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Might Four: Across the multiverse

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It's funny. Am on my way too be hanged and nothing's scaring me. Person like me hanged? Short, orange-whitish furred, blue furred around my chest, Long ears hanging left as well right, groomed hair pointed up, fluffy orange tail in the rear, atramentous black eyes, and small fur covered human arms and legs. They think am bad. Their right. Am bad. I steal, fight, raid, capture, and do it again-again-searching for something new. Everything's mine—entrusted to worthy people.
This prologue gives everyone a description over the main protagonists and their dreams
Hilarious how I ended up in prison. We were taken valuables from a rich family who were in charge of giving ¼ their earned gold pieces to their citizens. Looking through their files—one hundred-thousand gold coins are earned by them every day. Am not very good with math, but my friend the human computer Henger is, and he saw that to be twenty-five thousand gold coins. Lot of gold coins, huh. People can only imagine how we felt—those cheap families—not giving a single gold coin.
" Last call, Garu," The prison guards mucky voice expressed joy of upcoming events. " Between you and me: This gonna be just like Christmas."
The guard left my jail cell, laughing. All alone, once again, thinking to myself. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: Am in prison. We managed to collect one billion gold coins, however, my other partner Jell didn't like the liquids they used to wash their floors, and that caused his body to ooze his liquids, the king to wake-up—slipping on his ooze. Everyone else got away. I failed because am the one who needed to throw Jell out the castle and watch all my friends run away. However; my friends always visited me and I had high hopes they'd know how to free me.
" Garu," Voice of Henger spoke someplace I couldn't see. "Walk to your windowsill. I've got something for you."
Walking to the windowsill, Henger mentioned—saw him floating in the air. He was the shape of a head, made of brown metal parts, small, oval shaped blue lens middle of his head, as the tip of two feet stuck out behind him.
" 'bout time you got here, metal-head," I groaned.
" Sorry. Troubles finding the place. Shignil also been troubled breaking through the wind current. It was a long trip. We've got something for you."
" Good. Guard mentioned 'Christmas' and I want to give him a 'present."'
" Here." A small sticky-blue substance smashed into Garu's head. " Sorry. Shignils been under a lot of stress. Flying to save you, damaging his wings, finding the location, and thinking of the marriage. That reminds me: Still plan on going to Allred's wedding?"
Head was covered-in the ball liquid. Only I spoke, " Su-re…"
Right besides Shignil—my dragon friends, Shignil, appeared. Shignil was big as a golem, green scaled, green-blackish spikes out his front head, and white scales underneath his body.
" Am here for ya, Garu," Shignil talked through the bars. " Henger gave you a gift, he tells you about it, and I translate it, in English."
Henger clicked, did somersaults; floating, preparing data he wanted to mention. He then stopped. A females high-pitched voice came out of him.
" Oh…" Instantly turned towards Shignil. " Ah…"
" He means: Wrap it around your waist, move the front and back around the gap in between your legs, chew the other…" Shignil loose of thought. Mumbled something, staring at the sky. "maybe he should chew first, and then do the other process. Come to think of it : Why does he even need to chew?"
Turning to Henger's form—saw him shaking. He would be laughing, but he wasn't programmed for it.
" Couldn't stop myself. Seeing Garu desperate…decoded; laughter."
" You suck, Henger!" Shingil yelled. I too tried to shout, but I had the blue sticky substance, keeping my mouth shut.
Looking all they've done aside…wrapped the substance. Long-in blue substance around my whole body and a wider part covering the gap between my legs. It wasn't until I was done…guards footsteps echoed throughout the area. He would've seen my friends, however, they left; immediately. That was when the cell door opened.
" Time to go…captain Garu."

My thoughts still confused me: fearless, calm, half-joyed, and wondering to myself. It could've been my attention—thousands of people glaring at me. The room filled with angry people of royal families, inside a castle stood on bricks the color grey, standing next to my murder weapon—a guillotine. Prison guard placed my head through the open space of the guillotine, people started cheering my torture, A man wearing a man wearing a red velvet robe and a large crown ( the king), as a man all wrinkled-in skin and having cinnamon brown robes ( Priest) spoke over my head:
" Captain Garu. You are charged for piracy, stealing, kidnapping ( long story), burning down supply ships ( longer story),holding a king ransom and dancing in his clothing ( rather not talk about), you will now be executed…judgement day sees you fit…a quick way to death… a long way through rebirth. Any last requests…see it now… or forever hold your peace."
" Speak up, meat!" The prison guard yelled, and kicked me on the other side of my head.
" Yay," I said cheerfully. " Hand over your pouch of gold coins hidden under that vivacious robes, majesty, and beg for mercy… after I get out."
The crowd of people laughed, wickedly. If only they knew. A women wearing the same cinnamon brown clothing the priest was wearing walked up to the stage and started singing:
~You offspring of adulters and prostitues!
Whom are you mocking?
At whom do you sneer and stick out your tongue?
Are you not a brood of rebels, the offspring of liars?
You burn with lust among the oaks and under every spreading three; you sacrifice your children in the ravines and under the overhanding crags.
The idols among the smooth stones of the ravines are your portion; they, they are your lot.
Yes, to them you have poured out drink offerings and offered grain offerings.
Her voice sang as a singing hummingbird, lifting my spirits off the ground, and filled me with joy. However; the words were obvious—death wanted me to pass on.
In view of all this, should I relent?
You have made your bed on a high and lofty hill; there you went up to offer your sacrifices—
" Enough!" The king screamed; ruining my listening. " I want him gone! This demon causes nothing but despair, agony, death, he must be destroyed!"
Oh, ouch. That kinda hurt. But he's not the first, or the most important, person saying things like that, to me. They still went through with his demands—unleashing the guillotines sharp blade.
" No!" Shrouded by fear, yelled
Everything looked as though my life would end. However, it didn't end, yet. It was then that this blue liquid showed its nature—saving me. Wavelike swish of the liquid, stopped it. It was now clearly seen; Jell. My hydromorphic crewmember. Now seen by his humanoid form; water based, red ball seen through his blue-watery body acting as a core, Flap-round surface on the bottom of his stomach, eyeless and teeth-less head, and long throbs for his arms. His full form reanimated—I was freed from the guillotine.
" Could've said something!" Hen-pecked to my comrade.
" Sorry," Jell atoned. " Couldn't take the risk…people see your 'happy' expression."
" Good point."
Now wasn't a time, we could argue. King soliders ran towards us. Andalusian Knights, large green shield with small grey spikes coming out; heart shaped, whole lower bodies covered-in silver grids, cylindrical silver helmets; sharp point coming out of their helmets, Long-wide gap through the helmet; seeing, and carried javelins small silver points with green handles. Bodies filled my eyes, but they weren't the only people, while Henger floated-in the air; small formed. He dissembled—took normal form. Also humanoid, his blue oval shaped lens looked smaller, humanlike robotic hands covered-in light brown metal, thin humanlike legs, head resembling a small dome, and his lower-half floating below his upper-body.
" Garu!" Henger yelled. " You'll need help! Take back your sword!" I at first didn't know what he babbled on about. Until I looked into his hand—my trusted sword. Damacus steel, one feet wide, four feet long, black handled, sharpness making sharks fear—jagged at the point " FIST MISSILE!"
Right side of his hand made a loud noise. The hand itself, launched itself, in my direction—flames erupting out his shoulder. The hand flew above me, dropping my precious sword, and I caught it; left hand.
" Take a good look," I told the batch of soldiers crowding. " My sword is the last weapon…you'll ever get to see-facing against me."
Each foolish solider laughed. They'd no idea—punishment am capable of. The soliders subsiding laughter, charged. Spears inches from bodies and anguish faces. However; faces lost sense, seeing my attack:
Each quivered in fear. Coated in flames, swinging sword in circles, spread my flames—fling all the solider, backwards. Aftereffects: The soldiers laid in the floor; face down, crowd of snobs started screaming and running away, more soldiers stampeding for revenge against their fallen comrades, and the king gritted his teeth—fulla hatred around me
" Kill Garu!" King commanded.
All his knights obeyed. I was a "walking target". Front line soldiers raised their spears up. Fighting them wouldn't go down, easy.
" Hope you’re ready for a fight, Jell."
" Not real—"
" Because one's coming to you!"
Soldiers started jabbing their spears, walking forward, expressionless. They all looked strong, but we're stronger. Bouncing off the ground and swishing my blade—spears fell apart. No spears, ran away, more soldiers moving in. Attention now on Jell. Mold to a puddle, slithered under my feet, reformed; front of me, yelling the words "WHIP!" Right arm moved behind his body. He held it in position, steadily. He make a mistake…everything ends. It amused me, he'd back the nearby soldiers away— whacking on site . Dozens shivered (cowards) as they ran away.
" Not bad, Jell," Shignil complemented. Shignil soared in the sky, flapping wings to keep him above. " Not bad…at all."
" Concentrate, Shignil," Henger remained the great green monster. " We need them to escape." Henger refocused blue lens, me. " Garu. Make sure you stand near Jell. Shignil will pull you both, and no mistakes can be made."
Henger's brilliant plan—completely ruined. A great big wind pushed Shignil around. It caused his wings to lose control, soared him to different sides.
" Ready?"—Me.
" Huh?"—Jell.
" They ain't stopping. We'll need to move. Get on me."
" Wh-why?"
" You've got no feet, man. Someone nimble needs to run. That person…you already know… me."
Jell molded his body. Wrapped his body around my waist, again. Bounced, again. moved. My feet hit the helmets on soldiers heads, moved me to ground, attempted running through the gate.
Kept moving, agley. Soliders behind me, still, raising spears and cursing through their mouths. I at the time was barely able to keep running. However; determination kept me strong. It was this trait: Running past single-floored houses, getting innocent people out of the way, keeping breathing under control, thinking about it all the time…seeing my ship.
" Come back her pirate!" The king yelled with all his knights.
" Never! You're not gonna get me!"
" Can't escape! Am the world’s greatest king!"
" You're a pampered buffoon. Only a fool messes with a pirate… such as me… Garu, the world's most notorious pirate!"
I didn't notice it, at first—we were near the docks. I could almost feel the wind blowing through my fur. People could only imagine how confusing things went. A white void formed front of me. People would run away, however, not me. I lived for adventure. I could feel feet behind me stop moving, Henger also Shignil above the void stared; horrified, pass into the void…
" Ready for adventure!"
People spend most of their lives-trying to be in my position. Standing on a black stage , holding a guitar, staring at a crowd, ha doesn't seem possible…someone like me, eh. There was this reminder passing through my head: Nothing's ordinary about me. Am black-blondish haired; left all raven black and right all dirty blonde, wore a pink sweater with a giant yellow duck on it (Mrs.), kept two guitar strings to hold my guitar, had a Duel Monster for a friend. People who don't know about Duel Monsters—listen carefully, cause I never repeat myself, twice. Years ago me and five other kids my own age travelled to the Duel Monster World. Each of us were given humanoid monsters called "Duel Monsters", and were sent by how we had parents originally part of that world, we all bounded together—fighting a powerful monster—Divine serpent.
" Let's go, Max!" My wife Naomi cheered me through the crowd of people. Naomi's Korean, had black hair; once dyed blue, white-red hakama clothing; white on the top and red on the bottom, as if a person looked closely on the right side of her nose they'd see a small hole—her nose was pierced. A few years ago I would never expect her to be so warming. Few years ago: She hated everyone, had anger problems, dressed in juvenile clothing, but all it went away—finding a purpose. " Rock this world!"
" Thank…you," I whispered to my microphone. Embarrassed with how my wife yelled. " Am Max Motou. I've been asked to come up here, and to sing a song. There's just one song. I've got millions to sing, but I don't have the time. This is a song from Wreckless Eric."
Hands rubbed against the guitar. Started small. A soft rumbling noise.
When I was a young boy My mama said to me There's only one girl in the world you And she probably lives in Tahiti
Naomi's the only face I was able to see through the crowd. She seemed to have her left hand curled into a fist as she raised it above her head. It was without a doubt she was doing that to try encouraging me through my music.
I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world
Just to find her
Or maybe she's in the Bahamas Where the Carribean sea is blue Weeping in a tropical moonlit night Because nobody's told her 'bout you
My hands jammed through the strings, harder. I was moving faster, my music became louder, and my voice—became louder.
I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world just to find her!
I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world just to find her! I'd go the whole wide world!
I'd go the whole wide world! Find out where they hide her!
Music softened. I returned to see my wife Naomi, blushing through her face, her arms pressed against her chest.
Why am hanging around in the rain out here?
Trying to pick up a girl Why are my eyes filling up with these tears?
When there're girls all over the world Is she lying on a tropical beach somewhere Underneath the tropical sun Pining away in a heatwave there
Hoping that I won't be long I should be lying on that sun-soaked beach with her Caressing her warm brown skin And then in a year or maybe not quite We'll be sharing the same next of kin
Music returned. It was beating through the area. All the people cheered my music, moving fast. Naomi cheered, waving her arms in the air, saying " woo" through her mouth, and slightly jumping into the air. I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world Just to find her! I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world! Find out where they hide her !
I finished. Jammed my hand on my guitar for the last time—loud-pitched noise through the area. All the people in the crowd cheered me. They made uproars, waved their arms in the air, screamed " You rock!", and my wife Naomi got on the stage—taken control of "my" microphone.
" Everyone feeling the power of music?" Naomi squealed in "my" microphone. Everyone shouted `yes! `Good! Wait here… we have more special events!``

What a show. Back stage, filled with yellow curtains and an assortment of flowers, saw all my friends, walking through the right side of the room. There was Steve, Steve`s wife; Beth, Conner, Eliza, Samuel, Sydney, Alfred, Amy, Ryu, The underworld dog Kimbo, finally my wife Naomi. The group of people encircled me. Conner closest of all them—spoke:
``Awesome show, Max. I just wish you`d make your own songs.`` Conner, the bald, red Nike Air Yeezy sneakers, wrench carrying, wearing his Helly Hansen White Pvs Rain Jacket, didn`t make any sense; to me.
`` I do `make`my own songs.``
`` When?`` Eliza talked out the group. Dark skinned, raven hair curled up in a ball, pure blue dolman top, dark blue jeans, sparkling grey eyes with yellow rings. " All you`ve ever sang…someone else`s work.
`` Ah, right. You are paying attention to words; not emotions. You`d clearly see how I improved the words.``
`` you are not one for words, Max,`` Steve, the black Chillis Men`s Solvent Polarized Wrap Sunglasses, wearing brown-whitish Desert camouflage battle dressed, red-orange haired, former lifeguard, pestered me. `` We care for music, and it`s not yours.``
`` We can keep this up,`` Steves wife Beth, speaking in a Russian accent, said. `` Or… get out of here… see our children, again.``
Hard to argue with an auburn haired, Sexy Black Lace Mini Clubbing, dry skinned, pink lipped, military officer. However; Ryu did. `` You dweebs seem to forget… I don`t have a kid.`` The poor Men 2 Button White Tuxedo wearing, sandy blonde, pale skinned, with sapphire blue eye; man, complained.
`` So?`` Said Alfred. Man not wearing a shirt, wearing torn-up brown short, entire body covered in brown fur, muscles large as watermelons, and brown hair resembling palm trees. `` I don`t have kids. I just like being near the little guys.`
`I don`t. I want my building, and be inside it.``
`` Come on,`` said Amy. The tanned, two heart shaped bracket holder; right arm, pink mini club skirt, wearing a V-neck reading `` FOX RAIDERS``, and white haired—pushed Ryu around. `` You`ve already spent three whole days in that building. Can`t you just call in sick?`
`I`ve got a very serious job, Amy. I can`t just `call in sick`. Am not working for one day…I lose one million dollars.`
`` Seems kind of boring,`` Samuel, the slighy chubby, blue athletic mesh baseball cap on his head, red-whitish baseball jacket, striped baseball shorts, commented.
`` I dunno, honey,`` Sydney, Samuel`s slighty younger, Jalaluddin blue-whitish school uniformed, orange eyed, white haired with pigtails sticking out, joined-in; conversation. `` Could be fun. Nobody around you, all the time to think, being a boss-I might want to try that out.``
`` Okay. Let`s go. Spending time in my office gonna be a pain…thinking of her.``

I got to all the children looking like exact replicas of their parents—next to my Duel Monster. There were Duel Monsters for all my friends, however, they were at home. My partner was Cyber Commander. Except I call him Cyber. He resembled a cyborg, dark human skin, short black buzz cut hair, A four-holed rocket launcher on his left shoulder, and a large red rifle in both his hands. We all walked to our kids. In no time at all— everyone left—I was left with my kid. Stan. He`s smaller, pure blonde hair, grey shirt; red cowboy boots and brown cowboy hat, mini boden blue pants, his face hand painted to resembled a black panther—complete blackness over his skin and sliver whiskers spread around.
`` Father,`` My son rhapsodized. `` Paintings fun. Let me paint your face!`
Looking at the little face. He reminded me of a younger me. My father supported me—time to do the same. `` Course you can. Let your mind explore. " Fun seeing my son so happy. He clapped his hand, and vertically leaped in the air. `No dark colors, though. I do have an image to protect.`
Relax, father,`My son assured me. It was too much a surprise—sitting on the ground. However; he managed to get me in this position, inconspicuously. `` I'll make you look cute.`
Stan nodded his head. Turning his head left—a wooden chair filled with different kind of vases—shoed themselves. My son already had a paintbrush. He smoothly rubbed the brush against the paint; humming. Stan really enjoyed to his pant. Ever since he was young, colours interested him. I felt the thickness of the brush, move across me, shield my skin, blossomed my senses, and gave my gratification.

My eyes closed. Nothing seen of what happened. On the other hand…felt. Looking through a mirror—my reflection showed…a tiger. Painted with the colour orange, black marks on my cheeks, white lines an inch from each other on both sides, and a small black nose on my nose. Most people would`ve though this to be an ingenuity. He was ecstatic, however, I couldn`t spoil the ordinary painted face. It was me, thinking through this paint, a different manor. What could`ve been five minutes…a whole year went by. Went by… single strands working on the cheeks, one hand to work on the task, no eyes to show the picture…saw through common sense and the love that person had… goes beyond what I feel.
`` Good work, Stan,`` Only words seemed eligible for what`s been done. Stan grinned. He was ecstatic about his work, however, couldn`t keep it that way, now. I believed a child should learn about all the bad things in life and think of how he`ll get through them. `But…let`s not stay too happy. There will be people wanting to buy your stuff, and you`ll need to prepare for their demands. Try painting again…you`ll get the hang of it.`
Stan smiled—I sensed a disturbance. Seconds counted. I ran to Stan, shoved him to ground, watched all sadness—him crying on the ground—white void that appeared was sucking me in, however, hadn`t succeeded, yet. Cyber seized my body. Barely held on—both of us sucked-in the white void. However; Kimbo appeared with a poof of blackness. Hellhound, 4'65", 170 IBs, short brown beige fur, two horns out his head, and small red eyes. Kimbo clutched his jaws through my shirts back. Kimbo`s energy completely dropped, and no results came out of it. We all been sucked-in. One thing seen last:
"Stan My dear-sweet child. "

Father's life is effortful. Despite all my friends; around, being in a park, having a sweet son, or having a Chaotic creature to help… things couldn't be more effortful. People ask me about my "creature". Well… he's not a creature, here. He's from a different world, and until a week ago there was no way to communicate. My creature does visit me every year. It wasn`t until my friend Tom Majors came… I found out… a Scanner exists. Scanner: Device used to teleport to the game Chaotic. Transporting to Chaotic, transported to my Creature Hifdan`s world; Perim.
We were in park. My wife Mimi thought… spending time with our original creatures in a family orientated place… brings joy. She was right of course. Time with Hifdan, and everyone else, couldn`t be more joyful. The green grass, bushy green leaves on giant trees, clean lakes, kids walking around, brought pure enjoyment to my mind.
`` Glenn!`` My partner Hifdans voice called out. `` Join us!``
Hard to accomplish. Everyone was running around. Due to sitting in a desk for a long time, bypassing exercise, and working. I was a stay at home dad, and my wife Mimi worked as a nurse. Then that kid got bigger and wanted more "food". I work as a secretary. Just a way of getting money, really. When am not working, or taking care of my son Johnny, am trying to make my own comic book. I've done lots. They weren't published. They probably were a little complicated, or slow moving, even a little strange. But my editors don't like them—keep trying to find one they'll like.
" Glenn, honey!" My wife Mimi yelled. " Get moving! We're thinking of leaving, and you sleeping in the car, won't know how to get home."
Saw them, now: Hifdan, Mimi, Skithia, Zhade, Zia, Bill, Mommark, Eugene, Tangath Toborne, Wamma, Walter, Agitos, Zed, Gronmor, Sebastian, Ulmar, Hiroyouki, Illexia, Tom, Maxxor, Sarah, Lore, Kaz, H'earring, Peyton, Prince Medeenu, my son Johnny, and Hifdans with Skithia son Lepei. Moment I arrived—Mimi came into view. She was the most beautiful female. Not saying that, husbandly. Her the same height; 4'98", 134 IBs, long-curled red hair, blue eyes, black-whitish striped shirt, and those brown loafers with high heels. Right now she came in perfect view—staring inches from her face.
" Spacing out?" Zed the fuzzy pink haired; flowing, grey eyes, wearing black vinyl outfit, man asked.
" Enjoying the moment," I answered.
" Good," Zia with the yellow-reddish haired, dry skinned, wearing a dragon ninja robe, yellow eyes, and her hair pulled back by a plastic band, said. " We want 'fun.' You've been such a buzz kill, Glenn. All this talk about work.
" I thought you'd understand 'work', Zia. You don't work with Bill in a hospital?"
" She still does," Bill appeared a man with level back metal, ash-blonde, stainless steel indian nose; through nose." She gives people need comfort. Have comfort… people don't feel pain."
" Thanks Bill, sweetie."
Zia pecked Bill's left cheek. Quick, but I couldn't stop feeling—when that happened to me, last. Mimi, and I, been busy. We've hardly touched each other.
" Don't have kids?" Hiroyouki the man wearing an orange hemp knit ski cap, HK58 Hawke& Co Black SKI Snowboard Snow Pants, black Roxa Cruise Men's Ski Boots, and shown Vietnamese-white all around him-born in Ottawa, Canada said, " Why?"
THEY DON'T HAVE TIME. Eugene's computer spoke, replacing his mutism. Wearing a Hunter green ski cap, green Bamboo Cashmere sweater, grey Taclife Shorts, black eyed. DOCTORS WORK HARD. ESPECIALLY IF THEIR BOTH DOCTORS.
" Nonsense. We just haven't thought of raising him."—Bill
" We're very 'loaded'… Hard stopping our kids from being 'spoiled.'"—Zia.
" What about Zed?" Sebastian the short blonde, blue V-neck cashmere sweater, black pinstriped suit underneath, wearing black branded shoes, smothered-in dirt. ." He's very 'loaded', and he uses resources to help people."
" True. But forget money. It's the kid's happiness that really matters."
I'd be a part of this. Best I didn't. They need to settle this—themselves. However, better say something.
" Tom. How's things going?"
Tom gave me a " this is interesting" look. He was enjoying the argument and I ruined it for him. Seeing the skinny teenage boy, wearing a grey shirt with a symbol similar to mugic, short black hair, blue jeans, wearing white sneakers underneath his body. Strange feeling of embarrassment and happiness crossed me.
" Well… Our little girl Jasmine turned seven. She's been such a nuisance. I want to go to Chaotic. I just can't, in the morning. I want to see Jasmine grow, and she sleeps at night. It's funny: Common sense shields desires. You want something, and you think of it in your grasp, do you really want it?"
" Tom's gotten lazy," Sarah girl soft-pink skinned, wearing red lipstick on her lips, plain black shirt, blue jeans, and long blonde hair coming behind her head added. " He's laying off work. Gained fifteen pounds."
" It will fade."
" When your dead."
" What?"--Tom
" What?"--Sarah
" Okay. Peyton. How's things going."
Peyton the man with a yellow shirt similar to Tom's, bulky, blue shorts, a pudgy face, and brown greasy hair, puffed his chest up, with a wide-smile across his face, and answered, " It's been cranking, bro. Fifty wins; undefeated, much food as I can chow, babies all over. Champion eating is the greatest."
" Okay. Kaz. How's things going?"
Kaz the nerdy looking body, wearing a light brown fishermen vest, glasses that had pink shades on them, a green shirt underneath his fishermen vest, black jeans, and red-yellowish hair; yellow lines through his red hair rubbed his back head. Thinking too himself—finally answered. " Not good. I can't think of my next book. If I don't get one in two month's… I lose my editor."
" Too bad. Everyone's spoken?"
My son was ecstatic. In earlier times, he'd try to hide any excitement. He thought he was playing it bored, and I would go out to get him something so he wouldn’t be bored. However, didn't work.
" Walk. I want to walk, daddy. Please let me walk with you."
Son must've seen me smiling? I too wanted to walk. Such a beautiful park—trees clean and flowers blooming—it was the perfect place to roam.
" It would be my plea-"
" Wait a minute!" Hifdan shouted. " I want me, and my son Lorei, go too. We only get a day in this world…we want to explore it, too."
I didn't know. Me and my son, alone, seems better. Looking through the face of my partner, Hifdan—moods began to change. We've been through so much together. He helped me when I could barely read, taught me so much about the world, helped save humanity from destruction, and helped me find Mimi. I was indebted.
" Course. Just not the entire time. Need to help my son… get a little alone time… know what I 'mean'?"
Hifdan shooked his head. A few years ago he didn't know anything about the world. It goes to show how one day can make a difference with someone’s life. Hifdans son, Lorei, walked in front of his father. His son face the colour blue, yellow eyed, long arms, long legs, horns come out of his little head, and when he opened his mouth... his teeth had been shown to be pushed together. Lorei held his fingers in between his fathers. I felt the feel of my son touch my fingers, also. All turning our heads around—walked the other way. Everyone behind mentioned "Bye", " be back soon", and my all time favourite… " Keep him in good shape. He's no good to me, dead." They were just being friendly, but you know, a man needs to take risks, sometimes. It was my plan to take my son near dogs; petting them, run around the grassy field, and see him climb up a tree.
" Daddy," My son said sweetly while holding onto my left arm. " Thank you."
I'd never forget this moment. Him rubbing his forehead against my arm, eyes closed, hair smooth as silk, and a wide-smile. It was such a pity—a white vortex suddenly appeared. Everyone behind "gasped", the four of us froze; in place, and we were sucked-in—all I could think about:
" What will become of us?"
Write, write, write, all I've been doing. In my goal to get money as an entrepreneur—all I do is do backgrounds—Eijichiro Oda makes. My boss Eigichiro isn’t the same one who made One Piece, however, he had a new manga called Steel. His story bases on a future society, everyone can absorb parts of nature, some competing in boxing matches. He's a good guy, really. Just a feelings as though this isn't working for me. My love of manga, and wanting to find a job involving manga, lead me here. Am not a very good mangaka and am not fit to come up with stories. However; I still work. Manga was what brought me to the world of Asteria. If I keep working—I could return.
" Tony," The voice of one assistant said. " How ya doing?"
" Swell," I answered. Few more sketches, I'll be done."
" Sarcasm?"
" No."
" Good. I hate sarcasm."
Things I forgot to mention. Eijichiro is going through an idea. He believes we should be separated; green metal desks, not see each the distractive faces, work long hours, and spend more time reading manga. Don't get me wrong. Am happy about this. I can read manga as well have a lot of time to think. Just how things are. I feel so alone, leaving the world of Asteria, even though I have a job I've been looking for, it couldn't escape how much I missed her.
" Tony," A female assistants voice came out. " We still good for tonight?"
" I…don't…know," Tongue tied trying to speak. " I have things to take care of."
" Pity. I hear it's a great place to be."
The boy's name is Roger. The girls name is Allison. I only see their faces in the entrance of the building. I also see them when I leave the entrance. Over the past few months we've been having fun. We got to talk about manga, go to movie theatres, and were even able to order pizza in the office. But even seeing Rogers the short, flabby, rectangular lens; glasses, pocket protected white T-shirt, chin fuzzed, and wearing silver Seiko watch—Allisons the low cut chestnut haired, hazel eyed , white full skirt, wearing brown loafers —I still felt lonely.
" Tony," Eijichiro Oda talked in a concerned tone. I here you can't 'go'. Mind telling me why that is?"
I did have troubles, however, he was the boss, and he was the last person, I wanted to upset. " Am just not in the mood."
" Pity. I was thinking of going to their party as well."

It's been another half hour. My hands started to hurt. It could've been from the drawing, or the depression, or just not feeling good, but my hands were aching all over. Akana. I could be love sick. Oh, Akana. She's in another world, pregnant, how can I not think of her? Wait. That may be the answer. Thinking about her. I still have my red laptop—might as well use it for a good purpose. There was still drawing, however, a break could be good.
" Tony," Rogers voice spoke through the metal. " If you won't bring the party to us… we bring the party too you?"
I wasn't answering. My hands were too set on getting my red laptop out. I already went through paper, pencils-pens, manga books, candy, and they finally got a hold of my laptop. It seemed heavy. I was gonna have to use it, but it was so heavy. Never the less—turned it on. The LED flashed from the little screen. Looking at the screen—placed manga's from my desk—into my giant red bag. Last time I went, only my laptop was in my possession, and it was only a painful reminder of how I couldn't read manga.
" Tony," Allision out of concern asked. " Are you alright?"
Time was a precious thing. Any moment they would check on me. But I needed to search. I wanted to me Akana again. My fingers rubbed the mouse, hard. I already came to Mangareader.com, searched under manga list, went to the one saying " +anima, and clicked on that one. The picture of Cooro a little kid, bristled black hair, colourful headband around his bristled hair, plain red shirt under a yellow vest, blue jeans on feet, yellow boots on feet., came up. First time I read this story there was only five-six; now two hundred went to the bottom. Clicking on the number—waited for what would happen next.
"Tony!" Both Roger and Allision yelled together.
An image appeared. This image was of a shadowy figure. Barely anything could be seen of his body. scrawny bodies, blackness covering his face, whiteness making up his other body, short curled hair on his head, placing two human hands in front of his face. There was something, alluring. Eyes appeared on the screen. I tried to keep my gaze away from the eyes, but they were glued to the screen, wondering what would happen, next. It was of a miracle from the sky—a white void came out of the screen. I could hear Roger climbing over the desk. My hunch was correct: His curiosity got the better of him. I could only imagine he was staring.
" Tony…" Roger managed to speak despite the shock that must’ve gone through his body.
I had no time to deal with this petty affair. Akana was waiting for me. I grabbed my bag, turned my head towards Rogers, and said:
" This is where I feel at home. Am sorry, Roger. My life just isn't a part of this world. I will return, and have finally found a meaning to carry on with my life."
Roger stunned me—smiling. He was willing to accept whatever actions would befall me.
" Bring me back a souvenir, Tony."
" Ya. The biggest I can find."
Placing my head through the void…
" My journey is going to begin."
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