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The Clown, the Drug Ring, and the Wardrobe

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Chapter VII

“Why’ve I got a blanket on?” Flo asked gesturing to the awful orange thing that the medics continued to drape over her. She sat on the bumper of an ambulance between her brother and Sherlock, looking at the scene around her.
The flashing lights of the police cars and other important vehicles were starting to give her a headache. After what seemed like forever, a majority of the carneys had been arrested and moved out of the plot of land. Now that they were gone, the rides and booths were just… there. It looked like a really lovely place when they visited, even though she knew something illegal was going on, and it just seemed kind of sad to see it all be brought down. Truth be told she was still somewhat of a child inside, sights like this had that kind of effect on her.
Lestrade walked up to the three of them and answered Flo’s question, “It’s for the photos. You’ll have to look like you’re in shock.”
“Well, that’s just stupid.” Flo responded scoffing. John and Sherlock smirked, remembering that her reaction was just the same as Sherlock’s when they solved the murderous cabbie case.
The DI shrugged, “Well, I don’t make these things up… We’d like to thank you again Florence for the call.” Lestrade nodded to the boys, they already knew he was not going to thank them publicly.
“I want my luggage back, Lestrade!” She yelled. As soon as he was out of earshot, though, Flo buried her hands and gave a loud sigh, “Damn, what am I going to do now?”
John turned to his sister and began patting her back reassuringly, even though he had no clue what she was so glum about. “What do you mean?”
She looked up to her brother then Sherlock. Count on the consulting detective to see her problem. “Go on, I’ll give you the honor of telling him.”
Sherlock looked at his colleague and began, “As we both know your sister’s original connection to Mr. Gaffen was that of a future tenant. The flat that she was planning on living in had been Mr. Gaffen’s property for about a year…”
“Just get to it!” Flo said impatiently.
Sherlock rolled his eyes, “His only income before owning the complex came from working at the carnival. So it is highly probable that the flat was bought with the money he got from the drug ring.”
John now saw that problem and hugged his sister, “Flo, it’s alright. You can just stay with us. Right Sherlock?”
“No, no,” Flo sighed, “I don’t want to be some bum.”
The detective leaned forward and turned his head to Flo, “How about we split the rent in thirds, then.”
Both Watsons were a bit shocked. John was sure Sherlock would have a problem with her living in 221B, it was not like the detective was very sentimental about family or very sociable for that matter. But, he looked completely serious. “I’m sure Mrs. Hudson would love to have another woman around. And it will allow for you to be easily accessible for any future cases.”
Flo smirked. She was not going to say no to that. An opportunity to solve and get her brain working was great, being able to do it with her brother and a man who could see things like her was just what she wanted. “Looks like I’ll be moving in then!”
They stood up. “Well, I think I burned off whatever I ate before in that lovely chase. Want to go have some dinner?” Flo asked as she stretched.
John chuckled, “It’s almost 3 am!”
“Oh John, I’m sure we can find a pub somewhere.” Sherlock suggested with a smile.
They had just passed the yellow police tape and heading to dinner when they heard a familiar voice from a sleek black car. “Dear Sherlock, this one signed up just as fast as her brother.”
Mycroft stepped out of the car, umbrella in hand with a smug smile on his face.
“What do you want Mycroft?” Flo and Sherlock asked at the same time. As soon as each realized that the other had asked the same thing, they gave confused looks to each other.
“You know him? What did you do to British Government?” Flo asked.
Sherlock stared Mycroft down, “He happens to be my arch enemy…”
Mycroft chuckled, “Ever so dramatic, brother.”
Flo nearly burst out laughing, “I’m sorry-“ She pointed between the Holmes brothers before noticing the resemblance, “Wow, now I see it! Jeez, this is just ridiculous.”
“Yes, I know it seems as though I got all the brains. Now, who did you come for Mycroft?” Sherlock said getting straight to the point.
Mycroft smiled as he walked towards the trio twirling his umbrella along the way, “I’ve been keeping tabs on our favorite little hacker since she entered the country. Finding that she had joined you in taking down this drug ring was just a plus.”
“I think a thank you is in order for that.” Flo said with a fake smile.
“Still as feisty as you were in interrogation.”
John cleared his throat, “I’m sorry, what? Interrogation?”
Flo opened her mouth to explain to her brother but gave up, “Alright, Mycroft, thank you very much for stopping by. Now how about you just saunter back into your car and leave us alone?”
“True. I should get going… politics. And I wouldn’t want to keep you from dinner.” Mycroft sauntered away, as expected. Sherlock was unimpressed with his brother; he should have at least kidnapped Flo like he did John as a heads up.
As the car drove away Flo huffed, “The man’s creepy as hell. He deserves for that damn umbrella to go where the sun doesn’t shine.”
Sherlock smirked, “Probably.”
“Come on, let’s go to that pub. You, Florence, are telling me any and all things that should surprise me about you!” John pointed at his sister playfully.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7

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SierraJarvis said...
Oct. 17, 2012 at 8:48 pm
Interesting... very interesting.... no but I really do like this. Yes.... however there is a flirtyish tone at certain points between Sherlock and Flo... not bad, neccesarily, but certainly interesting. You did a good job sticking to your characters'... character I guess, as I would expect. All in all exellent job indeed.
lorenrose13 said...
Sept. 26, 2012 at 6:05 pm
Your story it great, I love it!
kaitlynsheehan said...
Sept. 26, 2012 at 1:48 pm

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