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Might Four: Across the multiverse

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N.E.X opened portal into another universe. Glenn, Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Garu, Weiry, Me, Kitsune, Kimbo, Johnny&Lorei. Cisco, Jessica saying good-byes. Cisco rubbed everyone's shoulders—hugging them tightly—whispering things in their left ears. I could hear him, more clearly with his sharp ears.
" Good luck, stranger. Things may reek here, but am sure as soup ready. Just keep Kitsune close by, and don't let any harm befall on her. She's the only me; it would shame me if no one was to take care of her. "
" Don't worry," Tony replied. " She's my little Akana. Nothing shall come to get her, am not there to assist."
Cisco gave Tony the tightest Bear Hug of all. Yellow energy glowed behind. Cisco held Tony the entire time—yellow light sucking his body in—Cisco looking up—noticing his friends gone. A small smile across his face, and eyes tearing.
We were in a desert.
Rough sands with silicone, gigantic yellow ball blazing its heat waves; our bodies all hot, nothing but a wasteland noticed as our visions return, buzzards picking at human skull remains. People have died here—I'll be next, nobody comes. Noticed everyone else. Glenn, Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Garu, Kimbo, Kitsune, Weiry—unconscious from a Heat Stroke. Johhny&Lorei were the only ones left standing. Both were dripping bodily fluids, panting with their jaws open, holding the other close.
" Lorei, Johnny!" I bawled. Ran up to Max, examined contents in his left pocket, took a plastic Naya, Canadian Natural Spring Water; Max harbouring from all of us, sprinted up to Johnny&Lorei, raising my water bottle so they could drink, used their hands pushing aside water. "Drink!"
" You drink, Tony," Johnny insisted, showing off those cutie eyes. " We get in way. Tony needs water."
" This isn't about me. Your father counts on you, Johnny… Demurring and protesting , pretty poor excuses, wellbeing."
" Please… Tony… Save yourself!" Lorei backed up Johnny, made me almost collapse of angst.
" I intend to." Took a glimpse of the water bottle, looked at Johnny and Lorei, refocused on water bottle. " We'll share. One-third each, keep us rehydrated. Johnny… You first."
Johnny obeyed me, this time. Lifted Max's water bottle, used both hands for lifting, slurped down the see through liquids, passed on to Lorei, stared at it, passed alongside me.
" I've inherited telepathy powers. I can read people's hearts, consume edible objects without touching, my goals levitating."
Didn't just take Lorei's words for granted—uncapped my waterbottle—saw a small puddle, Lorei was telling the truth. My turn— gulped all liquids into my mouth, and swallowed all it.
" Good?" Johnny&Lorei dubious tone came.
" Not really, good. We do anything to live, let others live, enjoy ourselves. One motto, keeping me strong. Now, time for everyone else. We cannot wake them and have no more water, however, can keep them alive. In my bags manga booklets. In school I learned white cannot absorb light. Manga is used with black into, solidified. Spread them over their bodies, but do it carefully. I expect to read them, later."
" Any you wouldn't care about being trashed? Because we have so little time… we have no time for your books."—Lorei.
" Slam Dunk, Kamen Rider, Bloody Monday's, High School of the Dead, Ringo, Dragon Sister, Eiken. Careful over ones I like: Death Note, Bleach, One Piece; I work for the artist, Naruto, Mär, Ratman, Fairy Tail, Rave Master, -man, Hunter X Hunter. Chop-chop. "
Pained my soul seeing manga being tarnished, but at least they were my least favourable. I never hate manga, I just read it once, see if I like it, stop reading it, move on to a better receipted one. Still sorry for those authors—not knowing their masterpieces are being torn apart, page-by-page, scattered over unconscious people. Everyone mimicked mummies, small paper over their bodies.
`` We do well, Tony?``-Johnny.
`` You were pure genius. I`ve never seen paper taken off so smoothly. No signs of rip marks, everything perfectly unharmed. Your father, your friends, we’ll all survive, and see another day.`
`` Touching,`` Bone chilling voice said overhead.
I turned around, saw Lord Van Bloot hovering, wings flapping, wooden rod having a skull like object on top, green eyes seen in the eye sockets.
`` Evil man!`` Johnny and Lorei said in unionisation.
`` Get out of here, Van Bloot. My friends aren`t feeling well.``
`` Think I don`t know? I was counting on it. I have the perfect opportunity to attack, your all alone, no one saving you.``
`` Cease this horseplay, Van Bloot! You cannot scare me; a giant green lizard.``
`` Armored Lizard? I disposed of him. Don`t worry, this next one`s much more… Interesting. He gives you limited opportunities: Leave me to kill your friends and I`ll dispose of you in a later basis, Stay here for an early death and I`ll kill your friends afterwards.``
`` I`ll go with C: None of the above. YOU SHALL COME NO FURTHER!``
`` Grr… I hate negativity. Dungeon Worm… Swallow him!``
Sand stirred in a tomb, bonelike teeth emerging in a circular position, he had emerged—the creature. Copied a worms body, brown squishy body, 12`00``, 178 Ibs, multiple eyes on his head.
This will not be pretty, Tony. Feelings words lead me, inside my mind. Whether you know it, or not, deserts heat circulates your mind. It`s not safe to conflict them. Fighting right now could kill you.
It may kill me. I have to take my chances. I owe myself to see Akana once again, and I owe it to Glenn and Hifdan to protect their children. Nothing will stop me, completing my task at hand.
Tony! Females voice rang in my head. Let me help you! Let me help you, we helped each other. I love you, Tony… Your my brother. I love you.
Yes. Turn around. Followed Kitsunes orders. Saw her, half-dazed, barely keeping her balance. Defile man’s wishes is non-negotiable, but I believe he has sixth sense to know when he needs help.
Want to help me? I won`t stop you. It`s our battle, fighting against this beast, and our duty to vanquish anything, posing a threat, on humanity.
`` Let`s go!`` I yelled out my mouth. `` FOX TAILS!``
Kitsune growled behind, jumped in front. Small fireballs ablazed on her tail tips. Fireballs were launched out her tails, and came directly into behemoth worm. No immediate effect—fireballs bounced off the worms slimy skin.
`` Mmmmmwwwwahahahahaah! That was path-ethic. You could never measure up to me, or even your friend Glenn. Your just like the creature before you; a useless worm, following mightier people for food.
`` Enough!`` Lift hand unsheathed sword, right hand flashed blade, 7 seconds. `` Doesn`t matter if am the weakest, strongest… You will be defeated, and I`ll end supreme!``
The angst always hurt. Fur grew from body, teeth sharpened-hardened, large sharp talons out my fingernails, spate long red hair behind head, clothes broke apart—AB body and watermelon sized muscles shown. I never felt, looked, this strong. I was underweight from just reading, and lacked having any muscles. Things people do for someone they love.
`` Cool it, Fido. Wouldn`t want to damage that pretty face… Buried in a caske-``
I was a bullet. In no time I was able to get in front of him, slash the mighty worm—it exploded soft guts and entrails. The worm was gone, Lord Van Bloot staring down, snickering.
`` Your forefathers, must be proud of you. In my eyes: You're a scam, a host, an excuse for a Chaotic creature. You`re no match for me, how`d you plan to detrohe my master!?`` Staff Lord Van Bloot held illuminated green in the human skull. `` Raja du, kadeshie!``
Van Bloot had this power, surging through his ugly green scales, could make anyone fear him. He as well possessed allies, eldritch. Two more Dungeon Worms—tunneling out the sand. Teeth more grotesque, sharp, large.
Stay calm. Contemplate all solutions; it would be the weakest point.
Cannot perceive any. These ones are different. It`s almost like… Their empowered, or something.
Tony. Let me assist you. I will help you, burn them down.
Don`t get cocky, Kitsune. Your energy`s low, and you were weak against the prior one.
I know. There are good times, there are bad times. I can feel your mind, too. You don`t ever think about doing something, just do it, best you can. Vivid. You can feel me… See me.
It was a replay. Kitsune charged towards Dungeon Worms. Arrogant, full of energy, feisty—I didn`t know what she was—making herself show raw power.
Kitsune galumphed—rushing herself towards the two Dungeon Worms. Started gaining speed, water moistened around her body, ablaze red-orangish flames, became whole— burning 20`00`` tall monster. Jaws dropped on the ground—consumed the two worms. Loud gurgling noises—spat both worms out her nothing—nothing but piles of ashes. Lord Van Bloot remained, hovering, chuckling to himself.
`` Yes! Yes! More, yes! This is interesting! All shall kneel before me; I take you all down!``
Lord Van Bloot raised his skull with its eyes glowing green. Vigour of the wicked mind, hatred, energy emitted. Nothing could be determined—saw through the doors of heart—made without acting. Green ball, twice as large, covering skulls whole surface. It was to my amazement, honour… Someone watched over us. Undetectable, bismuth metal, thrown alongside, and knocking staff away from Lord Van Bloot, both landed right hand side. Curious, sixth sense leading my mind left, saw the culprit. He was tall, wearing bazaar body armor, cadet blindfold over his eyes, ochre heavy metal combat boats, two gut hook hunting knives ; 8`00`` large``; it contained a holster for the knives, actual devilock blue hair hanging in between the gaps in between his eyes.
" Not very nice… Attacking people weaker then you, for shame."
Lord Van Bloot glared at the man. " Shut up! You intervene—you'll be next."
Man's form did not move; standing firmly on his feet, arms crossed by each other. Inquisitive, a man standing near a monster, not show any fear—whistle like a humming bird. Large Van Bloot had been fed up over him—raised skull-tipped staff at the man—green light glowing out his skull Dungeon Worms would come, but he didn't know…
Massive beasts emerged from the sand. Beasts squirmy, large, multiple teeth in their hole representing a mouth, soulless eyes. All peered at their target. Could see nothing special. A ignorant man—waiting passionately—their jaws could seize, kill, hopeless merchant.
" Get out of here!" I hollered for this brave and clueless soul. " They will come after you… Try to kill you!"
Man started to shake. Didn't know he'd been having an aneurysm, or what? Such a strange man—laughing to himself—face of danger.
" Why would I leave? This is exactly what I've been looking for. Adventure. Tintin. Man whose faced countless foes, puts needs of others before his own, never gives up and tries getting a story out of his adventures. I will be exactly like him, somehow." Worms rushed, freight trains. Last laughs on the idiot—lacking any timorous actions—salivating mouths reaching their mark. " Gyp… Come here, boy."
Strangest man—most unpeculiar dog. Hiding under a sand bed in front of his partner, jumping out the bed, knawed into one worms belly, more effective this time—rocked himself back, forth—unexpected object fell on Dungeon Worm right side of him. Both Dungeon Worms disappeared into light yellow dust.
" That's… Groovy." Man pumped left arm by his sides, and gave a toothy smile.
" Cheap shot!" Lord Van Bloot all stressed out yelled. " Wait until you find true grief. Pain Hifdan, that annoying partner of his, caused me in Chaotic tournament—warmed the heart of my beloved."
" Anything about the nearest restaurant?" Man questioned. " I haven't eaten a whole day, and am hungry."
Snickered. " You want food? Pitty I'll never—"
" Wasn't talking… to you."
Lord Van Bloot started in Awe; dropped everything he worked on. Lefting his staff, probably send an army of Chaotic beasts. Agh!... Make pain of loud screeching go away. My eardrums would literally burst, this pain kept on going. Did see my cultprit: Little girl's open, and an amplifier inside his mouth.
" Make… It… Stop!" Me, Van Bloot, begged together.
"Can't do that, pals. I make a decision and I see it through. Never stop, till am wrong."
Hope he's wrong, this time. Mouth, arms, cerebellum—felled numb. Still see things visibly; it was clear dog and monkey could work together. Run to a spot on both ends—ram in Van Bloots sides . Two animals made their attack, paced away from Lord Van Bloot, joined their master. Rhodisian licked man's left arm, Monkey started crawling up his body. The man laughed, full of overexcitement, out his mouth. Echoing pain finally lifted—tapped the dolt's left shoulder, behind.
" Your name?"
Man ceased laughing, turned to face me. " Aero, sir. Aero Diamond."
" Well, Aero Diamond… Get out of here. This battles far from over, and Lord Van Bloots displeased over your courage."
" Can't do that, sir. I don't stop working; I finish my work at hand. Righteous, eh?"
The fool may have been distracted, but I was visual. Lord Van Bloot still had energy to groan—he'd make his way up… Forces beyond my knowledge knows his plans.
" Do you at least have water, we can borrow?"
Difficult seeing eyes with that blindfold, but his mouth started to swish back-forth, proven no ideas over this matter.
" I see water. I drank water. Don't have any of it, now. Never needed any of it."
" I don't understand. Water's essential to the human body. You couldn't have lasted long not tasting water… Unless—"
" Your dead!" Van Bloot yelled, making his way back up. Nearly fell back on the ground, retained his balance. His right arm thrusted, ring with white skull on it, flashed in our direction. "Dimension Ärm… Zipper!"
I remember Lord Van Bloot's object. Screw manga critics, sometimes, MÄR Heaven was awesome! I may just say this, a full otaku fan, but it was one of my top 10 manga: Death Note, One Piece, Naruto, Bakuman, MÄR- Marchen Awaken Romance, Blazing Barrels, -man, Bleach, Ratman, Gantz. This object—vivid as it was in MÄR— teared open a blue worm hole and Lord Van Bloots partner came out. Held his book—illuminating brightly.
Lord van Bloot raised his left hand, up. Murky, green were fired out Lord Van Bloots left hand, and came an inch near dreadlock's face—The man thrust his left hand, and penetrate the tip. Slush escaped everywhere.
" Yes! This is so much fun! Tintin would be so proud of me!"
Who was "Tintin" I remember that name; don't know where. Perhaps… A legend?
" Aero!"—Me. " Who's this "Tintin."
" Duh, Tintin's my hero. A journalist, followed by his faithful dog Snowy, risking life, and limb, looking for adventure—saving lives and putting others needs before his own."
" Some… Character!" Lord Van Bloot mocked, firing sludge. " This occult man, obsession, won`t do you any good, now! No human can help you. None!``
Aero continued pushing against sludge`s force—skin of arms melted away. Lord Van Bloots attack was an acid. Aero wouldn`t last much longer, soon all his skin would melt away. However, Aero kept smiling.
`` Who ever said: Tintin`s a human?``Aero pushed the water away from him. True form revealed, sparkling silver metallic arm. `` Tony, was it? I want you to see Adventure. He`s somewhere sacred. The only way to find him… Reaching the whole cite of yourself… Never reaching too far, or not getting enough…`Aero teared, camouflage of his left arm and legs, away. Another silver metallic arm; left side, two feet with small blade tips on the side; made entirely of aluminum, his blindfold unwrapped—two blue light emitting diode lens for his eyes. `` Your life’s on the line, there`s no holding back.``
`` Shut …Your… Mouths!``
Lord Van Bloot held his left palm out, again, a small green slimy ball formed in his palms once again. The ball released a tsunami. Head directly towards Aero, and stopped—All three animals came up to the ball, and made a hand connected wall against its tip.
`` Get`em out of there!`` I hollered, completely blindsided over everything, felt sympathy to those animals, alone.
`` They`ll be okay.``
Fur melted away. I didn`t know how this man could stay so calm, however, say he`d known what he`s doing. Viewing all the animals miseries, miscarings—peered closer to their forms—saw them for what they truly were: Androids. Half-left-dog`s body was torned apart and I witnessed gold, monkey right; carbon steel, the bird`s entire body, aluminum.
`` Your all androids?!``
`` I wish. Androids cannot feel pain. Am human, merged in titanium for my arms and head, and aluminum in my feet. My animals big ones are half-robotic. My small one`s full are Adventurer`s. I heard you yell, ventured to you, and here we are. Adventure, eh?"
Van Bloots attack ceased. He saw the creatures around him to be deadly, and didn`t want to risk his lift against them.
`` Magic ÄRM… Zipper!`` Blue warp hole came through—sucked in Van Bloots partner. Van Bloot stared at everyone—snickering. We shall meet again, sooner than you think. But first…There`s things I need to finish.``
Van Bloot, the sneaky bastard. Expanded his scaly wings—took off. Flew above the sand—fleeing in the clouds. He may`ve gotten away, however, up until next time—the next time I see him—I would give him everything I`ve got!
Aero lived in a shack. Green carpets all over his sandy ground, round table used for sitting; no chairs, aquamarine cabinets, deadbolt door knob made by gold on the left side of a green wood door, locked, and pictures of machine blue prints mixed with floor plans—I just couldn`t figure out—on the walls. Aero got on top his table, kneeling on the surface area.
" I saw your altruism, back there, Tony," Aero said while his feet were kneeling on the tables surface. " I like you. You remember me, a tiny me. Deem yourself, better than everyone else, work for it, and it all comes to truth. Look at me. I live in Hell. My arms are killing me; inside my chest, I've gotta maim my joints and polish metals—every frickin day, have zero interest on living—make a game out of it. I laugh. Snigger in danger, these holiness of God, deems as punishment, my mistreating's."
Walked up to table, looked directly into his still LED shown eyes, and talked to him…
" I too am agnostic. I believe people can do anything, themselves. Not rely on a figurine, of whom I've never encountered."
" Ease this attest. We our wondering souls, moving around this utopia, until the day we die. We won't see whose right— Actually see the eyes of Lord. We can only discourage belief, to ourselves."
Made a calm expression. My mouth stayed; straight line, eyes showed no excitement or anger, body parts fell limp. " For now, anyways. Now… We’ve attending to. Am pretty sure everyone whose with me, wondering would like to wake up."
Aero foresees everything. Everyone else was awake, yawning out their mouth's, eyes half-open, their bodies noticied using my left eye. Aero tried secreting his awkward appearance. Grabbed his blindfold, wrapped it over his eyes and skin looking blankets came over his arms and legs—goofy looking Aero returned.
" Where the fuck are we?" Garu rubely asked.
" Some kinda ditch, with furniture," Max answered, half-asleep, as if he'd known.
" Not any ditches I've been too," Glenn said. " Am digging this."
" Ahem!" Aero broke the silence. Everyone turned to Aero, keeping their eyes half open, him sitting on the table. " I would like to thank everyone who is here."
" We had a choice?"
" Well… you kinda did. You guys weren't smart, and decided ' hey, let's go into the a desert—eye of heat and wearing black'"
" I put sheets of white paper over them."
" Good for you."
" We helped!" Lorei and Johnny's voices were heard.
" Good for all of you. You know: I've adapted around egotistic people."
" We're not… uh, what does Egotistic mean?"
" Selfish, self-centred person. A person who boosts about their accomplishments, and base their whole lives on it—I don't really care for them people. Now sit down. I'll have dinner ready."
We were spoiled.
All five of us, together, our favorite meals. My favourite meal is French Onion Soup, Max; Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Feta Vinaigrette, Garu; Sea Bass with Garlic Butter, Glenn and Hifdan; Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage with Endive and Blueberry Salad, Johnny&Lorei sharing Crumb Top Banana Muffins, Kimbo; shrimp—eating at our table. Aero's a great cook, believe it, or not. We all took our eating slowly—taste buds exploding inside our mouth's. But that was ruined—seeing Garu Eating—accelerated in eating and didn't close his mouth.
" Yum, yum, good! Want more! More! Need more!"
Pieces of fish flinged out Garu's mouth. He was an animal. I didn't know what kind, propagating small fish pieces on us, beast he resembled.
" Hey, ruminate, close your mouth!" It was to my shock, and astonishment, the monkey spoke out.
Everyone, besides me, Aero, all the other animals, were shocked. They literately jumped out their seats—all fell back first on the ground. Glenn was the only one to get up.
" He's talking!"
" Course he can talk. He's part machine. He lost he’s brain, and was transplanted another one. In fact… We all had our body parts transplanted… heat of war, young man come in his white horse, saved our asses. It was a pitty… He couldn't save my parents as well. It's a drastic measure, keeping these suits on, remembering how there'd be three."
" Sad, sad, where's some fish. I haven't eaten like this in a fortnight!"
Aero, the poor sap, smiled. "There’s no more food, am afraid. Salvation around here's troubling. I just wanna leave this place—go somewhere safe—meet people—join a gang—save peoples lives. But sadly: This places the only thing left of my family, and I can't leave it. (smiled) I can, however, lead you to the city."
My feet were killing me; it was worth it.
We finally saw civilization. We’ve already went past sand dunes, climbed up pyramids, nearly died, and here we are, now—Our safe haven.
" Think we can get food?" Garu blurted out. " I am hun-gry."
" Course we'll get food," Aero said. " You can eat much as you want, growing lads such as yourselves. I'll just be around, remembering how people have eaten."
" I'll have stir fry," Max added in. " Maybe a cheese burger, with bacon."
" Blueberries. Lots, and lots, of blueberries," Glenn joined in.
" Fish!" Garu shouted.
Figures: I'll need to get them going. " Ribs. Am an animal, needs my meat."
" Yay!" we all screamed out loud, boy was I great, or what?
What happens next—our idea of food—put to an end, we'd come across… An unexpected turn of events. Dozens of Dungeon worms emerged from the ground, snarling, and swishing their tails. Worms weren't our only problem. Out the ground, a man emerged. Sheppard, red clothes over his body, a thorn-like whip in his hands; brown and long, dark skin, large small haired bristle beard.
" Ahhh! I know that man! He was in the Duel Monsters world, day I first meet Kimbo. You tried to warp Kimbo's mind!"
Kimbo growled and crouched down. Kimbo and Max shared some thoughts: They wanted to kill the dreaded man. The man laughed at them, head facing sky as his eyes were closed.
" That's right. Monster Tamer. My partner held me back. I now have a chance—you will all die!" Monster tamer whipped the ground. Dungeon Worms emerged out the ground. " Slimy beasts!... Witness their full power!"
All worms began their assault. I feared all those worms, however, acted without having to think.
Kept my sword up and began slashing towards the worms; underbelly my eyes could see. One slash—one turned to dust Two slashes—two worms went down. I kept slicing towards worms, and they all went down.
" That's right. Keep attacking me. I'll always summon more, no matter how many my pets you've taken care of."
" I ain't stopping!" Yelled at Monster Tamer. Swords my break my bones—pain of them piercing will always remain. You can't stop me. Am on a full rampage!"
I returned to running around and slash at all Worms around me.
A whole army came out the ground. Sharp small teeth, and large slimy heads. Their massive mouths expanded and started ramming.
Tony! Feelings voice started to come out. Duck
Dungeon Worms passed through me, and I was completely unprepared. I managed to pick myself up, position my feet on ground, managed stabbing worms right through their evaporated into tiny yellow dust particle.
Feelings also work for instincts, Tony. Only you could know what's coming, beneath your mind. Never let feelings be wasted.
Help of Feelings allowed me to over come the mighty worms. I could hear Glenn using "LAVALANCHE", Max's partner Cyber blasting away at the worms. Kimbo disappeared so he could knaw into worms underbellies; moment he reappeared, Aero using his mechanical animals used different methods: Punch, bite, squawk, Kistune and Weiry attacked—Weiry breathed cold breath, and Kitsune fired small fireballs. Dozens of Dungeon Worms disintegrated under our force.
I felt bad for Monster Tamers frontal lobe. Brains body's mover, I cherish. Monster Tamer filled himself of anger, stress, evil—eventually caught up to his mind—leaving anything out, but the taste of winning.
" More! More! More!"
Monster Tamer whipped the ground—worms emerged out the ground. Worms were no longer our only threat. Scorpions also emerged from the ground. Giant blue scorpions, 3`22``, 80 Ibs, four stingers in his rear end, turtle shell on backs, small white pinchers sticking out head. These blue scorpions surrounded the Dungeon Worms.
`` Muwhaha! Nothing can stop me. I will reach that town!... Destroy everything!``
Swords hilt kept moving. I kept swinging, All those worms disappeared into dust, the scorpions disintegrated into blue dust. I reined over these monsters. Everyone else, not so fortunate. The monsters caught everyone, except me, and Aero. Dungeon Worms mangled everyone, held their bodies up high, agonizing cries out their mouth's. Monster Tamer laughing hysterically out his mouth.
`` Yes! All kneel before me! I am the greatest! ( stared at me) Lord Van Bloots told me so much. Tony, was it? Why don`t you drop your weapon, and run away. You`ll do no good for anyone. Watch your comrades die—ran to save your life—whatever decision: A consequence must be intact. Make your choice. Times of thee essence.``
`` (No brainer) Shouldn`t ask me questions, nit-wit, you can`t back up. I could ask the same question: Can you be willing to accept your consequences? If the answers `no`, you`d better start running. I am an animal. There`s no justice to me. Just what`s right. Am protégé.``
``You`re dead, what you are. Swarm shall annihilate you!`
`` Yeah… Like that will happen.``
One thing did happen: The insects prepared charging towards me. All alone. Nobody to protect me, nurture me, I was the only one.
Believe in yourself, Tony. Kitsune`s words, telepathic. We rely on you, everyone you`ve befriended relies on you. You are magnificent. Every parts of your bone, a joyful person to be around, and fight alongside.
Trust in yourself, Tony. We`ve departed from each other, too long, but I`ve remorse about the kindred spirit inside you.
Right. Feelings, Kitsune, and anyone who can hear my voice... I will never give up. My life will move into fruition!
Energy. I could feel power, coursing through my veins. This epidemic seemed useless. I had power, and I`d harness its full glory. Brought my sword over my head, took a leap of desperation—started to run towards all those massive worms—Sword high in the air—made my pursuit. My mind drifted to this battle—nothing but blurs—drifting to my subconscious.
This wasn`t my first time—inside my mind, literally.
Blankness. Only the color white filled this area. Usually I would see Feelings, other animals, and they`d yammer about an important lesson. My time here was different. I didn`t see Feelings, or any other animal in the matter. Finally reunited with Akana. My beautiful soulmate, bob cut auburn hair, traditional red clothing wrapped around her waist; AB`s underneath her clothes, white stretch pants, , plastic flip flops, hazel eyes.
`` Akana, Akana,`` Repeated her name twice, she was an important part of my life, and I thought saying her name once was meaningless.
`` (eyes sparkling). Tony…(eyes returning to normal). It`s about time we meet, idiot. Didn`t I tell you to stay in your own world, dolt?``
`` It`s been 3 years.``
`` Your world, maybe. It`s only been a week, here.``
`` That cannot be.``
`` Afraid so. Like the moon: A person could spend day`s there, only see it as a day. But enough of that. Let`s reconcile.``
Akana gaited. Moved one foot forward, had another foot move in front her prior, synchronized pattern, and eventually came up to me. She kissed me. Taste of cinnamon came back into my mouth. I still don`t know how her lips tasted that way. But I love cinnamon, and Akana meant everything to me. Put 2, 2, together, and you`ll be satisfied. Akana stopped kissing me. Took my left hand—placed over her chest. I could feel her left bosom. Delicate, soft, large, something i`ve never touched before—felt so right, and so wrong.
`` Am lactating. What would be nine monthes… I only have 5. I`ve searched everywhere for you. I just didn`t know where you were, Tony.``
`` Am not in Asteria, I can tell you that. I am around five other individuals, and various monsters. A boy who never wants to put a book down and is a struggling comic book illustrator, an imp for his companion, musician who's obsessed with his grisly music, an African android, ignorant humanoid midjet claiming to be `` Captain Garu, worlds greatest pirate``. I like`em. There pretty cool, smart dudes.``
``That`s great… Tillo.``
`` What of the dumb bastard?``
`` You can summon him, now. Not me, Tillo. Our time together will come, you can reach at least level 20. Without further ado, I make my leave. Good luck, Tony Parker.``
I was kissed, again. Honey flavoured lips in my mouth, tongue wishing on both my sides, cinnamon in my mouth. I considered myself to be weak, however, blacked out—a whole new world would be awaiting me.
Returned to the battle. Tillo was right in front of me. Tillo, the dumb bastard, fended Dungeon Worms and scorpins away. Tillo simply put his horns down, the creatures were locked in place. Tillo had chonmage short greasy black hair, mighty arms; stretching muscles the size of watermelons, slightly tanned, no shirt, a flabby chest, cotton white underwear over his crotch, brown eyes in his head. Man was against massive force, however, pushed the force away from him—spreading around his right hand side.
`` Yah! I helped!`` The dumb bastard yelled, overexcited. `` I was helping!``
Tillo is eminent, now. His fighting took guts, and only he had been gifted energy, yearningly covetous. Battle still raged on. Tillo did kicks in the air, and was able to knock aside all those who got in his way. Monster Tamer started in horror—all his creatures being eliminated—Tillo dashed in front of him—knocking whip out hand and landing on the left hand side. Monster Tamer tried to pick up his whip, however, Tillo got to it first—picked lonely object of the ground and jumped away.
`` No! Get me back my whip.`` Tillo payed attention, however accident do happen, no immediate attention. `` No!``
Monster Tamer was finished. He had no friends. Worms recovered form their brainwashing, looked confusedly around the area, eventually found nothing extraordinary and digged holes to bury themselves had his rabbit-like feet pressed on Monster Tamers neck.
`` Please… Let me go. I can give you anything. Money, creatures, food. Just let me go!``
`` I don`t know,`` I said, partially angry with this beast. `` A man who controls other creatures minds, and gets them to attack innocent bystanders.`` Leaned closer into Monster Tamers face. `` Your nothing. A real worm, squirming about this world. I`ll talk to Lord Van Bloot, for you. Am going to tell him: I took care of his weapon.``
Monster Tamer was gone—bringing my wide bladed sword up—cut directly into right side of his chest. No blood, gore, came out. Monster Tamer evaporated into blue code. I started at his remains, and was tapped on my left shoulder, Aero.
`` Get moving. I`ve so much more to do for you spectators.``
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