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Too Much To Ask For

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Chapter 2-Slightly Too Big

Chapter 2
She kept her face turned down and neutral as her mind raced. An elbow here, a kick here, grab that horse, and ride. Yes, that’s what she needed to do. And she needed to do it now. Pulling out her best acting mentality, she groaned and stumbled. She fell as she was shoved and felt annoyance radiating from the two guards. They moved to pick her up and she swept her leg around, taking them out effectively. She pulled a knife from the sheath of one, sliced through her wrist bonds, and then ran.
These people had made another mistake. They had left the courtyard empty of guards and full of horses. It was easy for her to find one with a bow strapped to the saddle of one of the ones who was ground tied. It was easy for her to grab the reins and leap into the saddle of said horse. It was easy for her to spur the mare towards the gate with her legs as she dropped the reins and grabbed the still strung bow. It was too easy for her to knock an arrow and shoot the guard standing beside the gate. It was even easier for her to shoot the two on the wall above the gate.
Overall, she was laughing as she shot out the gate. The mare seemed to know exactly where to go as she galloped across a huge stone bridge, through a forlorn city, and into the dark woods on the other side. “That was far too easy, wasn’t it, girl?” she asked the black mare as they slowed to a canter to weave between trees. The mare soon came to a stop beside a stream, where she slid out of the saddle to go through the packs. In one, she found flint, a first aid kit, and basic cooking gear, along with a fletching kit. In the other she found a change of clothes and a cloak, along with a small sewing kit and a journal. She grinned and looked down at herself.
Her blue blouse was ripped and torn, mud stained and possibly blood stained. The bottom of her long black skirt was shredded and mud stained, and her laced up leather boots were caked in the stuff. Pulling off the blouse, she slid the dark green shirt on and put the tan leather jerkin over it. Thinking quickly, she realized that if the soldiers were dressed in medieval clothing, the women would be too. That meant she had to wear a skirt to blend in or risk drawing attention to herself. So she yanked the pants on under the skirt and clasped the cloak around her shoulders. Glancing at her reflection in the stream, she nearly laughed. She actually looked comfortable for once. Like she belonged in these clothes that were slightly too big.
Taking the quiver from where it was strapped to the saddle, she fitted it over her shoulder and felt it fall into the familiar place. At home, wherever that was now, she’d been really into archery. She’d been really good, a natural competitor. Soon, competing was joined by hunting, and later, fencing. Her grandmother swore she belonged in another time, like she was a lost soul born into a new body. Maybe this was where her soul belonged. Maybe this was where she belonged.
Now she just had to make her way to safety. She had to figure out where she was and where she needed to go. Glancing at the water, she saw that it flowed in the general direction away from the castle. She’d just follow it to the river and maybe she could find a port. She could get directions there. Nodding to herself, she remounted the mare, slinging the bow over her shoulder before she did. She still had the knife from the guard, and it was now stabbed through the redone ponytail that was her hair.
Looking over her shoulder, she urged the mare forward, into the water, so they couldn’t track her scent with dogs. She found herself looking over her shoulder often as she rode through the silent forest.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 32 Next »

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