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Might Four: Across the multiverse

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Monster Tournament

Waiting. Never my thing.
Inside the Monster Tournament waiting room—surrounded by different types of people and their Monsters. Some of which were Glenn, Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Garu, Weiry, Cisco, Jessica, Kitsune, me. Surrounded by silver lockers, plastic brown benches, mucky water puddles on the ground, a single headlamp glowing on top our heads. In just a few moments—would exit these rooms—journey to our battle. I sat on a plastic bench, Glenn allowed Hifdan to hit him for testing strength, Garu was running amock on four legs, Max typed on his computer with a USB cable sticked right into Cybers chest. We were on our way to battle.
Amongst a crowd of people.
Staring down, saw Garu and Weiry; against Fisherman Jack and Argus. Fisherman Jack's was dark skinned, wore farmer clothes with an yellow apron over his chest and dark blue shirt underneath his blue apron, black soled rubber boots, amber eyes, a small black moustache over his mouth. His partner Argus massive, 30 meter wide eye, slimy purple skin around his massive eye, two bulky on his sides.. Both teams stood on a stadium, covered in grey metal, gigantic circle, a giant yellow painted circle in centre. Garu and Fishman Jack, Weiry and Argus—standing middle of stadium.
" The battle … Now begins!" Announcer roared through the area.
Fisherman Jack reached out his left hand, closed his eyes. " Best of luck to you…My short friend."
" Short?" Garu said in disbelief. " Nobody… calls… me 'Short!' Bite!"
Garu gnawed on Fisherman Jacks left hand. Fisherman frantically shaked his hand, and banged Garu's face against the ground. Garu still bit through Fisherman’s hand. That was when Garu did a backflip, forward. Knocked against Argus's massive eye—illuminating night black—pressed deeper into the eye, and it became disfigured. Attack was cancelled. Argus losing his eyesight, becoming dizzy with extra load, fell face first into the ground… I saw Fisherman Jack lying on the ground all puckered out, and Garu standing on top Fisherman Jack.
" Is there anyone else, calling me… Short! No?! Excellent choice, ninnies!"
" The winner… Garu and Weiry!"
Everyone inside the crowd were hesitant to clap their hands, however, applauded psychotic Garu.
" Next round pairings…. Glenn and Hifdan VS Kei and Minotaur."
Garu left the field, Weiry following close behind—dragged from the other side; Fisherman Jack and Argus. Glenn, Hifdan entered on the left, two opponents entered on the right.
A man wearing comfy silk red pyjama pants and shirt, fabric red mittens over his hands, groomed back brown hair, half-lens glasses over his eyes. Hybrid monster, humanoid form of a bull and a snakelike throb sticking out his rear end, plain red furred, silver hooves for his feet, large silver horns sticking out his head.
" Begin!"
" Minotaur… Attack! Rampaging Frenzy!"
Minotaur stampeded towards Glenn and Hifdan. Raging breath and heated body closing in—stopped in the spot. Minotaur quivered through his fur and looked frightened over our appearances.
" Minotaur… Androphobia will not help us, now. Be a man. Beat them up."
Minotaur did no such thing. He's moment of escape—outside the platform—leaped out of the platform. Buzzing noise through the area, he'd leaped out the platform.
" Rules number 11: Any creature that's knocked out the platform… their owner loses the match. The winners… Glenn Matthews and Hifdan!"
" That was too easy," Hifdan foolishly thought he'd muttered to his partner. " I was hoping we'd at least get a chance to test or hone our skills."
" Don't worry," Glenn assured Hifdan. " Our time to battle will come; a later basis. Right now… We need to practice, and increase our skills. We've got to stop any in our path, even if it's someone we know, or someone who looks tough, we will never give up."
" Your right, Glenn. Let's get started."
Glenn and Hifdan walked off the stage. I heard their children applauding them in the stands. Them I noticed Johnny&Lorei. Johnny&Lorei sat next to each other, Kimbo sitting just left of where they been seated. Kimbo acted as the guard dog. There was many dangerous Monsters in the sand, and Glenn didn't trust children to be around those Monsters. Who could blame him?
Max and Cyber stepped on the platform… A monster with a serpentine Monster stepped into the platform. The man wore green-blackish clothes over his body, a green army hat on his head, black shades, smoking a cheap Malboro cigarette. Serpentine stood on four massive legs, nine massive heads hissing out his body, aqua blue scales, petrifying yellow eyes, short sharp fangs inside his mouth, massive tail outside his rear end.
" The battle between Max Yuki and Cyber Commander VS Koki and Hydra…Begins!"
" RAMPART BLASTER!" Cyber yelled as small bullets were shot out of his gun.
" WATER HISS!" Koki yelled, for his monster to attack.
Water stream exited Hydras mouth. Stream collided with small bullets. The battle between them went on, ten seconds… Water stream pushed through the bullets. Cyber was pushed aback by force of waters pressure. However, Cyber wasn't one to go down easy, and planted his metal feet right into the ground, stood in place, just two inches away from outside platform.
Missile hatch opened up. A dozen small, pointy tipped white missiles exited the hatch. Moving to the other side—exploded around Koki and Hydra. Black smoke came out. Smoke cleared; both were unharmed. Hydra wrapped Five heads around Koki, four heads in front of body, blocked missiles penetrating their skins.
" Nice move, dude. Keep it up… Am thirsty for a real fight."
" Well… Prepare to be satisfied! Cyber."
Cyber took one look at Max. He saw the serious expression in his eyes.
" Max… We cannot Tribute evolve, here."
" There is no rules when it comes to a monster against a Monster. Let's do it, partner."
" Right." White light came out of nowhere and surrounded Cybers body.
" Cyber Commander! Tribute Evolve too…"
Light faded. Cyber transformed. A monster appeared, twice Cybers size, body covered in white armor (except his eyes, red), a giant green rocket launcher, and a massive wheel formed around his right shoulder.
" Gadget Hauler!"
Cyber Commander! Tribute Evolution to!" Cybers body became covered in white armor ( except his eyes), was given a giant-green rocket launcher, and a wheel formed around his right shoulder.
Water tide came out Hydras mouth, and began making its way towards Cybers new form.
A loud noise broke the Sound Barrier. Missile came out his rocket launder, rushed to the water, the water acted as a wall, and exploded when it touched the missile. Max, Cyber, Koki, Hydra—pushed aback by Missiles force. Pure agonized voices through their mouths. Rigorous heads smolten with smoke. Blue electric sparks electrocuting out Cybers metal body.
" Mmpha… Don't think this is over! I deserve to be victorious. You are nothing! Hydra! WATER MULTI TAILS!"
All nine heads had been covered in water. Their forms thrashed, and were able to hit Max and Cyber, hurled their bodies backwards. Cyber took Max in his left arm, smashed the ground below using his right arm. Max and Cyber dangled staying up—thrashing water waves coming right at them. However, they were going to be just fine.
This attack was different from priors. Small missiles exited an unnoticeable hatch on his left shoulder, however, this one fired 10 centimeter long missiles. The missiles ram into water coated heads—exploded on contact. Three heads went down, reanimated from destroyed tissue, unconscious.
Battle between giants. Amplitude made me excited, events too come. Small missile fired out cannon and water tides slushing out serpentines mouth—bounced off against each other, cancelled each other out. Battle turned chagrin. No one touching each other; no reasons for me to watch. Just wanted to go down there, wolf clawed, dismantle those two, myself.
" Dammit Max, get your facile bum out of la-la land, and do some fighting!"
" Am trying, Tony! This isn't easy, ya know!"
Me and my gaiety. But I must admit: Haggard Max, wouldn't last much longer, against a creature in perfect shape and health. Imp of a player, and his Hydra Monster— Breathed out streams of water. Surfs up! Max—coated metal man Cyber—leaped on the waves and were surfing. Two redirected waters wave in one place, somehow made it dissolve, and then explode 100 million water droplets. Koki engulfed more of his cigarettes extent.
" Jinks my fun? I'll show all you, meaning of Pain: Draining every last ounce of a person's energy.
Water around Hydras heads, twirled in circular formation. Non-humane, but blur of water merging into a great force. Max took stance; feet behind body and arms in crossed position, prepared his upcoming laborious effort.
" Cyber! Front's strong, back macerate. You aim high…"
" Youaim low."
Cybers hatch opened up, however, nothing emerged. Max knew his moment: Snatch missile away from Cyber.
A single weapon of mass destruction—taken by bad boy, Max Yuki. Max, the big dolt, started running with the missile in his left palm—rushing water heading towards him. Cyber blocked it…
Sole missile made contact against rough waters, Hydra's attack. Water fell, evaporated everywhere. Max continued moving. He'd be no good for me, an obsolete man; why I cherished his great enthusiasm. He'd made it left side Hydra, pulled missile behind his head, steadying it in his palms grasp—threw it towards Hydra's multiple heads—spread with yellow-blackish explosive powder. Complete radiant force—pressing against Hydras scaly surface—rippling away surface area of skin.
" Waah!" Koki made a horrified grunt, out his paralysed mouth.
Effects ceased, and I saw Koki lying down unharmed, unconscious… serpentine monster.
" The winners!… Max Yuki and Cyber Commander!"
Thunderous roar, crowd applauded… Max and Cybers victory. It was my turn—show everyone what I can do. For the good of this quest, and become closer in obtaining Akana—back in my arms.
My first battle, me and Kitsune.
Walked in centre platform; the yellow circle. Man, with pachyderm Monster, seen face-to-face. Man kept a light green ski cap over his head, blue shades; much like original persons black sunglasses, frisky brown hairs as his moustache, grey females vaute coat, pink lip gloss over his slightly torn fingernails, sprained ligaments in his knees, shiny red rubber boots; a man in love with cosplay. His Monster, steel AB body, eight steel slots embedded in his abdomen, human skinned, short stranded brown hair out his chest and his head, large wooden club held in left palm, single giant white eye seen on his head.
" The battle between Tony and Kitsune, the legendary Monster VS Itsuo and Cyclops… Begins!"
Itsuo stood in place, arms crossed. The man mumbled something; I just couldn't listen to. He'd chanted gibberish—Cyclops dashed. Swinged his club, and roared out his mouth. I Could barely protect myself, the massive monster moving towards us—ducked right, holding on Kitsunes underbelly and rolled left. Cyclops club slammed down; it hit the ground.
" Shut them down, Cyclops!" Man's voice now up roared throughout the platform. " We must win! Our lives depend greatly on this tournament, and how the outcome favours us, if we ever expect our rank to raise. You're the strongest Monster around—show them everything, you've got!"
I've never studied tectonics, was pretty sure a fissure in the ground, massive Cyclops started, never been a good sign. Cyclops rage and determination of coming on top—picked up off ground—walked nimbly through platform. Cynic man got his creature moving; almost impossible to believe. Reasons of Cyclops attacks: Want to wreak havoc on all who oppose him.
" Kitsune, Fox Tails!" I ordered the foxlike monster.
Kitsunes nine tails lighted burning red-orangish fire. Fire grew 2'00 in size, 2'00 in lbs—projected towards massive Cyclops. Flames were dressed against Cyclops massive left arm lifted up and fire hitting that arm. Kitsune evoked Cyclops—Raising tail—launching larger sized fireballs towards Cyclops.
" Please... You underestimate... Everything Cyclops capable of! NATURE FIST"
Cyclops punched both arms into ground—sprouted giant bushy green trees out the ground.
Life as a factotum, I was obliged to do my work, and not to ask any questions. I knew Kitsune had it in her—fighting off against any threats, because she was like me... A person looking for work and getting past the challenge.
Kitsune galumphed—rushing herself towards the mighty Cyclops. Started gaining speed, water moisture around her body, ablaze red-orangish flames, became whole—burning 20'00" tall monster. Jaws dropped on the ground—consumed Cyclops form, whole. Kitsune showed no signs of being discreet. She'd just gave out a very powerful move, and I was embarrassed by it. A few gurgling sounds—spat Cyclops straight out her mouth. He covered in saliva and smolten in his head and his two arms. Tried lifting his hands in the hair—fell right back down.
" The winners!... Tony and Kitsune. Everyone whose won, will advance into the finals! May the odds of winning be forever in your favours!"
Tried passing what was left of my genteel attitude.
Locker woman was a haven. No more battling; for now, could sit down and read manga, and there was Kitsune practing her fire moves against the wall. Right now I read Gantz. Gantz: A high school boy named Kei Kurono and Masura are killed by a subway train trying to protect a homeless man when he'd fallen on the tracks. In this manga, chosen people who've died of any causes, sent to Gantz a large black ball, transported to fight against aliens, trying to get out of Gantz.
Everyone had their own thing. Hifdan coiled small pebbles with Vine Snare, Cyber having a USB cable in his front circuit and Max madly typing on a computer keyboard, Garu trying to munch on fish Weiry frozed and he defrosted, while Cisco closed his eyes and sat in a lotus position, he was meditating.
" Hello," A familiar voice talked to me. Turned my head around, saw Glenn Matthews right beside me. " Tough battle you had there, eh? Things could be worse." Glenn rubbed his scalp. He 'd tried thinking about his next words, carefully. " I always thought my journeys were ineluctable, you know? Things just seem… written for me. "
" Am animistic. Let me tell you something: I hear voices, don't laugh, inside my head."
" Am a boy, with a book giving another world creature power. Keep talking."
" I couldn't always grow fur, teeth, transform. A silent, otaku, single tracked, person… unable to think of anything but manga. It whispers in my mind… Already started. Excuse me one moment, Glenn.
Sorry I couldn't speak, earlier. Thinking about me wouldn't be good—facing that monster.
Parturitions my only concern. Until am with Akana… I will never truly be happy… never stop training.
Bravo, your finally putting others feelings, before your own, To-ny Pa-rk-er. I could almost cry; I'd actually had a normal body.
Stop joking around!
I don't joke around, even if I did… Am your "feelings", duh. Whatever's in your mind—transfers over to me—transfers differently to you. People recover or lose track of their feelings, Tony. We've unified, we can make things happen. Just try to remember—
" The next round pairings… Tony and Kitsune, the legendary fox Monster VS Fuji and Griffin!"
No matter what happens… never give up.
Prepared for the quandary. Walked on the platform, Kitsune besides me, staring at my opponent and her Monster. Girl 15 years old, wearing a red yankee's cap, plain shirt, white miniskirt, long dirty blonde hair sticking out yankee's cap, aqua blue eyes. Her monster containing yellow furred body of a lion, white wings of an eagle, brown head of an eagle, large yellow bird claws, large yellow bird beak, small predatory yellow eyes.
" Everyone's here's too prolix," Girl said. " Make me cry; it comes from peoples lack of speed and their low witted minds. "
"Fugi… Stop this ribald attitude." Griffan talked through his beak.
" Come on, Griffian. Humours the most important thing in the world, bird brain. "
" Always a vague little girl. Persistent on proving yourself, wores me out. "
" The battle Between Tony with Kitsune and Fugi alongside Griffian… Begin!
" FURY!" Massive Monster half-bird and half-beast yelled while it stood up.
Griffian flapped his wings vigorously, vertically, and came in front of us. Griffian started to peck his peck rapidly at us, however, I blocked it:
Small fireballs formed around Kitsunes tail tips. Fire merged into one giant fireball—launched directly towards massive flying beast. Ducked down, aerial backflip, fly overhead, landed right side Fugi.
" Any more bright ideas, bird brain?"
" You're dealing with a ruthless man eating monster. Remember that rift we had, when we wanted to do training, but we both had different idea's for training?"
" Yes."
" Finally took you a sanguinary move… recover your senses. Your scatty head did learn something. Let's ride together, Fugi."
Fugi nodded her head. She'd got on Griffians backside. The girl pulled out a small grey lantern connected on a long silver chain. Small flames burned through the candle—glowing out red light—covered Fugi's and Griffians bodies, eventually stopped, the two appeared differently. Both had small silver plates on their shoulders, silver metal gloves on the girls hands, grayish metaled claws over Griffian, 16th century rapier held in Fugi's left hand, large metal beak covering Griffians beak, human helmet with a grid, large helmet covering Griffians forehead and a gap for his face—soared overhead.
" Chivalry, justice!" A voice of Fugi and Griffin echoed in my ears. " We are the great knights, defending the world! Justice Stampede! "
We scud, away. Kitsune fired fireballs to sear, however, bounced off metal attached to them.
" Ha. We will eradicate anything negative! Compare yourselves to Justice?... Ha, you're not even good enough for—"
" I'll make you eat those words! I'll segregate you two!”
" Bring… It… On!"
" Fox Fire!"
" Justice Javelin!"
Rapiers form changed red—molded to a javelin, light faded. Openly admit: The girl has style. A javelin, riding a griffin, get to where cool armor… Come on! This is so cool! Like one of my manga's; I'd actually get to live through. This would be a worthy opponent, however, I'd still end up victorious.
Kitsune surrounded by roaring flames, the two's form coated in dark grey metal. Kitsune growed in size and had her entire body made of flames—showed true power. The two stayed coated in metal. Two falchions sparkling multicolor—pulled out Fugi's backside. Game of Chicken. Flames seared against platform—Kitsune charged forward. Metal clanged against platforms hard surface—flying towards Kitsunes burning avatar, low altitude.
" We are Warriors of Justice! We'll contain all that's evil, and fight with what's inside our hearts!"
" I am a Were. Neither a human, or a beast, change my appearance. Change the world—adapt to any situation—find my way through all challenges. One I've got to do: Face off against you two…"
Kitsune, Fugi, Griffin—colliding. Flames spread where they've been hit, and I was taken aback by its power. Smoke finally cleared… Kitsune was barely limping on both her paws, the others lying unconscious on the ground.
" The winners!... Tony Parker and Kitsune! They've earned place in the final four!"
" Guh!... My head!" Fugi screamed on ground, banging her left fist against the platform, shaking her arms in protest. " He won… Not me!"
Somebody was a little over prideful. Little numskull, bluttering tears out her eyes, over something as silly as a tournament.
Took a seat in the stands.
I started at the last battle. Garu and Weiry VS Cisco and Jessica. All my other friends names were called, I just didn't pay attention. Mind couldn't accept upcoming quantity's. I would have to face one of them, all for Tag. Difficult task, however, anyone could do it… I`d be most legible.
Garu and Cisco Took their places on top giant yellow circle. Both of them shook hands. Wolves had sensitive hearing, blessed on me—heard every word coming out their mouths.
Howdy! It’s sure queer facing you, little mongrel. Don't take losing the hard way. After all: I am the original champion of Monster Tournament.
Blah, blah, oh my Karma, blah! Your just another person, I`ll need to defeat.
Let's not forget your pals, chum. Everyone's ended with a tie. Whichever us wins—advances to the finals.
`` The Battle between Garu and Weiry VS Cisco and Jessica… Begins!``
Garu acted irrationally. Ran straight for Cisco. Cisco didn't move, budge where heed stood. Simply looked at Garu, and laughed to himself. Rapacious Garu did as he pleased—jumped up—grasped Cisco`s neck collar.
`` Keep your reverie ideas, too yourself, pal. People would like reviling against you—nothing more. Very seldom how am not one to fight. No `Fire Charge` or any other good attacks… Why am I not surprised?``
`` Oh… This isn`t a laugh. It`s winning chuckle. (louder tone) Koa-neu-tse-wing!``
Complete gibberish… I understood: Let us fly wing. Strange how things worked with me. Ever since I`ve been an anima, could sense other people's feelings and see things in a different way. Now I could feel Cisco`s body. He's blood circulation beated faster, muscles expanded, bones formed in his back, eye lens changed figure. Implanted directly into my frontal lobe, and cerebellum. Saw him—seeing Garu looking directly at him, a new being. The exact sized body and form, green scales for a body suit, pinker also softer skin, webbed feet shown without his shoes, emerald eyes, rose red lips, long blonde hair, purple butterfly wings sticking out backside.
`` You are one strange motherfucker,`` Garu talked cool, calm.
Miraculous… Aren`t I? CELESTIAL ARROWS! This forms has undergo many harsh trials. There were people cadging my mother, taken things; ain't theirs, raiding island in search of a fillip—taken down. CELESTIAL ARROWS!``
Dozens of small green arrow-like objects were fired out Cisco's hands. Unremitting nature, Garu's attitude. An urbane act—spinning around in circles while a floating—plummeted down and raised his small furry claws in the direction of Cisco`s attack. Spinning gave him greater power; he`d smashed arrows into pieces, and made way for Cisco.
`` Jessica!…Give me Power!...CELESTIAL BEAM!``
Garu was the vacuous nature, if only he wasn`t… Palms being lifted up and green light shining out Ciscos palms wouldn't have hurt him. Garu went back, however, Weiry breathed ice to make a cinder block sculpture and Garu fell smoothly on it. Garu groaned on icicle cinder block, however, he was perfectly alright.
`` Thanks, pal.`` Weiry wagged his tail in approval. `` Let`s fight them! ICICLE BLAST!``
Weiry turned towards Cisco; man merged with a fairy. Pretty sad had to vapid calling for help. A light blue glow inside Weiry`s mouth, icicles were breathed out his mouth and ram into Cisco. No immediate effect—Cisco blocked all them—punched the tips. Small bits of remaining icicles fell down, and landed right in front of Cisco.
``Nice attempt. But that`s all it was: An attempt. CELESTIAL… DOOR of POWER.``
Massive object appeared out of thin air. Massive, tri sided, green all over, a bronze yellow handle on the right side, and multiple panes in middle of the object. Object slide open—revealing green fog inside object—fired a massive beam of green energy through the open space.
Large quantity of snow breathed out Weiry—collided against Cisco`s attack—exploded with too much force. Battle started anew, smoke clearing, Garu and Cisco were smoltened by black dirt as well bleeding in their arms and feet. Garu reached his acme, felt dizzy. Garu stood 10 whole seconds since he`s battle—closed his eyes and fell down.
`` The winner is—``
Cisco gave everyone a huge smile—fell down on the ground, just like Garu had. Only I could see… He was faking it, reasons beyond my knowledge.
`` Sheesh… Scratch what`ve said before. The real winner is!... Tony Parker and his Monster Kitsune!``
Felt good to be out Monster Tournament, and holding onto our second Tag.
N.E.X took life form—searched the Tags contents—inserted directly into his brain. All of us gathered around N.E.X, cross-legged. Cisco also stood by us and studied how we worked.
`` Fancy that, you people from another world? Golly… what a queer way ta come.``
None of us paid Cisco any attention. He`d just continued asking for it, and we said ``nya``. However, Garu was different.
`` Your unbelievable. Allow yourself to lose a battle. Why?``
`` Well…There’s really no thoughts, coming ta mind. You guys really needed Tag… Why wouldn`t I let you have it. People think they need to have everything; it`s really a journey—obtaining everything. You most likely won`t succeeded. It would be a wasted life of you don`t have a common goal. Whether or not you succeed… A lift of trying and believing… There`s no other life for me, or any other person, I can think of.``
``Tell your friend `he`s strange,`` N.E.X mentioned where he laid. `` Now get over here. I am ready to travel.``
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