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When Everything Changes

Author's note: Yeah, I know I'm a little late to the party, but I only recently figured out how to summit works...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Yeah, I know I'm a little late to the party, but I only recently figured out how to summit works to this sight, so as far as this fanfic is concerned, I'm inorging s4 for now.  « Hide author's note
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Welcome To Torchwood

“Excuse me?” Neal said, surprised.
“We’re a group called Torchwood,” Jack began to explained, “It was originally started by Queen Victoria in 1879, after she had an encounter with a man called the Doctor, and a werewolf.”
“I’m sorry, a werewolf?” Neal asked, thinking this was some kind of joke. This had to be some kind of joke.
“Yeah, I don’t know all the details because I myself wasn’t there,” Jack said, “But anyway, the main purpose of Torchwood was to protect the British Empire from alien attack and use any alien technology to benefit said empire, but over the years its expanded to protect the whole world, and we only use any alien tech for ourselves. We’re basically the planet’s last line of defense.”
“This is some kind of joke, right?” Neal asked, hoping that was the case, “Hassling the new guy?”
“Nope,” Jack said casually.
“No,” Gwen said.
“No,” Martha said, somewhat apologetically.
“Nope,” Violet said, “It’s the gospel truth.”
“No,” Rex said, “I’m sorry, I know it’s a lot to take in.”
“So aliens are real?” Neal half said-half asked, “All the stuff that’s been going on over the past few years is real?”
“Hallelujah,” Jack said, raising his hands to the sky, “Finally someone gets it.”
“We can prove it if you want,” Violet said, “We have some alien tech with us.” She then but her whole torso behind the seat, maneuvered around for a few minutes then came back up holding an oval-shaped object that was deep gray on the left side, a creamy grayish white color on the right side, and several electrodes spewing out of both sides.
“What does that do?” Neal asked, half weary, half intrigued.
“Well, the simple version,” Violet began, “It allows someone to see someone else’s memories. It can show you if you want,” She flipped the thing around saying, “You put the electrodes on this side on, and I’ll guide you through a couple of my memories.”
“Violet, you don’t have to do it,” Gwen said, “Me or Martha or Rex can do it.”
“Actually, nobody has to do it,” Neal said, leaning away from the device, letting his discomfort show on his face, “I officially believe you guys now. Although, how many of you guys are there exactly?”
“In its prime Torchwood had four offices.” Jack explained, “But then Torchwood Four disappeared, but we’ll find it one day, then Torchwood One fell at the Battle of Cannery Warf, actually, Torchwood One was Cannery Warf. We were Torchwood Three, after the Battle of Cannery Warf I rebuilt Torchwood and became the official guy running thing, but then-“ Jack paused a minute, and looked guilty, regretful, even a bit mournful, after a minute he finally said, “Over half of the team died, the British government blew up the hub, Gwen got pregnant, and I flew the coop. Then, sometime after my said-coop flying, Torchwood Two, which was an office in Glasgow with only one guy working there basically went inactive. Then,” Jack sighed, then continued, “Came Miracle Day. You know what I’m talking about, right?”
“Of course,” Neal said. How could he forget? How could anyone forget? Everyone stopped dying, and the world was thrown into chaos. People where in permanent suffering, criminals became indestructible, the threat of super-viruses running rampant loomed, the cult of the "soulless" and it was said that food shortages would start in five months and then the government started categorizing life and it was discovered that those made "Category One," were being burned alive. He remembered on day it all began Peter showed up at Neal’s place with Elizabeth and their dog in toe, completely freaked out, and told Neal to get in the car. Which turned out to be the best thing to do, because they got out before the Typhus and Hemorrhagic Fever hit. They spent the next two months held up in cabin listening to the world fall about on a radio. And then weirdly enough, when everyone started dying again, and the people deemed responsible for the horrific deeds that were done were punished, things went completely back to normal as if nothing has happened. “Why wouldn’t I?”
“ Just checking. Anyway, Rex worked with the CIA back then, and thought we might have something to do with it, and tracked down Gwen, who was-“ He looked over to Gwen, asking permission to continue.
“I was trying to live a quiet life with my husband Rhys, and our baby daughter, Anew.” Gwen explained, “Anyway, after Rex tracked us down me and Jack were reunited when my house exploded, and long story short Torchwood was reborn once again, only now the only people are just what you see here, plus my friend Andy back in Cardiff, more or less.”
“Cardiff?” Neal asked.
“It’s built on top of a riff in time and space,” Jack explained, “We built the new hub in a different stop disguised as shop, so we could still monitor the riff with less of a risk to getting blown up again.”
“That makes sense.” Neal said.
“Now that we’ve got that explained,” Jack said, extending his hand for Neal to shake, “I’m Captain Jack Harkness, this guy behind me is Rex Matheson. That beautiful young lady beside you,” He gestured towards Violet, “Is Violet Hall.”
“Hey,” Violet said, then she looked down, and as if noticing it for the first time said, “Oh, my ga. What happened to you hands?”
“ Neal looked down at his hands, which were still bleeding from the rope, “ They got a bit chewed up trying to undo your knot.”
“A bit?” Violet said, then turned to Martha and said rather urgently, “Martha, you need to get up with the first aid kit. We got blood poisoning waiting to happen up here.”
Martha crawled up to the front of the van, and started to look for a first aid kit in the glove box. “And that’s Dr. Martha Jones.” Jack said, “And lastly, but certainly not least, my second in command, Gwen Cooper.”
“So what are we doing here?” Neal asked.
Before Jack could answer Martha came back armed with a small, square first-aid kit. “Okay,” She saids, “Let’s see what we have. Show me your hands. Neal held up his hands, palms facing out. “Well, you were right about one thing Violet,” Martha said, as she pulled out some ointment, “This could’ve got infected, but compared to what rope can do, these are really minor injuries.”
“So since he’s gonna live, can I go on?” Jack asked.
“Certainly,” Martha said, as she started to apply the ointment to Neal’s hands. He winced at the stinging.
“ As you can guess, we fixed the , um, Miracle but some of the people who would benefit from it had a plan B. For starters, Rex is still immortal, though we’re not entirely sure how that fits in because when we confronted said people, they died, but we did figure out the plan B also involved a string of alien artifacts. We found and either destroyed or contained all of them except one, a ring.” Jack paused a minute than said, “Which brings me to something I have to ask you, Neal. This girl you saw, was she dark skinned but had sparkling emerald green eyes?”
“Yes,” Neal said, “How did you know?”
“Because I know who she is,” Jack said, “Her name was Colette Dedeaux, and she was murdered in 1949 for the ring."
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 13 Next »

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