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Might Four: Across the multiverse

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What a pain. Escaped the void, falling to the ground, landing right on my bum. I now felt the soreness. Never the less, turned my head up from the ground, got to look at everything around me. Trees. Rocks. Clear blue sky. Nothing new. Just a feeling—things now changed.
My suspicions never leave. Started hiking, and still nothing, new. However; suspicions are never wrong. Am not in my own world… suspicions.
“Zatchbell!” Sweet Lord! What was that? `` Zatchbell… you
My Enter Key doesn't work,
brought me here… Zatchbell… you brought me here!``
Am scared. The voice causing trees shaking, seeped in my ears, scared me. Am no coward. I will find that voice, and nothing will stop me.

No remote change; scenery. The area still had trees, rocks, and clear blue sky. Adding a man. This man wreaked with his greasy brown hair, six packed body, business suit . He scared me, but looked like a kitten, compared to werecat. This cat wearing a medieval court jester hat, an orange court jester robe, and light brown court jester shoes . Had to attack. But how? I was alone, inside another world, having no place to run.
`` Zatchbell?`` The werecat questioned his cat.
`` Don`t know,`` Kitty answered. `Have no way of questioning him, now. Think about this—know someone`s the culprit.``
Blah, blah, blah. These people keep chatting, blah. How to stop this? Maybe…. Sneak up behind them, and attack close. No. I don`t know them. My friends, crewmates, cannot help me, now. There was an epiphany—coursing through my head. Longshot, however, effective.
We were alone. Zatchbell mentioned others. I couldn`t find others, and was running out of time. Hifdan seems scared. He tired hiding emotions. But I know Hifdan. He`s soft hearted, bent to be the most intelligent person; like me, and had a will—never running out.
`` Where`s Lorei? Where`s Johnny?`
`` Hifdan… there`s evil. I have a knack for strategy. Remember? There`s bound too dangerous creatures. Wait… they will reveal… time seems-`
I couldn`t speak. A rock smashed behind my head. Agonizing was the rock. Hifdan worked—relieving my pain.
`` Stand still!``
Hifdan leaped behind me. His small hands, rubbing bruise spot, soothed me. I wouldn’t be where am at now without Hifdan. I wouldn`t even be here…Hifdan wasn`t around.
`` Stay calm. This will hurt. Ignore pain… pain ignores you. How`s Mimi?``
`` She`s fine. Little bossy. But she means it out of love. ``
`` Good. Count to three.``
`` One, two, th..ahhh!``
Hifdan, the little sporadical misfit. He felt the soft region—refocused my head. I was in anguish. Throbbing pain through my head. I wanted to kill Hifdan. Hifdan already left. He was near a thick tree—escaping my clutches.
“ My son. I need information. Where is my son?”
Hifdans attention deluded my head. He would`ve seen my hands—raised with feeling of anger.
`Your… near…them.`` I stuttered infuriated . As on cue—Johnny and Lorei ran out. They were my easy attention. They were interested by my miff.
“Daddy,`` Johnny spoke out. `` Why making a silly face?``
Johnny had a point. My face softened, and became a blank expression.
`` Heehe!`` Hifdans son, Lorie, snickered besides my son.
`` Johnny`s father funny!``
Am everything; but ``funny``. Kids have kept telling me that. My lack of humour—denies my comics to be published. I also lack speed. It would`ve been a good talent—stopping a rock hitting my sons head. He felt agony, now. Rubbing his head, yammering, tears began to form in his eyes, but they left, thanks to Lopei.
`` There, there,`` communicated Lopei. Hifdan taught his son well. Lopei grabbed Johnny`s head. It mimicked Hifdans worked better. Johnny relaxed also was happy in ten seconds. `` Were friends.`` Lopei continued to rub my sons head. `` We`ll always be there for each other, Johnny.``
Such great kids. Pity the same couldn`t be exampled—me and Hifdan as ``friends. Thinking about Hifdan: Wondered where he went.
I acted cowardly. Throwing small rocks, using my feet. However I fight—will be for a good purpose. I commit acts of piracy; kids get too have food with adults having money to aid their lives. These people didn`t follow. There was something about them—I didn`t like. They felt different from others, because of how their bodies contained strange aura`s. I was about to throw another rock, until he shown up. This was the werecat-snatching its prey.
`` Prey… business being here,`` Werecat questioned, almost like it knew the answer and was holding it until someone else had the knowledge to answer it.
I didn`t answer his question. I was not a liar. I do something bad—it`s admitted. But he`s gonna attack; cover. In the sky and moving backwards; foot long, started twirling around in circles, landing on the smooth surface of a trees top.
`` Nah-Nah! You can`t catch me!`` mockingly communicated.
`` Don`t say things… you don`t truly understand.`` Really didn`t understand. The man having such scrawny legs—leaped to the top—a single jump needed. The Werecats scarecrow face scared me. He was a strange creature. I like him. `` Who are you?``
Oh boy. People show me what happens when they ask that question: They start to get scared, cower through their legs, biting their fingernails, and eventually try to kill me. I couldn`t lie; but man. Maybe I could just run away? No. He`s too fast. Looking through the hidden part of my brain—found the answer.
`` My names Garu. I search the seas; helping. Too bad law doesn`t agrees with searching for treasure. Vicious beasts were after me. They don`t like me. But wait and listen closely…
`` Interesting. You say you’re so powerful, and only I know the truth. That`s not who you are. Your simply a soul walking through this area. I’ll drag you too prison and call the authorities to watch over my triumph!`` I didn`t move fast enough. The creatures feet allowed him to write on a sheet of paper. It seemed like useless scribes… throwing it behind his body. `` Run.``
He didn`t talk fast enough. I managed to leap away from his raised arms. Falling downward—could`ve hit the ground. It was then that I sinked my claws into the tree. I was floating.
`` Come catch me.``
`` With pleasure.``
The Werecat slid down the tree. He was moving towards my body. I had to release my claws grip and fell towards the ground. How I landed on the kitty… beats the wits out of me.
Attacker? Simple creature orange-whitish furred, white pawed, small as a teddy bear, and blue eyed. He was cute. His from resembled a cat, but he may be a dog, even though it`s hard to tell, looking at his back.
`` Ughh…`` The small creature bemoaned `` My head. He could speak, ironically. He turned his face around. I could see the whitish-pink chin and his black eyes. He was in shock seeing me and he dealt with his shock—pushing himself away from me. `` Back off, demons!``
`` Relax. I don`t believe in violence. It`s only of dire-``
`` Move away! You’re looking for me to let my guard down, and attack me while am weak.``
`` Glenn would never do such a thing!`` Hifdan yelled holding onto a piece of rope and sliding down with his body upside down, and his head facing my eyes. `` You don`t know how lucky you are. Glenn looks at every creature… full of concern.``
`` Get away! I don`t trust any of you-``
We were under fire. Under the small creatures feet—bullets bounced against the ground. They could be seen through a strange yellow around them. A gun? No. A new type of weapon. A simple question: Where is the person with the weapon?
Cyber as well I acted out of concern. Shooting, I couldn't get Cyber to Tribute Evolve. We weren't fighting alone. I commanded Kimbo to disappear and reappear, somewhere he could attack. No area of opportunity could be found; so far. Advantage of hiding—shielded our lives.
" Keep firing!"
" I'll fire till my last bullet, and I'll continue to fight! RAMPART FIRE!"
Am a sitting duck! Nowhere to run away—going to lose my life. However I would die- Always end it doing a courageous acct. Courage was not a choice, but a responsibility, to see what's right, with this world. My responsibility's always made me feel like I had a purpose. It was my responsibility—allowing me to charge forward. I was feeling an aura. I couldn't make a full view of it—running.
" He's getting away!" The man " Glenn" called through the area.
" His friends must be helping him. Leave that creature alone, Glenn. He's a coward… doesn't have any self-pride."
I was called bad names all my life. Why his words? Those words whiffed of decay. He tried to move me, and it worked. I was already following instincts—near the entrance of the woods—leaped through the entrance, saw two figures. One was a blonde-blackish person with heavy metal equipment over his top body . Another was . They both stared awkwardly at the hot stuff in front of them.
" Like hurting people?" Garu obliged queried. "That is something… I can vouch for… but… unforgivable!"
" RAMPART FIRE!" The warrior yelled, is moving me.
Bullets The damascus be able to deflect all bullets; but had no time. I instead did somersaults, followed by twirling around, also keeping body above ground. Hard to afloat—two men tread out the woods. A third monster stared at me. It was too my eyes disbelief, a monster humanoid, natural black skin, metal mouth piece over his mouth, a large rifle in both his hands, and a four socket rocket launcher, appeared through a purple fog.
" Back off!" The human ululated. " We want no trouble. Leave! Get away from here!"
If I paid attention to everyone… people would forget me. There’s no way I would sit here, and watch that person get his way. His words did move me—towards the hilt—taking out my sword. Blade moved fast. All bullets broke in half; hitting. These were flies, compared to the bulls. Bigger the object—easier to dodge. Shorter the object—easier to push away. This was no problem. There was one problem: A pair of eyes, far from here, looking down at me.
Careful, Tony. Feelings protective voice echoed.
It rocked hearing his voice. It's been nearly a year, but am glad he's back. In the world of Asteria, I discovered him. I was travelling with a bunch of other people like me and meet him. He`s deep inside my mind.
Lying on a tree branch, staring down, collected a feeling: Together, we would be safe.
As careful as a lizard moving up a tree branch. I answered to the creature.
Show no pride, please. They are powerful… you'll need to accept. Stealth is our only friend. We'll wait until they've calmed down.
Feelings always triumphed over actions. They failed me this time… a rock heaved too my chest. It was dense. At last… I saw my answer; clear as day…. The small creature smiling down at me. He was the one who threw. And he caused me to fall—towards the hard ground.
Oh, yeah. The machine ran out of bullet . I noticed a man Staring; afar. A rock laid on smooth ground. It was not of luck, me hitting a rock, came to the man, right through his stomach. Too bad… the cybernetic got time, recovering.
Bullets escaped the gun.
Am such a fool. Placing my sword, back into my belt, when attacked. How "Glenn" may seem deranged-his assistance was accepted trying to fight. He and the Werecat ran past me. Now in front…
" LAVALANCHE!" Glenn yelled.
red hot liquid mixed with earth's crust made up Glenn's attack. The attack rammed right past the cybernetic, managing to contact body caused him to groan. I knew this type of fighting would end… Cybernetic monster settled both hands front of body, as smoke surrounded his for slots.
Nothing could anticipate—missile firing towards them. They simply acted where they left off.
Red hot liquid appeared, reiteratively. Times changed. This time was different, and showed aptitude. The missiles exploded—impact pushed the two away. However; am fine, and that's the main topic. A battle such as this ends with only one person—surviving. I'll be that person.
" I don't want to hurt people!" The human shouted. " Just let us go!"
Anguish. How I hated feelings. The only thing that matters is love. I love myself, Akana and how am determined to help people for her.
I saw two figures. One was Blonde-blackish haired with full metal clothing over him and the other was an android, dark human skinned, large rifle held in his grasp, and a four socket launcher on his left shoulder . The man stood behind his robot, pacing his guitar into the robs backside. I also saw the little creature, jumping away from bullets, the machine fired. His pain got me all happy. It’s such a pity—Akana would have to see this. And Akana deserves anything.
" Good work, Cyber!" The man yelled besides his creature.
" Thank you, Max. Not sure you should comment…. This bad turn of events. But thank you all the same."
Distracted works. It was now or never, my window of opportunity works. sneaking behind the human—brought him close. The man was in my grasp, and used him as leverage.
" Stop! End this madness! I won't allow fighting!"
The cybernetic man aid me no attention. Come to think of it… the man I was holding also paid me no attention. Reasons were anonymous; until now. The four socket turned around. It was facing me, now. If I hadn't screamed through my lungs, dropped the man and an away… I would be dead.
Thank whoever watches over me. I can also thank my guitar as my genius idea of making a guitar which could contain mini missiles. I made a guitar by scratch. Am not an idiot; placing the metal into a hole. Those missiles were ensconced inside a metal box, followed pieces of wood carved to resemble a guitar. Metal covering over the wood, as strings attached to the ends. My own gun magazine.
" Cheap Monsters!" The little creature yelped. " Hide like a coward… firing guns."
" Leave us alone!" Cyber depended. " Max told you ' he doesn't want to fight'. You're the one bringing havoc."
" I need to survive. Every human, non-member and non-talking animals… want their claw through me! My life is war. When war breaks out… people start to harden their hearts!"
Me, Cyber, the creature. He believes life's war— he'll get 'war'.
We all charged. The small chupacabra pounced. His tiny feet moved nimbly, pushed his body upward, ended him crashing through Cyber's chest. The orange-whitish animal kept his hold on the demon, and eventually tried to pronounce…
Nothing happened. It stunned me, just as it stunned the little creature. He shaked his Lil' arms. Started slowly spinning them. He then twirled them rapidly. Creatures face freted acrimony. Him an unknown ability—reminded me too well—Cyber couldn't Tribute Evolve.
" Cease this!" An unknown voice shouted.
There was no other people. Me, Cyber, orange-whitish chupacabra, brown haired man, scrawny creature besides brown haired man wearing casual clothes ; nothing else.
Am a fool. It was shown too me now, the headbands. They resembled a maze: A large circle, coloured grey, smaller circles spaced inside the circle, with the smallest circle in the middle; yellow. Yellow remodeled luminous. My eyes noticed a figure. Humanoid, goldenrod bodied, glabrous.
" Your all in this; together. Christ sake! This world, all the other worlds, rely on your cooperation. Completely pathetic!"
Am curious. Writing songs and singing others peoples songs my own way, kept questioning what I know… really the truth?
" Your name?"
Figure stare intensely, or would've, he had any eyes.
" N.E.X."
" Nex?"
Figure shook his head.
" No. N.E.X. N—first name. E—second name. X—last name. Am N.E.X." All people standing up; undamaged, stared in disbelief. " Acquaintance could've been better. Too bad there's an issue we must attend to. Your arrival."
" Great. tell me—"
" Stooop!" N.E.X. looked harmless, but his attitude said "otherwise".
" I don't much care for humans. Robots deserve life. My master on the other hand forgives—people taking full control. His wishes… all must awaken.
Ahh… my aching skull. Cyborgs can pull powerful punches. Had to recover—saw them gathered around a blazing fire. Orange-whitish chupacadra, Man with electric guitar, boy wearing a duck sweater with black-blonde hair and the black android—causing my headaches too stir. A yellow figure standing in the middle. The thing kept his head bent, on me.
" Everyone ready?" Image spoke. Everyone yelled "yeah!". " 'bout time. Master keeps an eye on you. Things be different, my way." Image appeared in his hands. A large LED glowed the colour blue—surrounded his body. Globe still as a rock, began rotating, counter-clockwise.
" This is earth. Beautiful Planet. Earth maintains life, and keeps living things alive."
" Oooh," The small whit-orangish made an act of sarcasm. " We get to hear about Earth. Gonna explain History?"
" No. Am here to give information: What is happening, now." Image of earth disappeared. Image of a giant red cube, appeared, in place of Earth. : Sector 525, or Earth twelve. See Earth twelve as an example." Yellow figures whole head pointed too man with black-blondish hair.. " Max Yuki… right?" Man shaked his head. Yellow figure twirled his finger in circles. A yellow ball illuminated on his ring finger. The planet zoomed; in. Planet zoomed in, repeatability, until sand was shown. Tornadoes of sand, the wind a breeze of sand ,while silicon sparkling through the sand. A desert car rode in. Green covered, small white head lights, black handle, black steering wheel, a person in the front drived—mimicking Max Yuki. Drivers maneuvers acted differently: Wearing a joker green vest; vintage red shirt underneath, smooth purple adult mittens, Atlantis green urban military hat over his hair and wayfarer red sunglasses over his eyes. However he may not resemble Max, a screen with small white worlds on a black background also Max's picture appeared.
" Impossible!" Max spoke through what shock he must've had.
" Nothings impossible. This person is you… Max Yuki."
We were all in one though I jump out of my seat, yellow figure remained silent; luckily.
" There's over one thousand universes. Universe 880, or Advanced Wars, you can all clearly see."
Image of planets disappeared. Dozens of trapezoids like objects in blue light appeared. " What your eyes identify is Tags. Master looked to find the tags."
Yellow figure shrunk. it became a small yellow ball. The ball floating just above ground— rammed towards Max's right hand. I could see the ball seeping into his wristbands yellow core. The ball merged with the wrist band—disappeared.
Silent night. Bunch of people around me, tight-lipped, wondering: What will we do? Everything relied on me. I got off from the ground ,as my arms widened from my sides.
" Gather around! There's still much too discuss. I'd like names."
Pointed my index finger to orange-whitish chubacabra.
" Your name, sir."
Creature didn't feel like chatting. Imposed by placing his left hand over his throat, creature made a sound.
" My life has no name. I am a legend. Garu. Captain Garu, greatest pirate of the world."
Moved past Garu. Pointed my index finger at the man carrying a satchel.
" Tony Parker."
Moved past Tony Parker. Focused finger on man named Max and the black android.
" Max Yuki," Max answered.
" Cyber Commander, or Cyber. Black android answered.
Placed my hands down, Hifdan leaped in front of me.
" Am Glenn Matthews."
" Am Hifdan! We have two children hiding from all of you."
" Hifdan an I bowed our bodies. They bowed their bodies. I was starting to enjoy the company. Our journey will be long—moving through different universe. The journey should belong, Johnny feels the adventure.

Wake-up In a tent. Man, travelling never felt this bad; before. No amount of manga calmed me down. All I wanted to do was lie in bed, unsatisfied with how I failed Akana.
People rely on you Tony. Time to show them what you can do.
Well it's as you always say: Actions speak louder than words.
Actions moved me out the tent, sliding through the…
" Ahhhh!" My voice rang out.
I was about to be attacked. A vicious light brown furred, jagged teethed, red eyed, and horns out his head, dog. It leaped on me. He'd crush me with his paws, however, didn't. Max came into my tent, and Max held on the dogs sides. Max tried to relax, dog from hell.
" You scared him. Max said while attempting to comfort the beast.
" I scared him!?" I yelled filled with disbelief. " He was gonna eat me!"
" Kimbo… eat? Kimbo would never harm people. He's one of the sweetest Underworld Dark dog.
" Underworld?"
Our conversation was over, he just didn't want to say that. We walked to the front of the tent and pushed the flaps open. Change of scenery shinnied in my tent. The green leaved trees, large rocks, clear blue sky, adding my new group. Glenn and Hifdan and two kids drew in the sand. The human looking one had no hair on his head, a blue loom plain shirt, black stirrup stretch pants, emerald eyes. The creature looking one had blue skin, bright yellowish eyes, long arms and long legs, two horns coming out the surface of his little head. When the little boy opened his mouth; teeth had been shown to be pushed together. Cyber was in a lotus position—on top of a hill. Garu was all alone—hitting the biggest trees he could see.
" Move!" Max yelled orderly.
" What are you—"
Max pushed me away. I was covered-in the purple fog of Kimbo, and teleported behind Cyber Commander. Cyber Commander stood up—staring down at his partner. Cyber seemed trapped in a new world, allowing him to fire missiles. The four shutters of his rockets holes slowly opened—launched four small missiles in Max's direction.
I feared for Max. But I feared for my tent, more then I feared for Max. It seemed stupid. But I just can't stand to see my work ruined. Max ran from the missiles, so the tent took the blow. It exploded to a million pieces. On fire—burned too dust. Oh… I wanted to kill Max.
" Nice one!" Max yelled on the ground. " Now time for some music!"
Max took out his guitar. Max soon pulled out a guitar pick. Max rubbed the guitar piece against the guitars strings.
It doesn't matter if you love him or capital H-I-m.
Max make a buzz sound through his guitar being touched.
Just put your paws up
' Cause you were born this way, baby.
Reaction started. The man followed a soft echo noise, and continuing too raise the volume—stopped after the volume reached a single noise.
My mama told me when I was young.
We were all born superstars
She rolled my hair put my lipstick on
In a glass of her boudoir
Dear me. This man actually impersonated a female. His voice sounded angel like, being near the burned remains of the tent. I loved Max's singing!
There's nothing wrong with lovin' who you are
She said,' cause He made you perfect, baby.
So hold your help up, girl and you'll go far.
Listen to me when I say
I'm beautiful in my way.
' Cause God maeks no mistakes.
I'm on the righ track, baby
I was born this way.
I wanted Max too keep singing. His voice resembled angels, and it filled my heart with joy, watching.
Don't hide yourself in regret. Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right back, I was born this way.
The lyrics were repeating themselves. However that may be—every word still felt like a singing bird.
Ooh, there ain't no other way, baby, I was born this way.
Baby, I was born this way. Ooh, there ain't no other way, baby, I was born this way. I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way.
Don't be a drag, just be a queen.
Don't be a drag, just be a queen.
Give yourself prudence and love your friends.
Subway kid, rejoice of truth.
In the religion of the insecure must be myself, respect my youth.
A different lover is not a sin.
Believe capital H-I-M.
I love my love this record and Mi amore vole fe yah
I's beautiful in my way, 'Cause God makes no mistakes.
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way...
Oh, bravo. I wanted to walk over there and congratulate him myself; Too bad craving of killing—outweighed liken. Instead I joined Glenn with Hifdan and their two children. A small human and figure of Glenn was seen—walking towards them. The glow looked like seeing me.
" Happy acquaintance," Hifdan talked to me.
" Yeah… mind if I barge in."
" We'lll need to communicate amongst the other. Time speaking ought as well be now.
My time there was making sand castles, talking to the little children, until the four of them heard a noise. The bell was to me. I stopped was from the dinner bells.
We all got around a no longer roaring fire. Talked to most of them. Left Garu out. Garu got on the ground, and his arms were crossed, problems later saved after N.E.X leaves our wristbands illuminated in yellow glow and N.E.X animated out the yellow glow.
" Am back," N.E.X spoke disappointingly. " Let's get down to business. " A screen appeared similar to the one yesterday. This screen had four small balls, glowing different colours. Blue, purple, orange, black—twirled around the structure of the screen. " These are your targets. Four powerful creature manage to roam around all the different universes. They've divided their bodies into five of the twenty tags, each. When all five of one colour is taken.. one of the powerful creatures will be summoned."
" This meant for a warning?" Garu asked.
" Warning? Why all humans think of warnings. This is merely masters words. I don't care if you get those tags, and don't want a part. Oh… left out a detail." A swish of yellow aura arise from N.E.X. The aura rise towards everyone around the fireplace; wristbands. Yellow light moved to the wristbands core. I didn't think much of the wristband—surprised me—my face came out. It was the same picture of Max, minus the sandy background, with new text, reading level one. " Master loves games. Masters favourites are role playing, ones with level involved, he'd admire to have opportunity catching monsters and make them became strong. His terrine bands give all the information you'll need."
I was starting to like this master. This master has style. He aided all of us, bringing an object out of the wristband and was taken by me. "" Master allowed each of you to take a weapon. Tony's sword, Max's laptop, Garu's Captains Jewel, Hifdans spell book. Use them wisely. More will come, but not until a later basis."
Yellow figures image disappeared. All of us were alone. Surrounded by massive trees, not knowing what we do next. I hated this place. I don't know why, my anima can only increase my left paws and grow fur; Senri-like. However things turn for me—a person watching above me was mysterious.
I miss Mew. I cannot use most my attacks. Mews brain could congregate any problems. These problems couldn't. I feel so lonely. However; things always bring feelings—always focused on what really mattered. That was when I sneaked into the woods, and saw a different person. wearing a green robe; all his body parts were shrouded, a large wooden bow in his hands. That person just watched all of us, mysteriously gripping a long bow with an arrow sticking out. He didn't notice me; good. I'll have a chance, my feet light as wind could move too that person. However; an attack on my left side pushed me away. I could see a horse, floating in the air. Half the size of an ordinary, shaggy grey. I Would've slammed into tree, I wasn't quick enough to get my feet to hit it first. Like a ninja sprinting against a tree, I sprinted towards the horse. My only ambition: Scratch the horse with my claws. I wasn't quick enough—horse was already on the ground. I also looked up to the archer, him already on the ground. Tony Parker. Pushed him too the ground. Keeping a nice pose, hands to sides and body leaned perfectly still, walked towards Tony.
" Things could've gone smooth without you."
" No. You're a vicious animal—death comes wherever you are."
" I find that pretty offensive, but am the forgiving 'animal'."
Past all this—moved. Tony an I surrounded the archer. He was catatonic. His body grew goose bumps, mouth began quivering. The archer held his bow tightly. Too me he didn't want to die and believed how his bow would be able to save him from whatever threats we posed.
" Don't kill me." The man wailed out his mouth.
" We won't. Am Tony Parker, the beast you see besides you is Garu. Your name, sir?"
" Will Treaty. A Rangers Apprentice. I look after these woods and make sure enemies are known."
" Were enemies? That seems redundant. Sure: Stole a few treasure, made rich peoples lives; miserable, but who really gives a hoot over what happens?"
" I do, and this person surely does," Tony answered.
" oooo… ouch. But this man has to come with us. All the others are gonna be happy—seeing this young archer.
I was in shock. An archer up in the trees, staring at all of us. His green robes and large wooden bow looked intimidating. Max and Cyber moved to the man, placing a helmet over his head. The helmet was small, made out of red metal, had a giant light bulb on the top of it.
" What madness is this?" The archer broke out, terrified.
" A lie detector." Max answered. " All your different brainwaves are inputted inside this device. Tell us all, what we'll need to know. Let's get down to business. What is your name."
" My name is Will Treaty."
A buzzing noise came from Cybers body. " He's telling the truth." Cyber answered.
" Good. Next question, who do you work for?"
" What makes you believe am working, someone else's orders?"
" Your young, and an 'Apprentice'. There's bound to be a master. Tell me who is your master."
Will hesitated. Frog jumped in his throat, a knife stabbed his heart. There was only one answer—leading him to ruin. But he had no choice…
" My master is Halt O' Carrick."
" Clicking noise came from Cyber. " He's telling the truth, again."
Max stared into the persons eyes. Max is only one kind of person: curious
" Hate your master? You could've ignored the subject; but you didn't. Why tell us?"
Will sobbed. Tears dripped down his pale skin, dampened the ground. He soon sobered.
" I cannot tell lies. Master once told me… a man who doesn't speak honesty—isn't really a man!"
I feared for the Rangers eyes. Then Cybers loud pitched noise echoed through the area. " He's telling the truth."
I was the one, walking over to the Ranger, extending my left hand.
" Get up. We still have much too hear, and the grounds not a good place to sit."

Nothing hurts, tea can't solve. It was lucky Mimi got addicted to tea, a garden, fashion magaz… Am losing my train-of-thought. I was supposed to be thinking of the ranger; inside my tent. A home releases sedative like feelings. He'd be able to open himself more freely, here. Right now the Ranger drank his Rosemary; inside a blue-whitish zen tea cup.
" Good tea, eh," I stupidly asked.
" Can't recall when I've had tea. I can't even recall there being 'tea'."
" Put the tea aside… we talk about what's happening. Mr. Ranger, why were you spying on us?"
Will placed his cup down. My head wasn't doing well—focusing on his blank expression.
" Not just you. There's been word of strange creatures. My job as a Ranger watches mysterious creatures. I watch them and report too my master."
" Creatures My looks, remind you of creatures?"
Ranger was startled. I punched a major hole in his self-esteem.
" No…no, noting like that. Just people who come off mysterious, altogether."
" Good."
Garu barged in. I could tell, simple ways he moved his feet on the ground. Turned my head around, he was standing, sweat dropped down his orange-whitish fur.
" Rangers horse a menace. He's outside and is destroying everything!" Garu managed to yell through his mouth.
" You jumped on his back?" Ranger questioned.
" We were having a contest… yes."
" Yeah… don't touch my horse. I better stop him… destroying everything."

We all got to see destruction. Pieces of equipment, even people of our group lying on the ground—horse caused. Rangrs horse now galloping in circles. I couldn't stop this standing on the ground best the ranger would have a chance, rushing towards his horse.
" Tug…stop!"
Ranger grasped his horse by the nose of his head. Will began stroking his horses large nose. Rangers horse instinctively calmed down. That's a good strategy—I'd like to have with Mimi, running out of her favourite pastries. Ranger gripped his horse mane. Ranger and horse moved towards my tent. They both stood in place, Will staring straight towards us.
" Only Rangers can use Ranger horses. Actually, anyone can use Ranger horses. A phrase has to be made—before a person can get on the horse."
" Mind telling us this phase?" Garu talked through the rest of us.
" I'd rather not say. I trust all of you, but I don't know you, long enough to give any important information. However that maybe the case, don't go near my horse."
This time all of us groaned. There still remained an issue: creatures luring, inside, whatever forest this may be. I had one idea… no one would like. But I had to speak my mouth or it would stay shut, forever.
" Everyone!" Yelled out my lungs. That got their attention. Lucky none had a heart attack. " We will be invaded. Ever since I was married… feelings foretell events to come… controlled my thinking. Tell us more… Will."
The lone Ranger placed his middle fingers over his Adam's apple. A coughing noise escaped his mouth… prepared himself to speak. " Just north of here, I've been able too hear many thigs. They are strong, travel fast, numbers never give-up and never stop; until they are done. These creature already destroyed a unprotected village. But continue to attack."
" Blah, blah, blah… want to attack… blah… I’ll be able to stop them. One, two… possible two and a half—they’ll be lying down, dead." Garu interrupted all our talking.
" You can't seriously be thinking—" I began to speak, stopped with Will rushing ahead of me.
" Take them all down by yourself?" Garu stared down at everyone. His left eyebrow raised over his right eyebrow." This creature, Garu, is on the right road."
" What!?" Everyone , except Garu and Will, yelled in disbelief.
" We must fight. Rangers job is to report trouble—we fight when its needed."
" Yeah! I'll sleuth through this forest. The creatures won't be prepared, they'll lose in the battle!"
Garu charged away. I felt for the little monster running to his doom, however, wasn't alone. Everyone near me looked in Garu's direction. At last; it occurred to me how they might actually care, we didn't want Garu found dead—ran for Garu.
Ah…nice breeze. I missed adventure. Am a single-minded pirate-don't follow my course of action, I die admirably. But I didn't make a difference, running through the woods. I'll soon have to return, those gay people. Thinking about those things to come—dulls the mind. Beset I enjoy fighting the creatures and avoid anything they do.

I was on top of a tree. Facts we heard. I could hear. Matters only awaited time. I wish for booze. But there is no booze, here. I cannot stay awake, booze not comforting my senses. There was no creatures. I simply doze off, and the creatures will march in.

Am such a naive. Dozy off… ha! The creatures were close—certain death will meet. Was I just gonna sit back and watch the creatures get too the other side? Lord No. I was simply waiting, seeing how they appeared. I was in for a surprise; short amount of time. There was humanoid; animals, creatures themselves mixed with different animal parts. People carrying books with different creatures walking besides those people, most recognizable—creatures of my own world. Jells, Golems, Tigers. All the Jells, different colors from the Jell I knew, All the Golems much more sinister; bulky, made of stone, small round heads, massive arms and legs, with large white eyes. Tigers completely lacking self-pride; bodies figured not to stand, four-legged, clawed, points of hair sticking out, large white horns sticking out their heads. The site left me speechless. Scary looking and large in numbers, however, lacking the ability to stop me. I fell—battle will now commence.

Hiding behind tree trunks. The creatures cannot see me. My eyes focused on one monster: Serpentine, brown scaled, green spiky throb sticking out his back, and a short jaw with little teeth. This serpentine monster surprised me—the name Roaring Ocean Snake above his head, written on a giant blue LED screen.
" Better enjoy your moments around, you freak," I muttered under my breath. My moment too strike would come a small rock under my feet, Mind saw a plan, perfectly. I would through the rock into his head; dazing his senses, climb-up his back neck, he having no feel-scratch his eyes, grab his upper-jaw, pull him back. My strength weakened, however, am still had enough energy for this. My plan working,,,
" What the fuck is happening?!"
Mighty serpentine collapsed. Falling to the ground—giant purple laser fired directly into hid head. It wasn't until I was close to him, turned left. All those cheeks were standing. The strange person Glenn, Glenns creature Hifdan, their two children, Max the tecnoman, Max's cybernetic partner Cyber, the two's dog Kimbo, the unsociable Tony, joining all of us—Will, the Rangers Apprentice on top of his mighty stead.
" Should've waited," Tony angrily growled to show his menace. " We all could've done a sneak attack, but no, you had to be 'cool'."
" We would no longer be in this situation… you just laid low!" A bitter, conflict, best saved for a better moment. Will held his bow up and pointed it towards the body of…me. The arrow launched, towards me. However; hit a black bodied Tiger besides my body. The black bodies Tiger instantly turned too yellow dust. As the head of a hydra—one Tiger was taken down—two more took his place. Battle with Tigers ended differently. I used all my strength, took them down; one massive swish attack.
" Wow!" Hifdan screeched through his mouth. " Garu's awesome!"
Much as am prideful, there was still an army of creatures too face.
All the peoples creatures took to the ground. We sleuthed through the forest and were watching the monsters in the forest. We simply did what was right: Grab the creature so we could pull their bodies up and eliminate them. Rules of a hydra still presented themselves while we did battle: Take one down, and two more will show up. We already taken down dozens, forty-eight of the army monsters showed up. Battling got tiresome. I never believed fighting would bore me, but it was happening. We all stood on the branches, next to each other.
" We can only last a few days without food or water," Will the Rangers Apprentice said to us.
" Don't mock our disabilities!" Glenn appeared through the woods. " Think of something, Will.
" I don't have any, at the time."
" Think faster!" Hifdan joined in with his partners argument.
" Do not argue with Will," I surprised myself, speaking directly into the two. " I don't see your cooperation. I thought you were a genius?"
" I never said I 'was'."
" Figures," Tony derided behind Glenn. " I read your unsold comics, you've left inside your bag. I can vouch for a boy who lives in a world filled with psychics and uses his ability to stop the other psychics, so they won't wipe out animals he loves. But it’s all lack of flavour, poorly written, repeats itself; too close for comfort, lacks emotion, and has no difference between it—another psychic movie.
" Your point?
" Science fiction isn't good. Try another genre. Fantasy, Crime, Romance—works better for you."
" What of comedy?"
" Your not funny."
Put those two's quarrel aside…. More creatures came. I couldn't see the creatures faces. But words can mean more than pictures, blue screens appeared. Some read Purple Suezo, Anarkiar, Akihiron. These creatures didn't seem strong, however, something else caught my mind. Reading: Doom Dozer, insect type, level 8, 400 defence,
"Words mean nothing too me. I'll take this creature down and still have enough energy for the army."
" Your headstrong. I hate head Strong’s."-Glenn.
" I won't seem headstrong, am actually able to take care of him."
I ran to the massive insect—head strong seemed too appear more like me. I ran, got slammed, his tail, fell backwards, hit my head against a tree trunk. Anguished never grows old. I continue to fight and I'll always get insect slithered closer. His massive pinchers clasped to get me. I could only stare in fear, how pathetic—the massive insect moved towards me. I have nothing to look back; not a women to kindle with.
But I am a pirate. I will continue to fight.
My damascus blade came out of its hold. I focused my blade, forward. I was against a big-scary monster. Nothing looked good. It was a fight, and possibly just weakened the creature so the steel jerks behind me could host m away.
" Back off demons!" yelled triumphantly, sword raised overhead. "Demons will feel my steel… over, and over, again!"
Legs got me off the ground. Rushing to finish—jabbed damascus sword. The creature was stunned, however, only for one minute. He clutched my body with his pinchers. He was unable to hold Garu, greatest pirate of the world. Of course my blade couldn't break his pinchers—my blade pushed the creature on my right side—away. Area of opportunity, used kicking right leg into the monsters face. He felt the full force of my power. His body fell to the ground. Rushing to finish –jabbed damascus sword. The creature was stunned, however, only for one minute. He clutched my body with his pinchers. He was unable to hold Garu, greatest pirate of the world. Where my blade couldn't break his pinchers—My blade pushed metal from my right side, away. Area of opportunity, used kicking right leg into the monsters face. He flet the full force of my power. His body fell to the ground, blood lust still entered through my veins. I used my lust to continue fighting. Held the hilt of my damascus, tightly, unleashed a furry of vicious slashing, with my blade. Area of opportunity… his head.
What I do is better left unsaid. All I can talk about is defeating the creature, him not putting up a struggle and disappearing into millions of yellow dust. Also can add how cool I was—not thinking twice about what was happening and stabbing him with my sword. Feeling myself above the world, turned around. Faces of the peoples; know of my self-esteem.
" Oh…yeah! Am so pro! All you peoples, suck! I'll take my rightful place of leader. Now I will require—"
" Shut up!" All of them—raising their weapons and Tony raised logs with his mighty paw.
" Guys? Why you looking at—"
Had too move for my life. Cyber pounced the words " RAMPART BLASTER!"
Bullets fired out Cybers gun. Glenn pronounced the words " LAVALANCHE!"; Hifdan fired red liquids with earth encrusted into it. Tony threw his logs towards me. Ducked all of them and the objects moved past me. They all hit the bodies of nearby monsters. Lasers hit a monster with green skin, four arms, serpents tail, red wings out his backside. Firely liquid took a 5 ft mouse, grey furred, purple eyed, five feet; one in between his front paws. A black Tiger been sideswiped, wood ramming into his face. Aftermath: All three exploded millions of yellow dust, but I was unharmed. Didn't stop the outburst…
" Fuck!... All of you!"
The little monster was saved. No thanks to hi, we sacrificed life and limb for us too get where he stands. Luckiest being on the planet. I saw this as a good opportunity, after all. This forest was amazing, think of how Naomi would like to be in it. Oh… Naomi. My pressing issues weren't important, inside a forest filled with monsters. Speaking about the creatures: They were all over. Glenn stared at pages of his coloured spell book, Max typed on his computer and a cable connected Max's computer too a part of Cybers body, Garu climbed up trees, Will stayed mounted on his stead, with his bow in his hand. I simply sat down. We were thinking of ideas, and none of them considered well. I might be one for ideas, 'ourse mans a being read was a nice change of pace. But I can't stand how no one pays attention too me.
" I got it!" Glenn yelled lifting his head away from his book. " We can stop them, and that makes me think who else can stop them?"
" Our parents?" Garu said with more sarcasm in his voice than actual help.
" Not people. We are gonna let nature play its course. But what exactly can nature do too stop them?"
" Your guess is better them mine, Garu, the greatest pirate of the world."
" Look all around you."
We all obliged. We didn't see anything, wilderness surrounding us. But there was only one type of wilderness: Trees.
" How they gonna fight—world comes crashing down on them?"

I was doing a sentry line duty, was with Cyber on top a tree's top. We stared forward to see it, the creature should be coming this way.
" This is boring." Cyber pronounced the words out his mouth. " This would be much better if I had the ability to evolve."
" I know," Trees swished too both sides. I could barely make out Lorei and Johnny, Kimbo having the two children on his back. I've seen Kimbo disappear, reappear. The kids were assigned too also look for anything suspicious and Kimbo was there to help them. Piece of courage. " Remember the Duel Monster World?"
" How could I?"
I took my guitar out from behind my back and showed it too Cyber.
" I had a guitar like this one, in that world. I've never been able to express myself there. But remember the first time I played?"
" I remember everything. You played it… world changed. You were the one who saved the Duel Monster World."
" No. Forces combined saved the Duel Monster world. I just looked the coolest, son of Yugi Moto."
" Still… things might've turned out to the worst if you weren't there."
" Things could turn bad, here. I don't know what the hell am even doing here. I don't know, anything, anymore."
I sensed Cyber feeling my pain. We've been together for years. Cybers senses advanced beyond any other monster joining us. However; talking was for later. Trees dropped down. It became out of hand-Kimbo needed to disappear, fog of purple. I was prepared. Not prepared for Glenn's plan. I just had prepared myself for when I'd do battle.
" I recall having a trait of courage. Time to see if courage still resides."
Cyber nodded his head. Nothing would make me more happy. Creatures came out of the forest and were floating in the sky. They were after me. I wasn't gonna let their hands touch my skin. Loosened my guitar from the handle and began playing a tune. In my earlier years, me and Cyber practiced music. I learned a song literally capable of powering his system.
My hands started rubbing the string. A small noise came out of the guitar. The noise soon followed a beat. The sound continued a rumbling sound—ground below me shook too. It then raised too where tree leaves fell out the trees. Guitar was the only important equipment. The guitar glowed yellow, yellow energy exited the guitar and it surrounded Cybers body. My mechanical friend raised both his arms balled up as fists.
" That feels… good." Four sockets opened up, points of Cybers small missiles revealed out of the missiles. " BLUNT MISSILE!"
All four of Cybers small missiles came out. Missiles made contact. Millions of yellow dust flew into the air.
" That was a good shot, Cyber."
" It once could take all the creatures. I sure got—"
A beeping noise, yellow core in alerted us two, N.E.X's form emerged out the yellow band and stared at the two of us.
" Congratulations. Am suppose too talk with you lucky humans. You’ve levelled up. Take a good look at your screen…"
N.E.X form disappeared. A blue LED appeared over my head. ATK+5, DEF +3, SPD+2, Int+4, Monster Evolution: Machine King Prototype. N.E.X's form reappeared in front of us.
" Take this. Now don't bother me. I'll be in the terrine band… having sex with microprocessors and CPU."
N.E.X was sucked into the wristband. I didn’t wan to see, or hear, N.E.X doing inside the wristband and we had to ignore N.E.X. Cyber and I been attacked—unprepared and without full attention—flying monsters lion who had gray-reddish feathers and white swan wings on his back, A women with short banged green hair and a green bra- two horns sticking out her head-bat like wings helping her fly, A bug eyed creature; green scaled and four dragonfly wings behind his body.
"We can still fight." Cyber tried to reassure me.
" But for how long?" I induced depressed.
" Till were done!" Cybers spirit drove him—lifting his gun above and pointing it at one of the creatures. " RAMPART BLASTER!"
I didn't care how Cyber used his gun. Desperate measures weren’t taken, he would still be taken down, Cybers defeat was something I’d rather not see.
" Get away!" Actions reacted more violent that grabbed the handle of my guitar and swung it.
Eyes blurred. Site of the vicious creatures could no longer be noticed, but their mouths made screeching noises, distracting me. I could hear other voices. Kimbo barked out his mouth. Damn—Kimbo one powerful animal. Glad Kimbos on my side. I would no longer be here, without the hell hound.
My vision returned. No more winged creatures. I did see monsters, climbing up the tree. Their climbing was much too my surprise; the tree didn't collapse. However, things were tough. We were outnumbered and fearfully out gunned.
" Cyber!" I yelled to get my partners attention. Cyber turned his head towards mine. "I need ideas!"
" Huh?"
" Desperate times, call desperate situations. I love music, only a person fully loving his line-work… make a living—courage aids all them people."
Chiper feelings crossed my heart. It wasn't until now… courage takes control. These monsters were done. I sang from my heart.
Our hearts are lustrous
Can't tear
Our minds are a sacred temple and our bodies are everlasting
I wanted to cry. Tears were building inside my eyes, but they wouldn't drip. I had too think of how Cyber's quirks made him a cold warrior. Expressed myself through my heart. In the bottom-the mind on top-words sang out.
We fight, we move, it does matter?
The life... we live... it is precious
Oh the days... life seems grievous
We never stop too act
We are strong...We are courageous
Cybers body glowed, white. Coruscating out his body-light beams took up every space- Cyber was about too...Tribute Evolve
" Cyber Commander! Tribute Evolve too..."
Light faded. This was not Cyber- not even Gadget Hauler; creature he transformed too in the Duel Monster World. A creature my own size, beehivelike head, ruby quartz visor through the middle of his head, black-whitish metal making up his body, and small yellow antenna's sticking out his head.
" Machine King Prototype!" New monster shouted.
Cybers new form stood ahead. I barely recognised Cyber, now. This creature was simply a shadow—Cyber would never want to see."
"Cyber!" "Say something, Cyber!"
" I've never liked your clothes." Painful, but at least Cyber was in there. " Time too work! Magnetic Field!"
The small yellow antenna's sinked into Cybers head. Electric power seen invisible-wiped out the creatures. The creatures kept disappearing too bits of dust.

It was miraculous—Glenn managed to take down some of the creatures. I at the time watched the creatures running away from a moving log with spikes coming out of it. Glenn had the idea to make Hifdan take down a tree, Tony and Garu borrowing their swords, as well borrowed the sword of Will, used his molten lava attack too create crust protecting the swords in case they run into anything— pushed the tree and it charged towards the bodies of the beasts. Those creatures screamed running from the massive tree trunk. Having enough, fell to the ground.
Landed feet first on solid surface. Everyone gathered around my body. Ranger came to me. We were staring face-too-face.
" Thank you. The rests are unconsidered if you people didn't help, but am grateful. You've been able to help me through the trauma. I will remember this and make sure my master also hears our tale.
This was good-bye. Will was mounted on his stead. They were facing the sunset, heading back to town. Glenn was the only one who walked towards the ranger’s stead. Glens arms touched next to the sides of the horse.
" You should come with us. Together… we’ll have a better adventure."
The ranger gave Glenn a small smile.
" I can't . Am still an Apprentice. There's a lot of learning for me to do and so little time for me to learn. We will meet again."
The Apprentices horse started to mount forward. I was gonna enjoy the adventure. All these people: A man with a creature having a jester costume on him and their two children, a computer nerd who'd been given a cybernetic monster, furry orange-whitish dog or cat. I was gonna go with them—we would have an adventure of a lifetime—Akana would be with me and we can live as a family.
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