Sad Emo Love Story

January 8, 2013
By NatWolfe BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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NatWolfe BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Beautiful as the black rose, silent as the night, lips were as red as the blood in her veins. She was just different which made her marvelous, her skin made her angelic, and her eyes were made like a stormy ocean when she was mad. No soul, no goal, she was a dark angel and she stayed that way. Alexa was just another emo girl who was brutally bullied, because she was different. She dyed her hair black with blue streaks, she got snake bite piercings that went great with her tan face, and she wore red lipstick on her full lips. She is absolutely gorgeous, thought her best friend, Scar. Scar’s hair was dyed black with red streaks; cute lip piercing that went awesome with his handsome face, and nice sized lips. They had been best friends since they were five. Alexa and Scar met Ryan around the age of ten. She had fell in love with Ryan the instant they laid eyes on each other. Scar was in her room sitting on her bed waiting for her to return home. Alexa went to go meet Ryan in the park.
“Beep, beep,” said her phone. She rolls her eyes and thinks, Leave me the heck alone, Scar. Ryan’s golden eyes light up in the dark.
“Ryan?” Alexa whispers in the wind.
“What do you want, Alexa?” the irritation in his voice cut through her like glass.
“I-I wanted to tell you something.”
“Come on and spit it out!”
“I-I’m in love with you.”
“I don’t have time for this.” His golden hair ran away in the dark of night. What the heck is his problem? Alexa thought that instant. She walked home with her blue streaks glowing. She ran up the stairs, her loud footsteps rang in his ear. He got off the bed and stood two feet in front of it. Alexa ran right into his arms and he held her tightly, quietly.
“What happened, Alexa?” Scar asked with concern in his voice.
“It’s nothing, Scar.”
“It doesn’t seem like nothing,” She moved away from him and looked at the ground, “Alexa, you can tell me anything.”
“I’m fine, Scar,” her voice raised three octaves.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” his voice lowered. Scar left without another word to her.

When he got home, he lay down in his bed, and thought to himself, why is she so upset? He dosed off, woke up with his face on the floor.
“How the heck did I get on the floor?” he was getting up and running a hair through his short hair. He got in the bathroom, looked in the mirror staring at his handsome reflection. Suddenly, he saw a bloody body.
“Holy-” he woke up startled and fell on the floor. Scar grunted as he removed himself from the ground.
“Holy, oh my gosh. That scared the living crap out of me.”
He looked to the side seeing the person again and she whispered, “Scar.”
“Who are you?”
“Scar.” He fell off the bed with a huge thump. He reached for the light, turned it on, and looked back at the side. He didn’t see anyone there this time.
“I must be seeing stuff,” he said silently to himself, “I’ve been living in Seattle for way too long.” Scar got his handsome body off the floor and nearly fell into his bookcase.
“Holy crap,” he commented straightening him and walking off to the bathroom. He took a hot shower, when he was done he turned it off, and walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He slipped on some clothes and headed over to Alexa’s. After five knocks on the door, she finally opened the door with blood shot eyes.
“What do you want, Scar?” she spoke with irritation in her voice.
“I wanted to see how you’re doing,” he stated with concern.
“Scar, go away. I don’t need you checking up on me.”
“Yes, you do. I’m your best friend.”
“Keywords, ‘best friend’ you’re not my dad, so go away and leave me alone,” Alexa stated as if reminding him where his place was.
“What is your problem?”
“You’re my problem!” She slammed the door shut and went up to her room.

She sat on the floor and texted for the hundredth time. Why isn’t he answering me? Alexa thought to herself. A month passed with no text from Ryan and only annoying Scar coming over every day.

A voice whispered to her, “Scar really loves and cares for you. Why don’t you tell him what’s going on?” She ignores the voice and pops in a Disturbed cd and nods off to sleep. The phone rings and Alexa hits the floor.
“Who the French toast can that be?” she mumbles as she picks herself up.

“Hello?” she answered like a ticked, drunk person.
“Hey, Alexa, it’s me,” his voice rang in her ears.
“Ryan! Why haven’t you texted me back?”
“I’ve been really busy, sorry.”
“It’s fine. Why are you calling at flipping four in the morning?”
“I couldn’t sleep and I decided to call you.”
“Oh wow.”
“Yeah, I know. Call me tomorrow at noon so we can settle this madness. Bye.” Before she could speak the dial tone rang loudly in her ears. Dang you, Ryan, she thought. She placed her cell phone on the nightstand and got back in bed. At noon the next day she called Ryan.

“Meet me in the park at two and don’t be late,” he said and hung up the minute he was finished talking to her. Alexa took a shower and dried her wet hair. She slipped a Papa Roach shirt over her full breasts that were placed away in her black bra. She slid on her black pants over her athletic legs and slid on her dark blue converse. She was staring at herself in her full body mirror. It was two and there he was right in front of her. His golden hair glistened in the sunlight. Ryan, he was five foot nine inches with a handsome face, golden hair, and absolutely gorgeous abs. He was wearing a Guns N’ Roses t-shirt covering his super sexy 8-pack, red jeans, and black converse. The muscles in his neck were tense and one of his blue veins was throbbing. He’s gorgeous, Alexa thought.
“So what do you want?” he asked in a low voice.

“As I told you before,” she said, “I’m in love with you.”
“Why are you in love with me?”
“I believe that the first time we met I immediately fell for you and I knew that instant you were the one for me.”
“So how do you feel about me? Are you feeling the same as I am?”
“No, I don’t feel the same because you’re ugly and annoying.”
“I’m ugly and annoying?”
“Yes, Alexa. Do you not understand plain English?”
“But I thought we were friends.”
“We were never friends. I don’t friend annoying and very hideous people. So just go end your life already for I don’t have to look at you anymore, you emo freak.” That moment he walked away from her leaving her there by herself. She just dropped to the ground, her heart shattered, and tears poured from her eyes. Those words had cut her like glass and the way he just left her there was just too much for her. She just broke down that moment and stayed there. She didn’t move for several hours. Alexa was completely stunned by what Ryan had told her. Their friendship had never been real and he had called her an emo freak. How could he call her out that way? Alexa got up and went home. She grabbed the ice cream from the freezer and went to her room.

She just sat on her on bed for several hours, ate ice cream, and cried. Her depression had struck and the scissors where in the second drawer underneath her drawings. She just lied down and just cried herself to sleep.

The next morning she wakes up to a text from Scar saying, Good morning my gorgeous best friend. That made her smile and she responded, Good morning my handsome best friend. They texted for several hours before Scar called. “Hey, beautiful,” he said with in his great mood voice.
“Hi,” she replied turning cherry faced. This was the first time she had blushed.
“How was your night?”
“Terrible. Yours?”
“It was cool, I guess.”
“I guess that’s cool.”
“Yeah. Why don’t you come over so you can tell me what’s going on?”
“Ok, when you want me over?”
“Can you come over now? I really want to see you and I miss you a lot.”
“Ok, I’ll be over when I get dressed and eat.”
“Don’t worry about eating, I’ll cook you breakfast.”
“Ok, thanks, Scar. I’ll see you soon.”
“Ok, bye.” He hung up and put his hands behind his head. Perfect, he thought, this is just perfect. Alexa slipped on her Skrillex t-shirt, her dark skinny jeans, and her extremely dark Chuck Taylors. She brushed her teeth, washed her face, and brushed her long black and blue streaked hair. She knocked on the door when Scar had just finished making breakfast. He took off his apron and opened the door.
“Well, breakfast just got done. It’s nice and hot on the table for you,” he said when his eyes attached to her.
“That’s great. Thanks a lot, Scar,” she replied in a happy mood. She was staring at her bare chested best friend. He has abs! She thought how come I didn’t know this?!?!?!
“Umm, I’ll go put on a shirt.” He glanced down and headed upstairs. When he came down he was slipping on his “I only date models” t-shirt, he had bought that one time when they had went to Wal-Mart.

“Really?” she asked when she looked at him.

“What? I do only date models,” he replied smoothly. He walked over and kissed her rose pedal cheek. She was blushing again and also in the mist of eating. He kissed my cheek, she thought silently. He was seated beside her; he smiled, and started eating. They were in silence for at least an hour, because of hunger. They both washed dishes, when they were finished, he grabbed her hand, and lead her to his bedroom. Paintings hung all over the room, but there was one in the corner that was covered. It was a painting he had been working on, but hadn’t finished. She was pressed against his chest, warm and secure. There was a Seether cd in and he pressed play. “Careless Whisper” played aloud as they waltzed across his bedroom.
Scar was singing the lyrics quietly, but not quiet enough that she couldn’t hear him, “I’m never gonna dance again, cause guilty feet have got no rhythm.” This was going to be the perfect day. Scar had made her day perfect. He was truly a good friend to her and she treated him very poorly when all he was trying to do was help her out in her time of need. Scar had always picked her up when she fell down. “Careless Whisper” was spilling out her whole situation right out in front of her. How could she have dissed her best friend for a butthole? When they had stopped dancing she was crying into his chest.
“What’s wrong, babe?” he asked as he patted her back.
“I’m so sorry for what I’ve done to you. I dissed you for a butthole who just made my life even worst,” she replied still sobbing into his chest.
“Alexa, sweetie, its ok. I’m fine, stop crying and worrying.”
“Are you sure what I did to you is fine?”
“Yes, I was hurt by the way you treated me, but it’s all good now. I love you, my gorgeous best friend.”
“I love you too, my handsome best friend.” He held her tightly and kissed her cheek again.
“You’re so perfect, Alexa.”
“Awww, Scar, you’re the best.”
“Thanks, Lexie.”
“Yeah, remember when we were younger I called you Lexie all the time.”
“Oh yeah, you did.”
“Lexie, you’re freezing,” Scar remarked.
“I know.” They sat down on the bed and he pulled the cover over both of them. Her body completely attached to his. She was warm against his chest.

I love you soo much, Scar, she thought to herself. She wanted to tell him aloud, but the words didn’t want to come out. She was now growing very fond of Scar. She loved him a lot. He was her everything and she couldn’t live with him. Alexa glanced at the clock, rubbing her eyes. It’s seven forty-five, dang, she thought. Scar was sound asleep with his arm around her. They had fell asleep together, nothing had happened. She tapped him lightly and he woke up nearly hitting her in the face. He looked so adorable sleeping; she kind of regretted waking him.
“What’s wrong, Lexie?” he asked in his husky voice.
“I need to get home,” she replied softly.
“What time is it?”
“Seven forty-five.”
“Ok, I’ll get you home.” They got up and Scar put on his Evanescence jacket, the one Alexa had bought two years ago for his birthday. With his hand around hers they made off into the night. Their bodies clung together as if they were telling each other they loved each other and never wanted to be apart when they were hugging outside of Alexa’s house. She went inside and Anna nearly knocked her over.
“Hi Anna, did you be a good girl for me?” she asked in a childish voice. Anna barked at her wagging her tail. Anna had raced her up stairs to her room. Anna waited patiently for her owner to catch up.

“You’re such a good girl, Anna,” she praised her as she petted her on her way to open her bedroom door. She sat down on her bed hand with Anna sitting on the floor. She got up, took out her Disturbed cd out, and popped in her Paramore one. Alexa turned the volume up and grabbed her slick black zebra print guitar she was given by her dad before he died, and started playing with the first song. Scar turned on his light and opened his window.
He screamed out, “Lexie, turn the music down!” She paused her music, opened her window, and looked at scar.
“You know people are trying to sleep at eleven at night. I think you should get some sleep too.”
“Scar, I can sleep when I’m dead.”
“That’s going to be a very long time, Lexie.”

“It might be a lot sooner than you think,” she mumbled under breath as Ryan’s hurtful comments came back strolling back into her mind. They were echoing in her head haunting and tormenting her.
“GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!” she screamed.
“Lexie, are you ok?” Scar asked completely oblivious to what was going on.
“I’m fine, Scar.”
“Ok, see you in the morning.” He closed his window and turned his light. She turned out her light and closed her window. In the morning, there was a knock on the door. She sleepily half stumbling, half walking down the stairs with Anna following closely behind as if she was making sure she didn’t fall over. Alexa opened the door and rubbed her eyes. The reflection of six black and six red roses hit her pupil it symbolized that she was the only one that matters in life and in death. She launched into Scar’s arms and he captured her in his unoccupied arm.
“Well, someone is happy today,” he said laughing and smiling.

“You brought my favorite flower,” she said, “I love you so bloody much, Scar!” She pulled him into her house and dragged him up to her room. Anna, of course, was following behind happily. Scar was sitting on her bed, petting Anna while Alexa was steadily placing her roses in a vase full of water. She put the vase on her nightstand then sat next to him.
“Alexa, you’re amazing. I love you so much,” he told her. She smiled and hugged him tight. Returning the favor, Alexa kissed Scar’s cheek even through her lips longed for his.
“I got something else for you,” he said with some excitement. He handed her a covered canvas. It was the one that was in the corner of his bedroom yesterday. Slowly, she removed the sheet and looked amazed at what she was staring at. It was her and Scar in the front holding hands and in the background was a tree with A+S=Forever carved into it.
“Scar, I love it so much. Thanks so much.” Once more she embraced him securely. The painting was tucked between the bookshelf and nightstand. Scar was now lying across her bed while Alexa was in the bathroom. She was staring at herself and Ryan’s crude comments cut deep into her soul driving her insane. The butcher knife was in hand as she carved Scar into the inside of her arm with a heart beside his name. She took her index finger dipped it in her blood and wrote on the shower wall, Why don’t you love me?! Scar walked into the bathroom that was when Alexa slit her wrist. Her blood flared his nose as she dropped to the floor half lifeless. Scar was kneeled beside her hand in hand, crying, he looked at her eyes completely moist when cold, dead hand touched his face, pulling his head beside hers, electricity sparked when her dead lips finally met his, his lively lips couldn’t warm hers.
“Alexa, Lexie,” he whispers in her ear, “I love you more than anything. I loved you from the beginning and still and always will. You’re not only my best friend, but the absolute love of my life. I can’t live without you so if you die here, I’m dying here with you.”

“Scar, baby,” she mumbled, “I love you too.” Those were her last words before her soul lost its life and silently floated off to the afterlife. His tears stung and sizzled as they tapped his heated skin. With the butcher knife in hand, he carved Alexa into the inside of his arm, placing the heart inside next to where her name was. He dips his index finger in his very own blood and responded on the shower wall, I do love you, baby. Always have and always will, dead or alive. We will be together forever. Alexa + Scar = Together forever. Slowly and painfully that cold blade of death slit his wrist. The devil had used it to claim the lives of these two teens. Scar’s life replayed in front of his eyes.
“Hi, I’m Scar,” said Scar shyly at the little girl beside him.
“I’m Alexa,” Alexa replied sweetly the first time they met.
“Hey, Lexie look at what I found,” Scar said as he handed her to black rose he had found.
“Leave my best friend alone, you no good bullies,” said Alexa back when they were in fifth grade and Scar had spaghetti in his hair.
“So, how do I look?” asked Alexa as she spun around in her black strapless dress and red heels she had picked out at Hot Topic only a couple of hours before the eighth grade dance.
“So, do you have a crush on, Scar?” Alexa said eager to know.
“No one, but there is this one girl,” Scar replied swinging his legs. They were sitting in the tree at the park.
“How’s the ice cream, Lexie?” Scar had asked when they had just bought ice cream walking around the mall the summer of their freshman year.

“Omg, Scar what are you trying to get me to do?!” Alexa asked smiling on her surfboard when they went to La Push in California this year. The rest of his life replayed when he came back to reality, his hand was wrapped around Alexa’s and he took his last breath. The next day, Alexa’s mother came home.

“Alexa,” she called, “Alexa, darling, are you asleep?” She dropped her keys on the kitchen table and headed upstairs.

Suddenly, a dead smell flared her nose, “Alexa, sweetie, why does it smell like something died in here.” The dead smell was coming from Alexa’s room. Mrs. Brown walked into her daughter’s bedroom followed the dead smell. When she turned to the bathroom, she gasped in horror at the sight of her dead daughter and her best friend on the floor. Immediately, when Mrs. Brown got her cellphone out she called nine one one.

The next day in the newspaper, Two Seattle teen commit suicide. Fifteen year olds, Alexa Brown and Scar Hummington where found yesterday morning in Alexa’s Brown bathroom on the floor dead hand in hand. Their weapon of choice was a butcher knife. They carved each other’s names inside the inside of their arms. There was a message in blood on the shower wall. They will be sincerely missed. R.I.P. Alexa Brown and Scar Hummington. A month later at their funerals both mothers placed a black rose on their child’s grave. Forever shall Scar Hummington and Alexa Brown be not only in memory, but together as well as in the afterlife. Alexa + Scar = Together Forever.

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