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Might Four: Across the multiverse

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Stayed up all night. Wouldn't suggest less than nine hour of sleep too anyone, unwilling to accept the consequences. Eyelids wanted to drop. But my comrades have so much to do and so little time.
Hifdan, Max, Cyber, Kimbo, Garu, Tony, the kids. Hifdan occupied kids; climb top of trees and jump too next one—I'll talk to him later, Max typed madly on his computer, Cyber connected too USB device on a long USB cable, Tony practicing sword chopping on large trees; furry arm covering his left arm, Garu was running for his life as Kimbo began barking behind him.
" This dogs gonna kill me!"
Kimbo was gonna "kill!". There was no monster Kimbo's rank, better than him. Garu wouldn’t be killed.
Kimbo disappeared through purple shadows, reappeared front of Garu. Garu tried turning the other way. Kimbo disappeared, reappeared through purple mist, again. Kimbo soon focused on me, Glenn Matthews, standing outside his tent. Kimbos puppy-like instincts made him sit and pant affectionately through his mouth.
" Kimbo don't hurt the poor… don't hurt Garu."
I've always prepared meeting my friends as well amusing my kids. I reached into my pocket, and a treat popped out. Crusty brown dog food, round, small red X over top. Kimbo disappeared, reappeared—faced near the treat. Kimbo instantly, as I've been teaching, sat on the hard ground. I moved his treat near his mouth and the selfish dog swallowed his treat whole.
" That frickin dog tried to eat me!"
Garu was absent minded. Kimbo calmness was what mattered. He'd go all berserk and attack everyone he sees.
" What did you do?"
" Why blame me? It's not my fault the dog… jumped on his back and made him act as a horse, got a little rough. I scratched his cheeks."
" I knew it be you. Kimbo is the sweetest animal on the—"
Yellow core of Terrineband glowed. Small N.E.X stood on yellow core
" Oh my god.. shut up!"
Feelings of lifting them on and throwing them away filled me. Everyone's attention came to the small yellow hologram. They all moved towards N.E.X—encircled me.
"" Important information?" Tony asked behind me.
" Bet my CPU topping—I've got information!" N.E.X opened his mouth agaped. A LED screen over his head. Image of a dark city flicked on. There been shadows; flying creatures in the city. "This is world 387. Another name for 387 is Gargoyles. My hard drive, motherboards, CPU, I can only see what I've processed. Unless you humans want to spend the rest of your miserable lives here… get near me."
We were all rockets. Pushed near N.E.X, in ten seconds
" Hold onto your butts. It's gonna be a long ride."
We were in white light- journeyed towards the next universe

Face felt pressure, insides being squeezed, we travelled through a tunnel. Tunnel resembled a flash drive plugged into a computer, we travelled down through a pink tunnel, course changed left, gained speed. Course went right, gained more speed. We went down tunnel; again—white light illuminated from the tunnel.

Dark city of Manhattan. Large skyscrapers above, muck below our feet, sound of sirens through the area.
" Welcome to Manhattan! People are used too flying beasts; however, you nine monsters will not be treated with care."
" Fear me?" Tony recited a little shocked. " Am practically a human."
" Fine… you five, will not be treated with care. Five of you will cause harm. Follow your jobs, keep a low profile, and find Tag. It will be my job to help you people and I'll find an intelligent piece of my own worth."
N.E.X left our side. We were now alone once again. Sound of stomachs growling could be heard. My stomach felt like I could eat a whole person, need be. Hunger surrounded us, however, we had nothing but empty bread crumbs in our bags, Garu consumed.

" Mmm…. I love this!" Max excitedly yelled while he'd been eating peanut butter noodles. White noodles, covered in salty soy sauce, and fresh ginger simmer with chicken broth.
We walked for thirty minutes. A four star café was our only manageable establishment. It smelled of roses, chairs layered next too tables; all metal red coloured, coffee cups dangling from the ceiling.. Me, Max, Johnny, Tony are outside on a four seated table. Hifdan, Cyber, Lorei, Garu, Kimbo. We all had pasta, tea, and chocolates.
" Past my words too owner," Garu shouted to me. " Talk about his stuff: Mmm… good."
" Also add how expensive his food is," Tony added.
" Cheapskate," Max remarked.
" Not cheap. Just low on money.
They were arguing over money—I chowed down pasta, dough paid for. We had no choice over eating. There's barely a food industry in Manhattan, barely any people cook their own foods. There been lots of places to eat, we not blending from the crowd.
I remember using a napkin and a pen-I've been given ideas—not all good—lead me through problems. Luckily Mimi wasn't here. How much I miss her, Mimi would take away papers on our eating region. All eyes on me. They looked in my direction.
" I understand were given a map of Tag. I just walked through our possible situations.
Tony stared directly at my paper. I've never had good writing skills. I only could make them understand. Tony possibly use to read the newspaper, got a house pet, and an area with a Tag.
" You expect to be a comic book illustrator?"
" Never said 'good one."'
" You two done down there" Garu shouted on rooftop while moving a coffee cup in his left arm. " I've gone three days and no booze. I want my booze! This coffee is so good!"
" Sorry, Garu, am low cashed. Mrs. keeps arguing about it."
" Man! Well give me a recipe. I'll make my own-made-coffee!"
Garu was such a funny, little, beast. It was a pity he distracted me… person watching us.

I remember speeding cars and pollution, but this city is ridiculous. I would be mugged; everyone not there to help me Newspaper stand now appeared as Heaven. Boxed in red outer shell, glass posing a rectangular gap, open coin slot—twenty-five cents. Blacktrim wallet with long silver chain came out. No coins.
" Who's got coins?"
" I got yen."
" Your Chinese?"
" Am actually white. Back in 1950: Domino City was made for white citizens too understand Japanese Cultures. My wifes—"
Crash. Tony jump-kicked glass, whole covering shattered. Tony moved, quickly; on raiding. People viewing as witnesses.
" I don't think am capable of that. Got a little power in you, Glenn.?"
" Use too."
" Weaklings," Garu supposedly mumble behind our backs.
A whole pile was grasped on the sides by Tony. He walked too nearest benches and set newspapers on bench.
Around a green bench, we gathered. A whole pill too read.
" I way we look through the pictures; were bound to find something of use.
"No!" Max interrupted. "Tags an important item; N.E.X and Master belies. We skim through the paper and see if there is any news about Tag."
My turn, making a move.
"But we might miss Tag. We need to rip different section of Newspaper, and read through every little world."
"Pictures are worth millions of words. What does manga have… everyone wanna see?"
"Were also limited too time. Each piece of the newspaper we should all look at."
"Guys!"Garu shouted. "Shut your fricking traps, and see what your kids found."
Times Garu failed to impress me—movements spoke through his little body—all of our questions were answered.
There was a sign, picture of Tag; plain blue back ground, left side having large letters Come see our new discovery, printing small text right side Manhattan Museum History and science
"You guys linked with my thoughts?" I asked, ecstatic over event.
"Thinking about café coffee?" Garu said.
"How much Akana needs you?" Tony said.
"What your next songs…oh, I`ve already found it."
Now I know how to get down on the floor
Experience the moves you can't ignore
But something 'bout this beat that's got me hooked
Come over here and take a closer look
'Cause I can't get enough, I can't stay on the ground
Whoa, I can't get enough!
This is taking me now
It's taking me higher, higher
Higher off the ground
Max is a brilliant artist, however, we had other things to do.
"Play that song, and start running, Max. We`ve got a long road ahead of us."

One journey, too the mall was short. One going hadn`t even went Max`s singing—near a large building, while walking up too it`s structure. Multiple entrances, two gaps ahead of us, large picture changing above was a lion and the right had Albert Einstein. Lion could`ve been a symbol of power and Einstein must be knowledge; who else what they hang that?
" Plans, daddy? Johnny spoke while pulling on my left shirtsleeve."
I saw down too my sons eyes. His eyes filled with enthusiasm, His face was so precious.
"I had to grab him by his bottom feet and pull him off the ground. Johnny brought close to my head kissed his precious forehead."
"I`ll lead us to our destination."
Johnny clapped his hands over ecstatic and smiled widely. I could also see Max. He was sad. Tried hiding his emotions with hands over his face couldn`t stop tears dripping down his face.
`` You think life’s great, Mr. Bookworm?" Tony questioned angrily.`` Take away your partners book, what is he?"
"Ah…King of his world, smart, married; powerful women, better then you.``
" Our high and mighty thought of a plan?"
"Actually… there`s five ideas."

"Turn it clockwise!"
`` I am turning it clockwise! Your turning it counter-clockwise!`` Tony yelled on the bottom angrily. My plan involved. Only one problem:
`Garu! Get up that rope!`
Garu acted big, but he quacked like a wet cat. Garu dangled in the middle of the rope. After working on the other minute, Garu finally reached the top, however, fell on ground roof.
"That ain`t good, "Max pointed out: Max and his partner Cyber-bat, flying the museum. Bat flying through the large gaps. Bat was yellow, resembled a boomerang, the wings on sides—and a small object middle of wings, small green gem replacing his eyes. Bat landed on Max`s right shoulder, but moved towards Max`s laptop, and his small green eye pressed in the top green light coloured. Light cleared. Bat flew from Max's shoulder.
" Cyber scanned the area using his robotic body and a webcam… Cyber, Bat, monitored all activity, and transferred all information too my laptop. No signs of life."
" Thank god."
Garu started dangling while holding onto rope. Garu swinged forward—nearly crashed through a window—was able to pull back at last second. I don`t know if Garu was just holding onto the rope with fear, he overcame his position and moved up the rope; legs secured around rope.
Garu quickly made his way on the top, fell down.
" Hope your just playing," I teased with both my hands on my hips. "We`ve got work to do."
Garu remained lying on ground, short breathes through his mouth. I walked up besides his lifeless body and wrapped a metal coil around his feet. I wouldn`t need to attach it on his toes before… actually wore shoe laces wrapped by wire. However; things worked out, two twos wrapped by long thin wire and being able to push him down window and towards the
"No air! I`d prefer the sea, fall off my boat and I`ll survive. Fall from the sky… could crack my skull open."
“Too bad. Enjoy the ride."
Course; I didn`t have the wickedness of pushing Garu. I instead grabbed the coil with both my hands, overhead his arms, slowly lowered Garu into museum.
Garu a so called `` world’s greatest pirate``-screaming came out. I could imagine his eyes; fearing if he would thing my brain functioned well, and Garu`s face came inches from ground.
Above Garu, and below my feet, short strands of rope came through a would fall through the rope too thin not for me.
The red-black liquid fired out of Hifdans arms—crust merging with rope able to create a covering of ropes nearly torn spot.
`` It`s gonna be okay Garu.``
`` Get me out of here!``
Garu tried a move: Grab a hold of something.
Garu was able to touch a statue resembling a cat. Red metaled. 6ft tall, possibly over one thousand others—by its body. It pained me…
`` Oh, no! I broke this cat statue. Garu shocked, yelled through his mouth, ``Oh well. Not like this statue will serve much value, destroyed by upcoming events.``
"Of course that statues important!" Irritated, hurt, desired too kill, shouted at the big dum… whatever he was. This time Garu tail wrapped around a Daogaung vase Garu pulled on it; tails skin all around the top of vase, and he got their too my surprise, on the box next to the vase. I was starting to forgive Garus previous actions—would kill Garu if he let the vase fell. Phase Sticky thread: Make the trade. Garu worked quickly, nimbly—on top a glass case. Garu soon brought Cyber; Bat form.
`` Cut well, little buddy.`` Garu encouraged.
`` No problem. Even trees will fall, my wing`s cut through them.``
Bat flipped. His right wing, left wing—scratching through the case—a soft spot for Bat too enter.
All Garu needed was a chance. Tag laid before his eyes. All Garu needed to do was take it. I for one would bring a substitute for Tag; too bad Garu was the only one agile. A single swish of his hand—removed Tag from case.
" Oh… yeah! Am in the—"
Loud noise came through the museum. " Oh, no!"
I could make out the case. I suddenly felt stupid and am sure Garu could feel the same way, small metallic box with a small red button under the Tag,
" Oh…No!"
Garu had too get out. Cops guns, they all be here. I did not want a criminal record—here—or any other place.
Garu instantly came through a hole in the ceiling. Things seemed to be going well with my brain and how wrapping coil around Garu's toes was a good idea. Too bad my mind couldn't process a good story.
Sirens below. I was standing on the edge of the rooftop, dozens of cops below me. I couldn’t see Hifdan. I also couldn't see everyone else: Kimbo, Max, Tony. Me, Garu; all alone. Garu stood behind me.
" This is our destiny? About to turn ourselves over, and all because of your silly idea."
" I can still think. Let's just encourage the mind, and how we'll use it."
" Great i-d-e-a *sarcasm*. Contregated any ideas, smartly pants?"
" There is one:" My spell book glowed white. The brightness illuminated throughout the area, and lighted through the sky, and caused all police officers too blink their eyes. " Remember our first time learning Vine Snare, Hifdan?"
" Yes. You mentioned one thing: Friends. We were great friends, and we're still great friends."
" Good. I understand how our abilities left. We simply started anew. Anything that has been lost—whether people believe it or not—things can be retained. Time to retain our favourite spell. Hifdan!... You are my best friend!"
My plan worked. Light illuminated through my book; much larger then previous glow from my booklet. I've finally done it—mastered my spell.
Roots came out Hifdans arms. The roots stretched—a lamppost afar and wrapped around it.
" What?! Sliding down a vine and going towards a solid pole… I like this idea." Garu mentioned below me.
" Hold me tightly. It's gonna be a bumpy ride."
Garu wrapped both his arms around my wrist.
Hifdan leaped on top my shoulders. I was abacked by what may happen. But I trust Hifdan—Willingly slided through the long green vine. Wind rushed through my head. adrenaline glands went wild. Almost could feel my face covered red and mouth wide open, and teeth chattering against my uppers. However this feeling helped boost self-confidence, nothing could prepare me—green vine snapping under the pressure of my arms. Felled down, everyone else wrapping their paws, hands, over a police cruiser.
" Hold on, everyone!" Tony's voice yelled below. We couldn't see his face—about too crash into hard cement; however, I could feel his presence somewhere around me. " Help is on its way."
We were saved, last second. Tony's rash thinking nearly killed us, yet it worked perfectly. Took form of wolf, leaped on the other side of us, and saved us from catastrophe. Tony's brown furred paws were shown on his arms. Left paw grabbed Garu by his collar, right paw grabbed Hifdan by his collar, I was grabbed by my collar; sharp teeth nipping. It was dark, I could still see Tony's figure. His hair long spiky, Paws twice as large in length and width—brown fur flowing through his free hand, razor sharp teeth in his mouth, and bright red eyes replacing his old blue eyes.
" Howdy," Garu said too the new form of Tony. " Love the new doe."
" Keep quiet. Am not powerful… I use too be. I was once human—a symbol of myself long gone."
Nugged Tony's right sleeve. Tony noticed his sleeve and turned towards me. He could see the curious look on my face and my eyes.
" No longer human? Seems unrealistic, a man of science and books would understand, like me."
" It's true. I am not human… Am an animal!"
" Hold your ground!" A police officer shouted on the ground. " Stand down, or we will shoot you!"
Perilous battle. Police could cause no harm. I was afraid of all the attention; disobeying Manhattans laws, amok. I had to hold on—Tony found a squad car without a police officer— teared roof of the car.
Car looked cozy. Comfy black leathered seats, long black seat belts, small silver laptop on the front, and different types of buttons; a steering wheel doing things manually. Tony took the wheel, Max sat right side Tony and carried Cyber in Bat form, me in the back, Jonny&Lorei on both sides, and Garu on my lap. Garu started standing on my feet. Walk in circles. I couldn't stop him; just shivered through my body.
" Don't be a pansy. Am a curious creature, nothing will change th—"
Kimbo appeared. Massive underworld dog growled through his lips and showed his mighty teeth. Garu trembled, seeing Kimbo, mouth stretching too it's limit and eyes in awe. Almost felt sorry for Garu; he wasn't a selfish little creature and wanted him to get off my legs. Garu fainted and fell on the ground—Kimbo crouched on my legs, and his mean attitude vanquishing—a puppy-like animal nuzzling nose on legs and slightly licking my knees.
" Outta the car!" Another police officer ordered. I saw the officer as he rushed in front our cars windshields. Six packed bodies; blocked throbs through his police uniform, a giant yellow badge on his left chest, thin black belt with two silver cartridge revolvers on both ends, amber eyes, soft pink face, a police cap with a large yellow badge on his forehead. Cop removed two revolvers on his belt—pointing them directly at us. " Three seconds! One…! Two!—"
" I don't wait for anything, sap." –Tony.
Tony pushed left foot on the pedals. The car’s engine gave off smoke—we began moving. Cop jumped to sides at last second; thank God. I felt like such a fugitive—our escape from the cop—too the city

What a drive! Felt adrenaline pumping in my veins—a feeling I haven`t felt in a while. I remember the first time I’ve had adrenaline this extreme: Me, Hifdan, the Chaotic Tournament with 100 other competitors, fought my hardest, and was able to win the tournament with 5 of my friends. It was the first time…
Mimi mentioned us—living under the same roof. She never I wish Glenn and I could get married. Mimi talked If Glenn and I ever get married—we would want a safe environment too be found. Nothing dramatic happened after that. I already got my chance of dating Mimi—during the tournament. We went too bookstores, watched movies, visited relatives, everything we do to boost our relationship; the day she finally accept my proposal: Marry me! My heart grieved over Mimi`s absence and every minutes away from her—my heart just couldn`t stand.
`` Look alive, boys,`` Tony said while his voice resembled a police officer in those corny detective movies Mimi made me watch; hunky guys. Mimi especially loved Yannick Bisson in Murdoch Mysteries, her long lost cousin sent over from Toronto, Canada. `` Someone`s stalking O me. Keep your eyes on the side and keep your opinions on what doesn`t normal. I`ll be driving—trying not ta get us kilt.``
`` Why you talking like that, Tony?`` said Tony.
`` My anima`s an incomplete version. My brain receptors act half-beast, half-human. I cannot stop my beastly qualities until I can become a whole wolf.`` Tony stared intensively at his wolf-like paws. Then he raised his head—all of us peering directly at him. `` Keep watching!``
I was whipped, emotionally. Tony had all the power. His power made me refocus attention towards the windowsill on my right hand . Glass seemed so smooth; my backhand could relax with. It was now—staring through the solid glass and seeing a car. This car was hiding by the shadows, however, could make out some characteristics: The car looked similar to a squad car, a few bents on the side, oil ripped out below, and a women's head in driver’s seat. A women wearing a dark red jacket, having black hair on top her head, lips red as a rose, long black hair flowing with her windshield down, and a tiara necklace below her chin.
" Found'em." Woman talked too herself.
" That's great,`` Male officers voice said as if on a radio. `` Keep a lock on em. I've handle everything."
Tony slowly turned the steering wheel around; in circles. His car had changed sides so it was behind the female’s car. Avid on upcoming events: Car would crash, we'd be somewhere safe, and summon N.E.X. N.E.X will examine Tag and send us for another one. Anywhere at time beat Hell of here.
" We are pirates," Garu loudly talked. " We plunder, steal, and do what's rig—"
A large hand came into the car—non-groupie grabbed Garu and smashed him to the roof. Garu instantly fell, unconscious.
" Garu!" Everyone in car, besides Kimbo, yelled for our fallen comrade.
I could finally get a glimpse of the hand—Garu lying unconscious on his back. Massive, green scaled, large talons all black, and Six massive throbs sticking out his palms; his fingers. That was the last thing I could see: I was grabbed—choked, agonizingly—passed out from all the pain coming through my lungs.

On the road of Manhattan.
Darkness shrouding the streets, hands and feet limp, dry mouth, major headache swirling inside my head. Just me. Every one of my group was gone, and I was the only one who was standing. However, I had this strange feeling: Everyone was close by.
" Ah… Gotta get out of here. Perhaps there’s a way…"
I crooked. Could feel Womens presence behind me—small black pistol pointed on the back of my Adams Apple.
" Don't move!" The women yelled wherever she was. " Am a detective. I have you surrounded. Make a false move: It will be your last big mistake."
" Oh… am not moving," Cockily talked to the girl indirectly. " Am not fighting. My friend Hifdan will be your opponent." My book illuminated under my jacket—detective couldn't see through. " VINE SNARE!"
Detective couldn't even prepare herself, Hifdans attack. Behind her was Hifdan. Noticed Hifdan on my left side, and saw large green roots emerging out his fingertips. Couldn't see the female detectives form, however, could hear screeching of a woman behind my back.
Turned body around. I saw the same woman of whom drived by—wrapped up by giant green roots. The girl struggled to break free of the giant green. Girl lacked size, muscle, and root squeezed around her waist tightly.
" Let me go!" Anxiety caused the girl too panic and yell at me.
" 'Fraid not. I don't believe in violence, let ya know. But when it's between a life and death situation—I will do whatever it takes to survive."
A sly smirk came across the detectives face. She looked into the sky—keeping her eyes bedazzled.
" You’re not the only ones with friends. Here comes just one of my friends. The mighty, powerful, leader of Manhattan Clan… Galioth!"
A monster the detective described, flew down from the sky and crashed on hard ground. The creature lifted up its head; saw me and Hifdan.
" You dare harm Eliza?! You will pay!"
Gargoyle began flapping his wings. Air was stirred up by the winged beast. He proved having power with his vicious nature, ability to tell which person is. More winged monster flew down from the sky. This creatures were of the same species, but of different sizes. One was half-sized and had red scaled and had white hair flowing behind his head, one half-size the red scaled one with green scales, no hair, large white eyes, and wings on the sides of his arms; instead behind him, A creature big as the purple scaled creature, twice in weight instead of muscle, blue scaled, A female, thin, purple scaled, long black hair on her head, short bumps out her forehead, red lips as red as the human detectives lips. They all flew down and ripped the green roots off. Female detective walked out of the chaos and hugged the massive purple creature.
" Great job, Galioth."
Purple scaled creature rubbed the detective in her backside and continuing staring towards us. A stern look on his face, the will to kill all over his eyes. " We will always be here, Eliza. Manhattan is our new home and we will always protect it."
The massive monster and his cohorts took to the sky. They soared above his—sharp talons sticking out of their arms. I was paralysed by their appearance and frightened of what they would do. But I just couldn't back down. Boggle with boycott—surprised my own standards—leaping into the air, and carrying my spell book closely; illuminated with white light.
First time I've ever done something so bold.
Giant green roots emerged out Hifdans arms, however, that was just the beginning. My plan was for Hifdan to hold them in place—carrying on with our strategy, later. Flying giants seemed powerful, seemed Bouvine, the face of danger. Roots brandished. Massive beasts seemed controlled by air current—flied above the attack, instead of flying too different sides. I could make out the flaps of their wings: They weren't flying; beasts were gliding. There be no way, creatures could avoid Hifdans Lavalanche. However things seemed—there's always a wrong&right answer. Massive, purple scaled creature; dove towards the attack.
" Heathens! You shall not pass!" This was no monster. I was staring at an angel of the night. Those mighty claws, and his strong head—teared apart my attack.. one swish of his hands. " Bronx!... Attack!"
Sneak attack; a cowardice attack, but an effective move. I could feel a dog's paws in my backside; not Kimbos. My face turned around—started at anew creature. This creature sorta resembled Kimbo, blue scaled, rough spiky head, wide mouth, soulless white eyes. This was a true creature of darkness—forget about Kimbo. His sharp teeth and wide mouth…
" Ahhh!"
" Scream! You've tormented our clan… you've torment all of us, and will pay!"
" Leave Glenn alone!" Hifdan yelled; running towards the monstrous dog—eventually pushed him off me. " Glenn is a good person. What he does… you could never understand!"
" I understand."
The purple scaled angel of night flew down. Hifdan couldn't utter a cry—he was catched by the beast, and the beast planted his scaly feet on the ground. Hifdan struggled breaking lose; feet kicking in the monsters face as he was upside down, however, massive monster never felt any pain. He scorned Hifdan—strangled him tightly in his arms. It was my first time: I prayed for Hifdan.
The dogs body back on my body, a swarm of winged monsters flying above me, massive monster strangling my friend, I could only think… We are in for a battle!
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