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January 11, 2013
By NickJ, Niantic, Connecticut
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NickJ, Niantic, Connecticut
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- Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Askaban

At the cliffs again, just me and my three best friends. Let me introduce myself, my name is Vanessa Lowes and I am 12 years old. My best guy friend is Daniel Earlstone and we have been friends for 5 years and are really close. Then there is my best friend Alexi Lane and my other friend Jordan Falls. We all basically know everything about each other and are the closest friends could get. I would die for any of them.

I grabbed Daniel and Alexi’s hands with me being in the middle and Jordan being on the outside. 1…2…3… JUMP! We all shouted and jumped off of the 50 foot cliffs into the water which was about 100 feet deep. When we all resurfaced we looked over and saw three men standing there. I looked toward Danny and a worried look crossed his face as I backed away from the shore and farther into the water. “Get out of the water now or Alexi and Jordan get shot in the head because of your own ignorance.” A blonde headed guy said and I looked to Danny and made my way out of the water right behind him.

When we reached the shore one of the men grabbed me and one grabbed Danny as Alexi and Jordan were being thrown into the back of a van. I went to scream when I felt cold metal touch my temple. “Scream and a bullet gets shot through that pretty little head of yours.” My kidnapper said and my mouth closed really quickly. I was picked up and thrown into the back of a truck landing on Danny and Jordan. I got up off of them quickly and scrambled into a corner. “Danny what are we going to do?” Alexi asked him as I sat in the corner rocking back and forth silently freaking out. I was supposed to be watching my three year old brother Peter today. What if something happened to him because I wasn’t there?

Jordan came over to me and sat down next to me. He pulled me into his chest as tears ran down my face. “Everything’s going to be alright, Danny and I won’t let anything happen to you or Alexi.” Jordan said as the others came over and sat next to us. Quickly I fell asleep knowing I was safe in their hands. When I woke up I saw that we were in a shack with one bed, a window and a door. That was it. I was placed on the bed while everyone else was lying on the floor sleeping.

I stood up and walked over to the door silently. I turned around to see if anyone woke up or to see if the kidnappers were nearby but they weren’t do I took my chance and ran. I got two steps and ran into a toned chest and looked up to see a guy who looked about 17. He had black hair and piercing blue eyes. He wore a black leather jacket with a black skin tight muscle shirt and black skinny jeans. I stepped back staring at him. “Danny… Jordan get up.” I said a little louder then my normal talking voice. The boys looked around and then saw the tall guy in front of me and rushed to my side pushing them slightly behind them. “Wake Alexi, Vanessa.” Jordan said quickly as the scary man started to walk farther in. “Alexi… ALEXI….WAKE THE HECK UP!” I screamed and Alexi jumped off the floor quickly.

Alexi and I flanked the guys as the scary man moved farther into the room. “Going somewhere, Vanessa?” the scary man smirked at me and I shook my head. “Correct answer.” He hissed and pushed the guys out of the way as he walked closer to me. Oh God this cant be good. “Are you trying to press my nerves?” he asked pushing me against a wall. That pushed me over the edge nobody touches me. I pushed him back a little and did a round house kick. My foot connected with his chest and he went flying back hitting a wall and falling to the ground in a hump. All four of us darted out of the shack, I was last in line running out. I was grabbed from behind and I let out a scream. My leg shot back between the person’s legs hoping to hit my goal and when he let out a moan of pain I knew I did. I ran with the others next to me. I looked behind me and saw the blonde from earlier who threw me into the truck collapsed on the ground. Now if I remember correctly there was a third kidnapper and I found out the hard way. I looked over and saw Jordan with a knife to his throat.

I stopped running grabbing the back of Danny and Alexi’s shirts making them stop as well. The red head pointed to the shack and started dragging Jordan back in there. The three of us followed behind Jordan and the red head. Jordan was thrown to the floor and the three kidnappers stood in front of us. “Let us introduce ourselves.” The scary man with black hair and piercing blue eyes said once he had finally gotten off the floor. “I’m Devin, the blonde is Nick and then the red head is Gin.” The black haired guy said. “Gin.” I said and the red head head’s snapped toward me. “Parents couldn’t come up with something more original so they had to name you Gin short for ginger?” Danny finished and I smirked. “Oh your sooo cool.” Gin said rolling his eyes but you could tell what we said really got to him.

That night we didn’t get any food so I guess it was kind of pay back for trying to run off. O’ well. Danny whined all night though and guess what he blamed it all on me. “I cant believe you would do this to us.” Danny whined for like the hundredth time. “Oh Shut up! You ran too if I remember correctly! Just go to sleep.” I yelled getting really irritated as I tried to go to sleep. “Fiiiine.” Danny said and I sighed shutting my eyes and finally getting to sleep. I awoke to a scream and jumped to my feet. I looked across the room to find Devin pressed up against Alexi kissing her. “Get off me!” Alexi cried as his hands started to roam her body. Danny and Jordan ran up and grabbed Devin by the back of his collar pressing him against the wall. Devin dropped to the floor when Jordan let go. Devin went to stand but Danny kicked him really hard in the stomach and Devin fell back to the ground.

“Don’t touch our friends.” Jordan hissed though clenched teeth. “GOT IT!” Jordan screamed and Devin nodded trying to get up but failing. “Are you alright?” Danny asked Alexi and she nodded still a bit shocked at what just happened. “What happened here?” Gin asked running in with Nick following close behind. “Devin had Alexi pushed against a wall and was kissing her against her will so we… helped her out.” Jordan said hesitating at the end. “How did you ‘help out?’” Nick asked helping Devin up. “Putting him up against the wall and then I dropped him and when he tried to get up I kicked him.” Jordan said with a smile on his face.

Nick walked over to Jordan and picked him up by the collar putting him against the wall then dropping him, once Jordan tried to get up Nick kicked him. “Is that pretty much what happened to Devin?” Nick asked with a smirk. Danny rushed to Jordan’s side and blocked Nick from trying anything else with Jordan.
Everything happened so quickly one minute Danny was protecting Jordan and the next I had a knife against my throat and there was a gun against Alexi’s temple. Devin started to press and drag the knife across my throat when Jordan shouted for him to stop. Devin stopped and looked at Jordan. “Stop, don’t hurt her please, we will do anything you ask just please don’t harm her.” Jordan said getting on his knees begging. Tears flooded down my face as blood started to soak my top. Devin couldn’t stand my crying anymore and threw me at Jordan and I landed in a ball. Jordan took off his shirt and put it to my throat subsiding the bleeding. “Thank you.” I croaked out as black spots started to cloud my vision.

Alexi’s P.O.V.

There was a gun still pointing at my temple and while Jordan was trying to compromise with Devin, Danny was trying to do the same with Nick. “Just let her go she didn’t do anything wrong!” Danny screamed. You could just tell how this was going to end, I would be dead on the floor with a bullet through my temple that’s how it’s going to end by the way this is going. I rolled my eyes and through my head back hitting Nick in the nose. Nick let go of both the gun and me quickly scrambling to grab his probably broken nose. I learned how to fight a long time ago. I have an older brother, Ricky and let’s just say he wasn’t a protective brother. He tried to abuse me more then once and I had to learn quickly how to fight. Came in handy more then once. And let’s just say it was that time of the month and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with ANYONE!

I kicked Nick where it hurts the most and then kicked his chest which sent him flying into a wall. I rolled my eyes at the guys in the room once again and looked over to see Gin running at me. I jumped up onto the wall and did a back flip off of it kicking Gin in the face. I landed on my feet and stared at Devin who was now coming at me. I grabbed his hand as he went to go punch me and twisted it behind his back painfully. I put my foot on his back and pushed making him fall flat on his stomach then walked to the front of him and kicked his face making him black out. “Anyone else want to try anything?” I ask looking at Jordan and Danny and they both shook their heads quickly. “Good.” I mumble under my breath and walk over to where Vanessa is. She is unconscious and the bleeding is slowly stopping. I walked outside and ran had begun falling. I held a piece of cloth in the air and rain quickly soaked the cloth, I ran back into the shack and gave it to Jordan so he could hold that against Vanessa’s throat.

Soon enough Vanessa was wide awake and looking around. Devin, Nick and Gin were still unconscious on the floor in the corner so I grabbed the gun on the floor as Jordan picked Vanessa up. We ran out of the shake and into the woods behind it, we ran for about three hours and finally stopped when it started to get dark from rain clouds. “How did you learn to fight like that?” Danny asked and I raised an eye brow. “Let’s keep it at my brother is too friendly with me.” I replied and everyone’s head snapped toward me. “You mean…” Vanessa began but her voice trailed off. “No yet but he came close so I learned how to defend myself.” I said and started walking forward. “We need to find shelter and quick those storm clouds are moving in quickly.” I said taking charge because everyone was staring at me. “Take a dang picture it last longer.” I hiss and that seems to snap them out of their trance.

The four of us walked for twenty more minutes looking for shelter. We found a cave and settled in there for the night and about five minutes after we found the cave it started to snow. Great. I thought to myself as I looked down at what I was wearing. I had on a bikini and was bare foot and the others were in swimsuits too. Danny had on swim trunks and a tee shirt, Jordan just had on swim shorts and then Vanessa had on a one piece. No one had shoes on. Tonight was going to be sooo much fun. I looked out into the woods and noticed we were close to a hotel. I nudged everyone awake and pointed to the hotel. “Should we go?” I asked looking to the others and they all nodded.

We walked about ten minutes until we reached the hotel and we walked through the front doors. We didn’t really have a plan on how we were getting a room so we kind of looked at each other and then Vanessa stepped forward with tears in her eyes. “What the matter little girl?” the young looking man at the front desk asked. He looked to be about seventeen and had light brown straight hair that was combed to the side. “We have no where to stay tonight our mommy and daddy died in a car crash.” Vanessa said crying and her voice sounded hoarse. “an…and we have no mo…money” Vanessa continued, hiccupping. I looked behind me and saw five young men looking sad as they listened to ‘our story.’ “I’m sorry but I can’t let you stay here free.” The man at the desk said and we all started to tear up. “They can stay with us.” One of the young men behind us said and a look of relief flashed across the man at the desks face. The guys behind us stepped forward. “Four rooms please.” One of the guys said and the guy at the desk whispered something.

“Here’s your keys, thank you, enjoy your stay.” The man at the desk said. We stayed in the lobby for a few minutes at each of the five guys introduced themselves. A guy with short brown hair parted to the side started. “I’m Louis Tomlinson, I’m 16.” Next was a black haired guy with a blonde streak down the center. “I’m Zayn Malik and I’m 14.” Next came a guy with a shaved head. “I’m Liam Payne and I’m 14.” Then came a blonde haired kid. “I’m Niall Horan and I’m 14.” Then came a curly brown haired boy. “And I’m Harry Styles and I’m 13.” They all had an English accent except one, the blonde had an Irish accent.

We smiled and waved at everyone. Vanessa was paying extra attention to Zayn while I had my eyes on Niall. “Is that an Irish accent I hear?” I asked and Niall’s head snapped toward me with a smile. “Yea it is.” Niall said and my cheeks turned a deep red as I looked down. Then I saw what I was wearing, my eyes bulged out of my head when I saw I was in front of five guys who I didn’t know and I was in a little bikini. Niall must have seen my eyes get wider and shrugged off his jacket and handed it to me. I blushed again but put the jacket on.

The scent of the jacket spelt so good, it smelt minty and clean. Danny looked at us and then started the introductions. “I’m Daniel Earlstone but you can call me Danny and I’m 13.” Then Vanessa went. “I’m Vanessa Lowes and I’m 12.” Then Jordan went because I was still enjoying the fact I was in Niall’s jacket. “I’m Jordan Falls and I’m 14 and that’s Alexi Lane and she is 13.” Jordan said introducing me. “Who will be staying with who if you only ordered four rooms?” I asked slightly intrigued. “Louis and Harry, Liam and Zayn, then you four, and then I’m in a room alone again.” Niall said and then we wall walked to the elevator. We went up to the fifth floor and we had room all right next to each other. “Okay so Vanessa, Alexi, Danny and Jordan are in room 105, Louis and Harry in 104, Niall in 106 and then we are in 107.” Liam said and everyone quickly entered their rooms.

“Okay so how are we getting real clothes?” I asked everyone and the shrugged. “I want to go home, I miss California and the heat. It’s snowing outside I don’t like this weather.” I whine. Louis must have heard us because next thing I know he’s coming in with long shirts, or they were long on us because we were shorter then him, and shorts, but the landed up turning into caperers on us because of his height. “We will take you shopping tomorrow for your own stuff, see you tomorrow. Night.” Louis called over his shoulder and he left us to do whatever. I looked at everyone as they lay down and went and took a shower. Luckily they had pads in the bathroom under the sink. I came out twenty minutes later feeling better. “What time is it?” I asked and everyone looked at me. “8:20” Jordan replied. “I’m going next door be back soon.” I said and walked out.

I knocked on the door and waited for him to open it, maybe he was asleep. I turned around thinking I would just bother him in the morning when his door opened and his smile greeted me. “Hey, can I hang out with you for a little while.” I asked and he nodded stepping to the side allowing me passage. I went and plopped down on his single bed and he came over and lay next to me. “What’s up?” Niall asked as I moved closer in to him. I snuggled into his chest and before I knew it I was fast asleep.

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on Dec. 11 2013 at 10:39 am
Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
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"Never take advice from teenagers. Because they don't know what the h*** they're talking about!" -Me

omgomgomgomg!!!! haha this was GR-R-Reat! keep writing!!!

SteeleFire said...
on Jan. 31 2013 at 9:13 am
SteeleFire, Riverview, Florida
0 articles 2 photos 3 comments
Really good, keep it up. Oh be sure you double read your writing I caught a few words (no more then three) that were misspelled, other than that really amazing writing :D love it!! Please write more.

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