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Author's note: This story is inspired from my dad, who made a movie about it. The characters are mine, but I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This story is inspired from my dad, who made a movie about it. The characters are mine, but I can't take credit for all of it. I really like this book, though, and I hope you do too.  « Hide author's note
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“Mom? I’m home!” I shouted as I walked in the garage door.
“Alright! I’m in the kitchen!” she called back. I walked in and set my bag down on the tiled floor. “Did you get homework?” she asked as she studied her computer screen.
“No,” I replied. “It’s glorious.”
“Yes, it is.”
I washed my hands and took out Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was a really good book, but I could barely read one page. I kept thinking about what Mr. Sullivan had said—how he thought that Jack had been the one to shock him. Surely it wasn’t that important of a thought that he couldn’t keep it to himself?
“I’m going to get your brother,” my mom told me as she walked towards the door.
“Alright,” I mumbled. As soon as the door closed, I whipped out my phone. I could text my friends anytime, but it was so much easier to discuss something when you were actually talking to them. I punched in Jack’s cell phone number. He picked up on the second ring.
“Ken!” he exclaimed. (I can’t get him to stop calling me that!) “I was hoping you’d call. Toby’s here; I’ll put you on speakerphone.” I did the same for him.
“Hold on, I’ll get Cameron,” I said, and started another call. We do four-way calling a lot.
“Hey, guys!” she sang. “So, what happened today, huh?”
I heard Jack sigh. “He shocked me, that’s what. I couldn’t stand him being such a jerk to Toby.”
Toby laughed nervously and I could imagine him brushing his black bangs out of his blue eyes nervously.
“You—you didn’t have to…” he stammered to Jack. “It was fine.”
“Hmph…Well, that’s not the mystery here,” Jack said. “Why would a teacher shock a student like that? It’s not very professional.”
Cameron laughed. “You looked like you had been electrocuted!”
“Umm, are you sure you didn’t shock him?” I asked.
“What makes you think that?” Jack demanded. “I mean, I would have if I could, but I can’t do it that strongly.”
“Then how did he do it?” Toby wondered.
“Don’t ask me,” Jack snapped. “Casey, why would you think I did that?”
I quickly told them what Mr. Sullivan had murmured at his seat. There was a silence on the line. Then Cameron spoke.
“Uh, guys? What if it was just some built up static and it happened to shock Jack and Mr. Sullivan? I mean, you’re all acting like it was World War Two all in one zap of electricity.”
“No one can shock that hard!” Jack yelled over the phone. “You didn’t feel it, did you, Cameron? It hurt really badly!”
“Geeze, sorry!” Cameron put on an offended voice, which irritated me. I don’t know why. Apparently it bothered Jack too, because his end suddenly had “static”.
“Casey? Ken? I think the connection’s breaking!” he yelled through it. I got his point. Pressing a button, I ended Cameron’s call.
“Whew!” Toby sighed. “We should do that more often.”
“She’s so annoying,” Jack agreed. “Right, Ken?”
“Yeah.” I wasn’t about to lie. Thinking it to myself a hundred times a day made it impossible to say that I didn’t think so. Suddenly, I heard something. “The garage door! My mom’s home!” I shouted.
“Alright. See you at school, Ken!” Jack called.
“Bye, Casey!” Toby said.
I slid my phone into my pocket just as the door opened.
“Hi, Casey!” It was my five-year-old brother, Rick. His dirty blonde hair and olive green eyes looked dull compared to Jack’s spiky blonde hair and vibrant green eyes. He dropped his bag and came galloping over and rested his chin on the head of the couch. Rick and I have a special kind of relationship. We have two other sisters: Ray and Beck. Ray is thirteen—two years older than me. Beck is nine years old, and… We don’t get along. Thankfully she has a school overnight and Ray will be home late.
“Wash your hands, Rick,” my mom said as she put his backpack into the pantry. He ran over to the sink. Sliding around so that my back was to him, I pulled out my phone again. A text had popped up on the screen. It was from Cameron.
Hey? What happened?
There has never been
a connection problem
I groaned inwardly and tapped back a reply.
Look, I don’t know.
We all just broke up.
There was an immediate reply.
Well why don’t we try
again? Maybe this time
it will work.

I don’t think it will.
Besides, Jack can’t do
I put my phone back into my pocket before she could respond.
“What’re we having for dinner tonight?” Rick asked Mom as he opened a pack of fruit snacks.
“Burritos,” Mom told him. He made a face. I loved burritos, and basically any other Mexican food (I don’t mind spicy, either), but I have a problem with melted cheese. It is sooo disgusting. I got a text on my phone.
So, what do we do
tomorrow? I mean,
about Mr. Sullivan?

nothing? What do
u think we
could do, Jack?

Hang on, I’ll put Toby
on. Toby here. I think
that we should do nothing
like Casey suggests.

Wait, why is ur
text sounding like
ur talking to
both of us?

Maybe because we r
hiding in Mr. Sullivan’s
bushes? Just a thought.

Ur WHAT? R u


I agree.

Gotta go, Sullie’s comin

See u tomorrow, if
u survive.

Ur so supportive.

Sometimes I wonder about them.
When I went up to bed that night, it took me a while to fall asleep. I kept thinking about the boys, and if they were alright. I also thought about tomorrow, and whether Mr. Sullivan would say anything about it. Yawning, I realized that for once, Cameron might be right. It could have just been a normal static buildup that zapped Jack. Or vice versa. We could be overreacting about it all. With that thought in my mind, I drifted off to sleep.
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