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Just Leave
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Olivia and James are close. They consider each other siblings, as they have a lot in common. Will they run away? Will they run away together? (more »)
Waiting For Darkness
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The beast in front turned his horse around, whipped out his sword and just quick enough for Celia to blink he severed the head from the beast clean off (more »)
Criminal Minds The lost Doctors
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This is a mash up between Criminal Minds and Numb3rs. (more »)
Lasting Impressions
Cameron has just moved from New York City to Connecticut. She meets new people and starts to figure out what their personalities are like, but later, she realizes that these people aren't who she thought they were. (more »)
The Last Fight
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With Natalie in a state of depression, it seems like any fight that breaks out will end the wrong way. Azex brings a challenge, but will it truely be the last battle? (more »)
The Immortal
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There has always been one person I was obsessed with. He was tall and dark and I only saw him when death happened. But I wanted to see him more, I needed to see him more. So I brought him to me. (more »)
To Fly or to Fall
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Kat is a normal swimmer, one who flies, strokes, kicks, creates goals, achieves them...and falls in love. (more »)
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Lurking Shadows (Completed edition)
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People say "Blood is thicker than water." however, the original saying is, "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." and while my family wishes I was gone, the friends I've chosen are here to stay. Or at least I hope so. (more »)
PotC FanFic :D
By , Plymouth, MI
Ever wonder what happens to Elizabeth and Will Turner's son? This is about him and all the other characters from PotC. (more »)
Astria's Nightmare
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My hands and up to my elbows were coated in red my clothes had splotches of the red here and there and one giant splat on my stomach are of my shirt...No. They were looking at the red. They were looking at the blood. (more »)
From Geek to Barbie Doll
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What happens when real life hits? (more »)
Who Am I
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Alex Black must travel across America to save the country. Not knowing who he is, he is forced to trust someone he doesn't know in order to accomplish what he knows he must do. (more »)
Love Lost
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A classic country girl and city boy fall for each other, but with a twist. (more »)
The Girl Who Cried Ugly
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A twist on Alice and Wonderland. A story that will make you ask yourself what true beauty is. (more »)
My Name is Raven
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Raven and her family were left completely alone for most of their lives, for what? they had no idea. but now that the answers have come to them in a bombshell, (quite literally) they might not be too happy with what they find out... (more »)
High School Wreck
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You are trapped in a world of a pessimistic Freshman. Is there a reason that you are like that, or are your secrets better unsaid, and unread? (more »)

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