found the idea of a cat in a tree weird but I would have felt bad if I didn’t do anything. Jimmy my brother who could fly simply flew up and grabbed one. When I saw how lazy my brother was I ran up the tree very anxious to keep the cats together and grabbed the remaining cat. After that we continued our walk home, the cats waddled into an alley and jumped a fence. Then we saw a man being beaten up by thugs, I started to get annoyed by the things we witnessed on our regular walks home. I ran to help the man by beating up the thugs, adrenaline pumped as I punched one of them in the face. While Jimmy just lied next to the man who was being beaten up and fell asleep, the thought of me fighting for a random people life made me crack a smile. When I was done beating up the thugs I walked over to my brother and kicked him, I could have been dead and my brother still would have still been sleep. Then I said, “Why didn’t you help me you lazy fool?”
Jimmy smiled and stood up, “It looked like you had it covered, and I am not a bum that man we saved was a bum.” My brother had a weird way of doing things; he’s smart but also very lazy. He gets his work done so he could sleep in class all day; it’s good to have Jimmy as my brother because we are opposite. He’s good at things I’m bad at and I am good at what he is bad at.
We both laughed and kept walking; we needed to get home before the street lights came on in our neighborhood. When we got home our mother was waiting at the kitchen table, I was scared when I saw her at first because she looked like she was crying. We hugged our mother and went to our room upstairs. I dismissed the redness of her eyes and plopped down on my bed. Jimmy went straight to sleep and I began to read a sports magazine, my dream was to be on one of these magazines being read about by some other kid. It didn’t matter what sport I was good at all of them but I hoped it was basketball. Our mother walked up the stairs into our room and smiled, “If you need anything I will be downstairs, oh and by the way you two are going to have to start school in the morning.”

I smiled and shifted on my bed, the thought of going to school brought back memories from last year. Then I said, “School means sports and gym class. That would be the only things that will make school fun for me. I hope that Jimmy and I have the same classes, he may be lazy but he is smart.” Later that night when everyone was asleep there was a knock at the door, I am a light sleeper and the sound made me jump to my feet. I awoke in excitement and fear, ran to the room door thinking it was time to go to school. I saw my mom walking to the door and opened it there was a man in a white suit standing at the door. He smiled up at me and stepped away from the door, being the curios boy I am I moved down the stairs until I seen the man again.
The man looked her over and said, “There you are the others have been expecting you in the van.” I knew my mom had a night life but I didn’t expect her to go solving mysteries in a van, I didn’t know why but something arose in my stomach. I wanted to say something but my voice was caught in my throat; I didn’t want to be caught by my mother so I stayed quiet.
She looked at him confused but maintained a small smile. “I don’t know what your,” Before she could finish her sentence she was grabbed by the man tied up and thrown in the back of a van., my mind went crazy I opened my mouth to scream but no words came out. I knew something was up but I suddenly felt a sting in my arm and fell asleep on the floor in front of my door. In my dream I saw my mom she looked up to find two men sitting down tied up with tape over their mouth and thick rope wrapped over their body. When she tried to move the rope tightened on her wrist, the pain on her face made me cringe but I still didn’t wake up from the dream. She tried to scream but to no avail she failed, I could see the fear and worry on her face.
She heard a voice in her head that echoed through mine as well say, “Stay calm, you are in the van of a mad man that calls himself the angel of death. I am Bill and yes I am speaking to you through telepathy. I think he is gathering us up because we are different from other humans.”
As the van began to move the other man began to move his hand up and down, as he began to do this his hand began to change into a pair of scissors. He tried to cut the rope but it was too thick and he began to shake his hand again and it turned into a blade. He sliced through the rope and then took the tape off his mouth. He moved onto bill and untied him, my mom eyes lit up and I could see the smile through the tape. The man said, “Hi I am Bob. I think it would be better if we all got a little more comfortable.”
He walked over and removed the tape from her mouth. “Well I am Martha and I am not as special like you two, but my son has wings on his back.” The fact that she brought up Jimmy and not me made me a little sad.
Bill looked puzzled for a second then frowned. “Then he must be after our sons they all have the powers we have, he kidnapped us so he can get to our kids.” Bill eyed the floor and I could see that his thought were about his son.
Bob was shaking his hand and it turned into a key. Bill grabbed him and sat him down. “I don’t think we should escape it was very easy for him to find us the first time, he might kill us if he finds us again. This is a risk I am not trying to take. My son knew I was missing and I could sense him following before we stopped for Martha. He was with your son and he said he will try to rescue us. I have not sensed him since then.”
“Fine bill we will wait for our sons to come then we will kill this man and leave in peace. For now we all should get some rest I will need to regain strength if I want to kill him.” The thought of this man just resorting to killing this man scared me a little bit but surprisingly not that much. At home I wake up from my dream for my first day of high school. I went downstairs to find the door open with scratch marks at the front of the steps; my mind went back to the dream and worry set in almost instantly. As I closed the door and went to go investigate I saw two boys running at me full speed.
Before I could react I was pinned to the door by one of the boys and one said, “Where is my dad? He contacted me from this spot. Where is the Angel of Death?” As my head hit the door panic overshadowed all emotions, I tried my best to keep my cool but my hand started to shake uncontrollable. One of the boys held a buzz saw to my face; the neighbors were still sleep because it was early. I was hoping someone would help me, anybody I didn’t really care I wanted to live. Then he continued, “I am not going to ask you again. Now tell me or your dead.”
As the buzz saw came closer I began to smile, I heard a noise from inside and a flush of relief came over me. Jimmy opened the door and I fell to the floor. “Please stop all the noise, I don’t care what business you have with my brother but please stop all the screaming.” The two boys backed up in silence. I felt like a damsel in distress but I didn’t care because I’m alive that’
Then the other one finally spoke up, his calm voice made me nervous. He said, “I am Ace. This is Butch. We are looking for our fathers; I traced mine to this location telepathically. Do you know where I can find him?”
I stood up and cracked his back; I became calm and assessed the situation like my brother would. Then I said, “Whoa whoa you just sit there and almost kill me but you’re all nice with my brother what’s up with that.” I wanted an explanation I was the cool one not my brother, that’s how it was and that’s how I wanted it to stay.
Ace glared at me I could feel the tension build up as he walked up to me. Then he said, “He is a mutant and you’re just a mere part of the human side of your parents. Our fathers were taken by some guy my dad called him the angel of death. I caught up to him and talked to him telepathically. He said that they stopped here and picked up someone when I asked who he was out of reach. I can only talk to people through their minds and read thoughts at a distance. My dad can do all of that and move things with his mind.”
I looked at Jimmy he had seemed to take an interest in this guy’s story but then I realized my mom didn’t even wake up with all this noise. Then I asked, “Jimmy have you seen mom at all.” Then I panicked I ran inside to search for my mom, I panicked looking around frantically I searched near the window in my room.
I heard my brother talking as I searched he said, “Hi I’m Jimmy and that’s my brother John, I feel bad about you parents but if there is anything we can do just ask ok.”
I didn’t want them depending on us or staying here so I ran to Jimmy out of breath and I said, “I can’t find ……. her … Anywhere.” Taking a minute to catch my breath I look around frantically. “She was not in the house this morning and the door was wide open this morning. I think something happened last night because I was on the floor when I am sure that I was in bed last night.”
The one called butch said, “That’s probably who we saw get into the van this morning. This is hopeless there always one step ahead of us.” Butch sighed and began to walk away as Ace followed him. There sadness traveled to me, I feared what could happen to them and I actually began to care.
I stood up and yelled after them, “Wait we are coming with you if that guy has my mom I will kill him.”
Ace smiled quickly and turned around, I could see he wanted us to go so I started to walk toward them. Then he said, “Fine you can come but if you slow us down we will leave you.” So we set off to find the Angel of Death, it was settled that we will search as soon as possible. We walked for miles until they saw a hooded man that looked suspicious in the middle of the street. He looked homeless and old but as I looked closer he began to remind me of a photo I saw of my dad.

We walked up slowly with Butch taking the lead; he seemed like the strongest one out of us so I didn’t argue. He looked at the guy and said, “What are you doing in the middle of the street? You can be hit by a car if you don’t move into the sidewalk.” The man walked over to Butch and whispered something to him. After that he then walked into the building, I looked at Butch and saw his expression change into complete fear. Butch dropped to the ground and started to cry. I eyed the door that the man walked into, I started to move in that direction but Jimmy stopped me.
Ace ran over and kneeled by Butch’s side, I saw the caring look in his eyes and I understood they were close. Then he said, “What happened? What did that guy say to you? Do you know that guy?”
Butch sniffled and stood up. Then he cried, “He said that he was the angel of death and he is going to sacrifice my father first then the rest will go after him.” Ace stood up and ran into the building the angel of death had run into.
We all follow Ace into the building once we caught up Ace smiled and said, “I am going to do everything I can to help you and your father. I know you would do the same for me if I was in this situation. I think I saw him run into this room over here.”
We went through the door to find the Angel of Death standing next to a man tied to a chair. The Angel of Death turned around and smiled as he pulled out his blade from its sheath. Through a crooked smile he said, “Any of you little brats move and I will kill him. I mean it one inch and your dad’s dead kid.” Ace held up his hand and tried to push the mind. After a few minutes of just sitting there he began to become weak from the strain. Then with the last of his energy Ace pushed as hard as he could with his mind. Suddenly the blade flew out of the angel of death’s hand and into the wall and Ace’s nose started to bleed. Butch quickly sprang into action, his left hand turned into a blade. He rushed the angel of death and rammed him into the wall. Butch walked over to the man in the chair and untied him. I felt relied about butch knocking out that guy, butch looked a little fearful but he showed a smile. The man fell over and did not move and that was when Butch realized that the man was just a dummy in a sandbag. Ace passed out and I rushed to his aid, I couldn’t tell if he was dead so I wiped the blood from his nose and helped Ace out of the building. I looked through a window and saw everything that was happening in the building there was a rumble and 7 creatures began to rise from the ground. Then the guy screamed really loud, “I am the Angel of Death. What did you actually think that means. I control the dead you cannot kill me unless you get past my minions.” Butch became furious and rammed two of the demons with his hammer but they barely moved. He tried to cut one with his blade but it barely pierced it. The demon punched Butch and he went flying into a wall. I felt a shake in my stomach and I turned to my brother, if that’s what happened to butch I needed to save my brother. Jimmy found an opening and flew at the demon and tackled him. Then he stopped short and the demon flew out the window. Another demon came up behind Jimmy and smashed him into the floor.
Then the Angel of Death continued talking after a deep breath. He said, “You actually believed that you could hurt my demons. Although I am impressed by the effort it’s too bad the others had to leave so soon.”
I placed Ace safely down and rushed up the stairs, I dint want my brother getting hurt any more. I swung the door open and I walked through, I looked around at the destruction and paused, the sight of my brother made me freeze. I felt a lump in my throat as I pushed the words out, then I said, “What did you do to my brother?”
The Angel of Death smiled cruelly as my stomach clenched, this Angel of Death really started to creep me out and I feared I might die. Then he said, “We just had a little fun. He just could not hang with the dead man.” I ran straight for the angel of death but a demon jumped in front of him. I punched the demon and it stumbled back. I ran up the demon stepping on its face and jumped at the angel of death. Once I was airborne a demon punched him in the stomach and knocked him on the floor.
I stood up and brushed myself off I felt confidence cover me as I thought of my next move, these things were stronger than anyone I have ever met and I was freaking out. Then I taunted, “You are going to pay for that. I will kill you and all of your demons.” Just then I was so enraged, my brother wasn’t moving not even twitching. I didn’t want to think about him being dead, than I look at the task at hand. I glanced down at the shattered glass at my feet and saw my eyes began to glow bright red.
The Angel of Death saw this and smiles, it was more than a crooked smile it was more like a proud smile. I didn’t let my guard down I said, “I was starting to think you were a complete waste of time. Demons I need you to get serious and push him to his limits.” The demons rushed me and hit me a couple of times. I flew back and hit the wall next to the Angel of Death’s blade, my breath left my throat and I couldn’t breathe for a while. I picked up the blade and then felt something really hot engulf me; it felt like a fire had washed over me I felt like I was choking from the heat. I desperately pushed the blade forward as to show them I was not scared and fire suddenly shots out of the blade. The flame hit 3 demons and disintegrated them.
I smiled feeling cocky and rolled the blade in my hand, I felt great like I just ate a bag of sugar. Then I said, “This is awesome; I wonder what else I can do. I mean fire is perfect and all but there has to be more to it.” I felt the ground shake below me like little rubbles under my feet. I concentrated on the floor and two big stones arose from the ground and crushed the remaining demons. Seeing an opening I rushed the angel of death with the blade and stabbed him. The blood made me feel a little bit shaky but I shook the fear off and held my position. Then I said, “This is for hurting my brother; now tell me where my mother is.”
The Angel of Death smiled and burst out laughing, he laughed so loud the ground shook under me. Then he said, “Ok I will tell you just because it would amuse me to see you kill my brother. She is at the place where it all started for my brother and me. So you better hurry everyone’s alive for now.” I drove the blade in deeper and a flash of lightning went through my body and quickly through the blade and went into the angel of death’s body. My body shook with anger for what he did to my brother. I got terrified because of all of the blood; I backed up and wiped my hands frantically on my pants. I backed up fast and my body began to tremble, I dropped the blade that ended this man’s life. After this I regained my confidence, looked at the blade and saw that my eyes returned to their original blue color. After getting butch and my brother out of the building I put the blade in its sheath around my waist I figured I would look like a criminal just walking around with a blade in my hands.
Ace got up from being passed out and ran to Butch. Then he said to me in a worried voice, “What happened to him? Where is the Angel of Death? Why do you have a sword?”
I stood up and smiled, the inquisitive look on his face made me laugh until I knew he was serious. Then I said in a confident voice, “I was getting you away from the building while Butch and my brother fought the Angel of Death. My eyes changed colors and I went ballistic. I stole his blade thinking it opened my powers but all I have to do is concentrate see.” I reached out my hand and water came up from the ground, I wasn’t expecting that to happen but whatever made me look good.
Ace studied me intently for a while and then gave up on thinking my powers were faked. “I don’t understand your eyes don’t even lose focus. They are as blue as ever and I guess that I owe you an apology. I should not have acted like you were less then you are because you didn’t have your powers.”
I shrugged it off and smiled, he was right before I had been less without this power but now I am the same. Then I said, “Just don’t worry about it, let’s just say we are even.try and see if your father has been near here because we need to find them now.” I began practicing my powers while Ace started to try to contact his dad; I wanted to see what else I could do. When butch and jimmy began to regain consciousness the four of us sat in a circle and talked about what happened when I fought the Angel of Death.
Then Ace said, “So what you’re telling me is you killed the Angel of Death and kept his blade while we were knocked out. So did you get any answers out of the guy?” Ace studied his words as they hung in the air, then he looked at me in disbelief.
I stood up, stretched feeling like the star of the show and said, “He said that the angel of life is where it all started for them and I don’t know where that may be. Do you have any suggestions where that is Jimmy?”
Jimmy laid back and stared at the sky, he believed that the clouds give him the answers. It worked for most of his problems but this was serious and I hoped he thought of something good. Then he said in a calm voice, “It may be a hospital or a house. We should try the local hospital to be safe, are you sure he’s dead because he was creepy.”

We all stood up and began walking toward the local hospital when Ace suddenly stopped and smiled; I quickly looked at him and reached for my sword. Then he said, “I can feel my dad nearby. He is over here in this building.” Ace quickly ran into an abandoned building next to the hospital, I put away my sword and followed Ace into the building. When we got into the building we spotted 3 people strapped to chairs in the middle of the building. We all ran to see who was in the chairs.
As soon as we got to the chairs a man came from the shadows clapping his hands. “Well, well I see you have killed my brother and stolen his sword young John. Anyone move another step and I will kill your parents and then come after you all.” No one moved an inch. We were all stricken with fear.
Then Jimmy looked up and smiled. “How are you going to get anyone from all the way over there?”
The man smiled and laughed. “You will see in a while Jimmy. Just wait I know all about you and your brother. Of all the times I have come to meet people that try to foil my plans there have to be at least 2 brothers. You got to love predictability. Am I right, or am I right?” Jimmy smiled, flew over and grabbed the 3 parents that were strapped into the seats. Ace used his powers to push the man into a wall and said, “Predict this you jerk! Now we are going to take our parents and leave in peace if you don’t mind.”
The man started to laugh a twisted laugh. Then he started to tear up while laughing. Then he said, “What are you guys idiots. All of this was in my plan get it. I AM THE ANGEL OF LIFE. I CONTROL EVERYTHING THAT LIVES EVEN YOU. GOT IT?” Just as he said that ace turned toward jimmy and forced him into the wall across from the Angel of Life. Butch jumped at me and held me down as his arms turned into cinder blocks. The Angel of life walked over to my mom and stabbed her. “It seems like she has a booboo. Now you know how it feels to lose someone you care about. Maybe I will make John kill you Jimmy. Then make Ace and Butch kill their fathers. After that you guys could fight to the death and the winner could be my apprentice. Now would that be fun or what.”
Jimmy spat at the feet of the angel with his face full of rage. Then he said, “I will see to it that you see your brother in hell. I will kill you myself if I have too. Bro if you can hear me we have to get out of here and kill this guy.” I willed the earth around him and forced a boulder from the ground. The boulder rushed into Butch knocking myself free. I ran full speed at the angel with my blade out. I smiled and hit the angel with the blunt side of the blade stunning him momentarily.
The Angel of Life stumbled around on the floor as I turned away to help my friends. “Come on we have to get out of here guys. Get your fathers and leave while we still have a chance.” Ace turned around and let Jimmy go. Then he walked up to his father and cracked his neck. I stood there stunned as Ace did the same to Butch’s dad. Jimmy trying to stop all the madness, he began to fly toward Ace but Butch slammed him to the ground and pinned him there. Ace walked over to the Angel of Life and helped him up.
I rushed in to stop Ace but was pushed into a wall by Ace’s telekinesis. Then I said, “What is going on? Why would you kill your own dad? Are you crazy? I thought just knocking him out would break the trance.”
Ace smiled a crooked smile and licked his lips. “You see it was all about power. My dad was weak and the Angel of life is strong. He offered me and Butch so much power if we brought him you and we unleashed your true potential. He never had the power to control people. That was just a sick joke he was playing. You see everything was set up we find you, we kill his brother because he wasn’t all fine and dandy with the whole take over the world thing like good old angel of life here always on top of taking over the world. Now you can join us if you want we could us you as a person and not just your power. The angel just wants to take your power and kill you here. That only will happen if you don’t cooperate.”
The Angel of Life stood up and patted Ace on the back. “Now that he told you everything I could have said but meaner there is a choice stay here and die with the rest of your family or come with us and start a new life.” I had to act fast my brother was wailing under the weight of butch so I willed fire to spiral out of his feet breaking Ace’s concentration. Jimmy used his wings to push up from the cement blocks he was under. Jimmy slid out and flew by my side.
I looked around then focused on the angel of life. “Hey Jimmy I am going to go after the angel of life you can take on the other two.” Jimmy smiled and rushed in as quickly as light itself with me following just as fast. Butch seeing that we were trying to kill the angel of life jumped in the way and turned into a gorilla. Jimmy tackled Butch and they sprawled into a chair breaking it. Jimmy stood up and took a spiked leg from the broken chair and drove it into Butch’s heart killing him instantly. He rushed over to help me as I was sword to sword with the angel of life. I turned and saw that Ace was creeping up behind me with a long sharp sword. Jimmy flew over and grabbed Ace making him drop his sword. Jimmy floated casually up about 20 feet in the air and dropped Ace from high in the air killing him with a loud crack. My body shook as the sound of the bones breaking rang in my ear. I lost focus of my fight with the Angel of Life; he came at me swiftly with fast stabs like a roman warrior. I moved out the way of the strikes and began slicing with my own combo of strikes.
I was slashing it out with the Angel of Life with a big smile on my face. Then he said, “So John what will it be? Join me, or I kill your brother for killing my minions. Hey, and as a bonus I might let him join too.” I swung wildly over the Angel of Life. As he ducked out of the way I drove my knee into the jaw of the angel. “I will never join you or your cause and there is nothing you can do to change that! I will end you here for what you did to my mother.” Jimmy saw an opening and picked up the Ace’s sword and flew toward the Angel of Life. The Angel of Life turned toward Jimmy and smiled. He pulled a gun out of his jacket and fired 2 shots at Jimmy. I heard him screamed in pain as his wings fell to his side. His screams ringed in my ears and I froze even though I wanted to kill this man so badly my body froze. As my brothers wings lay resting over him like a blanket of white angelic snow. The one thing on my mind at that moment was grief something was inside me that I didn’t account for and that was grief. Over these feelings I could hear my brother’s cries for help my bottom lip began to tremble so bad I cut my lip.
The Angel of Life fires one last shot killing jimmy and ending his whimpers. Then he said with a smile, “Now where were we … oh yeah that’s right the fact that I killed your mom. Well I have another secret too I don’t take a person’s power that was a lie.” The Angel of Life laughed and disappeared in thin air. He left me there kneeling by his brother as I cried with him in my arms. After a few minutes of crying I wiped my eyes and cleared my head. Then it hit me hard like a train going full speed at my chest. He was never able to take powers but he could teleport, also my dad could teleport. That could be a possibility even though it really hurts to say. I stood up with my mind made I was going to hunt my father and get revenge.

Well with my new revelation it seems I have a plan I just don’t know how to find him. I walked to my house from the warehouse and sat on the steps. I began crying my eyes out on the steps tears for my mom, brother, Ace, Butch, and their fathers. My father on the other hand I felt angry toward. He killed so many in a false journey for power. I went in the house and saw my mother’s picture on the wall next to my father. I knew that I had nobody now I also knew that the search for my dad will take more than one night. So the only thing I could think of was to go to school by day and search the streets by night. I went to my room and lay on my bed. Before I fell asleep I cried one last tear for my uncle the Angel of Death. I awoke early so I would not miss the bus. I ran down the stairs to get me something to eat and I saw my father. He looked at me and smiles saying, “Hi son do you want some eggs. I fixed some for you on your official first day of school.”
I was really confused what I was most confused about was why he was being so nice. Then I said, “What are you doing here? How did you … never mind. Why are you being so nice? One minute you kill everybody I care about and then the next you come here and you make me breakfast. If this is an attempt to get me to join your little group it’s not going to happen.” My stomach turned at the sentence as I remembered the day briefly. My dad chuckled out loud and handed me the plate of eggs.
I took it and walked to the table; I sat down and began to eat. He sat down next to me and smiled. “It is not poison. I am only here to mourn the lost for my wife, brother, and son. I did what I did but it does not mean I don’t feel bad about it, and on the other hand you did kill my brother just went a little overboard you know. When I took your mom I let you know I did that so you know she was ok.” I actually felt sorry for him but I knew it would not change anything he would still kill. He just came to mourn the loss of the love ones like he said. All of his feelings were sincere and true. That’s all I could ask of him at a time like this. When I was finished eating I got my backpack and headed out the door.
Before I walked out the door I looked back at my father and said, “If you are here when I come back I will kill you got that.”
He looked up from his plate and said, “I would not have it any other way. When we meet again one of us might die all I ask is that the one who lives is buried next to the family.”
I could not help but smile at my father that I missed for so long talking to me like I was a crazy hero and he the twisted villain like it actually was. “Yeah that sounds great we could be a family again.” With that I closed the door and walked down the street to the bus stop. The bus came moments later and about an hour after that I was at school, I was late but I was at school. I sat at my desk and there was a girl behind me that laughed. I turned around and frowned. “What’s so funny? About school you just learn what they want you to learn. There is nothing funny about that.” I had never seen this girl before so I knew that she was new.
She looked at me and smiled. “You just don’t see it like I do I get everything that I want. You can call it the power of persuasion if you want. Anyway I need to leave but no one seems to notice me talking to them.”
I looked at her like she was crazy not that I didn’t believe her but it just seemed weird that she would just come out and admit that to me. So I took the bait and said, “Can I have a demonstration? It sounds like that could be really cool to see.”
She looked at the teacher and smiled, “Hey miss can you give me all your money. Also I need your car keys and house keys.” The teacher walked over and handed the girl her keys and all her money. The girl smiled and looked at me. I was astounded at what she did. She actually had the ability to control a person by what she says. I smiled back at her and said,
Then I said in amazement, “You have a good talent and that is amazing. I mean being able to control somebody like that is cool. Were you born with you powers too? I mean have you had them your whole life. Why are you still in school? You can just tell people that you need to leave and just go.” She laughed at my amazement. I could just tell this was the excitement that she was wanting. I felt a little outshined, so I raised my hand and said, “Watch this you think your power is awesome but I think mine is better.”
I looked around to see if anybody was paying attention. I was in the clear so I willed fire to rise in my left hand and in my right I willed the air to moisturize into a ball of water. I put my hands together happily. There was no pain when I held fire anymore. I learned to block out the pain and live with it. When I put my hands together there was steam coming from them.
I looked at her with a big smile hoping she would freak out. She smiled back and said, “My name is jasmine. That was alright I’ve seem better though. Are you trying to stay in school because I’m going to leave? You are able to come if you want but I am going to warn you right now what you see if you do go with me will blow your mind. And yes I was born with these powers, it’s been fun getting everything I ever wanted just by saying it.” I looked at her as she stood up and told the teacher, “I am going to leave school and you let john go if he wants to ok.” She walked out the door and I rush after her. I don’t know why I did it maybe it was her long beautiful hair or her heartwarming smile, she was beautiful wherever she goes I will follow. I knew whatever she had in store would be way better then school. I walked beside her; she shook her head and laughed at me. Then she said, “Decided to come after all I see. That’s good I hear the boss at this place is looking for new recruits. I can’t join because all of the workers there are immune to my powers. There is a guy there that blocks my powers from being used on people. So they said I am useless without my power and I can’t join.” A thought flashed in my head of my father and I clenched my fist. If we were going to see him then the end would be sooner than later.

As Jasmine slowed her walking I saw a building that read “Barron the incredible”. I looked at her like she just landed me into a trap. I was outraged I stopped walking and looked at her with anger so much anger. She led me into a trap out of all people it had to be the new girl at school not even a week after I got home either. I shook my head in anger so much anger I had to pull out my mirror to check my eyes to see if they were red and luckily they were not as I did jasmine turned around I took the offensive position and took my sword out of my duffle bag. I said, “Why are you doing this. I don’t want to do this and out of all the time in the world to make me fight why now. My dad is hopefully still mourning so I don’t face him in here. I will not hesitate to hurt anyone when I’m in there. I’m not in control of my powers yet so it’s better for you to stay outside.”
The silence from Jasmine’s lips made regret rise within. It looked like she wanted to say something but she just stood there shocked, my words loomed in the air as her bright charisma shrunk into nothingness. I exhaled a shaky breath pleading that she would forgive my outburst and walked slowly into the building. Fear overwhelmed me the most the thought that surfaced was what horrible thing has my dad done now. He dragged Jasmine into this, there had to be a plan or something he wanted with me. As I walked into the building my heart began to slowly tear in half. I looked around and the smell of death lingered in the air, fear wrapped around me like a boa when I saw the walls. There was an assortment of bloody weapons and battered shield on the walls like trophies in a trophy case. I took a few steps through a hall that seemed to stretch out every moment I stood still, my thoughts on where it led were squeezed out by fear. I continued with extreme caution through the hall, at the end of the hall I spotted a woman sitting at a desk typing on a computer. That gave me relief to know that certain death was not waiting for me at the end of the hallway. I knocked on the desk to get the secretary’s attention, the fear had left loosened its grip but I feared that it would be back. She looked up and said, “John just go through door one and keep going straight. Also I hear you’re an honored guest so have fun and come back soon. Hey Jasmine door one and keep going straight.”
My teeth clenched like they had every time somebody used their ability on me, I turned around as Jasmine casually strolled through the hall whistling a low tone. I figured out she could predict the future by the way she sounded so shaken when she spoke. My stomach clenched and I instinctively turned to Jasmine, grabbing a sword and shield off the wall I handed them to her. The regretful feeling that clenched me before revealed itself again with a little deceit, I pushed the weapon into jasmine’s hands and hoped for the best. So I walked through the door and walked straight into a training room. There were thousands of people in this large room it was the size of 2 football fields. I looked up in the rafters and saw men with crossbows hitting moving targets across the way.
The secretary’s voice came on the intercom and said “Attention everyone John is here I repeat john is here.” Jasmine came in behind me after the announcement. Everyone in the room looked at me and raised their weapons, there were swords pointed at me in different styles, and there were arrows notched at me from the rafters. I was completely trapped from every direction. I unsheathed my sword and stood waiting to parry and hurt anyone who tried to hit me. Jasmine looked at me scared and I gave her a smile that said I will be ok.
Then I said, “If you want to help me fight by my side. Oh yeah do my powers work in this room?” She nodded and I rushed in slashing my way through the sea of fighters. I made sure I didn’t kill; I hated the sight of death. I knocked out everyone I came in contact with. Smashing people into each other, knocking the hilt of my sword into the helmets of rushing warriors out for my blood I fought like I was on fire. I fought my way into an opening were they all waited for me to attack. I glanced up for a quick second and saw an archer notch his arrow. I reacted with lighting speed, willing the air around me to push hard into him. With a push of my arms he flew over the banister knocking over his companions below. I looked around and the warriors stopped looking at me and turned their attention to the banister above me.
I looked at the figure above me and was a mixture of afraid and excited. The figure jumped down in front of me and he was huge. He stood 8 feet tall with massive hands. The ground shook when he landed. As he turned to me he began to smile a wicked smile. The warriors all scrambled for the exit and I heard one of them mumble, “This guys going to be used as toothpick. The boss really wants him dead.”
I liked the attention I was getting but I knew I was in trouble. The beast held a club as big as me by his side. I knew he wasn’t going to be a challenge for me I could see how easy it would be too go for the legs. As I watched it move closer it was like watching a child takes its first steps. I looked around the large room and saw a bow and a quiver of arrows next to me. I ran toward the beast full speed with my sword in hand. The beast lifted its leg to crush me as I ran under him. I summoned the ground under my feet to catapult me through the air. I flew really high until I was face to face with the giant swung my sword as the ground shook below me from the giant’s stomp. Jasmine went flying into a wall so hard the thump made my heart skip a beat. My blade slowly connected with the giant’s nose and made a small mark like a paper cut. I willed the wind to hold me in the air as I pushed toward Jasmine swiftly.
I found her and said, “Are you ok? Come on stand up. This thing almost killed you find somewhere to hide and be careful.” My mind was made up I liked jasmine and I hated this beast. Her eyes as she looked behind me gave me butterflies. My stomach tickled a lot it made me smile. I stared into her eyes, they were wide with fear.
I turned around in the nick of time; the giant’s club began flying toward us. I pushed forward with my fist. A spiral of wind pushed the club into the rafters. A chill went through my body as I saw the giant running toward us. I sighed all of the jitters out of my body. As the ground shook from the giants movements I raised my foot and swallowed my last bit of doubt. As the giant bounded closer I slammed my foot on the ground and the floor broke into boulders the size of the giant’s fist. One by one the boulders slammed into the giant. The giant stumbled and stumbled until he fell down with a loud thump. I saw that the giant was getting up and I was worried he might hurt jasmine again. So I shot a blast of lightening at the banister. The banister snapped from its cords and landed onto the giants head. I fell to the ground with a thud. The pain was bearable and I scratched my knee but I was fine. I walked over to jasmine. She was hiding behind a shield in the corner with her hair over the shield in a cute way. I said, “Hey are you ok. I think the giant is down for the count I don’t think he is dead though. We should hurry I see a door on the other side lets go.”
She stood up and looked at me with a smile. Then she looked at the door and began walking. I stood there frozen from the warm smile on her face. I guess that was her way of saying thank you. She looked back and said, “You better hurry up the next room is the clone room I got to say that was really cool. Why didn’t you kill the giant back there?”
I stood up and followed her to the door. She opened the door that led to a hallway. I watched her walk for a while then followed when I found an answer to her question. I swallowed hard after going through my words in my head. Then said “I don’t like to kill people I just knock them out I’m not a hard boiled killer. The only person I killed was my uncle and that was because I could not control my anger. I don’t want to kill people and as long as I don’t get angry I can control that.”
She stared at me with a sincere look and grabbed my hand softly and said, “Don’t worry as long as I am here nothing is going to make you angry. Trust me I care about what happens to you. I mean I don’t want you to hurt anybody.” She chuckled softly and let go of my hand. As we kept walking my jitter came back. We approached a door that was covered with tiny gold sparkles that made my eyes hurt. I pushed open the door and to my surprise nobody was in the room. The room was cold and dark, there was just enough light in the room to see each other. We stepped through the door and as it shut behind us I heard a laugh. There was a flash of light and the room lit up like fireworks. I found myself in a small office room there was a boy my age sitting on a chair because his feet were hanging over. He spun around quickly in the chair and jasmine had a scared look on her face.
I looked at him and with a smile I said, “What no cat to pet captain evil. I mean seriously this is cliché an evil force sitting in a chair with an animal of some sort right.” He had a blank base ball cap on his head.
He didn’t look impressed he snickered and said, “The prodigal son strikes again and Jasmine too, your father is going to love this Jimmy.” I looked at her and there was hurt in her eyes, she was on the verge of crying. He clenches his hands together looks directly at me with menacing eyes and continues, “Are you Jimmy or John I get you to mix up, your dad told me there was a difference between you too.”
He looked up as he wanders his head for the answer. He stared at me with a crooked smile and continued, “Jimmy had wing and John is useless…, no that wasn’t it Jimmy is dead and John sat there and cried the whole time. So that’s it your John, the useless tool. I’m Harold Graves, appointed head soldier by your pops. Anyway you’re alive and that is surprising that Cyclops should have killed you. Your father must really hate you killing those people in front of you and all you did was cry what a failure. Now get out of my sight your dad is not here and I have no use for you or that whore at your side.”
He stood up and looked at the door as if to signal us to leave. I felt my body tingle. A chill raced down my spine as I clenched my fist. I lunged at him with all of my strength and slammed him into the wall. I held his throat in my hand as I raised him off the ground my head started to clear, I needed answers and he was going to give them to me. “Where is my dad? Tell me or else I will burn you alive.”
I sent a flicker of fire to his face leaving a small burn on his cheek. I studied him for a while in my grasps and as I squeezed tighter a smile slowly appeared on his face then came the laughter, his crazy laughter shook my insides slowly. I never meet anybody who laughs at such pain. Jasmine grabbed my shoulder and I dropped the pathetic scum on the ground I was still angry but I knew I would get the information somehow. I dropped the pathetic scum on the ground, I was still angry but I knew I would get the information somehow. He gasped for air on the floor squirming around like a fish out of water it actually was funny. Jasmine walked over to him, kneeled at his side and whispered in his ear for a while. The boy spit at my feet and said “the forest.” Jasmine looked at me like a mouse stuck in a bear trap. It registered in my head that the forest was a really bad place. I helped her up and we made our way to the door in mid step out the door I turn around and rush the boy one last time with my fist. I connect with his jaw and smash it into the wall with all of my strength. I look at Jasmine and she was still had that shocked expression on her face. All of my anger faded when I looked at her anything bad that I felt had been rushed out of me like kids on the last day of school. We walked back into the main office were the secretary was just sitting there filing her nails. The secretary smiled at me as I walked by her she said “Did have fun in there kid? I heard a lot of things went down in there.”
I turned toward her and put on the most fakest smile I could imagine and said, “You knew what was going to happen. You predict the future and why didn’t you warn anybody.” She shrugged her shoulders and before I could get angry at her ignorance I walked away. I walked with Jasmine out of the building. I looked into her eyes and could tell she was confused and scared. I started walking her to my house when she stopped in front of me. “John you are not moving another inch until you tell me what is going on.”

I exhaled an annoyed breath not at her persistence but at having to remember the whole incident. “Fine it all started at my house where my father who is your boss kidnapped my mom. I didn’t know it was him at the time, so my brother and I team up with these two kids to find them. I end up killing my uncle out of anger; I keep his sword as a reminder of what I have to do. I find my dad with my mom and two men in a warehouse, we manage to free them but my dad kills my mom in cold blood! The two kids that we teamed up with killed their own fathers; my brother killed them both as I went to fight my father. My dad shoots and kills my brother and teleports away like a coward. That’s why I want to find him to get revenge and to make sure that nobody else dies.”
She looked scared when I looked at her, then her facial expression changed to pity. We walked in silence until we got to my house; I stopped in front of my porch and looked at her as she studied the floor still feeling bad for me. I asked “Did you live in the building, or do you need a place to stay? I have an extra room if you need it my mom had a good room.” I was nervous she made me all funny when I talked to her but it didn’t matter because I liked her. She walked to the door and studied the view of the street in front of her; there were not that many cars on the street because many of my neighbors could not afford them. The street itself was full of cracks and bumps like the city forgot about it when it was built.
Then she smiled and said, “I think it would be best if I stay here with you because I did live in the building and now I am homeless. Thanks to you I am going to be staying here for the time being without any complaint and if you have a problem with that then I can stay here and you can live on the street!” I opened the door and she nudged past me and walked into the house, I stood in the door way taking in my home that I left so abruptly to find my mother’s kidnapper. I followed her through my house as she studied everything in my house from the books on the shelf in the living room to the plants that I left unattended and were withering away. I walked her to my mom’s room. She plopped onto the bed and stretched out on the king size mattress with a curious look on her face.
She sat up and stared at me, and then she said “what were the two names of those people that betrayed you and your brother?” I thought for a moment the question threw me off guard.
I remembered the first time I met them I stared at the ground and tried to visualize them then I spoke “Their names were Ace and Butch. Ace used telepathy and butch was a shape shifter.” I looked up and jasmine was crying I saw tear streaming down her face freely and slowly. I raised my hand to wipe away her tears and she moved it away, I didn’t mean to make her cry I quickly went over my words with a fine tooth comb. I slowly grabbed her hand and said, “What is the matter? Did I say something wrong? I didn’t mean to upset you. Please say something I’m sorry I really am if there is anything I can do just tell me.”
Then she looked up at me and said in the softest voice I ever heard her speak in, “Ace is my brother. You said that you brother killed him right? I haven’t seen him since we were 5. My mom and dad split up. My mom and I moved in with my aunt, I had heard from a friend that my brother was in the organization so I decided to join just to see him again. I tried so hard to get in but now there is no point in trying since he’s dead now. I don’t hate you or your brother I hate the organization putting ace in that situation.” her bottom lip trembled as she wiped her eyes of the tears that plagued her face. I remembered how I felt when I found my brother died in front of me I needed somebody there to comfort me but all I had was loneliness, I didn’t want that for her so I wrapped my arms around her and she leaned her head on my shoulder and cried. I looked at her as she cried herself to sleep in my arms. I rested her head on the pillow and walked to my room. I plopped onto my bed and before I knew it I was in a deep sleep.
I found myself in a small room with a dim light swinging on the ceiling. I saw my dad walk through the door laughing next to a tall man with orange spiky hair and gold eyes. I didn’t think people were able to have that combination of looks but he looked funny. My father sat down and said “so what let the boy come after me. We will deal with the girl later. Right now we need to find the rebel before they do. Do I make myself clear bill.” The man nodded his head and removed his wig to reveal a brown haired buzz cut. He turned in my direction and sort of smiled at me. I awoke with a jolt like I was just electrocuted.
Jasmine was standing over me with a small smile and her eyes were red like she woke up crying. I studied her face as I sat up and said “what’s with the smile? You realize I’m too handsome to leave and you can’t leave without me.” I was hoping she said yes but I was just trying to make her laugh she looked like she could really use one after the conversation we had yester day. To my surprise see grabbed my hand and kissed me.
She got up quickly and walked out the room but stopped at the doorway and said “Yea I did. Now get dressed, we leave for the forest in an hour. I will be down stairs making breakfast so we can have our energy up.” I was still stunned from the kiss it made my body fell light as a feather. I began to float up slowly but I didn’t care at the moment. My brain cleared and I fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. I rolled to my feet, got dressed and ran down the stairs like it was Christmas morning. I was in such a rush that I knocked over a picture of my brother. I grabbed it before it hit the ground and a smaller photo fell from behind the frame. I picked up the picture and froze; a chill went through my body that set me back in motion. In the picture there were 6 kids. I recognized me and my brother together almost instantly, we were a little young at the time like 6 years old but it was us. There was a girl that stood out from the rest that had the same features as jasmine. The other 3 kids looked like they were friends of ours at the time. I tried to remember when the picture was taken; also I tried to figure out if I knew the other people.
I stepped into the kitchen staring at the picture vividly and almost hypnotically, I was starting to worry about why I never seen the picture ever in my life heard a snap that broke me from the pictures gaze. Jasmine was standing in front of me with my plate in her hand and a smile on her face. I grabbed the plate from her and walked toward the table still worrying about the photo. Jasmine snatched the photo from my hand and stared at me in a blank look of confusion. “Why are my brother and I in the same photo as you? This is weird I only knew you for one day and you already have pictures of me. This is a little crazy for me but if you already love me that much I guess I’ll look over it.” She had a lot of jokes about us but I really did love her and the way her hair always flowed so perfectly, she is funny and smart and I could not live without her. I moved behind her to get a good look at the picture again. There were 3 sections of the picture me and my brother were on the left side, I was ducking down with my hand spread open in front of me, my brother was standing over me with one hand on my head and one hand on jasmines shoulder. Jasmine had her hands folded like she was a tough biker chick, she pointed to her brother who was on his knees with his fist out. There were two more kids on the right but I could not place them one had a baseball cap on with a scar on his cheek and the other was smiling really big with one hand on jasmine’s shoulder and the other hand on pointing at the camera.
The photo looked like we were a gang of kids looking for trouble. I twirled my fork around my food thinking about the photo, I ate slowly to savor every bite of the delicious food. She passed me the photo and I folded it into my pocket as she fit next to me and ate her food. As we finished our food I packed my sword in a small duffle bag so I can have it with me and not scar anybody, the sword had grew on me in the time I had with it really made my life good. I briefly remembered the day I got it from my uncle and I let out a sigh, releasing the memory into the air hoping I never have to bring it up again. I look up and jasmine is waiting for me in one of my mom’s old jumpsuits. I couldn’t help smiling at her then I burst out in laughter as I pick up my bag. As we walk out the door Jasmine grabbed my shoulder and said “This forest is hardcore stuff john. Everybody there has guns and they have amazing powers, the best of the best get to guard that place. I don’t want you to get hurt.”
I closed the door and turned toward Jasmine with the biggest smile and my arms wide open. I folded my hands behind my head and said “I’m not going to die, just trust me I got this. My sword and I can go through anything. Even if they have guns I am faster than any weapon there is. How is that for bragging about my skill I have been working for it since we met?” Jasmine laughed at me and put her foot out to trip me. I fell over but before I fell I shot straight forward until I regained my balance! As I waited for her I looked across the street and saw my friends horsing around under an oak tree. It made me think about my life and what I was leaving behind and if it would ever be the same. I turned around and saw that jasmine wasn’t behind me anymore; I looked ahead straight in fear that I lost her and saw her walking casually down the street not even looking back.
I caught up with her as I looked back to have one more glance at what I could have had I saw a face that made me feel like my stomach was about to explode. It was my brother with my group of friends laughing and playing with them. I screamed his name and he took flight like a scared pigeon. I turned in my brother’s direction completely and started a full sprint after him. Jasmine ran behind me as quick as she could but she was falling behind. Jimmy started flapping his wings faster and faster, my legs started to give out on me so with all my strength I jumped up willing the air to send me toward my brother. He looked at me with proud eyes like a father would give a son then he closed his wings and spun pass me in a flash and by the time I turned around he was gone. I continued to run in the direction still not giving up hope, my brother is alive and I am sure of it. I turned the corner and ran into a kid the same height as me; I hit the ground with a thump and turned around on the offensive. He had spiky hair and it was rough like he hadn’t cut it in years. I saw a golden bow and quiver with arrows strapped to his back he had a small scar on his cheek and I instantly remembered the picture. I reached into my pocket and pulled it out, I saw him eye my sword and before I could do anything he notched an arrow and pointed it at my head. I actually panicked and began to stutter, “Whoa whoa I just want to know if this is you in the picture.”
I held up the photo so he could see and he shot it out of my hand. Then he said “Who do you think you are klutz. You don’t know me; I bet you work for the warriors. I swear you guys don’t take any breaks, tell Barron that if he wants me he can get me himself.” He notched another arrow and I acted, I rolled behind him unsheathed my sword and he kicked me in my face! He was faster then I was because before I could shake off the pain and get up he had an arrow to my heart. I willed lightning to make a blinding light on my sword, as he covered his eyes I took advantage. I hit him with the hilt of my sword. In the confusion I aimed my sword at his heart. I closed my eyes and plunged the sword into the kid hoping to kill him before he killed me.
Then I heard a voice so calm I recognized it almost instantly, it was jasmine and she sounded scared. She screamed “STOP BOTH OF YOU!” I opened my eyes and saw that he had an arrow about 4 inches away from my forehead, and my sword was in the ground where he was when I closed my eyes. I thought that I at least hit him but he was faster than I could literally imagine. I put my sword back in sheathe and picked up the photo and to my surprise his arrow was pierced through my head. I handed the photo to jasmine and handed the arrow to the kid, he snatched it from my hand and put it in his quiver. Jasmine looked at the photo and then at the kid and said “John this is Max Reed. Max this is John law, Barron’s son” I eyed Max as he clenched his fist on his bow. Then jasmine continued “Max is highly known in the warriors as a target. Your dad really wants him for some reason; there is no doubt in my mind this is him in the photo.”

She turned to Max smiling and handed him the photo. He smiled back at her and his expression changed when he glanced at me. He said “Your john right? You’re the son of that monster Barron. I should put a poison tip arrow through your head. But since you are with her you get a pass.” I hated the kid’s arrogance; I wanted to beat the mess out of him right then and there. He turned to jasmine and said “So Barbie how have you been haven’t seen you around lately. Why are you hanging around with this joke anyway? Why is this jerk talking about me in a photo? I hope I look good.” Jasmine handed him the photo and he studied it. I was angry and jealous of him, the confidence he had is just so annoying I just want to punch him every time I see his face.
My hands formed fist as I bottled up my anger, I only realized I was really jealous when my hand was bleeding from my nails plunging into them. My body was literally on fire, so I took a deep breath and calmed down before anybody saw me. Jasmine explained everything that happened to me and her in the past few days; she also included me and my family problems. I was too busy staring up at the sky looking for any signs of winged humans flying around who look like my brother. I wanted to believe I saw my brother but I knew better then that he was dead and I already mourned that was the end of that. I heard Jasmine call my name and I realized that she started walking. I slowly caught up to her, then I saw max follow behind me and soon he was in front of me. He was walking on the side of Jasmine, I hated him and he was getting in my way. So I walked behind them brainstorming ways to get rid of max like a kid. All my thought led to setting him on fire or squashing him with a rock. We walked for hours until we got to the entrance of the woodland forest, I never been this far away from home by without my brother. We were inseparable but we never roamed this far ever jimmy was always the cautious one. I just shook my head hoping I could actually focus on the task ahead.
As we started walking through the forest my legs started getting tired, that made me feel very sluggish. I sat under a tree for a while with my head resting on the trunk of the tree. Before long jasmine doubled back after she realized I wasn’t behind her, it actually took her longer then I thought it would because of that jerk Max. Jasmine turned her head to the side and jeered “Tired already, we’re not even halfway there. Look at that even the monkeys is making fun of you.” I looked up surprised that I never realized the monkeys mocking me in the trees. They were slouching on the branches making noises with their mouths, ad rolling on each other. I started laughing then I had a funny idea, I stuck out my tongue and started jumping around. Then the monkeys started copying me until one fell off of a branch, pulling one down with him. As jasmine sat next to me I realized max was not with her, I was relived and thought she ditched him in the woods or something. Almost instantly Max rushed toward us but he had a worried look on his face. I figured something was wrong because he was missing a few bows in the quiver. I thought fast and struck the tree with a rock making the monkeys go wild and run in all different directions. Max smiled at me like I was a genius and I actually felt superior. Then he spoke in a rushed tone “There are about 30 of them to the north not far off. The west has about 40 closer than that, the east maybe our only exit.” He took a deep breath and continued talking as he exhaled. “We should move in the trees from now on so we don’t attract attention.” I shot him an awkward look like he was a complete idiot but before I could respond to his insane suggestion Max grabbed me and rushed Jasmine.
My voice got caught in my throat as my body was moving around wildly. We were moving up the tree with such speed the ground became a blur. Max slammed us into the tree trunk and I started to freak out. Max was a gorilla, a big hairy life saving gorilla. I looked down and saw about 50 gun carrying “warriors” flanking us from the ground. Max grabbed his bow and it grew in his big hairy hands. He plucked an arrow from the quiver and launched it at one of the warriors. The arrow shrunk in the air and it pierced the skin of the warrior. The warrior scratched his arm and walked away from the tree searching the area where the monkeys were playing. We stayed in the tree as the warriors left the area and searched at the entrance of the woods. Max grabbed us and slid down the tree like a fireman, I was a little uncomfortable because I was not use to being picked up like I was a child. Max turned back into his normal self as I shook my body like a wet dog. I shook off the fear I had of almost dying sighed and said, “So your Butch’s brother right? That would explain the transforming into things, but how did your bow grow when you gorilla hands touched it? You could have told me instead of leaving me in the dark you almost scared me half to death.”
He laughed at me like I just told the most hilarious joke in the world. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small disc. He looked up at me and laughed again in my face which made me angry. Max then scratched his head and grimaced, “I wasn’t supposed to tell you anything, I don’t have to tell you anything got that. By the way I don’t have a brother stupid my parents died when I was 6 years old. I have been hunted by the warriors ever since I was on my own. You are in no way someone I have to report to, so shut up and if you don’t know anything about me it’s probably for the best. Before you ask the most obvious question in the world this in my hand is a tracking device and the arrow I shot the warrior was a tracker. Our best bet is to follow in the morning now we should rest and get our strength up.” Max pulled out a small capsule and swallowed it. I set up camp from two blankets and a big stick that I found to make a tent. I was expecting me and jasmine to share the tent but max ran in and circled the tent like a dog before he slept.
Jasmine pulled my arm back and she shook her head and said, “I don’t think you want to do that he is very territorial and you shouldn’t be tired you were sleeping when we found you. He lived with animals all his life that’s why he is like that there is no point getting mad at him.” I nodded pitifully because he had nowhere to live and he grew up with animals. So I still don’t know why they know so much about each other before I came along. I loved jasmine and I felt like it was time to ask her the question that haunted my head sense I met her. I swallowed hard and clenched my fist and uttered the words, “Jasmine I love you and I wanted to know if you felt the same way about me.” I swallowed hard like I had a rock in my throat and eyed the floor afraid to make eye contact with her until I heard an answer.
After a few moments of silence Jasmine grasped my hand and said “Yes, I feel the same way. I was just scared you wouldn’t like me because of the warriors.” I chuckled a little and moved in close to her. She rested her head on my shoulder as I looked into the sky and watched the stars in the sky shinning on this great moment. I feel asleep a short time after that, and then the dream started again. I found myself in a dark cave staring at a man pacing back and forth with a worried expression on his face. The man stopped pacing and covered his face with his massive hands and began laughing like a sick serial killer after his first kill. It really freaked me out, it was worse than I nightmare because I had seen this person before. His face was hard even with that expression on his face he still looked like he was a rock. Then he looked down and mumbled, “You think you’re so slick don’t you? You get the team and now you get the girl you have got it all planned out don’t you. So I ask you this ok what’s next for the incredible John. You’re going down the wrong path if you ask me, you are too close to your goal and everything is going perfect did you ever stop and think about the people around you.” I walked up to the man and I was scared out of my mind of what might happen to me and he was right I didn’t really think about the people that I met because they actually seemed harmless. I wasn’t sure what he meant by having the team but I took it as a complements and shrugged it off. I taped him on the shoulder and he evaporated before my eyes and then the dream itself dispersed.
I awoke in a happy mood because I actually had a jasmine as my girlfriend. I saw her and max packing the stuff up. I rose like a zombie and walked over casually and hugged jasmine close, as I stared at Max with a smile that read “Yea that’s right I got the girl now deal with it!” Max began walking and we slowly followed behind him, he pulled out a disc and followed the beeping light like a cat and I began to see what Jasmine was saying about the animal instincts of Max. Then after a while of walking in a straight path Max stopped a yard away from a big wooden hut and sat down where he stood and I tripped over him. As I regained my balance I turned to him and yelled “WHY ARE YOU JUST SITING THERE.WE SHOULD BE GOING BALLISTIC ON THAT HUT RIGHT NOW. IF YOU WANT TO STAY HERE FINE GO AHEAD BUT I’M GOING TO STORM IN THERE AND GET REVENGE.”
Max grabbed my wrist and pulled me down, and then he whispered “I am waiting for an ambush now please sit before you blow my plan idiot. I hate you but now you are just acting dumb you storm in there and we all die, including jasmine and I know you don’t want that.” I eyed Jasmine as she shot me a worried look and I sat down frustrated that I had to listen to a guy like Max. I put my sword on my lap waiting for the so called ambush that was coming. I waited and then I saw a group of warriors running toward us and then more started to swarm us from all sides. As Max sat down with his hands up I followed suite hoping he was going to fight and not be captured. The warriors closed in and I began to freak out inside I was not about to get captured and sacrificed in front of my dad. I willed the ground around me and pushed to up catapulting the warriors up in the air, Max picked up his bow and arrow and shot one arrow into the air and it split into 20 small arrows raining on the warriors.
I got to my feet and swung my sword around slashing everything in sight, I didn’t feel bad about wounding the warriors. I just slash them on the chest and they drop to the floor in pain and evaporate, they all looked the same like they were clones of the same guy but they all had different clothes. I ran up to one with a cowboy hat and smacked him with the hilt of my sword, and then I ran behind a tree because I was being shot at from the side. I sent a fireball toward them and the shooting stopped for a moment and I took that time to run toward Jasmine. She was hiding behind a rock shooting with a gun she found on the floor. It turns out she is a terrible shot because she was shooting at the wall scaring them for a moment. I hid behind her watching her back and sending fireballs at the warriors she missed. Max came from the side running toward us with an empty quiver and a broken bow, and then he stopped shot and turned into an elephant. He rushed his attackers swinging his trunk and stomping on the clones. I stood up and pulled a tree from the ground, Max took the tree and used it like an extended trunk breaking down other trees and smacking the clones as they ran. Some tried to shoot but he thought everything out he plated his skin with Kevlar. The bullets fell off his skin like basketballs. He quickly transformed into a cheetah and rushed the warriors slashing and biting from left to right.
He ran toward us again and slid under me as I sent a fireball in the direction he was in. I looked back and saw that his quiver was full of arrows again; I wanted to ask him about the arrows but right now was not the time. I looked up and saw a pair of black wings flapping by and a black feather landed right in the middle of the triangle that we made. I felt a sting in my arm and I felt instantly dizzy. As I dropped to my knees I saw Jasmine just fall to the ground. Max was in rhino form plowing warriors in a line; I felt another sting on my back and pulled out a small needle. I watched Max gets shot with 10 needles and that when I fell on my back with black feathers falling from the sky with no feeling in my face as I blacked out.

I awoke with a rush going through my body like I had just eaten a straight cup of sugar on Christmas morning. I looked around to figure out my situation, there was a dim light shining above my head and I was suspended in the air like a slave in a dungeon. I wrapped my hand around the chain and started to melt it. A piece of the chain fell off and it dawned on me that there was no floor, I could fall off and die. So I held on to the chain hoping not to fall and I looked up because a light had caught my eye. I willed the ground above me to crumble, while I swung from the chain so I didn’t fall to my death. I saw jasmine’s hair flow into view and it made me happy. The thought of her still being alive made me jump, so I pulled on the chain and pulled my way up until I was ground level. I climbed out and found myself in a large room, I saw jasmine sitting next to max and they were holding hands! Max leaned in close, brushed the hair out of her face and kissed jasmine! I was enraged I rushed max and punched him. Glass broke in front of me shattering the image of max and jasmine, it was a mirror but I had a strange feeling it was real. I walked to the whole I came out of trying to clear my head but I couldn’t she kissed him I knew it. I was afraid I was right and I didn’t want it to sink in at all, my girl friend kissed him and I was going to kill him when I got the chance. I felt an arm on my shoulder; it was cold and firm but also reassuring.
I turned around and found myself face to face with my brother, he looked older then he did before. He had a small thin mustache, with spiky hair, and he was taller than me by a lot now. He smiled at me and said “I see you found a girlfriend and she is kissing another guy that sucks. That mirror you saw shows you who you’re looking for and what they are doing. So while you are sitting here breaking windows your girl is kissing some guy that’s tough man.” How did he know she was my girlfriend? Also on top I want to know how he is still alive, he got shot twice. He died in my hand that day and I held him as his body became limp. He cleared his throat and continued “You remember John, when I first flew over the house. Well while you were freaking out a man took me out of the sky, he told me that my wings could do so much more than fly into the clouds. I saw that man again when I was shot he told me that my wings would become stronger if I did something for him, so I did it and now look at me.” He stretched his wings far from his body and, instead of the shine I was used to seeing there was darkness.
His wings were as dark as the abyss I climbed out of a while ago. I stepped back scared of what he had become in this short period of time. I was so shocked and confused the room began to spin. I felt a slight pinch in my arm and fell in front of my brother who was smiling at me. I awoke again with anger and malice inside my soul. I tried to move around but my body was constricted tighter than before. I hung there silently pondering my thoughts as a dim light flickered in the distance betraying me with false hope. A door opened in front of me and my body stiffened with fear. A man stood before me with a calm look on his face. He looked like he was a military officer or something of the sort from his build. He looked into my eyes and with a smile I realized who he was.
I smiled because I knew his intentions when he looked at me. He said, “My daughter seems to like you and you have been receiving my dreams if I’m correct. So I guess I will let you out.” I melted my chains quickly and extended my hand hoping he would shake it giving him the thanks he deserves; instead he takes me shoulders in his hand and hugs me. He whispers “Take good care of her and the dreams will stop.” I walked out of the door and he followed me, I had a feeling in my gut the dream were coming from him. My first instinct was to ask him why he did it or how he knew about jasmine and me but I focused on the task at hand, escaping this place and find out what is going on.
I began walking in one direction while he followed right behind me. I took a deep breath and decided I needed answers, so I asked “How did you know about the girl? And why have I been having those dreams? Have we met before? Other then the dreams I have seen your face before I just can’t place it.”
He let out a hearty laugh like he was a mall Santa. Then he patted me on the shoulder and said, “We have met in the warehouse where I died the first time. You were the only one left there if I was correct. Nobody really died back then because it was all faked to get your powers on the ready. Bob got himself actually killed because he wanted you alive. I’m bill and that girl that you have been dating is my daughter. I have been keeping you up to date on things if you have been paying attention you need to find weapon M and then you can go after your father he is very important if you want revenge.” I was in shock about everything the fact that nobody died echoed in my head for a while.
I found myself walking as my mind wandered until I hit a door with a red door knob on it. I reached for the door then I stopped, turned to him and said “His name is Max, that’s who you’re talking about right. Bob’s son, his brother is butch. If nobody died, why wasn’t I informed or anything. I believed that my family was dead, where is my mom? I need an explanation on why the hell would you do that to me! There is no actual explanation for this is there?”
He frowned at me for a while like he was in deep thought and when he talked he did so in a hushed tone, “Your father wanted everyone dead because of the events that happened that day. You were not supposed to be there it was Jimmy’s mission not yours he was supposed to answer the door not you. Your uncle was simply there to get you out of the picture when you joined Ace and Butch. You were not supposed to be that strong; you were supposed to die or be captured and receive the arrangement. Your father had bets on what child would win in a fight I had Butch, Bob had Jimmy and your dad had Ace. When you came along your dad thought you were an asset to bob so he tried to scare you by using your uncle. You killed him instead, we followed our plan and your brother won. We wanted you two to fight but we knew that wouldn’t happen. So you father killed him leaving you to drown in your sorrow and go out for revenge.” I realized that all he said was true, I got the information I wanted but I didn’t like it.
My father had made a bet that that put my brother’s life at in danger. Those who died received something called an arrangement. I opened the door in front of me and walked through still pondering everything that was said by jasmine’s dad. Nobody died because of me and that’s good but the bad part was I couldn’t find my father. My brother received something called an arrangement that would explain the black wings. I realized I had been walking for as long as I had been thinking and I stopped to look around. I looked back and saw three doors, the one I came out of and two on both sides of it and they were all open. I looked in the direction I was walking, held my head up high and walked. I was full of myself because I knew I would soon meet up with Jasmine and Max, and then I heard a voice screaming ahead of me. So I pick up speed afraid it was Jasmine and she was in trouble. The voice was very high pitched and loud like a banshee attacking its prey, almost instantly I knew it was Max so I slowed down a little.
I kept telling myself that I was going slow to save energy but I just didn’t like him. I arrived at a golden door; I leaned my shoulder forward and dove into the door. I look around the big room with three chairs in the middle was my screaming tag-along. I slammed the door behind me waiting for somebody to jump out and stab me. The chair started to wobble in front of me. I could not see who was in the chair I could just hear Max till screaming. There was a swinging light that took my focus off of the chairs every time I tried to focus on them. I moved toward a chair that I thought was empty and Max let out another scream, it was loud and I went deaf momentarily. I scrambled for the sound and cupped my hand over what I believed was his mouth and the sound stopped. I saw his eyes pan over to the chair next to him, I moved over and my eyes met with Jasmine’s and my smile faded a little.
She looked like she was in a fight with a ravenous beast, her eyes were drowsy and full of tears, and she was out of breath. It looked like she was drained of all her spirit and pride. I held her hand and looked for a way to get them out, there arms were tied up and there was a box under each chair. Max tapped his foot to get my attention and said “If we move we get shocked and if the box is touched we blow up. There is nothing you can do and jasmine as you can see is no help to anyone, her brother talked to her and she has been like that ever since. Oh yea and I found my dad but he was dead somebody killed him when I was looking around, my brother sat there with a smile the whole time. I want his head on a platter when I see him; apparently my father wanted you alive so he got murdered for trying to save you. He still would have been alive if you didn’t interfere I wanted to see him again but now he’s dead. Why did you have to be a hero John?”
Max looked at me with a fierce anger in his heart, he blamed me for his father’s death not the organization. I slowly walked to the empty seat regretting everything that I have done, the only thing I could think of is sitting in the seat and preparing for the worse. I sat down as my heart began to beat slowly and suddenly the floor began to quickly rise. I looked at the ceiling then shut my eyes in fear of death. After a couple of minutes I opened my eyes and looked around, we were in the middle of a hall that seemed endless. I looked at jasmine and grasp her hand, a sharp pain went through my body and I cringed as she pulled her hand away and turned toward Max. My mind went back to the mirror image and I knew then that the mirror was real. I had lost the girl I loved just because I wasn’t there for her this time. I was angry and enraged I wanted to kill Max right there and now but that would only make her sadder. I looked around waiting for someone to come out and strike the finishing blow.

I realized that the boxes were not under the chair anymore, also I spotted my sword sitting on a wall next to Max’s bow and quiver. I ran to it and picked it up and then I saw my brother walk toward us and he said “I see you guys figured it out. I am Jimmy King of the Skies, I think we met before Max right.” He flew toward Jasmine until they were face to face. I clutched my sword ready to strike as soon as he even thought of hurting her. Then he continued “So you’re the girl my brother is so in love with right. But wait you and Max over here were getting close in the mirror room.” He flew to Max who was blushing a little at my brother’s taunts. I didn’t want to hear anything else from Jimmy about Jasmine or Max.
I ran to Jimmy quickly and grabbed his wing. I pulled it the opposite way and slammed him into the ground; I put my foot on his back so he was pinned to the floor. I saw a door swing open, then Ace and Butch walked in with small daggers. Butch rushed Max with a flurry of stabs and swings; Max turned into a leopard and smacked the dagger out of Butch’s hand. Butch turned into a snake and wrapped himself around Max. Max turned into an elephant which shook off Butch and made him slither away in retreat. I turned toward Jasmine and saw Ace standing face to face with his sister; Jasmine started crying at the sight of her brother. My arms started to shake and my hand started to slip from my brother moving a lot. Jimmy started flailing his body around, he spread his wings far and I went flying into a wall. I stood up and shot a glance at Jasmine, I saw a look on Ace’s face that I thought I would never see again. There was a sincere look in his eyes, he cared for his sister and she cared about him. Jasmine started to smile and the glow in her face came back, it was like she was full of energy again.
Ace dropped his dagger and hugged his sister tightly, and that’s when I knew she was in safe hands. I stared up at my brother as he flew in a circle like a vulture stalking its prey. Jimmy flew down with such speed I didn’t have time to react, he dived away from me into the sky and I set his wings on fire. We were in free fall and I needed to act fast, I willed the ground to catch my brother and encase him in concrete. I floated down safely with the help of the wind around me; I turned to Max and saw that he was pinned down by Butch. Max struggled to get free as his brother clenched down hard on his neck with hands of steel. I watched as tears began to form on the pinkish face of Max as he struggled, kicking and morphing unsuccessfully. I rushed Butch full speed and tackled him off of Max. I closed in on Butch, with my sword in hand and slapped him with the hilt of my sword. I hit him so hard he spun around twice. I watched as his body fell to the ground with a thud, Max tapped my shoulder and I panicked. Swinging around me slashed at the air missing the tip of his head by an inch or two. Then Jasmine stood behind him laughing as Max began patting his head looking for a patch of missing hair.
Jasmine walked up to me and hugged me like I had just come back from war. I saw Ace walk up behind Jasmine with a smile, which turned into a hilarious laughter. Then he said “So you and my sister huh, I didn’t expect you to be so straight forward with my sister. I mean seriously if you expect to keep your life I would treat her right. Just words of advice I can rip you apart with a thought if you hurt her I will hurt you.” I couldn’t help but laugh I didn’t really expect to be threatened like that from someone I thought was an enemy about a minute ago. Jasmine kissed me on my cheek and I could feel my face get really red, I couldn’t help but smile at that moment, then I wondered why Ace didn’t attack Jasmine like we were attacked by our brothers. Ace smiled and said, “I love my sister and the fact that I am not evil is half of it. I assume you all know about the arrangement, and that my friend is why your counter parts are raging testosterone beast. I faked the shot that they gave me, I really hate needles.” I extended my hand because Ace seemed really harmless at that moment, hoping he would shake it and help us get out of here. Ace grabbed my hand at when he shook it, a door opened on a balcony over our heads.
My dad came out and to my surprise he was with my mother. They were both happy and that almost made smile but then I remember what I did to my brother and Butch, my father made them monsters in his sick and twisted game and I couldn’t take it anymore. I catapulted toward my father, halfway there everything froze nobody moved but I heard my mom’s voice say “Run while you still can. Son I love you but you have to get out of here and trust no one. Your father wants you dead and you’re on this revenge spree, it’s all so wrong.” I didn’t know what to say, my mom could stop time and she was alive. My mother wanted me to leave everything behind, I have went through all of this just to have my mother tell me to turn around and go home. I couldn’t leave Max and Jasmine behind they are really close to me and I just found my brother again, I am not about to quit now.
I floated to my mother, hugged her and for the first time told her, “No I can’t do that right now, maybe after all this is over we can be a family again. Me, you, and jimmy like old times but first this is something I have to do. Dad was going to let jimmy die in some crazy fight he dreamed up. Who knows how many people he has actually killed, he is a monster and I am going to end this now.” That’s what kept me going the whole time; I made sure my point was clear to my mom.
She nodded her head and said, “Ok fine do what you want I warned you John just don’t trust everyone you meet.” My mom blinked hard and time began to move again. I acted quickly by pinning my dad to the floor, my mom stared at me as I struggled to get my sword.
I heard a scream and my attention was quickly turned to jasmine, she was standing still with a smile on her face that scared me a little bit. Then Jasmine said “John please come down here really quick I need to talk to you.” My hand started to shake as I tried to resist her call and drive the sword through my father. When I lost control of my body I turned around and jumped down landing next to Jasmine. I was angry; Jasmine knew how close I was to ending this. I went through hell for this chance and she ruined it for me with just a sentence. She leaned in close and whispered the words “I’m sorry.”
Then Ace came from behind with a blade and stabbed me in my chest. I felt the blade go through me until I saw the shine of crimson red blood in front of me, I began to cough and choke on my blood as it rushed up my throat. As I dropped to my knees I saw jasmine’s face full of regret and pain like she was the one on the end of the sword. I heard my mom’s voice echo in my head, “trust nobody.” The girl that I liked helped my dad kill me. As I hit the floor my pool of blood became thicker. My mind began to fade as my sight did until there was complete darkness. I heard a faint beeping sound then there was a flash, I heard what I hoped was a doctor say “What was he doing out this late anyway.” Then his voice faded along with the flash of light.

Again there was a flash and I saw a figure standing over me, I tried to grab it but my arms wouldn’t respond. As the figure began to fade I heard the same voice say “I am not going to lose you today,” when the figure faded completely I decided to embrace the darkness around me and welcome death. Suddenly another light shined and I was on a hospital bed, I searched the room with my eyes making sure I don’t get killed while in a hospital. Then I eyed Ace sleeping on a chair with a book over his head snoring. I lunged forward but was stopped by the tubes in my throat and arm; there was also a pain in my chest that made me cough.
Ace awoke in a jolt and began to ramble, “Hey man I’m sorry for stabbing you, Jasmine made me do it you know how she is man. Crazy though huh, all this time and my sister still tells me what to do. You have to realize she wanted the arrangement man, she thought you would love her more if she was as strong as you. She thought she bought you down and she wanted to be stronger. When I talked to her the first time I kind of convinced her you were evil, come to think of it that’s all we talked about. The second time we talked I told her about the ice things you have done, but then she told me that she talked to your dad when everybody split up. Then she told me to stab you when I got a clear shot.” Ace looked calm after his lengthy confession. I looked around the room to find the nurse button, and I found it on the side of the bed and pressed it. A girl with blonde walked in and Ace pointed at me and said “it’s him this time honest, he’s up and really mad.”
She walked up to me and smiled as she checked the monitors, then she cheerfully said, “You’ll live and next time don’t fence without proper equipment. I am going to remove the tubes and then you will be all set to go.” She started by removing the tubes in my arm, there was a small pinch in my arm but then the pain went away. There was a little bit of blood that came out but she wiped it away with a clothe she got out of her pocket. After that she slowly pulled the tube out of my throat, I coughed and spit into my pillow. I was actually relieved that I was in the hospital and not bleeding out on the floor. The nurse left soon after she checked the bandage on my chest. I looked at Ace as he watched her leave; he was probably going to ask her on a date or something.
I hated the fact that I was stabbed by ace but it also gave me joy because I showed me that I was still mortal and the experience reminded me of that. I sat up on the hospital bed and Ace looked back at me and said, “She’s cute right. I was ringing that nurse button just so I could talk to her. Anyway on a less appealing note Max ran away because he had no one to turn to we all were working for the organization I tried to find him but I gave up, jasmine is pure evil because that arrangement changed her a lot she is all power hungry she even tried to kill your dad to rule the organization. You’ve been out for 2 months and the warriors have been going crazy, they have been killing people on the street trying to find you.” I looked out of the window fearing the worst, cars on fire, dead bodies in the street but what I saw was nothing that horrible.
There were kids running around happily as their parents scolded them. Ace continued after a small laugh, “Don’t worry I gave up all that evil stuff, they don’t know where you are. I made sure we weren’t checked in the hospital at all. I was thinking we could go on a teen team rampage you now fighting evil, and taking names. Just like the old days me and you, kill those who deserve it come on are you in or out man.” I looked up at the sky and saw a falcon flying in a circle; I opened the window hoping it was Max because the falcon was brighter than any falcons I’ve seen. The falcon swooped in and landed on an empty chair in the room and started twitching its head from left and right. I turned to close the window, I was happy because I knew that Max was watching over me as I recovered and not Ace because I didn’t like Ace that much. I turned to the falcon and picked up a flower, I tossed it at the falcon. As I thought the falcon changed onto Max and caught the flower with his mouth.
I shivered because when Max transforms it’s like his bones shift and it looks weird. Max took the flower out of his mouth and twirled it in his hand and said “Glad to see you’re awake, I would have walked but I’ve gotten lazy in the last month. The warriors stopped chasing me and I’m staying in your house, so I’m all good. Also before you ask Jasmine told me I could do it.” I stumbled to him with malice in my heart I hated the fact that he mentioned Jasmine’s name in front of me. He could have stopped her but he ran away from the problem like a scared dog
. Ace rushed to my side and grabbed my arm; I shrugged it off and lunged at Max. I swung my fist several times at his face connecting with every blow until I was satisfied. I stood up accomplished and said, “Don’t mention her name to me ever, you got that you’re not allowed to talk to me about her got that.”
I extended a hand to max hoping that he was ok. He took my hand and as he brushed off his shirt said, “I guess I deserve that I left her and I shouldn’t have. It was her choice even if I stopped her she would have run away at night anyway.” I glared at him, I was angry and he didn’t know the other reason why I was angry. I already beat him so I thought I should just tell him why I was still mad.
I huffed and said “I saw you and her, I saw you kiss Jasmine. I saw it through a mirror you kissed her.” I paused to see his reaction but it was blank, the only emotion I saw was confusion which didn’t surprise me. I balled up my fist then continued, “I watched you kiss her, and you knew she was my girlfriend. I would have killed you if Jasmine didn’t get me stabbed but if you try something that stupid again I will kill you.” He began to stutter up a lie and I got mad, I swung hard connecting with his face as soon as the nurse walked in.
Ace leaped to his feet and spun the nurse around and said “You look nice, let’s go to the cafeteria and talk.” I wasn’t paying attention because I was too busy staring at Max as he brushed himself off.
I said “Why would you do that to me man. I thought we were getting along and you do that to me, what the hell man.”
Max sat down and said “She told me to do it John. We were in front of the window and she told me to kiss her, then the mirror broke and she told me not to ask any questions. After that we ended up in those chairs after we split up. You can keep hitting me if you want, it doesn’t hurt that much it’s like being stung by a bee. Here’s the thing I have to get you out of here now there is no time to ask questions.” Just then Ace ran through the door and jumped at Max. Max turned into an elephant and jumped out the window, as Ace followed Max he grabbed me and we were in free fall for a minute. Max turned into a giant eagle and snatched us up in the air. Max soared through the air and he reminded me of my brother. I wondered what became of him, was he still at my father’s side or did he get killed because he was no use to him anymore.
We soared to my house and waited at the door for a while. I fumbled up my porch steps and grabbed the door handle; I loved being home because I missed my bed and my room. I pushed the door open and quickly ran to my room. I lay down and rested my eyes for a while, and then the dream came again. I heard jasmine’s father’s voice say, “You idiot, you stupid dumbass you killed her. She’s dead because you wanted revenge, now I have to kill you.” I saw Jasmine walk out of the shadows smiling, I half smiled because she wasn’t dead. The fact that she was in my dream meant that she did have the arrangement. She casually walked up to me and said “that’s a good impression of my dad; I really had you going there didn’t I. My powers are cool and I wanted to show them to you I missed you and I’m sorry for everything.” Jasmine opened her arms and I rushed in to embrace her. The truth was I missed her too. It didn’t matter what happened before what mattered was the fact I was with her. The hug lasted for a while, she was warm and comforting. I looked around and the atmosphere changed around me. The darkness that shrouded Jasmine flowed away and we stood in the middle of the park.
She grabbed my hand as we walked through the park she placed before me. I looked at her afraid that the dream would disperse and I would be left with a memory of her. Jasmine smiled and said “Find me so we can be here for real and walk in the park. For now I have to do something that I promised my brother about, Goodbye.” I awoke on the floor with a smile stained on my face. I was going to find her no matter what, I sat on the floor thinking about where she was, how I was going to find her, and what I was doing about my dad. My concentration was interrupted by the smell of hamburgers on the stove. I rushed downstairs to find two nicely cooked hamburgers on a plate. I sat down in front of the plate and looked at Max then at Ace, they started eating and then I began eating too.
Ace stood up and put his plate in the sink, he came back to his seat and said “So what’s out plan, rush in and start a war or do we actually have a strategy.” I put down my burger and sighed, I hated that all the things that happened would lead to war. I didn’t know what my father planned to do but I wanted him stopped.
I put on a smile and I said, “War sounds fun right about now.” Max nodded and said “Same here but where will we start. I think we should get rid of the warriors first, than we go after the family.”
I nodded in agreement as Ace found his way to the last hamburger. He bit into the hamburger and through a mouth full of food he mumbled, “After slow poke here finishes his food we will head out. We should go to the warrior temple that’s where the warrior’s train, if you want to end the warriors that’s where we will start.” I finished eating and raced upstairs to grab my sword.
I reached for the sword and as I grasped it into my hand the sword crumbled into dust. As my hand shook and the dust fell, I realized what I stood for also crumbled along with the sword. I wiped the dust off and walked downstairs, I didn’t want to keep them waiting for a long time. Ace looked at me and said, “Sorry for your lose but on the bright side I don’t have a weapon either. Let’s go to the temple we have to do this now if you want to get them by surprise.” I liked the fact that Ace could read minds because that meant that I didn’t have to talk. I walked to the door and opened it to a path of destruction.

There were warriors littering the streets, some were carrying bodies and others were smashing things as they walked the streets. I reached for my sword and remembered what happened to it as I grasped the empty sheath. Ace put his hand on my shoulder and said in a comforting voice, “Its fine just use your head, steal a weapon if you have to just cheer up. Let’s crack some heads, you’ll feel better when we get to the temple.” Ace jumped off the porch slamming the warrior with his telekinesis. Max sat on the porch with his bow shooting at the warriors who began to run at Ace. I saw a warrior aim something at Ace so I formed a barrier around Ace with the street. For some reason it felt easier to use my power without my sword. I rushed to Ace’s side and Max followed.
A warrior threw what looked like a grenade in our direction. I used the air to push it back like a tennis ball swing. The grenade flew back and exploded right in front of the warrior. We took that as our opening, we moved around the barrier and Ace pushed as much warriors as he could close together. Max shot a few arrows at the far points of the street; I sent a fireball at the warriors that Ace set up for me. We cleared most of the warriors that way but most escaped with people as captives. Ace started walking in the direction as he looked back he said, “To warrior temple or bust, they have people and we need to get them back or they will be turned into warriors.” Ace seemed worried about something because he was looking around like he lost his pet. I looked back to see if any warriors moved and I realized that Max was missing. I heard a car start in the distance and I grabbed Ace by the shoulder. Ace spun around and said, “Calm down, it’s just Max getting a car. We need to get there quick because I think they’re running out of people to capture, they might just start killing people off.”
Max pulled up shortly with a cherry red compact car. I opened the door and jumped into the back seat, Ace sat in the passenger seat and that was Max’s queue to drive off. We sped through the streets fast until I saw the warriors that escaped with the hostages; I rolled down the window and threw a baseball out the window that I found on the floor. Then I opened the door and max sped up, the warriors let go of the hostages and began to run. I sent a fireball at the warriors and closed the door thankful that I didn’t fall out. As we came upon the temple I realized that the streets were oddly empty, the homes were all broken into and stay animals were the only things walking around.
As the car stopped Max and Ace got out of the car, and I followed suit. We were about to enter a temple of warriors and I hoped I walked out alive, that seemed like a long shot but it was fine with me. We walked through a door with a big letter W on it. I counted 30 warriors when I walked through the door; Max pulled out his bow and notched an arrow that had a lot of bright colors on it. There was a loud alarm and Max let the arrow fly through the air. As the arrow spun through the air I rushed the crowd of warriors, I flung rocks and small fireballs at any warrior who got too close to us. The arrow made a big explosion with a blinding light that made me close my eyes and turn around. When I opened my eyes I saw that the warriors were unconscious on the floor. The alarm went off and I saw that Ace was climbing over the body’s to get to the door on the other side, it looked like he knew what he was doing so Max and I followed him. When I stepped through the door I saw something that made me cringe, I saw my friends with swords and guns talking about a house that they robbed. I started to focus on the faces of the warriors; there were about 100 warriors in this one room. Their faces were either family to me or they were just people I’ve seen once or twice but they all looked familiar.
I looked at Ace; he nodded and said “I will get on that now ok, knock out not kill. Max set your bag of tricks to stun and be gentle.” My eyes scanned the room again; there was a warrior that stood out from the others. A boy with half of his face bruised and a baseball cap covering up a black eye looked me over and smiled. It was the kid that was at the warrior’s first hide out when I went with Jasmine. Some warriors noticed us and grabbed their weapons like they were in a trance. I watched as the kid pushed his way to a door in the back of the room. I tapped max on the shoulder and said, “You got this I’m going after a lead. I will be back momentarily I know you can do this.” I pushed my way to where the kid was standing and saw that he went through the gold door at the end of the room. So I made my way to the back and opened the door, as I stepped in I closed the door behind me. As the kid smiled a wicked smile I decided to taunt him by saying, “So my dad demoted you from messenger to babysitter. Nice trade up anyway, seems like you can’t get any lower than this.” There was a smile that never faded from his face, and I noticed that the room was completely empty and there was nothing in the room to separate us. Then the kid said through him crazy smile, “I see that you’re angry but jasmine wants me to kill you that’s the only reason why I’m here.”
I knew he was toying with me but couldn’t help but think he was telling the truth. I needed to buy some time for Max and Ace to finish outside so I said, “Can I hear your name? I would like to know the people I kill without my sword, so I could send a nice bouquet of flowers to your family.”
As he pulled a sword from his sheathe he said, “My name is Harold graves we have been through this before don’t you remember anything.” Then he took a cheap shot and lunged at me, but I was ready I rolled out of the way and sent a big fireball at him that hit full force. His body erupted in flames and he screamed in pain, I was expecting a longer fight or at least he would dodge the blast. I stood there and watched as the flame died out and Sam’s body begins to twitch. Soon the twitch turned into a roll and Harold was on his feet again, Harold’s charred skin began to heal up at a fast speed. I couldn’t believe what happened just now; Harold survived a fireball with a smile on his face. With a cough Harold said, “That’s a spicy meatball. Let’s go again and this time hit me with something stronger, half the warriors here are stronger than you.” I concentrated on Harold for a small second, looking him over as his body finally formed into the ugly self centered face that it was before. Then I rushed in, I punched him in the stomach and as my fist lingered in his ribs I sent an electric pulse through his body. I grabbed his sword from his hand and sliced his body several times, and then I plunged the sword into his heart.
I watched as his eyes closed and his body became limp on the sword I was still holding, I was sure he was dead all that talk for nothing. I stood up straight and as his body fell I said, “Shocking how easy that was.” As I confidently strolled to the door I heard a small cough. I stared at Harold’s body and the cuts started to heal themselves, the sword seemed to slide out of his body as the color returned to his eyes.
Harold stood up and spit on the floor where the sword was then he said with a grimace, “That sucked, the catch phrase thing isn’t for you. Good swing and a nice plunge into the heart very dramatic, next time slice deeper and plunge harder make sure the sword goes all the way through.” Harold picked up the sword and tossed it to me handle first, I caught it and thought to myself for a minute. It’s like Harold is basically training me because he can’t die and we might be here all day, I wonder if I cut his head off would that kill him. Then I swallowed any doubt in my mind that it wouldn’t work and I began. I rushed in swung for his head, Harold ducked and as I turned my back I kicked him in his head. As Harold stumbled back I surged lightning through the sword and stabbed at the neck, Harold ducked again but this time I was ready. I slashed downward and cut Harold’s arm perfectly off, I shivered when I saw the stub that was his arm get wrapped in skin. The stub didn’t reform to my surprise it didn’t even move a muscle. Harold held the nub and said, “It’s time to get serious, let’s see if you can handle this.” Harold pulled out a gun and aimed it at me, my head was spinning the last time I saw a gun my brother got shot. He pulled the hammer back and laughed, I needed to move fast.
So I ran straight for him with lightning speed, I created a fire ball in my left hand, I threw the sword in front of me and quickly created a water ball in my other hand. I clapped them together and snatched up the sword; I heard a shot and got scared. I swung the sword as hard as I could and I connected with his head. The smoke cleared up fast and I saw Harold’s head on the floor and his body wrapped skin around his neck so he didn’t bleed that much. I walked over to the severed head and said, “Any last request before you are left alone? I found out your secret, you can’t heal if the body part is cut off now that your head is cut off that’s all you are now isn’t that right.”
Harold coughed and smiled up at my body then he said, “One thing if you don’t mind, could you just leave the door open a little bit so I could have some light in here it gets dark after a while in here.” I turned around and walked away ignoring his request I shut the door with a loud bang. I looked around and I saw everyone on the floor instead of Ace and Max who were playing checkers at the end of the room.

Max looked up and waved me over as he moved his last piece on the board. As I walked over Ace jumped over Max’s piece, and Max flipped the board as Ace laughed. Max shot me an angry look and said, “He has been cheating all day long, all he has been doing was reading my mind and making my moves for me. Now that your back its time to go right because I hate it here I tried to leave but Ace stopped me with the game of checkers.” I patted Max on the back for comfort and made my to the exit because I had a feeling this was all just to stall for time. Ace stood up and followed me to the exit and as I looked back I saw Ace stick his tongue out at Max. I walked to the car and as I turned around I said, “So where is Jasmine I need to know now. If you care about her you should tell me she’s in danger.” All this information about Jasmine really got me wondering what was going on in her head. I wondered if she really tried to attack my dad and order Harold to kill me. Ace studied my face; he read my thoughts and took a defeated breath. Then he said, “Fine than I guess we have to go and find them. My sister is innocent if you wanted to know, it’s easy to mess with your mind. All they have to do is mention Jasmine and you will go ballistic.” I clenched my fist and pushed past him and walked out the door. I saw my brother fly toward me as a big bird came in close behind, I laughed as my brother snatched me up from the ground and dropped me from high in the air. As I looked down I smiled because I knew this was going to happen, my father got to a predictable phase in his life just like all adults do. First the ambush then somebody gets hurt and we go through it again and again but this time I was ready. As I was about to hit the ground I catapulted into the air, I sailed past the big bird fast hoping that our distraction worked. As I spun around I saw Ace push my brother back and a whole bunch of arrows came flying toward him, before I could see what happened I was meet face to face with butch.
He grabbed me and we rocketed to the ground together, I set fire to my whole body but his grip got tighter and as we closed in on the ground I felt that my fate was sealed. I looked at Max and saw that he was rushing at us as we fell, Butch tried to let go of me but I clenched his arm. We hit the ground with a hard impact, but Max pushed me out the way so some of the impact was softer. I rolled to my feet and rushed Butch; I set him on fire and stood there as he burned. Max ran up next to me and began to stomp on Butch with elephant feet. Max stopped stomping on him after a while and I rushed in to check if he was actually dead. I was making sure because I was not playing games anymore I was sick of people showing up and threatening my family, well my family that I have now. Next was Jimmy, this was something I had to do this because he was my brother and he was my responsibility. I eyed Ace toying with my brother by slamming him into the building over and over again. I ran up to Ace and said, “Set me up I’m going to spike him, I am sick of him annoying me. I hated the fact that my brother would have killed me, so I had to kill him before he hurt anyone else.” He shook his head and brought Jimmy at me, and I stuck hard with a fire ball at full strength.
As my brother burned I heard his screams but I didn’t care, the last time I heard his screams they were fake and I was not about to listen to him beg for mercy. I didn’t care about him anymore the only people worth saving where my mom, and Jasmine. I kind of knew they would try an attack because when the alarm went off no one seemed to care; I walked to the car and slammed my head into the seat as I sat down. I curled into a ball and began to tear up, I hated the world, I hated my dad, and I hated that arrogant brother of mine. I felt like my brother knew he was going to die, that smile that he had on his face was an image that burned into my brain. The driver door opened and Max slid into the seat, he looked back and I saw the sad look in his eyes. I began to let the tears flow as Max buried his face into the steering wheel. We lost people that we were forced to hate, I know on the inside there was nothing we could have done if it wasn’t them it was us and that was something we had to try and face. Ace slowly opened the door and looked at both of us for a minute, than he smiled a half hearted smile and waved us outside.

As we got out the car Ace said, “I know something that would give you guy’s mellow out, if you give you brothers a proper burial that would ease some of the pain right.” I clenched my fist and turned to Ace then I said “I need you to do something for me listen carefully now. You never loss someone close to you and you never killed anyone that close to you before so I need you to shut up right now. I need a minute to clear my head I will join you in a minute or not I’m not sure yet.” I walked off into the street and let my mind wander; my thoughts just circled my brother and the time we shared together. My brother was smart and serious and it got to the point where I didn’t remember him anymore. I understood why he did some of the things he did but I still don’t get why he risked his life for him. Jimmy should have been able to realize the line between love and using somebody. My father is going to pay for what he did to my brother and Butch.
As I stopped to look at where I was I noticed that I was far away from the car I turned around and started walking toward the car. As I walked I saw the emptiness of the city, it looked like the post apocalyptic warzone. I came across Ace and he was standing over a pile of dirt while Max was kneeling next to another pile of dirt crying onto the ground. I walked up to Ace and said, “I don’t know what happened to him, I hope he sleeps peacefully where ever he goes. I will get my father for this and I will finish what he started, he wants to see a fight I will give him a fight.”
Ace patted me on the back and said “I will be here if you need my help, you can trust me. I just want you to know that.” As he walked away I kneeled next to my brother’s grave and cried, I shed the tears that my mother would shed and I cried for those who knew my brother as he was before. I stood up and dried my eyes then walked to the car, I sat in the back seat as Max got into the driver seat. Max wiped his eyes and soon we were on the road again, Ace gave Max directions to where his sister was. Ace said he knew where she was because of some twin telepathy or something. I laid back and fought back tears as we drove, as the car stopped I looked around I saw that we were at my school. I looked at Ace and he shrugged his shoulders, I jumped out and ran to the door of the school. If she was here then I needed to find her because I loved her and wanted to hug her for real, and try and get an explanation out of her.

I opened the door and slide through the entrance; I saw that the rooms were all messed up as I walked through the school. Then I heard a voice that got my blood boiling, my father was at the end of the hall talking to my mom about Jimmy and me. I heard him say, “Jimmy is a big boy now you’re going to have to let him do what he wants, if he wants to kill John let him kill John.” I got angry and I rushed him, I ran as fast as I can with my fist ready to swing with all my power. He just turned to me and said, “STOP” and my body froze and I couldn’t move. I looked at him as he circled my body, I don’t know how but he used Jasmine’s power to stop me. He laughed and said, “Like it your girlfriend gave it to me, all I had to do was ask. As for where she is she is being held in one of these rooms. All you have to do is get by me.” My father began to transform into a leopard, as my body just hung there almost lifelessly. Max approached flying into the hallway and turned into a bison and head butted my father across the hallway.
I fell over because my body was numb; I got up and rushed at my father again. My dad jumped to his feet and teleported next to Max. Then Max swung his bow at my dad and he missed my dad teleported in the middle of the hallway between me and Max. I took my dad’s position as an advantage and sent a blast of lightning his way, my dad teleported again and Max turned into conductor. My plan worked great because my dad never got a chance to move. As the electricity surged through his body tears began to form in his eyes, then my dad began to change form.
My dad slowly started to change to Jasmine and I lost my concentration as I heard her cries. I knew it was my dad but I couldn’t bear hurting him when he took this form. Max turned into a lion and pounced on my father as I stood there in shook. Max looked up and said, “Get going I can handle this, go find Jasmine now. Ace should be here so I’m fine; we will find you after we finish here.”
I nodded and ran from room to room looking for Jasmine; I missed her and the fact that my dad had her ability that shouldn’t be good. I pushed a door open and found Jasmine tied to a chair crying. I slid to her side and burned the ropes that bound her to the chair, I gave her a big hug and she hugged me back. I looked her over and she looked completely drained of her spirit, it looked like she had been in so much pain. She stood up and said, “Your father took my power I’m sorry I truly am, he told me I will be strong like you, I didn’t mean to get you stabbed I’m really sorry. I don’t care about any of this I was just mad because I was bringing you down.” We walked out of the room and out the corner of my eye I saw an arrow fly toward us. I grabbed Jasmine and we dropped to the floor, I looked up and saw that the arrows stopped flying. Then I rushed to Max’s aid, he was slashing at my dad with sword hands, my dad was jumping around dodging the strikes. Ace was trying to prod at my father with a broken arrow; my father laughed as he picked up Max and swung him into Ace.
Jasmine and I rushed to their side and as I looked up at Jasmine she nodded and pulled Ace to safety and then she pulled Max to the end of the hallway. I looked as she was beginning to come back and I said, “No stay with them I don’t want them to get ambushed when there knocked out like this. Please if you don’t do it for me do it for your brother, he need you right now.” She turned around and sat with her brother and Max ready for anything that came her way.
I didn’t want anything to happen to her; I cared too much for her to lose her life by me being insecure. I turned to my dad and he said to me, “Your mother is waiting for you upstairs, you were always her favorite. That really bugged your brother; all he wanted was to be accepted by someone. That’s what made it so easy, as long as a showed him at the end of the day he would do anything I wanted. That boy why couldn’t he be like you strong, and hard to control, well at least you put up a fight with my warriors.” I sent a fireball at him and he dodged it, I was sick of hearing him ramble on about his own son it made me sick. He dodged the fireball and as he landed I punched him with a lightning fist, then I created a fireball while my hand lingered in his stomach. My father screamed as my fist went deeper into his stomach, then I saw Max in front of me and he stabbed my dad through the back. I felt my father’s heart slow in my hand; I removed my hand when I felt no heartbeat. I let his lifeless body drop and I turned to my friends and cracked a small smile. I have completed my task that I waited so long for I HAVE KILLED MY FATHER. Jasmine rushed to me and gave me a hug; I squeezed her tightly and kissed her on the cheek. Then I rushed upstairs to find my mom, I found her quick because she was standing at the top of the stairs waiting for whoever came to get her.
When she saw me her face sprouted a smile like I never seen before, she looked happier than ever it was probably because I was the hero and not the villain. My mom hugged me and said, “I knew you could do it I just knew you could. Let’s go home I missed that house; I hope you know the citizens go back to normal without any memory. That means that you have to go to school on Monday, and you all have to clean up the mess you father made.” I laughed and hugged my mom again, then I looked at Jasmine and she nodded with a smile. As we all walked down the stairs I exhaled a shaky breath and kneeled over my father’s body. I shut his eyes as they stared at me and I shed a few tears. I caught up with my mother and we walked out the building leaving all of this bloodshed behind.

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