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Pretty Little Liars - The Uninvited

September 7, 2012
By PretiLitleLiar BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
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PretiLitleLiar BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
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Author's note: Pretty Little Liars spin off.


Aria approached Radley Sanitarium. It is pitch black outside and the only light that is available is a dim street lamp. The asylum isn't too hard to break into from the outside, so if Aria wanted some answers, she would have to break in. Mona waited on the other side as Aria managed to open the door for her. Mona's head popped out. The corners' of Mona's mouth lifted and her eyes narrowed as she looked at Aria as she walked out of the Asylum.

Mona: I didn't think you had it in you, I was sure you would be too busy making out with Ezra to do anything beneficial.

Aria (replies in a harsh whisper): Shut up Mona. I need you to tell me what you know. I'm only doing this to protect the other girls. Who killed Maya? Who is still torturing them? Why hasn't this ended?

Mona (replies sarcastically with a smile) : Aria, why so many questions?

A black car pulls up into the Radleys' driveway.

Mona: My ride is here. Catch you later.

Before Aria could reply or react Mona jumps into a black van with the mysterious driver.


Emily, Hanna, and Spencer are having a sleepover. They are in Spencer's barn. It is thundering outside and the power goes out. Spencer begins to light some candles.

Hanna: Where did Aria go? I'm starting to get worried. You don't think she's in trouble do you? She isn't answering her phone.

Spencer: I think we're all just paranoid now that this new A is around. We need to take our mind off of things. I'm sure Aria will turn up.

The door of the barn begins to creep open slowly. The three girls hear footsteps but do not know just yet who the footsteps belong to. Lightning flashes as the door completely opens. The face is Mona. The PLL's are terrifed and stare in silence.

Emily (says nervously but surprisingly loudly): What are you doing here Mona?

The girls back up but Mona walks in and closes the door behind her.

Mona: I'm here to finish saying what I started to say. It isn't safe to tell you it all yet. But I came here to warn you. Aria nearly dragged me out of Radley to do that... Emily, be careful. Someone in your life has you completely fooled. I know who killed Maya, and if you want to stay alive then you'll distance yourself from others for now. Nobody can be trusted.

Spencer: Aria helped you get out? And why are you helping us?

Mona: I can't tell you. But, I have to go. They're here. My ride is waiting. I don't have much time.

Mona quickly runs off with the driver.


Aria has finally made it back to the barn. She is out of breath.The four girls stand outside in Spencer's backyard searching for any clues that Mona may have left behind.

Aria: Did you see Mona?

Spencer: ARIA? There you are! Thank goodness you're safe. What were you thinking? She's dangerous!

Hanna: Wait.. You guys.. What's that piece of paper?

Emily picks up the piece of paper from the ground. It has tire marks on it, Mona must have intentionally dropped it.

Hey Mona! You used to be so good at tormenting our little liars. What happened? Have you become one of them? Keep helping them out and you're next. Don't show this to anybody. Kisses! XO -A

Emily: Oh my god...

Hanna: I told you! Mona is afraid. For whatever reason, she wants to help us now.

Emily: What does she mean that someone in my life can't be trusted?

Spencer: We need to go to the police right now. This is important evidence.

Aria: Are you crazy? Spencer, this is someone threatening to hurt us. You can't. I'd rather not end up missing like Dr. Sullivan or dead like Maya.

Emily looks at Aria disapprovingly.

Aria: I'm sorry Emily.. I didn't mean it that way..

Hanna: Okay? Can we get back on task? Not to mention that they said I was next! We're not giving this to the cops okay? I'd appreciate not getting run over by a car. Can we just go to sleep? It's clear that you aren't going to let this go. We can't keep on letting A ruin our lives. We need to learn to not get upset when A throws obstacles at us.

SCENE 4:The others agree hesitantly and they all try to fall asleep in Spencer's barn.

Emily falls asleep and has a dream.

In Emily's dream, Emily is laying down in an empty field. Maya comes towards her.

Emily: Maya! I thought you were dead. What happened? Who did this to you?

Maya smiles at her.

Maya: Shh, just relax. It's going to be okay. I'm in a safer place.

Emily: Maya, you have to tell me what happened! They're after us; they want to hurt me too.

Maya: Telling you the truth won't change anything, it will just put you into deeper trouble. Take it from me, it's better not to provoke our enemies.

Maya: I've been watching over you. I'll always be watching over you. I'm so sorry for putting that pressure on you. I just want you to know that my running away wasn't about hurting you. I was a coward, I know that now. But I was only running away because I thought it would keep you safe from my killer. It turns out there was more than one monster in our lives though after all..

Emily: Maya, I miss you.

Maya: I miss you too. That's why you need to let me go; you need to move on. I want you to be happy but Paige may not be that person to be happy with. She isn't who she says she is.

Maya begins to walk away and then whispers over her shoulder

Maya: You are strong. They won't hurt you if you show them you can't be hurt. Listen to what Mona said though; she may be a liar but she has a point.


But it's too late to learn more. Emily's eyes open and she is now awake.


It's another day at Rosewood High School. Emily decided to sleep in and miss first period that morning, and Spencer was nowhere to be found. Hanna and Aria walk to school together. They finally spot Spencer from a distance running over to them.

Spencer (who attempts to say in a whisper, but ends up saying quite loud): I KNOW WHO KILLED MAYA!

Hanna: What? How? Who is it?

Aria: Well..?

Spencer: Look, the note that Mona dropped yesterday gives us a key that we didn't notice at first. I don't really know who YET, but I know how to find out.

Spencer takes out the note from her backpack to show to the girls.

Aria: So, you think this key will help us find out who the killer is?

Spencer: It's identical to the one that lead us to the N.A.T. videos. We need to go soon, right after school. I'll call Em.


Emily joins the girls and they meet at the same location where the N.A.T. videos were found. Spencer opens the door and inside is the same lunch box that belonged to Alison. But beside it is something else. It's a DVD player. It is already opened and has a note on it. The words are spelled out using magazine letter cut-outs.

The note reads, "Press play to find out Maya's killer."

They all turn around as they hear a loud bang on the door. The girls try to get out of the room but they are locked in. Someone has trapped them.

Emily's phone beeps. It's a text from A.

"If you watch that video you will pay. A"

Emily begins to bang on the door and screams for help.

Aria glares at her. : STOP! Don't make A even madder.

Before anyone can say anything else the door begins wide open. Spencer had secretly switched the DVD that revealed the killer with one for a school project, leaving the DVD Player in place.

Hanna: What are you waiting for? RUN!

The girls all run out and get into Emily's car as fast as they can. The black van from the other day is waiting outside. Waiting for them. The van chases after them for a while until it goes in a different direction as if the driver was distracted by someone in a different vehicle.


The girls arrive to Emily's house.

Hanna: Quick! Play the DVD before A stops us.

Emily: You guys watch. I can't.

Hanna hugs Emily and looks at her sympathetically.

Spencer: Are you sure Em?

Emily: Fine. I'll watch.

The video begins to play. It shows Paige talking to Maya, a date appears on the corner of the screen. It is the same date that Mona was revealed as A and Maya's body was found.


Paige: So what? You think you can just be with Emily? I won't let you take her away from me that easily.

Maya: Paige, I'm done with your threats. I'm not scared of you anymore. I came here to tell you that.

Paige: Don't be dumb. I'm going to get rid of you the same way I got rid of Alison.

Paige approaches Maya and Maya's face is flushed; she looks terrified. The video skips ahead to Maya laying on the ground, and then ends.

-ended video-

Spencer: Oh my gosh. We have to go to the police right now!

Emily: STOP! A edited the Ian/Ali video! How do we know that Paige isn't being set up too?

Hanna: Emily! Either way we need to show this to the police. Why would A threaten us to stop watching it if they edited it?

Aria: Hanna, you're right but then what happens when they ask us how we got it?

Spencer begins dialing 911, but before she finishes dialing Garrett Reynolds is in her doorway.

Spencer: Well aren't we getting many unexpected visitors today...

Garrett(says with a smirk): Hello girls. So, I hear it was you, Spencer, who helped get me out of jail.

Spencer: Whatever you're going to try to do to me the police are on their way.

Garrett: No, they're not.

Darren Wilden and the other police officer walk in one behind the other another until they are all in her room.

Hanna: Okay what do you want?

Aria (gives Hanna a look that says to stop talking but Hanna doesn't)

Darren: I can make it very easy to get you all behind bars now. I know that one of you killed Alison DiLaurentis. I am not going to let you get away with it.

Aria: No. You don't know that, because we didn't do it. Whatever evidence you think we have, it is false. We're being framed.

Hanna records the conversation on her phone.

Hanna approaches Darren until they are facing off.

Hanna: I'm sure that the REAL police would love to hear you interrogating minors without an adult present. Wouldn't they? Oh and Garrett! It would be fantastic for you and the real cops to see that you managed to break out for tonight. So, just a tip.. Before you open your mouth, make sure that you aren't the only one capable of making a threat!

Hanna hides her phone in her jacket so they cannot see where the recording is coming from; she plays back their whole conversation.

Garrett and Darren look nervous.

Darren: Okay Hanna but if you play that tape for anyone, you and your pretty little friends will pay,

Darren slams the door in their faces and they all walk out.

Hanna: Our friends will pay? Sounds a lot like the A messages we've been getting lately. You guys. I've been thinking... What if it wasn't Garrett who took Maya in the cop car, What if it was Wilden?

A rock is thrown at their window and they all panic for a moment. The cop car with Wilden and Garrett had just left. Why was another car now approaching the driveway?


Emily ran downstairs and onto her driveway. She was done being pushed around and manipulated by A. She was far more angry than she was afraid.

The girls tried to yell after Emily but she wouldn't stop. They saw her standing in front of the black van.

Emily: A. If you're in there, get out. You don't frighten me.

Emily, half expecting A and half not sure what to expect, watched in awe as Maya walked out of the car. She was not dreaming this time. The other girls stared in shock from the window.

Maya: Don't worry Em. It's just me. I escaped.. I..

Emily interrupts Maya with a huge embrace.

Emily: You'll explain everything to me later but first I just need to tell you that I love you. I have always loved you. I'm so sorry for everything and..

Maya: You have nothing to apologize for; this isn't your fault. And.. I love you too. Paige is with the police now. I have a copy of that video; that's why A wanted to kidnap me. They wanted to stop me from having it. Paige was drunk the night that she wanted me dead. She just stopped trying to finish me off for some reason. So I just lay there and pretended that I was dead until I was sure that she was gone. Garrett then helped me fake my death to protect me. That's why I got into the cop car that night. I didn't remember who tried to kill me at first because of my amnesia. I didn't remember until tonight.

Emily: So.. you're safe? We can finally be together?

Maya: I was hoping you would say that.

Maya smiled at Emily.

Maya: But.. you're not hurt that you lost Paige?

Emily: Not as happy as I am that I found you.

The two held hands and went inside to tell the girls what had just happened.


A hands Paige an envelope. Paige is in a police station.

Paige: You were supposed to kill her for Aria's sake. Why didn't you? You can't be against Emily, Spencer, and Hanna but then be on Aria's side. It doesn't work that way.

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