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Emory and Oglethorpe

Author's note: This story is in 1st person point of view, has over 20 pages, and each entry is a new chapter.
Author's note: This story is in 1st person point of view, has over 20 pages, and each entry is a new chapter.  « Hide author's note
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Day 1:

Day 1:
After church, I drove back to my house in the Connecticut Cul-de-Sac.
As much as growing up there wasn’t very fun or memorable, I still thought of it as, well, home. I was hoping that this camera I’ve had since I was only 14 would make some good memories for me, but the only things I could ever really get out of history were most pictures of Birthday and Christmas presents, others just show a bunch of sketches and drawings I’ve been working on since I was 13. I eventually downloaded the GIMP programme on my laptop, and right now, there’s a rainbow frame on my computer desk with a picture of a blonde girl, blushing beside the realistic, autumn scenery.
I do admit that I’m one for creativity. I knit, sew, crochet, sketch, weave, and colour in, every once in a while. Everything in my bedroom is handmade: Hemmed Curtains, a Quilted Comforter and Pillows to match, old My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Plushies, and baskets that hold my sketching pencils and iPod Nano.
Listening to music tends to, not only calm my nerves, but I get some inspiration from it, just a little. My siblings don’t like how it’s usually on “Repeat Chapter”, but I didn’t really care, and still don’t. Besides, they live over 1,000 miles away in the city, so it’s not like I see them that often, anyways.
…Still, I get pretty lonely. I mean, living the lowest part of town, it’s like living in emptiness. I sometimes feel like that guy that wrote “My Little Dashie”, the popular online fanfiction from when I was a kid. No one lived in his neighborhood, either…
After I got inside, I walked back upstairs, put my pajamas back on, went downstairs, and turned on the television set. After flipping through the channels, I eventually made it to an old source of happiness: Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.
“This is a full-out WAR!”
I know this cartoon: it was the “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and this was the “Spacecataz” special. The creature who yelled had been Oglethorpe, who was enraged by the antics of the Mooninites. His friend, Emory tried to calm him down, only to carry on with retaliating with Oglethorpe.
The Plutonians and the Mooninites were my favorite characters in the show when I was a kid, especially the Plutonians. I always thought their ideas and actions had been so silly: the Fargate, the Universal Remonster, the Mohawk of Eternity, and their cute, little T-Shirts. I also loved their sweatbands; I loved how Oglethorpe’s didn’t even fit over his orange, micro cephalic head while Emory’s looked like every other.
As a child, I thought to myself, “How would they answer those who say that Pluto isn’t a real planet?” It’s their home, after all. If anything, they probably wouldn’t be happy if they found out; that’s for sure! Being naïve, I used to pretend that the Plutonians were real, and that Pluto could actually be a real planet. Now, I’m not so sure about Pluto; but I know that Plutonians are just too good to be true.
I’ll let science prove whether or not it’s real; I’ll just enjoy the cartoon for now.
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