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The Blue Scarf

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Descisions, Descisions

I ran until my legs burned and the sun had hidden behind the water. I collapsed to the ground in a heap and rested my head on a wall, breathing hard. I looked at the deserted streets; silence incasing me in its deadly grip.
I tried to process what was going on, but thoughts were racing by too quickly in my head. Anger, betrayal, sadness, abandonment, loneliness were swirling around my brain with blinding rapidity. Who could I really trust? Where would I go now? I closed my eyes trying to block out the world.
Suddenly, I felt a cold breeze wrapping around my body. My eyes snapped open, and I started breathing rapidly and images of dark creatures lurking in the shadows filled my mind. Shadows shifted playing tricks on my eyes. I squeezed my eyes shut like a child trying to get rid of a nightmare. I felt a brush against my shirt, and my eyes shot open again.
The cold breeze immediately stopped, and I looked around to see if anything had changed, but everything was just as it was a few seconds ago.
I looked down and saw a neatly folded letter on my lap. I slowly opened the letter and, stricken with fear, read the calligraphy-like handwriting.
I know who you are, and it is impossible to hide from me. I will be at your old school tonight, where we can finally meet and have our battle, settling this once and for all, or I will track you down and kill you without the fight. Who knows? You might even get to take revenge on Nicholas, the man
Who was going to turn you into us. Decisions, decisions. Just remember,
Your clock isn’t the only one that’s ticking.
-M, Head of the guardians

I stared at the paper with shock. How did “M” know about me getting mad at the man, or Nicholas, or whoever he was? And what did he mean by “your clock isn’t the only one that’s ticking”?
Despite my confusion, my mind was made up. I was going back to Arizona, and I was going to fight “M” and find out what he knows.
I needed to take revenge on Nicholas, even if it would cost my life. I needed to take revenge for all the lives he’s cost. I was going to make things right and hopefully end the Guardians once and for all
The faded glow of twilight slowly began to disappear beyond the thick, plexi-glass window of the plane. I rested my head on the window watching the bare desert pass by below me. I thought of all the things I may never see again: my bed, my foster house, this may even be the last time I ever see the beautiful desert I’ve come to love.
I blinked the tears away and shook away the thought of what was going to happen when I got to the school. I focused my attention on the desert again.
All of a sudden a blinding light illuminated the sky and the plane lights flickered off as the hum of the plane stopped. I waited for someone to scream or for the pilot to make an announcement, but there was only dead silence.
An eerie cold breeze filled the plane and the lights flickered back on just in time for me to see a nearly transparent hand by the window disappear.
I looked around to see the other passenger’s reactions, but everyone seemed to be perfectly calm. The lady next to me was still in the same position reading her book.
“Did you see that?” I asked still in shock.
“See what?” she asked.
“The bright flash, the lights flickering, the-” I stopped short deciding not to mention the floating hand. After all, I could have just imagined that.
“No,” she said turning back to her book.
I sat back in my seat with confusion. How could she not see anything? I looked back to the window and I saw the same scrawling writing from the letter.
Hurry, Hurry! I’m getting impatient and when I get impatient people get hurt.
-M, Head of the Guardians
I got out of the plane; my legs stiff from sitting so long. I strode out of the airport, and into the familiar streets. I looked to the sky and decided it was probably midnight by now.
Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks, ignoring the pounding rain. Was I really doing the right thing? What if I wasn’t doing the right thing? I had made this decision out of the blue. I put those thoughts behind me and reminded myself that I had no other choice.
I looked up to the giant school building, and slowly pulled open the double doors, and the chaos begun. I was overcome by shock at what I was looking at. The furniture was destroyed, the windows were shattered, and all around me were people hiding behind whatever they could find.
I heard the noise of crashing chairs coming from the cafeteria, and I charged through the small halls and burst into the room.
If the halls were bad then this was a thousand times worse. There was a giant hole in the wall and kids were lying unconscious on the floor like this was a battlefield. I even recognized a few faces among the kids, and they might be dead because of me.
I glanced up and saw where all the noise was coming from. A man with short blonde hair was hurling chairs across the room. I watched as each one flew across the room as fast as lightning and crumpled to the floor as soon as they hit the wall on the opposite side of the room.
I mustered up all my courage and shouted, “Are you M?”
“No,” he replied without turning around, “I’m his son, Drake, and I was sent by him to destroy you.”
My heart sank. M lied; he said we would end this, but he meant end me.
Drake turned around and said, “I have the powers of strength and speed.” Suddenly he was standing right next to me. He grabbed a table and with the flick of his wrist it snapped in two, and he threw it aside. I looked up at him, for he was now at my side again, and realized his eyes were blood red.
Drake was on the other side of the room again with a chair in his hands. “Let’s end this,” he said eerily echoing my thoughts.
The chair shot across the room and I barely slid out of the way as it shot past my face. He threw another and I ducked behind a turned over table as it soared over my head and crashed to pieces behind me. I held my hands out trying to summon water, but nothing happened.
Drake paused at the sight of my scarf. Suddenly, Drake pushed the chairs aside and appeared beside me with a knife in his hands and he slashed my arm, but missed.
“Nice try,” I said sarcastically. I saw a water pipe above his head and I tried to make the water burst out. Slowly, the pipe broke, but he moved out of the way before the water could hit him.
I couldn’t see him anywhere, and I stood in defense.
Suddenly, a voice whispered smoothly in my ear, “Sorry to inform you, honey, but water’s not going to make me melt.”
I spun around in time for Drake to make a deep slash on my forearm. I clutched my arm and picked up a piece of wood with my other to protect myself as he attempted to stab me again. He threw the knife to the side and grabbed a chair.
He thrust the chair as hard as he could as I tried to block his hit with my piece of wood, but it was in vain. With the tremendous hit I flew across the room and was thrown into the hard metal lockers.
Slowly, the sound of his laughter deceased. The smell of blood and rain began fading. The taste of defeat that stung bitterly in my mouth dissipated. The feeling of pain and misery that over whelmed my body was no longer there. My eyes took a last glance at the horrible sight of this ruthless battle before closing. I was surrounded by darkness.
The only thing left of me, my mind, began faltering. First, went my past. All of my memories, my life, gone. Then went the present. All my awareness and pain, gone. Finally, the future. All of my hope and belief, gone in an instant. There was nothing left of me, but a ragged doll thrown into war.
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Helen123This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Oct. 4, 2017 at 11:50 am
@Helen123 Hi
JordannaStarr said...
Mar. 25, 2015 at 8:34 pm
You should continue this :) You left me hanging!
CurlyGirl17 said...
Mar. 25, 2013 at 12:08 am
Wow, that was great! I think my favorite part of this story is how you describe your characters. This whole idea is really interesting- it caught my eye because I'm writing a superhero story, too! I'd really appreciate a comment or advice from you on the first chapter of my story, Metalligirl; you really seem to know what you're doing! :)

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