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The Divine Roses

Author's note: Me and one of my best friends wrote this :P
Author's note: Me and one of my best friends wrote this :P  « Hide author's note
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The Glass Orb

19 yr. old Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lockhart was walking with her best friend 18 yr. old Lily Rosemond to the Book Nook where a new fantasy book by J.R.R Tolkien was being sold. The book was called “Lord of the Rings”. On the way Lizzie got distracted by an oddly suspicious antique store. Lizzie begged and complained until finally Lily agreed to go in “for a look only” because they had saved their money to buy the book.
“Lily can we please go in.”
“No, we’ll be late to the book signing, and there might not be any books left there when we get there.”
“Please, Please, Please I promise I won’t buy anything; I swear on holy Begebus that not a thing will be purchased with my or your money.”
“Fine but you can only look and If you do buy something I will sell your soul on eBay.”
They went in the store, it smelled like musty books and dry rotting wood. It seemed as though everything was covered in a fine layer of dust. If they knew what was going to happen in the very near future they would have turned around and left that store right then, or would they. Lily didn’t like this store she an odd feeling someone was watching her. There wasn’t anyone at the counter and Lizzie had already disappeared into the many isles the store held. Lily heard Lizzie scream.
“Oh, great I knew this was going happen, it’s probably some psycho ax murderer that escaped from a mental institution. Hold on Lizzie I’m coming”
She rounds the corner to find Lizzie holding a medium size green orb that had a single black rose concealed inside it.
“It’s sooo cute.” Lizzie said
“What… I thought you were being slaughtered by a crazed ax murderer.”
“It’s so pretty, can we buy it, can we please, please buy it.”
“Will it get you out of the store faster?”
“Yep; Yep.”
“Fine, but there isn’t anyone here.”
“May I help you?” said a ghastly old sunken decrepit woman. She had a very crackly, demented voice. Being near her made you feel nauseous and uneasy.
“Holy s*** woman, where the f did you come from?” said Lily frantically
“WOW, you’re creepy have ever stared in any horror movies.” Lizzie replied trying to hold back laughter
“May I help you delinquents?” the woman repeated clearly getting irritated
“Delinquents, us, we aren’t the one whom came popping up out of who knows where to scare the living crap out of two teenagers; Who wandered into your store and are about to purchase something tha…” Lily said getting very angry and loud before getting cut off by Lizzie
“Shhh… We would like to purchase this.”
“How much is it?” Lily said getting into her bag to get the money.
“Umm, Umm. Well”
“How much is it?”
“What; hell no.”
“Are buying it or not?” the woman replied shortly and sharply
“You know what just because I really don’t want to be here and you defiantly need new clothes and a tic-tac. I’m gonna buy this.” Lily says angrily as she slams the money on the counter
The girls get to the door as the woman says “Have a nice day come back soon.”
“Oh I’ll be coming back, I’ll be coming back to kick your a….” One again Lily is cut off by Lizzie who places her hand over Lily’s mouth and replied shortly.
“Thank you; have a nice day.”
Outside there is a crowd of people wondering what the commotion was inside the store. Lily and Lizzie finally get out the door. And quickly realize everyone is staring at them.
“What in Hell is everyone looking at? Don’t you guys have lives or something, somewhere you need to be?” Lily screams as Lizzie drags her down the street.
After 3 blocks of vigorous walking Lily finally calms down. They stop by a rock quarry. Lily turns to see Lizzie inspecting the orb.
“You better not drop that.” Lily says
“I won’t I’m not stupid, I may be clumsy but not stupid.”
Suddenly Lizzie trips and the orb goes flying in to the rock quarry it lands unharmed. But as Lily and Lizzie slide down to retrieve it, it rolls down further and shatters upon a large rock. An odd smoke of the color green begins to leak. Lizzie and Lily finally reach the bottom. Lizzie begins to cry as she picks up the shattered pieces; Lily feeling bad begins to help, although clearly ticked off. They suddenly fall unconscious, from the green smoke.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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Gemini13 said...
Jan. 10, 2014 at 6:11 pm
This is awesome!  Please please continue!  You are a great writer!!

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