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By WyattL
Amery, Wisconsin

It was a normal summer day that turned into a possible life/death experience.
WyattL, Amery, Wisconsin
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By Anonymous
By lisforlovely SILVER
Thousand Oaks, California
lisforlovely SILVER, Thousand Oaks, California
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lula-masterofchange88-wizardofozgur BRONZE, Camp Half - Blood, Other
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Favorite Quote:
“So.. you’re the one with the courage to hit me out?” She seemed startled. He starts to walk around her in a circle.
“Not too impressive,” he smirked. “You know, I’d thought you’d be different. Taller, maybe. With a self esteem,” he flicked her chin. “Here you are, and I don’t even know your name.” ~ his first words to her

“Who are you? I don’t know your name, yet you know my exact height!”
“Woah there, my name is Takito Mossi; I’m sure you’ve heard of me, Green.”
“Takito..” she pondered, before horror dawned upon her. She backed up only to find a wall. “Ta - Takito?”
"Calm yourself. Why you so scared, Green? Afraid I'm going to do something to you?" ~ her reaction on his name

“Why hello there, sunshine.”

He looked down at her, looking into her eyes. “Don’t try to get away, Green. You’re stuck with me for tonight.”
He lowered his head, closing his eyes. He brushed his lips against hers, unsure. Then he kissed her softly, as if she were cotton candy that could melt away any second.
She was so confused. One minute, she was being mentally and physically abused - the second, she was being kissed by the devil. ~ first kiss

She took his hand in hers. Before he could contemplate what she was doing, she had pulled back the sleeve of his shirt. He pulled it from her grip immediately, but not before she saw dozens of white scars laced together and a cut that looked like it was from a week ago.

His head tilted down toward his wrists, unconscious.

“I know exactly what I can and can’t do.” He advanced on her. “For example, I can have my fun using this knife on people like you. Vulnerable, worthless beings who don’t know what to do with their lives. I might as well take them.” He ran his thumb against the blade of the knife.

“I’m going to leave my mark on you, like I said I would yesterday.” The knife moved to under her jawbone. “You don’t deserve to be alive”
“You won’t hurt me. You don’t have the willpower,” she stammered.
“Is that what you think?” he asked, pressing the switch blade to her neck.
“Do it then. Hurt me,” she gasped, tears streaming down her face.
“You asked,” he snickered, drawing a thin line on her neck.
She stayed silent while he abused her body. A drop of blood trickled down onto her collarbone.

By johnny buchhauser
San Diego, California
johnny buchhauser, San Diego, California
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By RavenMan
CT, Connecticut
RavenMan, CT, Connecticut
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TheWeepingNecrophage BRONZE, LINCOLN, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
The greatest emotion of man is fear, and the greatest of those is fear of the unknown.
- H. P. Lovecraft

By EvangelinaGrey SILVER
New Braunfels, Texas
EvangelinaGrey SILVER, New Braunfels, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
They don't know that they don't know enough to know anything.

By Anonymous
By DaneMartin
Clayton, North Carolina
DaneMartin, Clayton, North Carolina
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By ElizabethPerry BRONZE
Grand Junction, Colorado
ElizabethPerry BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"There is Happiness for those who follow their fate, for those who don't, Glory." -Adel (princess Tutu)

Las Vegas,, Nevada
WZRD639 BRONZE, Las Vegas,, Nevada
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't let the sadness from the past and fear of the future ruin the happiness of the present ruin the happiness of the present." -Kid Cudi

By NamA0619
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
NamA0619, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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