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Dark Side

Author's note: This is a fanfiction of One Direction. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out. One Direction...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is a fanfiction of One Direction. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out. One Direction isn't just another boyband to me. They've taught me many things, more so than teachers. So you can judge me for being a boyband fan all you want, but I won't change because of other people's opinions.
This is posted on wattpad too, under the user VirginHarry (my twitter and wattpad username).  « Hide author's note
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Chapter One

"Everybody's got a dark side."
-Kelly Clarkson

Chapter One

"I'm so excited to be home!" My best friend, Kate, smiled from the passenger seat. Our college was out for the next three months for summer holiday so Kate and I headed back to our hometown, Holmes Chapel, to stay with our families.
"Aren't you excited?" Kate bubbled on, fidgeting with the radio.
"Sure," I lied. I was actually dreading going back
I really hope you guys enjoy this. Can I get an amen for One Direction?
to the town I moved to when I was in the sixth grade. My parents were rarely home and my younger sister and I were never really close, so spending time with family didn’t exactly sound fun.
Kate turned on a radio station that was playing a typical pop song, with a string of harmonies and a catchy beat. "And that was today's top song according to the billboard charts," the radio announcer said, "Titled 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction!" I quickly turned the radio off, cringing at the artist.
"Evie," Kate scolded, twirling her dark blonde hair between her fingers, "you have to get over all of it." She was referring to my absolute hatred towards the band One Direction.
I suppose I should explain myself. I moved from London to Holmes Chapel in the sixth grade. I was always a quiet and shy girl; prime for bullying.
Harry Styles knew about my weaknesses. He had bullied me for four years, from the sixth grade to sophomore year in high school, until he dropped out to be on the X Factor. Although he never physically hurt me, he left me a damaged and emotional mess every day.
I had met Kate Richards in the seventh grade, my second year in Holmes Chapel. If I hadn't known Kate in school, I probably would have committed suicide. She was the reason I stuck through the bullying; she was the reason I lived.
Kate had tried to stop Harry and his insistent bullying. She had told adults, and even confronted the boy himself. Nobody believed her though, and Harry just laughed at her.
"It's been three years," Kate's voice snapped me back to reality. "You have to just move on."
"You're right," I nodded, wanting to be done with the subject. I promised myself that after Harry had left in the tenth grade, I would completely forget about him.
But when he was everywhere I looked with his band, it was a bit hard to forget him. I suppose saying I hate One Direction wasn't fair to say since I had never met the other band members. But after taking four years of bullying from Harry, I can easily say I hated anything he was associated with.
Including One Direction.
I parked the car in my parent's driveway, Kate and I getting out of the vehicle and skipping towards the front door. I didn't bother knocking or ringing the doorbell; I just walked right in, smiling at the familiar house. Although it held its fair share of bad memories, it held a few good ones as well.
"Mum? Dad?" I called out for my family.
"Evelyn, is that you?" I heard a female voice ask from the kitchen. I led Kate to the source of the voice, which turned out to be my sixteen year old sister Julie.
"Hey Jules," I smiled, hugging my little sister. Although we had never been super close due to our three year age gap, I still loved her.
"Evie, Kate, I've missed you two!" Julie hugged the two of us. Kate had basically been another sister to me and Julie; we used to call ourselves the three musketeers.
While Kate asked Julie how she was, I took in my surroundings. The Holmes Chapel brick house was just as I remembered it; warm, cozy, and smelled of vanilla and cinnamon.
After catching up with Julie for another hour or so, Kate went home to her parents' house, which was just a block away.
"So," I flopped on the couch, turning to my sister. "Where are mum and dad?"
"Working, as usual," Julie rolled her eyes. My mum was a lawyer and my dad worked as a pediatrician, so they had constantly been gone when I was living home. I felt bad for my sister; she was probably home alone too much. But then again, she had a pleasant social life unlike I had; she was always out with friends, which made me feel better about leaving her here.
"Well, what do you wanna do?" I asked Julie, getting comfy on the couch.
"Actually," Julie bit her cheek, "I already had plans for today. I could cancel--"
"No, no," I waved my hand at her. "You go ahead," I sent her a smile, "I need to unpack anyways."
"Thanks Evie," she gave me a hug before bounding out the door.
Being the procrastinator I was, I decided I would watch some television before unpacking. I clicked on the TV, flipping through the channels.
I stopped on an entertainment news channel. I knew I shouldn't feed into the false media and whatnot, but I liked to live vicariously through hot celebs' lives. Sue me.
"One Direction in trouble?" The announcer said. I let out a loud sigh, about to change the channel, but the man's story caught my curiosity.
"One Direction's Harry Styles has been in the media lately--and not in a good way. Numerous photographs had been taken of the attractive young lad, each with a different female companion." I rolled my eyes, disgusted with the specimen that was Harry Styles. "Management of the fairly new British-Irish band has released information as of the young man's whereabouts--" I turned off the television, not wanting to watch any more of it. I could've cared less where that demon boy's whereabouts were.
The room suddenly felt heavy and the air felt thick. I grabbed my denim jacket and decided a nice walk would help clear my sour thoughts.
If this little village hadn't held so many bad memories for me, I would've enjoyed living in Holmes Chapel. It was always very pretty, especially in the winter time, when white snow would scatter over the trees and the buildings, making everything look crisp and clean.
Summer here wasn't too bad either. It never got super hot, as we were in England. Cold weather never bothered me, though. In fact, I liked it.
I walked down my street and went on for a few more blocks. I took in the summer flowers and welcomed the light wind that played through the air with a smile. The air held a hint of a sweet smell, as if the flowers around the town joined together to let off an aroma.
I stopped at a park on the way home, which was only a few streets away from my parents' house. It was completely deserted, but I didn't mind. I had learned to like being alone; when I was by myself, I knew I was safe. No one was there to bully me or harass me.
I sat on one of the old, rusty swings, taking a deep breath. I scanned the park, memories flooding back from when I used to go to the park as I was younger.

*Flashback: Age 14*
"Why don't you go to the park, Evie?" My mom nudged me towards the front door.
"No buts," she said sternly. "It's a beautiful day outside, go play."
I hung my head as I walked to the park. Kate had been visiting family, and I didn't have any other friends, so I walked to the park alone.
I sat on a swing and started pumping my legs, gaining air. I had been getting high in the air, and I remember feeling as if maybe I could fly.
But that was stopped abruptly by a voice behind me. "What're you doing here?"
I quickly stopped pushing myself on the swing and turned around to see the face of Harry, who had been bullying me for the past two years.
"I--I" I stuttered, backing away from him.
"Save it," he kept walking towards me, trying to close the gap between us I was working so hard on making. "You're probably just following me around. Is that it? You want to follow me around?"
I shook my head 'no' quickly.
"Do you follow me because you like me? Because you love me?" He snapped a piece of gum in between his teeth.
I shook my head again, not able to form words.
"Then why are you following me?"
For some reason, I felt a sudden burst of courage. Maybe it was the anger that had been building in me for the past two years, or maybe it was a gift from god.
"I'm not following you," I spat to him, disgust obvious in my voice. "I would never follow you."
"And why is that?" He crossed his arms, amused and surprised at my sudden use of words.
"Because you, Harry Styles, are a disgusting human being. No one in their right mind would like you, let alone love you."
"What did you say to me?" Harry's nostrils flared with anger.
"You heard me," I narrowed my eyes at him. Harry, in one swift movement, took the gum out of his mouth and stuck it in my hair.
I went home crying and had to get a horrible haircut because of his gum. To say the least, that was the first and last time I had ever attempted to stand up against Harry Styles.


I got off the swing, ready to go enter the comfort of my home.
I walked out of the park and down the road. My eyes lingered on the houses, trying to remember who lived where.
As my eyes scanned the doors and windows of the buildings, they froze on one particular house. The dark brick, grey-roofed house. I recognized it in an instant.
Harry Styles' house.
I stood there and stared at the house for a few minutes. I had never been inside of it.
A car beeped behind me, causing me to turn around. "Excuse me," the driver said.
I apologized and walked out of the driveway, letting the driver park their car. I started to walk away before the voice interrupted me.
"Evelyn Henderson?" A voice called behind me. "Is that you?"
I turned around to see the face of Anne Cox. Truthfully, I never understood how a nice lady like Anne could create someone like Harry.
Anne and my mum became friends through their husbands; my dad worked with Harry's stepdad from time to time. Our parents always assumed Harry and I were friends; I didn't dare tell them otherwise.
I forced a smile. "How are you, Anne?"
"I'm good," she smiled. "Will you some inside with me for a moment? I have something for your mum." She started walking towards the house, motioning for me to follow.
I followed her slowly, my eyes wide. I know Harry was off being a popstar and I hadn't seen him in three years, but going inside of your bully's house was just...weird.
She led me into the foyer near the front of the door, where I waited for her patiently.
"I'll be right back," she smiled over her shoulder, leaving the room. I stood there chewing on my fingernails, nervous to be in the house.
From what I could see, it looked like a nice and cozy household. It looked like a house where a small, happy family would live.
Not a bully.
"Mum, who's here?" I heard a voice come from upstairs. Footsteps started approaching from the stairwell and I felt my heart starting to beat at a fast pace. My palms became sweaty as I stared at the bottom of the stairs.
Much to my relief, it wasn't Harry; it was his older sister Gemma. "Hello," she smiled, giving me a small wave. "You look oddly familiar."
"I'm Evie Henderson," I smiled. She used to babysit Julie, but I never really knew her on a personal level.
"Oh, right. Harry's old friend." I almost choked on my own saliva when those words came out of her mouth. But instead, I kept my mouth shut and merely nodded, wanting to go home.
"Ah, here you are," Anne came back, handing me a book. "You're mum lent it to me ages ago and I kept forgetting I had it."
"Thanks, I'll be sure to give it to her," I said softly, making my way towards the door.
"Why don't you come to dinner tomorrow night?" Anne asked out of the blue, making my head snap around.
"D-dinner?" I stuttered, my throat feeling dry.
"Yes, I'd like to cook for you and your family. Robin and I would love to catch up with your mum and dad. And Ha--"
"Mum, I need your help!" Gemma called from the kitchen.
"Please, do come tomorrow night?" Anne asked me again.
I reluctantly agreed, telling her I'd ask my parents. She gave me a quick hug goodbye before I walked quickly home.
If only I knew what I was getting myself into.
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AngelCarsonisAwkward said...
Jan. 28, 2014 at 9:59 am
This book is amazing!!!!!!!
WannaBeWriter3 said...
May 14, 2013 at 11:37 am
i have only one request.... WRITE MORE!! durring summer time i wrote my own fan fic. about 1D but it does not compare to your work!!!! this is amazballs!!
CheshireCat said...
Apr. 1, 2013 at 9:21 pm
um...You NEED to keep writing. I keep checking to see updates and I'm freaking out. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue I'm dying to know what happens next PLEASE
SteeleFire said...
Jan. 30, 2013 at 11:33 am
Please keep writing!!!!!! This literally kept my attention for a good hour in class! D: Please, please, please keep writing.
Madster said...
Jan. 20, 2013 at 2:09 am
Oh my gosh more more! Love it!
Annette H. said...
Dec. 12, 2012 at 9:28 am
This is awsome write more please

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