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When Everything Changes

Author's note: Yeah, I know I'm a little late to the party, but I only recently figured out how to summit works...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Yeah, I know I'm a little late to the party, but I only recently figured out how to summit works to this sight, so as far as this fanfic is concerned, I'm inorging s4 for now.  « Hide author's note
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Everything Changes

Cardiff, Wales
Neal was starting to wonder if the train would ever get to Cardiff. The train had been going for five hours surely it had to get there soon. He looked out the window then looked back at the list in his hand. He had written it on the back of a yellow envelope, one of the many leftovers from the rough drafts of the letter. It was a list everything he had to do when he got to Cardiff. First off, he had to check in with Jack. Jack had told him he wanted to know when he got there. Then he had to find some place to stay at least for the night. There were dozens of hostels in Cardiff he could at least come up with a temporary solution. It’s either that or spend the night on the street. He picked up the pen and added to the list, Figure out what I’m doing here. Neal had been having doubts about joining Torchwood ever since he and the rest of the team parted in Lutte Pour L’anneau. What was he doing defending the planet from aliens? What could he possibly contribute to the team with his skill set? Obviously Jack saw something in him that the team could use, but Neal couldn’t figure it out. Just then the train skidded to a stop. A voice came from over the loudspeakers, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have now reached Cardiff. Please exit the cars in an orderly manner. Thank you.”
Neal got up from his sear and fallowed a line of people out of the car. He walked out of the train, into the train station, and looked around at his new surroundings. The lights were dim, and the concrete floor was gray. The terminal was bustling with activity, just like in New York. Out of nowhere, a familiar voice called out, “Neal!” He turned around to see Violet, her hair her natural blonde color, her tresses going a little pass her shoulders, wearing a strapless black dress covered with white skulls with a black ribbon around her waist, holding the hand of a ten-year-old girl a little small for her age, with thin cheeks and long blond hair.
Neal quickly walked over to them. “Hey,” He said.
“Hey,” Violet said back.
“Didn’t expect to see you here.” Neal said.
“Somebody had make sure you got here safe,” Violet said, cracking into a small grin, “Why not me?”
“And this little lady here,” Neal said, looking down at the little girl, “Must be Rose.”
“Yeah,” Violet answered. She looked over at and Rose and said, “Rose, this is my friend Neal.”
Rose looked up a Neal. “Hi.”
“Hi, Rose.” Neal answered.
“Come on, I’ll show you where the hub it.” Violet said, and then the three walked off.
Friend. She has called him her friend. Neal liked the way it sounded. It made him fell liked he belonged there.
And as time went on, Neal would realize he belonged there. In the time to come he with the rest of the team would take on a raptor, an alien-human hybrid, save a young woman, and hunt for a lizard man. He would fight for his life, be tortured, reunite with an old love, make a stupid bet while drunk, find solace in a new best friend, and nearly lose his mind. In addition to all that, all our characters would rearrange themselves to sit in the changes to their universe.
But that's another story for another day.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 11 12 13

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