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Author's note: This story is inspired from my dad, who made a movie about it. The characters are mine, but I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This story is inspired from my dad, who made a movie about it. The characters are mine, but I can't take credit for all of it. I really like this book, though, and I hope you do too.  « Hide author's note
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The Shock

“Did you do your homework?” Cameron Johnson asked me as I opened my locker in the morning.
“Yeah,” I replied.
“Me too!” Cameron said hurriedly, leaning on the locker next to mine. “I didn’t really understand it at first, I mean, I hate clouds, but then I went on Google and found the answer pretty quickly.” I rolled my eyes. Cameron cheated a lot. I wasn’t completely sure why I hung out with her, to be honest. She seemed to be attached to me, though most of the time she just got on my nerves.
I pulled out my books and looked at Cameron. “You asked if I had completed it. Not if I had done it right.”
“Ohhh. Did you?”
“No! I had it so mastered in class; Mr. Sullivan even told me that I was getting it better than anyone else!” I slammed my locker shut and sighed. “I hate doing work at home. I can never do it.”
Cameron flipped her blonde curly hair over her shoulder and began walking towards the room at the end of the hall, saying “Don’t worry! Jack and Toby won’t have gotten it either.”
I nodded because I knew it was true. I, Toby, and Jack always came to school with faulty homework. Ever since third grade we had banded together and even tried to help each other complete it, but time and time again we got fidgety and ended up doing something else. My mom had even gotten me an ADHD and ADD test, but results were negative.
I was eleven years old. I had straight, auburn hair and blue eyes. My two friends, Jack and Toby, were both also eleven. Jack had brown hair and a tiny spray of freckles across his face with brown eyes, and Toby had dark hair with blue eyes.
Taking my seat next the door, I couldn’t help but look up at the red light faintly glowing in the light panel above Jack on the other side of the room. Was it really a camera?
“Ok, guys!” Mr. Sullivan stood up as the bell rang. “Pull out your homework and have it on your desk so we can go over it!” I looked around the room and saw Jack and Toby wincing as they pulled out their papers. Toby caught my eye and shrugged. I nodded back and he leaned over to whisper something to Jack. In a few seconds we were looking at each other, frustrated.
“Toby!” Mr. Sullivan smiled at him. “Can you read me number one?”
“Um,” Toby cleared his throat. “Um, yeah. ‘Identify the type of triangle shown below.’”
“And the answer?” Mr. Sullivan prompted. Toby swallowed and looked up.
“I—I didn’t get it.” Mr. Sullivan walked over and looked at his paper. Then he gave him an irritated look.
“Mr. Jenson,” he addressed Toby. “Please explain to me why you have none of your homework completed.” Toby was silent. “I am waiting.”
I could see Jack’s face reddening. He hated it when anyone got on Toby’s case, especially when he knew it wasn’t Toby’s fault.
“I couldn’t do it,” Toby said quietly.
“Why?” Mr. Sullivan looked around the room. “No one else seems to have had so much trouble with it!” I noticed that his eyes rested for a moment on me and Jack, but then he was turning back to Toby, who was cowering under the teacher’s fierce stare.
“It’s every assignment, Toby,” Mr. Sullivan pointed out. “There is something wrong. You cannot continue to slack off with homework when everyone else is doing theirs!” He walked around behind Toby to look more carefully at his packet. Jack looked like he was about to jump on him. I tried to catch his eye, but he was staring at Mr. Sullivan with so much concentration that it was a wonder that the teacher didn’t feel it.
“You did not even attempt it!” Mr. Sullivan exclaimed as he looked at Toby.
“I did!” Toby cried. “I just didn’t get it!”
“Mr. Jenson, you will stay after school with me and we will have a discussion about this—”
“Stop!” Jack was standing up now. “Stop! He tried! He just couldn’t get it! Get off his case!”
“Mr. Calloghy, sit down,” Mr. Sullivan said in a warning tone. He stepped over and put his hand on Jack’s shoulder.
Mr. Sullivan and Jack jerked backwards as an electrical current swept through them and into the light above. Jack glared at Mr. Sullivan.
“Oww!” he yelled. “You shocked me!”
Mr. Sullivan looked nervous. He looked up at the light and then back at Jack.
“I… Yes, well…” Mr. Sullivan cleared his throat. “Mr. Jenson, you are freed from your after school discussion. Class, today you are taking the summative for your weather unit. Tomorrow we will begin the solar system.” With that he walked to the front of the classroom and began passing out tests.
Jack sat down, fuming. I stared at the test in front of me, wondering what on Earth had happened. Glancing up at Mr. Sullivan, I saw him look at Jack and faintly heard him murmur, Actually, I think you shocked me…

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