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Might Four: Across the multiverse

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Na'vi part 1

Fainter—instantly becoming fainter, my music—right before my eyes!
Had a wooden banjo in both my hands. Was like an average banjo, however, carved out of beige wood, one large hole in the centre two large strings sticking out. Habit I've always practised: Playing musical instruments, any way I can, after dealing with a fracas. I was jealous of Glenn Matthews. Sitting around, playing my music and ingesting small apples, Glenn walked around, writing on white paper, around people… his family.
I miss Naomi and Stan. I miss everyone: Naomi, Aqua, Eliza, Scarlet, Conner, Lance, Samuel, Silver, Sydney and Shadow… Everyone! Glenn had it easy. Glenn has his wife, kid. I've got Steve, Sorean, Kimbo; spending more time with Glenn. Steve and I haven't been on friendly terms. Steve's been working overseas, I made him feel guilty and join me at my concert, hasn't said a word too me, ever since. Single phrase I've heard of him: What the fuck have you gotten me into, Max?
" Max!" Garu yelled as he steered the ship. " Play something else! Your spoiling the Mood!"
" I play what I like," Talked back too "Captain"
" Your music's terrible! I haven't heard a word you've said!"
" You've gotta hark, listen too, my music. It's got Words in it."
" That's the conundrum. There's people whom prejudice over words."
" He does have a point," Tony's voice said somewhere in the boat, distant of my eyes. " Change of pace would be nice. Let's say… Classical Music."
Were my ears on fire, or what. This guy, grease of a man, comes up to me and asks for "Classical Music" Its been so long. A boy laden piano, practising four-five; time, plying every moment I had time, and still going unappreciated. " Mozart and pianos are not for caitiff's." People…now…staring, oh boy. Well… better give the people, what they want.
" Okay."
It was a miracle: My skills hadn't attenuated drastically, right now.
Day of wrath, that day
Will dissolve the earth in ashes
As David and the Sibyl bear witness.
What dread there will be
When the Judge shall come
To judge all things strictly.
A trumpet, spreading a wondrous sound
Through the graves of all lands,
Will drive mankind before the throne.
Death and Nature shall be astonished
When all creation rises again
To answer to the Judge.
A book, written in, will be brought forth
In which is contained everything that is,
Out of which the world shall be judged.
When therefore the Judge takes His seat
Whatever is hidden will reveal itself.
Nothing will remain unavenged.
What then shall 1 say, wretch that I am,
What advocate entreat to speak for me,
When even the righteous may hardly be secure?
King of awful majesty,
Who freely savest the redeemed,
Save me, O fount of goodness.
Remember, blessed Jesu,
That I am the cause of Thy pilgrimage,
Do not forsake me on that day.
Seeking me Thou didst sit down weary,
Thou didst redeem me, suffering death on the cross.
Let not such toil be in vain—
" I know that song!" Tony screeched. " Mozart's Requirem!" Tony clapped his hands, high-strung. " Bravo, Bravo!"
" Hmph, still in words."—Garu.
" Quiet down, geezer! You talked about words, not phrases. Max is a genius."
" What?" Everyone's, including mine, voices yelled.
" Think about it. Music composed in a different language, Max is able to rehearse the words, pronto. That's a talent… only a handful of dedicated, hard-core, music composers can do. There's not a music composer, this century, whose proven too enthuse, me. But… the one's whom I praise… Max has displayed them, through his music. Is that a great talent, or what?"
Tony… this is the first time… anyways ever complimented my music. All those years: People telling me " You're terrible", " What's that racket?", " Pipe down. I need to sleep." Tony, stupid-stupid; Tony, gladdened my sorrowed heart. He'd either spent all day, thinking, sleeping, his eulogy.
" Captain!" Kigi's voice yelled in the mast. " We've got someone—about too crash!"
Kigi was right, of course. An identifying object, overhead, scudding at us. We were all in danger! We couldn't do anything, that scudding-flying object would mush us, like a pancake.
" All crew on deck! I need crew in the bowsprit, mainsails, yardarms, gaffs! Get to work, ya bevy's!"
Headstrong Garu's at it, again. He's the captain. Everyone, whose presence am aware of, expedited: mercurial performances, placid acts, hardihood determination…obstinacy for disregard or scrutinises. Identifying object came in, hot.
" Brace," Garu insinuated, ordering us. Object came, closer, closer, making its way for our deck. " Brace." Our rumpus object—nearly invisible circle of air; breaking Sound Barrier—skirmishing towards us. " Forthwith, now!"
Studied manoeuvre: Roman Turtle Position. A position, happening now, we all form together—become a single-strong rectangular figure. This figure, happening now, held identifying object in place—it came crashing down. Diagnosticate objects outer appearance: 10 feet tall, smooth skinned, cyan-coloured skin, large amber eyes, long sweeping tail; black bush at tip. Man rode on a creature, reptilian; resembled dragons, light blue scales, 15 feet, scaly mardi gras goatee, four dragonfly-like wings out his sides. We held on—not allowing any elapse—bickering Garu around us.
" Kigi, Meyumi… Relay, wings… Fire!"
Kigi and Meyumi spry worked—perforating the beasts wings—firing arrows. Monstrosity razed, screaming, and crumbling; medial mind. Everyone encircled these troglodytes. We had them encased: Swords, arrows, spells, fire, claws.
" Fpak!" Abnormally tall man sounded, seemingly pleading. "Ohe lu meyp!"
Space-man speaking extra-terrestrial? They think I speak Gibberish, wait until they get a load of Him.
" Stop," Kigi said as though she was translating. " I am weak." We're all dumbfounded of Kigi. She noticed it, ushered, " My species can understand all woodland creatures, humans or animals. Kinda like a cognizant awareness. "
" Peachy, fair Tell him: ' Name, leader, reasons.'"
Kigi didn't answer Garu, however, nodded. Kow-towed, abrading grime on beings cheeks, brushing head, looked deep in his eyes, and said, "
" Tstxo, eyktan, luns?"
Didn't make sense to me, however, made sense for him. Demented, prurient of knowledge, accepting Kigi as his Saviour—jump up and prepared a hugging position—smacked down, P.D.Q. It was awesome! I mean… horrible too the creature, but… am a terrible person. Tall man made his way up, unloosening arrows in his creature, pulled them out, and let his beast thresh dragonfly-like wings; vertically. Saving his beast, turned around.
"Nang tstxo lu Ru'tey. Oe lu a Eywa'eveng yä Vahaya Tsray.
"My name is Ru'tey . I am a na’vi of Vahaya Village."
" Hold it, right there, everybody!" N.E.X's irking voice came from our Terrain Bands; yellow light blinking, repeatedly. " It's none of my business. Think of all this… a friendly gesture."
Yellow light shot out, straight—yellow energy, life stream… surging like a rope—attaching itself right in the middle of Ru'tey's abdomen. Mewled; closed eyes, swinging arms around, scared of the light. Stream ended… Ru ' tey`s eyes opened, startled.
`` Baah!`` Ru`tey creaked. `` Demon Magic!``
We were all shocked: He had an Irish brogue, and he was speaking; we could understand.
`` You!``-Garu.
Face turned, index finger pointing at his neck, said, `` Me ? ``
`` Yeah. Tell us: Why-you-are-here.``
`` Me ? I was scouting.`` Tears dripped down Ru`tey`s eyes. He wiped them off, sniveling, sobered, looked up. `` There was 6 of us. Gunfire… They all die. Why me ? ``
Garu took empathy for the sad creature, walking up, gently pushing on Kigi`s right thigh`s; moving her away, kow-towed down too him. Needless to say: Cowers, like me, don`t deserve others comfort. I once tricked myself too believe I was a leader. I am no leader. I fought, moved, never thought about anything, just acted; trying to make myself look nifty.
`` Calm down. Nobody`s gonna understand, someone, their weeping all the time. I will tell you our transaction: We`ll get reach your village; sailing, meet your chief, and discuss treaties as well aid your village. However, you keep hiding your head in the dirt… I'll be sure my foot has a little target practice."
Pandora understood, everything. Gave a small smile, picking himself off the ground, reaching his left hand out. There's nothing, sickens me more, me abhorring Garu's courage. We were diametrical vilifies. Garu faced gigantism monsters… took them out, even when he was weak. Agonising, reminiscing all my battles: Cowering behind Cyber.
" Brother?" Ru'tey asked shaking Garu's hand.
" Yeah, Brother!"
Garu's a Lilliputian pup; he makes up with strength. Woodland creatures left palm, inflamed by Garu's might, wide-smile across Garu's face. Kigi walked up behind Garu, tapping him on his left shoulder, turning his head around, saw the woodland-beauty, speaking too him…
" What are our orders, master?"
" Obviously… (command mode) Get moving, set the sails! Raise anchors! Do something, and do it right! "
There wasn't much I could do, so I decide: Go to the ships sides, grab wooden banjo, and start playing. No one paid me any mind. Our voyage, finding 18 more Tags, just increased—heading too Unknown Village.
My lord… this was fantastic. The village consisted of large rocks, a roaring sea, Lush of trees, on top of the cliff, we stood below.
" What a bizarre place, " Mimi retorted what I was thinking.
" I like it, " Glenn retorted. It's bizarre, I know, somehow… I feel a connection here. "
" Me too, brother Glenn, " Meyumi riposted with Glenn; against Mimi.
An additional thing I envied of Glenn: He had a talent… making friends. I've never had any friends… until… I came to the Duel Monster World. Even after returning… my friends weren't ones I 'd spend a great deal of time around.
Garu drew my perturb. Standing around his steering wheel, staring oddly at a nearly undetectable compass, tooting.
" Am having comical problems. My compass isn't working. Just spinning around, in circles, not slowing down. "
" Hey Garu! " Tony called out. " Put that away. You're not fooling anyone. "
Garu paced himself, moving backwards; palms feeling everything in his path, feeling Tony ' s stomach, turned around, glaring.
" You want to run this boat ? "
" Yes. "
" Well… you can't. Am running this ship. "
" Under whose authority, again ? "
" Mine! " N.E.X scream out our terrain bands; blinking yellow lights. " Don't you get it, yet! You're all part of Masters creations. Everything you hold, feel, smell, keep around… it's all ink ! "
Shouts of union and desponding. I couldn't believe it. Could it be… I've always been ink! My whole life's meaningless ? No! I won't believe it. I was born by hands… are matters in netherworlds… I Don't Care! All that matters: Get home, find my passion, be surrounded by family who ardor, and nothing else.
" Impossible! " —Garu
" Nothings impossible, earthen. Just look at me: A computer program, dashing handsome, I might add; clever, and crystal clear humour (prevaricator) . You are, what you are, only you… can adept from or too it. There's also— "
An arrow appeared, out of nowhere, soaring through overhead Tony's terrine band. Yellow light faded; N.E.X hiding.
" Zaèu ke'u tswayon, tawsìp, " Voice almost identical too Ru`tey`s.
I didn ' t have any understanding over their concepts, however, I did have Ru ' tey. Ru ' tey paced bow put both hands on the sides of his mouth, leaning over the edge, and shouted…
" Po lu ohe , Ruètey. Lay nekll ngey weapons. I've ngrr frrtus, fìtsenge ne
" It is I, Ru ' tey, " Mechanical voice spiel, in a voice resembling Ru ' tey ' s. " Lay down your weapons. I ' ve root visitors, here too help. "
" Vahaya Village Visitors ? No one is allowed in our village, Ru ' tey. We protect our own kind. Others will rein terror upon our land. "
" Fayfnel + fkos luketeng. Ayfo zong oeti, oeyä lord. "
" These ones are different. They saved me, my lord. "
The persons voice become a little lower; I couldn't hear, words he spilled, however, the translator activated and worked…
" You ? Swim too us. We will give your friends our deepest condolences. They are not allowed to set a foot on land, or they shall face immediate execution. "
I didn ' t know which ticked me off more. The demeanours of those freakishly tall warriors, or the fact they ' re trying to kill us; we step on their land. I' ve never been deemed mild, however, I don ' t like people talking bad about me. People have no right; criticize others, over how they look, and how they live. Still couldn't understand a word they said. Just themachines voice.
" Ro ' ai, it is not your decision to make. Only higher up, Kaw, makes our decisions. You… You are a lackey. "
" Watch your tongue, Ru ' tey. . Your words speak true: Only our chef may speak. Always yearning for companionship… never think you ' d stoop so low… ask help from demons ? Loud bonging noise cam- e through the area. " Gates are open. Get in or stay behind. But be warned… judgement ' s just begun. "
Rocks on ground; different colours, colourful trees, strange creatures roaming, fresh air—other than now— nothings changed of our route. We were in a circle, groaning, aching…tired.
" If there was any more bugs, this place would be a nest,`` Tony complained as we walked.
`` Adapt, younglings. This forests full of dangers. You make 1 wrong turn… it could mean your life. I count all brothers I`ve lost… all from diseases and our jungle menaces.``
Ru 'tey could be right. There's something strange about this forest. It's almost like… a great evil roams the lands, or something. Anyways… gotta keep moving. We`ve a date to keep. However, there was a cry. A wolf`s cry. Different from any I`ve encountered. The sound echoed across the ocean, making us all tremble, lifted up our heads and saw movement; almost undetectable shadows of beings.
`` Those weren't wolves,`` Tony retorted. `` I am half-wolf; anima. I know what we`ve heard… isn`t of a wolf.``
`` Your half-right. You`ve just heard a Viperwolf. Extraordinary creatures, those Viperwolfs. `` Ru`gel stroked below his chin, humming, and estrange look over his eyes. `` It's strange. Viperwolfs don`t make noise until night time. Something`s not right.``
Ru`gel darted; away. There he was—out of our lives—we expect him the most. Tillo ran after him, the big dumb bastard. Tony, Kigi, Glenn, Hifdan, Cyber; my crony, Meyumi, Carol; flying, Mew, Garu, Harpy Lady, Steve, Sorean, Mimi, Skithia, and last… Me.
Joined everyone. Ran through large trees, over large rocks, seeing all kinds of exotic animals: Four-armed monkeys, animals which looked like bulldozers, panthers with things sticking out their mouths and mystifying mouths. Came to the depth of despair—broke through wall of death; vines—saw the beasts of anguish. I assessed them. Hybrids of wolves `n` snakes, black skin, 1 meter in height, 2 meters in length, green eyed, six legs with each having three toes, hairless skin, low-slung head having a type of armor, amphipod plating on the back of the neck and spine, snakelike jaws with obsidian teeth and a paddle-like tail for stability.
`` People think am a creature…`` Garu replied. `` Wait till people see this.``
`` We`re not letting anyone near here, idiot,`` Mew said too his captain. `` Robust people ever see this… I can`t even image, what they`ll do too them.``
`` Who do you think was howling ? ``-Mimi.
`` I had to guess…`` Glenn envisaged. Glenn walked up, unafraid of the hybrids, growls from everyone; saw Glenn. Glenn showed them no fear, hands in his pockets, all the wolves backed up, one saw lying on the ground, injured. `` There, there, little one (soothing). Am here, and I will help you.``
`` Your friends unafraid. I like your friend. ``
`` My husband`s no crass man. Stubborn, intrinsic caring man and dedicated. Everyone… everyone`s… part of his business.``
`` Even so, there`s barely any who`ve encountered a Viperwolf herd, and lived to tell the tale.``
This exotic land is dangerous. Death, strange creatures, extraterrestrial aliens, my God, J.K Rowling would have a field date, here. Glenn tried internship as a comic book illustrator… failed… I`ve doubts over why he`s near the hybrid. For all I know: Glenn could be examining this creature, just for a better understanding; wanting another comic book idea.
``Lay down, my friend. I see…Weil ' s disease. You`re going to feel pain. But only a little pain.`` Glenn pulled out a see through needle—blue liquids gushing around. `
Just 1 quick peck—pain surging through wolf—Glenn got up and backed away. Carol took initiative, running and stopping near the wolf. She reached her left hand out, checked the wolfs pulse. I didn`t know she was a doctor, or Glenn knew about medicine, even that Tony and Glenn had friends. tapped; left shoulder.
`` Max,`` Steve`s voice insinuated, my left ear. `` People are following us.``
`` You sure ? `` Asked as my head still stared at the wolves.
`` Course am `sure`. I work as a marine, man. I`ve developed keen insights over surrounds.`` Cold, unclean, fingertips, clutching my heads sides, and pulling up. `` Sssh—look up—see for yourself, there are monsters.``
Where ? Steve's developed hawk`s eyes, or has gone crazy from the ardor. No signs of life—no way of knowing if Steve's sane—and no concept over this worlds… Wait! I see presence, faintly. Just a shadow, no more, a bantam presence, in this universe. No one else could see it… except for me and Steve. Carol-Glenn studied injured Viperwolf, Ru`tey including everyone too observing wild beasts; close up, Garu-Kimbo-Kigi-Mimi-Skithia—obscure.
`` Steve.``
`` Yeah ? ``
`` Remember the Duel Monster World ? ``
`` Yeah.``
`` (tempting) Remember Ryu, and us fighting in his own world ? ``
`` Oh, yeah.``
`` Well… Let`s do it all, again.``
A little something I learned from standing around Cyber for so long: Rubbing our Pins is like beacons too them. Cyber, Sorean, showed up, confused. Another thing I`ve learned: Cyber has a unique ability to sense others thoughts, staring at them. My pin glowed, Steve`s pin glowed, unnoticeably, we made our approach. Cybers body glowing—Soreans body glowing—time too Tribute Evolve.
Our friends were back! Dear, sweet, new Cyber, original Sorean; 2nd evolution. It ' s a pity we ' re brought here with given levels, Soreans didnèt have a chance to fight, till now.
The small yellow antenna 's sinked into Cybers head. Electric power, nearly invisible, surrounding the woods and nothing happened.
Sorean twirled his whip in circles. Over the years: Steves been training, we ' ve all been resting. It confused me how he hadn ' t been chosen to partake in this quest, until I summoned him, of course. Steve ' s a mad gladiator. Soreans is Steve's prized pet. Small rocks twirled in the air—forging together, apace—slowly floating back down and coating Soreans sword. A 6 feet rocky whip. One almost unseeable slash of the whip—two (individuals) falling down.
" Intruders! " —Steve.
" Not just any ' intruders '. Chimera and hybrid! "
Chimera was an armadillo-like beast, tall of a crocodile, kangaroo ' s face, all coloured tuskany. Hybrid had the body of a wolf, coloured sandstorm, gorilla arms sprouting out its sides. Sorean / Cyber engaged monstrosities. Wolf barked, Armadillo raised its tail; threatening way, Cyber punching fists in air at the monsters, Sorean swinging blade. Territory Battle. We were stuck in the middle, these ferocious beasts, and their heyday.
" That ' s enough, Delray, Rowland, " French brogue man's voice said somewhere close.
In the horizon, staring too the sky—shadowy figure gliding down. Creature human, blue-purplish robes—picture of galaxies and coated with fangs, light purple skin, small ocular yellow eyes, short blue shag hair, long-sharp teeth . Creature came in centre, creatures. His hands lag—feeling no pain, or numb too the bones—petted both the beasts. The Vampire looked up, big sharp-tooth smile, mesmerizing yellow eyes.
" I am Vampire Lord. It is Max, no ? Tell me Max… our ambitions to be here. "
He knows my name ? I've no idea who this undead lord is, or what he is playing at, however, couldn't refuse curiosity, even if it's from someone evil. My words should be…
" Improve myself: music, invulnerability, heart. "
Undead man smirked, speaked, " A very childish ambition. "
" There's none other for me. I could ask you the same question. What ' s your ambitions ? "
Undead creature didn't answer me. Wings sprouted behind his back, he ' d took off; creatures with him, still hearing his evil chuckles.
" You'll have to wait, later. Until the time comes… you've your own conundrums. Farewell… Max Yuki. "
What a strange being. One moment he seems scary, the next he's asking me questions, and know he's leaving me. He was right, conundrums. Turn my head around, one second—everyone next too wolves captivated. Group of people similar too Ru ' tey encircled everyone near the wolves—bows string pulled back and arrows at the ready.
" Max! " Ru ' tey shouted, unseen. " Do not engage! They will not hurt you, act in a pliable manor. "
" ( Fkay!) "
" What did he say ? " —Me.
" He said… hateful. "
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 8 9 10

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