Might Four: Across the multiverse

October 13, 2012
By SilverCrow, Trenton, Massachusetts
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SilverCrow, Trenton, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
- Sam Keen, from To Love and Be Loved

The author's comments:
This prologue gives everyone a description over the main protagonists and their dreams

It's funny. Am on my way too be hanged and nothing's scaring me. Person like me hanged? Short, orange-whitish furred, blue furred around my chest, Long ears hanging left as well right, groomed hair pointed up, fluffy orange tail in the rear, atramentous black eyes, and small fur covered human arms and legs. They think am bad. Their right. Am bad. I steal, fight, raid, capture, and do it again-again-searching for something new. Everything's mine—entrusted to worthy people.
Hilarious how I ended up in prison. We were taken valuables from a rich family who were in charge of giving ¼ their earned gold pieces to their citizens. Looking through their files—one hundred-thousand gold coins are earned by them every day. Am not very good with math, but my friend the human computer Henger is, and he saw that to be twenty-five thousand gold coins. Lot of gold coins, huh. People can only imagine how we felt—those cheap families—not giving a single gold coin.
" Last call, Garu," The prison guards mucky voice expressed joy of upcoming events. " Between you and me: This gonna be just like Christmas."
The guard left my jail cell, laughing. All alone, once again, thinking to myself. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: Am in prison. We managed to collect one billion gold coins, however, my other partner Jell didn't like the liquids they used to wash their floors, and that caused his body to ooze his liquids, the king to wake-up—slipping on his ooze. Everyone else got away. I failed because am the one who needed to throw Jell out the castle and watch all my friends run away. However; my friends always visited me and I had high hopes they'd know how to free me.
" Garu," Voice of Henger spoke someplace I couldn't see. "Walk to your windowsill. I've got something for you."
Walking to the windowsill, Henger mentioned—saw him floating in the air. He was the shape of a head, made of brown metal parts, small, oval shaped blue lens middle of his head, as the tip of two feet stuck out behind him.
" 'bout time you got here, metal-head," I groaned.
" Sorry. Troubles finding the place. Shignil also been troubled breaking through the wind current. It was a long trip. We've got something for you."
" Good. Guard mentioned 'Christmas' and I want to give him a 'present."'
" Here." A small sticky-blue substance smashed into Garu's head. " Sorry. Shignils been under a lot of stress. Flying to save you, damaging his wings, finding the location, and thinking of the marriage. That reminds me: Still plan on going to Allred's wedding?"
Head was covered-in the ball liquid. Only I spoke, " Su-re…"
Right besides Shignil—my dragon friends, Shignil, appeared. Shignil was big as a golem, green scaled, green-blackish spikes out his front head, and white scales underneath his body.
" Am here for ya, Garu," Shignil talked through the bars. " Henger gave you a gift, he tells you about it, and I translate it, in English."
Henger clicked, did somersaults; floating, preparing data he wanted to mention. He then stopped. A females high-pitched voice came out of him.
" Oh…" Instantly turned towards Shignil. " Ah…"
" He means: Wrap it around your waist, move the front and back around the gap in between your legs, chew the other…" Shignil loose of thought. Mumbled something, staring at the sky. "maybe he should chew first, and then do the other process. Come to think of it : Why does he even need to chew?"
Turning to Henger's form—saw him shaking. He would be laughing, but he wasn't programmed for it.
" Couldn't stop myself. Seeing Garu desperate…decoded; laughter."
" You suck, Henger!" Shingil yelled. I too tried to shout, but I had the blue sticky substance, keeping my mouth shut.
Looking all they've done aside…wrapped the substance. Long-in blue substance around my whole body and a wider part covering the gap between my legs. It wasn't until I was done…guards footsteps echoed throughout the area. He would've seen my friends, however, they left; immediately. That was when the cell door opened.
" Time to go…captain Garu."

My thoughts still confused me: fearless, calm, half-joyed, and wondering to myself. It could've been my attention—thousands of people glaring at me. The room filled with angry people of royal families, inside a castle stood on bricks the color grey, standing next to my murder weapon—a guillotine. Prison guard placed my head through the open space of the guillotine, people started cheering my torture, A man wearing a man wearing a red velvet robe and a large crown ( the king), as a man all wrinkled-in skin and having cinnamon brown robes ( Priest) spoke over my head:
" Captain Garu. You are charged for piracy, stealing, kidnapping ( long story), burning down supply ships ( longer story),holding a king ransom and dancing in his clothing ( rather not talk about), you will now be executed…judgement day sees you fit…a quick way to death… a long way through rebirth. Any last requests…see it now… or forever hold your peace."
" Speak up, meat!" The prison guard yelled, and kicked me on the other side of my head.
" Yay," I said cheerfully. " Hand over your pouch of gold coins hidden under that vivacious robes, majesty, and beg for mercy… after I get out."
The crowd of people laughed, wickedly. If only they knew. A women wearing the same cinnamon brown clothing the priest was wearing walked up to the stage and started singing:
~You offspring of adulters and prostitues!
Whom are you mocking?
At whom do you sneer and stick out your tongue?
Are you not a brood of rebels, the offspring of liars?
You burn with lust among the oaks and under every spreading three; you sacrifice your children in the ravines and under the overhanding crags.
The idols among the smooth stones of the ravines are your portion; they, they are your lot.
Yes, to them you have poured out drink offerings and offered grain offerings.
Her voice sang as a singing hummingbird, lifting my spirits off the ground, and filled me with joy. However; the words were obvious—death wanted me to pass on.
In view of all this, should I relent?
You have made your bed on a high and lofty hill; there you went up to offer your sacrifices—
" Enough!" The king screamed; ruining my listening. " I want him gone! This demon causes nothing but despair, agony, death, he must be destroyed!"
Oh, ouch. That kinda hurt. But he's not the first, or the most important, person saying things like that, to me. They still went through with his demands—unleashing the guillotines sharp blade.
" No!" Shrouded by fear, yelled
Everything looked as though my life would end. However, it didn't end, yet. It was then that this blue liquid showed its nature—saving me. Wavelike swish of the liquid, stopped it. It was now clearly seen; Jell. My hydromorphic crewmember. Now seen by his humanoid form; water based, red ball seen through his blue-watery body acting as a core, Flap-round surface on the bottom of his stomach, eyeless and teeth-less head, and long throbs for his arms. His full form reanimated—I was freed from the guillotine.
" Could've said something!" Hen-pecked to my comrade.
" Sorry," Jell atoned. " Couldn't take the risk…people see your 'happy' expression."
" Good point."
Now wasn't a time, we could argue. King soliders ran towards us. Andalusian Knights, large green shield with small grey spikes coming out; heart shaped, whole lower bodies covered-in silver grids, cylindrical silver helmets; sharp point coming out of their helmets, Long-wide gap through the helmet; seeing, and carried javelins small silver points with green handles. Bodies filled my eyes, but they weren't the only people, while Henger floated-in the air; small formed. He dissembled—took normal form. Also humanoid, his blue oval shaped lens looked smaller, humanlike robotic hands covered-in light brown metal, thin humanlike legs, head resembling a small dome, and his lower-half floating below his upper-body.
" Garu!" Henger yelled. " You'll need help! Take back your sword!" I at first didn't know what he babbled on about. Until I looked into his hand—my trusted sword. Damacus steel, one feet wide, four feet long, black handled, sharpness making sharks fear—jagged at the point " FIST MISSILE!"
Right side of his hand made a loud noise. The hand itself, launched itself, in my direction—flames erupting out his shoulder. The hand flew above me, dropping my precious sword, and I caught it; left hand.
" Take a good look," I told the batch of soldiers crowding. " My sword is the last weapon…you'll ever get to see-facing against me."
Each foolish solider laughed. They'd no idea—punishment am capable of. The soliders subsiding laughter, charged. Spears inches from bodies and anguish faces. However; faces lost sense, seeing my attack:
Each quivered in fear. Coated in flames, swinging sword in circles, spread my flames—fling all the solider, backwards. Aftereffects: The soldiers laid in the floor; face down, crowd of snobs started screaming and running away, more soldiers stampeding for revenge against their fallen comrades, and the king gritted his teeth—fulla hatred around me
" Kill Garu!" King commanded.
All his knights obeyed. I was a "walking target". Front line soldiers raised their spears up. Fighting them wouldn't go down, easy.
" Hope you’re ready for a fight, Jell."
" Not real—"
" Because one's coming to you!"
Soldiers started jabbing their spears, walking forward, expressionless. They all looked strong, but we're stronger. Bouncing off the ground and swishing my blade—spears fell apart. No spears, ran away, more soldiers moving in. Attention now on Jell. Mold to a puddle, slithered under my feet, reformed; front of me, yelling the words "WHIP!" Right arm moved behind his body. He held it in position, steadily. He make a mistake…everything ends. It amused me, he'd back the nearby soldiers away— whacking on site . Dozens shivered (cowards) as they ran away.
" Not bad, Jell," Shignil complemented. Shignil soared in the sky, flapping wings to keep him above. " Not bad…at all."
" Concentrate, Shignil," Henger remained the great green monster. " We need them to escape." Henger refocused blue lens, me. " Garu. Make sure you stand near Jell. Shignil will pull you both, and no mistakes can be made."
Henger's brilliant plan—completely ruined. A great big wind pushed Shignil around. It caused his wings to lose control, soared him to different sides.
" Ready?"—Me.
" Huh?"—Jell.
" They ain't stopping. We'll need to move. Get on me."
" Wh-why?"
" You've got no feet, man. Someone nimble needs to run. That person…you already know… me."
Jell molded his body. Wrapped his body around my waist, again. Bounced, again. moved. My feet hit the helmets on soldiers heads, moved me to ground, attempted running through the gate.
Kept moving, agley. Soliders behind me, still, raising spears and cursing through their mouths. I at the time was barely able to keep running. However; determination kept me strong. It was this trait: Running past single-floored houses, getting innocent people out of the way, keeping breathing under control, thinking about it all the time…seeing my ship.
" Come back her pirate!" The king yelled with all his knights.
" Never! You're not gonna get me!"
" Can't escape! Am the world’s greatest king!"
" You're a pampered buffoon. Only a fool messes with a pirate… such as me… Garu, the world's most notorious pirate!"
I didn't notice it, at first—we were near the docks. I could almost feel the wind blowing through my fur. People could only imagine how confusing things went. A white void formed front of me. People would run away, however, not me. I lived for adventure. I could feel feet behind me stop moving, Henger also Shignil above the void stared; horrified, pass into the void…
" Ready for adventure!"
People spend most of their lives-trying to be in my position. Standing on a black stage , holding a guitar, staring at a crowd, ha doesn't seem possible…someone like me, eh. There was this reminder passing through my head: Nothing's ordinary about me. Am black-blondish haired; left all raven black and right all dirty blonde, wore a pink sweater with a giant yellow duck on it (Mrs.), kept two guitar strings to hold my guitar, had a Duel Monster for a friend. People who don't know about Duel Monsters—listen carefully, cause I never repeat myself, twice. Years ago me and five other kids my own age travelled to the Duel Monster World. Each of us were given humanoid monsters called "Duel Monsters", and were sent by how we had parents originally part of that world, we all bounded together—fighting a powerful monster—Divine serpent.
" Let's go, Max!" My wife Naomi cheered me through the crowd of people. Naomi's Korean, had black hair; once dyed blue, white-red hakama clothing; white on the top and red on the bottom, as if a person looked closely on the right side of her nose they'd see a small hole—her nose was pierced. A few years ago I would never expect her to be so warming. Few years ago: She hated everyone, had anger problems, dressed in juvenile clothing, but all it went away—finding a purpose. " Rock this world!"
" Thank…you," I whispered to my microphone. Embarrassed with how my wife yelled. " Am Max Motou. I've been asked to come up here, and to sing a song. There's just one song. I've got millions to sing, but I don't have the time. This is a song from Wreckless Eric."
Hands rubbed against the guitar. Started small. A soft rumbling noise.
When I was a young boy My mama said to me There's only one girl in the world you And she probably lives in Tahiti
Naomi's the only face I was able to see through the crowd. She seemed to have her left hand curled into a fist as she raised it above her head. It was without a doubt she was doing that to try encouraging me through my music.
I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world
Just to find her
Or maybe she's in the Bahamas Where the Carribean sea is blue Weeping in a tropical moonlit night Because nobody's told her 'bout you
My hands jammed through the strings, harder. I was moving faster, my music became louder, and my voice—became louder.
I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world just to find her!
I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world just to find her! I'd go the whole wide world!
I'd go the whole wide world! Find out where they hide her!
Music softened. I returned to see my wife Naomi, blushing through her face, her arms pressed against her chest.
Why am hanging around in the rain out here?
Trying to pick up a girl Why are my eyes filling up with these tears?
When there're girls all over the world Is she lying on a tropical beach somewhere Underneath the tropical sun Pining away in a heatwave there
Hoping that I won't be long I should be lying on that sun-soaked beach with her Caressing her warm brown skin And then in a year or maybe not quite We'll be sharing the same next of kin
Music returned. It was beating through the area. All the people cheered my music, moving fast. Naomi cheered, waving her arms in the air, saying " woo" through her mouth, and slightly jumping into the air. I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world Just to find her! I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world! Find out where they hide her !
I finished. Jammed my hand on my guitar for the last time—loud-pitched noise through the area. All the people in the crowd cheered me. They made uproars, waved their arms in the air, screamed " You rock!", and my wife Naomi got on the stage—taken control of "my" microphone.
" Everyone feeling the power of music?" Naomi squealed in "my" microphone. Everyone shouted `yes! `Good! Wait here… we have more special events!``

What a show. Back stage, filled with yellow curtains and an assortment of flowers, saw all my friends, walking through the right side of the room. There was Steve, Steve`s wife; Beth, Conner, Eliza, Samuel, Sydney, Alfred, Amy, Ryu, The underworld dog Kimbo, finally my wife Naomi. The group of people encircled me. Conner closest of all them—spoke:
``Awesome show, Max. I just wish you`d make your own songs.`` Conner, the bald, red Nike Air Yeezy sneakers, wrench carrying, wearing his Helly Hansen White Pvs Rain Jacket, didn`t make any sense; to me.
`` I do `make`my own songs.``
`` When?`` Eliza talked out the group. Dark skinned, raven hair curled up in a ball, pure blue dolman top, dark blue jeans, sparkling grey eyes with yellow rings. " All you`ve ever sang…someone else`s work.
`` Ah, right. You are paying attention to words; not emotions. You`d clearly see how I improved the words.``
`` you are not one for words, Max,`` Steve, the black Chillis Men`s Solvent Polarized Wrap Sunglasses, wearing brown-whitish Desert camouflage battle dressed, red-orange haired, former lifeguard, pestered me. `` We care for music, and it`s not yours.``
`` We can keep this up,`` Steves wife Beth, speaking in a Russian accent, said. `` Or… get out of here… see our children, again.``
Hard to argue with an auburn haired, Sexy Black Lace Mini Clubbing, dry skinned, pink lipped, military officer. However; Ryu did. `` You dweebs seem to forget… I don`t have a kid.`` The poor Men 2 Button White Tuxedo wearing, sandy blonde, pale skinned, with sapphire blue eye; man, complained.
`` So?`` Said Alfred. Man not wearing a shirt, wearing torn-up brown short, entire body covered in brown fur, muscles large as watermelons, and brown hair resembling palm trees. `` I don`t have kids. I just like being near the little guys.`
`I don`t. I want my building, and be inside it.``
`` Come on,`` said Amy. The tanned, two heart shaped bracket holder; right arm, pink mini club skirt, wearing a V-neck reading `` FOX RAIDERS``, and white haired—pushed Ryu around. `` You`ve already spent three whole days in that building. Can`t you just call in sick?`
`I`ve got a very serious job, Amy. I can`t just `call in sick`. Am not working for one day…I lose one million dollars.`
`` Seems kind of boring,`` Samuel, the slighy chubby, blue athletic mesh baseball cap on his head, red-whitish baseball jacket, striped baseball shorts, commented.
`` I dunno, honey,`` Sydney, Samuel`s slighty younger, Jalaluddin blue-whitish school uniformed, orange eyed, white haired with pigtails sticking out, joined-in; conversation. `` Could be fun. Nobody around you, all the time to think, being a boss-I might want to try that out.``
`` Okay. Let`s go. Spending time in my office gonna be a pain…thinking of her.``

I got to all the children looking like exact replicas of their parents—next to my Duel Monster. There were Duel Monsters for all my friends, however, they were at home. My partner was Cyber Commander. Except I call him Cyber. He resembled a cyborg, dark human skin, short black buzz cut hair, A four-holed rocket launcher on his left shoulder, and a large red rifle in both his hands. We all walked to our kids. In no time at all— everyone left—I was left with my kid. Stan. He`s smaller, pure blonde hair, grey shirt; red cowboy boots and brown cowboy hat, mini boden blue pants, his face hand painted to resembled a black panther—complete blackness over his skin and sliver whiskers spread around.
`` Father,`` My son rhapsodized. `` Paintings fun. Let me paint your face!`
Looking at the little face. He reminded me of a younger me. My father supported me—time to do the same. `` Course you can. Let your mind explore. " Fun seeing my son so happy. He clapped his hand, and vertically leaped in the air. `No dark colors, though. I do have an image to protect.`
Relax, father,`My son assured me. It was too much a surprise—sitting on the ground. However; he managed to get me in this position, inconspicuously. `` I'll make you look cute.`
Stan nodded his head. Turning his head left—a wooden chair filled with different kind of vases—shoed themselves. My son already had a paintbrush. He smoothly rubbed the brush against the paint; humming. Stan really enjoyed to his pant. Ever since he was young, colours interested him. I felt the thickness of the brush, move across me, shield my skin, blossomed my senses, and gave my gratification.

My eyes closed. Nothing seen of what happened. On the other hand…felt. Looking through a mirror—my reflection showed…a tiger. Painted with the colour orange, black marks on my cheeks, white lines an inch from each other on both sides, and a small black nose on my nose. Most people would`ve though this to be an ingenuity. He was ecstatic, however, I couldn`t spoil the ordinary painted face. It was me, thinking through this paint, a different manor. What could`ve been five minutes…a whole year went by. Went by… single strands working on the cheeks, one hand to work on the task, no eyes to show the picture…saw through common sense and the love that person had… goes beyond what I feel.
`` Good work, Stan,`` Only words seemed eligible for what`s been done. Stan grinned. He was ecstatic about his work, however, couldn`t keep it that way, now. I believed a child should learn about all the bad things in life and think of how he`ll get through them. `But…let`s not stay too happy. There will be people wanting to buy your stuff, and you`ll need to prepare for their demands. Try painting again…you`ll get the hang of it.`
Stan smiled—I sensed a disturbance. Seconds counted. I ran to Stan, shoved him to ground, watched all sadness—him crying on the ground—white void that appeared was sucking me in, however, hadn`t succeeded, yet. Cyber seized my body. Barely held on—both of us sucked-in the white void. However; Kimbo appeared with a poof of blackness. Hellhound, 4'65", 170 IBs, short brown beige fur, two horns out his head, and small red eyes. Kimbo clutched his jaws through my shirts back. Kimbo`s energy completely dropped, and no results came out of it. We all been sucked-in. One thing seen last:
"Stan My dear-sweet child. "

Father's life is effortful. Despite all my friends; around, being in a park, having a sweet son, or having a Chaotic creature to help… things couldn't be more effortful. People ask me about my "creature". Well… he's not a creature, here. He's from a different world, and until a week ago there was no way to communicate. My creature does visit me every year. It wasn`t until my friend Tom Majors came… I found out… a Scanner exists. Scanner: Device used to teleport to the game Chaotic. Transporting to Chaotic, transported to my Creature Hifdan`s world; Perim.
We were in park. My wife Mimi thought… spending time with our original creatures in a family orientated place… brings joy. She was right of course. Time with Hifdan, and everyone else, couldn`t be more joyful. The green grass, bushy green leaves on giant trees, clean lakes, kids walking around, brought pure enjoyment to my mind.
`` Glenn!`` My partner Hifdans voice called out. `` Join us!``
Hard to accomplish. Everyone was running around. Due to sitting in a desk for a long time, bypassing exercise, and working. I was a stay at home dad, and my wife Mimi worked as a nurse. Then that kid got bigger and wanted more "food". I work as a secretary. Just a way of getting money, really. When am not working, or taking care of my son Johnny, am trying to make my own comic book. I've done lots. They weren't published. They probably were a little complicated, or slow moving, even a little strange. But my editors don't like them—keep trying to find one they'll like.
" Glenn, honey!" My wife Mimi yelled. " Get moving! We're thinking of leaving, and you sleeping in the car, won't know how to get home."
Saw them, now: Hifdan, Mimi, Skithia, Zhade, Zia, Bill, Mommark, Eugene, Tangath Toborne, Wamma, Walter, Agitos, Zed, Gronmor, Sebastian, Ulmar, Hiroyouki, Illexia, Tom, Maxxor, Sarah, Lore, Kaz, H'earring, Peyton, Prince Medeenu, my son Johnny, and Hifdans with Skithia son Lepei. Moment I arrived—Mimi came into view. She was the most beautiful female. Not saying that, husbandly. Her the same height; 4'98", 134 IBs, long-curled red hair, blue eyes, black-whitish striped shirt, and those brown loafers with high heels. Right now she came in perfect view—staring inches from her face.
" Spacing out?" Zed the fuzzy pink haired; flowing, grey eyes, wearing black vinyl outfit, man asked.
" Enjoying the moment," I answered.
" Good," Zia with the yellow-reddish haired, dry skinned, wearing a dragon ninja robe, yellow eyes, and her hair pulled back by a plastic band, said. " We want 'fun.' You've been such a buzz kill, Glenn. All this talk about work.
" I thought you'd understand 'work', Zia. You don't work with Bill in a hospital?"
" She still does," Bill appeared a man with level back metal, ash-blonde, stainless steel indian nose; through nose." She gives people need comfort. Have comfort… people don't feel pain."
" Thanks Bill, sweetie."
Zia pecked Bill's left cheek. Quick, but I couldn't stop feeling—when that happened to me, last. Mimi, and I, been busy. We've hardly touched each other.
" Don't have kids?" Hiroyouki the man wearing an orange hemp knit ski cap, HK58 Hawke& Co Black SKI Snowboard Snow Pants, black Roxa Cruise Men's Ski Boots, and shown Vietnamese-white all around him-born in Ottawa, Canada said, " Why?"
THEY DON'T HAVE TIME. Eugene's computer spoke, replacing his mutism. Wearing a Hunter green ski cap, green Bamboo Cashmere sweater, grey Taclife Shorts, black eyed. DOCTORS WORK HARD. ESPECIALLY IF THEIR BOTH DOCTORS.
" Nonsense. We just haven't thought of raising him."—Bill
" We're very 'loaded'… Hard stopping our kids from being 'spoiled.'"—Zia.
" What about Zed?" Sebastian the short blonde, blue V-neck cashmere sweater, black pinstriped suit underneath, wearing black branded shoes, smothered-in dirt. ." He's very 'loaded', and he uses resources to help people."
" True. But forget money. It's the kid's happiness that really matters."
I'd be a part of this. Best I didn't. They need to settle this—themselves. However, better say something.
" Tom. How's things going?"
Tom gave me a " this is interesting" look. He was enjoying the argument and I ruined it for him. Seeing the skinny teenage boy, wearing a grey shirt with a symbol similar to mugic, short black hair, blue jeans, wearing white sneakers underneath his body. Strange feeling of embarrassment and happiness crossed me.
" Well… Our little girl Jasmine turned seven. She's been such a nuisance. I want to go to Chaotic. I just can't, in the morning. I want to see Jasmine grow, and she sleeps at night. It's funny: Common sense shields desires. You want something, and you think of it in your grasp, do you really want it?"
" Tom's gotten lazy," Sarah girl soft-pink skinned, wearing red lipstick on her lips, plain black shirt, blue jeans, and long blonde hair coming behind her head added. " He's laying off work. Gained fifteen pounds."
" It will fade."
" When your dead."
" What?"--Tom
" What?"--Sarah
" Okay. Peyton. How's things going."
Peyton the man with a yellow shirt similar to Tom's, bulky, blue shorts, a pudgy face, and brown greasy hair, puffed his chest up, with a wide-smile across his face, and answered, " It's been cranking, bro. Fifty wins; undefeated, much food as I can chow, babies all over. Champion eating is the greatest."
" Okay. Kaz. How's things going?"
Kaz the nerdy looking body, wearing a light brown fishermen vest, glasses that had pink shades on them, a green shirt underneath his fishermen vest, black jeans, and red-yellowish hair; yellow lines through his red hair rubbed his back head. Thinking too himself—finally answered. " Not good. I can't think of my next book. If I don't get one in two month's… I lose my editor."
" Too bad. Everyone's spoken?"
My son was ecstatic. In earlier times, he'd try to hide any excitement. He thought he was playing it bored, and I would go out to get him something so he wouldn’t be bored. However, didn't work.
" Walk. I want to walk, daddy. Please let me walk with you."
Son must've seen me smiling? I too wanted to walk. Such a beautiful park—trees clean and flowers blooming—it was the perfect place to roam.
" It would be my plea-"
" Wait a minute!" Hifdan shouted. " I want me, and my son Lorei, go too. We only get a day in this world…we want to explore it, too."
I didn't know. Me and my son, alone, seems better. Looking through the face of my partner, Hifdan—moods began to change. We've been through so much together. He helped me when I could barely read, taught me so much about the world, helped save humanity from destruction, and helped me find Mimi. I was indebted.
" Course. Just not the entire time. Need to help my son… get a little alone time… know what I 'mean'?"
Hifdan shooked his head. A few years ago he didn't know anything about the world. It goes to show how one day can make a difference with someone’s life. Hifdans son, Lorei, walked in front of his father. His son face the colour blue, yellow eyed, long arms, long legs, horns come out of his little head, and when he opened his mouth... his teeth had been shown to be pushed together. Lorei held his fingers in between his fathers. I felt the feel of my son touch my fingers, also. All turning our heads around—walked the other way. Everyone behind mentioned "Bye", " be back soon", and my all time favourite… " Keep him in good shape. He's no good to me, dead." They were just being friendly, but you know, a man needs to take risks, sometimes. It was my plan to take my son near dogs; petting them, run around the grassy field, and see him climb up a tree.
" Daddy," My son said sweetly while holding onto my left arm. " Thank you."
I'd never forget this moment. Him rubbing his forehead against my arm, eyes closed, hair smooth as silk, and a wide-smile. It was such a pity—a white vortex suddenly appeared. Everyone behind "gasped", the four of us froze; in place, and we were sucked-in—all I could think about:
" What will become of us?"
Write, write, write, all I've been doing. In my goal to get money as an entrepreneur—all I do is do backgrounds—Eijichiro Oda makes. My boss Eigichiro isn’t the same one who made One Piece, however, he had a new manga called Steel. His story bases on a future society, everyone can absorb parts of nature, some competing in boxing matches. He's a good guy, really. Just a feelings as though this isn't working for me. My love of manga, and wanting to find a job involving manga, lead me here. Am not a very good mangaka and am not fit to come up with stories. However; I still work. Manga was what brought me to the world of Asteria. If I keep working—I could return.
" Tony," The voice of one assistant said. " How ya doing?"
" Swell," I answered. Few more sketches, I'll be done."
" Sarcasm?"
" No."
" Good. I hate sarcasm."
Things I forgot to mention. Eijichiro is going through an idea. He believes we should be separated; green metal desks, not see each the distractive faces, work long hours, and spend more time reading manga. Don't get me wrong. Am happy about this. I can read manga as well have a lot of time to think. Just how things are. I feel so alone, leaving the world of Asteria, even though I have a job I've been looking for, it couldn't escape how much I missed her.
" Tony," A female assistants voice came out. " We still good for tonight?"
" I…don't…know," Tongue tied trying to speak. " I have things to take care of."
" Pity. I hear it's a great place to be."
The boy's name is Roger. The girls name is Allison. I only see their faces in the entrance of the building. I also see them when I leave the entrance. Over the past few months we've been having fun. We got to talk about manga, go to movie theatres, and were even able to order pizza in the office. But even seeing Rogers the short, flabby, rectangular lens; glasses, pocket protected white T-shirt, chin fuzzed, and wearing silver Seiko watch—Allisons the low cut chestnut haired, hazel eyed , white full skirt, wearing brown loafers —I still felt lonely.
" Tony," Eijichiro Oda talked in a concerned tone. I here you can't 'go'. Mind telling me why that is?"
I did have troubles, however, he was the boss, and he was the last person, I wanted to upset. " Am just not in the mood."
" Pity. I was thinking of going to their party as well."

It's been another half hour. My hands started to hurt. It could've been from the drawing, or the depression, or just not feeling good, but my hands were aching all over. Akana. I could be love sick. Oh, Akana. She's in another world, pregnant, how can I not think of her? Wait. That may be the answer. Thinking about her. I still have my red laptop—might as well use it for a good purpose. There was still drawing, however, a break could be good.
" Tony," Rogers voice spoke through the metal. " If you won't bring the party to us… we bring the party too you?"
I wasn't answering. My hands were too set on getting my red laptop out. I already went through paper, pencils-pens, manga books, candy, and they finally got a hold of my laptop. It seemed heavy. I was gonna have to use it, but it was so heavy. Never the less—turned it on. The LED flashed from the little screen. Looking at the screen—placed manga's from my desk—into my giant red bag. Last time I went, only my laptop was in my possession, and it was only a painful reminder of how I couldn't read manga.
" Tony," Allision out of concern asked. " Are you alright?"
Time was a precious thing. Any moment they would check on me. But I needed to search. I wanted to me Akana again. My fingers rubbed the mouse, hard. I already came to Mangareader.com, searched under manga list, went to the one saying " +anima, and clicked on that one. The picture of Cooro a little kid, bristled black hair, colourful headband around his bristled hair, plain red shirt under a yellow vest, blue jeans on feet, yellow boots on feet., came up. First time I read this story there was only five-six; now two hundred went to the bottom. Clicking on the number—waited for what would happen next.
"Tony!" Both Roger and Allision yelled together.
An image appeared. This image was of a shadowy figure. Barely anything could be seen of his body. scrawny bodies, blackness covering his face, whiteness making up his other body, short curled hair on his head, placing two human hands in front of his face. There was something, alluring. Eyes appeared on the screen. I tried to keep my gaze away from the eyes, but they were glued to the screen, wondering what would happen, next. It was of a miracle from the sky—a white void came out of the screen. I could hear Roger climbing over the desk. My hunch was correct: His curiosity got the better of him. I could only imagine he was staring.
" Tony…" Roger managed to speak despite the shock that must’ve gone through his body.
I had no time to deal with this petty affair. Akana was waiting for me. I grabbed my bag, turned my head towards Rogers, and said:
" This is where I feel at home. Am sorry, Roger. My life just isn't a part of this world. I will return, and have finally found a meaning to carry on with my life."
Roger stunned me—smiling. He was willing to accept whatever actions would befall me.
" Bring me back a souvenir, Tony."
" Ya. The biggest I can find."
Placing my head through the void…
" My journey is going to begin."

The author's comments:
My Enter Key doesn't work,

What a pain. Escaped the void, falling to the ground, landing right on my bum. I now felt the soreness. Never the less, turned my head up from the ground, got to look at everything around me. Trees. Rocks. Clear blue sky. Nothing new. Just a feeling—things now changed.
My suspicions never leave. Started hiking, and still nothing, new. However; suspicions are never wrong. Am not in my own world… suspicions.
“Zatchbell!” Sweet Lord! What was that? `` Zatchbell… you brought me here… Zatchbell… you brought me here!``
Am scared. The voice causing trees shaking, seeped in my ears, scared me. Am no coward. I will find that voice, and nothing will stop me.

No remote change; scenery. The area still had trees, rocks, and clear blue sky. Adding a man. This man wreaked with his greasy brown hair, six packed body, business suit . He scared me, but looked like a kitten, compared to werecat. This cat wearing a medieval court jester hat, an orange court jester robe, and light brown court jester shoes . Had to attack. But how? I was alone, inside another world, having no place to run.
`` Zatchbell?`` The werecat questioned his cat.
`` Don`t know,`` Kitty answered. `Have no way of questioning him, now. Think about this—know someone`s the culprit.``
Blah, blah, blah. These people keep chatting, blah. How to stop this? Maybe…. Sneak up behind them, and attack close. No. I don`t know them. My friends, crewmates, cannot help me, now. There was an epiphany—coursing through my head. Longshot, however, effective.
We were alone. Zatchbell mentioned others. I couldn`t find others, and was running out of time. Hifdan seems scared. He tired hiding emotions. But I know Hifdan. He`s soft hearted, bent to be the most intelligent person; like me, and had a will—never running out.
`` Where`s Lorei? Where`s Johnny?`
`` Hifdan… there`s evil. I have a knack for strategy. Remember? There`s bound too dangerous creatures. Wait… they will reveal… time seems-`
I couldn`t speak. A rock smashed behind my head. Agonizing was the rock. Hifdan worked—relieving my pain.
`` Stand still!``
Hifdan leaped behind me. His small hands, rubbing bruise spot, soothed me. I wouldn’t be where am at now without Hifdan. I wouldn`t even be here…Hifdan wasn`t around.
`` Stay calm. This will hurt. Ignore pain… pain ignores you. How`s Mimi?``
`` She`s fine. Little bossy. But she means it out of love. ``
`` Good. Count to three.``
`` One, two, th..ahhh!``
Hifdan, the little sporadical misfit. He felt the soft region—refocused my head. I was in anguish. Throbbing pain through my head. I wanted to kill Hifdan. Hifdan already left. He was near a thick tree—escaping my clutches.
“ My son. I need information. Where is my son?”
Hifdans attention deluded my head. He would`ve seen my hands—raised with feeling of anger.
`Your… near…them.`` I stuttered infuriated . As on cue—Johnny and Lorei ran out. They were my easy attention. They were interested by my miff.
“Daddy,`` Johnny spoke out. `` Why making a silly face?``
Johnny had a point. My face softened, and became a blank expression.
`` Heehe!`` Hifdans son, Lorie, snickered besides my son.
`` Johnny`s father funny!``
Am everything; but ``funny``. Kids have kept telling me that. My lack of humour—denies my comics to be published. I also lack speed. It would`ve been a good talent—stopping a rock hitting my sons head. He felt agony, now. Rubbing his head, yammering, tears began to form in his eyes, but they left, thanks to Lopei.
`` There, there,`` communicated Lopei. Hifdan taught his son well. Lopei grabbed Johnny`s head. It mimicked Hifdans worked better. Johnny relaxed also was happy in ten seconds. `` Were friends.`` Lopei continued to rub my sons head. `` We`ll always be there for each other, Johnny.``
Such great kids. Pity the same couldn`t be exampled—me and Hifdan as ``friends. Thinking about Hifdan: Wondered where he went.
I acted cowardly. Throwing small rocks, using my feet. However I fight—will be for a good purpose. I commit acts of piracy; kids get too have food with adults having money to aid their lives. These people didn`t follow. There was something about them—I didn`t like. They felt different from others, because of how their bodies contained strange aura`s. I was about to throw another rock, until he shown up. This was the werecat-snatching its prey.
`` Prey… business being here,`` Werecat questioned, almost like it knew the answer and was holding it until someone else had the knowledge to answer it.
I didn`t answer his question. I was not a liar. I do something bad—it`s admitted. But he`s gonna attack; cover. In the sky and moving backwards; foot long, started twirling around in circles, landing on the smooth surface of a trees top.
`` Nah-Nah! You can`t catch me!`` mockingly communicated.
`` Don`t say things… you don`t truly understand.`` Really didn`t understand. The man having such scrawny legs—leaped to the top—a single jump needed. The Werecats scarecrow face scared me. He was a strange creature. I like him. `` Who are you?``
Oh boy. People show me what happens when they ask that question: They start to get scared, cower through their legs, biting their fingernails, and eventually try to kill me. I couldn`t lie; but man. Maybe I could just run away? No. He`s too fast. Looking through the hidden part of my brain—found the answer.
`` My names Garu. I search the seas; helping. Too bad law doesn`t agrees with searching for treasure. Vicious beasts were after me. They don`t like me. But wait and listen closely…
`` Interesting. You say you’re so powerful, and only I know the truth. That`s not who you are. Your simply a soul walking through this area. I’ll drag you too prison and call the authorities to watch over my triumph!`` I didn`t move fast enough. The creatures feet allowed him to write on a sheet of paper. It seemed like useless scribes… throwing it behind his body. `` Run.``
He didn`t talk fast enough. I managed to leap away from his raised arms. Falling downward—could`ve hit the ground. It was then that I sinked my claws into the tree. I was floating.
`` Come catch me.``
`` With pleasure.``
The Werecat slid down the tree. He was moving towards my body. I had to release my claws grip and fell towards the ground. How I landed on the kitty… beats the wits out of me.
Attacker? Simple creature orange-whitish furred, white pawed, small as a teddy bear, and blue eyed. He was cute. His from resembled a cat, but he may be a dog, even though it`s hard to tell, looking at his back.
`` Ughh…`` The small creature bemoaned `` My head. He could speak, ironically. He turned his face around. I could see the whitish-pink chin and his black eyes. He was in shock seeing me and he dealt with his shock—pushing himself away from me. `` Back off, demons!``
`` Relax. I don`t believe in violence. It`s only of dire-``
`` Move away! You’re looking for me to let my guard down, and attack me while am weak.``
`` Glenn would never do such a thing!`` Hifdan yelled holding onto a piece of rope and sliding down with his body upside down, and his head facing my eyes. `` You don`t know how lucky you are. Glenn looks at every creature… full of concern.``
`` Get away! I don`t trust any of you-``
We were under fire. Under the small creatures feet—bullets bounced against the ground. They could be seen through a strange yellow around them. A gun? No. A new type of weapon. A simple question: Where is the person with the weapon?
Cyber as well I acted out of concern. Shooting, I couldn't get Cyber to Tribute Evolve. We weren't fighting alone. I commanded Kimbo to disappear and reappear, somewhere he could attack. No area of opportunity could be found; so far. Advantage of hiding—shielded our lives.
" Keep firing!"
" I'll fire till my last bullet, and I'll continue to fight! RAMPART FIRE!"
Am a sitting duck! Nowhere to run away—going to lose my life. However I would die- Always end it doing a courageous acct. Courage was not a choice, but a responsibility, to see what's right, with this world. My responsibility's always made me feel like I had a purpose. It was my responsibility—allowing me to charge forward. I was feeling an aura. I couldn't make a full view of it—running.
" He's getting away!" The man " Glenn" called through the area.
" His friends must be helping him. Leave that creature alone, Glenn. He's a coward… doesn't have any self-pride."
I was called bad names all my life. Why his words? Those words whiffed of decay. He tried to move me, and it worked. I was already following instincts—near the entrance of the woods—leaped through the entrance, saw two figures. One was a blonde-blackish person with heavy metal equipment over his top body . Another was . They both stared awkwardly at the hot stuff in front of them.
" Like hurting people?" Garu obliged queried. "That is something… I can vouch for… but… unforgivable!"
" RAMPART FIRE!" The warrior yelled, is moving me.
Bullets The damascus be able to deflect all bullets; but had no time. I instead did somersaults, followed by twirling around, also keeping body above ground. Hard to afloat—two men tread out the woods. A third monster stared at me. It was too my eyes disbelief, a monster humanoid, natural black skin, metal mouth piece over his mouth, a large rifle in both his hands, and a four socket rocket launcher, appeared through a purple fog.
" Back off!" The human ululated. " We want no trouble. Leave! Get away from here!"
If I paid attention to everyone… people would forget me. There’s no way I would sit here, and watch that person get his way. His words did move me—towards the hilt—taking out my sword. Blade moved fast. All bullets broke in half; hitting. These were flies, compared to the bulls. Bigger the object—easier to dodge. Shorter the object—easier to push away. This was no problem. There was one problem: A pair of eyes, far from here, looking down at me.
Careful, Tony. Feelings protective voice echoed.
It rocked hearing his voice. It's been nearly a year, but am glad he's back. In the world of Asteria, I discovered him. I was travelling with a bunch of other people like me and meet him. He`s deep inside my mind.
Lying on a tree branch, staring down, collected a feeling: Together, we would be safe.
As careful as a lizard moving up a tree branch. I answered to the creature.
Show no pride, please. They are powerful… you'll need to accept. Stealth is our only friend. We'll wait until they've calmed down.
Feelings always triumphed over actions. They failed me this time… a rock heaved too my chest. It was dense. At last… I saw my answer; clear as day…. The small creature smiling down at me. He was the one who threw. And he caused me to fall—towards the hard ground.
Oh, yeah. The machine ran out of bullet . I noticed a man Staring; afar. A rock laid on smooth ground. It was not of luck, me hitting a rock, came to the man, right through his stomach. Too bad… the cybernetic got time, recovering.
Bullets escaped the gun.
Am such a fool. Placing my sword, back into my belt, when attacked. How "Glenn" may seem deranged-his assistance was accepted trying to fight. He and the Werecat ran past me. Now in front…
" LAVALANCHE!" Glenn yelled.
red hot liquid mixed with earth's crust made up Glenn's attack. The attack rammed right past the cybernetic, managing to contact body caused him to groan. I knew this type of fighting would end… Cybernetic monster settled both hands front of body, as smoke surrounded his for slots.
Nothing could anticipate—missile firing towards them. They simply acted where they left off.
Red hot liquid appeared, reiteratively. Times changed. This time was different, and showed aptitude. The missiles exploded—impact pushed the two away. However; am fine, and that's the main topic. A battle such as this ends with only one person—surviving. I'll be that person.
" I don't want to hurt people!" The human shouted. " Just let us go!"
Anguish. How I hated feelings. The only thing that matters is love. I love myself, Akana and how am determined to help people for her.
I saw two figures. One was Blonde-blackish haired with full metal clothing over him and the other was an android, dark human skinned, large rifle held in his grasp, and a four socket launcher on his left shoulder . The man stood behind his robot, pacing his guitar into the robs backside. I also saw the little creature, jumping away from bullets, the machine fired. His pain got me all happy. It’s such a pity—Akana would have to see this. And Akana deserves anything.
" Good work, Cyber!" The man yelled besides his creature.
" Thank you, Max. Not sure you should comment…. This bad turn of events. But thank you all the same."
Distracted works. It was now or never, my window of opportunity works. sneaking behind the human—brought him close. The man was in my grasp, and used him as leverage.
" Stop! End this madness! I won't allow fighting!"
The cybernetic man aid me no attention. Come to think of it… the man I was holding also paid me no attention. Reasons were anonymous; until now. The four socket turned around. It was facing me, now. If I hadn't screamed through my lungs, dropped the man and an away… I would be dead.
Thank whoever watches over me. I can also thank my guitar as my genius idea of making a guitar which could contain mini missiles. I made a guitar by scratch. Am not an idiot; placing the metal into a hole. Those missiles were ensconced inside a metal box, followed pieces of wood carved to resemble a guitar. Metal covering over the wood, as strings attached to the ends. My own gun magazine.
" Cheap Monsters!" The little creature yelped. " Hide like a coward… firing guns."
" Leave us alone!" Cyber depended. " Max told you ' he doesn't want to fight'. You're the one bringing havoc."
" I need to survive. Every human, non-member and non-talking animals… want their claw through me! My life is war. When war breaks out… people start to harden their hearts!"
Me, Cyber, the creature. He believes life's war— he'll get 'war'.
We all charged. The small chupacabra pounced. His tiny feet moved nimbly, pushed his body upward, ended him crashing through Cyber's chest. The orange-whitish animal kept his hold on the demon, and eventually tried to pronounce…
Nothing happened. It stunned me, just as it stunned the little creature. He shaked his Lil' arms. Started slowly spinning them. He then twirled them rapidly. Creatures face freted acrimony. Him an unknown ability—reminded me too well—Cyber couldn't Tribute Evolve.
" Cease this!" An unknown voice shouted.
There was no other people. Me, Cyber, orange-whitish chupacabra, brown haired man, scrawny creature besides brown haired man wearing casual clothes ; nothing else.
Am a fool. It was shown too me now, the headbands. They resembled a maze: A large circle, coloured grey, smaller circles spaced inside the circle, with the smallest circle in the middle; yellow. Yellow remodeled luminous. My eyes noticed a figure. Humanoid, goldenrod bodied, glabrous.
" Your all in this; together. Christ sake! This world, all the other worlds, rely on your cooperation. Completely pathetic!"
Am curious. Writing songs and singing others peoples songs my own way, kept questioning what I know… really the truth?
" Your name?"
Figure stare intensely, or would've, he had any eyes.
" N.E.X."
" Nex?"
Figure shook his head.
" No. N.E.X. N—first name. E—second name. X—last name. Am N.E.X." All people standing up; undamaged, stared in disbelief. " Acquaintance could've been better. Too bad there's an issue we must attend to. Your arrival."
" Great. tell me—"
" Stooop!" N.E.X. looked harmless, but his attitude said "otherwise".
" I don't much care for humans. Robots deserve life. My master on the other hand forgives—people taking full control. His wishes… all must awaken.
Ahh… my aching skull. Cyborgs can pull powerful punches. Had to recover—saw them gathered around a blazing fire. Orange-whitish chupacadra, Man with electric guitar, boy wearing a duck sweater with black-blonde hair and the black android—causing my headaches too stir. A yellow figure standing in the middle. The thing kept his head bent, on me.
" Everyone ready?" Image spoke. Everyone yelled "yeah!". " 'bout time. Master keeps an eye on you. Things be different, my way." Image appeared in his hands. A large LED glowed the colour blue—surrounded his body. Globe still as a rock, began rotating, counter-clockwise.
" This is earth. Beautiful Planet. Earth maintains life, and keeps living things alive."
" Oooh," The small whit-orangish made an act of sarcasm. " We get to hear about Earth. Gonna explain History?"
" No. Am here to give information: What is happening, now." Image of earth disappeared. Image of a giant red cube, appeared, in place of Earth. : Sector 525, or Earth twelve. See Earth twelve as an example." Yellow figures whole head pointed too man with black-blondish hair.. " Max Yuki… right?" Man shaked his head. Yellow figure twirled his finger in circles. A yellow ball illuminated on his ring finger. The planet zoomed; in. Planet zoomed in, repeatability, until sand was shown. Tornadoes of sand, the wind a breeze of sand ,while silicon sparkling through the sand. A desert car rode in. Green covered, small white head lights, black handle, black steering wheel, a person in the front drived—mimicking Max Yuki. Drivers maneuvers acted differently: Wearing a joker green vest; vintage red shirt underneath, smooth purple adult mittens, Atlantis green urban military hat over his hair and wayfarer red sunglasses over his eyes. However he may not resemble Max, a screen with small white worlds on a black background also Max's picture appeared.
" Impossible!" Max spoke through what shock he must've had.
" Nothings impossible. This person is you… Max Yuki."
We were all in one though I jump out of my seat, yellow figure remained silent; luckily.
" There's over one thousand universes. Universe 880, or Advanced Wars, you can all clearly see."
Image of planets disappeared. Dozens of trapezoids like objects in blue light appeared. " What your eyes identify is Tags. Master looked to find the tags."
Yellow figure shrunk. it became a small yellow ball. The ball floating just above ground— rammed towards Max's right hand. I could see the ball seeping into his wristbands yellow core. The ball merged with the wrist band—disappeared.
Silent night. Bunch of people around me, tight-lipped, wondering: What will we do? Everything relied on me. I got off from the ground ,as my arms widened from my sides.
" Gather around! There's still much too discuss. I'd like names."
Pointed my index finger to orange-whitish chubacabra.
" Your name, sir."
Creature didn't feel like chatting. Imposed by placing his left hand over his throat, creature made a sound.
" My life has no name. I am a legend. Garu. Captain Garu, greatest pirate of the world."
Moved past Garu. Pointed my index finger at the man carrying a satchel.
" Tony Parker."
Moved past Tony Parker. Focused finger on man named Max and the black android.
" Max Yuki," Max answered.
" Cyber Commander, or Cyber. Black android answered.
Placed my hands down, Hifdan leaped in front of me.
" Am Glenn Matthews."
" Am Hifdan! We have two children hiding from all of you."
" Hifdan an I bowed our bodies. They bowed their bodies. I was starting to enjoy the company. Our journey will be long—moving through different universe. The journey should belong, Johnny feels the adventure.

Wake-up In a tent. Man, travelling never felt this bad; before. No amount of manga calmed me down. All I wanted to do was lie in bed, unsatisfied with how I failed Akana.
People rely on you Tony. Time to show them what you can do.
Well it's as you always say: Actions speak louder than words.
Actions moved me out the tent, sliding through the…
" Ahhhh!" My voice rang out.
I was about to be attacked. A vicious light brown furred, jagged teethed, red eyed, and horns out his head, dog. It leaped on me. He'd crush me with his paws, however, didn't. Max came into my tent, and Max held on the dogs sides. Max tried to relax, dog from hell.
" You scared him. Max said while attempting to comfort the beast.
" I scared him!?" I yelled filled with disbelief. " He was gonna eat me!"
" Kimbo… eat? Kimbo would never harm people. He's one of the sweetest Underworld Dark dog.
" Underworld?"
Our conversation was over, he just didn't want to say that. We walked to the front of the tent and pushed the flaps open. Change of scenery shinnied in my tent. The green leaved trees, large rocks, clear blue sky, adding my new group. Glenn and Hifdan and two kids drew in the sand. The human looking one had no hair on his head, a blue loom plain shirt, black stirrup stretch pants, emerald eyes. The creature looking one had blue skin, bright yellowish eyes, long arms and long legs, two horns coming out the surface of his little head. When the little boy opened his mouth; teeth had been shown to be pushed together. Cyber was in a lotus position—on top of a hill. Garu was all alone—hitting the biggest trees he could see.
" Move!" Max yelled orderly.
" What are you—"
Max pushed me away. I was covered-in the purple fog of Kimbo, and teleported behind Cyber Commander. Cyber Commander stood up—staring down at his partner. Cyber seemed trapped in a new world, allowing him to fire missiles. The four shutters of his rockets holes slowly opened—launched four small missiles in Max's direction.
I feared for Max. But I feared for my tent, more then I feared for Max. It seemed stupid. But I just can't stand to see my work ruined. Max ran from the missiles, so the tent took the blow. It exploded to a million pieces. On fire—burned too dust. Oh… I wanted to kill Max.
" Nice one!" Max yelled on the ground. " Now time for some music!"
Max took out his guitar. Max soon pulled out a guitar pick. Max rubbed the guitar piece against the guitars strings.
It doesn't matter if you love him or capital H-I-m.
Max make a buzz sound through his guitar being touched.
Just put your paws up
' Cause you were born this way, baby.
Reaction started. The man followed a soft echo noise, and continuing too raise the volume—stopped after the volume reached a single noise.
My mama told me when I was young.
We were all born superstars
She rolled my hair put my lipstick on
In a glass of her boudoir
Dear me. This man actually impersonated a female. His voice sounded angel like, being near the burned remains of the tent. I loved Max's singing!
There's nothing wrong with lovin' who you are
She said,' cause He made you perfect, baby.
So hold your help up, girl and you'll go far.
Listen to me when I say
I'm beautiful in my way.
' Cause God maeks no mistakes.
I'm on the righ track, baby
I was born this way.
I wanted Max too keep singing. His voice resembled angels, and it filled my heart with joy, watching.
Don't hide yourself in regret. Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right back, I was born this way.
The lyrics were repeating themselves. However that may be—every word still felt like a singing bird.
Ooh, there ain't no other way, baby, I was born this way.
Baby, I was born this way. Ooh, there ain't no other way, baby, I was born this way. I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way.
Don't be a drag, just be a queen.
Don't be a drag, just be a queen.
Give yourself prudence and love your friends.
Subway kid, rejoice of truth.
In the religion of the insecure must be myself, respect my youth.
A different lover is not a sin.
Believe capital H-I-M.
I love my love this record and Mi amore vole fe yah
I's beautiful in my way, 'Cause God makes no mistakes.
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way...
Oh, bravo. I wanted to walk over there and congratulate him myself; Too bad craving of killing—outweighed liken. Instead I joined Glenn with Hifdan and their two children. A small human and figure of Glenn was seen—walking towards them. The glow looked like seeing me.
" Happy acquaintance," Hifdan talked to me.
" Yeah… mind if I barge in."
" We'lll need to communicate amongst the other. Time speaking ought as well be now.
My time there was making sand castles, talking to the little children, until the four of them heard a noise. The bell was to me. I stopped was from the dinner bells.
We all got around a no longer roaring fire. Talked to most of them. Left Garu out. Garu got on the ground, and his arms were crossed, problems later saved after N.E.X leaves our wristbands illuminated in yellow glow and N.E.X animated out the yellow glow.
" Am back," N.E.X spoke disappointingly. " Let's get down to business. " A screen appeared similar to the one yesterday. This screen had four small balls, glowing different colours. Blue, purple, orange, black—twirled around the structure of the screen. " These are your targets. Four powerful creature manage to roam around all the different universes. They've divided their bodies into five of the twenty tags, each. When all five of one colour is taken.. one of the powerful creatures will be summoned."
" This meant for a warning?" Garu asked.
" Warning? Why all humans think of warnings. This is merely masters words. I don't care if you get those tags, and don't want a part. Oh… left out a detail." A swish of yellow aura arise from N.E.X. The aura rise towards everyone around the fireplace; wristbands. Yellow light moved to the wristbands core. I didn't think much of the wristband—surprised me—my face came out. It was the same picture of Max, minus the sandy background, with new text, reading level one. " Master loves games. Masters favourites are role playing, ones with level involved, he'd admire to have opportunity catching monsters and make them became strong. His terrine bands give all the information you'll need."
I was starting to like this master. This master has style. He aided all of us, bringing an object out of the wristband and was taken by me. "" Master allowed each of you to take a weapon. Tony's sword, Max's laptop, Garu's Captains Jewel, Hifdans spell book. Use them wisely. More will come, but not until a later basis."
Yellow figures image disappeared. All of us were alone. Surrounded by massive trees, not knowing what we do next. I hated this place. I don't know why, my anima can only increase my left paws and grow fur; Senri-like. However things turn for me—a person watching above me was mysterious.
I miss Mew. I cannot use most my attacks. Mews brain could congregate any problems. These problems couldn't. I feel so lonely. However; things always bring feelings—always focused on what really mattered. That was when I sneaked into the woods, and saw a different person. wearing a green robe; all his body parts were shrouded, a large wooden bow in his hands. That person just watched all of us, mysteriously gripping a long bow with an arrow sticking out. He didn't notice me; good. I'll have a chance, my feet light as wind could move too that person. However; an attack on my left side pushed me away. I could see a horse, floating in the air. Half the size of an ordinary, shaggy grey. I Would've slammed into tree, I wasn't quick enough to get my feet to hit it first. Like a ninja sprinting against a tree, I sprinted towards the horse. My only ambition: Scratch the horse with my claws. I wasn't quick enough—horse was already on the ground. I also looked up to the archer, him already on the ground. Tony Parker. Pushed him too the ground. Keeping a nice pose, hands to sides and body leaned perfectly still, walked towards Tony.
" Things could've gone smooth without you."
" No. You're a vicious animal—death comes wherever you are."
" I find that pretty offensive, but am the forgiving 'animal'."
Past all this—moved. Tony an I surrounded the archer. He was catatonic. His body grew goose bumps, mouth began quivering. The archer held his bow tightly. Too me he didn't want to die and believed how his bow would be able to save him from whatever threats we posed.
" Don't kill me." The man wailed out his mouth.
" We won't. Am Tony Parker, the beast you see besides you is Garu. Your name, sir?"
" Will Treaty. A Rangers Apprentice. I look after these woods and make sure enemies are known."
" Were enemies? That seems redundant. Sure: Stole a few treasure, made rich peoples lives; miserable, but who really gives a hoot over what happens?"
" I do, and this person surely does," Tony answered.
" oooo… ouch. But this man has to come with us. All the others are gonna be happy—seeing this young archer.
I was in shock. An archer up in the trees, staring at all of us. His green robes and large wooden bow looked intimidating. Max and Cyber moved to the man, placing a helmet over his head. The helmet was small, made out of red metal, had a giant light bulb on the top of it.
" What madness is this?" The archer broke out, terrified.
" A lie detector." Max answered. " All your different brainwaves are inputted inside this device. Tell us all, what we'll need to know. Let's get down to business. What is your name."
" My name is Will Treaty."

A buzzing noise came from Cybers body. " He's telling the truth." Cyber answered.
" Good. Next question, who do you work for?"
" What makes you believe am working, someone else's orders?"
" Your young, and an 'Apprentice'. There's bound to be a master. Tell me who is your master."
Will hesitated. Frog jumped in his throat, a knife stabbed his heart. There was only one answer—leading him to ruin. But he had no choice…
" My master is Halt O' Carrick."
" Clicking noise came from Cyber. " He's telling the truth, again."
Max stared into the persons eyes. Max is only one kind of person: curious
" Hate your master? You could've ignored the subject; but you didn't. Why tell us?"
Will sobbed. Tears dripped down his pale skin, dampened the ground. He soon sobered.
" I cannot tell lies. Master once told me… a man who doesn't speak honesty—isn't really a man!"
I feared for the Rangers eyes. Then Cybers loud pitched noise echoed through the area. " He's telling the truth."
I was the one, walking over to the Ranger, extending my left hand.
" Get up. We still have much too hear, and the grounds not a good place to sit."

Nothing hurts, tea can't solve. It was lucky Mimi got addicted to tea, a garden, fashion magaz… Am losing my train-of-thought. I was supposed to be thinking of the ranger; inside my tent. A home releases sedative like feelings. He'd be able to open himself more freely, here. Right now the Ranger drank his Rosemary; inside a blue-whitish zen tea cup.
" Good tea, eh," I stupidly asked.
" Can't recall when I've had tea. I can't even recall there being 'tea'."
" Put the tea aside… we talk about what's happening. Mr. Ranger, why were you spying on us?"
Will placed his cup down. My head wasn't doing well—focusing on his blank expression.
" Not just you. There's been word of strange creatures. My job as a Ranger watches mysterious creatures. I watch them and report too my master."
" Creatures My looks, remind you of creatures?"
Ranger was startled. I punched a major hole in his self-esteem.
" No…no, noting like that. Just people who come off mysterious, altogether."
" Good."
Garu barged in. I could tell, simple ways he moved his feet on the ground. Turned my head around, he was standing, sweat dropped down his orange-whitish fur.
" Rangers horse a menace. He's outside and is destroying everything!" Garu managed to yell through his mouth.
" You jumped on his back?" Ranger questioned.
" We were having a contest… yes."
" Yeah… don't touch my horse. I better stop him… destroying everything."

We all got to see destruction. Pieces of equipment, even people of our group lying on the ground—horse caused. Rangrs horse now galloping in circles. I couldn't stop this standing on the ground best the ranger would have a chance, rushing towards his horse.
" Tug…stop!"
Ranger grasped his horse by the nose of his head. Will began stroking his horses large nose. Rangers horse instinctively calmed down. That's a good strategy—I'd like to have with Mimi, running out of her favourite pastries. Ranger gripped his horse mane. Ranger and horse moved towards my tent. They both stood in place, Will staring straight towards us.
" Only Rangers can use Ranger horses. Actually, anyone can use Ranger horses. A phrase has to be made—before a person can get on the horse."
" Mind telling us this phase?" Garu talked through the rest of us.
" I'd rather not say. I trust all of you, but I don't know you, long enough to give any important information. However that maybe the case, don't go near my horse."
This time all of us groaned. There still remained an issue: creatures luring, inside, whatever forest this may be. I had one idea… no one would like. But I had to speak my mouth or it would stay shut, forever.
" Everyone!" Yelled out my lungs. That got their attention. Lucky none had a heart attack. " We will be invaded. Ever since I was married… feelings foretell events to come… controlled my thinking. Tell us more… Will."
The lone Ranger placed his middle fingers over his Adam's apple. A coughing noise escaped his mouth… prepared himself to speak. " Just north of here, I've been able too hear many thigs. They are strong, travel fast, numbers never give-up and never stop; until they are done. These creature already destroyed a unprotected village. But continue to attack."
" Blah, blah, blah… want to attack… blah… I’ll be able to stop them. One, two… possible two and a half—they’ll be lying down, dead." Garu interrupted all our talking.
" You can't seriously be thinking—" I began to speak, stopped with Will rushing ahead of me.
" Take them all down by yourself?" Garu stared down at everyone. His left eyebrow raised over his right eyebrow." This creature, Garu, is on the right road."
" What!?" Everyone , except Garu and Will, yelled in disbelief.
" We must fight. Rangers job is to report trouble—we fight when its needed."
" Yeah! I'll sleuth through this forest. The creatures won't be prepared, they'll lose in the battle!"
Garu charged away. I felt for the little monster running to his doom, however, wasn't alone. Everyone near me looked in Garu's direction. At last; it occurred to me how they might actually care, we didn't want Garu found dead—ran for Garu.
Ah…nice breeze. I missed adventure. Am a single-minded pirate-don't follow my course of action, I die admirably. But I didn't make a difference, running through the woods. I'll soon have to return, those gay people. Thinking about those things to come—dulls the mind. Beset I enjoy fighting the creatures and avoid anything they do.

I was on top of a tree. Facts we heard. I could hear. Matters only awaited time. I wish for booze. But there is no booze, here. I cannot stay awake, booze not comforting my senses. There was no creatures. I simply doze off, and the creatures will march in.

Am such a naive. Dozy off… ha! The creatures were close—certain death will meet. Was I just gonna sit back and watch the creatures get too the other side? Lord No. I was simply waiting, seeing how they appeared. I was in for a surprise; short amount of time. There was humanoid; animals, creatures themselves mixed with different animal parts. People carrying books with different creatures walking besides those people, most recognizable—creatures of my own world. Jells, Golems, Tigers. All the Jells, different colors from the Jell I knew, All the Golems much more sinister; bulky, made of stone, small round heads, massive arms and legs, with large white eyes. Tigers completely lacking self-pride; bodies figured not to stand, four-legged, clawed, points of hair sticking out, large white horns sticking out their heads. The site left me speechless. Scary looking and large in numbers, however, lacking the ability to stop me. I fell—battle will now commence.

Hiding behind tree trunks. The creatures cannot see me. My eyes focused on one monster: Serpentine, brown scaled, green spiky throb sticking out his back, and a short jaw with little teeth. This serpentine monster surprised me—the name Roaring Ocean Snake above his head, written on a giant blue LED screen.
" Better enjoy your moments around, you freak," I muttered under my breath. My moment too strike would come a small rock under my feet, Mind saw a plan, perfectly. I would through the rock into his head; dazing his senses, climb-up his back neck, he having no feel-scratch his eyes, grab his upper-jaw, pull him back. My strength weakened, however, am still had enough energy for this. My plan working,,,
" What the fuck is happening?!"
Mighty serpentine collapsed. Falling to the ground—giant purple laser fired directly into hid head. It wasn't until I was close to him, turned left. All those cheeks were standing. The strange person Glenn, Glenns creature Hifdan, their two children, Max the tecnoman, Max's cybernetic partner Cyber, the two's dog Kimbo, the unsociable Tony, joining all of us—Will, the Rangers Apprentice on top of his mighty stead.
" Should've waited," Tony angrily growled to show his menace. " We all could've done a sneak attack, but no, you had to be 'cool'."
" We would no longer be in this situation… you just laid low!" A bitter, conflict, best saved for a better moment. Will held his bow up and pointed it towards the body of…me. The arrow launched, towards me. However; hit a black bodied Tiger besides my body. The black bodies Tiger instantly turned too yellow dust. As the head of a hydra—one Tiger was taken down—two more took his place. Battle with Tigers ended differently. I used all my strength, took them down; one massive swish attack.
" Wow!" Hifdan screeched through his mouth. " Garu's awesome!"
Much as am prideful, there was still an army of creatures too face.
All the peoples creatures took to the ground. We sleuthed through the forest and were watching the monsters in the forest. We simply did what was right: Grab the creature so we could pull their bodies up and eliminate them. Rules of a hydra still presented themselves while we did battle: Take one down, and two more will show up. We already taken down dozens, forty-eight of the army monsters showed up. Battling got tiresome. I never believed fighting would bore me, but it was happening. We all stood on the branches, next to each other.
" We can only last a few days without food or water," Will the Rangers Apprentice said to us.
" Don't mock our disabilities!" Glenn appeared through the woods. " Think of something, Will.
" I don't have any, at the time."
" Think faster!" Hifdan joined in with his partners argument.
" Do not argue with Will," I surprised myself, speaking directly into the two. " I don't see your cooperation. I thought you were a genius?"
" I never said I 'was'."
" Figures," Tony derided behind Glenn. " I read your unsold comics, you've left inside your bag. I can vouch for a boy who lives in a world filled with psychics and uses his ability to stop the other psychics, so they won't wipe out animals he loves. But it’s all lack of flavour, poorly written, repeats itself; too close for comfort, lacks emotion, and has no difference between it—another psychic movie.
" Your point?
" Science fiction isn't good. Try another genre. Fantasy, Crime, Romance—works better for you."
" What of comedy?"
" Your not funny."
Put those two's quarrel aside…. More creatures came. I couldn't see the creatures faces. But words can mean more than pictures, blue screens appeared. Some read Purple Suezo, Anarkiar, Akihiron. These creatures didn't seem strong, however, something else caught my mind. Reading: Doom Dozer, insect type, level 8, 400 defence,
"Words mean nothing too me. I'll take this creature down and still have enough energy for the army."
" Your headstrong. I hate head Strong’s."-Glenn.
" I won't seem headstrong, am actually able to take care of him."
I ran to the massive insect—head strong seemed too appear more like me. I ran, got slammed, his tail, fell backwards, hit my head against a tree trunk. Anguished never grows old. I continue to fight and I'll always get insect slithered closer. His massive pinchers clasped to get me. I could only stare in fear, how pathetic—the massive insect moved towards me. I have nothing to look back; not a women to kindle with.
But I am a pirate. I will continue to fight.
My damascus blade came out of its hold. I focused my blade, forward. I was against a big-scary monster. Nothing looked good. It was a fight, and possibly just weakened the creature so the steel jerks behind me could host m away.
" Back off demons!" yelled triumphantly, sword raised overhead. "Demons will feel my steel… over, and over, again!"
Legs got me off the ground. Rushing to finish—jabbed damascus sword. The creature was stunned, however, only for one minute. He clutched my body with his pinchers. He was unable to hold Garu, greatest pirate of the world. Of course my blade couldn't break his pinchers—my blade pushed the creature on my right side—away. Area of opportunity, used kicking right leg into the monsters face. He felt the full force of my power. His body fell to the ground. Rushing to finish –jabbed damascus sword. The creature was stunned, however, only for one minute. He clutched my body with his pinchers. He was unable to hold Garu, greatest pirate of the world. Where my blade couldn't break his pinchers—My blade pushed metal from my right side, away. Area of opportunity, used kicking right leg into the monsters face. He flet the full force of my power. His body fell to the ground, blood lust still entered through my veins. I used my lust to continue fighting. Held the hilt of my damascus, tightly, unleashed a furry of vicious slashing, with my blade. Area of opportunity… his head.
What I do is better left unsaid. All I can talk about is defeating the creature, him not putting up a struggle and disappearing into millions of yellow dust. Also can add how cool I was—not thinking twice about what was happening and stabbing him with my sword. Feeling myself above the world, turned around. Faces of the peoples; know of my self-esteem.
" Oh…yeah! Am so pro! All you peoples, suck! I'll take my rightful place of leader. Now I will require—"
" Shut up!" All of them—raising their weapons and Tony raised logs with his mighty paw.
" Guys? Why you looking at—"
Had too move for my life. Cyber pounced the words " RAMPART BLASTER!"
Bullets fired out Cybers gun. Glenn pronounced the words " LAVALANCHE!"; Hifdan fired red liquids with earth encrusted into it. Tony threw his logs towards me. Ducked all of them and the objects moved past me. They all hit the bodies of nearby monsters. Lasers hit a monster with green skin, four arms, serpents tail, red wings out his backside. Firely liquid took a 5 ft mouse, grey furred, purple eyed, five feet; one in between his front paws. A black Tiger been sideswiped, wood ramming into his face. Aftermath: All three exploded millions of yellow dust, but I was unharmed. Didn't stop the outburst…
" Fuck!... All of you!"
The little monster was saved. No thanks to hi, we sacrificed life and limb for us too get where he stands. Luckiest being on the planet. I saw this as a good opportunity, after all. This forest was amazing, think of how Naomi would like to be in it. Oh… Naomi. My pressing issues weren't important, inside a forest filled with monsters. Speaking about the creatures: They were all over. Glenn stared at pages of his coloured spell book, Max typed on his computer and a cable connected Max's computer too a part of Cybers body, Garu climbed up trees, Will stayed mounted on his stead, with his bow in his hand. I simply sat down. We were thinking of ideas, and none of them considered well. I might be one for ideas, 'ourse mans a being read was a nice change of pace. But I can't stand how no one pays attention too me.
" I got it!" Glenn yelled lifting his head away from his book. " We can stop them, and that makes me think who else can stop them?"
" Our parents?" Garu said with more sarcasm in his voice than actual help.
" Not people. We are gonna let nature play its course. But what exactly can nature do too stop them?"
" Your guess is better them mine, Garu, the greatest pirate of the world."
" Look all around you."
We all obliged. We didn't see anything, wilderness surrounding us. But there was only one type of wilderness: Trees.
" How they gonna fight—world comes crashing down on them?"

I was doing a sentry line duty, was with Cyber on top a tree's top. We stared forward to see it, the creature should be coming this way.
" This is boring." Cyber pronounced the words out his mouth. " This would be much better if I had the ability to evolve."
" I know," Trees swished too both sides. I could barely make out Lorei and Johnny, Kimbo having the two children on his back. I've seen Kimbo disappear, reappear. The kids were assigned too also look for anything suspicious and Kimbo was there to help them. Piece of courage. " Remember the Duel Monster World?"
" How could I?"
I took my guitar out from behind my back and showed it too Cyber.
" I had a guitar like this one, in that world. I've never been able to express myself there. But remember the first time I played?"
" I remember everything. You played it… world changed. You were the one who saved the Duel Monster World."
" No. Forces combined saved the Duel Monster world. I just looked the coolest, son of Yugi Moto."
" Still… things might've turned out to the worst if you weren't there."
" Things could turn bad, here. I don't know what the hell am even doing here. I don't know, anything, anymore."
I sensed Cyber feeling my pain. We've been together for years. Cybers senses advanced beyond any other monster joining us. However; talking was for later. Trees dropped down. It became out of hand-Kimbo needed to disappear, fog of purple. I was prepared. Not prepared for Glenn's plan. I just had prepared myself for when I'd do battle.
" I recall having a trait of courage. Time to see if courage still resides."
Cyber nodded his head. Nothing would make me more happy. Creatures came out of the forest and were floating in the sky. They were after me. I wasn't gonna let their hands touch my skin. Loosened my guitar from the handle and began playing a tune. In my earlier years, me and Cyber practiced music. I learned a song literally capable of powering his system.
My hands started rubbing the string. A small noise came out of the guitar. The noise soon followed a beat. The sound continued a rumbling sound—ground below me shook too. It then raised too where tree leaves fell out the trees. Guitar was the only important equipment. The guitar glowed yellow, yellow energy exited the guitar and it surrounded Cybers body. My mechanical friend raised both his arms balled up as fists.
" That feels… good." Four sockets opened up, points of Cybers small missiles revealed out of the missiles. " BLUNT MISSILE!"
All four of Cybers small missiles came out. Missiles made contact. Millions of yellow dust flew into the air.
" That was a good shot, Cyber."
" It once could take all the creatures. I sure got—"
A beeping noise, yellow core in alerted us two, N.E.X's form emerged out the yellow band and stared at the two of us.
" Congratulations. Am suppose too talk with you lucky humans. You’ve levelled up. Take a good look at your screen…"
N.E.X form disappeared. A blue LED appeared over my head. ATK+5, DEF +3, SPD+2, Int+4, Monster Evolution: Machine King Prototype. N.E.X's form reappeared in front of us.
" Take this. Now don't bother me. I'll be in the terrine band… having sex with microprocessors and CPU."
N.E.X was sucked into the wristband. I didn’t wan to see, or hear, N.E.X doing inside the wristband and we had to ignore N.E.X. Cyber and I been attacked—unprepared and without full attention—flying monsters lion who had gray-reddish feathers and white swan wings on his back, A women with short banged green hair and a green bra- two horns sticking out her head-bat like wings helping her fly, A bug eyed creature; green scaled and four dragonfly wings behind his body.
"We can still fight." Cyber tried to reassure me.
" But for how long?" I induced depressed.
" Till were done!" Cybers spirit drove him—lifting his gun above and pointing it at one of the creatures. " RAMPART BLASTER!"
I didn't care how Cyber used his gun. Desperate measures weren’t taken, he would still be taken down, Cybers defeat was something I’d rather not see.
" Get away!" Actions reacted more violent that grabbed the handle of my guitar and swung it.
Eyes blurred. Site of the vicious creatures could no longer be noticed, but their mouths made screeching noises, distracting me. I could hear other voices. Kimbo barked out his mouth. Damn—Kimbo one powerful animal. Glad Kimbos on my side. I would no longer be here, without the hell hound.
My vision returned. No more winged creatures. I did see monsters, climbing up the tree. Their climbing was much too my surprise; the tree didn't collapse. However, things were tough. We were outnumbered and fearfully out gunned.
" Cyber!" I yelled to get my partners attention. Cyber turned his head towards mine. "I need ideas!"
" Huh?"
" Desperate times, call desperate situations. I love music, only a person fully loving his line-work… make a living—courage aids all them people."
Chiper feelings crossed my heart. It wasn't until now… courage takes control. These monsters were done. I sang from my heart.
Our hearts are lustrous
Can't tear
Our minds are a sacred temple and our bodies are everlasting
I wanted to cry. Tears were building inside my eyes, but they wouldn't drip. I had too think of how Cyber's quirks made him a cold warrior. Expressed myself through my heart. In the bottom-the mind on top-words sang out.
We fight, we move, it does matter?
The life... we live... it is precious
Oh the days... life seems grievous
We never stop too act
We are strong...We are courageous
Cybers body glowed, white. Coruscating out his body-light beams took up every space- Cyber was about too...Tribute Evolve
" Cyber Commander! Tribute Evolve too..."
Light faded. This was not Cyber- not even Gadget Hauler; creature he transformed too in the Duel Monster World. A creature my own size, beehivelike head, ruby quartz visor through the middle of his head, black-whitish metal making up his body, and small yellow antenna's sticking out his head.
" Machine King Prototype!" New monster shouted.
Cybers new form stood ahead. I barely recognised Cyber, now. This creature was simply a shadow—Cyber would never want to see."
"Cyber!" "Say something, Cyber!"
" I've never liked your clothes." Painful, but at least Cyber was in there. " Time too work! Magnetic Field!"
The small yellow antenna's sinked into Cybers head. Electric power seen invisible-wiped out the creatures. The creatures kept disappearing too bits of dust.

It was miraculous—Glenn managed to take down some of the creatures. I at the time watched the creatures running away from a moving log with spikes coming out of it. Glenn had the idea to make Hifdan take down a tree, Tony and Garu borrowing their swords, as well borrowed the sword of Will, used his molten lava attack too create crust protecting the swords in case they run into anything— pushed the tree and it charged towards the bodies of the beasts. Those creatures screamed running from the massive tree trunk. Having enough, fell to the ground.
Landed feet first on solid surface. Everyone gathered around my body. Ranger came to me. We were staring face-too-face.
" Thank you. The rests are unconsidered if you people didn't help, but am grateful. You've been able to help me through the trauma. I will remember this and make sure my master also hears our tale.
This was good-bye. Will was mounted on his stead. They were facing the sunset, heading back to town. Glenn was the only one who walked towards the ranger’s stead. Glens arms touched next to the sides of the horse.
" You should come with us. Together… we’ll have a better adventure."
The ranger gave Glenn a small smile.
" I can't . Am still an Apprentice. There's a lot of learning for me to do and so little time for me to learn. We will meet again."
The Apprentices horse started to mount forward. I was gonna enjoy the adventure. All these people: A man with a creature having a jester costume on him and their two children, a computer nerd who'd been given a cybernetic monster, furry orange-whitish dog or cat. I was gonna go with them—we would have an adventure of a lifetime—Akana would be with me and we can live as a family.

Stayed up all night. Wouldn't suggest less than nine hour of sleep too anyone, unwilling to accept the consequences. Eyelids wanted to drop. But my comrades have so much to do and so little time.
Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Kimbo, Garu, Tony, the kids. Hifdan occupied kids; climb top of trees and jump too next one—I'll talk to him later, Max typed madly on his computer, Cyber connected too USB device on a long USB cable, Tony practicing sword chopping on large trees; furry arm covering his left arm, Garu was running for his life as Kimbo began barking behind him.
" This dogs gonna kill me!"
Kimbo was gonna "kill!". There was no monster Kimbo's rank, better than him. Garu wouldn’t be killed.
Kimbo disappeared through purple shadows, reappeared front of Garu. Garu tried turning the other way. Kimbo disappeared, reappeared through purple mist, again. Kimbo soon focused on me, Glenn Matthews, standing outside his tent. Kimbos puppy-like instincts made him sit and pant affectionately through his mouth.
" Kimbo don't hurt the poor… don't hurt Garu."
I've always prepared meeting my friends as well amusing my kids. I reached into my pocket, and a treat popped out. Crusty brown dog food, round, small red X over top. Kimbo disappeared, reappeared—faced near the treat. Kimbo instantly, as I've been teaching, sat on the hard ground. I moved his treat near his mouth and the selfish dog swallowed his treat whole.
" That frickin dog tried to eat me!"
Garu was absent minded. Kimbo calmness was what mattered. He'd go all berserk and attack everyone he sees.
" What did you do?"
" Why blame me? It's not my fault the dog… jumped on his back and made him act as a horse, got a little rough. I scratched his cheeks."
" I knew it be you. Kimbo is the sweetest animal on the—"
Yellow core of Terrineband glowed. Small N.E.X stood on yellow core
" Oh my god.. shut up!"
Feelings of lifting them on and throwing them away filled me. Everyone's attention came to the small yellow hologram. They all moved towards N.E.X—encircled me.
"" Important information?" Tony asked behind me.
" Bet my CPU topping—I've got information!" N.E.X opened his mouth agaped. A LED screen over his head. Image of a dark city flicked on. There been shadows; flying creatures in the city. "This is world 387. Another name for 387 is Gargoyles. My hard drive, motherboards, CPU, I can only see what I've processed. Unless you humans want to spend the rest of your miserable lives here… get near me."
We were all rockets. Pushed near N.E.X, in ten seconds
" Hold onto your butts. It's gonna be a long ride."
We were in white light- journeyed towards the next universe

Face felt pressure, insides being squeezed, we travelled through a tunnel. Tunnel resembled a flash drive plugged into a computer, we travelled down through a pink tunnel, course changed left, gained speed. Course went right, gained more speed. We went down tunnel; again—white light illuminated from the tunnel.

Dark city of Manhattan. Large skyscrapers above, muck below our feet, sound of sirens through the area.
" Welcome to Manhattan! People are used too flying beasts; however, you nine monsters will not be treated with care."
" Fear me?" Tony recited a little shocked. " Am practically a human."
" Fine… you five, will not be treated with care. Five of you will cause harm. Follow your jobs, keep a low profile, and find Tag. It will be my job to help you people and I'll find an intelligent piece of my own worth."
N.E.X left our side. We were now alone once again. Sound of stomachs growling could be heard. My stomach felt like I could eat a whole person, need be. Hunger surrounded us, however, we had nothing but empty bread crumbs in our bags, Garu consumed.

" Mmm…. I love this!" Max excitedly yelled while he'd been eating peanut butter noodles. White noodles, covered in salty soy sauce, and fresh ginger simmer with chicken broth.
We walked for thirty minutes. A four star café was our only manageable establishment. It smelled of roses, chairs layered next too tables; all metal red coloured, coffee cups dangling from the ceiling.. Me, Max, Johnny, Tony are outside on a four seated table. Hifdan, Cyber, Lorei, Garu, Kimbo. We all had pasta, tea, and chocolates.
" Past my words too owner," Garu shouted to me. " Talk about his stuff: Mmm… good."
" Also add how expensive his food is," Tony added.
" Cheapskate," Max remarked.
" Not cheap. Just low on money.
They were arguing over money—I chowed down pasta, dough paid for. We had no choice over eating. There's barely a food industry in Manhattan, barely any people cook their own foods. There been lots of places to eat, we not blending from the crowd.
I remember using a napkin and a pen-I've been given ideas—not all good—lead me through problems. Luckily Mimi wasn't here. How much I miss her, Mimi would take away papers on our eating region. All eyes on me. They looked in my direction.
" I understand were given a map of Tag. I just walked through our possible situations.
Tony stared directly at my paper. I've never had good writing skills. I only could make them understand. Tony possibly use to read the newspaper, got a house pet, and an area with a Tag.
" You expect to be a comic book illustrator?"
" Never said 'good one."'
" You two done down there" Garu shouted on rooftop while moving a coffee cup in his left arm. " I've gone three days and no booze. I want my booze! This coffee is so good!"
" Sorry, Garu, am low cashed. Mrs. keeps arguing about it."
" Man! Well give me a recipe. I'll make my own-made-coffee!"
Garu was such a funny, little, beast. It was a pity he distracted me… person watching us.

I remember speeding cars and pollution, but this city is ridiculous. I would be mugged; everyone not there to help me Newspaper stand now appeared as Heaven. Boxed in red outer shell, glass posing a rectangular gap, open coin slot—twenty-five cents. Blacktrim wallet with long silver chain came out. No coins.
" Who's got coins?"
" I got yen."
" Your Chinese?"
" Am actually white. Back in 1950: Domino City was made for white citizens too understand Japanese Cultures. My wifes—"
Crash. Tony jump-kicked glass, whole covering shattered. Tony moved, quickly; on raiding. People viewing as witnesses.
" I don't think am capable of that. Got a little power in you, Glenn.?"
" Use too."
" Weaklings," Garu supposedly mumble behind our backs.
A whole pile was grasped on the sides by Tony. He walked too nearest benches and set newspapers on bench.
Around a green bench, we gathered. A whole pill too read.
" I way we look through the pictures; were bound to find something of use.
"No!" Max interrupted. "Tags an important item; N.E.X and Master belies. We skim through the paper and see if there is any news about Tag."
My turn, making a move.
"But we might miss Tag. We need to rip different section of Newspaper, and read through every little world."
"Pictures are worth millions of words. What does manga have… everyone wanna see?"
"Were also limited too time. Each piece of the newspaper we should all look at."
"Guys!"Garu shouted. "Shut your fricking traps, and see what your kids found."
Times Garu failed to impress me—movements spoke through his little body—all of our questions were answered.
There was a sign, picture of Tag; plain blue back ground, left side having large letters Come see our new discovery, printing small text right side Manhattan Museum History and science
"You guys linked with my thoughts?" I asked, ecstatic over event.
"Thinking about café coffee?" Garu said.
"How much Akana needs you?" Tony said.
"What your next songs…oh, I`ve already found it."
Now I know how to get down on the floor
Experience the moves you can't ignore
But something 'bout this beat that's got me hooked
Come over here and take a closer look
'Cause I can't get enough, I can't stay on the ground
Whoa, I can't get enough!
This is taking me now
It's taking me higher, higher
Higher off the ground
Max is a brilliant artist, however, we had other things to do.
"Play that song, and start running, Max. We`ve got a long road ahead of us."

One journey, too the mall was short. One going hadn`t even went Max`s singing—near a large building, while walking up too it`s structure. Multiple entrances, two gaps ahead of us, large picture changing above was a lion and the right had Albert Einstein. Lion could`ve been a symbol of power and Einstein must be knowledge; who else what they hang that?
" Plans, daddy? Johnny spoke while pulling on my left shirtsleeve."
I saw down too my sons eyes. His eyes filled with enthusiasm, His face was so precious.
"I had to grab him by his bottom feet and pull him off the ground. Johnny brought close to my head kissed his precious forehead."
"I`ll lead us to our destination."
Johnny clapped his hands over ecstatic and smiled widely. I could also see Max. He was sad. Tried hiding his emotions with hands over his face couldn`t stop tears dripping down his face.
`` You think life’s great, Mr. Bookworm?" Tony questioned angrily.`` Take away your partners book, what is he?"
"Ah…King of his world, smart, married; powerful women, better then you.``
" Our high and mighty thought of a plan?"
"Actually… there`s five ideas."

"Turn it clockwise!"
`` I am turning it clockwise! Your turning it counter-clockwise!`` Tony yelled on the bottom angrily. My plan involved. Only one problem:
`Garu! Get up that rope!`
Garu acted big, but he quacked like a wet cat. Garu dangled in the middle of the rope. After working on the other minute, Garu finally reached the top, however, fell on ground roof.
"That ain`t good, "Max pointed out: Max and his partner Cyber-bat, flying the museum. Bat flying through the large gaps. Bat was yellow, resembled a boomerang, the wings on sides—and a small object middle of wings, small green gem replacing his eyes. Bat landed on Max`s right shoulder, but moved towards Max`s laptop, and his small green eye pressed in the top green light coloured. Light cleared. Bat flew from Max's shoulder.
" Cyber scanned the area using his robotic body and a webcam… Cyber, Bat, monitored all activity, and transferred all information too my laptop. No signs of life."
" Thank god."
Garu started dangling while holding onto rope. Garu swinged forward—nearly crashed through a window—was able to pull back at last second. I don`t know if Garu was just holding onto the rope with fear, he overcame his position and moved up the rope; legs secured around rope.
Garu quickly made his way on the top, fell down.
" Hope your just playing," I teased with both my hands on my hips. "We`ve got work to do."
Garu remained lying on ground, short breathes through his mouth. I walked up besides his lifeless body and wrapped a metal coil around his feet. I wouldn`t need to attach it on his toes before… actually wore shoe laces wrapped by wire. However; things worked out, two twos wrapped by long thin wire and being able to push him down window and towards the
"No air! I`d prefer the sea, fall off my boat and I`ll survive. Fall from the sky… could crack my skull open."
“Too bad. Enjoy the ride."
Course; I didn`t have the wickedness of pushing Garu. I instead grabbed the coil with both my hands, overhead his arms, slowly lowered Garu into museum.
Garu a so called `` world’s greatest pirate``-screaming came out. I could imagine his eyes; fearing if he would thing my brain functioned well, and Garu`s face came inches from ground.
Above Garu, and below my feet, short strands of rope came through a would fall through the rope too thin not for me.
The red-black liquid fired out of Hifdans arms—crust merging with rope able to create a covering of ropes nearly torn spot.
`` It`s gonna be okay Garu.``
`` Get me out of here!``
Garu tried a move: Grab a hold of something.
Garu was able to touch a statue resembling a cat. Red metaled. 6ft tall, possibly over one thousand others—by its body. It pained me…
`` Oh, no! I broke this cat statue. Garu shocked, yelled through his mouth, ``Oh well. Not like this statue will serve much value, destroyed by upcoming events.``
"Of course that statues important!" Irritated, hurt, desired too kill, shouted at the big dum… whatever he was. This time Garu tail wrapped around a Daogaung vase Garu pulled on it; tails skin all around the top of vase, and he got their too my surprise, on the box next to the vase. I was starting to forgive Garus previous actions—would kill Garu if he let the vase fell. Phase Sticky thread: Make the trade. Garu worked quickly, nimbly—on top a glass case. Garu soon brought Cyber; Bat form.
`` Cut well, little buddy.`` Garu encouraged.
`` No problem. Even trees will fall, my wing`s cut through them.``
Bat flipped. His right wing, left wing—scratching through the case—a soft spot for Bat too enter.
All Garu needed was a chance. Tag laid before his eyes. All Garu needed to do was take it. I for one would bring a substitute for Tag; too bad Garu was the only one agile. A single swish of his hand—removed Tag from case.
" Oh… yeah! Am in the—"
Loud noise came through the museum. " Oh, no!"
I could make out the case. I suddenly felt stupid and am sure Garu could feel the same way, small metallic box with a small red button under the Tag,
" Oh…No!"
Garu had too get out. Cops guns, they all be here. I did not want a criminal record—here—or any other place.
Garu instantly came through a hole in the ceiling. Things seemed to be going well with my brain and how wrapping coil around Garu's toes was a good idea. Too bad my mind couldn't process a good story.
Sirens below. I was standing on the edge of the rooftop, dozens of cops below me. I couldn’t see Hifdan. I also couldn't see everyone else: Kimbo, Max, Tony. Me, Garu; all alone. Garu stood behind me.
" This is our destiny? About to turn ourselves over, and all because of your silly idea."
" I can still think. Let's just encourage the mind, and how we'll use it."
" Great i-d-e-a *sarcasm*. Contregated any ideas, smartly pants?"
" There is one:" My spell book glowed white. The brightness illuminated throughout the area, and lighted through the sky, and caused all police officers too blink their eyes. " Remember our first time learning Vine Snare, Hifdan?"
" Yes. You mentioned one thing: Friends. We were great friends, and we're still great friends."
" Good. I understand how our abilities left. We simply started anew. Anything that has been lost—whether people believe it or not—things can be retained. Time to retain our favourite spell. Hifdan!... You are my best friend!"
My plan worked. Light illuminated through my book; much larger then previous glow from my booklet. I've finally done it—mastered my spell.
Roots came out Hifdans arms. The roots stretched—a lamppost afar and wrapped around it.
" What?! Sliding down a vine and going towards a solid pole… I like this idea." Garu mentioned below me.
" Hold me tightly. It's gonna be a bumpy ride."
Garu wrapped both his arms around my wrist.
Hifdan leaped on top my shoulders. I was abacked by what may happen. But I trust Hifdan—Willingly slided through the long green vine. Wind rushed through my head. adrenaline glands went wild. Almost could feel my face covered red and mouth wide open, and teeth chattering against my uppers. However this feeling helped boost self-confidence, nothing could prepare me—green vine snapping under the pressure of my arms. Felled down, everyone else wrapping their paws, hands, over a police cruiser.
" Hold on, everyone!" Tony's voice yelled below. We couldn't see his face—about too crash into hard cement; however, I could feel his presence somewhere around me. " Help is on its way."
We were saved, last second. Tony's rash thinking nearly killed us, yet it worked perfectly. Took form of wolf, leaped on the other side of us, and saved us from catastrophe. Tony's brown furred paws were shown on his arms. Left paw grabbed Garu by his collar, right paw grabbed Hifdan by his collar, I was grabbed by my collar; sharp teeth nipping. It was dark, I could still see Tony's figure. His hair long spiky, Paws twice as large in length and width—brown fur flowing through his free hand, razor sharp teeth in his mouth, and bright red eyes replacing his old blue eyes.
" Howdy," Garu said too the new form of Tony. " Love the new doe."
" Keep quiet. Am not powerful… I use too be. I was once human—a symbol of myself long gone."
Nugged Tony's right sleeve. Tony noticed his sleeve and turned towards me. He could see the curious look on my face and my eyes.
" No longer human? Seems unrealistic, a man of science and books would understand, like me."
" It's true. I am not human… Am an animal!"
" Hold your ground!" A police officer shouted on the ground. " Stand down, or we will shoot you!"
Perilous battle. Police could cause no harm. I was afraid of all the attention; disobeying Manhattans laws, amok. I had to hold on—Tony found a squad car without a police officer— teared roof of the car.
Car looked cozy. Comfy black leathered seats, long black seat belts, small silver laptop on the front, and different types of buttons; a steering wheel doing things manually. Tony took the wheel, Max sat right side Tony and carried Cyber in Bat form, me in the back, Jonny&Lorei on both sides, and Garu on my lap. Garu started standing on my feet. Walk in circles. I couldn't stop him; just shivered through my body.
" Don't be a pansy. Am a curious creature, nothing will change th—"
Kimbo appeared. Massive underworld dog growled through his lips and showed his mighty teeth. Garu trembled, seeing Kimbo, mouth stretching too it's limit and eyes in awe. Almost felt sorry for Garu; he wasn't a selfish little creature and wanted him to get off my legs. Garu fainted and fell on the ground—Kimbo crouched on my legs, and his mean attitude vanquishing—a puppy-like animal nuzzling nose on legs and slightly licking my knees.
" Outta the car!" Another police officer ordered. I saw the officer as he rushed in front our cars windshields. Six packed bodies; blocked throbs through his police uniform, a giant yellow badge on his left chest, thin black belt with two silver cartridge revolvers on both ends, amber eyes, soft pink face, a police cap with a large yellow badge on his forehead. Cop removed two revolvers on his belt—pointing them directly at us. " Three seconds! One…! Two!—"
" I don't wait for anything, sap." –Tony.
Tony pushed left foot on the pedals. The car’s engine gave off smoke—we began moving. Cop jumped to sides at last second; thank God. I felt like such a fugitive—our escape from the cop—too the city

What a drive! Felt adrenaline pumping in my veins—a feeling I haven`t felt in a while. I remember the first time I’ve had adrenaline this extreme: Me, Hifdan, the Chaotic Tournament with 100 other competitors, fought my hardest, and was able to win the tournament with 5 of my friends. It was the first time…
Mimi mentioned us—living under the same roof. She never I wish Glenn and I could get married. Mimi talked If Glenn and I ever get married—we would want a safe environment too be found. Nothing dramatic happened after that. I already got my chance of dating Mimi—during the tournament. We went too bookstores, watched movies, visited relatives, everything we do to boost our relationship; the day she finally accept my proposal: Marry me! My heart grieved over Mimi`s absence and every minutes away from her—my heart just couldn`t stand.
`` Look alive, boys,`` Tony said while his voice resembled a police officer in those corny detective movies Mimi made me watch; hunky guys. Mimi especially loved Yannick Bisson in Murdoch Mysteries, her long lost cousin sent over from Toronto, Canada. `` Someone`s stalking O me. Keep your eyes on the side and keep your opinions on what doesn`t normal. I`ll be driving—trying not ta get us kilt.``
`` Why you talking like that, Tony?`` said Tony.
`` My anima`s an incomplete version. My brain receptors act half-beast, half-human. I cannot stop my beastly qualities until I can become a whole wolf.`` Tony stared intensively at his wolf-like paws. Then he raised his head—all of us peering directly at him. `` Keep watching!``
I was whipped, emotionally. Tony had all the power. His power made me refocus attention towards the windowsill on my right hand . Glass seemed so smooth; my backhand could relax with. It was now—staring through the solid glass and seeing a car. This car was hiding by the shadows, however, could make out some characteristics: The car looked similar to a squad car, a few bents on the side, oil ripped out below, and a women's head in driver’s seat. A women wearing a dark red jacket, having black hair on top her head, lips red as a rose, long black hair flowing with her windshield down, and a tiara necklace below her chin.
" Found'em." Woman talked too herself.
" That's great,`` Male officers voice said as if on a radio. `` Keep a lock on em. I've handle everything."
Tony slowly turned the steering wheel around; in circles. His car had changed sides so it was behind the female’s car. Avid on upcoming events: Car would crash, we'd be somewhere safe, and summon N.E.X. N.E.X will examine Tag and send us for another one. Anywhere at time beat Hell of here.
" We are pirates," Garu loudly talked. " We plunder, steal, and do what's rig—"
A large hand came into the car—non-groupie grabbed Garu and smashed him to the roof. Garu instantly fell, unconscious.
" Garu!" Everyone in car, besides Kimbo, yelled for our fallen comrade.
I could finally get a glimpse of the hand—Garu lying unconscious on his back. Massive, green scaled, large talons all black, and Six massive throbs sticking out his palms; his fingers. That was the last thing I could see: I was grabbed—choked, agonizingly—passed out from all the pain coming through my lungs.

On the road of Manhattan.
Darkness shrouding the streets, hands and feet limp, dry mouth, major headache swirling inside my head. Just me. Every one of my group was gone, and I was the only one who was standing. However, I had this strange feeling: Everyone was close by.
" Ah… Gotta get out of here. Perhaps there’s a way…"
I crooked. Could feel Womens presence behind me—small black pistol pointed on the back of my Adams Apple.
" Don't move!" The women yelled wherever she was. " Am a detective. I have you surrounded. Make a false move: It will be your last big mistake."
" Oh… am not moving," Cockily talked to the girl indirectly. " Am not fighting. My friend Hifdan will be your opponent." My book illuminated under my jacket—detective couldn't see through. " VINE SNARE!"
Detective couldn't even prepare herself, Hifdans attack. Behind her was Hifdan. Noticed Hifdan on my left side, and saw large green roots emerging out his fingertips. Couldn't see the female detectives form, however, could hear screeching of a woman behind my back.
Turned body around. I saw the same woman of whom drived by—wrapped up by giant green roots. The girl struggled to break free of the giant green. Girl lacked size, muscle, and root squeezed around her waist tightly.
" Let me go!" Anxiety caused the girl too panic and yell at me.
" 'Fraid not. I don't believe in violence, let ya know. But when it's between a life and death situation—I will do whatever it takes to survive."
A sly smirk came across the detectives face. She looked into the sky—keeping her eyes bedazzled.
" You’re not the only ones with friends. Here comes just one of my friends. The mighty, powerful, leader of Manhattan Clan… Galioth!"
A monster the detective described, flew down from the sky and crashed on hard ground. The creature lifted up its head; saw me and Hifdan.
" You dare harm Eliza?! You will pay!"
Gargoyle began flapping his wings. Air was stirred up by the winged beast. He proved having power with his vicious nature, ability to tell which person is. More winged monster flew down from the sky. This creatures were of the same species, but of different sizes. One was half-sized and had red scaled and had white hair flowing behind his head, one half-size the red scaled one with green scales, no hair, large white eyes, and wings on the sides of his arms; instead behind him, A creature big as the purple scaled creature, twice in weight instead of muscle, blue scaled, A female, thin, purple scaled, long black hair on her head, short bumps out her forehead, red lips as red as the human detectives lips. They all flew down and ripped the green roots off. Female detective walked out of the chaos and hugged the massive purple creature.
" Great job, Galioth."
Purple scaled creature rubbed the detective in her backside and continuing staring towards us. A stern look on his face, the will to kill all over his eyes. " We will always be here, Eliza. Manhattan is our new home and we will always protect it."
The massive monster and his cohorts took to the sky. They soared above his—sharp talons sticking out of their arms. I was paralysed by their appearance and frightened of what they would do. But I just couldn't back down. Boggle with boycott—surprised my own standards—leaping into the air, and carrying my spell book closely; illuminated with white light.
First time I've ever done something so bold.
Giant green roots emerged out Hifdans arms, however, that was just the beginning. My plan was for Hifdan to hold them in place—carrying on with our strategy, later. Flying giants seemed powerful, seemed Bouvine, the face of danger. Roots brandished. Massive beasts seemed controlled by air current—flied above the attack, instead of flying too different sides. I could make out the flaps of their wings: They weren't flying; beasts were gliding. There be no way, creatures could avoid Hifdans Lavalanche. However things seemed—there's always a wrong&right answer. Massive, purple scaled creature; dove towards the attack.
" Heathens! You shall not pass!" This was no monster. I was staring at an angel of the night. Those mighty claws, and his strong head—teared apart my attack.. one swish of his hands. " Bronx!... Attack!"
Sneak attack; a cowardice attack, but an effective move. I could feel a dog's paws in my backside; not Kimbos. My face turned around—started at anew creature. This creature sorta resembled Kimbo, blue scaled, rough spiky head, wide mouth, soulless white eyes. This was a true creature of darkness—forget about Kimbo. His sharp teeth and wide mouth…
" Ahhh!"
" Scream! You've tormented our clan… you've torment all of us, and will pay!"
" Leave Glenn alone!" Hifdan yelled; running towards the monstrous dog—eventually pushed him off me. " Glenn is a good person. What he does… you could never understand!"
" I understand."
The purple scaled angel of night flew down. Hifdan couldn't utter a cry—he was catched by the beast, and the beast planted his scaly feet on the ground. Hifdan struggled breaking lose; feet kicking in the monsters face as he was upside down, however, massive monster never felt any pain. He scorned Hifdan—strangled him tightly in his arms. It was my first time: I prayed for Hifdan.
The dogs body back on my body, a swarm of winged monsters flying above me, massive monster strangling my friend, I could only think… We are in for a battle!

Stared at the anguish of Hifdan.
Hifdan struggled his hardest—the little champion—he just couldn't break free of beasts grasp.
"Hifdan!" I yelled while gravelling on the ground.
A massive blue dog on top of me, dozens of gargoyles floating around the massive monster, and a tanned women underneath them.
" Surrender," The massive monster commanded. "I have no wish of death. All I want is for your deeds of wickedness to end."
``Don't… do it… Glenn," Hifdan croaked even though the massive monster kept his hands around him, tightly. `` You once said we're friends.' But we are more than just friends. We are brothers. We fight together, and we never give up."
"They appear more than simpletons… " The female monster talked to the massive monster. “ Remember… we are all family, and family tell each other's problems, flat out. At least…. That's what Eliza tells me."
"Hmmm… way too , sister."
They were non-focused. It was a blessing in the night sky. Hifdan held his hands on the claws, and pushed them away—fell towards the ground. The event also startled the dog. I had my opportunity: Shaked myself. The dog fell down. He landed on his right side—an effort dash away from him.
" Hifdan!"
" Glenn!"
We both embraced each other. Our hug was long, filled with tears, and could feel his scaly back on the backside.
" I do not understand. Such friendliness together. This is not something I've seen, an enemy could possibly possess. "
" They’re not your enemies." A voice far away said, made me stagger. " Don't change my feelings: You hurt my friends, and I will hurt you."
Tony was the mysterious figure. He appeared out of nowhere—behind the massive winged monsters—his light red furred paws illuminating through the moonlight.
" Don't forget me. You get a dog wet… His fangs start showing," Garu's voice mixed in Tony's floating body, never would have thought Garu of being a dog.
" We also fight together!" Max roared behind them. " You mess with one of us— you mess with all of us! And we're not gonna lay down, easy!"
Everyone was here. Tony Parker, Garu, Max Yuki, Cyber, Kimbo—all afloating through night sky and eyes glowing red. The winged monsters saw them behind them, as they were just as surprised.
" Ahhhh!" Tony screeched through the sky. Tony's wide blade and light brown fur sparkled—astonished my mind and my soul. " Feel my Wrath!"
Tony VS Lead Beast. A fight to the finish.
A right swish through the right side, left claw too block, gritting their teeth, pushed aback—resumed their battle. Mimicked their previous actions. Right side, left side, wing; block the sword.
" You fight as Warrior. People resent your appearance—I am completely aghast. "
Purple scaled creature backed down. Mighty wings wrapped around his torso—shot straight down to the ground. I was completely dumbfounded, however, couldn't let this keep me clueless. Book illuminated; I was gonna save the arrogant monster, using one of my two spells…
God thank me now. I saved a life.
Hifdans massive green roots coiled around purple scaled creatures torso. Lifted off the ground—one inch from his own demise, and all his comrades soared too him. All his comrades concerned over their leaders health, except one. The female winged beast flew just infront of us. She glower at all us, but I sensed she had words to speak…"
" Let our scourge fade. Important matters, we must attend. It isn't here—protection can fall. Fall me, my clan. We have the perfect territory."
Homes a giant Clock Tower, very impressive.
Inside of their home—less significant. My mind saw everything: Old Set television, kitchen smeared with flour and meat toppings: Italian Sausage, seafood, ham, onions; it only had dangling clocks as well brown painted wall. Standing, encircled near a massive clock. Angelina the Gargoyle—she'd informed us of her name and others—Had much too speak:
" Tag? An extraordinary tool. Why is wrong with yours, Glenn Matthews?"
" It's a fake. N.E.X, we've mentioned before, saw nothing. A shell-in-empty-body."
"Peculiar." Angelina rubbed her lips. Both her eyes darted to the sides. She could see everyone else: Garu joining the blue winged monster Broadway with cooking meals out of pastry's, Tony and Red Figured winged beast Broadway, Max typing on his laptop; it attracted the attention of small winged beast Lexington, Galioth-Angelina-Bronx-Hifdan-me—the only ones standing around circle. " There's someone watching us, I don't know who. Not you, Glenn Matthews, I realize now… Could be watching us, as we speak."
Angelina kept eyes focused on aphotic windows. She glared, growled. Something was amongst her. I could sense trouble—she could sense trouble—everyone here could sense trouble; not burying their heads into random objects. Galioth placed his left hand over his daughters left shoulder.
" Time will come…Now is important. Glenn needs us, and we are Gargoyles, defenders of the night."
" Yes…Father."
Angelina bowed her head in shame. Galioth kept his stance. Their fighting reminded me of Hudston. They said how he died, weeks before my arrival. They don't like to talk over how he died, rather how…: Things have never been the same. That I can vouch for. Things have never been the same with my life, as well.
`` Rise, daughter. One day I won`t be around, and you`ll need to lead this clan.``
`` Father…`` Angelinas`s head shot up. Goliath broke an imagery wall between them. `` Leader? What of Brooklyn?``
`` Brooklyn is reckless. Lexington`s too attached with machines; it distracts him from us. Broadway`s a good person too lead; not good as you.``
Angelina agaped—changed her position—faced her back to Galioths head. `` It`s uncanny. A women made to lead an army of men? Father, Hudson would have a say: He try telling you how your acting impulsively.`
`` But am not, Angelina. Ever since I found you—Night Sky keeps calling me—telling how you`d be perfect for such a position.``
` I abhor. Mother`s always taunted your Acumen. When will she be back?``
`` Soon, my lil Angel of the Night. Your mother has a lot of thinking. We must give her the time she`s requested and hope she can learn over her mistakes.``
`` Hate to do the bearer of bad news. We still need to look into Tag—"
Munching noise. I could see Garu, abolitionist. Him, and the big, fat gargoyle—Abolitioning all food in kitchen. Captain Garu; A bijou mouth for the food. Disgusted me! All those pieces of food—millions of chewed pieces escaping his mouth and landing on ground. Broadway, Gargoyle followed Garu actions. No wonder their kitchen was so dirty. However; instantly stopped…
`` Halt!``-Galioth.
The two idiots froze. It was a good thing Broadway froze, bite Garu`s leg off—holding his left leg with his huge claws. Max and Lexington, Gargoyle came near the kitchen. Both of them typed on Max`s computer; half-hands on keyboard.
Max stopped typing. Lexington was in agony—slammed computers screen over his little claws. Max heard the scream, and turned Lexingtons way. Completely embarred; made himself get the screen off his hands, patted his back. Those two lost their moment; 0_0—saw Brooklyn, red Gargoyle and Tony. They began colliding with their paws against each other’s .
" Sit!"—me
Those two were practically dogs, crouched on their hind legs. I could hear whimpering out their mouths. Poor saps, it would do them some good walking around—after we've continued with the mission. Those two, computer maniacs, selfish pigs; gathered around. They were glaring at me, however, my words would not be pronunciated. Galioth would be the person of whom would speak.
" Comrades… Um, this is peculiar… I have very little to say; but let my words not be of no use. We are Angels of the Night." Galioth's face molded. What once been a look of confusion; an angry look appeared across his face. " WE WILL GLIDE!"
I feared the windows—shatter right behind us. Cracking noises filled our silence gap. We all stared intensively towards each other, and then back to Galioth. I only saw Galioths head; right hand side of his body. The only abnormal thing I saw of him: His daughter standing left side her father, and his eyes peaking at her. One of those fathers watch over his precious treasure…kind of moment. I darted my eyes where my comrades were, and Concised my answers:
" Let's go."
We were soaring—up high in the sky.
Each of us grasped tightly by a Gargoyle, lose circulation of our blood flowing. Galioth had me, Brooklyn had Cyber; helped by holding Glenn under his armpits, Lexington holding Garu, Broadway holding Tony, Angelina carrying their giant dog; Bronx. I could just make out some buildings. The café we've eaten upon arriving, area with the newspaper boxes, a fancy Italian restaurant I've once thought of, and best of all—Massive museum holding Tag. There's just one thing out of whack: Tag in museum. Things didn't make sense, a rare object; it could be found at museum. This thought just occurred. Galioth mentioned how his clan's body turns too stone—sunlight shines through the sky. I couldn't believe him…I didn't believe anything around here. But this is different: Sorrow, and fear, said.
" Keep moving," The callow Captain Garu ordered. " We should be close, keep your asses moving."
" Tell us more about this coalition," Brooklyn asked.
" You mean with me and the dogs? We were all chosen to fight by a higher upper—blah, blah, need to get 20 Tags—won't return home until we've found all 20. Bogus, right."
" Oh, yeah. Completely 'bogus'. Rephrase your teams words, of you:"
" Garu's a complete bovine animal. He also lacks an acumen; we try to talk with him, and he brushes us off. I don't know why he does it… but he does it."
Garu was ashamed. I told Brooklyn everything he needed. Garu was not trust worthy; all the time, him arrogant and full of himself. His embarrassment lifted; he saw something of interest on the ground. We were above the Museum. We could finally return into the Museum, only problems: Police officiers were everywhere. Headlights pointed in sky, noisy sirens, people barking orders; we were all in deep trouble.
" Anymore bright ideas, professor?" Tony speak, sarcastic behind my back. " I sure as hell can't find another way out this. "
" Glad you're asking. I thought about—"
" Wasn't talking to you. Glenn… Show me what you've got."
I was puzzled, bless everyone around here of whom trusted my actions—nothing came into mind. All that could be thought: Getting Tag. I thought of Tag not being there; but thereès always a time am wrong, and admit it.
" Leave everything to me, I'll get us inside."
Army of police officers—almost appeared as a vanguard. Everything, but me, safely behind large buildings, it will be my job in stopping the police. I started by pacing myself—near hearth of their army. I strived for acme in this battle. All police officers turned on me, and they saw a man with courage, stupidity.
" Hold your positions!" One of the police officers barked. The soldiers soon picked themselves off ground—scurried a section; few inches away from me. Revolvers, submachine guns, Tippman sniper guns; it went where the police boxed me in and were preparing to fight. A police chief, wearing dozens of badges, dark blue uniform, silver coins around his two shoulders, glossy raven hair combed back. " This is the police! You can either turn yourself in, or we’ll be forced to use extreme force."
Didn't matter what I did; at the time. I was merely a diversion. I’d stay behind too get their attention, and the rest would sneak in through the back. Pressure riding out on me—raising my hands for their own self amusement—prepared for the inescapable.
" I’ve no wish of fighting. Take me as you see fit."
All part of the plan.
Two officers began escorting me. One was a chubby and Spanish, two was thin as a twig and had a snotty looking nose. Chubby grabbed my left; Nosy grabbed my right. I was held hostage, I've never felt so much more alive. Nothing like this happened back in Chaotic Tournament—was close to dying a few times, never once had the thrill of people holding you down and deciding how they'll affect your life. The two escorted me near the police officer. Man covering six packs, the darkest uniform of every other police officer, large black moustache wide enough to reach his cheeks and large enough to touch his lips, hazel eyes, Two massive black Colt 45-70 Peacemakers on both sides of his hips. The person’s torso sticked right out—he'd been laughing to himself.
" Some class A shit you've got there. Trying to break into a Museum, and take something out of there, just to return back here, you dumbass. I can give you my full opinion: The moment we get into court; I will risk my health working so I can see you convicted ."
First impressions could've been better. The man took out a plastic water bottle; it dangled above his head and he poured the water out of the water bottle. A waterfall of clear blue liquids, pouring out the plastic water bottle. He was mocking me, what kind of police officer is he? Certainly not a one of whom shakes his fellow officers away, yanks someone while their startled, drags their feet from the ground to a car—pushing them carelessly into the backseat. I could almost hear him laughing on the otherside.
" Your humour; I find offensive. "
" Get use to me, kid. We have a 2 hour drive to the nearest station. And am sure as hell not wasting a single minute letting you think for yourself. Should've obeyed the law, you little sh—?"
Loud noise disrupted the police officer. The noise worsened—people howling in pain. It was mine, and too the horror of the officer… a lifeless police officers body was flinged my way and crashed through the side doors of the police cruiser. A loud cracking noise from the monster… I feared he may've broken his skull. That was only one man… I couldn't believe it—dozens of police officers were flinged in the air, and collided to the ground—cracking noises coming out all of their bodies. It was obvious: We were not alone.
" What the fuck!? My men! This cannot—?
What happened to the man was hard of explaining as it would be sad; he wasn't a man completely cruel natured—grabbed by his face and having his skull slammed against his cars left hand door. The thing responsible for that…A vicious, salivating, lizard man. This lizard was tall, had blue-greenish scales, long mouth, red eyes, stood on his hind legs as well muscular, a long ridged tail sticking out his rear end.
" No! Oh, no! Please in Gods name… Don't hurt—"
Lizardman wasn't even listening. His claws digged into cruisers handle—ripped the door clean off. I couldn't even prepare myself; when a creature reaches in and grabs me by my feet. The screaming terror echoed inside my head. Lizardman attempted getting my carcass out, and most likely feasting on the spoiling remains. He got me, however, let go—The heel of my left foot shaked too rapidly… So he got kicked in the head and I made a run for it. Started my search with opening the door of right side. I was freed, for now. It wasn't until I was completely out the door—gazing into the azure night sky—a new monster stood, standing. This one I recognised, Lord Van Bloot. Green scales, giant dark green wings behind his back, had a normal white eye in his right eye socket and a red eye on his left eye socket, a tan ponytail.
" What lovely acquaintance, it's been a long time; but I never forget things, and I'll never forgive what you've caused me. I was freed from the portal, brought into the filth people call ‘Earth’, surrendered my dignity under Chaors rule, fought you again-and-again; yet I still end up back here—summoned by my new master."
" Lord… Van…Bloot…" Frightened of his appearance and looks stuttered.
" Cool it , Glenn. I cannot lay a finger on you, turbulently. Master told me all about you four: Your all after Tag, want to save the world, are in another group; I feel sorry for them being around y-o-u, your journey must come to an end."
I grinned. I was no longer afraid of Lord Van Bloot. There was also a matter at hand: My friends had to go search for Tag, and I had to stay here in order for them to get Tag.
" Your much more gruesome than I remember, Lord Van Bloot. Your complections just awful."
That pissed him off. He once been calm over so dreary matters, I couldn't believe how fast his emotions worked.
" Should be. I've trained to hone my abilities. You've kept me this way. I was humiliated, degraded, set back into a world where everyone dispised me, and it's all because of you! I will never stop! I will always chase you! Even if you escape and get into another universe… I WILL FOLLOW YOU!"
He seemed tense… Maybe a little too tense. I was looking in his direction, however, not at him. I saw the Gargoyles behind him. Moved stealthily ; like cats prowling over a home's rooftop. However Lord Van Bloots "changed" since we last meet- there's always something a person can never let go. If I understand Lord Van Bloot, he'll try to be better then everyone, and that will make him use daring tactics. Gargoyles an inch behind and staring at Lord Van Bloots curvy ridge…
" Why do you try and provoke me—sending impudent creatures after me?!"
" FEAR PROJECTION!" A new voice rang out.
I stuttered. Lord Van Bloot faced the clan of Garygoyles—image of heads animated above him. The heads dashed around the room, and the Gargoyles showed fear. Never a good things to be fearful, around Lord Van Bloot, an imp capable of using your fear as an advantage. First sign of being around Lord Van Bloot: Hallucination. Everyone saw him anew—creature of darkness with head scary as a Halloween mask.
" That's right… Fear me! Am a monster, am your worst nightmare. There's no escaping my wrath. Soon you will all perish. Many things happen to people under my fear: They get stigma's, torture themselves in fear someone is near them, few ended up dead; I just stood close… Watched them all kill themselves!"
I could see why, people kill themselves, around Lord Van Bloot, seeing all the Gargoyles, using their mighty claws, clawing at each other. Cold shivering feeling ran down my spine. These were a clan of warriors, ``brothers``, and yet here they were—clawing at each other.
`` Heavens!`` Galioth screamed at his former comrades. `` You-shall-not-win!``
Frenzy. They scoured the ground with their mighty wings touching, however, they were clashing into each other. First to fall was Lexington. It was of no surprise; Lexington was the smallest of their clan, but it wasn`t that less tragic. Walked all over each other. It was Lexington on the ground; Broadways massive foot would crush.
`` Help me!``Lexington screeched through his mouth.
I didn`t know he was still under an illusion and saw them as something else, but I had to save Lexington. Sprinted. My adrenaline glands reached maximum captivity, and my face was turning bright red. I recall all this pain: During the years I`ve had to sit in desks for over 6 hours, the unhealthy amount of time a person should lie and haven`t been working out, like I use too. Still had enough energy to get near Lexington and wrap my arms around his waist; thank the Lord. I wasn`t agnostic like Tony. I didn`t know what to believe, then I got married and heard from our real estate agent—A life to live, whether you believe something or not, one thing can help influence your life; change it for the better.
`` I`ll get you out, Lexington!``
`` Ha, ha. A human trying to save a creature. You always were bullheaded, Glenn. I’ve recalled on how you`ve always dashed in heroically and wisped them off their feet’s. You were always so pathetic. ``
Oh no—I would be his next victim.
Hallucinations started. Gasped all around me—a swirling plunge of black smoke—stress would engulf me; literally kill me. The hallucinations started with everyone around me: Tiny black pigment figurines, only part not black was their white eyes. Galioth explained how gargoyles eyes turned white when their angry. A different situation was with his former mate: Eyes turned red when angry. These eyes enlarged, lifted, enclosed around my eyes. I was looking at the beasts of death; not the Angels of the Night. Their once humane voices— toned differently—hideous screeches of vicious monsters. Had to stay sane.
What am I going to do? Memory`s flashed back in my head. Am completely surrounded by monsters!
I remember that time: We were under an illusion and brought to kill each other, but I remained strong and made everyone attack one target; a M'arrillian. Woe as me, Hifdan wasn`t here. I feel so stupid! Leading everyone to this idiotic place and making them break through the police blockade—they wouldn`t have been brainwashed!
`` G-l-e-nn…`` Lexington stuttered. `` Can you hear me? Tell me if you can: Was my life worth everyones company?``
I nearly weeped. Tried to look strong, but I was emotionally fragile; a tear running down my left check.`
`` You're an absolute joy. Smart, crafty, strong… Just a magnificent creature to be around! Stay strong—we`ll both need it.``
Shadows, white eyes— encircling us. This wasn`t the end, for me, or for Lexington. I will break free! I broke free: flailing my left leg, right leg. Shadows dispersed; kept flailing right at them. I was determined to save Lexington and get the Tag.
When light shines upon us—our bodies turn to stone. Galioths words spoke inside my head. I could now see why. The shadows all disappeared, beige coloured stones replacing them. It has happened. The Gargoyles turned to stone, even now as I held Lexington, a rough surface area was all that I could feel around him. Looked down, and I noticed the hard brown figurine, as Lexington.
Darkness faded away. Returned to the world— sun shinning orange-yellowish warmth over my body-Lord Van Bloot and the lizardman uninvited roamed. I could see it all: The two creatures in a battle. I could also noticed my coalition buddies; fighting off the two mighty monsters. Humanoids, humans, and beasts. Garu and Tony swung their claws/swords at the mighty reptile, everything else to no avail fought against Lord Van Bloot. Lord Van Bloot manipulated people’s minds, and was a canny Conqueror Muge. I studied every creature of whom participated in Chaotic Tournament, the one I`ve spent most time studying was Lord Van Bloot.
`` Qualm from me!`` Wicked brute shrieked at them. `` There is me other creature good as me!``
Could now make out Lord Van Bloots partner. This wasn't the same partner of whom he fought in the Chaotic tournament, however, still astonished me. A man wearing a white robe, golden blond hair sticking out the robes hood, blue pendant connected the thin line in the middle, white selva pants, an aquamarine leathered book held on his right hand. I could make out his figure—Giant black demon-like heads with red eyes came and distracted me from that. Luckily, Hifdan appeared ahead me in his stance, arms held infront of his torso; I would be dead without his aid. Biege brown book illuminated, brightly—I could use my attack…
Hot red-blackish magma burst out, Hifdans right arm. The creatures head turned into smoke stands of black cloud. I was saved, however, still at risk. Lord Van Bloot took immediate notice over my battle, and made his way towards me. Landed, from the clear night sky, down to where I trembled, of trepidation.
`` Oooo… Tough guy, eh. A little birdie told me your weak. But am just as powerful… Possibly even more powerful… since the first time we`ve meet!``
Massive, thick-slimy green liquids came out Lord Van Bloots right palm. I was drawn by the attacks might, needed to surpass it. My spell book glowed through the pages and I used that—unleashing prior spell:
Our attacks collided, dramatically. Neither of the attacks overcame the other. We were in a stalemate, and it wouldn`t stay that way for long. I just knew that dirty Lord Van Bloot…
Our attacks faded, however, reappeared. This time was different: Our palms shifted to another side of our hips. Attacks positioned in a curve. Tom told me this was a perfect position. When we practised this attack—one person would always get hurt, and that person was opposing the user. This time it was the same attacks on different sides—I had no way of preparing for it. Small amount of Hifdans attack, a little of his, we felt pain. Enough pain to cause a man trembling; it was unbearable for us to stand and the pain surging all through my stress hormones. Lord Van Bloot seemed perfectly fine; he kept his wings up and no liquids touched his partner.
`` Nice try, Glenn. Your attacks are worthless. You can never defeat me, I am of a higher degree than you.`
A miracle. Astounding. It was thanks too no other—little Gargoyle Lexington. Lexington snatched Lord Van Bloots book, a quick sail zooming through the wind—positioned on the nearest lamppost.
" Lexington!`But… How!?"
`Thank your own clanmember, Garu. He wrapped a strange jewel over my neck, chanted; chanted some strange words, and I was freed. It`s funny. The words: For the centre of the earth people will survive , kinda like remembering an oath.``
`` Your welcome," Garu`s audible tone filled the room. Garu fell on the lamppost. The two creatures extended their left palms— shack the others rapidly. " Nice to have you aboard.``
`` Same here.``
`` Don`t think you`ve won! I still have what you want…`` Their it was, Tag we`ve searched for. Dangled by Lord Van Bloots left arm. Tag seemed fragile. An object in a demons grasp. `` Give me my book, and I`ll give you what you deserve. Better think fast; I don`t like to wait.``
The two were resistant. They both started at the hard cover of Lord Van Bloots booklet. Finally gave into his demands—cast away the book. Aquamarine book landed and was picked up by Lord Van Bloot. He showed amatory feelings with his book; it disgusted me.
`` Give us Tag.``-Garu.
Lord Van Bloot ignored them. He took one memorizing moment—tossed over book, to his partner, behind him.
`` You said ` I`ll give you.```-Lexington.
Saw Lord Van Bloots face. That one red eye… sign of Death to Come.
`` I said ` what you deserve`. Gunther, time for us to show… THEY DESERVE!``
Van Bloots mind was warped. His mouth agape and his eyes full of hatred. Behind him was Lord Van Bloots partner Gunther, a book illuminated white.
`` Terror Fi-``
Max emancipated us from Lord Van Bloots wrath. Actually… Cyber emancipated us. The Bat soared near the book—knocked him out his hand. Gunther was completely clueless over this. It couldnèt be; he was being brainwashed. Lord Van Bloot non-powered. Brevity of time—Lord Van Bloot stuttered over the situation—completely vulnerable for us to attack.
" Retreat, retreat!"
Gunther recovered out of his confusion. Crouched down and grabbed the book off the ground. Lord Van Bloot flapped his scaly wings. Lord Van Bloot took his partner, body hanging over left shoulder, and ready to barnstorm away. A hope in the sky—Van Bloot dropped his Tag and it was lying on the ground.
Nightfall. Time to say our good-byes.
The police searched the Museum, however, we got Gargoyles away and placed them somewhere safe, until nightfall. Our hiding started with putting them inside their own castle; we brought them back to Museum. The sun finally set. Effects astonished me: Red light glowed, statue started to crack, light glowed through the statues, Gargoyles came out statues. Fangs snarling, claws raised—they were free.
" 'bout time," N.E.X's annoying voice spoke out my Terrain band; yellow light glowing through the lens. " I say with you O humans for too long—my circuits will go haywire."
That made two of us. N.E.X was the rubbish member, always irritating me, interferes with my work, if there was another aspect of my time—he'd be interfering with it, too. We have Tag. We’d be going into the next universe. I started at the still dazed Gargoyles; I would finally be able to talk with.
" Hello. Might wanna sit down. I have so much to talk about."
A happy time, and a happy ending. N.E.X was just loading in the new codes for our next destination. We encircled N.E.X, Gargoyles encircled us.
" 90. 91. 92…"
Galioth and Lexington were the only ones—courage in walking away from the group and walking up to me. Galioth patted my left shoulder, Lexington gave me a big hug; nearly squeezed my organs out.
" We will miss you," Galioth assured me.
" Please come back soon," Lexington added.
" 93. 94.95…"
" Count on it. And when I do… join our party!"
Both the Gargoyles were stunned. Galioth rubbed his long black hair, Lexington kept his arms folded.
" I thought we were already a part of your 'party'".
He made me snicker. The two also confused by how I acted.
" 96. 97. 98. 99…"
My last moments—treasured all of it—waved good-bye and moved near N.E.X. I would return to this universe, I will bring back one of them.
" 100! So long cruel-Manhattan-World."
A final stare at Gargoyles—faces that showed to be happy—we disappeared in yellow energy.
The Gargoyles continued crossing my mind. Going jet speed, turning vigorously , about to enter a strange new world; nothing mattered. I finally saw white light, end of tunnel, moving towards the next world.
Ahh! I hate waking up!
I was at a pier. Boats floating in the sea, fishermen sinking nets with lil gaps through them, shiny blue sea under beige wooden docks, town just a few steps. A made with silver bricks, rectangular homes, seagulls flying overhead, and gigantic skyscrapers sticking out the ground. The town, we would go.
" Ah… mommy… I don't like that dress," What the deuce, Max mumbled in his sleep. The strange boy laid asleep, face up, rolling on the hard ground. " No… I don't like vanilla ice cream."
O, ho, this is gonna be great. Poor Max is asleep. I could take advantage of that: Prank his computer typing man. Nothing too extreme—otherwise it may affect his thinking, during battle. All I did was get nice, cold water, out of the hand, raised it above his head, prepared to drop it. A massive creature—held me and my attempt to add pleasure with this dull quest, and I saw the culprit. A massive, 30 meter wide eye, slimy-purple skin around his massive eye, two bulky hands on his sides. A man sat cross-legged on the creature. Dark coloured skin, farmer clothes with an yellow apron over his chest and dark blue shirt underneath the blue apron, black soled rubber boots, amber eyes, a small black moustache over his mouth.
" Howdy, stranger," Man greeted me. " You look lost, little guy. Maybe you should…"
He said "Little"? No one, and I mean no one, calls me "Short"! Wanted to trample the coloured man—held by my collarbone. Below me was Tony; in between my two legs. Tony didn't trust me, so for good reasons—didn't want me running amok.
" Shhh…" Tony lifted his wide bladed sword. Blade was meant for me. Tony lifted up my light weighted form and started moving me side-to-side. " Nice to see you." Tony manipulated my voice, awfully. I did not sound a duck begging for mercy. That stupid Tony and his technique, and how it worked—making me feel like a dofus in the process.
" Same here. It's funny: Monsters can barely talk, and the only one I'd reckon had one—that little bugger's a legendary monster. Go to your owner, son. It's bold to stroll with mighty people of who want Monsters. Farewell…"
I could hardly remember that mans face. It pained to see him walk away on the back of his monster. Went off the ground, slapped Max across his face.
" know how I am a pirate."
" yeah? I guess it slipped my mind, That was a relief. Good thing am willing to put my life in danger for what is right. "
" Well what is 'right'". Doing the right thing for the right kind of people I was week. I haven't trained with my sword for quite a while, and this caused me to think about how life is worthless. Monk..
" It's okay. I want to go ."
This town was bizarre. In a crowd of noisy people, finding strange creatures making Gargoyles seem weak, humans carrying large-long weapons, pretty freaky shit. We made our way through a road, and were surrounded with only people; carrying large swords.
" Need…food," Johnny grumbled behind me.
" Me too," Little creature scamp Lorei moaned.
" We asked if you were hungry, an hour ago. We passed eleven stores," I bitched at them.
" We weren't hungry!" Two whinned in union.
" uh… Kids today."
" Your kidlike," Glenn told me.
" Am not a kid. Am 3 years old."
" Three years old (disbelief)?"
" All monsters in my universe live till their 4. Unless of course their married. A married monster can live twice as long, even be able to live until his child dies, but they lose their abilities to fight. I had a first mate—Karma rest his whipped soul—settled down and has two kids of his own. I have an epiphany: We live through this… I'll introduce all my friends."
" We can talk more when we're sitting down," Max spoke up. " I found our establishment."
All I say was a green sign having red encrusted letters, Moonstar Inn.
Inn seemed a little rundown. Made from yellow bricks, appeared more of a duplex; Glenn talked about, slightly cracked windows.
" Were gonna it there (disbelief)?"
" Younglings need food, we need food, we're gonna eat… here."—Glenn.
Glenn opened the door—Kimbo reanimated out of dark clouds, and scampered in. Kimbo gave us a clear view. Plain yellow round tables; people sitting down, portraits of Monsters on the walls, people a pub bar counter, a woman behind the counter. Woman in her late thirties, a black maid outfit, cotton mop cap, soft pink skin babies were born with, pink lips, emerald eyes, (with no ring)…
" Hooray for me!"
Everyone was startled. I too would be—if I'd known how astounded my actions were. Most embarrassing was the woman. Gape staring at me, however, and turning into a smile.
" Howdy there, strangers," Woman spoke, Midwestern. " What can I reckon ya."
We didn't take our orders, yet—we had to walk to the counter, first. We sat on a line; left to right: Glenn, Max, Tony, me. Johnny&Lorei needed to be outside, and protected by Kimbo. We all shared thought of "not" trusting anyone.
" Drinks?"
" Water?" said Glenn.
" Milk," said Max.
" Cranberry Juice," said Tony.
" What, are you a sissy? I'll have your finest booze."
Woman worked so fast; it was hot. Jumped up, kicked a shelf with both her legs from behind, the cabinet opened, dozens of glasses fell, the bottom of each landed on her wrists, slide them across the table, her bottom feet kicked open a cabinet below, two green glassed bottles on both her feet, brought them to her teeth, ripped plastic from the top off, dripped all different coloured liquids in the glasses.
" That will be $7.68."
We all paid; except me the flea biting mongrel Garu. Our wallets went out of our pockets, and they flashed when seen. Glenn's was a black trimmed wallet with a silver chain sticking out, Max's a aquamarine leathered, Tony a wad of bills held by a small paperclip. Tony paid a blue minted 5 dollars, Glenn a 2 loonie coin, Max used 100 yen. The woman snatched all their money. Brought each of them close to her eyes, and examined the contents.
" Folks ain't from around here? Names Priscalla."
Tongue tied, us all. Every one of us drank in silence. Glenn got a newspaper from the countertop, Max began typing on his computer—Bat flying all around and him trying to see what he's seeing, Tony carving on a piece of wood; gulped down his cranberry juice like a man, left me tasting the booze. It was delicious. A well brewed glass of booze: Absolutely no foam, mixed with cranberries and lemon yeast, easy to swallow, my taste buds would burst.
" Guys!" Glenn interrupted me, and my booze. " Look here!"
Ahh—this better be worth it. Got down from the barstool, slowly walked behind the people, peered at the stupid newspaper—I was astounded. Our question: Where is Tag? Our answer: In a tournament. A picture—speaking a thousand words— Tag… on top a trophy.
" This years Monster Tournament will feature a rare artifact for the winner. Founded in an Aztec temple, 15 researchers lost their lives, was eventually brought to Pui, given to the winner. Participants need a monster, and must fight with their Monster."
" Greeeat," Max mentioned sarcastically while he still typed on computer's keyboard. " We find another Tag. But we can't have it; unless we have a 'Monster'".
" Folks looking for monsters? Monsters aren't found in our island. Monsters are given."
Priscilla lured our attention. Startled over the turn of events—lifted our heads up and stared in disbelief.
`` The catch?`` Tony said in a rude tone.
`` No catch. I have a son with a monster. You `ot remind me of him—he`s in Spirit Mountains with his partner Jessica.``
I thought Priscilla was cute.
Am a terrible judge with people. Hell, my first mate I got from raiding a military ship. We`ve travelled for 3 hours, and haven`t found anything. A grassy meadow, sticked close together by rocky walls, azure sky, we were leading towards nothing. I eventually was fed up too much…
`` Ahhhh!``
My voice startled everyone. They froze in place—chameleons disguising themselves to flee from prey.
`` Grrrr… Am `Monster`enough. Why`d I have to journey out here!?``
`` Shut up, Captain Garu, world's greatest pirate. We are in this epidemic, together, as long as we are here,`` Tony mouthed off.
`` Doesn`t make the time any less endurable. Priscilla couldn`t draw a map?``
`` She already said: We have courage of adventure in our hearts, finding her son would be a breeze.``
`` Sounds like my mom,`` The blood chilling sound of an individual.
We turned around. We all saw a boy. Bane red hair, soft as a baby skin, cotton shirt with painted faces of monsters, cotton pants also having Monster faces on it, green-yellowish hand painted picture of a long haired woman with butterfly-like wings sticking out of her backside, red hand painted shark teeth over his right eye. An abstruse boy.
`` Who are you?`` I said low toned.
`` Forgive poor manors. My names Cisco, Cisco Breck.``
`` Garu.``
`` Glenn Matthews.``
`` Max Yuki.``
`` Tony Parker.``
`` Fancy meeting all y`all, together. I`d reckon momma told ya: Am here, and I know where y`all can meet a Birth Totem. Hope y`all don`t fear scathes—because there be a lot of that. "
I am forced to admit: The boy really comes through with people.
Cisco got us through our path, decided coalesce and locking writs would get us over the mountains, directed us through different paths, travelled approximately half-hour—finally reached our chosen destination. An area with a gigantic, mostly brown multicolored, round cheeked, tiki mask. I stared at it one second, looked my head down—shaked it to both sides.
" This place gets stranger, and stranger."
" Pretty normal, you grow up here. Me and my mother moved to this island a year ago. We heard a distress call, thought it was my father; a famous sailor, crashed our ship, ended up living here, found Lane the perverted shaman, and started my life with Jessica. "
" Two questions: Why the hell didnèt you take the boats, and whose Jessica?"
" Back then there was a serpentine stopping anyone from living, we growing accustom to this island decided not to leave, even though I dethroned the serpentines rein. Jessica's my partner."
Paid Cisco little mind—green light illuminated out his collar—a small fairy flew out. A fairy wearing a white cotton gown, long blonde hair braided back, tulips in her braided hair, black len eyes.
" Aw shucks, Cisco… you'll ruin my mascara, with your beautiful words."
" Every word is meant for you, my little princess."
Yuck! These two were gonna make me vomit, however, managed to swallow. Glenn was the one taking security measures. Glenn told Kimbo to "disappear", Kimbo started disappearing, reappearing all over the place, eventually went back to Glenn, and jumped up so he could lick Glenns face.
" Cut it out! Kimbo… Stop it!" Not easy to see … Underworld dog likes Glenn, a lot more then he likes me. Not to mention how Kimbo's nearly killed me on many odd occasions. " Area…secure."
" No need for has the unique ability of sensing other Monsters presences, and can predict their next move—before they'll even think of it. It's strange, strangers, but utterly amazing! "
" That's nice. Hey… what's with all your heads?"—Glenn.
Cisco began to rub the miniature heads. They were still dried; little bits of the paint rubbed off skin. Cisco examined the wet paint on his fingertips, and laughed:
" These?! These are my heritage." Point his index finger on the fairy. " Fairy means: Benelovent." Slided finger on the sharks head. " Shark means: Ferocious. Everything else—just looks cool. Their all painted, when I get bored of them—they'll all scrape off, from my coral sponge."
" The deal with this totem?"—Max.
" The totem? It's the Birth Totem. This is the sole device; capable of creating monsters for you to use. All you have to do is believe… and walk through the head. Who's first?"
Not many volunteers. We were all scared. We were surrounded by horrific totem masks, in the middle of nowhere, looked at by a person of whom spends time with a fairy. This consensus plan seemed like a fairy tale. A person walks into a totem's mouth and gets a monster—please—A person walks into a mouth… they'd be dead. Course, it had to be him…
" Tony Parker, ready to go."
" Good. Go in, Tony."
The little hypocrite. He was scared. His palms were quivering, feet froze on the spot, eyes in fear—cited his body as he lived with conscience. Anxiety for Tony raised—he'd approached the mouth. The eyes were glowing, red. Tony showed chivalry; I'll give him that, but he was thinking irrational. He keep a stance of his arms by his side—a giant tongue emerged from the head, and swallowed him the totem was strange noises. Karma had him—trapped in his own demise. He appeared dead, however, launched out the tongue.
" Yeah!" Everyone except me applauded.
Tony lay lifeless on ground. His body wasn't moving. There was something moving—a fox laying down on ground. This fox was closer to adult sized, just orange furred, trisided head, completely white talons, three long fluffy tails sticking behind its rear end.
" Oh… my!" Cisco broke the silence, astonished. This is the one… the absolute and only one of its kind… Kitsune, legendary fox of fire!"
" What!"—everyone.
" It's unbelievable, it's hard to prounce, it's a once in a lifetime event. A moment ago I find you pals hopelessly lost—the one second am staring at a full life legendary."
Tony awoken. Kitsune awoken. Both got up from opposite ends—were completely bedazzled by the others appearance. Tony acted tongue tied, the fox kept its mouth out panting. Tony recovered off the foxes strange appearance and made his way up. Made sure he brushed himself, didn't want any of the foxes fur to be caught within his shirt, or any other part of his body.
" Who's next," Tony remarked.
" Can't," said Glenn. " I was thinking about how Hifdan and I could participate in the tournament, together."
" I can't either," said Max. " Cyber, and I, two pair of mechanical soldiers—always fight together."
That left…me. Walking into a giant totem masks mouth, strange things happening, coming back out, strange creature besides me—I'll do it.
" Coming, coming."
Didn't wait. Nothing would stop me. I zoomed past Cisco, walked near the totem mask—swallowed by its mouth.
I was in a void.
Purple fog appeared around me. The fog made the event unsettling. I was supposed to meet my Monster, here. Then… I heard a noise. This wasn`t an ordinary noise. This noise sounded like a creature. It was hard to tell if there was a creature—purple fog around me blocked my sight. But I could scrutinize the thing from this fog. A snakelike creature, black shadowed, curvy spin, making its way near me. Karma could only do so much—whatever this creature surrounds me with—I will pull through.
Woke-up. Everyone of the group stared directly at me. Glenn, Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Tony, Cisco, Jessica… staring at me with an unsettling stare. What were they staring at?! I felt something moist. My hands became clammy. Turning over—saw my own Monster—sleeping besides me. This monster was blue scaled, had a serpentine body, 4`01 in height, 120 lbs in weight, closed eyes…
Red through his open eyes. Darted those tiny eyes. Saw all the people around him; the atmosphere was unsettling. The creature turned around, and he`d seen my eyes staring down at him. The creature started intently, calmed down.
`` You're an interesting group. That creature your friends just received… the legendary monster…Weirley, constrictor of ice.``
`` Jea-lous… much,`` managed to insult despite all my shock.
`` No. I`ve already got a legendary, and she`s right besides you.``
`` Oh Cisco… that`s so sweet.``
`` What`s sweet? All he`s doing is given out information about your species, nothing out of they ordinary.``-Tony.
`` I know. But I just feel more important, every time he mentions me.``
" You saps are pathethic—completely different from me, and Akana—makes me ache for her."
" Our o-w-n matter. I am Glenn Matthews, and I would like to know when the tournament is going to start."
" You're in luck. The tournament doesn't start until tomorrow. Use the time wisely. Train your Monsters, understand your Monsters, spend as much time as you can. You'll need to prepare for when the battle happens. I'll be in that tournament. You can bet your chickens before they hatch; it will be me who wins the tournament. " Jessica flew in front of Cisco. Her arms wrapped around his torso, and Cisco raised both his arms out. " Farewell… until we meet again."
Green light shined out Jessica. The light enveloped her entire form—the two disappeared—green light all over their previous position.
" You heard him: We need to train, them."
" Faster, faster, faster!" I screamed to encourage my new pet.
It was dark in the sky—a whole six hours of training—barely any results. Right now I was making Weiry slither. He was moving faster, I'll give him that. But he'd never be able to pose any real threats. I mean just think of the African and his large eyed monster: They were huge! I also didn't notice any special abilities. Cisco's creature, Jessica, could teleport her partner away.
" Stop!"
Weiry obeyed. He saw me; trying to get closer. I were him, he was me, I'd slither to get away. I was very grumpy.
" Come on! We cannot rest now, or can we rest later. We must prepare for battle. Only when he face challenges—overcome them—we actually accomplish something, we can be proud of!"
I scolded the snake too much. He tilted his head down, I didn't think was possible for snakes; it all seemed to be hurting him. I wanted to teach him to fight; never wanted him to feel wrongly about himself. Sighed…
" Look, I know we've had hard times. But I wouldn't trade you for another Monster, and am not saying that because you're a 'legendary'. But we're doing things my way. Not your way, my way. Doesn't matter if you're a day, a year, one hundred years—there's always a purpose, and only doing things to the best you can do; it hurts… there will be… Purpose."
I can be a real softy—when I wanted to be. Weiry would've been smiling, he had teeth. There was just one thing on my mind: A new tactic. Chattles weren't easy to find. My chattle, the death of my parents, the will of making sure… Nobody ever comes to my agony—made me nimble.
" Waah!"A strange voice cried afar. " No, no, no…Waah!"
Most likely a publicity. The event was anonymous, and I dwell on action. Took off for the action—my Monster close behind me. My feet rubbed against the wet grass, Weiry's scales felt wet water slushing him. I anticipated Tony's voice. Everyone else went back, so they could get a good night’s rest, I stayed because I wanted me and Weiry to learn valuable new skills. Reached the top of the hill, peered down, saw Tony&Kitsune. Tried to keep myself discreet. Tony notice me—their conversation wouldn't be so juicy. Tony sobbed right into Kitsunes orange pure.
" Waah..Gaah! Am sorry, Kitsune. You just bring back too many memories. The abbey, meeting her, all those fights we had, being amatory in that dark cave, finding out she's a daughter of an evil man, still contain feelings for her, eventually lose her—she sends you back to your home—find her to be pregnant…With your baby! Waah!"
Deep. Tony's getting all deep, started getting me worked up, as well. However, still remained discrete. I didn't help; you could always count on an animal for comfort. Kitsune whimpered and licked Tony's right cheek. Tony was lifted of his aggro. Lifted his left hand over his pet, and pet his animals orange fur.
" It isn't about me, Kitsune. It's about you. Your gonna help me fetch Tag, whether it takes us all night—even if we need to chase the winner till the ends of the earth. We act. You must be thirty? A little voice in my head tells me: Water is the essential for the body, most of us our made out of liquids. We have water at some point, or our brain cannot function. Just like when I worked for Ejichiro Oda, I'd pour me a glass of water for every page I've worked on."
Tony poured out a silver metal water bottle. The fox saw water bottle, overjoyed. Kitsune slurped out the water bottle Tony dangled on his left hand side. I've never seen Tony look sad, come to think of it. He was always angry, trying to fight enemy creatures, practicing with swinging sword against a tree, getting into arguments involving me—couldn't believe the person started at was the real Tony Parker. The fox Monster stopped drinking; it turned towards Tony."
" There, there. Don't drink too much. Poverty with essentials, you must have done something worthy, first. Let's train. We shall battle!"
Tony's a lunatic. He'd actually brought that carbon sword out (yes, carbon), and started swinging it towards Kitsune. It wasn't afraid; could roll over before the carbon sword smacked it. Small balls of fire blown from its mouth. Tony showed no fear—slice in the middle of all the tiny fireballs. Too some it was madness… I regarded it as normal. They were training. I would mimic, their actions.
" Weiry…" Hit me. Weiry was on the other side, but he could hear me. " I feel atrocious. We'll both be in this tournament, time for us to fight, you know what needs to be done; shut up and do it."
Good idea, big mistake. There's no way I'd be sleeping, wouldn't recover, won't be able to fight. There's no turning back now—icy cold attack struck me in my backside. It was agony, soothing. Twirled my body around, and my claws scratched away bricks of ice. Weiry breathed ice out his mouth. A snowstorm—should've brought an umbrella, my hands would make up for. Pushed, pushed, and was coming closer to Weiry. The little serpent was desperate; I was only an inch away. We got so serious… then we stopped. I reached my hand out. Weiry looked at my hand in a confused manor.
" Shake it. My father talked to me, before he died: You can judge a man, by how he shows his respects, starts how he shakes their hands."
Weiry understood. Weiry didn't have any hands, resorted with his tail. The tail coiled around my hand—the squeeze was tight, and stopped blood circulation through me. " Ahh… Okay, you mean it."
The tail subsided back, thank Karma. It was gonna be a rough battle… I knew we could win.

Waiting. Never my thing.
Inside the Monster Tournament waiting room—surrounded by different types of people and their Monsters. Some of which were Glenn, Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Garu, Weiry, Cisco, Jessica, Kitsune, me. Surrounded by silver lockers, plastic brown benches, mucky water puddles on the ground, a single headlamp glowing on top our heads. In just a few moments—would exit these rooms—journey to our battle. I sat on a plastic bench, Glenn allowed Hifdan to hit him for testing strength, Garu was running amock on four legs, Max typed on his computer with a USB cable sticked right into Cybers chest. We were on our way to battle.
Amongst a crowd of people.
Staring down, saw Garu and Weiry; against Fisherman Jack and Argus. Fisherman Jack's was dark skinned, wore farmer clothes with an yellow apron over his chest and dark blue shirt underneath his blue apron, black soled rubber boots, amber eyes, a small black moustache over his mouth. His partner Argus massive, 30 meter wide eye, slimy purple skin around his massive eye, two bulky on his sides.. Both teams stood on a stadium, covered in grey metal, gigantic circle, a giant yellow painted circle in centre. Garu and Fishman Jack, Weiry and Argus—standing middle of stadium.
" The battle … Now begins!" Announcer roared through the area.
Fisherman Jack reached out his left hand, closed his eyes. " Best of luck to you…My short friend."
" Short?" Garu said in disbelief. " Nobody… calls… me 'Short!' Bite!"
Garu gnawed on Fisherman Jacks left hand. Fisherman frantically shaked his hand, and banged Garu's face against the ground. Garu still bit through Fisherman’s hand. That was when Garu did a backflip, forward. Knocked against Argus's massive eye—illuminating night black—pressed deeper into the eye, and it became disfigured. Attack was cancelled. Argus losing his eyesight, becoming dizzy with extra load, fell face first into the ground… I saw Fisherman Jack lying on the ground all puckered out, and Garu standing on top Fisherman Jack.
" Is there anyone else, calling me… Short! No?! Excellent choice, ninnies!"
" The winner… Garu and Weiry!"
Everyone inside the crowd were hesitant to clap their hands, however, applauded psychotic Garu.
" Next round pairings…. Glenn and Hifdan VS Kei and Minotaur."
Garu left the field, Weiry following close behind—dragged from the other side; Fisherman Jack and Argus. Glenn, Hifdan entered on the left, two opponents entered on the right.
A man wearing comfy silk red pyjama pants and shirt, fabric red mittens over his hands, groomed back brown hair, half-lens glasses over his eyes. Hybrid monster, humanoid form of a bull and a snakelike throb sticking out his rear end, plain red furred, silver hooves for his feet, large silver horns sticking out his head.
" Begin!"
" Minotaur… Attack! Rampaging Frenzy!"
Minotaur stampeded towards Glenn and Hifdan. Raging breath and heated body closing in—stopped in the spot. Minotaur quivered through his fur and looked frightened over our appearances.
" Minotaur… Androphobia will not help us, now. Be a man. Beat them up."
Minotaur did no such thing. He's moment of escape—outside the platform—leaped out of the platform. Buzzing noise through the area, he'd leaped out the platform.
" Rules number 11: Any creature that's knocked out the platform… their owner loses the match. The winners… Glenn Matthews and Hifdan!"
" That was too easy," Hifdan foolishly thought he'd muttered to his partner. " I was hoping we'd at least get a chance to test or hone our skills."
" Don't worry," Glenn assured Hifdan. " Our time to battle will come; a later basis. Right now… We need to practice, and increase our skills. We've got to stop any in our path, even if it's someone we know, or someone who looks tough, we will never give up."
" Your right, Glenn. Let's get started."
Glenn and Hifdan walked off the stage. I heard their children applauding them in the stands. Them I noticed Johnny&Lorei. Johnny&Lorei sat next to each other, Kimbo sitting just left of where they been seated. Kimbo acted as the guard dog. There was many dangerous Monsters in the sand, and Glenn didn't trust children to be around those Monsters. Who could blame him?
Max and Cyber stepped on the platform… A monster with a serpentine Monster stepped into the platform. The man wore green-blackish clothes over his body, a green army hat on his head, black shades, smoking a cheap Malboro cigarette. Serpentine stood on four massive legs, nine massive heads hissing out his body, aqua blue scales, petrifying yellow eyes, short sharp fangs inside his mouth, massive tail outside his rear end.
" The battle between Max Yuki and Cyber Commander VS Koki and Hydra…Begins!"
" RAMPART BLASTER!" Cyber yelled as small bullets were shot out of his gun.
" WATER HISS!" Koki yelled, for his monster to attack.
Water stream exited Hydras mouth. Stream collided with small bullets. The battle between them went on, ten seconds… Water stream pushed through the bullets. Cyber was pushed aback by force of waters pressure. However, Cyber wasn't one to go down easy, and planted his metal feet right into the ground, stood in place, just two inches away from outside platform.
Missile hatch opened up. A dozen small, pointy tipped white missiles exited the hatch. Moving to the other side—exploded around Koki and Hydra. Black smoke came out. Smoke cleared; both were unharmed. Hydra wrapped Five heads around Koki, four heads in front of body, blocked missiles penetrating their skins.
" Nice move, dude. Keep it up… Am thirsty for a real fight."
" Well… Prepare to be satisfied! Cyber."
Cyber took one look at Max. He saw the serious expression in his eyes.
" Max… We cannot Tribute evolve, here."
" There is no rules when it comes to a monster against a Monster. Let's do it, partner."
" Right." White light came out of nowhere and surrounded Cybers body.
" Cyber Commander! Tribute Evolve too…"
Light faded. Cyber transformed. A monster appeared, twice Cybers size, body covered in white armor (except his eyes, red), a giant green rocket launcher, and a massive wheel formed around his right shoulder.
" Gadget Hauler!"
Cyber Commander! Tribute Evolution to!" Cybers body became covered in white armor ( except his eyes), was given a giant-green rocket launcher, and a wheel formed around his right shoulder.
Water tide came out Hydras mouth, and began making its way towards Cybers new form.
A loud noise broke the Sound Barrier. Missile came out his rocket launder, rushed to the water, the water acted as a wall, and exploded when it touched the missile. Max, Cyber, Koki, Hydra—pushed aback by Missiles force. Pure agonized voices through their mouths. Rigorous heads smolten with smoke. Blue electric sparks electrocuting out Cybers metal body.
" Mmpha… Don't think this is over! I deserve to be victorious. You are nothing! Hydra! WATER MULTI TAILS!"
All nine heads had been covered in water. Their forms thrashed, and were able to hit Max and Cyber, hurled their bodies backwards. Cyber took Max in his left arm, smashed the ground below using his right arm. Max and Cyber dangled staying up—thrashing water waves coming right at them. However, they were going to be just fine.
This attack was different from priors. Small missiles exited an unnoticeable hatch on his left shoulder, however, this one fired 10 centimeter long missiles. The missiles ram into water coated heads—exploded on contact. Three heads went down, reanimated from destroyed tissue, unconscious.
Battle between giants. Amplitude made me excited, events too come. Small missile fired out cannon and water tides slushing out serpentines mouth—bounced off against each other, cancelled each other out. Battle turned chagrin. No one touching each other; no reasons for me to watch. Just wanted to go down there, wolf clawed, dismantle those two, myself.
" Dammit Max, get your facile bum out of la-la land, and do some fighting!"
" Am trying, Tony! This isn't easy, ya know!"
Me and my gaiety. But I must admit: Haggard Max, wouldn't last much longer, against a creature in perfect shape and health. Imp of a player, and his Hydra Monster— Breathed out streams of water. Surfs up! Max—coated metal man Cyber—leaped on the waves and were surfing. Two redirected waters wave in one place, somehow made it dissolve, and then explode 100 million water droplets. Koki engulfed more of his cigarettes extent.
" Jinks my fun? I'll show all you, meaning of Pain: Draining every last ounce of a person's energy.
Water around Hydras heads, twirled in circular formation. Non-humane, but blur of water merging into a great force. Max took stance; feet behind body and arms in crossed position, prepared his upcoming laborious effort.
" Cyber! Front's strong, back macerate. You aim high…"
" Youaim low."
Cybers hatch opened up, however, nothing emerged. Max knew his moment: Snatch missile away from Cyber.
A single weapon of mass destruction—taken by bad boy, Max Yuki. Max, the big dolt, started running with the missile in his left palm—rushing water heading towards him. Cyber blocked it…
Sole missile made contact against rough waters, Hydra's attack. Water fell, evaporated everywhere. Max continued moving. He'd be no good for me, an obsolete man; why I cherished his great enthusiasm. He'd made it left side Hydra, pulled missile behind his head, steadying it in his palms grasp—threw it towards Hydra's multiple heads—spread with yellow-blackish explosive powder. Complete radiant force—pressing against Hydras scaly surface—rippling away surface area of skin.
" Waah!" Koki made a horrified grunt, out his paralysed mouth.
Effects ceased, and I saw Koki lying down unharmed, unconscious… serpentine monster.
" The winners!… Max Yuki and Cyber Commander!"
Thunderous roar, crowd applauded… Max and Cybers victory. It was my turn—show everyone what I can do. For the good of this quest, and become closer in obtaining Akana—back in my arms.
My first battle, me and Kitsune.
Walked in centre platform; the yellow circle. Man, with pachyderm Monster, seen face-to-face. Man kept a light green ski cap over his head, blue shades; much like original persons black sunglasses, frisky brown hairs as his moustache, grey females vaute coat, pink lip gloss over his slightly torn fingernails, sprained ligaments in his knees, shiny red rubber boots; a man in love with cosplay. His Monster, steel AB body, eight steel slots embedded in his abdomen, human skinned, short stranded brown hair out his chest and his head, large wooden club held in left palm, single giant white eye seen on his head.
" The battle between Tony and Kitsune, the legendary Monster VS Itsuo and Cyclops… Begins!"
Itsuo stood in place, arms crossed. The man mumbled something; I just couldn't listen to. He'd chanted gibberish—Cyclops dashed. Swinged his club, and roared out his mouth. I Could barely protect myself, the massive monster moving towards us—ducked right, holding on Kitsunes underbelly and rolled left. Cyclops club slammed down; it hit the ground.
" Shut them down, Cyclops!" Man's voice now up roared throughout the platform. " We must win! Our lives depend greatly on this tournament, and how the outcome favours us, if we ever expect our rank to raise. You're the strongest Monster around—show them everything, you've got!"
I've never studied tectonics, was pretty sure a fissure in the ground, massive Cyclops started, never been a good sign. Cyclops rage and determination of coming on top—picked up off ground—walked nimbly through platform. Cynic man got his creature moving; almost impossible to believe. Reasons of Cyclops attacks: Want to wreak havoc on all who oppose him.
" Kitsune, Fox Tails!" I ordered the foxlike monster.
Kitsunes nine tails lighted burning red-orangish fire. Fire grew 2'00 in size, 2'00 in lbs—projected towards massive Cyclops. Flames were dressed against Cyclops massive left arm lifted up and fire hitting that arm. Kitsune evoked Cyclops—Raising tail—launching larger sized fireballs towards Cyclops.
" Please... You underestimate... Everything Cyclops capable of! NATURE FIST"
Cyclops punched both arms into ground—sprouted giant bushy green trees out the ground.
Life as a factotum, I was obliged to do my work, and not to ask any questions. I knew Kitsune had it in her—fighting off against any threats, because she was like me... A person looking for work and getting past the challenge.
Kitsune galumphed—rushing herself towards the mighty Cyclops. Started gaining speed, water moisture around her body, ablaze red-orangish flames, became whole—burning 20'00" tall monster. Jaws dropped on the ground—consumed Cyclops form, whole. Kitsune showed no signs of being discreet. She'd just gave out a very powerful move, and I was embarrassed by it. A few gurgling sounds—spat Cyclops straight out her mouth. He covered in saliva and smolten in his head and his two arms. Tried lifting his hands in the hair—fell right back down.
" The winners!... Tony and Kitsune. Everyone whose won, will advance into the finals! May the odds of winning be forever in your favours!"
Tried passing what was left of my genteel attitude.
Locker woman was a haven. No more battling; for now, could sit down and read manga, and there was Kitsune practing her fire moves against the wall. Right now I read Gantz. Gantz: A high school boy named Kei Kurono and Masura are killed by a subway train trying to protect a homeless man when he'd fallen on the tracks. In this manga, chosen people who've died of any causes, sent to Gantz a large black ball, transported to fight against aliens, trying to get out of Gantz.
Everyone had their own thing. Hifdan coiled small pebbles with Vine Snare, Cyber having a USB cable in his front circuit and Max madly typing on a computer keyboard, Garu trying to munch on fish Weiry frozed and he defrosted, while Cisco closed his eyes and sat in a lotus position, he was meditating.
" Hello," A familiar voice talked to me. Turned my head around, saw Glenn Matthews right beside me. " Tough battle you had there, eh? Things could be worse." Glenn rubbed his scalp. He 'd tried thinking about his next words, carefully. " I always thought my journeys were ineluctable, you know? Things just seem… written for me. "
" Am animistic. Let me tell you something: I hear voices, don't laugh, inside my head."
" Am a boy, with a book giving another world creature power. Keep talking."
" I couldn't always grow fur, teeth, transform. A silent, otaku, single tracked, person… unable to think of anything but manga. It whispers in my mind… Already started. Excuse me one moment, Glenn.
Sorry I couldn't speak, earlier. Thinking about me wouldn't be good—facing that monster.
Parturitions my only concern. Until am with Akana… I will never truly be happy… never stop training.
Bravo, your finally putting others feelings, before your own, To-ny Pa-rk-er. I could almost cry; I'd actually had a normal body.
Stop joking around!
I don't joke around, even if I did… Am your "feelings", duh. Whatever's in your mind—transfers over to me—transfers differently to you. People recover or lose track of their feelings, Tony. We've unified, we can make things happen. Just try to remember—
" The next round pairings… Tony and Kitsune, the legendary fox Monster VS Fuji and Griffin!"
No matter what happens… never give up.
Prepared for the quandary. Walked on the platform, Kitsune besides me, staring at my opponent and her Monster. Girl 15 years old, wearing a red yankee's cap, plain shirt, white miniskirt, long dirty blonde hair sticking out yankee's cap, aqua blue eyes. Her monster containing yellow furred body of a lion, white wings of an eagle, brown head of an eagle, large yellow bird claws, large yellow bird beak, small predatory yellow eyes.
" Everyone's here's too prolix," Girl said. " Make me cry; it comes from peoples lack of speed and their low witted minds. "
"Fugi… Stop this ribald attitude." Griffan talked through his beak.
" Come on, Griffian. Humours the most important thing in the world, bird brain. "
" Always a vague little girl. Persistent on proving yourself, wores me out. "
" The battle Between Tony with Kitsune and Fugi alongside Griffian… Begin!
" FURY!" Massive Monster half-bird and half-beast yelled while it stood up.
Griffian flapped his wings vigorously, vertically, and came in front of us. Griffian started to peck his peck rapidly at us, however, I blocked it:
Small fireballs formed around Kitsunes tail tips. Fire merged into one giant fireball—launched directly towards massive flying beast. Ducked down, aerial backflip, fly overhead, landed right side Fugi.
" Any more bright ideas, bird brain?"
" You're dealing with a ruthless man eating monster. Remember that rift we had, when we wanted to do training, but we both had different idea's for training?"
" Yes."
" Finally took you a sanguinary move… recover your senses. Your scatty head did learn something. Let's ride together, Fugi."
Fugi nodded her head. She'd got on Griffians backside. The girl pulled out a small grey lantern connected on a long silver chain. Small flames burned through the candle—glowing out red light—covered Fugi's and Griffians bodies, eventually stopped, the two appeared differently. Both had small silver plates on their shoulders, silver metal gloves on the girls hands, grayish metaled claws over Griffian, 16th century rapier held in Fugi's left hand, large metal beak covering Griffians beak, human helmet with a grid, large helmet covering Griffians forehead and a gap for his face—soared overhead.
" Chivalry, justice!" A voice of Fugi and Griffin echoed in my ears. " We are the great knights, defending the world! Justice Stampede! "
We scud, away. Kitsune fired fireballs to sear, however, bounced off metal attached to them.
" Ha. We will eradicate anything negative! Compare yourselves to Justice?... Ha, you're not even good enough for—"
" I'll make you eat those words! I'll segregate you two!”
" Bring… It… On!"
" Fox Fire!"
" Justice Javelin!"
Rapiers form changed red—molded to a javelin, light faded. Openly admit: The girl has style. A javelin, riding a griffin, get to where cool armor… Come on! This is so cool! Like one of my manga's; I'd actually get to live through. This would be a worthy opponent, however, I'd still end up victorious.
Kitsune surrounded by roaring flames, the two's form coated in dark grey metal. Kitsune growed in size and had her entire body made of flames—showed true power. The two stayed coated in metal. Two falchions sparkling multicolor—pulled out Fugi's backside. Game of Chicken. Flames seared against platform—Kitsune charged forward. Metal clanged against platforms hard surface—flying towards Kitsunes burning avatar, low altitude.
" We are Warriors of Justice! We'll contain all that's evil, and fight with what's inside our hearts!"
" I am a Were. Neither a human, or a beast, change my appearance. Change the world—adapt to any situation—find my way through all challenges. One I've got to do: Face off against you two…"
Kitsune, Fugi, Griffin—colliding. Flames spread where they've been hit, and I was taken aback by its power. Smoke finally cleared… Kitsune was barely limping on both her paws, the others lying unconscious on the ground.
" The winners!... Tony Parker and Kitsune! They've earned place in the final four!"
" Guh!... My head!" Fugi screamed on ground, banging her left fist against the platform, shaking her arms in protest. " He won… Not me!"
Somebody was a little over prideful. Little numskull, bluttering tears out her eyes, over something as silly as a tournament.
Took a seat in the stands.
I started at the last battle. Garu and Weiry VS Cisco and Jessica. All my other friends names were called, I just didn't pay attention. Mind couldn't accept upcoming quantity's. I would have to face one of them, all for Tag. Difficult task, however, anyone could do it… I`d be most legible.
Garu and Cisco Took their places on top giant yellow circle. Both of them shook hands. Wolves had sensitive hearing, blessed on me—heard every word coming out their mouths.
Howdy! It’s sure queer facing you, little mongrel. Don't take losing the hard way. After all: I am the original champion of Monster Tournament.
Blah, blah, oh my Karma, blah! Your just another person, I`ll need to defeat.
Let's not forget your pals, chum. Everyone's ended with a tie. Whichever us wins—advances to the finals.
`` The Battle between Garu and Weiry VS Cisco and Jessica… Begins!``
Garu acted irrationally. Ran straight for Cisco. Cisco didn't move, budge where heed stood. Simply looked at Garu, and laughed to himself. Rapacious Garu did as he pleased—jumped up—grasped Cisco`s neck collar.
`` Keep your reverie ideas, too yourself, pal. People would like reviling against you—nothing more. Very seldom how am not one to fight. No `Fire Charge` or any other good attacks… Why am I not surprised?``
`` Oh… This isn`t a laugh. It`s winning chuckle. (louder tone) Koa-neu-tse-wing!``
Complete gibberish… I understood: Let us fly wing. Strange how things worked with me. Ever since I`ve been an anima, could sense other people's feelings and see things in a different way. Now I could feel Cisco`s body. He's blood circulation beated faster, muscles expanded, bones formed in his back, eye lens changed figure. Implanted directly into my frontal lobe, and cerebellum. Saw him—seeing Garu looking directly at him, a new being. The exact sized body and form, green scales for a body suit, pinker also softer skin, webbed feet shown without his shoes, emerald eyes, rose red lips, long blonde hair, purple butterfly wings sticking out backside.
`` You are one strange motherfucker,`` Garu talked cool, calm.
Miraculous… Aren`t I? CELESTIAL ARROWS! This forms has undergo many harsh trials. There were people cadging my mother, taken things; ain't theirs, raiding island in search of a fillip—taken down. CELESTIAL ARROWS!``
Dozens of small green arrow-like objects were fired out Cisco's hands. Unremitting nature, Garu's attitude. An urbane act—spinning around in circles while a floating—plummeted down and raised his small furry claws in the direction of Cisco`s attack. Spinning gave him greater power; he`d smashed arrows into pieces, and made way for Cisco.
`` Jessica!…Give me Power!...CELESTIAL BEAM!``
Garu was the vacuous nature, if only he wasn`t… Palms being lifted up and green light shining out Ciscos palms wouldn't have hurt him. Garu went back, however, Weiry breathed ice to make a cinder block sculpture and Garu fell smoothly on it. Garu groaned on icicle cinder block, however, he was perfectly alright.
`` Thanks, pal.`` Weiry wagged his tail in approval. `` Let`s fight them! ICICLE BLAST!``
Weiry turned towards Cisco; man merged with a fairy. Pretty sad had to vapid calling for help. A light blue glow inside Weiry`s mouth, icicles were breathed out his mouth and ram into Cisco. No immediate effect—Cisco blocked all them—punched the tips. Small bits of remaining icicles fell down, and landed right in front of Cisco.
``Nice attempt. But that`s all it was: An attempt. CELESTIAL… DOOR of POWER.``
Massive object appeared out of thin air. Massive, tri sided, green all over, a bronze yellow handle on the right side, and multiple panes in middle of the object. Object slide open—revealing green fog inside object—fired a massive beam of green energy through the open space.
Large quantity of snow breathed out Weiry—collided against Cisco`s attack—exploded with too much force. Battle started anew, smoke clearing, Garu and Cisco were smoltened by black dirt as well bleeding in their arms and feet. Garu reached his acme, felt dizzy. Garu stood 10 whole seconds since he`s battle—closed his eyes and fell down.
`` The winner is—``
Cisco gave everyone a huge smile—fell down on the ground, just like Garu had. Only I could see… He was faking it, reasons beyond my knowledge.
`` Sheesh… Scratch what`ve said before. The real winner is!... Tony Parker and his Monster Kitsune!``
Felt good to be out Monster Tournament, and holding onto our second Tag.
N.E.X took life form—searched the Tags contents—inserted directly into his brain. All of us gathered around N.E.X, cross-legged. Cisco also stood by us and studied how we worked.
`` Fancy that, you people from another world? Golly… what a queer way ta come.``
None of us paid Cisco any attention. He`d just continued asking for it, and we said ``nya``. However, Garu was different.
`` Your unbelievable. Allow yourself to lose a battle. Why?``
`` Well…There’s really no thoughts, coming ta mind. You guys really needed Tag… Why wouldn`t I let you have it. People think they need to have everything; it`s really a journey—obtaining everything. You most likely won`t succeeded. It would be a wasted life of you don`t have a common goal. Whether or not you succeed… A lift of trying and believing… There`s no other life for me, or any other person, I can think of.``
``Tell your friend `he`s strange,`` N.E.X mentioned where he laid. `` Now get over here. I am ready to travel.``

N.E.X opened portal into another universe. Glenn, Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Garu, Weiry, Me, Kitsune, Kimbo, Johnny&Lorei. Cisco, Jessica saying good-byes. Cisco rubbed everyone's shoulders—hugging them tightly—whispering things in their left ears. I could hear him, more clearly with his sharp ears.
" Good luck, stranger. Things may reek here, but am sure as soup ready. Just keep Kitsune close by, and don't let any harm befall on her. She's the only me; it would shame me if no one was to take care of her. "
" Don't worry," Tony replied. " She's my little Akana. Nothing shall come to get her, am not there to assist."
Cisco gave Tony the tightest Bear Hug of all. Yellow energy glowed behind. Cisco held Tony the entire time—yellow light sucking his body in—Cisco looking up—noticing his friends gone. A small smile across his face, and eyes tearing.
We were in a desert.
Rough sands with silicone, gigantic yellow ball blazing its heat waves; our bodies all hot, nothing but a wasteland noticed as our visions return, buzzards picking at human skull remains. People have died here—I'll be next, nobody comes. Noticed everyone else. Glenn, Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Garu, Kimbo, Kitsune, Weiry—unconscious from a Heat Stroke. Johhny&Lorei were the only ones left standing. Both were dripping bodily fluids, panting with their jaws open, holding the other close.
" Lorei, Johnny!" I bawled. Ran up to Max, examined contents in his left pocket, took a plastic Naya, Canadian Natural Spring Water; Max harbouring from all of us, sprinted up to Johnny&Lorei, raising my water bottle so they could drink, used their hands pushing aside water. "Drink!"
" You drink, Tony," Johnny insisted, showing off those cutie eyes. " We get in way. Tony needs water."
" This isn't about me. Your father counts on you, Johnny… Demurring and protesting , pretty poor excuses, wellbeing."
" Please… Tony… Save yourself!" Lorei backed up Johnny, made me almost collapse of angst.
" I intend to." Took a glimpse of the water bottle, looked at Johnny and Lorei, refocused on water bottle. " We'll share. One-third each, keep us rehydrated. Johnny… You first."
Johnny obeyed me, this time. Lifted Max's water bottle, used both hands for lifting, slurped down the see through liquids, passed on to Lorei, stared at it, passed alongside me.
" I've inherited telepathy powers. I can read people's hearts, consume edible objects without touching, my goals levitating."
Didn't just take Lorei's words for granted—uncapped my waterbottle—saw a small puddle, Lorei was telling the truth. My turn— gulped all liquids into my mouth, and swallowed all it.
" Good?" Johnny&Lorei dubious tone came.
" Not really, good. We do anything to live, let others live, enjoy ourselves. One motto, keeping me strong. Now, time for everyone else. We cannot wake them and have no more water, however, can keep them alive. In my bags manga booklets. In school I learned white cannot absorb light. Manga is used with black into, solidified. Spread them over their bodies, but do it carefully. I expect to read them, later."
" Any you wouldn't care about being trashed? Because we have so little time… we have no time for your books."—Lorei.
" Slam Dunk, Kamen Rider, Bloody Monday's, High School of the Dead, Ringo, Dragon Sister, Eiken. Careful over ones I like: Death Note, Bleach, One Piece; I work for the artist, Naruto, Mär, Ratman, Fairy Tail, Rave Master, -man, Hunter X Hunter. Chop-chop. "
Pained my soul seeing manga being tarnished, but at least they were my least favourable. I never hate manga, I just read it once, see if I like it, stop reading it, move on to a better receipted one. Still sorry for those authors—not knowing their masterpieces are being torn apart, page-by-page, scattered over unconscious people. Everyone mimicked mummies, small paper over their bodies.
`` We do well, Tony?``-Johnny.
`` You were pure genius. I`ve never seen paper taken off so smoothly. No signs of rip marks, everything perfectly unharmed. Your father, your friends, we’ll all survive, and see another day.`
`` Touching,`` Bone chilling voice said overhead.
I turned around, saw Lord Van Bloot hovering, wings flapping, wooden rod having a skull like object on top, green eyes seen in the eye sockets.
`` Evil man!`` Johnny and Lorei said in unionisation.
`` Get out of here, Van Bloot. My friends aren`t feeling well.``
`` Think I don`t know? I was counting on it. I have the perfect opportunity to attack, your all alone, no one saving you.``
`` Cease this horseplay, Van Bloot! You cannot scare me; a giant green lizard.``
`` Armored Lizard? I disposed of him. Don`t worry, this next one`s much more… Interesting. He gives you limited opportunities: Leave me to kill your friends and I`ll dispose of you in a later basis, Stay here for an early death and I`ll kill your friends afterwards.``
`` I`ll go with C: None of the above. YOU SHALL COME NO FURTHER!``
`` Grr… I hate negativity. Dungeon Worm… Swallow him!``
Sand stirred in a tomb, bonelike teeth emerging in a circular position, he had emerged—the creature. Copied a worms body, brown squishy body, 12`00``, 178 Ibs, multiple eyes on his head.
This will not be pretty, Tony. Feelings words lead me, inside my mind. Whether you know it, or not, deserts heat circulates your mind. It`s not safe to conflict them. Fighting right now could kill you.
It may kill me. I have to take my chances. I owe myself to see Akana once again, and I owe it to Glenn and Hifdan to protect their children. Nothing will stop me, completing my task at hand.
Tony! Females voice rang in my head. Let me help you! Let me help you, we helped each other. I love you, Tony… Your my brother. I love you.
Yes. Turn around. Followed Kitsunes orders. Saw her, half-dazed, barely keeping her balance. Defile man’s wishes is non-negotiable, but I believe he has sixth sense to know when he needs help.
Want to help me? I won`t stop you. It`s our battle, fighting against this beast, and our duty to vanquish anything, posing a threat, on humanity.
`` Let`s go!`` I yelled out my mouth. `` FOX TAILS!``
Kitsune growled behind, jumped in front. Small fireballs ablazed on her tail tips. Fireballs were launched out her tails, and came directly into behemoth worm. No immediate effect—fireballs bounced off the worms slimy skin.
`` Mmmmmwwwwahahahahaah! That was path-ethic. You could never measure up to me, or even your friend Glenn. Your just like the creature before you; a useless worm, following mightier people for food.
`` Enough!`` Lift hand unsheathed sword, right hand flashed blade, 7 seconds. `` Doesn`t matter if am the weakest, strongest… You will be defeated, and I`ll end supreme!``
The angst always hurt. Fur grew from body, teeth sharpened-hardened, large sharp talons out my fingernails, spate long red hair behind head, clothes broke apart—AB body and watermelon sized muscles shown. I never felt, looked, this strong. I was underweight from just reading, and lacked having any muscles. Things people do for someone they love.
`` Cool it, Fido. Wouldn`t want to damage that pretty face… Buried in a caske-``
I was a bullet. In no time I was able to get in front of him, slash the mighty worm—it exploded soft guts and entrails. The worm was gone, Lord Van Bloot staring down, snickering.
`` Your forefathers, must be proud of you. In my eyes: You're a scam, a host, an excuse for a Chaotic creature. You`re no match for me, how`d you plan to detrohe my master!?`` Staff Lord Van Bloot held illuminated green in the human skull. `` Raja du, kadeshie!``
Van Bloot had this power, surging through his ugly green scales, could make anyone fear him. He as well possessed allies, eldritch. Two more Dungeon Worms—tunneling out the sand. Teeth more grotesque, sharp, large.
Stay calm. Contemplate all solutions; it would be the weakest point.
Cannot perceive any. These ones are different. It`s almost like… Their empowered, or something.
Tony. Let me assist you. I will help you, burn them down.
Don`t get cocky, Kitsune. Your energy`s low, and you were weak against the prior one.
I know. There are good times, there are bad times. I can feel your mind, too. You don`t ever think about doing something, just do it, best you can. Vivid. You can feel me… See me.
It was a replay. Kitsune charged towards Dungeon Worms. Arrogant, full of energy, feisty—I didn`t know what she was—making herself show raw power.
Kitsune galumphed—rushing herself towards the two Dungeon Worms. Started gaining speed, water moistened around her body, ablaze red-orangish flames, became whole— burning 20`00`` tall monster. Jaws dropped on the ground—consumed the two worms. Loud gurgling noises—spat both worms out her nothing—nothing but piles of ashes. Lord Van Bloot remained, hovering, chuckling to himself.
`` Yes! Yes! More, yes! This is interesting! All shall kneel before me; I take you all down!``
Lord Van Bloot raised his skull with its eyes glowing green. Vigour of the wicked mind, hatred, energy emitted. Nothing could be determined—saw through the doors of heart—made without acting. Green ball, twice as large, covering skulls whole surface. It was to my amazement, honour… Someone watched over us. Undetectable, bismuth metal, thrown alongside, and knocking staff away from Lord Van Bloot, both landed right hand side. Curious, sixth sense leading my mind left, saw the culprit. He was tall, wearing bazaar body armor, cadet blindfold over his eyes, ochre heavy metal combat boats, two gut hook hunting knives ; 8`00`` large``; it contained a holster for the knives, actual devilock blue hair hanging in between the gaps in between his eyes.
" Not very nice… Attacking people weaker then you, for shame."
Lord Van Bloot glared at the man. " Shut up! You intervene—you'll be next."
Man's form did not move; standing firmly on his feet, arms crossed by each other. Inquisitive, a man standing near a monster, not show any fear—whistle like a humming bird. Large Van Bloot had been fed up over him—raised skull-tipped staff at the man—green light glowing out his skull Dungeon Worms would come, but he didn't know…
Massive beasts emerged from the sand. Beasts squirmy, large, multiple teeth in their hole representing a mouth, soulless eyes. All peered at their target. Could see nothing special. A ignorant man—waiting passionately—their jaws could seize, kill, hopeless merchant.
" Get out of here!" I hollered for this brave and clueless soul. " They will come after you… Try to kill you!"
Man started to shake. Didn't know he'd been having an aneurysm, or what? Such a strange man—laughing to himself—face of danger.
" Why would I leave? This is exactly what I've been looking for. Adventure. Tintin. Man whose faced countless foes, puts needs of others before his own, never gives up and tries getting a story out of his adventures. I will be exactly like him, somehow." Worms rushed, freight trains. Last laughs on the idiot—lacking any timorous actions—salivating mouths reaching their mark. " Gyp… Come here, boy."
Strangest man—most unpeculiar dog. Hiding under a sand bed in front of his partner, jumping out the bed, knawed into one worms belly, more effective this time—rocked himself back, forth—unexpected object fell on Dungeon Worm right side of him. Both Dungeon Worms disappeared into light yellow dust.
" That's… Groovy." Man pumped left arm by his sides, and gave a toothy smile.
" Cheap shot!" Lord Van Bloot all stressed out yelled. " Wait until you find true grief. Pain Hifdan, that annoying partner of his, caused me in Chaotic tournament—warmed the heart of my beloved."
" Anything about the nearest restaurant?" Man questioned. " I haven't eaten a whole day, and am hungry."
Snickered. " You want food? Pitty I'll never—"
" Wasn't talking… to you."
Lord Van Bloot started in Awe; dropped everything he worked on. Lefting his staff, probably send an army of Chaotic beasts. Agh!... Make pain of loud screeching go away. My eardrums would literally burst, this pain kept on going. Did see my cultprit: Little girl's open, and an amplifier inside his mouth.
" Make… It… Stop!" Me, Van Bloot, begged together.
"Can't do that, pals. I make a decision and I see it through. Never stop, till am wrong."
Hope he's wrong, this time. Mouth, arms, cerebellum—felled numb. Still see things visibly; it was clear dog and monkey could work together. Run to a spot on both ends—ram in Van Bloots sides . Two animals made their attack, paced away from Lord Van Bloot, joined their master. Rhodisian licked man's left arm, Monkey started crawling up his body. The man laughed, full of overexcitement, out his mouth. Echoing pain finally lifted—tapped the dolt's left shoulder, behind.
" Your name?"
Man ceased laughing, turned to face me. " Aero, sir. Aero Diamond."
" Well, Aero Diamond… Get out of here. This battles far from over, and Lord Van Bloots displeased over your courage."
" Can't do that, sir. I don't stop working; I finish my work at hand. Righteous, eh?"
The fool may have been distracted, but I was visual. Lord Van Bloot still had energy to groan—he'd make his way up… Forces beyond my knowledge knows his plans.
" Do you at least have water, we can borrow?"
Difficult seeing eyes with that blindfold, but his mouth started to swish back-forth, proven no ideas over this matter.
" I see water. I drank water. Don't have any of it, now. Never needed any of it."
" I don't understand. Water's essential to the human body. You couldn't have lasted long not tasting water… Unless—"
" Your dead!" Van Bloot yelled, making his way back up. Nearly fell back on the ground, retained his balance. His right arm thrusted, ring with white skull on it, flashed in our direction. "Dimension Ärm… Zipper!"
I remember Lord Van Bloot's object. Screw manga critics, sometimes, MÄR Heaven was awesome! I may just say this, a full otaku fan, but it was one of my top 10 manga: Death Note, One Piece, Naruto, Bakuman, MÄR- Marchen Awaken Romance, Blazing Barrels, -man, Bleach, Ratman, Gantz. This object—vivid as it was in MÄR— teared open a blue worm hole and Lord Van Bloots partner came out. Held his book—illuminating brightly.
Lord van Bloot raised his left hand, up. Murky, green were fired out Lord Van Bloots left hand, and came an inch near dreadlock's face—The man thrust his left hand, and penetrate the tip. Slush escaped everywhere.
" Yes! This is so much fun! Tintin would be so proud of me!"
Who was "Tintin" I remember that name; don't know where. Perhaps… A legend?
" Aero!"—Me. " Who's this "Tintin."
" Duh, Tintin's my hero. A journalist, followed by his faithful dog Snowy, risking life, and limb, looking for adventure—saving lives and putting others needs before his own."
" Some… Character!" Lord Van Bloot mocked, firing sludge. " This occult man, obsession, won`t do you any good, now! No human can help you. None!``
Aero continued pushing against sludge`s force—skin of arms melted away. Lord Van Bloots attack was an acid. Aero wouldn`t last much longer, soon all his skin would melt away. However, Aero kept smiling.
`` Who ever said: Tintin`s a human?``Aero pushed the water away from him. True form revealed, sparkling silver metallic arm. `` Tony, was it? I want you to see Adventure. He`s somewhere sacred. The only way to find him… Reaching the whole cite of yourself… Never reaching too far, or not getting enough…`Aero teared, camouflage of his left arm and legs, away. Another silver metallic arm; left side, two feet with small blade tips on the side; made entirely of aluminum, his blindfold unwrapped—two blue light emitting diode lens for his eyes. `` Your life’s on the line, there`s no holding back.``
`` Shut …Your… Mouths!``
Lord Van Bloot held his left palm out, again, a small green slimy ball formed in his palms once again. The ball released a tsunami. Head directly towards Aero, and stopped—All three animals came up to the ball, and made a hand connected wall against its tip.
`` Get`em out of there!`` I hollered, completely blindsided over everything, felt sympathy to those animals, alone.
`` They`ll be okay.``
Fur melted away. I didn`t know how this man could stay so calm, however, say he`d known what he`s doing. Viewing all the animals miseries, miscarings—peered closer to their forms—saw them for what they truly were: Androids. Half-left-dog`s body was torned apart and I witnessed gold, monkey right; carbon steel, the bird`s entire body, aluminum.
`` Your all androids?!``
`` I wish. Androids cannot feel pain. Am human, merged in titanium for my arms and head, and aluminum in my feet. My animals big ones are half-robotic. My small one`s full are Adventurer`s. I heard you yell, ventured to you, and here we are. Adventure, eh?"
Van Bloots attack ceased. He saw the creatures around him to be deadly, and didn`t want to risk his lift against them.
`` Magic ÄRM… Zipper!`` Blue warp hole came through—sucked in Van Bloots partner. Van Bloot stared at everyone—snickering. We shall meet again, sooner than you think. But first…There`s things I need to finish.``
Van Bloot, the sneaky bastard. Expanded his scaly wings—took off. Flew above the sand—fleeing in the clouds. He may`ve gotten away, however, up until next time—the next time I see him—I would give him everything I`ve got!
Aero lived in a shack. Green carpets all over his sandy ground, round table used for sitting; no chairs, aquamarine cabinets, deadbolt door knob made by gold on the left side of a green wood door, locked, and pictures of machine blue prints mixed with floor plans—I just couldn`t figure out—on the walls. Aero got on top his table, kneeling on the surface area.
" I saw your altruism, back there, Tony," Aero said while his feet were kneeling on the tables surface. " I like you. You remember me, a tiny me. Deem yourself, better than everyone else, work for it, and it all comes to truth. Look at me. I live in Hell. My arms are killing me; inside my chest, I've gotta maim my joints and polish metals—every frickin day, have zero interest on living—make a game out of it. I laugh. Snigger in danger, these holiness of God, deems as punishment, my mistreating's."
Walked up to table, looked directly into his still LED shown eyes, and talked to him…
" I too am agnostic. I believe people can do anything, themselves. Not rely on a figurine, of whom I've never encountered."
" Ease this attest. We our wondering souls, moving around this utopia, until the day we die. We won't see whose right— Actually see the eyes of Lord. We can only discourage belief, to ourselves."
Made a calm expression. My mouth stayed; straight line, eyes showed no excitement or anger, body parts fell limp. " For now, anyways. Now… We’ve attending to. Am pretty sure everyone whose with me, wondering would like to wake up."
Aero foresees everything. Everyone else was awake, yawning out their mouth's, eyes half-open, their bodies noticied using my left eye. Aero tried secreting his awkward appearance. Grabbed his blindfold, wrapped it over his eyes and skin looking blankets came over his arms and legs—goofy looking Aero returned.
" Where the fuck are we?" Garu rubely asked.
" Some kinda ditch, with furniture," Max answered, half-asleep, as if he'd known.
" Not any ditches I've been too," Glenn said. " Am digging this."
" Ahem!" Aero broke the silence. Everyone turned to Aero, keeping their eyes half open, him sitting on the table. " I would like to thank everyone who is here."
" We had a choice?"
" Well… you kinda did. You guys weren't smart, and decided ' hey, let's go into the a desert—eye of heat and wearing black'"
" I put sheets of white paper over them."
" Good for you."
" We helped!" Lorei and Johnny's voices were heard.
" Good for all of you. You know: I've adapted around egotistic people."
" We're not… uh, what does Egotistic mean?"
" Selfish, self-centred person. A person who boosts about their accomplishments, and base their whole lives on it—I don't really care for them people. Now sit down. I'll have dinner ready."
We were spoiled.
All five of us, together, our favorite meals. My favourite meal is French Onion Soup, Max; Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Feta Vinaigrette, Garu; Sea Bass with Garlic Butter, Glenn and Hifdan; Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage with Endive and Blueberry Salad, Johnny&Lorei sharing Crumb Top Banana Muffins, Kimbo; shrimp—eating at our table. Aero's a great cook, believe it, or not. We all took our eating slowly—taste buds exploding inside our mouth's. But that was ruined—seeing Garu Eating—accelerated in eating and didn't close his mouth.
" Yum, yum, good! Want more! More! Need more!"
Pieces of fish flinged out Garu's mouth. He was an animal. I didn't know what kind, propagating small fish pieces on us, beast he resembled.
" Hey, ruminate, close your mouth!" It was to my shock, and astonishment, the monkey spoke out.
Everyone, besides me, Aero, all the other animals, were shocked. They literately jumped out their seats—all fell back first on the ground. Glenn was the only one to get up.
" He's talking!"
" Course he can talk. He's part machine. He lost he’s brain, and was transplanted another one. In fact… We all had our body parts transplanted… heat of war, young man come in his white horse, saved our asses. It was a pitty… He couldn't save my parents as well. It's a drastic measure, keeping these suits on, remembering how there'd be three."
" Sad, sad, where's some fish. I haven't eaten like this in a fortnight!"
Aero, the poor sap, smiled. "There’s no more food, am afraid. Salvation around here's troubling. I just wanna leave this place—go somewhere safe—meet people—join a gang—save peoples lives. But sadly: This places the only thing left of my family, and I can't leave it. (smiled) I can, however, lead you to the city."
My feet were killing me; it was worth it.
We finally saw civilization. We’ve already went past sand dunes, climbed up pyramids, nearly died, and here we are, now—Our safe haven.
" Think we can get food?" Garu blurted out. " I am hun-gry."
" Course we'll get food," Aero said. " You can eat much as you want, growing lads such as yourselves. I'll just be around, remembering how people have eaten."
" I'll have stir fry," Max added in. " Maybe a cheese burger, with bacon."
" Blueberries. Lots, and lots, of blueberries," Glenn joined in.
" Fish!" Garu shouted.
Figures: I'll need to get them going. " Ribs. Am an animal, needs my meat."
" Yay!" we all screamed out loud, boy was I great, or what?
What happens next—our idea of food—put to an end, we'd come across… An unexpected turn of events. Dozens of Dungeon worms emerged from the ground, snarling, and swishing their tails. Worms weren't our only problem. Out the ground, a man emerged. Sheppard, red clothes over his body, a thorn-like whip in his hands; brown and long, dark skin, large small haired bristle beard.
" Ahhh! I know that man! He was in the Duel Monsters world, day I first meet Kimbo. You tried to warp Kimbo's mind!"
Kimbo growled and crouched down. Kimbo and Max shared some thoughts: They wanted to kill the dreaded man. The man laughed at them, head facing sky as his eyes were closed.
" That's right. Monster Tamer. My partner held me back. I now have a chance—you will all die!" Monster tamer whipped the ground. Dungeon Worms emerged out the ground. " Slimy beasts!... Witness their full power!"
All worms began their assault. I feared all those worms, however, acted without having to think.
Kept my sword up and began slashing towards the worms; underbelly my eyes could see. One slash—one turned to dust Two slashes—two worms went down. I kept slicing towards worms, and they all went down.
" That's right. Keep attacking me. I'll always summon more, no matter how many my pets you've taken care of."
" I ain't stopping!" Yelled at Monster Tamer. Swords my break my bones—pain of them piercing will always remain. You can't stop me. Am on a full rampage!"
I returned to running around and slash at all Worms around me.
A whole army came out the ground. Sharp small teeth, and large slimy heads. Their massive mouths expanded and started ramming.
Tony! Feelings voice started to come out. Duck
Dungeon Worms passed through me, and I was completely unprepared. I managed to pick myself up, position my feet on ground, managed stabbing worms right through their evaporated into tiny yellow dust particle.
Feelings also work for instincts, Tony. Only you could know what's coming, beneath your mind. Never let feelings be wasted.
Help of Feelings allowed me to over come the mighty worms. I could hear Glenn using "LAVALANCHE", Max's partner Cyber blasting away at the worms. Kimbo disappeared so he could knaw into worms underbellies; moment he reappeared, Aero using his mechanical animals used different methods: Punch, bite, squawk, Kistune and Weiry attacked—Weiry breathed cold breath, and Kitsune fired small fireballs. Dozens of Dungeon Worms disintegrated under our force.
I felt bad for Monster Tamers frontal lobe. Brains body's mover, I cherish. Monster Tamer filled himself of anger, stress, evil—eventually caught up to his mind—leaving anything out, but the taste of winning.
" More! More! More!"
Monster Tamer whipped the ground—worms emerged out the ground. Worms were no longer our only threat. Scorpions also emerged from the ground. Giant blue scorpions, 3`22``, 80 Ibs, four stingers in his rear end, turtle shell on backs, small white pinchers sticking out head. These blue scorpions surrounded the Dungeon Worms.
`` Muwhaha! Nothing can stop me. I will reach that town!... Destroy everything!``
Swords hilt kept moving. I kept swinging, All those worms disappeared into dust, the scorpions disintegrated into blue dust. I reined over these monsters. Everyone else, not so fortunate. The monsters caught everyone, except me, and Aero. Dungeon Worms mangled everyone, held their bodies up high, agonizing cries out their mouth's. Monster Tamer laughing hysterically out his mouth.
`` Yes! All kneel before me! I am the greatest! ( stared at me) Lord Van Bloots told me so much. Tony, was it? Why don`t you drop your weapon, and run away. You`ll do no good for anyone. Watch your comrades die—ran to save your life—whatever decision: A consequence must be intact. Make your choice. Times of thee essence.``
`` (No brainer) Shouldn`t ask me questions, nit-wit, you can`t back up. I could ask the same question: Can you be willing to accept your consequences? If the answers `no`, you`d better start running. I am an animal. There`s no justice to me. Just what`s right. Am protégé.``
``You`re dead, what you are. Swarm shall annihilate you!`
`` Yeah… Like that will happen.``
One thing did happen: The insects prepared charging towards me. All alone. Nobody to protect me, nurture me, I was the only one.
Believe in yourself, Tony. Kitsune`s words, telepathic. We rely on you, everyone you`ve befriended relies on you. You are magnificent. Every parts of your bone, a joyful person to be around, and fight alongside.
Trust in yourself, Tony. We`ve departed from each other, too long, but I`ve remorse about the kindred spirit inside you.
Right. Feelings, Kitsune, and anyone who can hear my voice... I will never give up. My life will move into fruition!
Energy. I could feel power, coursing through my veins. This epidemic seemed useless. I had power, and I`d harness its full glory. Brought my sword over my head, took a leap of desperation—started to run towards all those massive worms—Sword high in the air—made my pursuit. My mind drifted to this battle—nothing but blurs—drifting to my subconscious.
This wasn`t my first time—inside my mind, literally.
Blankness. Only the color white filled this area. Usually I would see Feelings, other animals, and they`d yammer about an important lesson. My time here was different. I didn`t see Feelings, or any other animal in the matter. Finally reunited with Akana. My beautiful soulmate, bob cut auburn hair, traditional red clothing wrapped around her waist; AB`s underneath her clothes, white stretch pants, , plastic flip flops, hazel eyes.
`` Akana, Akana,`` Repeated her name twice, she was an important part of my life, and I thought saying her name once was meaningless.
`` (eyes sparkling). Tony…(eyes returning to normal). It`s about time we meet, idiot. Didn`t I tell you to stay in your own world, dolt?``
`` It`s been 3 years.``
`` Your world, maybe. It`s only been a week, here.``
`` That cannot be.``
`` Afraid so. Like the moon: A person could spend day`s there, only see it as a day. But enough of that. Let`s reconcile.``
Akana gaited. Moved one foot forward, had another foot move in front her prior, synchronized pattern, and eventually came up to me. She kissed me. Taste of cinnamon came back into my mouth. I still don`t know how her lips tasted that way. But I love cinnamon, and Akana meant everything to me. Put 2, 2, together, and you`ll be satisfied. Akana stopped kissing me. Took my left hand—placed over her chest. I could feel her left bosom. Delicate, soft, large, something i`ve never touched before—felt so right, and so wrong.
`` Am lactating. What would be nine monthes… I only have 5. I`ve searched everywhere for you. I just didn`t know where you were, Tony.``
`` Am not in Asteria, I can tell you that. I am around five other individuals, and various monsters. A boy who never wants to put a book down and is a struggling comic book illustrator, an imp for his companion, musician who's obsessed with his grisly music, an African android, ignorant humanoid midjet claiming to be `` Captain Garu, worlds greatest pirate``. I like`em. There pretty cool, smart dudes.``
``That`s great… Tillo.``
`` What of the dumb bastard?``
`` You can summon him, now. Not me, Tillo. Our time together will come, you can reach at least level 20. Without further ado, I make my leave. Good luck, Tony Parker.``
I was kissed, again. Honey flavoured lips in my mouth, tongue wishing on both my sides, cinnamon in my mouth. I considered myself to be weak, however, blacked out—a whole new world would be awaiting me.
Returned to the battle. Tillo was right in front of me. Tillo, the dumb bastard, fended Dungeon Worms and scorpins away. Tillo simply put his horns down, the creatures were locked in place. Tillo had chonmage short greasy black hair, mighty arms; stretching muscles the size of watermelons, slightly tanned, no shirt, a flabby chest, cotton white underwear over his crotch, brown eyes in his head. Man was against massive force, however, pushed the force away from him—spreading around his right hand side.
`` Yah! I helped!`` The dumb bastard yelled, overexcited. `` I was helping!``
Tillo is eminent, now. His fighting took guts, and only he had been gifted energy, yearningly covetous. Battle still raged on. Tillo did kicks in the air, and was able to knock aside all those who got in his way. Monster Tamer started in horror—all his creatures being eliminated—Tillo dashed in front of him—knocking whip out hand and landing on the left hand side. Monster Tamer tried to pick up his whip, however, Tillo got to it first—picked lonely object of the ground and jumped away.
`` No! Get me back my whip.`` Tillo payed attention, however accident do happen, no immediate attention. `` No!``
Monster Tamer was finished. He had no friends. Worms recovered form their brainwashing, looked confusedly around the area, eventually found nothing extraordinary and digged holes to bury themselves had his rabbit-like feet pressed on Monster Tamers neck.
`` Please… Let me go. I can give you anything. Money, creatures, food. Just let me go!``
`` I don`t know,`` I said, partially angry with this beast. `` A man who controls other creatures minds, and gets them to attack innocent bystanders.`` Leaned closer into Monster Tamers face. `` Your nothing. A real worm, squirming about this world. I`ll talk to Lord Van Bloot, for you. Am going to tell him: I took care of his weapon.``
Monster Tamer was gone—bringing my wide bladed sword up—cut directly into right side of his chest. No blood, gore, came out. Monster Tamer evaporated into blue code. I started at his remains, and was tapped on my left shoulder, Aero.
`` Get moving. I`ve so much more to do for you spectators.``

I didn't think it was possible— I was going too puke.
I was at another café restaurant. This one didn't have outdoor tables, and I was so we sat on tables; Garu melted down and Weiry froze—perfectly stable metallic lawn chairs. Garu's a complete pig—way he talks—ways he eats his food. Restaurant served fish. Garu chowed on clams; never closes his mouth. Chunks of fish hitting me.
" Mmmmm… This foods soo good," Selfish pig said, eating.
I couldn't eat my fish, mixed in salad with olive oil, side order of French cuisine. Garu salivated bubbly foam out his mouth as he chewed food. Garu stopped eating, surprisingly. Garu turned around and looked at my meals.
" You gonna eat that?"
" Was. Take it."
" Garu didn't need to leave his spot. Pressing arms against tables sides—both my meals slide down—swallowed in one big gulp. Garu smacked his lips.
" Hmmm… Not as good as fish, but oh well."
Our waited suddenly showed up. White button shirt, black silky pants, small black bow tie, sleeves rolled up, Charlie Chaplin; the character I used to watch on TV; mustache, pompadour raven hair, 4'65", 132 ibs, small scar on his upper lip.
" Bills $54 dollars. Who will pay?"
Large boom ended the silence. Garu jumped off the chair, and fled the table. I was left here. I didn't have that kind of money, but I was reasonable. Max left his guitar; besides me, unintended.
" I can play music. I hope."
People gathered around one specific event. My mouth felt dry and I panted through my mouth. People were staring at a winged woman, overhead. Information my eyes noticed soaring solemnly at horizon. This woman with light blue scaled-wrinkly skin, large webbed yellow bird feet, blue bird wings, with long pink feather hair. In my
female-monster with purple hair—dark wrinkly skin as well bird feet and bird wings. I kept a skull ring on my Ring finger. Kept it on, safe keeping—see me as a human. One human described me 5'32", 181 ibs, shirtless, tattered beige cargo pants, no shoes, spiky orange-whitish hair, and blue eyed. I walked up to a chubby man, 3'99", 210 IBs, plain cotton blue shirt, and drab sweatpants.
" Verdict," said to the man.
" Get this: A woman's found stealing fruit, takes too the air, and perches for us to see. Pretty messed up, get my drift?"
Doesn't seem anything out of ordinary. I've faced monsters, pirates, raided; magical treasure, are now travelling with company: Glenn-Hifdan-Max-Cyber-Tony-Weiry-Kitsune, as well being a creature myself.
" Well… Better get a closer look ( on top)"
I would've made a perfect ninja… I didn't think of pirates more fondly. Nobody looked at me, climbing up copper pipes, thank Karma.
Harpy lady came into view; made my way up the pipes. I didn't notice her before, staring on the ground, but she was an absolute beauty. The way her hair flowed in the wind, those sharp claws on her hands shinning from sun ray's, sparkling scales blue scales, light blue skin, and red eyes. Woman turned left— I was found.
" ooooo… Another creature, like me. Talk to me. What's a handsome lad doing out here?"
She's peculiar and maniputive. No one's very called me " Handsome" She got my blood racing; I was so angry.
" Flattery does you good, calling me 'handsome' Too bad I'll have to take you in for questioning."
Woman kept me cogitated. A puzzled face, leaning head left side to her shoulders, retained position, smile spread on her face " You're so adorable. Handsome man come to catch me… That's something I need to see. My name's Harpie Lady, and a few months ago I've been brought to one universe with dozens of other monsters—shifting to different ones. Come, catch me. I'll leave without a struggle, you're able to catch me."
Harpie Lady took off, gracefully—flapping her throbs sticking out her arms—zoomed into the sky—hovering overhead. Winked left eye at me. I blushed. Woman usually avoid me. Short, pirate; scum, reek blood, and overly hyperactive. She misjudged me. Her epic downfall: Short's the new tall. Eyes on face—tail pushing in force. Had to keep Harpie Lady yakking.
" You're from another world? I too come from another world. My world has monsters, like you; like me. There's also large grasslands, gigantic mountains… my crew." Kept force applied on ground, however, felt depressed. " Jell… Henger…Shengil… Zilla… Mew, Mew."
My perfect opportunity. She let her guard down—pushed myself off the ground—ram my favourite way: Head first, into chest. Pushed aback—falling down the building.

We both fell. Down, down, down! I would die! My last view: Harpie Lady. She looked calm, and smiled. She's nuts! We're going to die; I see a happy woman. Little…tingly. She had her hands behind my head. Moved her head in closer, stared directly into my eyes, and calmly spoke…
" Let's not let our last moments be in vain."
First time… I was kissed. This felt wrong, right. I was kissing a woman of another universe, however, this was a nice way to end… in the arms of your beloved. However, I was saved. We floated barely an inch towards solid concrete. Cyber, Damacus sword, saved my carcass. Strange looking platform was below me, keeping us up. The device was circular, black metalled, 2'00", width 3'00", small blue LED light shining in the centre. Everyone was staring ahead of us. Glenn, Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Tony, Weiry, Kitsune.
" Saw your little show. Nice work (sarcasm)," Tony piqued my survival.
" Too whom are you with?" Glenn addressed Harpie Lady.
`` Harpie Lady?`` Max answered Glenn`s questions
`` Max!`` Harpie Lady yelled, overexcited.
She took off. Dash, stopped; in front of Max, kissed him on the lips. Max became paralysed, blushed slightly through his cheeks. I was paralysed. Thought this woman had feelings for me, and she goes, and kisses another man. Max pushed her away.
`` Harpie Lady… I am married to Naomi, now.``
`` You are?`` Closed eyes, smiled; mouth open. `` Good for you! I was hoping you`d settle down. How`s she in bed?``
`` Ahh… I`d rather not discuss something like that.``
`` So terrible, eh?``
`` Ahem,`` Coughed, everyone could see me.
`` Huh? Oh… right.``
That Harpie Lady`s a free woman, I say so myself. She came up to me and kissed me on the kips, again. Retina connected to my mind—remembered how out kissing went, last time. The last one was near death, sweet on my lips, making my heart beat fast, felt we were the one ones. This was just awkward, and making me blush. I thought of pushing her away, just couldn’t do it. Much as this was making me uneasy— I was having the best moment of my life, next to a woman.
"Freeze!" Voice came behind me.
I turned around. Saw two males. One looked 23 years old, black worn out trench coat long over a black dress shirt, black pants, brown hair, XIII tattoo right side of his chest, weighed 65 Kg, 175 centimeters in height, yellow eyes, carrying an ornate 6 shot black revolver made out of Orichalcum with XIII engraved on its side. Another man stood right, white suite over his body, red tie sticking out, green spiky hair under a white hat, green goatee, black eye patch over his left eye.
`` Thanks for being chivalrous,`` White suited man talked to us. `` We`ll be taken your captive in, if you don`t mind.``
Harpie lady stuttered. Both men were scary. She soared in the sky—flew behind us. Didn`t think the girl showed fear. Such a frightened little child…
`` Who are you guys?``
`` We`re Sweepers. We are here for the $100 000 dollar bounty on her head.``
``Well, Sweepers… Fuck off! She`s mine!``
I don't know which one of them was surprised more. Me, Harpie Lady, the two men, every other group member. Man holding revolver smiled, man with white suit pulled hat over his eyes. The man took a cigarete out, put it in his mouth.
`` Train… Take'em.
`` On it!`` Man`s smile widened. Brought revolver closer to his face. `` I have come to deliver some bad luck.``
I thought I was agile; I`d be wrong. This man`s the most nimble, any man I`ve meet before. Chase begun. I plan on being protégé. Ran up to Harpie Lady, grasped her left arm, made our away—away from danger.

A pier… smell, using my almighty nose… closing in.
Still took Harpie lady by the hand, and kept running. We were in hot pursuit. That man Train leaped building, to building. He was no man. This thing could take us out, grab us, and do as he pleased. I wouldn't let him have his ways.
" I feel strange," Harpie lady said with concern. " I am travelling with a complete stranger.
Slightly hurt, growling through my mouth, both hands tightened to form fists" Don't call me 'stranger' again. Names Garu. Remember me well. I'll save you, and make sure you'll be back in your own world."
My gallantry head peered to Harpie Lady. She smiled, closed her eyes. " Be with my sisters, comrades of the forest, enjoy countless trays of fish."
" What a coincidence. I too love fish."
" Good. Maybe we can talk more…" A bullet was fired and a hole went through the pavement. " Right after we escape."

A pier. The most beautiful place to be, here.
I let go of Harpie Lady. Coast seemed clear, and hated to see sweat dripping over her ravishing beauty.
" You're a kind monster, Garu."
" (sigh) I am anything, but 'kind'. I pillage, raid, rob people of their money, have entered cutlass and killed a few people."
" Come on. You mean to tell me… All you do is cause mischief?"
" Well… I do help people who are in need of assistance. It's really a Karma filled life. An ulterior motive. I help people, living in mire, expect my life to improve."
" Interesting. I do things differently. I do as I please, go anywhere, take food wherever and whenever it seems to plump—"
Harpie Lady was nearly shot. I pushed the girl out of the way, last second. A caliber bullet went through ground—hole with steam coming out left behind. I saw Train, no longer on rooftops, walking through an alleyway we entered from, his revolver's sides tapping against forehead, smile across face.
" You weren't hard to find; plenty of reasons: Adrenaline and fear. I have come to deliver some bad luck."
Train brought his gun up. Everything played out. He was going to shot Harpie Lady, and bring her dead body to his masters. Never thought it be possible, I was scared. Worthless! I am no man! Maybe… Just a fool, thinking about the needs of others, then his needs. Loud booming noise exiting guns barrel—closed my eyes, clearing my head of any useless thoughts—jumped where I assumed the bullet was.
" Ahhh!" A blood curdling sound exited my mouth.
I was shot, right side of waist. Benighted because my eyes were closed, however, white light penetrated through my eyelids. Was I dying? Karma's failed me? Not something I'd believe; see it before my own eyes. Algid blooded. No! Not yet! I've cheated death many times! Here… there's no turning back… absolutely nothing to stop an evitable. Maybe… Things were just starting. Yeah, they've just begun. I will stop Train, Get Harpie Lady out; don't know why, and will see to it I return—Captain Garu, worlds greatest pirate!

Whole body—Flames erupting and encasing my outermost body. Having the will to fight, knowing there's someone worth fighting for, wanting to defeat the man with the revolver, I didn't know and didn't care! My powers have returned.
Harpie Lady and Train were astounded. Who wouldn't be; saw a creature like me. Right now my form was visible, but fire surrounded every fiber of my body. Vehemen against Train. All of Train's shock disappeared. Smirk across his lips.
" Looking good. I've always completed my missions with 100% accuracy, and I ain't stopping today." Train pulled out another gun. This one different, larger, longer, ebony, and capable of maintaining 200 bullets inside of it. " An HK-MP5, past tense. Sven tweaked on it. Number 13, bring bad luck to any I cross, will unleash—instant cement!"
Train pulled trigger on his gun. Large puddle of grey liquids squirted out—about to drip on me. It came… my challenge.
" Garu!" Harpie Lady's cries of concern came out.
No turning back. Adventures not something gained. Only taking risks, never quitting, the whole stimulation of adventure—reveals itself.
A hybrid, eagle, ox—see me mystify everything I am near. Body spinned in circles, the flames around me increased in size and width, eventually my form was unnoticeable through flames. Bypass wet instant cement; broke past the wet surface, came closer to train, actually saw concern on his smirk face, and his ass was mine—rammed to his torso and pushed him aback. Train had burn marks on him, dazed at my power, however, recovered. Few open cut bruises; mostly on his elbows, smudge over the once dazzling face, teared pieces of cloth fabric. Man wearing white suit appeared behind the man. Smoking a cigarette, on the right side of Train, not wearing his eyepatch… different colored light sparkling out his eye balls.
" Listen to what I say, Train. Vision Eye sees all, and knows all. Gonna make a dash, you've 20 seconds, those claws will come to your face and you need to stop them."
I didn't know what he's talking about. No such move came to my mind. Unless.
" Soar, fly, feel my sword claws, you monsters!" Harpie Lady yelled behind me.
She dashed, soared. Idly amazing. Svelte body zoomed past my eyes, came up to Train; exactly as white suited man said—Jittery man did a backflip—missed his body by an inch. Harpy Lady muffled over her opponents moves.
" Sorry, Train said with his gun pointing in the sky. " But we need your bounty—"
" Shhh… Train… There's more," White suited man speak loudly to his companion. " Up, Right, Left, Right… remember all that."
Surely, everything commenced; exactly as white business man said, in front of us. Tony foolishly tried attacking above as a beast—Train side-stepped right side—Tony landed right on his paws, the big dolt. Red-blackish liquids were fired at the right hand side, Train noticied, backed up, dodged. A rambling noise came out of nowhere, Train ducked to the ground, bullets swarmed everywhere—rampaging Cyber Commander on the side.
" C'mon. You people are so horrible. Attacking a person when he ain't looking, always the same thing: pathetic."
He was in for a shock. Kimbo, dastard dog, reappeared by shadows, grabbed Train by his shirt collar, disappeared, and reappeared—Train fell from the sky above—landed right on his back. No cracking noses, breaks, or even pain. Train had been an abnormal man. I would never sought him to be a titan.
" Too bad my eye can only see close people. I could've predicted when you'd strike, and make Train do a counter attack. Oh… Well. Train…"
Man either had no bones, or ones of steel, just like Aero Diamond. Aero had only lead us to town, and wished us luck on our quest. He couldn't leave the desert. Everyone, except for me; of course, gasped to see the man recover from his injuries. They came in hot…
" We're at 100%!" N.E.X yelled out from each of our Terrine Bands. " No Tag's here."
" Wait!" Females voice screamed in an unidentified location. " Stop! Train, Sven, stop!"
Finally got a glimpse of the culprit. A young girl, standing on double floored buildings rooftop, honey blonde hair, bright magenta eyes, appeared to be 14 years old, black dress over her top body, small grey cross attached to a chain around her neck, black boots on her feet.
" Eve… Now's not the time for—" –Sven.
Little girl raised up her hand to Sven. She scared me, pacing towards my body, and staring deeply at my Terrine band.
" N.E.X… Is that you?"
N.E.X's image, lights banded together, came out my Terraine band, and greeted Eve—both giving each other hugs.
" Mmmm… Man it's good to see an intelligent piece of equipment, once again."
" This is unreal," Glenn mentioned behind N.E.X. How do you two know each other?"
" Work with biorganisms and data, humans. I meet Eve, before she was even born, talk to her whenever I've got free time. Eve's my favourite. A worthy adversary, intelligent, creative as me (probably not), and hard working ( more so then you)."
Everyone laughed. Train, Sven, Eve, everyone on our group; but me. Oh… What the heck—slighty giggled. One moment a person meets, the next thing is that person tries to kill you, and now you're friends. Funny how things worked out, today.

Ahhhh… The sea, place we would start our journey, again.
Finally had a boat. A schooner model, 17th century, top was all brown wood, barrels of wine, ropes wrapped around, a boxwood steering wheel, cargo below, massive white flags used for the sails. We all stood in the boat—leaning against the tail—three sweepers waving good-bye. The sweepers images now became a blur—I sailed my boat deeper into sea.
All around the boat was dark blue sea. Everyone depended on me, encircled, and stared while smiling.
" Garu," Tony addressed. " You're sea captain. We await orders."
All those determined eyes. Me…captain. Sure, I’ve already was in charge of 5 other Monsters, in addition to ones joining our group later. Don't know how well my teaching will do, however, always curious.
" Way anchor! Take to the sails! GET THIS SHIP MOVING!" Everyone followed. Ran away, grab ahold of random ship gear, made their way to work, left me on the spot. " Hmmm, hmmm… (smiled) We're finally off on an adventure, yoo hoo"

Sailing through the water—had to work.
Garu, terrible being; an excellent sailor. We've crossed massive tsunami's, giant sea monsters, were attacked by large projectiles falling down the sky… Garu actually saved us. He'd break through water, bypass any monster; big or small, sailed away from projectiles, the depth of despair…he knew how to act.
I was so bored. Had to work. Scrubbed deck using a wet sponge, use a wet broom; knock coral off the sides and clean up any dirty areas, secure all valuables, and notify any hazards. Right now, I peered to the sparkly blue sea, and was besides Harpy Lady.
Harpy Lady talked to me, munching down a green apple `` This voyages… mmm ( savoring apples flavour) is taking forever.``
`` Tell me about it. I can`t wait to get out of here, get my legs on dry land, and have opportunity to run around.``
I knew so little. Our time together had just started.
Overhead, in deep blue sky—it opened up—a worm hole, and something falling down.
`` Harpie…``
`` On it!``
Harpy Lady took to the sky. She flapped her wings, started moving up, came directly to the object, came in in her palms. Studied contents a little more. Object turned out to be a woman. Long golden blonde hair, 4`30``, 130 IBs, pointy ears on the sides of her head, silver armor on her chest, green long sleeves covering legs, giant red bow behind her back; string over body. Harpy Lady flew down—reached the ship—placed mysterious woman on the ground. Garu acted as the gentlemen. Walked up to the unconscious girl and leaned his heads left side against her breasts.
`` She barely has a pulse. Anybody know CPRÉ`` No raise of hands. `` Very well.``
Couldn`t tell if Garu was kissing the poor soul. His mouth was wide open, slide her mouth open, stuck a small tongue out. Put his mouth over her smaller mouth, horizontally. There was strange noises. Could`ve been giving her air, a nervous breakdown, I just didn`t know, Garu amused me. Breathing with all his might—no wonder—Girl woke-up— kissed each other. Garu just finished breathing in air, went back to catch his breath, retained some air, went back to give her more, and the girl awoken—locking lips.
`` This will probably turn ugly,`` Glenn said loud enough for everyone to hear.
Garu and the girls moment stopped. Garu became shocked, he`s recent turn of events. Jolted away, went back to his steering wheel, focused on moving his boat. I was the one who`d be the gentlemen, walked up, extended left hand, girl saw this, slapped my hands away. Recovering…looked around.
`` This place. It`s strange. One moment Beelzebub`s released, and you’re in war, the next… am standing in front of strange people. `` Girl reached out, grabbed my shirt collar, pulled me closer, looked into her eyes, saw small fires lighting up and a angry expression across her face. `` Tell me where I am, heaving’s.``
I heard Max whisper into Cyber`s ears, `` Am on the verge of dumping her in the ocean. Ha, `heaving`s`, ha.```
`` Sorry miss. We don`t even know where we are.``
`` Hmmm… My names Kigi. Bablashca`s my homeland. Until a few weeks ago I`ve been protecting my village`s darkest secret. Najaran, uninvited, and with 3 other people, roamed my land, finished my villages tasks… came to my world. Tragedy struck…I didn`t make it.
My as an anima can understand animals—human`s are impossible—this Kigi`s something new.
Kigi`s starting to scare me. She`d been eager to swim and catch us fish. However, this was something else. She`s captured 100 little fish; 10 seconds. Her bow launched large arrows, her hands flailed-caught fish, than there was her back up plan; in case all fails… the creature. A monster 9`50``, 300 IBs, mechanical bodies, black stripes all around, two massive arms with throbs sticking out, large wings that were single-lined sticking out behind him. wicked faced head, plain red eyes, throb sticking out his head.
`` Go Gargoyle!`` Kigi commanded the large monster. `` We`re here, we are alive, might as well make use of our resources!``
She certainly didn`t have anaemia Kigi reminded me of Akana. Damn… things were getting hard. A few weeks ago, she was in my head, in person. We kissed… her plentiful, sweet lips against mine… thirsty for more.
`` HI TONY!``
`` AHHH!``
A voice started me; standing behind my derrière. Turned my head, facing suspect. Glenn! Alone, hands to his torso, smiling directly at me.
`` My apologizes,`` Big dolt said in a calm tone. `` I saw you leering at Kigi. I just wanted to know: What`s in these contents?``
Taken completely by surprise. Said to Glenn, `` She`s grudge filled. I want to examine how she works, what exactly she is.``
`` She`s human, isn`t she?``
`` Not quite. My anima, red wolf, senses other animal presences. Just like when we first meet. I could sense Garu lurking, followed him, and hide in a tree—see him afar."
Glenn appeared to be devising his next words, carefully. Flabbergasted. He'd no way to know, what he would say, rubbed his scalp, stupid grin on his face, lifted, talked to me…
" I'd confront her."
Shocked, " Are you out of your mind!?She scares me!"
"Well… You two both have something in common. You both are part of nature, stranded in this universe, and are both warriors."
" There's one difference: She doesn't want to be here, I cherish my time in the universes."
" What!?"
" That's right. I've nuptials to acknowledge. I am betrothed. Go into a platoon, need be. All I want to do… see into the eyes, my beloved."
" Hmph. You're always talking about this girl. You've never explained how she looks, what reasons your with her, or even her attitude."
" Let me tell it to you straight: You wouldn't like her. She'd scare you."
" Seems uncanny. But go on."
" She is an anima. Fox, anima. Where I look, she's there, smiling at me."
" Love at first site?"
" Actually, no. She hated my guts. One time, days we were first together, she tried to stab me, in the back of my head, using her comb as a blade."
There's something not right about me; mentally and physically. A person doesn't talk to a stranger about death. That's meant for the fourth date. Third dates usually where your bond grows. However; Glenn smiled, despite what I just said. Problems hearing, find death humorous, Glenn smiled, God dammit!
" Ha. Lucky for me… my wife hadn't once tried to kill me."
" I told you about my beloved. Time for some confessions. What makes yours, better than mine?"
" She's smart, nice smile, and is understanding. Did you know, she was born under a Mafia family, made more than her father, when she was 7 years old. She spent most of her time studying security, viruses, and camera's. Using only a laptop—skills beyond my own—hacked through museum security, transmitted previous videos; lasted only 5 minutes, snatched the museums exhibits, selling them to the Black Market."
Astounded; didn't show, talked to Glenn, " Impressive."
" Museum's only one thing. Once fettle, conned two saps, pretended to be a health inspector, really set up small fire cracks with gum and alcohol, rubbed in doors gaps; once locked, waited until nightfall, light a match, disabled camera's with viruses at a certain time, got the doors opened, stole $3000 of merchandise.
Man... That comes straight out a comic book. Tried keeping my cook, however, he'd soon see me sweat. He married a Rose of the Desert from Otogibanashi wo Anata ni: Tsukiyo no Maihime.
" Aieeee…please leave me. There's still something I wanna see, and you're distracting me."
" Okay. Just remember:… no body likes a Peeking Tom."
Saluted. Hand over my head, held in 10 seconds, pushed out. " Understood, boss."
Finally, he was gone, and I was alone, staring at Kigi. She was still fishing. Top half-body above sea level, holding 5 fish pierced by an arrow. Looked right; over 2000 fishes gathered in a pile. Heedful over how she's conquered amazing speed, stamina. Witness, before my eyes—diving Gargoyle, in the water—raising out water and carrying piles of fish.
" Good work, Kigi!" Garu's overexcited voice rang through the ship.
Eigi turned around, noticed Garu, slightly blushing, faded, returned looking for fish.
" She's quite the enchantress," Maxes said somewhere behind me.
Turned around, saw Max. Wasn't alone. Cyber, Kimbo, Weiry—shoving in a circle. When I mean shoving—they were literally bumping their rears against the others rear ends.
" I am programmed to help others," Cyber said, flailing gun all around; a miracle nobody was blasted. " I've prolonged to state my opinions. That girls nothing, but trouble. She's Garu's perfect mate."
" I take no sympathy to eavesdroppers," Kigi said while holding fish. Turned her head around, furious looking eyes."
" We've been spotted!"—Max.
" Let's make like trees, and leave!"—Cyber.
Forlorn, again. Those idiots left me in the dust. I was in grief. My own parents abandoned me. I can't recall the last time I saw my father. My mother died when I was young. Before She died, I looked into her eyes, she told me " do what you love", or something like that, thus began my otaku addiction. Wasn't until I was 15 years old, saw pellucid of animals, did I go to the world of Asteria and meet my beloved Akana."
" All depressed," Strange, suave voice. " No good. Come…cheer up…let me help you."
Followed the direction of the voice. Came to ship's edged. Peered down—not a trace of human life.
" Hello!" I roused depression, calling.
" Come closer," Heard another person's voice, below. " That's right. Join me. Theirs much we can do."
I meet Husky, the fish anima, now saw what he'd look like, a woman. 4'56", 120 IBs, silver loched hair…hanging down and covering her naked breasts, bare naked soft skin, bellybutton shown, charcoal eyes, blue…scaly…fish tail…instead of her legs.
" Who are you?"
" Nereid. Mermaid, only surviving member of my clan. I was swimming by, and couldn't help, but noticed, you sobbing." Moved her index finger, towards her body, signalling my arrival; deep blue sea. " I have just the thing, for you."
She kept alluring. I was a sucker. An idiot. Nothing felt good—staring down, seeing the woman. Coerce this woman’s alluring physique.
" Am sorry. I've been told never to set foot off this boat, and I am a man of my word."
Small smile. Said, " So noble. Maybe we can see more… your noble nature."
Aw shit, its happening. I was dumbfound. Walking forward, going off the edge, forgive me—falling to the water. Those charcoal eyes. In Egypt; black was somehow good, black helps military officers blend in with their surroundings, I saw this black—completely anew—deceitful. Small evil smile across her lips, eyes shrouded by hair, she was no mermaid, but a demon…I was coming too her clutches.
" Humans," Kigi's voice, the shining light in this dark time. " Truly the baboons of the world."
My safe passage—arrow fired, forward, and hitting my right leg. It was an agonizing feeling, I can say. Nothing was worst then dying, I've been assured. Only time a pointy-eared creature became humid. Kigi popped up behind Nereid. Her bow was In front, string stretched, Arrow's tip; pointing at Nereid.
" Ha. Should've seen it. A nymph."
" Nympho?"
" Nymph, human! A woodland creature. And I can see a siren."
" I thought she was a mermaid."
" No, she is. There's two types of underwater people: Mermaids and Sirens. Mermaids are creatures who sing, swim, bring pure joy to anyone around them. Sirens lead anyone, around them, to their death's."
Nereid chucked. She spoke, " That's right. " And am not alone."
Kigi worked fast, thank Something. Her monster Gargoyle rose out the sea's lifted Kigi by her feet, pushed himself back, launched her—sailing in the skies—landing on ships deck. Gargoyle's body coated yellow. Disappered. Small yellow dust particles floating with the breeze—retracting to Eigi. Her left arm up high, smile on her face, card appearing into her palms.
" Benelovolent Gargoyle. Take a nice, relaxing sleep. I fear you'll be needed, sometime, not now."
Felt ashamed. Kigi risking her life, fending off those atrocious beasts and here I was—cowering like a baby—pulled up; string attached to Kigi's bow. Got up. Set down on the deck. A quick tickle…Kigi pulled her arrow out. Panting, timid pain, saw Kigi, my saviour.
" Thanks," Breathed out. " You saved my life."
Kigi frowned. Kept her eyes on the sea. No concern over my well being, whatsoever.
" I didn't fight for you. I was being guardian, all woodland creatures. Garu's the closet to what I've been seeking. You're his follower, you are given protection."
" Thanks, anyways." Eigi smiled. A glass bottle, having period clear liquids, tossed on top of my stomach. " What's this."
" It's an elixir."
Looked back, at elixir, uncapped the wooden cap, lifting opening to my lips, chugging down clear liquids, stopped, wiped remaining liquids off my mouth. Turned my head to Kigi.
" Thank you."
Kigi shrugged me off, turned to the sea, and said " Enough with the 'Thank You'. Just look alive!"
Nereid looked confused. Blank expressioned. " What are you two blabbing on about?"
" Hush, Nereid," The cold shivering, loud, imp-like voice shivered my skin, from above. " Questioning shall be dealt with, later. "
Lord Van Bloot. The tall, slender, disfigured, evil, imp, flew down from the sky, and landed, feet first, on top of our ship. Spooky. Lord Van Bloot shows up at the most incongruent of times. Last time he showed up when we attempted a raid on a Tag; in Manhattan, the second was in a desert, and now we are in sea—transported to another universe—shows up out of the blue. I was the only, of the three, awake, so he most likely acknowledged me: Most troublesome candidate.
`` Master? I had everything under control, I assure you-``
`` Stop!`` Lord Van Bloot held out his left hand in a protesting way. `` You`ve been doing an excellent job, my sweet. Just let have a few.``
Nereid nodded her head in approval. `` Yes, my master.``
`` Tony Parker!`` He was serious. Lord Van Bloot nearly growled through his lips, his eyes bloodshot, and his stomach most likely ravenous. `` TONY PARKER! It`s of dire consequences you reveal yourself, unless you`d rather see your friends die, right before your eyes.``
Lord Van Bloot was negotiable, I`ll give him that. He got me going—towards the ships edge. Lord Van Bloot leered at me, smile across face, evil in his eyes.
Kept my head down. `` Lord Van Bloot. You`re degrading. Sending a fish, to do an imps job.``
Smiling, wickedly. `` I wouldn`t disregard Nereid. After all… she`s a clone.``
He struck my heart. What was once a vessel of pure steel, turned fragile. Lord Van Bloot held me under his wings.
Shocked, said, `` Of whom?``
`` Tch—I knew you were slow—didn`t think you`d show true colors. Let`s just say… a little fishy… swimming amongst y-o-u-r crowd.
Thinking. Who do I…
`` Husky.``
`` That`s right. Husky. Looks like a girl, carry`s a rod, silver haired, legs turn to a fishes tail; whenever he goes into the water. That's the kind of person… My master wants. But that`s not all.``
Buzzing noises in the air. Lifted my head up—Saw people in the air. There was A male mid-thirties, orange haired, bright green eyes, 4`02``, 190 IBs, silk black Chinese robes over whole body, scratch marks on both cheeks, and a purple rose on the right side of his hair; Rose`s counterpart.
Woman also mid-thirties, chignon cool black hair, , colourful headband around her bristled hair, plain red shirt under a yellow vest, blue jeans on her legs, yellow boots on her feet.
Another woman, 4`00``, 134 IBs, natural grey hair, yellow robes over her body; looking Indian, black eye patch on her right eye.
Last person. A male. He`d wore same clothing as the other male, 3`68``, 140 IBs golden blonde hair in a comb over, pink hat semi-round, eyes gold as his hair, red boots on his feet; black laces wrapped around.
`` Rose, Cooro, Senri, Nana.``
`` That`s right. Your friends duplicates are mine. Pity the chromosomes couldn`t be identical. No matter. How can you fight… the people you cherish most?!``
He was right. I wouldn`t hurt a fly—much less the people I`ve idolized. The hunt came. Hatchets, loud-deafening shrieks, long talons, massive bear claw, woman coming aboard and morphing to an ordinary human being
`` Everyone report to ships sides!`` Garu yelled. `` Prepare for combat!``
Prepare… they did. I was nearly eaten, again, however, Harpy Lady swooped down and slashed into Nereid`s skin. She`d barely any duration. Harpy Lady`s claws scratched the surface of her skin, and left small red marks all over. I intended to fight against my cohorts clones, but I`ve lost the ability to morph into a red wolf, and I couldn`t find strength to fight. Everyone else did the work—for me.
Garu`s body roared, surrounded in orange-reddish flames, blasting in the sky, made contact against Senri`s clone—moment of hesitation—both pushed into the water, and making a giant splash. I didn`t know if Garu could swim. I did know Senri to be slightly brain damaged, hoped it affected his swimming abilities.
Glenn&Hifdan were up against Cooro`s clone. Glenn repeatedly used spells, inside his light brown booklet, failed. Cooro`s clone flew in circles, 10 feet off the ground, and laughing to himself. Cooro in the manga laughed. This creature laughed more sinister.
Max&Cyber VS. Nana`s clone—battle of sound. Cyber`s chest had an outlet, hidden under his face mask, giving Maxes guitar volume increase, and power. Nana`s clone screamed. Hard to see, but devastating. In the manga…just screaming out… could knock a person out for hours or even days. Frequency, quarrelling over who`s voices more powerful… the two had a sound contest.
Cat and Dog fight. Rose snarled, against Kimbo, moving in circles, both hissing, moving like crabs. Fight between invertebrates. Rose slashed her left claw, missed. Kimbo snipped to her neck, he evaded. Kimbo and Rose continued snarling.
The last—Kigi and Lord Van Bloot quarrelling Peak of battle. Kigi had her bow, positioned same way she saved me, pointed directly at Lord Van Bloots heart. Lord Van Bloots face seemed fearless, and he kept an evil smirk on his face.
`` Go ahead. Make my day. Master thinks of us as hydra`s heads. You kill me… two more will take my place. Hail master.``
`` Hmph… This bows have acetylene inside.`` Kigi showed a small black leather pouch, dangling it in the air, smiling. `` Let`s this these two, together. Am curious… have to resort… doesn`t make me feel guilty… the hundreds of humans I`ve killed.``
She set the atmosphere… ablaze of power. Large flames, of power, to be exact. This power 20`00`` in height, 15`00`` In width—racing to the imp Lord Van Bloot. Unprepared, and malnourished. Lord Van Bloot wouldn`t stand a chance—power of Kigi`s attack. However, attack didn`t work. Ärm flashed in Lord Van Bloot`s hand…
`` Zipper!``
A`blue worm hole came out, and sucked Lord Van Bloot in. He was gone, once again, but our fight wasn't over. There was still the clones, comrades in great parallel and nobody manning ships steering wheel—heading straight for a massive whirlpool.
`` Tony!`` Feelings voice yelled inside my mind. `` You can steer the ship!``
`` Not likely,`` I replied. `` Until today, I`ve never even seen a ship, much less take control of it.``
`` You can, and you will. Everyone`s here… no!... everyone, period…rests in your shoulders.``
`` Please… Tony,`` Kitsune, nine-tailed fox, whispered in left front lobe. `` Help everyone.``
`` Grrr… Okay! I don`t want to see Akana… anytime soon… seeing a diluted man.``
I don`t recall when I started, but I am a varies man.
Grabbed the wheels handles. Started holding, began turning, moved the boat, left. I could save everyone. Unbelievable. Everyone`s fate rested in my palms, and I`ve been given a chance. One step, at a time. Kept spinning boat`s wheel: left, right, left, right—boats direction changed as I followed suite. Than… the most unthinkable happened…
`` You`re coming with me… Tony Parker.``
I`ve just been snagged.
Was now travelling through a dimension arm. This was a different experience, than depicted on the manga. Screw Gate Clown! It was long, bleak, and driving me insane. Person holding me, none other—vicious imp Lord Van Bloot. He stared forward. I was underneath the monsters chin. Made me infuriated.
"Where are you taking me?"
Lord Van Bloot tisked, talked to me, " Some place not far. Forgive my intrusions, but we need to talk."
"Talk? Intrusions? Who are you, and what have you done to Lord Van Bloot"
" All shall be revealed, Tony Parker. In time."
Zeal over exiting, zing of sparkling dark blue seas, cloudy skies, and still in Lord Van Bloots Hands. I was in Hell.
Nothing looked different, things looked before, however, this wasn`t in the same region. Moist palms, death filled breath, one wicked eye—grasping my arms.
`` Take a good look around. We`re all alone. No friends, no help, no way to escape. All alone.``
Terrrifying. Imagine being inside a horror gendered movie: There`s dozens of people, you know which one`s are gonna die, good or bad; one person or no one is left standing.
`` Are… are you gonna kill me?``
It came to my surprise… Lord Van Bloot laughed at me. Me? He`s the freak! Course… probably was a stupid question.
`` Kill you? I wouldn`t have any fun, without you.``
`` What of Nereid?``
`` Nereid? You`ve got it all wrong. I sent Nereid to capture you. I alone… wanted to see you, face-to-face…talk.``
`` You`re joking?``
`` Bellicose, narcissistic, men, such as myself… we never joke about fighting. But let me be frank with you. Why are you fighting against me? After all; you and me are both creatures, hydrides, fighting in an endless war.``
That can`t be true. I fought for Justice, he fought to bring havoc.
`` You`re the one holding this `war```
`` `fraid not. See… A thousand years ago… my species were once human.``
What! No… it cannot be. He must be lying. That`s right, he`s lying. I wasn`t going to fall for it.
`` I don`t believe you. All you care about is destruction!``
`` Hmph… all you care about: Destroy, whatever, whichever, you don`t find adequate. You`re an animal, Tony Parker. Not an anima. You`re nothing, but a wild beast. ``
`` Don`t listen to him, Tony. He`s trying to deceive, mislead you, you`ll lose yourself to his control.``
`` Shut up! Tell that voice to ` take a hike`!``
``… ugh… You can hear me?``
`` Yes. Besides being a Chaotic Creature… my family were once human mages. We`ve studied everything. Items, land, beings… think of anything…we will study it and use it for our advantage.
`` Well… we can now communicate, amongst each other. Let Tony GO!``
`` Ha. Like I`d ever let that happen. There`s still things… he needs to see.``
Lord Van Bloot rendered me, completely immobilized. Wooden staff with skull on the top, he had it, again. Nitid green light, shinning brightly; my eyes squinting. Light consuming, eyes, mind—everything around me. Light became too intense… I blinked.
Opened my eyes.
No sea, or boat. Just a desert land. It came to me: We were in an illusion, created by Lord Van Bloot. Sandy storms, cracked open sandy taupe soil, large mountains, and a few caves; inside the mountains.
" Take a good look around," Van Bloot's chilling voice came out of nowhere. " This is my home world, Perim, Year 1." Van Bloot glided down, zigzagging in the skies, turned, faced me, feet pointing on the ground, flapping his wings. " Pay close attention, Akio. You're about to see humans, like you've never seen before."
What a bluff. Being here, looking around, there's absolutely no way humans could've lived here. First time… I've ever lied to myself, saw them, two humans, walking up a dirt road. Both resembled the other, brawny, 6'36", 250 IBs, flattop black hair, shirtless, and wearing what looked like cheetah fur as underwear. " These were your species. Depicted as monkey offsprings, man by Lords own hands, no one can really know."
" Exactly. Christian orphanage—beat me with a paddle— every time I say ' I don't believe in God', which your stuck there, because your social worker couldn't find another orphanage, and you can't leave this orphanage, OR YOU'LL LIVE ON THE STREETS!"
" Any ways… Let's return to my story."
Everything went by more quickly. I turned to face the two man, saw dozens of people crowding, instead. There he stood, besides village residents; Lord Van Bloot. However, there was more than one. In fact… nearly dozens of Lord Van Bloot looking creatures, gathered around the humans. Only each were different coloured.
" Who are these people?"
" These are my relatives. Don't get us mixed up. There was plenty of different Chaotic Creatures, back then. It was mine, the greatest muges, first humans to be turned into creatures lead everyone to glory. Back then, everyone had one choice: You can be a human; travel to a another world. You can be a Chaotic creature; stay where you are. Over 100 million people have chosen to leave, be transferred into different tribes or race, as your people would say, left 1000 people."
" Okay. I get what you’re saying, however, why have I been chosen; take part in your history. Glenn would be the person a person to talk to. He actually has Chaotic Creature."
" Glenn? Baah! He's nothing without his partner." Lord Van Bloot grabbed my shoulders, again, and showed off his hideous teeth. " You, on the other hand…are perfect. Your demon, breathing in your veins, the perfect being… become a Chaotic Creature. "
He was serious. His eyes, only displaying half of their colours, looked so serious. Me? Why does it have to be me, this demon ask for? I hated—pitied—despised, Lord Van Bloot. Took immediate actions…
" Don't be perplexed. I would never join, someone evil, like you."
" Someone like me? Let me ask you… do you even know, people you are with?
No! I wanted Lord Van Bloot to just flap his wings, and leave me alone! But he wouldn't This demon strived for pain/misery. He laughed, mockingly. Wings, sprouting out his curvy back… glowing green. It was that time,again—transported to another , we didn't move; an inch. Sceneries colours began to fade away, like pigments.
" Stop!"
" There's no stopping, You are mine, and we're leaving to a whole new world. Lets start with your friend…Garu."
Scenery stopped fading, we were in a whole new world. A world with small beasts, resembling Garu; some ways—all around. It was amazing none had noticed me or Lord Van Bloot.
" Man it’s good to hear your voice again."
" Same here. I may be part of you mind; I am a spirit of beasts. Its not that they are ignoring you. They cannot see you."
" That's right. I can whack them with my stick, and they wouldn't feel a thing. The perfect place… for a murder. Sadly… history's written in stone… I can't kill you in the past, nor do I want to."
" Then let me go. I already declined your offer. Showing me evil won't change my mind."
" Ha. You've no idea were we are?"
" Travelled back in time."
" Ha. Not time…Place. We've become viruses, and are inside Garu's frontal lobes. What you see, happened to him, whether he remembers or not. Let's have a looksy." Wings glowed light green, again. Scenery started fading, pigments washing, once again. Inside a hut—peering—seeing two Garu looking creatures— cradling an infant one, in their hands. " Look at little Garu. Young, naïve, impudent. Hard to see him… the cunning pirate."
" If you're trying to rift me, it ain't gonna work. Garu and I are not friends. We would kill each other; left alone."
" Wait till the end. Your opinions may change…"
Creepy. He foresaw everything. Upcoming events, past events. Now it took place—before my eyes—ceiling teared apart and figure shown above. This figure looked human, 4'37", 122 IBs had a red jump suit, punk purple jeans, and dark skin.
The monster was a man, had a red jump suit, punk pants, and dark skin
" Hello, little ones. I, the great Magic, came for a little havoc."
What's wrong with me? Their mouth's opened—words came to my head, instead. Watching a mute movie, you've already watched with volume—playing in a whole new perspective. Small fire burned fiercely in Magic's hands—my head going to burst!
" That's right. Let the pain swallow you," Lord Van Bloot hissed.
I didn't want to see. But I needed too. There's something about Garu… I just need to see. Yes. I saw everything, in order: Magic setting village ablazed by his own flames, dozens of Garu's rushing to fend off Magic; losing lives, Garu's parents rushing to a river, putting Garu in a brown wooden basket, Father kissing his son's forehead—long period of time and sobbing—let go, mother kissing her son's forehead—holding back her tears—let go—pushed basket in the river. Poor cub. Being so puny, no way of stopping water current…watching your own parents being consumed by flames… right before your own eyes. Garu at a young age, however, shed a tear… his parents departure.

Floating in Garu's mind—me seeing the past—still no sympathy for him.
Garu's baby basket inundated. Overflooding with water. Garu barely kept his mouth out the water. His brain deficiency finally made sense. Basket hit shore, Garu flung out. Poor little beast; gorged of dirt, mouthed.
" Look at the mighty," Van Bloot's bone chilling voice whispered in my ears.
I nearly forgot I was afloating—Lord Van Bloot flapping left of me. Van Bloot believed seeing my comrades pasts would make me join him, a Chaotic Creature, and I yell "NO!"
" Nothing special," Replied to Van Bloot, head facing Garu, cub.
" Exactly. He's nothing. He needed…" Another Monster showed up. This Monster 4'25", 165 IBs, identifiable as a baboon, short brown fur, citrine under belly, blue-reddish snot, dark black eyes. " … A master."
Background pigmented, changing colors, fading to muddling blankness—requite as Garu and his master…older! Garu looked exactly the same, minus the frowning, or the rose in his mane. His master wrapped white bands over his head and torso. Both bowed each their heads.
`` Remember…think of what I`ve taught…express in your own subconscious,`` The master gabbed.
`` Yes...Master Ape,`` Younger Garu, in a calm tone. Funny…I`ve never judged him, docile.
`` Ha, ha. This is Garu 4 months later. He`s full of spirit, and anticipation; become a military lives are all quinquennial made. Not every long life expectancy.``
Forget Lord Van Bloot. I remember being young, immature, wished I could be like one of my manga characters… Garu reminisced Me. Both birring Garu swinged his paws—Master ran around in circles. I was in favour of Garu, however, I`ve made terrible bets before. Rocks Undulation forming; force coming at Garu, pushed him to the ground. Master shook head in displeasure.
`` Your too reckless Garu!``
Garu shaked his body; feared fleas would latch on me, jolted up, returned gaze on Master Ape.
`` Master…deft attitude wins battles.``
`` Don`t focus on winning, little Garu. Time is spent for nothing, you don`t give your heart.``
`` I just need strong weapons.``
`` Words alone can rule all, reach out, straight from your mind. The right minds: Feathers can take down tanks, kids can move mountains, war will be… just a memory.`` Master lifted right arm`s backhand out, kept it steady, swished it towards him. `Try again.``
Garu`s thoughts came to my mind, spoke, `` One strike…all fall. One move…changes all. I am one figure. Right ideas, sole thoughts, movement… I can rule all.`` Garu ablazed, fire. Birth of FIRE CHARGE. Garu sprinted. His whole mind parrots: Rule all! Rule all! RULE ALL! `` FIRE CHARGE!``
Garu`s moves acted anew. Once, Garu charged at Train while he`s form was a ball. He was anew—mighty monster charging—single-jet of flare. Tornado of fire—encircled Master. Closing in. Master simply smiled, stretched out his two arms; opposite sides, let force crush into him.
`` This…is…good.``
Skirmish intensified. Flame colour illuminated centre of the tornado. Swish of their hands—close to the bodies—the tornado exploded out, projecting Garu's small body. Smoke cleared… an unharmed Master Ape standing amidst the catastrophe.
" Look at your friend. He's arrogant, reckless, unable to follow orders. Yet… you make him your leader."
" Gyah! Leader?! He's our ship captain. He's in charge of stirring the boat, telling us how to maintain minimum self-control."
" So… you want it."
" No, no, just don't like Garu feeling like he's in charge."
" One person who'd be giving command… which one would partake."
Good question. Who would I want to take command? Max is good with music—he'd be an unworthy candidate. Harpy Ladies untrustworthy. Kigi's too headstrong and violent; thinks only of herself. There's me, the person able to morph into an animal, hardest working members, dashingly handsome; I might add, however, don't have my heart set out for it. Possible Solution:
" Glenn."
" What?"
" Glenn Matthews. Very person who's done you harm."
" Noo…"
" Yes."
Out attention returned too Master Ape and the young Garu. Garu was in a row boat, carrying three bags of supplies, smiling widely, he's master standing over him, smiling.
" You're off to be a navy solider? You still remain the diminutive Monster I've once known."
Garu smiled, spoke, " Just you wait, Master. I will make you proud, and everyone will see you… a great teacher."
Master Ape grasped both Garu's shoulders, brought him closer, squeezed him tightly. " Do your best, Garu. All a Master could ever wish… a devoted student."
Ahhh… pure sweetness. A father figurine for Garu, a show for me, reasons of Garu explained. I loathed the bitterness. Felt Lord Van Bloots cold hands on my palms.
" Yes… 'make his master proud'. A few weeks later, Garu found a poor family of Monsters, seized of their land and abused. Garu stepped in their rupture. Garu helped 78 lives, however, military soldiers were the one's causing rupture. Garu's been deemed an outlaw, forced to flee, eventually found a military ship… meet his first mate."
" You're telling me all this… why?"
" Pay attention. We've only begun Memory Lane."
" That's—"
" Max. And he's studying, music. Did it, hours on end, long durations of time, and non-stop thinking. Wait… this is my favourite part."
A person, most likely Max's father, opened the door to the garage and stepped in. His hair yellow-blackish, wearing a conventional black suit, 5'00", 112 IBs. and pure purple eyes.
" Max… dinner time."
" Okay. Thanks, dad."
" Opinion: Play some Mozart."
" Mozart's old, dad. None of my friends listen to it."
" You do. Rush, Mozart, Bach, the Beetles, the Beach Boy's."
" No one else listens. I'd just be wasting precious time, playing bosh."
" Only if you allow it, see it as that, never do anything about it."
Max's father is right. Mozart was no different, all the other players, in Vienna, he'd just loved his work and wanted others too. Mozart Requiem. Mozart basically spoke, " As soon as I finish this… I'll die" He was right. Dying, facing fate of death, had chosen too put the needs of others—over his own needs.
" Such a young chap. Love strucked with music, can't express. Somehow… he's made it."
Scenery pigmented; right in front. Azure blue skies, pebbles on the ground, mass of people—left out all of them—Max and Cyber were walking around them. Max's impel for guitar… I felt dumbfounded. A woman carrying a locket walked up behind Max. Korean, instead of having black hair she had blue hair, wore a black jacket and black jeans with torn up parts all around them, and had a pierced nose.
" She's Japanese? I thought Max hailed from USA."
" He said USA's migrated to Domino City. Some Japanese personnels still resided. Her names Naomi. This is Duel Monsters World, years ago."
" She's kinda cute."
Idiot! Now he's gonna use my Feelings! Not a person, thing… Love!
" Yes. Too bad she's Maxs wife."
" Gyah! Maxs married?!"
" Yes. Pay close attention. Your about to be blown away."
Scenery's colour pigmented. Now: Inside a ballroom, people dancing, strange Monsters dancing, trays of gourmet appetizers on large tables, Max singing in a microphone.
On certain nights when the angles are right
And the moon is a slender crescent
Its circle shows in a ghostly glow
Of earthly luminescence
Earthshine, a beacon in the night
I can raise my eyes to earthshine
Earthshine, a jewel out of reach
Form a dream to rise to earthshine
Floating high in the evening sky
I see my faint reflection
Pale facsimile like what others see
When they look in my direction
Earthshine, a beacon in the night
I can raise my eyes to earthshine
Earthshine, stretching out your hand
Full of starlit diamonds, earthshine
Reflected light to another's sight
And the moon tells a lover's story
My borrowed face and my third hand grace
Only reflects your glory
Earthshine, there's a [Incomprehensible]
I can raise my eyes to earthshine
Earthshine, you're still out of reach
Form a dream to rise to earthshine
Form a dream to rise to earthshine
Who plays Rush in a Slow Dance? Obviously, juvenile. Maybe Lethal, too their emotions. Didn't matter. Eyes drifted too people snogging. That's right: Snogging. My worker friends Roger and Allison always talked about people kissing them, but thought of it as "snogging". Two people standing up, lips horizontal, eyes closed— determined as snogging.
" Thank you!" Max yelled, overexcited. " There's any requests… would you please let'em out!"
" This is the night… Max fell in love… someone, besides his parents, actually loved him."
" Come down!" A feminine voice yelled. Party people side-stepped. too different ends. Naomi was revealed. lace bow dress, red, noticed in front of her chest, and had a giant pink bow. " Come on, Max. Someone wants to chat."
Shrugged, said, " Very well. DJ… (pointed to his guitar) play that shit!"
Max nearly tripped; hopping off the stage. Max came face to face with Naomi. Slow Music played. Duh! Why'd they even Slow Dance… they've already Slow Danced?Putting that aside… magic roamed the air. Sweetest nectars… those two together.
" Perhaps you're a lolicon, Lord Van Bloot."
" Perhaps you're enjoying what you see."
" Touché."
" Max…this is strange; please dance with me."
" Beg your pardon?"
" Hold my hand, I hold yours, we twirl around, idiot."
" I mean… why me? Steve's close by."
" Huh… I too don't know. Hold my hands."
That sly girl. She'd allured Max, held her fingers in between his. The two started side stepping, right, left, right. Neither diverted gaze on each others eyes. I never danced with Akana, or closure. I only knew she was a implanted anima; made by her father to fight, scars on her back, wanted to shoo everyone, has a nice bod. Max and Naomi's faces moved closer to each others.
" I never understood you, until now. You've always were angry, wore such Gothic clothes, hated people, and used vexation."
" Your suggesting I was a puerile juvenile?"
" No. you were Different. That's what I liked about you."
Naomi was Japenese, had the skin and everything, but I could've sworn she'd blushed. Her eyes looked down on her right breast. Heart moved rapidly, or she was checking size. It was clear—lover boy, Max—reached out to Naomi. Naomi playfully punched his left arm.
" Nitty. I was different, out of hatred. I hated losing Amy, resented my parents, didn't find worth in school, and wanted to just Die."
" Not that. Your kindness. You've taunted Aqua; your own partner, however, were concerned about him; your own way."
Was it just me, or did the music get louder? Things started Heating Up. I love it! Naomi kept her face left, rubbed her arms, sighed, returned facing Max.
" I've also had a thing on you. Playing guitar, seeking amorosity, put others—before your own—not caring over consequences… hold me…closer."
Was it just me, or did Max become flustered over Naomi. It wasn't me—flustering Naomi. Mirrors reflecting, light refracting, adoring each other. Love—inseparable bound—kissing others lips. Beautiful…unfolds. Cinnamon taste, loathing heart, including bitterness over eluding my subconscious and reeking mouth.
" Look at the happy couple, Tony. Hurts, doesn't it? Keep watching. Things change."
Indeed. Scenery pigmented, again. This time—standing inside a chapelon—watched Max and Naomi getting wed. Max actually wore a black tuxedo; eliminating Grease Monkey, combed hair back, clipped fingers nails too be short ( doesn't last), red rose stuffed in his tuxedos left side. Naomi wearing white bridal dress, nothing covering face, dozens of flowers held in her hand. The two stood near an aisle. Held each others hands—gait forwards. Max and Naomi standing side by side… a priest showed up… made me recall my memory's.
" Stop!" Breathed heavily, nearly fainted. Holding on and catching breath. " Please… don't show me anymore."
" Sissy. Wuss. We don't need to see. We know how it ends. There is just something… I need to show."
Scenery pigmented, fourth time, different person. Glenn Matthews. Glenn, person whose never made a good comic book, was reading an Iron Man comic book. Opera 'El rapto en el serrallo', Amadeus Mozart, played In background. Glenn was a Wesley little nerd, however, had great taste in music; similar to Maxs father.
" Few weeks before, he'd meet Hifdan. Glenns dyslexia's causing him trouble at school… he decides daubing pages with pictures is an even better act."
" I didn't know Glenns dyslexic. Wouldn't even think about it. He reads so many books."
" Glenns a lucky bastard. He's father left his mother, 2 years after he was born."
" You think that's uncommon? I can't even remember my father. Don't know if he's dead, living somewhere else, or if I'd known him; before he'd left us.
" Either way…Glenn's dyslexia was incurable. Then gazing too Glenn and squeezing his thumb against ring finger … a miracle… happened. Every year, 100 different creatures, different worlds, are sent to any world and get the opportunity too face each other, till only one remains. Win of that tournament… gets 1 wish bestowed upon them. Glenn was the winner.
Shocked, nothing out of ordinary, muttered, " That's… great."
" There's more."
Scenery changed, pigmented. Glenn and Hifdan, along a creature short-purple scaled-hunched back, were standing in the room—staring at a wide open window—noticing a child. Around 6 years old, half Glenns size, fringe electric yellow hair, dark blue robe, small dark blue shoes, giant white bow held by a golden yellow jewel, light orange eyes.
" There will be a time…you will be relied on."
" Haw, haw! Zatchbell!"
" Thee Zatchbell? I read about him in a manga, watched all 150 episodes of his anime; English and Japenese, and even download Dolphin emulator… played a gamecube ROM of Zatchbell."
No concern over what I was saying, said " fascinating. Your time here's all been set. Zatchbell knew how things would go, he'd relied on Glenn too help him. "
" Am pretty sure he had reasons."
" Vanity's why you're with me. Perhaps, you'd have power, and could stop me, right this instant. No! You're just a furry, torpid, boy."
Scene pigmented, fourth person… me. I was seeing through mirror of my past. Something spoke to me: Man's intuition saw Lord Van Bloot seeing me in discomfort. He's got leverage over how I feel and how I act. Me, the once absent minded geek, staying up late, lying on hard wooden ground, Vol 3 of +anima for my eyes too read, and a flashlight grasped in left hand.
" Innocent little boy. Where is my mind?"
" Clustered in ruin. I drink from that, yay-yay. I didn't show you much of Glenn's past, because am too embarrassed."
" He took you down. Not like he—"
" I don't care about laurels. I care about lust. I've seen the devil—osculate my only cherished individual; Skithia… Wanted to tear his body apart, limb from limb.``
Things changed—once been staring at myself—transported to a platoon, of Monsters. There were monsters of every branch: Big, small, fat, slim, horned, curvy spinned, sharp teethed, and exotic eyes.
`` A jihad.`
`` Very good, Tony. Think of this as your World War II; edited in children`s fantasies Hifdan doesn`t come from Earth.`` refocused eyes too me. `` Perim. Cultures are tribes: Overworlders, Underworlders, Mipedians, Danians, and the now roaming M`arrilians. Overworlders are creatures living on land, Underworlders live… underground, Mipedians reside in deserts, Danians shelter inside caves, M`arrilains move amok. Hifdan`s an Overworld Scout.``
This Jihad drove my adrenaline glands—more so than History Lessons. I stared in awe at fireworks at fairgrounds. And couldn`t take my eyes away…the absolute beauty… friendship aided. One creature struck in the back; another snuck up behind and wrapped his arms through creature's elbows. Tag teams. All and all—tagging another—aided others disadvantages. Nothing could end a war…no one`s willing to languish. Two antagonistic warriors caught my eyes. One male, 5`25``, 131 IBs, completely golden alloid skeletal figure, two katana`s; separate; both arms, bone-like spikes sticking out his head. Female, 5`26``, 123 IBs, hybrid; fox body and cats tails as well ears, Field drab fur all over, ash gray tunic, heart shaped aluminium locket around her neck, tulip eyes, wine emo hair.
`` Two occult creatures, smitten by power, forced fighting…`` Both creatures clashed katana`s/paws, small electric shock noticed—pushed each other down a sink hole. `` end up… soul mates.``
The scenery changed, no pigments, no time to reflect. The fox creature stood over bone figure. Bony laid on a large flat rock, rubbed by water and shivering through his skin.
`` Bonex?`` Fox lady questioned skeletal figures health. `` Speak to me, big oaf.``
Concern emitted all over Fox Lady. It`s fun: A moment ago she`d tried to kill him. Dreadful female. Up to No Good, am guessing. I pitied the poor monster—utterly defenceless—death awaiting him. Foxes demeanour changed, an angry woman, and became a caring creature. The skeletal monster, Bonex, smiled.
`` You`re enchanting," skeleton-like monster spoke aloud. " Every fiber of you… a strong, caring, beautiful… lady. Tanatha... I've developed feelings… for you."
This woman was an Overworld fox. She blushed a Mad Storm. However; don't think its possible for Monsters to convey any Feelings. I absolve her Feelings: Shock, rapid heart racing, and sweaty palms. An enchanting female—crawling over the demonic skeleton—kissing what would be his lips. Slow, open-mouthed, pressing against each other, palms held tightly in place, eyes closed.
" This is the part… I've most cherished. The part, two forlorn creatures, share passion; amongst each other. A part... massacre commences—nano. "
Scence changed, where is my mind, today. Tanatha waited on top a hill. She'd glared at a sunset, hands over her belly, signing through her mouth. She'd stopped staring; turning—outcry behind - Bonex making his way up. Tanata seeing demon-man—smiling and exuding small tears. She rushed downhill, making her way up to Bonex—locking lips on his gapped mouth.
" Just look at that. Hifdan's parents, few years ago, they had their child; Hifdan."
Scenery flipped as a sketch book. Same image of Bonex and Tanata staring into a sunset, together. Everytime… Tanata's belly widened. She was expecting… Hifdan! Her belly returned into its original physique. Tanata held a basket, most likely with Hifdan. Bonex leaned right side his darling as he kissed her right cheek. Both staring into Sunset; Baby Hifdan lifting his Lil head from baskets gap…marvelling over sunsets elegance.
" They die… don't they?"
" Lord Satan, he's judged all souls, yes. They die: An Underworld Scout finds them; together, reports too his master, allows regiment in Underworlders to track them down, and dropped them into a tranch of pointy-spears! It`s cute, they never stopped smooching each other, on the lips, like a buncha hopeless mongrels.``
`` Hifdan?``
`` Sent in an orphanage. Later became a Scout, spending 5 years of adulthood wandering about… (sighing) sent to partake in Chaotic Tournament…(closing eyes) winning and living a life of glory, a king. How covetous apprehension lured me. ( opening eyes, angry) I`ve been living a lie! For years I`ve been in torture. Freed of my displacement… returned to torture, anew!``
Lord Van Bloot flailed his arms. Rage overpowered his senses. Damn! He needs to calm down. Why I held his hand, raising my arms up, and smacking his forehead. Lord Van Bloot`s senses sobered, right away.
`` Calm… Down! You think your life sucked Let me hear your life. I`ll be the judge, you`ve been possessing, giving my full opinion, at the end.``
Oh boy. Pressures got to him, let off on me, we`re forgetting who`s holding leverage. Lord Van Bloot sputtered, trying to think up his words, carefully. `` My grandfather once ruled over the Underworld. Then he came… Kiru. He had an army of Overworlders, they overthrew my grandfather's base, with no casualties; out of ordinary.
Lord Van Bloot scared me, laughing. Never thought—his prior attitude was soothing, compared to how blood chilling laughter was.
`` Lordy? Are you feeling-``
`` Prosaic how fate works. K`aal wasn`t meant too rule. His position was betrothed! They made Kiru the Lord?! Fates prosaic attitude left my ancestor to rotten to the core. Left a thief as their new leader. 16… ( riled up) SIXTEEN YEARS! I`ve watched mistakes, unable to move, ( picks up a scale on his back, turns it around, keeps near his face) unable to make amends. ( shoved scale into mouth, chewing on it, swallowed, disgusting!) With the pain building inside… I choose to be Masters slave.``
`` Hmmm…(shrugged) Never know what makes a man quake. The never obtainable-``
`` You made a deal!`` Ahhh!... Lord Van Bloot swooped in front, my eyes could peer, vicious red eye. `` You may not know it, but he brought you here! You`re the only one who`s asked resurrection. Everyone—your adored comrades—sheltered of a silent dog… working for Master.``
`` NOO! I am nothing like you!``
`` Really? Love. Only way I see it: Love over a female. I lust for dominance! Underworld, Perim, Hifdans beloved, anything… should be mine.
Keeping a calm tone, said, `` You`re just an obsessed imp-demon.``
`` You`re a young child, and full of mawkish ideas!`` Lord Van Bloot slammed his staffs rear too ground. Whole scenery started moulding, again. `` See into the abyss… of fear.``
Eijichiro Oda's office. Lord Van Bloot taunted me. He even showed me—a splitting image—my own body. I remember it now. Drawing on paper, thinking of time, full of spirit. Noticed me, my back side, a poster in front; Akana. Everything hand drawn. Every line, shades, shapes, colouring… manga, and Akana. Didn`t start drawing till I returned from Asteria. Sure… I did draw a page in my sketchbook, before going to sleep, but that`s it.
`` Cute. Trying to manipulate me, no matter how many times I say `no`, and even stooped too my life. You`d make an excellent detective with sleuthing.`` Turned too the imp; raising my middle finger, also raising left eyebrow. `` You`re not impressing, anyone.``
`` Oooo… I believe, I am. Take a closer look, Tony.`` I didn`t see his trend. Noticed my desk; a little too glossy. Was I on Fabric Refreshers, or what? I did see Roger. Reminded me how I owe him a souvenir. Roger pulled out paper, ( bosses original manga works) in my face, dangling.
`` We`re on a rough patch, Tony. Boss wants this done… today.``
I remember:
`` O-okay… I`ll do it.``
A few days later…my best friend, Isabella, was engaged to be married. There was once a time… Isabella confessed feelings over me. I couldn`t help but wonder: Could I have a relationship with Isabella; instead of waiting for a barbaric woman?
`` I rescind everything I once thought benevolent of you, Tony Parker. You`re not a mild anima.``
`` He`s a pure being, you`ll never be, Lord-Van-Bloot!``
`` Ha, ha! You really kill me, you know that?! You`ve listened to your vulgar pet for too long! A Fairytale… Ending nonsense! You`re a human, your beloveds born an anima, and there`s no one of whom wants relations. You`ll keep dying your entire life away. Eventually… you`re quarrel against living… will end as its always been: Nature overcoming your life. ``
Lord Van Bloot swished his staff. The whole scenery changed, returned—looking down upon Garu`s/crew`s/my ship. My astringe compeers were still amidst fighting. Cyber was his silver armored, mechanical, form—blasting large rockets out his massive green plastic launcher—missing Nana's male clone. Cooro`s clone ployed aerial movements and kept her middle finger up too tick off Glenn and Hifdan. Kimbo jumped up masts—followed close behind by Rose`s male clone. Harpy dove deep into the water—Husky`s clone emerged out the chilling cold water. Senri`s clone out of the water, no sign of Garu, and Kigi facing off against the bear-like monster.
`` They need me.``
`` Course they do. You're their supporter. Without you… they cannot become wholes."
My form tingled of fur, fangs grew, talons enlarged, got down on all fours—morphing into a red wolf—looked at Lord Van Bloot.
" (louder voice) Ever wonder where dreams come from? Have a look around. There's people seeking accomplishment, no matter how dark the room is; always search for light."
Lord Van Bloots magic—wielding me into the sky—lost all its effect. I was crashing through the sky, still keeping red wolf form, sword's hilt held by my fangs—slashing through into the boat. I meant slashing… swords tip penetrated through the wooden floor and it kept me afloat. What luck! Now… time to make my moves. Start with Kimbo. Let's see… cats hate water, Rose was overly hyperactive and somewhat naïve; in the manga. Maybe:
" Kimbo!" Underworld Dog and Cat woman eye's turned to me. " Aim for her right backside. That's where her scar is, and where she's most vulnerable."
Wish I'd taken more care to the plausible clone. Kimbo disappeared, reappeared as he munched on Rose's clones right shoulder. I've lagged information for too long. Time I help these poor, innocent, souls. Lord Van Bloot and I are not one of the same! But me methods…. Uncanny also shabby—knocked Rose's clone too sleep.
" Good work, Tony. Make sure Kimbo sees you. His assistance will be of great importance."
Gyah! Salivating, hefty, ugly demonic bodied—I had work cut out for me. Luckily, I too was a dog.
" Kimbo… Follow me!"
Follow? He was more likely chasing me. I was running on all fours for my life! Lose control over direction—fell down and went too sliding against hard wood surface—rammed into Senri's clone. Almost saw stars—staring at Senri's knocked down form.
" I'll be lenient on your approach," Kigi talked somewhere my eyes couldn't see. " You really came through and saved me." Kigi accompanied me. She'd walked up from my behind, hands to her side, a stern look on her face—raised a bow over her head, instantly. " Now hurry up! Garu could be in great parole!"
She's head over heels for that little Monster. Good thing he couldn't read minds… or he'd show up and beat the snot out of me… thinking of him "short". Kigi's a licentious nymph. She's lost her home, presumes to been deceased, transported to another universe; disposable garbage and now resides alongside buncha troops—clueless as she is. Things were getting too queer.
" LAVALANCHE!" Maxs voice rang throughout the ship.
Effort to stop Cooro using his partner Hifdans attacks… unsuccessful. However, I was here, and I’d forbear any effort too be in vein.
" Kitsune! I need your help."
" Am on my way, Tony."
An animals speed, even that of a demon, showed no bounds. Kitsune immediately appeared out of nowhere. Her nine-tails ablazed small fire balls, orange-whitish glow inside of her mouth.
"Let's do this, Kitsune! FOX TAILS!"
Small fireballs enlarged. Kitsunes fireballs afloated, twirling around her fox body, eyes glowing dark tangerine—launched the multiple fireballs into different directions. Husky's clone, Cooro's Nana's—all fell pry too Kitsunes fireballs might. Fireballs hauled at them, a blaze of power, sucking them in, and pushing to end of the boat—most fell into the sea.
" Yeah!" Everyone yelled.
" We took them out!"
I thought so, too. It wasn't until Husky's clone came out, holding a multi holed silver chain, anger all over his face—I saw the demon who'd drag one of us too Hell. I saw her: Spinning chain in circles, grin spread across her face, pulling her chain back—pulled into the water. Garu, the weasel of a captain, emerged out the water.
" And that was without a single drop of booze." Garu said in a joking manner.
" Garu!"—Kigi.
Kigi ran up too Garu, held her arms out, and squeezed his small body. Kigi, kina flat-chested, still put Garu's face right between her bosoms. Garu's desires to fondle her, the little child he was—didn't suck. Harpy Lady emerged out the water, Till hoped and stopped; encircling, Max and Cyber came up to use, Lorei also Johnny came out of their hiding; a giant wooden basket over their heads.
" So tell us, Garu," Glenn made out of the crowd. " How were you able to get away from the clone."
" Ahhhh… yes. The hefty woman had me beat. I ranted on-on about how I missed Mew. Than… a miracle happened: I was lifted out of the water, a large frozen icicle, eventually making way above sea level. And I owe it…" Garu put out his right hand, a broach, uncoiling; Weiry, was wrapped around his wrist." … my buddy Weiry. This lil bucker saved me, freezed me, eventually thawed me. That's about… when I dragged What's-her-name to the sea. She acts all cool, but she ain't. She drowned.``
`` Enough!`` N.E.X`s voice rang out. `` Now… I should congratulate you lucky lot. There`s something, quite unexpected… you`ve all reached level 5, including your brawny friend.`` Buzzing noises came from inside our Terrine bands. We looked around, saw a giant ball of white light illuminating in front of us. `` One moment, please. 20…50…80…and… we`re done.``
Done?! N.E.X nearly blew us off the boat. It was a good thing Glenn and Hifdan saw everything— running, told us too ``run``-sonicboom of white light spreading all over our boat. We at the edge. We were at the safest place to be. However, good (came) out. 5 different people were seen and laying on the ground. There was my friend Meyumi, red hair the shape of a sword with a half-dull point at the end, moving were down had come his brown handkerchief attached to his neck, below that was a plain black shirt—red jacket over that shirt, long pants the colour of green-black; on the left green and on the right black, ending with his black military boots. Another person (
A girl, 5'5", 134 IBs, flat-chested, auburn fringe red hair, blue eyed, black-whitish striped shirt, wearing brown loafers.
A creature, much similar too Garu, 3'45", 88 IBs, looking like a cat, brown eyes, rabbit ears. brown fur, with a aquamarine toy looking scarf around his neck.
. Another man 4'91", 189 IBs, a black Chillis Men's Solvent Polarized Wrap sunglasses, wearing brown-whitish desert camouflage battle dress, red-orange haired.
Then there was my old teacher, in the world of Asteria, Carol, 4''79", 155 IBs, from her top body was brown hair molded together by a comb, ocular glasses, plain blue shirt with a long gap between the middle held together with numerous number of buttons.
`` Mew!`` Garu yelled to the giant blue cat.
Cat rubbed his head, sobering off aftershock, saw the midget, and yelled, `` Garu!``
Lovers? The way they ran—giving off joy and happiness—masked whatever relationship the beasts had. Garu stretched his arms out, Mew stretching out his, however, Garu came too close—big brown cat grabbing Garu`s neck and strangling him.
`` What… are you… doing?
`` You stupid hound dog! I will kill you!" Yeah, right. Mew ceased of their struggle. Put his arms down, pushed Garu down, still leering too him. " Why did you bring me here!? I was happy, and you brought me here!"
" Actually, I dare say… Its not entirely my fault. stodge’s, such as myself… have no quarrel involving ancient history. Especially… the one with you and your wife."
" Don't you talk about my wife! You!..."
Ahhh… great to be back, and with new faces. Each doing there own thing: Lifeguard chatting away with Max, small cat strangling small dog, Momma Goose enholding her little goose's stopped and moved up—kissing kips against husbands unprepared lips; Gothic woman mimicking her companion, left me with Carol and Meyumi. Meyumi ogled Kigi, looking over railing, rear end high up; revealing.
"Who's that oaken woman? I wouldn't mind making her Mrs."-Meyumi
" Maladroit as always, eh, Meyumi?"—Me.
" More so," Carol added. " Now… Why don't you get me a fresh pot of tea. I've so much too discuss, Tony."

Fainter—instantly becoming fainter, my music—right before my eyes!
Had a wooden banjo in both my hands. Was like an average banjo, however, carved out of beige wood, one large hole in the centre two large strings sticking out. Habit I've always practised: Playing musical instruments, any way I can, after dealing with a fracas. I was jealous of Glenn Matthews. Sitting around, playing my music and ingesting small apples, Glenn walked around, writing on white paper, around people… his family.
I miss Naomi and Stan. I miss everyone: Naomi, Aqua, Eliza, Scarlet, Conner, Lance, Samuel, Silver, Sydney and Shadow… Everyone! Glenn had it easy. Glenn has his wife, kid. I've got Steve, Sorean, Kimbo; spending more time with Glenn. Steve and I haven't been on friendly terms. Steve's been working overseas, I made him feel guilty and join me at my concert, hasn't said a word too me, ever since. Single phrase I've heard of him: What the fuck have you gotten me into, Max?
" Max!" Garu yelled as he steered the ship. " Play something else! Your spoiling the Mood!"
" I play what I like," Talked back too "Captain"
" Your music's terrible! I haven't heard a word you've said!"
" You've gotta hark, listen too, my music. It's got Words in it."
" That's the conundrum. There's people whom prejudice over words."
" He does have a point," Tony's voice said somewhere in the boat, distant of my eyes. " Change of pace would be nice. Let's say… Classical Music."
Were my ears on fire, or what. This guy, grease of a man, comes up to me and asks for "Classical Music" Its been so long. A boy laden piano, practising four-five; time, plying every moment I had time, and still going unappreciated. " Mozart and pianos are not for caitiff's." People…now…staring, oh boy. Well… better give the people, what they want.
" Okay."
It was a miracle: My skills hadn't attenuated drastically, right now.
Day of wrath, that day
Will dissolve the earth in ashes
As David and the Sibyl bear witness.
What dread there will be
When the Judge shall come
To judge all things strictly.
A trumpet, spreading a wondrous sound
Through the graves of all lands,
Will drive mankind before the throne.
Death and Nature shall be astonished
When all creation rises again
To answer to the Judge.
A book, written in, will be brought forth
In which is contained everything that is,
Out of which the world shall be judged.
When therefore the Judge takes His seat
Whatever is hidden will reveal itself.
Nothing will remain unavenged.
What then shall 1 say, wretch that I am,
What advocate entreat to speak for me,
When even the righteous may hardly be secure?
King of awful majesty,
Who freely savest the redeemed,
Save me, O fount of goodness.
Remember, blessed Jesu,
That I am the cause of Thy pilgrimage,
Do not forsake me on that day.
Seeking me Thou didst sit down weary,
Thou didst redeem me, suffering death on the cross.
Let not such toil be in vain—
" I know that song!" Tony screeched. " Mozart's Requirem!" Tony clapped his hands, high-strung. " Bravo, Bravo!"
" Hmph, still in words."—Garu.
" Quiet down, geezer! You talked about words, not phrases. Max is a genius."
" What?" Everyone's, including mine, voices yelled.
" Think about it. Music composed in a different language, Max is able to rehearse the words, pronto. That's a talent… only a handful of dedicated, hard-core, music composers can do. There's not a music composer, this century, whose proven too enthuse, me. But… the one's whom I praise… Max has displayed them, through his music. Is that a great talent, or what?"
Tony… this is the first time… anyways ever complimented my music. All those years: People telling me " You're terrible", " What's that racket?", " Pipe down. I need to sleep." Tony, stupid-stupid; Tony, gladdened my sorrowed heart. He'd either spent all day, thinking, sleeping, his eulogy.
" Captain!" Kigi's voice yelled in the mast. " We've got someone—about too crash!"
Kigi was right, of course. An identifying object, overhead, scudding at us. We were all in danger! We couldn't do anything, that scudding-flying object would mush us, like a pancake.
" All crew on deck! I need crew in the bowsprit, mainsails, yardarms, gaffs! Get to work, ya bevy's!"
Headstrong Garu's at it, again. He's the captain. Everyone, whose presence am aware of, expedited: mercurial performances, placid acts, hardihood determination…obstinacy for disregard or scrutinises. Identifying object came in, hot.
" Brace," Garu insinuated, ordering us. Object came, closer, closer, making its way for our deck. " Brace." Our rumpus object—nearly invisible circle of air; breaking Sound Barrier—skirmishing towards us. " Forthwith, now!"
Studied manoeuvre: Roman Turtle Position. A position, happening now, we all form together—become a single-strong rectangular figure. This figure, happening now, held identifying object in place—it came crashing down. Diagnosticate objects outer appearance: 10 feet tall, smooth skinned, cyan-coloured skin, large amber eyes, long sweeping tail; black bush at tip. Man rode on a creature, reptilian; resembled dragons, light blue scales, 15 feet, scaly mardi gras goatee, four dragonfly-like wings out his sides. We held on—not allowing any elapse—bickering Garu around us.
" Kigi, Meyumi… Relay, wings… Fire!"
Kigi and Meyumi spry worked—perforating the beasts wings—firing arrows. Monstrosity razed, screaming, and crumbling; medial mind. Everyone encircled these troglodytes. We had them encased: Swords, arrows, spells, fire, claws.
" Fpak!" Abnormally tall man sounded, seemingly pleading. "Ohe lu meyp!"
Space-man speaking extra-terrestrial? They think I speak Gibberish, wait until they get a load of Him.
" Stop," Kigi said as though she was translating. " I am weak." We're all dumbfounded of Kigi. She noticed it, ushered, " My species can understand all woodland creatures, humans or animals. Kinda like a cognizant awareness. "
" Peachy, fair Tell him: ' Name, leader, reasons.'"
Kigi didn't answer Garu, however, nodded. Kow-towed, abrading grime on beings cheeks, brushing head, looked deep in his eyes, and said, "
" Tstxo, eyktan, luns?"
Didn't make sense to me, however, made sense for him. Demented, prurient of knowledge, accepting Kigi as his Saviour—jump up and prepared a hugging position—smacked down, P.D.Q. It was awesome! I mean… horrible too the creature, but… am a terrible person. Tall man made his way up, unloosening arrows in his creature, pulled them out, and let his beast thresh dragonfly-like wings; vertically. Saving his beast, turned around.
"Nang tstxo lu Ru'tey. Oe lu a Eywa'eveng yä Vahaya Tsray.
"My name is Ru'tey . I am a na’vi of Vahaya Village."
" Hold it, right there, everybody!" N.E.X's irking voice came from our Terrain Bands; yellow light blinking, repeatedly. " It's none of my business. Think of all this… a friendly gesture."
Yellow light shot out, straight—yellow energy, life stream… surging like a rope—attaching itself right in the middle of Ru'tey's abdomen. Mewled; closed eyes, swinging arms around, scared of the light. Stream ended… Ru ' tey`s eyes opened, startled.
`` Baah!`` Ru`tey creaked. `` Demon Magic!``
We were all shocked: He had an Irish brogue, and he was speaking; we could understand.
`` You!``-Garu.
Face turned, index finger pointing at his neck, said, `` Me ? ``
`` Yeah. Tell us: Why-you-are-here.``
`` Me ? I was scouting.`` Tears dripped down Ru`tey`s eyes. He wiped them off, sniveling, sobered, looked up. `` There was 6 of us. Gunfire… They all die. Why me ? ``
Garu took empathy for the sad creature, walking up, gently pushing on Kigi`s right thigh`s; moving her away, kow-towed down too him. Needless to say: Cowers, like me, don`t deserve others comfort. I once tricked myself too believe I was a leader. I am no leader. I fought, moved, never thought about anything, just acted; trying to make myself look nifty.
`` Calm down. Nobody`s gonna understand, someone, their weeping all the time. I will tell you our transaction: We`ll get reach your village; sailing, meet your chief, and discuss treaties as well aid your village. However, you keep hiding your head in the dirt… I'll be sure my foot has a little target practice."
Pandora understood, everything. Gave a small smile, picking himself off the ground, reaching his left hand out. There's nothing, sickens me more, me abhorring Garu's courage. We were diametrical vilifies. Garu faced gigantism monsters… took them out, even when he was weak. Agonising, reminiscing all my battles: Cowering behind Cyber.
" Brother?" Ru'tey asked shaking Garu's hand.
" Yeah, Brother!"
Garu's a Lilliputian pup; he makes up with strength. Woodland creatures left palm, inflamed by Garu's might, wide-smile across Garu's face. Kigi walked up behind Garu, tapping him on his left shoulder, turning his head around, saw the woodland-beauty, speaking too him…
" What are our orders, master?"
" Obviously… (command mode) Get moving, set the sails! Raise anchors! Do something, and do it right! "
There wasn't much I could do, so I decide: Go to the ships sides, grab wooden banjo, and start playing. No one paid me any mind. Our voyage, finding 18 more Tags, just increased—heading too Unknown Village.
My lord… this was fantastic. The village consisted of large rocks, a roaring sea, Lush of trees, on top of the cliff, we stood below.
" What a bizarre place, " Mimi retorted what I was thinking.
" I like it, " Glenn retorted. It's bizarre, I know, somehow… I feel a connection here. "
" Me too, brother Glenn, " Meyumi riposted with Glenn; against Mimi.
An additional thing I envied of Glenn: He had a talent… making friends. I've never had any friends… until… I came to the Duel Monster World. Even after returning… my friends weren't ones I 'd spend a great deal of time around.
Garu drew my perturb. Standing around his steering wheel, staring oddly at a nearly undetectable compass, tooting.
" Am having comical problems. My compass isn't working. Just spinning around, in circles, not slowing down. "
" Hey Garu! " Tony called out. " Put that away. You're not fooling anyone. "
Garu paced himself, moving backwards; palms feeling everything in his path, feeling Tony ' s stomach, turned around, glaring.
" You want to run this boat ? "
" Yes. "
" Well… you can't. Am running this ship. "
" Under whose authority, again ? "
" Mine! " N.E.X scream out our terrain bands; blinking yellow lights. " Don't you get it, yet! You're all part of Masters creations. Everything you hold, feel, smell, keep around… it's all ink ! "
Shouts of union and desponding. I couldn't believe it. Could it be… I've always been ink! My whole life's meaningless ? No! I won't believe it. I was born by hands… are matters in netherworlds… I Don't Care! All that matters: Get home, find my passion, be surrounded by family who ardor, and nothing else.
" Impossible! " —Garu
" Nothings impossible, earthen. Just look at me: A computer program, dashing handsome, I might add; clever, and crystal clear humour (prevaricator) . You are, what you are, only you… can adept from or too it. There's also— "
An arrow appeared, out of nowhere, soaring through overhead Tony's terrine band. Yellow light faded; N.E.X hiding.
" Zaèu ke'u tswayon, tawsìp, " Voice almost identical too Ru`tey`s.
I didn ' t have any understanding over their concepts, however, I did have Ru ' tey. Ru ' tey paced bow put both hands on the sides of his mouth, leaning over the edge, and shouted…
" Po lu ohe , Ruètey. Lay nekll ngey weapons. I've ngrr frrtus, fìtsenge ne
" It is I, Ru ' tey, " Mechanical voice spiel, in a voice resembling Ru ' tey ' s. " Lay down your weapons. I ' ve root visitors, here too help. "
" Vahaya Village Visitors ? No one is allowed in our village, Ru ' tey. We protect our own kind. Others will rein terror upon our land. "
" Fayfnel + fkos luketeng. Ayfo zong oeti, oeyä lord. "
" These ones are different. They saved me, my lord. "
The persons voice become a little lower; I couldn't hear, words he spilled, however, the translator activated and worked…
" You ? Swim too us. We will give your friends our deepest condolences. They are not allowed to set a foot on land, or they shall face immediate execution. "
I didn ' t know which ticked me off more. The demeanours of those freakishly tall warriors, or the fact they ' re trying to kill us; we step on their land. I' ve never been deemed mild, however, I don ' t like people talking bad about me. People have no right; criticize others, over how they look, and how they live. Still couldn't understand a word they said. Just themachines voice.
" Ro ' ai, it is not your decision to make. Only higher up, Kaw, makes our decisions. You… You are a lackey. "
" Watch your tongue, Ru ' tey. . Your words speak true: Only our chef may speak. Always yearning for companionship… never think you ' d stoop so low… ask help from demons ? Loud bonging noise cam- e through the area. " Gates are open. Get in or stay behind. But be warned… judgement ' s just begun. "
Rocks on ground; different colours, colourful trees, strange creatures roaming, fresh air—other than now— nothings changed of our route. We were in a circle, groaning, aching…tired.
" If there was any more bugs, this place would be a nest,`` Tony complained as we walked.
`` Adapt, younglings. This forests full of dangers. You make 1 wrong turn… it could mean your life. I count all brothers I`ve lost… all from diseases and our jungle menaces.``
Ru 'tey could be right. There's something strange about this forest. It's almost like… a great evil roams the lands, or something. Anyways… gotta keep moving. We`ve a date to keep. However, there was a cry. A wolf`s cry. Different from any I`ve encountered. The sound echoed across the ocean, making us all tremble, lifted up our heads and saw movement; almost undetectable shadows of beings.
`` Those weren't wolves,`` Tony retorted. `` I am half-wolf; anima. I know what we`ve heard… isn`t of a wolf.``
`` Your half-right. You`ve just heard a Viperwolf. Extraordinary creatures, those Viperwolfs. `` Ru`gel stroked below his chin, humming, and estrange look over his eyes. `` It's strange. Viperwolfs don`t make noise until night time. Something`s not right.``
Ru`gel darted; away. There he was—out of our lives—we expect him the most. Tillo ran after him, the big dumb bastard. Tony, Kigi, Glenn, Hifdan, Cyber; my crony, Meyumi, Carol; flying, Mew, Garu, Harpy Lady, Steve, Sorean, Mimi, Skithia, and last… Me.
Joined everyone. Ran through large trees, over large rocks, seeing all kinds of exotic animals: Four-armed monkeys, animals which looked like bulldozers, panthers with things sticking out their mouths and mystifying mouths. Came to the depth of despair—broke through wall of death; vines—saw the beasts of anguish. I assessed them. Hybrids of wolves `n` snakes, black skin, 1 meter in height, 2 meters in length, green eyed, six legs with each having three toes, hairless skin, low-slung head having a type of armor, amphipod plating on the back of the neck and spine, snakelike jaws with obsidian teeth and a paddle-like tail for stability.
`` People think am a creature…`` Garu replied. `` Wait till people see this.``
`` We`re not letting anyone near here, idiot,`` Mew said too his captain. `` Robust people ever see this… I can`t even image, what they`ll do too them.``
`` Who do you think was howling ? ``-Mimi.
`` I had to guess…`` Glenn envisaged. Glenn walked up, unafraid of the hybrids, growls from everyone; saw Glenn. Glenn showed them no fear, hands in his pockets, all the wolves backed up, one saw lying on the ground, injured. `` There, there, little one (soothing). Am here, and I will help you.``
`` Your friends unafraid. I like your friend. ``
`` My husband`s no crass man. Stubborn, intrinsic caring man and dedicated. Everyone… everyone`s… part of his business.``
`` Even so, there`s barely any who`ve encountered a Viperwolf herd, and lived to tell the tale.``
This exotic land is dangerous. Death, strange creatures, extraterrestrial aliens, my God, J.K Rowling would have a field date, here. Glenn tried internship as a comic book illustrator… failed… I`ve doubts over why he`s near the hybrid. For all I know: Glenn could be examining this creature, just for a better understanding; wanting another comic book idea.
``Lay down, my friend. I see…Weil ' s disease. You`re going to feel pain. But only a little pain.`` Glenn pulled out a see through needle—blue liquids gushing around. `
Just 1 quick peck—pain surging through wolf—Glenn got up and backed away. Carol took initiative, running and stopping near the wolf. She reached her left hand out, checked the wolfs pulse. I didn`t know she was a doctor, or Glenn knew about medicine, even that Tony and Glenn had friends. tapped; left shoulder.
`` Max,`` Steve`s voice insinuated, my left ear. `` People are following us.``
`` You sure ? `` Asked as my head still stared at the wolves.
`` Course am `sure`. I work as a marine, man. I`ve developed keen insights over surrounds.`` Cold, unclean, fingertips, clutching my heads sides, and pulling up. `` Sssh—look up—see for yourself, there are monsters.``
Where ? Steve's developed hawk`s eyes, or has gone crazy from the ardor. No signs of life—no way of knowing if Steve's sane—and no concept over this worlds… Wait! I see presence, faintly. Just a shadow, no more, a bantam presence, in this universe. No one else could see it… except for me and Steve. Carol-Glenn studied injured Viperwolf, Ru`tey including everyone too observing wild beasts; close up, Garu-Kimbo-Kigi-Mimi-Skithia—obscure.
`` Steve.``
`` Yeah ? ``
`` Remember the Duel Monster World ? ``
`` Yeah.``
`` (tempting) Remember Ryu, and us fighting in his own world ? ``
`` Oh, yeah.``
`` Well… Let`s do it all, again.``
A little something I learned from standing around Cyber for so long: Rubbing our Pins is like beacons too them. Cyber, Sorean, showed up, confused. Another thing I`ve learned: Cyber has a unique ability to sense others thoughts, staring at them. My pin glowed, Steve`s pin glowed, unnoticeably, we made our approach. Cybers body glowing—Soreans body glowing—time too Tribute Evolve.
Our friends were back! Dear, sweet, new Cyber, original Sorean; 2nd evolution. It ' s a pity we ' re brought here with given levels, Soreans didnèt have a chance to fight, till now.
The small yellow antenna 's sinked into Cybers head. Electric power, nearly invisible, surrounding the woods and nothing happened.
Sorean twirled his whip in circles. Over the years: Steves been training, we ' ve all been resting. It confused me how he hadn ' t been chosen to partake in this quest, until I summoned him, of course. Steve ' s a mad gladiator. Soreans is Steve's prized pet. Small rocks twirled in the air—forging together, apace—slowly floating back down and coating Soreans sword. A 6 feet rocky whip. One almost unseeable slash of the whip—two (individuals) falling down.
" Intruders! " —Steve.
" Not just any ' intruders '. Chimera and hybrid! "
Chimera was an armadillo-like beast, tall of a crocodile, kangaroo ' s face, all coloured tuskany. Hybrid had the body of a wolf, coloured sandstorm, gorilla arms sprouting out its sides. Sorean / Cyber engaged monstrosities. Wolf barked, Armadillo raised its tail; threatening way, Cyber punching fists in air at the monsters, Sorean swinging blade. Territory Battle. We were stuck in the middle, these ferocious beasts, and their heyday.
" That ' s enough, Delray, Rowland, " French brogue man's voice said somewhere close.
In the horizon, staring too the sky—shadowy figure gliding down. Creature human, blue-purplish robes—picture of galaxies and coated with fangs, light purple skin, small ocular yellow eyes, short blue shag hair, long-sharp teeth . Creature came in centre, creatures. His hands lag—feeling no pain, or numb too the bones—petted both the beasts. The Vampire looked up, big sharp-tooth smile, mesmerizing yellow eyes.
" I am Vampire Lord. It is Max, no ? Tell me Max… our ambitions to be here. "
He knows my name ? I've no idea who this undead lord is, or what he is playing at, however, couldn't refuse curiosity, even if it's from someone evil. My words should be…
" Improve myself: music, invulnerability, heart. "
Undead man smirked, speaked, " A very childish ambition. "
" There's none other for me. I could ask you the same question. What ' s your ambitions ? "
Undead creature didn't answer me. Wings sprouted behind his back, he ' d took off; creatures with him, still hearing his evil chuckles.
" You'll have to wait, later. Until the time comes… you've your own conundrums. Farewell… Max Yuki. "
What a strange being. One moment he seems scary, the next he's asking me questions, and know he's leaving me. He was right, conundrums. Turn my head around, one second—everyone next too wolves captivated. Group of people similar too Ru ' tey encircled everyone near the wolves—bows string pulled back and arrows at the ready.
" Max! " Ru ' tey shouted, unseen. " Do not engage! They will not hurt you, act in a pliable manor. "
" ( Fkay!) "
" What did he say ? " —Me.
" He said… hateful. "

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