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Most Recent Action-Adventure Novels


Here are the most recent action-adventure novels:

The Man Part 1
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A girl mysteriously gets attacked by a man that she doesn't know. A young guy saves her and now she's on the mission to find out why she is wanted dead. (more »)
Love in Law
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A 1800's female rancher works with the towns sheriff to catch rustlers and falls in love. (more »)
The Touch of Fear
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Do you know what it's like to have your life flipped upside down? Have the rug ripped out from under your feet? Logan Cooper does. And she wishes she didn't. (more »)
The Kassy Jones Chronicles & The Time A God...
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The Chronicles of Kassy Jones & is a six part book series that follows our heroine, Kassy Jones and her journey through being a teenager (more »)
The Alliance of Three Kingdoms: The King's...
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The unlikely team of Samuel and William must assemble again. The stakes are high, for the Warrior King's Life may be at stake, all the decisions at the hands of William's father. (more »)
The Heist
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What happens in Barrington, stays in Barrington. (more »)
The Prisoner
a man who wakes up in a prison, unaware of his past. and now has to fight to escape and find answers. (more »)
It's Only You Against Yourself
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After her parent's death, Ella is lost until she meets Matt. However, Matt has a secret yet when she finds out, Ella discovers she has her own family secret. One with dark creatures and dark magic. (more »)
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New dystopian world (more »)
Waiting on the sunrise
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Rose is a child of the gods, the Greek gods to be exact, but here's the catch, she has two godly parents, Aphrodite and Dionysus. (more »)
It's Not Over
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After the New War it is up to war hero Philomena to track down the Easterner terrorists who are threatening the new found peace. Will Philomena be able to stop them or will the world end in turmoil? (more »)
Eagle Street
By , Crystal Lake, IL
The apocalypse has begun... and twelve kids are right in the epicenter. (more »)
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This a distopian story. I think it is good. (more »)
The Alliance of Three Kingdoms: The Element's...
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Two very unlikely allies join forces to stop an evil force capable of overpowering their entire situation. A journey like never before is taken upon the shoulders of William and Samuel, as they attempt to stop the Wizards of Darkness (more »)

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