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Cursed Bloods

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Coming Home

Emily stepped out of the cab, handing the cab driver a twenty dollar bill as she did. once out, Emily looked at the small stubborn neighborhood before her, the place she grew up. Emily was twenty five years old, she had left this place right when she turned eighteen, not being able to stand living with her family any longer. Emily was one of five children, the oldest of them. just thinking of her time spent here constantly fighting to get freedom from her parents, exhausted her. her mother died when she was nine, and having no siblings or parents that were still alive, that left only Emily’s dad to take care of her and her siblings. her father was a tough man, a military man. he always demanded perfection and punished her when she did not show it, that was one of the reasons why Emily became a tattoo artist, to anger her father and because she loved it. “but that is all over now” Emily thought with a sad feeling, for she was not just here to visit. a week ago, Emily got a call from her youngest sister still living at home, Ashely. she said that daddy had a heart attack and that he died shortly after. Emily had many problems with her father but she did love him. with a deep breath, Emily slowly walked up to her old house and knocked on the door. the house was the biggest but also the oldest on the street, at least three levels and made in 1956. Emily herself would have sold it many years ago if it belonged to her, it being so old it would be less costly to just get rid of it than to keep it. ”hopefully” Emily thought “i will be able to fix that problem now” with that the door to the house opened, revealing one of her brothers, Nick. Nick was the second oldest of the family, one year younger than Emily. he was tall and muscular, much like their father. his hair was dark brown, his facial expression very unreadable, again much like their father. he was the only one to follow in father’s footsteps and join the military, the only reason he was here right now was because he got special leave time because their father was a very important man, leader of operations in world war three against the English, and now Secretary of defence here in Washington DC, or he was. another reason that made Emily wonder why he never sold the house, he had a lot of money, this place was old and far from where he worked. so why did he keep it, the only reason Emily could think of was because of their mother, this was their mother’s childhood home. “Emily” Nick said as he embraced her in a hug, taking her one luggage back as he did. “how have you been?”, “can’t complain” Emily replied as they started walking upstairs “business is going good at my place” with that Nick gave a smile and led her to her room on the second floor. once in her room, Emily felt very nostalgic. the room was exactly the same as she had left it, almost empty save for a few pictures on the walls, a bed in the corner and a nightstand. Nick placed the bag on the bed and then turned to Emily, “so how are you holding up” Nick asked “Ashely told me that she told you about dad a week ago, you don’t seem to shaken up about it” with that Emily shot nick a glare. “of course i am shaken up” Emily replied “i cried when i heard the news and still feel sad, but you know how father was, it is hard to be to sad after living with the man longer than any of you” with that Nick gave another nod and both of them walked out of the nearly empty room. once out, Emily saw Ben walking down the hall. Ben was the third oldest, he had black hair cut short and was just as tall as Nick. he wore a simple tee shirt and jeans, nothing else. out all Emily’s family, she found Ben to be the most relaxed of all them. never worrying about anything, a free spirit. Ben seemed to be taking the news that father was dead quit well, as Emily assumed he would. although they all loved there father, and never wished him hard or death, he was a very difficult man to be related to. “Emily” Ben said sounding a little tired as he passed them and turned to walk down the stairs “you best get down stairs if you want any hope of getting breakfast today, before Ashely eats it all that is” with that Ben disappeared down the stairs. Emily expressed a smile when Ben was gone, the thought of Ashely amusing her. Ashely was the youngest of them all, reaching the age of seventeen a few weeks ago. Ashely always ate a lot when she could not deal with what ever strong emotion resting within her, the doctors could not explain it but apparently, her metabolism increases dramatically when she is nervous, hence why she eats so much. Emily supposed that father’s unexpected death is what has sent Ashely into one of her eating frenzies. with one more lingering thought on Ashely, Emily and Nick both proceeded downstairs to the kitchen. the house as Emily had remembered, was very nice for being so old. new paint on the walls, stain glass and new windows everywhere, new wooden floors and even new furniture in the rooms and hall. Emily supposed that the only old thing in this house was the house itself. once down the stairs, Emily and Nick both turned to there left and walked straight into the kitchen, being the closest room to them except for the living room. the Kitchen, was exactly as Emily remembered it, all white and clean. there was not a crumb nor speck of dirt anywhere, it was exactly as her father liked it, just how he liked everything, clean and neat. sitting at the counter, with a large sandwich in hand, was Ashely. Ashely was the shortest in the family, reaching burly five feet. she is very thin, having been a cheer leader and a very good gymnast. her brown hair was short for her, her face devoid of make up, which seemed odd to Emily. another odd thing was that she wore simple sweat pants and a tee shirt. Ashely was the fashion master of the family, always wearing really expensive and new cloths, and never wearing the same thing twice. Emily did not think that fathers death would hit her that hard, but she was the last of them still living at home, it had to be the hardest for her. right as Emily and nick walked in, Ashely put down her sandwich and rushed to hug Emily. “its great to see you, Emily” Ashely said once she receded from the hug “its been way to long, you really should visit more”, “yes I should” Emily agreed with a smile. “so how have you been doing, Ashely. with everything that has happened” Emily said causing Ashely smile to lessen a little. “uh, okay i guess” Ashely replied “it is terrible but what can you do, it is not like crying over it bring father back” with that emily was about to say something but stopped when she heard something behind her. “and what are you doing here?” a familiar feminine voice said, Emily turned to see a short dark haired woman standing there, with a angry face. Emily knew who exactly it was when she saw her, Sapheara, the middle child of the family and Emily’s second oldest sister. Sapheara wore a yellow skirt and a simple white shirt, no socks and no shoes. Sapheara had always been daddy’s favorite little girl, always following the orders, always so perfect. “what do you think i am here for, Sapheara” Emily replied sounding sarcastic, “well you best not be here for fathers funeral, for if that would be the case, i would have to ask you to leave for you were not invited” Sapheara finished seeming pleased with herself. “what are you talking about” Emily replied “i was invited, Ashely called me a week ago about it and asked me to come her” Emily finished pointing to ashely. with that Sapheara’s face went bright red with anger. “you did what ashely?” Sapheara said with a angry voice “you called Emily to come when you knew it was one of fathers last wishes, in his Will, for Emily to not come to the house here or funeral” with that Emily felt a little shocked inside. “i was what” Emily said to herself “father did not want me to come, to his own funeral no less” with that a burst of rage ran through Emily. with a grunt of anger, Emily stormed out of the kitchen and headed for the front door. “no Emily” Emily heard Ashely call out behind her ”please don’t go, father wanted you here, he did. he was angry when he wrote that Will”, “Angry” Emily replied bitterly as she slammed opened the front door “father was angry for most of his life”. “yes” Ashely replied as she followed Emily out the door “but i know he wanted you here in a time life this, with us, with your family” life that Emily stopped halfway to the sidewalk and gave a sigh. “i will stay until the day after the funeral, after that i am gone” with that Ashely gave Emily another hug. “thank you, thank you” Ashely kept repeating “you wont regret this”, “i better not” Emily said not knowing what to feel at the present moment.
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