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Might Four: Across the multiverse

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Stared at the anguish of Hifdan.
Hifdan struggled his hardest—the little champion—he just couldn't break free of beasts grasp.
"Hifdan!" I yelled while gravelling on the ground.
A massive blue dog on top of me, dozens of gargoyles floating around the massive monster, and a tanned women underneath them.
" Surrender," The massive monster commanded. "I have no wish of death. All I want is for your deeds of wickedness to end."
``Don't… do it… Glenn," Hifdan croaked even though the massive monster kept his hands around him, tightly. `` You once said we're friends.' But we are more than just friends. We are brothers. We fight together, and we never give up."
"They appear more than simpletons… " The female monster talked to the massive monster. “ Remember… we are all family, and family tell each other's problems, flat out. At least…. That's what Eliza tells me."
"Hmmm… way too , sister."
They were non-focused. It was a blessing in the night sky. Hifdan held his hands on the claws, and pushed them away—fell towards the ground. The event also startled the dog. I had my opportunity: Shaked myself. The dog fell down. He landed on his right side—an effort dash away from him.
" Hifdan!"
" Glenn!"
We both embraced each other. Our hug was long, filled with tears, and could feel his scaly back on the backside.
" I do not understand. Such friendliness together. This is not something I've seen, an enemy could possibly possess. "
" They’re not your enemies." A voice far away said, made me stagger. " Don't change my feelings: You hurt my friends, and I will hurt you."
Tony was the mysterious figure. He appeared out of nowhere—behind the massive winged monsters—his light red furred paws illuminating through the moonlight.
" Don't forget me. You get a dog wet… His fangs start showing," Garu's voice mixed in Tony's floating body, never would have thought Garu of being a dog.
" We also fight together!" Max roared behind them. " You mess with one of us— you mess with all of us! And we're not gonna lay down, easy!"
Everyone was here. Tony Parker, Garu, Max Yuki, Cyber, Kimbo—all afloating through night sky and eyes glowing red. The winged monsters saw them behind them, as they were just as surprised.
" Ahhhh!" Tony screeched through the sky. Tony's wide blade and light brown fur sparkled—astonished my mind and my soul. " Feel my Wrath!"
Tony VS Lead Beast. A fight to the finish.
A right swish through the right side, left claw too block, gritting their teeth, pushed aback—resumed their battle. Mimicked their previous actions. Right side, left side, wing; block the sword.
" You fight as Warrior. People resent your appearance—I am completely aghast. "
Purple scaled creature backed down. Mighty wings wrapped around his torso—shot straight down to the ground. I was completely dumbfounded, however, couldn't let this keep me clueless. Book illuminated; I was gonna save the arrogant monster, using one of my two spells…
God thank me now. I saved a life.
Hifdans massive green roots coiled around purple scaled creatures torso. Lifted off the ground—one inch from his own demise, and all his comrades soared too him. All his comrades concerned over their leaders health, except one. The female winged beast flew just infront of us. She glower at all us, but I sensed she had words to speak…"
" Let our scourge fade. Important matters, we must attend. It isn't here—protection can fall. Fall me, my clan. We have the perfect territory."
Homes a giant Clock Tower, very impressive.
Inside of their home—less significant. My mind saw everything: Old Set television, kitchen smeared with flour and meat toppings: Italian Sausage, seafood, ham, onions; it only had dangling clocks as well brown painted wall. Standing, encircled near a massive clock. Angelina the Gargoyle—she'd informed us of her name and others—Had much too speak:
" Tag? An extraordinary tool. Why is wrong with yours, Glenn Matthews?"
" It's a fake. N.E.X, we've mentioned before, saw nothing. A shell-in-empty-body."
"Peculiar." Angelina rubbed her lips. Both her eyes darted to the sides. She could see everyone else: Garu joining the blue winged monster Broadway with cooking meals out of pastry's, Tony and Red Figured winged beast Broadway, Max typing on his laptop; it attracted the attention of small winged beast Lexington, Galioth-Angelina-Bronx-Hifdan-me—the only ones standing around circle. " There's someone watching us, I don't know who. Not you, Glenn Matthews, I realize now… Could be watching us, as we speak."
Angelina kept eyes focused on aphotic windows. She glared, growled. Something was amongst her. I could sense trouble—she could sense trouble—everyone here could sense trouble; not burying their heads into random objects. Galioth placed his left hand over his daughters left shoulder.
" Time will come…Now is important. Glenn needs us, and we are Gargoyles, defenders of the night."
" Yes…Father."
Angelina bowed her head in shame. Galioth kept his stance. Their fighting reminded me of Hudston. They said how he died, weeks before my arrival. They don't like to talk over how he died, rather how…: Things have never been the same. That I can vouch for. Things have never been the same with my life, as well.
`` Rise, daughter. One day I won`t be around, and you`ll need to lead this clan.``
`` Father…`` Angelinas`s head shot up. Goliath broke an imagery wall between them. `` Leader? What of Brooklyn?``
`` Brooklyn is reckless. Lexington`s too attached with machines; it distracts him from us. Broadway`s a good person too lead; not good as you.``
Angelina agaped—changed her position—faced her back to Galioths head. `` It`s uncanny. A women made to lead an army of men? Father, Hudson would have a say: He try telling you how your acting impulsively.`
`` But am not, Angelina. Ever since I found you—Night Sky keeps calling me—telling how you`d be perfect for such a position.``
` I abhor. Mother`s always taunted your Acumen. When will she be back?``
`` Soon, my lil Angel of the Night. Your mother has a lot of thinking. We must give her the time she`s requested and hope she can learn over her mistakes.``
`` Hate to do the bearer of bad news. We still need to look into Tag—"
Munching noise. I could see Garu, abolitionist. Him, and the big, fat gargoyle—Abolitioning all food in kitchen. Captain Garu; A bijou mouth for the food. Disgusted me! All those pieces of food—millions of chewed pieces escaping his mouth and landing on ground. Broadway, Gargoyle followed Garu actions. No wonder their kitchen was so dirty. However; instantly stopped…
`` Halt!``-Galioth.
The two idiots froze. It was a good thing Broadway froze, bite Garu`s leg off—holding his left leg with his huge claws. Max and Lexington, Gargoyle came near the kitchen. Both of them typed on Max`s computer; half-hands on keyboard.
Max stopped typing. Lexington was in agony—slammed computers screen over his little claws. Max heard the scream, and turned Lexingtons way. Completely embarred; made himself get the screen off his hands, patted his back. Those two lost their moment; 0_0—saw Brooklyn, red Gargoyle and Tony. They began colliding with their paws against each other’s .
" Sit!"—me
Those two were practically dogs, crouched on their hind legs. I could hear whimpering out their mouths. Poor saps, it would do them some good walking around—after we've continued with the mission. Those two, computer maniacs, selfish pigs; gathered around. They were glaring at me, however, my words would not be pronunciated. Galioth would be the person of whom would speak.
" Comrades… Um, this is peculiar… I have very little to say; but let my words not be of no use. We are Angels of the Night." Galioth's face molded. What once been a look of confusion; an angry look appeared across his face. " WE WILL GLIDE!"
I feared the windows—shatter right behind us. Cracking noises filled our silence gap. We all stared intensively towards each other, and then back to Galioth. I only saw Galioths head; right hand side of his body. The only abnormal thing I saw of him: His daughter standing left side her father, and his eyes peaking at her. One of those fathers watch over his precious treasure…kind of moment. I darted my eyes where my comrades were, and Concised my answers:
" Let's go."
We were soaring—up high in the sky.
Each of us grasped tightly by a Gargoyle, lose circulation of our blood flowing. Galioth had me, Brooklyn had Cyber; helped by holding Glenn under his armpits, Lexington holding Garu, Broadway holding Tony, Angelina carrying their giant dog; Bronx. I could just make out some buildings. The café we've eaten upon arriving, area with the newspaper boxes, a fancy Italian restaurant I've once thought of, and best of all—Massive museum holding Tag. There's just one thing out of whack: Tag in museum. Things didn't make sense, a rare object; it could be found at museum. This thought just occurred. Galioth mentioned how his clan's body turns too stone—sunlight shines through the sky. I couldn't believe him…I didn't believe anything around here. But this is different: Sorrow, and fear, said.
" Keep moving," The callow Captain Garu ordered. " We should be close, keep your asses moving."
" Tell us more about this coalition," Brooklyn asked.
" You mean with me and the dogs? We were all chosen to fight by a higher upper—blah, blah, need to get 20 Tags—won't return home until we've found all 20. Bogus, right."
" Oh, yeah. Completely 'bogus'. Rephrase your teams words, of you:"
" Garu's a complete bovine animal. He also lacks an acumen; we try to talk with him, and he brushes us off. I don't know why he does it… but he does it."
Garu was ashamed. I told Brooklyn everything he needed. Garu was not trust worthy; all the time, him arrogant and full of himself. His embarrassment lifted; he saw something of interest on the ground. We were above the Museum. We could finally return into the Museum, only problems: Police officiers were everywhere. Headlights pointed in sky, noisy sirens, people barking orders; we were all in deep trouble.
" Anymore bright ideas, professor?" Tony speak, sarcastic behind my back. " I sure as hell can't find another way out this. "
" Glad you're asking. I thought about—"
" Wasn't talking to you. Glenn… Show me what you've got."
I was puzzled, bless everyone around here of whom trusted my actions—nothing came into mind. All that could be thought: Getting Tag. I thought of Tag not being there; but thereès always a time am wrong, and admit it.
" Leave everything to me, I'll get us inside."
Army of police officers—almost appeared as a vanguard. Everything, but me, safely behind large buildings, it will be my job in stopping the police. I started by pacing myself—near hearth of their army. I strived for acme in this battle. All police officers turned on me, and they saw a man with courage, stupidity.
" Hold your positions!" One of the police officers barked. The soldiers soon picked themselves off ground—scurried a section; few inches away from me. Revolvers, submachine guns, Tippman sniper guns; it went where the police boxed me in and were preparing to fight. A police chief, wearing dozens of badges, dark blue uniform, silver coins around his two shoulders, glossy raven hair combed back. " This is the police! You can either turn yourself in, or we’ll be forced to use extreme force."
Didn't matter what I did; at the time. I was merely a diversion. I’d stay behind too get their attention, and the rest would sneak in through the back. Pressure riding out on me—raising my hands for their own self amusement—prepared for the inescapable.
" I’ve no wish of fighting. Take me as you see fit."
All part of the plan.
Two officers began escorting me. One was a chubby and Spanish, two was thin as a twig and had a snotty looking nose. Chubby grabbed my left; Nosy grabbed my right. I was held hostage, I've never felt so much more alive. Nothing like this happened back in Chaotic Tournament—was close to dying a few times, never once had the thrill of people holding you down and deciding how they'll affect your life. The two escorted me near the police officer. Man covering six packs, the darkest uniform of every other police officer, large black moustache wide enough to reach his cheeks and large enough to touch his lips, hazel eyes, Two massive black Colt 45-70 Peacemakers on both sides of his hips. The person’s torso sticked right out—he'd been laughing to himself.
" Some class A shit you've got there. Trying to break into a Museum, and take something out of there, just to return back here, you dumbass. I can give you my full opinion: The moment we get into court; I will risk my health working so I can see you convicted ."
First impressions could've been better. The man took out a plastic water bottle; it dangled above his head and he poured the water out of the water bottle. A waterfall of clear blue liquids, pouring out the plastic water bottle. He was mocking me, what kind of police officer is he? Certainly not a one of whom shakes his fellow officers away, yanks someone while their startled, drags their feet from the ground to a car—pushing them carelessly into the backseat. I could almost hear him laughing on the otherside.
" Your humour; I find offensive. "
" Get use to me, kid. We have a 2 hour drive to the nearest station. And am sure as hell not wasting a single minute letting you think for yourself. Should've obeyed the law, you little sh—?"
Loud noise disrupted the police officer. The noise worsened—people howling in pain. It was mine, and too the horror of the officer… a lifeless police officers body was flinged my way and crashed through the side doors of the police cruiser. A loud cracking noise from the monster… I feared he may've broken his skull. That was only one man… I couldn't believe it—dozens of police officers were flinged in the air, and collided to the ground—cracking noises coming out all of their bodies. It was obvious: We were not alone.
" What the fuck!? My men! This cannot—?
What happened to the man was hard of explaining as it would be sad; he wasn't a man completely cruel natured—grabbed by his face and having his skull slammed against his cars left hand door. The thing responsible for that…A vicious, salivating, lizard man. This lizard was tall, had blue-greenish scales, long mouth, red eyes, stood on his hind legs as well muscular, a long ridged tail sticking out his rear end.
" No! Oh, no! Please in Gods name… Don't hurt—"
Lizardman wasn't even listening. His claws digged into cruisers handle—ripped the door clean off. I couldn't even prepare myself; when a creature reaches in and grabs me by my feet. The screaming terror echoed inside my head. Lizardman attempted getting my carcass out, and most likely feasting on the spoiling remains. He got me, however, let go—The heel of my left foot shaked too rapidly… So he got kicked in the head and I made a run for it. Started my search with opening the door of right side. I was freed, for now. It wasn't until I was completely out the door—gazing into the azure night sky—a new monster stood, standing. This one I recognised, Lord Van Bloot. Green scales, giant dark green wings behind his back, had a normal white eye in his right eye socket and a red eye on his left eye socket, a tan ponytail.
" What lovely acquaintance, it's been a long time; but I never forget things, and I'll never forgive what you've caused me. I was freed from the portal, brought into the filth people call ‘Earth’, surrendered my dignity under Chaors rule, fought you again-and-again; yet I still end up back here—summoned by my new master."
" Lord… Van…Bloot…" Frightened of his appearance and looks stuttered.
" Cool it , Glenn. I cannot lay a finger on you, turbulently. Master told me all about you four: Your all after Tag, want to save the world, are in another group; I feel sorry for them being around y-o-u, your journey must come to an end."
I grinned. I was no longer afraid of Lord Van Bloot. There was also a matter at hand: My friends had to go search for Tag, and I had to stay here in order for them to get Tag.
" Your much more gruesome than I remember, Lord Van Bloot. Your complections just awful."
That pissed him off. He once been calm over so dreary matters, I couldn't believe how fast his emotions worked.
" Should be. I've trained to hone my abilities. You've kept me this way. I was humiliated, degraded, set back into a world where everyone dispised me, and it's all because of you! I will never stop! I will always chase you! Even if you escape and get into another universe… I WILL FOLLOW YOU!"
He seemed tense… Maybe a little too tense. I was looking in his direction, however, not at him. I saw the Gargoyles behind him. Moved stealthily ; like cats prowling over a home's rooftop. However Lord Van Bloots "changed" since we last meet- there's always something a person can never let go. If I understand Lord Van Bloot, he'll try to be better then everyone, and that will make him use daring tactics. Gargoyles an inch behind and staring at Lord Van Bloots curvy ridge…
" Why do you try and provoke me—sending impudent creatures after me?!"
" FEAR PROJECTION!" A new voice rang out.
I stuttered. Lord Van Bloot faced the clan of Garygoyles—image of heads animated above him. The heads dashed around the room, and the Gargoyles showed fear. Never a good things to be fearful, around Lord Van Bloot, an imp capable of using your fear as an advantage. First sign of being around Lord Van Bloot: Hallucination. Everyone saw him anew—creature of darkness with head scary as a Halloween mask.
" That's right… Fear me! Am a monster, am your worst nightmare. There's no escaping my wrath. Soon you will all perish. Many things happen to people under my fear: They get stigma's, torture themselves in fear someone is near them, few ended up dead; I just stood close… Watched them all kill themselves!"
I could see why, people kill themselves, around Lord Van Bloot, seeing all the Gargoyles, using their mighty claws, clawing at each other. Cold shivering feeling ran down my spine. These were a clan of warriors, ``brothers``, and yet here they were—clawing at each other.
`` Heavens!`` Galioth screamed at his former comrades. `` You-shall-not-win!``
Frenzy. They scoured the ground with their mighty wings touching, however, they were clashing into each other. First to fall was Lexington. It was of no surprise; Lexington was the smallest of their clan, but it wasn`t that less tragic. Walked all over each other. It was Lexington on the ground; Broadways massive foot would crush.
`` Help me!``Lexington screeched through his mouth.
I didn`t know he was still under an illusion and saw them as something else, but I had to save Lexington. Sprinted. My adrenaline glands reached maximum captivity, and my face was turning bright red. I recall all this pain: During the years I`ve had to sit in desks for over 6 hours, the unhealthy amount of time a person should lie and haven`t been working out, like I use too. Still had enough energy to get near Lexington and wrap my arms around his waist; thank the Lord. I wasn`t agnostic like Tony. I didn`t know what to believe, then I got married and heard from our real estate agent—A life to live, whether you believe something or not, one thing can help influence your life; change it for the better.
`` I`ll get you out, Lexington!``
`` Ha, ha. A human trying to save a creature. You always were bullheaded, Glenn. I’ve recalled on how you`ve always dashed in heroically and wisped them off their feet’s. You were always so pathetic. ``
Oh no—I would be his next victim.
Hallucinations started. Gasped all around me—a swirling plunge of black smoke—stress would engulf me; literally kill me. The hallucinations started with everyone around me: Tiny black pigment figurines, only part not black was their white eyes. Galioth explained how gargoyles eyes turned white when their angry. A different situation was with his former mate: Eyes turned red when angry. These eyes enlarged, lifted, enclosed around my eyes. I was looking at the beasts of death; not the Angels of the Night. Their once humane voices— toned differently—hideous screeches of vicious monsters. Had to stay sane.
What am I going to do? Memory`s flashed back in my head. Am completely surrounded by monsters!
I remember that time: We were under an illusion and brought to kill each other, but I remained strong and made everyone attack one target; a M'arrillian. Woe as me, Hifdan wasn`t here. I feel so stupid! Leading everyone to this idiotic place and making them break through the police blockade—they wouldn`t have been brainwashed!
`` G-l-e-nn…`` Lexington stuttered. `` Can you hear me? Tell me if you can: Was my life worth everyones company?``
I nearly weeped. Tried to look strong, but I was emotionally fragile; a tear running down my left check.`
`` You're an absolute joy. Smart, crafty, strong… Just a magnificent creature to be around! Stay strong—we`ll both need it.``
Shadows, white eyes— encircling us. This wasn`t the end, for me, or for Lexington. I will break free! I broke free: flailing my left leg, right leg. Shadows dispersed; kept flailing right at them. I was determined to save Lexington and get the Tag.
When light shines upon us—our bodies turn to stone. Galioths words spoke inside my head. I could now see why. The shadows all disappeared, beige coloured stones replacing them. It has happened. The Gargoyles turned to stone, even now as I held Lexington, a rough surface area was all that I could feel around him. Looked down, and I noticed the hard brown figurine, as Lexington.
Darkness faded away. Returned to the world— sun shinning orange-yellowish warmth over my body-Lord Van Bloot and the lizardman uninvited roamed. I could see it all: The two creatures in a battle. I could also noticed my coalition buddies; fighting off the two mighty monsters. Humanoids, humans, and beasts. Garu and Tony swung their claws/swords at the mighty reptile, everything else to no avail fought against Lord Van Bloot. Lord Van Bloot manipulated people’s minds, and was a canny Conqueror Muge. I studied every creature of whom participated in Chaotic Tournament, the one I`ve spent most time studying was Lord Van Bloot.
`` Qualm from me!`` Wicked brute shrieked at them. `` There is me other creature good as me!``
Could now make out Lord Van Bloots partner. This wasn't the same partner of whom he fought in the Chaotic tournament, however, still astonished me. A man wearing a white robe, golden blond hair sticking out the robes hood, blue pendant connected the thin line in the middle, white selva pants, an aquamarine leathered book held on his right hand. I could make out his figure—Giant black demon-like heads with red eyes came and distracted me from that. Luckily, Hifdan appeared ahead me in his stance, arms held infront of his torso; I would be dead without his aid. Biege brown book illuminated, brightly—I could use my attack…
Hot red-blackish magma burst out, Hifdans right arm. The creatures head turned into smoke stands of black cloud. I was saved, however, still at risk. Lord Van Bloot took immediate notice over my battle, and made his way towards me. Landed, from the clear night sky, down to where I trembled, of trepidation.
`` Oooo… Tough guy, eh. A little birdie told me your weak. But am just as powerful… Possibly even more powerful… since the first time we`ve meet!``
Massive, thick-slimy green liquids came out Lord Van Bloots right palm. I was drawn by the attacks might, needed to surpass it. My spell book glowed through the pages and I used that—unleashing prior spell:
Our attacks collided, dramatically. Neither of the attacks overcame the other. We were in a stalemate, and it wouldn`t stay that way for long. I just knew that dirty Lord Van Bloot…
Our attacks faded, however, reappeared. This time was different: Our palms shifted to another side of our hips. Attacks positioned in a curve. Tom told me this was a perfect position. When we practised this attack—one person would always get hurt, and that person was opposing the user. This time it was the same attacks on different sides—I had no way of preparing for it. Small amount of Hifdans attack, a little of his, we felt pain. Enough pain to cause a man trembling; it was unbearable for us to stand and the pain surging all through my stress hormones. Lord Van Bloot seemed perfectly fine; he kept his wings up and no liquids touched his partner.
`` Nice try, Glenn. Your attacks are worthless. You can never defeat me, I am of a higher degree than you.`
A miracle. Astounding. It was thanks too no other—little Gargoyle Lexington. Lexington snatched Lord Van Bloots book, a quick sail zooming through the wind—positioned on the nearest lamppost.
" Lexington!`But… How!?"
`Thank your own clanmember, Garu. He wrapped a strange jewel over my neck, chanted; chanted some strange words, and I was freed. It`s funny. The words: For the centre of the earth people will survive , kinda like remembering an oath.``
`` Your welcome," Garu`s audible tone filled the room. Garu fell on the lamppost. The two creatures extended their left palms— shack the others rapidly. " Nice to have you aboard.``
`` Same here.``
`` Don`t think you`ve won! I still have what you want…`` Their it was, Tag we`ve searched for. Dangled by Lord Van Bloots left arm. Tag seemed fragile. An object in a demons grasp. `` Give me my book, and I`ll give you what you deserve. Better think fast; I don`t like to wait.``
The two were resistant. They both started at the hard cover of Lord Van Bloots booklet. Finally gave into his demands—cast away the book. Aquamarine book landed and was picked up by Lord Van Bloot. He showed amatory feelings with his book; it disgusted me.
`` Give us Tag.``-Garu.
Lord Van Bloot ignored them. He took one memorizing moment—tossed over book, to his partner, behind him.
`` You said ` I`ll give you.```-Lexington.
Saw Lord Van Bloots face. That one red eye… sign of Death to Come.
`` I said ` what you deserve`. Gunther, time for us to show… THEY DESERVE!``
Van Bloots mind was warped. His mouth agape and his eyes full of hatred. Behind him was Lord Van Bloots partner Gunther, a book illuminated white.
`` Terror Fi-``
Max emancipated us from Lord Van Bloots wrath. Actually… Cyber emancipated us. The Bat soared near the book—knocked him out his hand. Gunther was completely clueless over this. It couldnèt be; he was being brainwashed. Lord Van Bloot non-powered. Brevity of time—Lord Van Bloot stuttered over the situation—completely vulnerable for us to attack.
" Retreat, retreat!"
Gunther recovered out of his confusion. Crouched down and grabbed the book off the ground. Lord Van Bloot flapped his scaly wings. Lord Van Bloot took his partner, body hanging over left shoulder, and ready to barnstorm away. A hope in the sky—Van Bloot dropped his Tag and it was lying on the ground.
Nightfall. Time to say our good-byes.
The police searched the Museum, however, we got Gargoyles away and placed them somewhere safe, until nightfall. Our hiding started with putting them inside their own castle; we brought them back to Museum. The sun finally set. Effects astonished me: Red light glowed, statue started to crack, light glowed through the statues, Gargoyles came out statues. Fangs snarling, claws raised—they were free.
" 'bout time," N.E.X's annoying voice spoke out my Terrain band; yellow light glowing through the lens. " I say with you O humans for too long—my circuits will go haywire."
That made two of us. N.E.X was the rubbish member, always irritating me, interferes with my work, if there was another aspect of my time—he'd be interfering with it, too. We have Tag. We’d be going into the next universe. I started at the still dazed Gargoyles; I would finally be able to talk with.
" Hello. Might wanna sit down. I have so much to talk about."
A happy time, and a happy ending. N.E.X was just loading in the new codes for our next destination. We encircled N.E.X, Gargoyles encircled us.
" 90. 91. 92…"
Galioth and Lexington were the only ones—courage in walking away from the group and walking up to me. Galioth patted my left shoulder, Lexington gave me a big hug; nearly squeezed my organs out.
" We will miss you," Galioth assured me.
" Please come back soon," Lexington added.
" 93. 94.95…"
" Count on it. And when I do… join our party!"
Both the Gargoyles were stunned. Galioth rubbed his long black hair, Lexington kept his arms folded.
" I thought we were already a part of your 'party'".
He made me snicker. The two also confused by how I acted.
" 96. 97. 98. 99…"
My last moments—treasured all of it—waved good-bye and moved near N.E.X. I would return to this universe, I will bring back one of them.
" 100! So long cruel-Manhattan-World."
A final stare at Gargoyles—faces that showed to be happy—we disappeared in yellow energy.
The Gargoyles continued crossing my mind. Going jet speed, turning vigorously , about to enter a strange new world; nothing mattered. I finally saw white light, end of tunnel, moving towards the next world.
Ahh! I hate waking up!
I was at a pier. Boats floating in the sea, fishermen sinking nets with lil gaps through them, shiny blue sea under beige wooden docks, town just a few steps. A made with silver bricks, rectangular homes, seagulls flying overhead, and gigantic skyscrapers sticking out the ground. The town, we would go.
" Ah… mommy… I don't like that dress," What the deuce, Max mumbled in his sleep. The strange boy laid asleep, face up, rolling on the hard ground. " No… I don't like vanilla ice cream."
O, ho, this is gonna be great. Poor Max is asleep. I could take advantage of that: Prank his computer typing man. Nothing too extreme—otherwise it may affect his thinking, during battle. All I did was get nice, cold water, out of the hand, raised it above his head, prepared to drop it. A massive creature—held me and my attempt to add pleasure with this dull quest, and I saw the culprit. A massive, 30 meter wide eye, slimy-purple skin around his massive eye, two bulky hands on his sides. A man sat cross-legged on the creature. Dark coloured skin, farmer clothes with an yellow apron over his chest and dark blue shirt underneath the blue apron, black soled rubber boots, amber eyes, a small black moustache over his mouth.
" Howdy, stranger," Man greeted me. " You look lost, little guy. Maybe you should…"
He said "Little"? No one, and I mean no one, calls me "Short"! Wanted to trample the coloured man—held by my collarbone. Below me was Tony; in between my two legs. Tony didn't trust me, so for good reasons—didn't want me running amok.
" Shhh…" Tony lifted his wide bladed sword. Blade was meant for me. Tony lifted up my light weighted form and started moving me side-to-side. " Nice to see you." Tony manipulated my voice, awfully. I did not sound a duck begging for mercy. That stupid Tony and his technique, and how it worked—making me feel like a dofus in the process.
" Same here. It's funny: Monsters can barely talk, and the only one I'd reckon had one—that little bugger's a legendary monster. Go to your owner, son. It's bold to stroll with mighty people of who want Monsters. Farewell…"
I could hardly remember that mans face. It pained to see him walk away on the back of his monster. Went off the ground, slapped Max across his face.
" know how I am a pirate."
" yeah? I guess it slipped my mind, That was a relief. Good thing am willing to put my life in danger for what is right. "
" Well what is 'right'". Doing the right thing for the right kind of people I was week. I haven't trained with my sword for quite a while, and this caused me to think about how life is worthless. Monk..
" It's okay. I want to go ."
This town was bizarre. In a crowd of noisy people, finding strange creatures making Gargoyles seem weak, humans carrying large-long weapons, pretty freaky shit. We made our way through a road, and were surrounded with only people; carrying large swords.
" Need…food," Johnny grumbled behind me.
" Me too," Little creature scamp Lorei moaned.
" We asked if you were hungry, an hour ago. We passed eleven stores," I bitched at them.
" We weren't hungry!" Two whinned in union.
" uh… Kids today."
" Your kidlike," Glenn told me.
" Am not a kid. Am 3 years old."
" Three years old (disbelief)?"
" All monsters in my universe live till their 4. Unless of course their married. A married monster can live twice as long, even be able to live until his child dies, but they lose their abilities to fight. I had a first mate—Karma rest his whipped soul—settled down and has two kids of his own. I have an epiphany: We live through this… I'll introduce all my friends."
" We can talk more when we're sitting down," Max spoke up. " I found our establishment."
All I say was a green sign having red encrusted letters, Moonstar Inn.
Inn seemed a little rundown. Made from yellow bricks, appeared more of a duplex; Glenn talked about, slightly cracked windows.
" Were gonna it there (disbelief)?"
" Younglings need food, we need food, we're gonna eat… here."—Glenn.
Glenn opened the door—Kimbo reanimated out of dark clouds, and scampered in. Kimbo gave us a clear view. Plain yellow round tables; people sitting down, portraits of Monsters on the walls, people a pub bar counter, a woman behind the counter. Woman in her late thirties, a black maid outfit, cotton mop cap, soft pink skin babies were born with, pink lips, emerald eyes, (with no ring)…
" Hooray for me!"
Everyone was startled. I too would be—if I'd known how astounded my actions were. Most embarrassing was the woman. Gape staring at me, however, and turning into a smile.
" Howdy there, strangers," Woman spoke, Midwestern. " What can I reckon ya."
We didn't take our orders, yet—we had to walk to the counter, first. We sat on a line; left to right: Glenn, Max, Tony, me. Johnny&Lorei needed to be outside, and protected by Kimbo. We all shared thought of "not" trusting anyone.
" Drinks?"
" Water?" said Glenn.
" Milk," said Max.
" Cranberry Juice," said Tony.
" What, are you a sissy? I'll have your finest booze."
Woman worked so fast; it was hot. Jumped up, kicked a shelf with both her legs from behind, the cabinet opened, dozens of glasses fell, the bottom of each landed on her wrists, slide them across the table, her bottom feet kicked open a cabinet below, two green glassed bottles on both her feet, brought them to her teeth, ripped plastic from the top off, dripped all different coloured liquids in the glasses.
" That will be $7.68."
We all paid; except me the flea biting mongrel Garu. Our wallets went out of our pockets, and they flashed when seen. Glenn's was a black trimmed wallet with a silver chain sticking out, Max's a aquamarine leathered, Tony a wad of bills held by a small paperclip. Tony paid a blue minted 5 dollars, Glenn a 2 loonie coin, Max used 100 yen. The woman snatched all their money. Brought each of them close to her eyes, and examined the contents.
" Folks ain't from around here? Names Priscalla."
Tongue tied, us all. Every one of us drank in silence. Glenn got a newspaper from the countertop, Max began typing on his computer—Bat flying all around and him trying to see what he's seeing, Tony carving on a piece of wood; gulped down his cranberry juice like a man, left me tasting the booze. It was delicious. A well brewed glass of booze: Absolutely no foam, mixed with cranberries and lemon yeast, easy to swallow, my taste buds would burst.
" Guys!" Glenn interrupted me, and my booze. " Look here!"
Ahh—this better be worth it. Got down from the barstool, slowly walked behind the people, peered at the stupid newspaper—I was astounded. Our question: Where is Tag? Our answer: In a tournament. A picture—speaking a thousand words— Tag… on top a trophy.
" This years Monster Tournament will feature a rare artifact for the winner. Founded in an Aztec temple, 15 researchers lost their lives, was eventually brought to Pui, given to the winner. Participants need a monster, and must fight with their Monster."
" Greeeat," Max mentioned sarcastically while he still typed on computer's keyboard. " We find another Tag. But we can't have it; unless we have a 'Monster'".
" Folks looking for monsters? Monsters aren't found in our island. Monsters are given."
Priscilla lured our attention. Startled over the turn of events—lifted our heads up and stared in disbelief.
`` The catch?`` Tony said in a rude tone.
`` No catch. I have a son with a monster. You `ot remind me of him—he`s in Spirit Mountains with his partner Jessica.``
I thought Priscilla was cute.
Am a terrible judge with people. Hell, my first mate I got from raiding a military ship. We`ve travelled for 3 hours, and haven`t found anything. A grassy meadow, sticked close together by rocky walls, azure sky, we were leading towards nothing. I eventually was fed up too much…
`` Ahhhh!``
My voice startled everyone. They froze in place—chameleons disguising themselves to flee from prey.
`` Grrrr… Am `Monster`enough. Why`d I have to journey out here!?``
`` Shut up, Captain Garu, world's greatest pirate. We are in this epidemic, together, as long as we are here,`` Tony mouthed off.
`` Doesn`t make the time any less endurable. Priscilla couldn`t draw a map?``
`` She already said: We have courage of adventure in our hearts, finding her son would be a breeze.``
`` Sounds like my mom,`` The blood chilling sound of an individual.
We turned around. We all saw a boy. Bane red hair, soft as a baby skin, cotton shirt with painted faces of monsters, cotton pants also having Monster faces on it, green-yellowish hand painted picture of a long haired woman with butterfly-like wings sticking out of her backside, red hand painted shark teeth over his right eye. An abstruse boy.
`` Who are you?`` I said low toned.
`` Forgive poor manors. My names Cisco, Cisco Breck.``
`` Garu.``
`` Glenn Matthews.``
`` Max Yuki.``
`` Tony Parker.``
`` Fancy meeting all y`all, together. I`d reckon momma told ya: Am here, and I know where y`all can meet a Birth Totem. Hope y`all don`t fear scathes—because there be a lot of that. "
I am forced to admit: The boy really comes through with people.
Cisco got us through our path, decided coalesce and locking writs would get us over the mountains, directed us through different paths, travelled approximately half-hour—finally reached our chosen destination. An area with a gigantic, mostly brown multicolored, round cheeked, tiki mask. I stared at it one second, looked my head down—shaked it to both sides.
" This place gets stranger, and stranger."
" Pretty normal, you grow up here. Me and my mother moved to this island a year ago. We heard a distress call, thought it was my father; a famous sailor, crashed our ship, ended up living here, found Lane the perverted shaman, and started my life with Jessica. "
" Two questions: Why the hell didnèt you take the boats, and whose Jessica?"
" Back then there was a serpentine stopping anyone from living, we growing accustom to this island decided not to leave, even though I dethroned the serpentines rein. Jessica's my partner."
Paid Cisco little mind—green light illuminated out his collar—a small fairy flew out. A fairy wearing a white cotton gown, long blonde hair braided back, tulips in her braided hair, black len eyes.
" Aw shucks, Cisco… you'll ruin my mascara, with your beautiful words."
" Every word is meant for you, my little princess."
Yuck! These two were gonna make me vomit, however, managed to swallow. Glenn was the one taking security measures. Glenn told Kimbo to "disappear", Kimbo started disappearing, reappearing all over the place, eventually went back to Glenn, and jumped up so he could lick Glenns face.
" Cut it out! Kimbo… Stop it!" Not easy to see … Underworld dog likes Glenn, a lot more then he likes me. Not to mention how Kimbo's nearly killed me on many odd occasions. " Area…secure."
" No need for has the unique ability of sensing other Monsters presences, and can predict their next move—before they'll even think of it. It's strange, strangers, but utterly amazing! "
" That's nice. Hey… what's with all your heads?"—Glenn.
Cisco began to rub the miniature heads. They were still dried; little bits of the paint rubbed off skin. Cisco examined the wet paint on his fingertips, and laughed:
" These?! These are my heritage." Point his index finger on the fairy. " Fairy means: Benelovent." Slided finger on the sharks head. " Shark means: Ferocious. Everything else—just looks cool. Their all painted, when I get bored of them—they'll all scrape off, from my coral sponge."
" The deal with this totem?"—Max.
" The totem? It's the Birth Totem. This is the sole device; capable of creating monsters for you to use. All you have to do is believe… and walk through the head. Who's first?"
Not many volunteers. We were all scared. We were surrounded by horrific totem masks, in the middle of nowhere, looked at by a person of whom spends time with a fairy. This consensus plan seemed like a fairy tale. A person walks into a totem's mouth and gets a monster—please—A person walks into a mouth… they'd be dead. Course, it had to be him…
" Tony Parker, ready to go."
" Good. Go in, Tony."
The little hypocrite. He was scared. His palms were quivering, feet froze on the spot, eyes in fear—cited his body as he lived with conscience. Anxiety for Tony raised—he'd approached the mouth. The eyes were glowing, red. Tony showed chivalry; I'll give him that, but he was thinking irrational. He keep a stance of his arms by his side—a giant tongue emerged from the head, and swallowed him the totem was strange noises. Karma had him—trapped in his own demise. He appeared dead, however, launched out the tongue.
" Yeah!" Everyone except me applauded.
Tony lay lifeless on ground. His body wasn't moving. There was something moving—a fox laying down on ground. This fox was closer to adult sized, just orange furred, trisided head, completely white talons, three long fluffy tails sticking behind its rear end.
" Oh… my!" Cisco broke the silence, astonished. This is the one… the absolute and only one of its kind… Kitsune, legendary fox of fire!"
" What!"—everyone.
" It's unbelievable, it's hard to prounce, it's a once in a lifetime event. A moment ago I find you pals hopelessly lost—the one second am staring at a full life legendary."
Tony awoken. Kitsune awoken. Both got up from opposite ends—were completely bedazzled by the others appearance. Tony acted tongue tied, the fox kept its mouth out panting. Tony recovered off the foxes strange appearance and made his way up. Made sure he brushed himself, didn't want any of the foxes fur to be caught within his shirt, or any other part of his body.
" Who's next," Tony remarked.
" Can't," said Glenn. " I was thinking about how Hifdan and I could participate in the tournament, together."
" I can't either," said Max. " Cyber, and I, two pair of mechanical soldiers—always fight together."
That left…me. Walking into a giant totem masks mouth, strange things happening, coming back out, strange creature besides me—I'll do it.
" Coming, coming."
Didn't wait. Nothing would stop me. I zoomed past Cisco, walked near the totem mask—swallowed by its mouth.
I was in a void.
Purple fog appeared around me. The fog made the event unsettling. I was supposed to meet my Monster, here. Then… I heard a noise. This wasn`t an ordinary noise. This noise sounded like a creature. It was hard to tell if there was a creature—purple fog around me blocked my sight. But I could scrutinize the thing from this fog. A snakelike creature, black shadowed, curvy spin, making its way near me. Karma could only do so much—whatever this creature surrounds me with—I will pull through.
Woke-up. Everyone of the group stared directly at me. Glenn, Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Tony, Cisco, Jessica… staring at me with an unsettling stare. What were they staring at?! I felt something moist. My hands became clammy. Turning over—saw my own Monster—sleeping besides me. This monster was blue scaled, had a serpentine body, 4`01 in height, 120 lbs in weight, closed eyes…
Red through his open eyes. Darted those tiny eyes. Saw all the people around him; the atmosphere was unsettling. The creature turned around, and he`d seen my eyes staring down at him. The creature started intently, calmed down.
`` You're an interesting group. That creature your friends just received… the legendary monster…Weirley, constrictor of ice.``
`` Jea-lous… much,`` managed to insult despite all my shock.
`` No. I`ve already got a legendary, and she`s right besides you.``
`` Oh Cisco… that`s so sweet.``
`` What`s sweet? All he`s doing is given out information about your species, nothing out of they ordinary.``-Tony.
`` I know. But I just feel more important, every time he mentions me.``
" You saps are pathethic—completely different from me, and Akana—makes me ache for her."
" Our o-w-n matter. I am Glenn Matthews, and I would like to know when the tournament is going to start."
" You're in luck. The tournament doesn't start until tomorrow. Use the time wisely. Train your Monsters, understand your Monsters, spend as much time as you can. You'll need to prepare for when the battle happens. I'll be in that tournament. You can bet your chickens before they hatch; it will be me who wins the tournament. " Jessica flew in front of Cisco. Her arms wrapped around his torso, and Cisco raised both his arms out. " Farewell… until we meet again."
Green light shined out Jessica. The light enveloped her entire form—the two disappeared—green light all over their previous position.
" You heard him: We need to train, them."
" Faster, faster, faster!" I screamed to encourage my new pet.
It was dark in the sky—a whole six hours of training—barely any results. Right now I was making Weiry slither. He was moving faster, I'll give him that. But he'd never be able to pose any real threats. I mean just think of the African and his large eyed monster: They were huge! I also didn't notice any special abilities. Cisco's creature, Jessica, could teleport her partner away.
" Stop!"
Weiry obeyed. He saw me; trying to get closer. I were him, he was me, I'd slither to get away. I was very grumpy.
" Come on! We cannot rest now, or can we rest later. We must prepare for battle. Only when he face challenges—overcome them—we actually accomplish something, we can be proud of!"
I scolded the snake too much. He tilted his head down, I didn't think was possible for snakes; it all seemed to be hurting him. I wanted to teach him to fight; never wanted him to feel wrongly about himself. Sighed…
" Look, I know we've had hard times. But I wouldn't trade you for another Monster, and am not saying that because you're a 'legendary'. But we're doing things my way. Not your way, my way. Doesn't matter if you're a day, a year, one hundred years—there's always a purpose, and only doing things to the best you can do; it hurts… there will be… Purpose."
I can be a real softy—when I wanted to be. Weiry would've been smiling, he had teeth. There was just one thing on my mind: A new tactic. Chattles weren't easy to find. My chattle, the death of my parents, the will of making sure… Nobody ever comes to my agony—made me nimble.
" Waah!"A strange voice cried afar. " No, no, no…Waah!"
Most likely a publicity. The event was anonymous, and I dwell on action. Took off for the action—my Monster close behind me. My feet rubbed against the wet grass, Weiry's scales felt wet water slushing him. I anticipated Tony's voice. Everyone else went back, so they could get a good night’s rest, I stayed because I wanted me and Weiry to learn valuable new skills. Reached the top of the hill, peered down, saw Tony&Kitsune. Tried to keep myself discreet. Tony notice me—their conversation wouldn't be so juicy. Tony sobbed right into Kitsunes orange pure.
" Waah..Gaah! Am sorry, Kitsune. You just bring back too many memories. The abbey, meeting her, all those fights we had, being amatory in that dark cave, finding out she's a daughter of an evil man, still contain feelings for her, eventually lose her—she sends you back to your home—find her to be pregnant…With your baby! Waah!"
Deep. Tony's getting all deep, started getting me worked up, as well. However, still remained discrete. I didn't help; you could always count on an animal for comfort. Kitsune whimpered and licked Tony's right cheek. Tony was lifted of his aggro. Lifted his left hand over his pet, and pet his animals orange fur.
" It isn't about me, Kitsune. It's about you. Your gonna help me fetch Tag, whether it takes us all night—even if we need to chase the winner till the ends of the earth. We act. You must be thirty? A little voice in my head tells me: Water is the essential for the body, most of us our made out of liquids. We have water at some point, or our brain cannot function. Just like when I worked for Ejichiro Oda, I'd pour me a glass of water for every page I've worked on."
Tony poured out a silver metal water bottle. The fox saw water bottle, overjoyed. Kitsune slurped out the water bottle Tony dangled on his left hand side. I've never seen Tony look sad, come to think of it. He was always angry, trying to fight enemy creatures, practicing with swinging sword against a tree, getting into arguments involving me—couldn't believe the person started at was the real Tony Parker. The fox Monster stopped drinking; it turned towards Tony."
" There, there. Don't drink too much. Poverty with essentials, you must have done something worthy, first. Let's train. We shall battle!"
Tony's a lunatic. He'd actually brought that carbon sword out (yes, carbon), and started swinging it towards Kitsune. It wasn't afraid; could roll over before the carbon sword smacked it. Small balls of fire blown from its mouth. Tony showed no fear—slice in the middle of all the tiny fireballs. Too some it was madness… I regarded it as normal. They were training. I would mimic, their actions.
" Weiry…" Hit me. Weiry was on the other side, but he could hear me. " I feel atrocious. We'll both be in this tournament, time for us to fight, you know what needs to be done; shut up and do it."
Good idea, big mistake. There's no way I'd be sleeping, wouldn't recover, won't be able to fight. There's no turning back now—icy cold attack struck me in my backside. It was agony, soothing. Twirled my body around, and my claws scratched away bricks of ice. Weiry breathed ice out his mouth. A snowstorm—should've brought an umbrella, my hands would make up for. Pushed, pushed, and was coming closer to Weiry. The little serpent was desperate; I was only an inch away. We got so serious… then we stopped. I reached my hand out. Weiry looked at my hand in a confused manor.
" Shake it. My father talked to me, before he died: You can judge a man, by how he shows his respects, starts how he shakes their hands."
Weiry understood. Weiry didn't have any hands, resorted with his tail. The tail coiled around my hand—the squeeze was tight, and stopped blood circulation through me. " Ahh… Okay, you mean it."
The tail subsided back, thank Karma. It was gonna be a rough battle… I knew we could win.
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