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The Stolen Ring (A short story by me)

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The Lost and the Found

So, one morning I wake up and get ready for school. It seems like a normal day with my usual schedule. Then I get on the bus and begin talking to my friends and that’s when the bus comes to a screeeeeeeeeching halt and we hear screaming in the back. We all immediately snapped our heads to look. A fire had broken out on one of the back tires and we had to evacuate quickly.
On my way out a paper flies out of my backpack. I catch a glimpse of it. It’s my homework! I begin to worry, I’m already failing math and if I don’t get an A on the homework I will have to stay back in 9th grade for another year. I can’t let it get away. The adults around are in too much of a panic. If I run quick enough I can catch it and be back before anyone notices. I run after it but the wind takes it right under a door to the left and out of sight. I had to get it. I walk in and ask if anyone was there and had seen my paper.
The door shuts behind me. Are you looking for this, a guy with short white hair and a white robe comes from the shadows with my paper. I say yes and notice there was something else in his hand. A ring. He says I can only have it if I try to wear the ring.
“If it fits on you, you can keep it and I’ll give you your paper.”
“Fine,” I agree. I really want that paper and if that’s the way to get it fine. He hands me it. I slide it on my ring finger and right when it gets to the spot it tightens.
“Ouch. You’ll adjust. Here’s your paper, Now LEAVE!”
I run as fast as I can and get back just as a new bus is there. We head to school but I can’t focus on anything, I’m too busy thinking about that guy. What is this ring? It looks like a simple Latin inscription written on it “Electus”, I wonder what that means. All of a sudden the bell rings. It’s time to go home, the moment I was waiting for. A quick bus ride is nothing as I straighten my thoughts and within minutes I’m home and immediately upstairs on my computer.
I look up Electus. The definition it gives me is, “the chosen one”.
“WHAT, that’s not possible i never did anything.” Then i hear my mom say“come on were going out to eat at Wong’s Buffet.”(My favorite Chinese restaurant) I head down stairs and we get ready to leave, that’s when I hear the news, the topic was… fortune cookies..real or fake. Then my mom shuts the door. I feel confused and apparently look it too because my mom asks what’s wrong. I say nothing even though there is alot wrong. Either today is SERIOUS coincidence or something really is wrong.
We finally get to the restaurant and get our place when they come to us with our fortune cookies and water. I take a sip of water and open my fortune cookie. It reads: Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. Repeat: say nothing. I break into panic. My mom asks what’s wrong and I show her. She responds with, “oh don’t worry about it fortune cookies aren’t real, their just for fun.”
While we eat I put pieces together in my head. A strange guy gives me a ring with the inscription, the chosen one, I hear on the news about fortune cookies right before going to a Chinese restaurant and then I get this message. But if I’m the chosen one why would I die. But if the fortune cookie really is true I already broke its instructions. Say nothing to anyone. Repeat: say nothing…
I say I’m full even though I barely ate and we go home. I go on my computer again and begin to research everything. Fortune cookies.The chosen one. The name of the shop I went into to get my paper was completely unknown to the internet.
“Is that even possible?” Fortune cookies seem to be a Chinese religious belief so I feel safer there. So many wonders so little time.
“Time for bed!”
“Yes it’s 10 o’clock you have to get up early tomorrow.”
I climb it to bed thoughts spinning in my head. I try to fall asleep but I can’t. This doesn’t make since. I watch the time go by 11, 12, 1, 2. Then I fall asleep. I dream of all the things that happened today and what I can do about them. Then I wake up. This is not my bedroom. I’ve never been here before and it scares me. It’s kind of dark and I hate the dark because of spiders. I have had a fear of them for as long as I can remember and this place must be crawling with them. A light turns on. I see someone in the dim light. The guy from the shop…
“What’s going on!”
I demand. He tells me to calm down but that isn’t working very well.
That’s when he yells to me.
“Why did you deny my instructions in the fortune cookie?”
“THAT WAS YOU! You had me scared sick. And what does that ring mean? The chosen one?” That’s when I see. The ring is gone
“For centuries I and my ancestors have searched, searched for a person who one day the ring would fit. That person can use its power and destroy the Neorainians forever.” “Huh,NeoraWHATs?”
“Don’t worry about it.” I must teach you the ways of the ring before it is too late.”
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 12 Next »

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