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The survivor

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The Trip

“They’re a complete failure, ship them off!” Dr. Howard, the head doctor in the experimental facility yells to Dr. Watson.
“They just need a few more days, they’re just scared. Please, three more days.” Dr. Watson pleads.
“No, it’s been two weeks now, they should have started showing positive results on day three like the other kids. This is our second batch of failures, and they were both treated by you. This is your last chance Watson.” Dr. Howard says in a dismissive tone.
“The first group was too old, that was a miscalculation on your part I must remind you. Dr. Cho said that ages 16 and 17 were perfect. You and I both believed it would work this time. It’s probably just another miscalculation, and I have nothing to do with this one.”
“Then where’s your calculation? This was your choice in experimentation.”
“I do not want to do human experimentation; I have to do human experimentation. I did what I did, and now I must do this, as much as I love kids. These are the consequences for my actions.”
“Ship them off. Reject Island 6. Go now, or you’ll be on that ship with them.” Dr. Howard says angrily.
“Island 6? That’s a bit hard, don’t you think?” Dr. Watson questions.
“Go.Now.” Dr. Howard says through clenched teeth and Dr. Watson quickly leaves the room, grabbing my leash on his way out.

“I told you it won’t work kids. You’re on your own from here on out, but I’ll give you a hint on how to survive on Island 6.”
“What’s Island 6?” Kayla asks as she twists her hair, a thing she does when she gets nervous.
“You all need to stick together. Many Rejects have gone mad there, but you need to stick together, put your skills to the max. You need to fight for survival. If you know how to hunt, hunt. If you can cook, cook. If you can build, build. Don’t do something you’re not good at, or else you’ll put your lives at stake. Got it? I’ve seen it all before.” Watson says, ignoring Kayla.
“What do you mean you’ve seen it all before?” I ask, eyeing him.
“We’ll be watching you, there are cameras everywhere.” Watson says before he’s pulled away by Howard, and a swarm of guards surround us and shove us into tiny, practically airtight wooden crates like we’re animals.

It’s been at least an hour, but it feels like eight. My stomach grumbles loudly and the boat rocks lightly back and forth with the beat of the ocean. It feels like we’ve stopped moving, but I can barely focus on anything with my lack of air. The holes in the crates were about 1cm by 1cm, with only like four I can rely on since I’m pushed against other crates that are blocking the air flow.
I close my eyes, trying to get my thoughts straight, thinking about what will happen once we reach the island. I believe we left around 10am, and it’s only been about an hour, so let’s say we arrive at around 12. We would need shelters, a pit for a fire. We need weapons for gathering food and defending ourselves. Kayla’s quite the smarty pants; she can help us with researching stuff and telling us what to do. Hmm, what else? Oh, Kyle could-
I’m suddenly jolted from my pile of thoughts by a loud thump on the side of my crate, followed by a muffled, “Psssst!”
“What?” I whisper loudly, repositioning myself to look out of the hole on the side of my crate.
“Anthony? Is that you?” A girl asks quietly.
“Kayla?” I ask, trying to get a good look out of the hole.
“Oh thank God I found you, the other crate beside me was empty and I was scared we got separated. Did you see? They just took off four crates. We started moving again.”
“Let’s hope it wasn’t anyone we knew,” I say with concern. After sharing a cell with seven other people, we’ve grown quite a bond. Well, I knew four of them already, but the other three I’ve become good friends with.
“Quiet you two! No talking until the next stop!” A man yells from somewhere close, “you two will have all the time to talk once we throw you off this boat.” The man says, and I can practically hear the cruel smile in his voice.
“How far are we?” I ask.
“About five minutes, now shut up.”
“Uhh, I have to like, you know. Go.” Someone behind me says, not doubt that’s Nick. He may be a total klutz, but he does some great work in woodshop.
“I said shut up!” The guard yells and kicks my crate, the force it making my head jolt back and smash against the wood.
“That wasn’t me!” I yell back, but that only makes him madder.
Kicking my crate again he yells, “but that was!” And laughs as his footsteps fade away.
“Sorry,” Nick whispers from behind me.
“Save it Nick.” I whisper back, cupping my head where I hit the crate. Applying pressure stops the bleeding… Right?
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